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Baby Pics and Plea for Help

Been a while since I've posted some pics of the little-un. But I have an ulterior motive here. Read on...


Here's the deal. The hat that the baby is wearing is one of our favorite hats, and my wife really loves the hat. As does our baby.

The hat in that picture was thrown away. No, not by us. We thought we lost it last week. We finally discovered that it wasn't lost, but we had left it somewhere, and after checking all other options, we called our local grocery store. They said they had seen it.

I went to the store, and talked to the manager that I know there, and he had bad news: It was thrown away. Apparently the boss at the store throws away the lost and found every two weeks if it's not claimed. It's not tossed after it's two-weeks old, but everything gets tossed every two weeks, whether it's an hour or two weeks old. Our hat got tossed into their dumpster, which gets compacted daily. The manager there even called employees at home to see if they took it home or saw it. No dice.

So the hat the my wife and baby both love is now gone. My wife's depressed, and now a bit pissed about the whole thing. We got it at a Carter's Factory Outlet here in Bend, and, needless to say, they don't have a hat even remotely close, and nor does anyplace that I could find on the 'net.

So here's where you come in. Have you seen this hat? Do you have a Carter's Factory Outlet in your town that has this hat? Have a great source for Carter's hats online (I've already e-mailed the company)? Do you have it sitting in your "To Sell" pile in your garage and you want to get rid of it? Please e-mail me and I'll PayPal you, simple as that. Just comment or e-mail here.

Update on 5/27: We found a hat! Details here.

Posted by Jake on 05/25/04 @ 10:36 AM
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