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American Idol Pisses me Off

I'm sure I'm not the only one that is dumbfounded as to why this woman is still on American Idol, while this woman, this woman or even this guy are not? That's because the system is flawed. Quoting the article:

Interviews with telephone companies, data consultants, federal agencies, and fans expose a flawed system in which tens of millions of votes are potentially lost. Indeed, evidence shows that the only people choosing the next American Idol are the ones lucky enough to get through--or skilled enough to get around--tremendously overtaxed phone lines. While overzealous fans have accused Fox of tampering with results, one fact is indisputable: Technology is thwarting democracy on American Idol. Power-dialers can skew the vote. Text-messagers have an unfair advantage. And potential hackers have a powerful new incentive to alter the vote tallies: betting on the outcome through Internet gambling sites. Despite fans' repeated accusations of inaccurate results, Fox is sticking with a voting system vulnerable to serious manipulation and tampering.
On top of this, Jasmine is from Hawaii, where, by the time the viewers there see the show and start voting, the phone lines are much less busy and easier to get through on.

Yes, I know, I'm weird for watching American Idol, but at least the folks on there have some friggin' talent while the morons on all those other reality show don't.

Posted by Jake on 05/19/04 @ 05:09 PM
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