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"Someone's Gettin' Egged"

OK, I'm like the last one to blog about it because I had been up since 5:00 AM yesterday, and after our Blogger Meetup last night, I was just too tired to blog. I tried to blog from the site, but couldn't get a good Wi-Fi connection.

All in all, it was a good time, with a decent turnout. Shannon of There's Always Something; Jon of Chuggnutt; Jesse of Bring Back the 80's!; Barney of Bend.com; Roger of High Desert Skeptic; Simone of On the Bright Side...; Dane of Brainside Out; and Kerry of Bend Buzz. It was nice to put faces to names and to meet some of the weirdos that I've e-mailed with.

I unfortunately had to leave earlier than most of the folks as I had family obligations -- I had to make it Wal-Mart for diapers before they closed. The joys of being a dad.

A few things I learned over the evening:

  • Shannon has the longest commute (Bend to Warm Springs) while Barney probably has the shortest (he works at home).
  • Shannon needs to get out and figure out Bend a bit more.
  • Barney's as big of a smart ass in person as he is online.
  • Roger likes to take pictures close-up. I'm still seeing that stupid green dot.
  • I wasn't the only one there with kids (Jon and I are in the same boat).
  • Dane is one guy I don't even want to piss off, for fear of getting personal property covered with fertilized chicken embryo (eggs). Dane, you are a spaz, but a hell of a lot of fun.
  • Simone is obviously a pro photographer, as she actually climbed up on something to take a picture.
  • Chris missed out on a hell of a good time.
  • Apparently there's a group of LiveJournal users that hang out and mooch the Wi-Fi from the Barcelona (or Bellatozza? I don't know downtown at all anymore) restaurant in downtime Bend. Rumor also has it they're all about 12. Just for kicks, I tried to search for them on the LiveJournal web site, but you can't search for region without a paid account -- and I'm not about to pay for that crap. Anybody know some of their URLs? Generally, I don't consider LiveJournal users bloggers because their software sucks and it's generally overrun by pre-teen nit-wits, but there might be some exceptions. Maybe. Probably not.

Some of the local bloggers have entries up already. Jon had a good time, Shannon's got an entry up with pictures stolen from Roger's entry. Simone's got a good picture where I look like a complete moron. Jesse's got an entry up, and Dane beat us all online because he has way too much time on his hands and his parents were already in bed. If that boy ever procreates we're all in trouble (OK, I know I'm getting egged for that one). Shannon, are you still coming to get my couch? Better grab it before Dane destroys it.

Update: Barney sent me these photos that he took, so I figured I'd throw them up here:


Posted by Jake on 05/13/04 @ 09:05 AM
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