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Bend Blogger Meetup Scheduled

OK, Shannon has pretty much taken the lead on this, and I know Jon (and in-turn, Dane) are up for the idea (and rumor has it Barney the Anti/Meta/[I'm at a loss for a prefix]-blogger might show up), but we've scheduled a Bend Blogger Meetup for Wednesday, 5/12/04, at the Bend Brewery. Shannon's already called them, and they're expecting us.

So who's on board? I'll be e-mailing a few of you who I know don't frequent this blog as much, just to see if we can get some folks to show up. Otherwise there will about MAYBE four of us there :). Ideally, all these folks would be there, but I'm not holding my breath. Now I just gotta convince the wife to let me out of the house for the evening.

Update on 5/6: So far, the rumors are that Dane (hopefully), Simone, Jon, Shannon (who better be there, since she's planning it), and I are going to be there. I'll be e-mailing Roger and Chris to see if they will get in on the fun (feel free to comment here guys).

Update on 5/9: I've not got confirmation from Roger (read the comments) that he's going to make it, Jesse (whose blog is in infancy) will making it (and will be bugging Barney to make it), and Kerry, the guy behind BendBuzz will be making it as well. It'll be a party, folks! :)

Posted by Jake on 05/06/04 @ 06:58 PM
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