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The Poor Man's Drugs

I remember a long time ago the big ruckus about Saccharin, the sweetener in Sweet and Low. Everybody thought it caused cancer (only if you inhaled about 5,000 of those packets at once), then thought it didn't.

Where am I going with this? Everything causes some disease or can be used to make you high, if you ingest enough of it. Which is the case apparently now with the seeds of Morning Glories -- a fairly common flower. Apparently they'll get you high.

Or at least that's what kids believe:

Pharmacologist Harry Robertson says it's unlikely someone could get high from a packet of seeds. "You have to eat an awful lot of seeds and you have to make sure you get the right seeds before you'll find much of the LSD-like compound."
At Halifax Seed, manager Tim Tregunno says it has been 10 years since they've had a customer with a hidden agenda. The problem is easy to spot, he adds. "Younger kids coming in asking for five to 10 pounds would certainly be a clue."
You think so? When have you ever seen a younger kid do anything, let alone garden, that they would need that big of an order?

Posted by Jake on 05/05/04 @ 11:45 AM
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