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Wow, today has sucked

I might get a blog entry online later, but I doubt it. I'm in the process of writing a letter to St. Charles Medical Center's (SCMC) billing department, and it's taking all the strength I have to not get angry.

Anybody who's read this blog long knows I had back surgery in December. It was a very necessary surgery, but I wasn't insured, so I have to pay out of pocket. Most of the folks involved cut me deals on the costs, but SCMC has been less than friendly. The lady that I've been dealing with there has been less than friendly, and didn't even care to hear what I've been going through, that I have no extra money, blah, blah. I've already paid the bill down from $3100 down to $2100, but they're requiring me (according to this lady) to pay it all off in six months. Right, like I have an extra $350/month to spend. I just got a letter today from them saying that if I don't start making good payments, they're going to send me to collections. Lovely...

I don't expect them to wipe it all off, but generally when as many people reduce costs like they did (the anesthesiologist even did), the hospital should follow suit. Heck, since I'm paying cash, at the very least they could reduce it to what the insurance companies would reimburse them for (which is usually like 60-75%). I just don't want to be billed like an insurance company, I want to be billed like a human who is struggling to pay his bills and feed his kids as it is. I just thank God that Michelle has finally outgrown her intolerance to anything but the horribly expensive baby formula, so I might have a few bucks to pay down the bill.

As always, donations are being accepted, and if anybody's got a large chunk of cash burning a hole in their pocket, you're welcome to send it to SCMC on my behalf ;-). I just want this bill to go away so I can not worry about it anymore. I hate being in debt more than anything -- granted, I have student loans and a house payment, but otherwise, I have no debt other than this bill.

OK, I'm done now -- just had to get that off my chest. Meanwhile at work, I have to build an offsite backup server since I'm just sick of dealing with my tape drives. So at least I get to buy computer parts, so that always makes my day when I get to spend other people's money. Regular blogging to return tomorrow when I catch up with everything.

Update: BTW: Everybody's pointed out that I haven't really talked much about my surgery. You're right, I haven't, because I don't like to drown people in my personal crap, but the surgery helped a ton, and I'm about 100 times more functional than before. I'm able to walk again, and even jogged a hundred yards (which felt really...well....funny). I still get pain down there now and again because the scar tissue occassionally still hits the nerve, but I'm still far better than before.

Posted by Jake on 04/28/04 @ 05:20 PM
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