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Bend Blogging Summary

We have another Bend blogger! A hearty welcome to Shannon at There's Always Something. She's transplanted here from the oh-so-lovely state of Nebraska, and loves blogging. She's running her site on Blogspot, but it would appear she doesn't have an RSS feed. Bummer...

So that brings up the total of Bend bloggers to the following (not including me an this site):

  • Jon at Chuggnutt is the PHP/MySQL geek among us, and also runs BendBuzz.com.
  • Dane at Brainside Out, who has been blogging for quite a while. Expect to see him in the ER soon.
  • Chris at Monkey In A Box runs an entertaining site. I helped him get setup with hosting and MT back in the day, but he's off my server, venturing off into his own land now.
  • Roger at High Desert Skeptic has come out of hiding and is blogging more often now. He was running the Central Oregon For Dean site before Dean dropped out.
  • Simone at On The Bright Side makes a living taking awesome pictures. She's technically not in Bend, but since LaPine isn't an incorporated city yet, she's getting listed. That, and her husband works with my dad now and again, so it's all good.
  • Josh at Mr. Snazz doesn't update his site too much, but he's into Geocaching and has some Geocoins out there.
  • Nick never updates his site, but he could still be considered a blogger.
  • Barney's probably the ultimate blogger as the reporter for Bend.com and while Bend.com technically isn't a blog, Barney works his ass off to get content on there, and deserves some sort of recognition.
  • And of course, Shannon, who I mentioned above.
  • I actually know of one more blogger who I can't link to because she runs a private blog (for good reason). If she's reading this and gives me permission, I'll happily link to her (she know who she is).
So that brings it to 10 bloggers that I know of that blog in Bend/LaPine. Anybody else know of any that I'm missing (any where in Central Oregon)? Feel free to post a comment here and I'll get it added to my blogroll.

Shannon said in an email to me earlier that we really need a Central Oregon blogger meet up. I'm starting to agree with her.

Posted by Jake on 04/27/04 @ 03:00 PM
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