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We All Hate Work

But the folks overseas must hate it even more if an amusement park is using that hatred of our jobs as part of their promotional campaign. Full Story of ihatework.co.uk.

Posted by Jake on 04/22/04 @ 02:51 PM
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pat said on 02/06/05 @ 02:46 AM:
I've been at my job for a week and i hate it.

I'm out in march

yak said on 05/18/05 @ 08:36 AM:
I have worked full time for 28 years and I hate it. Life is one long ,,unending series of things you dont want to do...cant wait to check out

Pink Lady said on 06/21/05 @ 07:25 AM:
I hate everyone I work with. I have never met such a bunch of inept people. The worst thing is they have all worked here longer than me and are considerably older, yet I do the work. Time to job hunt I think.

dylboy said on 07/05/05 @ 06:12 AM:
i wanna go home. couldnt be arsed with this stupid shit of a company anymore. in fact work in general is just wrong.

someone said on 07/14/05 @ 07:53 AM:
I hate my job.

I am tied in to spend the next six months here so can't even give myself the hope of finding something better.

My Boss and colleague think I am the skivey. The can't even get off thier fat rears to come and ask me a question. I have to get up from my desk and go to them. I don't mind doing the work but I do mind the lack of respect I get. Would the call up the CEO and ask him to come to thier desk.....I don't think so.

I get stared at as if they are challenging me to do something wrong.

They can never remember where anything is and I have to print everything out as they never remember where the files are located.

I hate working here. It depresses me every day but, as i said I am tied in and it would be financially detremental to leave......6 minths of hell.

Foodicus said on 08/24/05 @ 03:21 AM:
I hate work, I only started 6 weeks ago and am ready to quit. The work is stressful yet boring/uninteresting and requires long hours..

boobs said on 08/26/05 @ 07:06 PM:
I hate work. I like the people I work with for the most part, except for my boss and the HR guy. He's a complete moron. I just hate that my life is bought away from me, and I have no choice but to sell it. I don't get as much respect as I should for basically running the place. As an administrative assistant, I do everything and get paid the least.

Emma Wilson said on 09/09/05 @ 09:49 AM:
I started a job two months ago and was so bored and utterly desperate that I resigned after three weeks. So then they kept me on as a freelancer as by that time I was entrenched in their work but paid me 25% more cash. Now they have told me to go but I AM NOT CRYING. I AM FREE

Bosh said on 09/18/05 @ 06:00 AM:
9 to 5 should be illegal. humans were not made for this kind of pain. the focus should be in the enjoyment of life. but no. it will never be this way. ok, so maybe we WERE born for pain

21121221 said on 09/19/05 @ 07:50 AM:
I got sacked from my job because i slept with my bosses wife

21121221 said on 09/19/05 @ 07:52 AM:
and also cause i nearly killed him with a spade

Gizmo said on 09/23/05 @ 12:24 AM:
I really hated my job (insurance claims in a call centre) - so much so that I convinced my doctor that I was depressed and got a sicknote for 8 weeks.
I've now started at University on a decent course for a decent job - best thing that's ever happened to me.

Michael said on 09/27/05 @ 06:24 PM:
I was fired for reading the book "Fire Me Please"!!! I work in fast food and I was on break. So, I'm reading my book and my ass-clown, loser shift manager asks to see the book I'm reading. So, I show him and he says to put the book away cause it's inappropriate for work.I told him nicely NO. He then says I'm out of line and calls the store manager. He comes back and says the book goes into my bag or I'm fired. I finished eating my fries and just walked out. The job sucked anyway. But who is this numb nuts to tell me what to read!!!!!

Nicole said on 10/13/05 @ 04:01 AM:
I hate work.....so boring, nothing to do, yet its cheap fairs.....work takes up so much time of our life....our lifes are mapped out by WORK.....you dont even get your birthday off. Work just makes less time for love ones and enjoyment of life! Lifes to short to die and still to have worked till your 65!

Ziggy said on 10/17/05 @ 11:16 AM:
I dont know...Maybe I am just lazy, but I HATE going to work. The money is good, the hours are decent. I mean all in all, for my situation, and being 17, its an alright gig. But for some reason, I just absolutely hate going into work. Once I'm there, I am ok. But the first hour before I go is just awful. My co-workers are white trash (except for a few), and are all so tacky and try to be in charge. It really pisses me off when some piss ignorant co-workers trys to boss me around. I have no problem with proper authority, but she has just as much power as me!

Maybe I can win the lottery some day and not have to work. I hate it. Even mowing the lawn sucks.

JonnyN said on 11/03/05 @ 01:10 PM:
I love my job, but work still sucks the big one. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week I am sitting in my cubicle dreaming of the outside world. Its not the work that gets me, its the day after day after day of it thats truly depressing. The most depressing part about it is that you have no choice...eithier I lock myself in my cubicle 40 hrs a week or starve and die...hmm, some days option 2 sounds pretty damn tempting.

dan said on 11/17/05 @ 12:21 PM:
I want to just quit my cubicle job and live on a farm. That way I don't have to revolve my world around making money. I can't believe that almost everyone in America, all they care about is money. Doesn't anyone care about living their life and enjoying it? Money's not important it only seems like it's important.

SuperLeedslad said on 12/15/05 @ 02:51 AM:
Why is work so boring? all i do is look at fir birds all day.....

gingerguy said on 12/18/05 @ 12:10 AM:
Work sucks! I am 28, a teacher and thinks that all the people i work directly with are weak willed losers who follow the leader and only like who he says it is cool to like! So we gave up living in caves and moved into civilisation, but then we had our freedom taken away by some bastard in a suit telling us what we can or can't do! At what point does work go against our basic human rights?

tiredgirl said on 01/01/06 @ 10:48 AM:
In my opinion work itself doesn't suck, it's having to do something you hate in a manner in which you hate even more. For example what if everyone could do what they loved and make ends meet I think it would be cool. But we are forced to clock in clock out, work 40 + hours a week, get permission to go to lunch...etc. I agree with gingerguy, years ago tribal people were called savage, because they didn't have industrialzed societies, but look who has life a savage exsistence now, I guess the jokes on us, cause I don't know maybe it's me but those so called savages seem to enjoy their lives more than us.

mop said on 02/22/06 @ 05:38 PM:
Im 24, unemployed, and still living with parents because I cannot cope with the adult world. Theres so much to think about, and none of it is positive. It also makes it difficult when I know damn well that nothing good is ever gonna happen no matter how hard I work, so why bother? Im thinking about getting on the government dole using some tips I learned from disabilitysecrets.com

Uzumaki said on 03/09/06 @ 01:59 PM:
I feel the same way. Humans are only smart enough to make their lives harder.

Ads said on 03/18/06 @ 06:59 PM:
Well, I just hate living a lie...pretending to be some professional wanker with a drive for success within the company. What drive? I'd rather be anywhere else. And quite frankly, the company can kiss my fat deskjockey ass. Bosses who think they have control over your life, colleagues who try to outdo each other, a bunch of people who eat at the office (instead of using the lunch opportunity to get some sun on their pasty skin); and everyone's bald at 32! I think I'll look into trading share options instead.

mustangmonee said on 03/29/06 @ 12:07 PM:
I hate working. Human beings were not meant to spend 8 hours in an office with other human beings that they despise and thus be forced to neglect the human beings they actually enjoy being around such as your husband/wife and children. I refuse to accept this is the way it is supposed to be.

monosolabicboy said on 04/08/06 @ 01:28 PM:
I've been working for two days, I have hated every job I've ever had and I want to quit this one already. I don't understand why everyone in this world has to do other people favours for nothing in return...Or atleast just a shit wage that dosen't even pay for the expense of living in this world. Fuckin depressing....

matt said on 04/12/06 @ 11:48 AM:
work is fucking gay, who wants to get up early and sit and make shit loads of cash for some overweight director.

dickface said on 04/14/06 @ 12:11 PM:
wow lol, this site is amazing. I go to work fucking hating the journey, feeling absolutley depressed, then when I get there, it's not bad, just the co-workers that piss me around. But i had no idea other people seem to feel exactly the same way. I only do like 2 shifts of 4 hours a week.......that's nothing....yet I can't fucking stand it, as soon as I get there life just seems to loose all colour (poetic :P ) but yeah work sucks dick, no other way. al

cleansweep said on 04/15/06 @ 08:07 AM:
i hate work. god its just soooo boring and mi boss is just grrrrrr. i only go for 3 hours twice a week, but anymore and i wud go totally crazy. its a crazy place to work. everyone is obsessed with minutae. who cares!!! it makes me feel ill that i have to go, thank god i can quit soon.

silentwalkah said on 04/24/06 @ 05:03 AM:
im happy i bumped into this site...wow i hate work so damn much i work at a dollar store 2 shifts a week 10 hours total a week and it sucks the workers are fine and my boss is a sly snake liar...but i guess he's allright.
I really dont know whats wrong with me its like everyone works for 8 hours 5x a week and i can only put in 5 hours x2weeks
i wish i can just enjoy life without
money or just win a bunch of money so i can work for fun.....anyways work sucks

dave said on 05/02/06 @ 11:26 AM:
I too hate work, I am a college student with sort of a part time job, I dread the day I graduate and have to do the daily grind, so I am taking my time in school although it is almost the same. Here is an essay I found interesting, and Im sure anyone who read this far will too. Its about the abolition of work. I need to go buy a lottery ticket.

workblowz said on 05/21/06 @ 03:53 AM:
24..no job..with parents..don't even see myself working again. my last job put me into this shell that i'm in today. i know i will have to come out soon..but not today..not today. i just can't stand thinking about workin m-f while i could be doing better things with my time. like really..working is bull****! we all know it, yet we do nothing about it. we are slaves of the money masters. we lose. ::sings freedom song::

mustangmonee said on 05/23/06 @ 12:33 PM:
This is not the way life is supposed to be. I want to be free of the burden of a job. I would not even mind working part time, but eight hours a day, five days a week is just insane. Our lives were meant to be lived not wasted away. I can't even get a puppy because I don't have time to take care of him and I can't leave him by himself all day. Works Sucks. Life sucks. and Then you die.

working2jobs said on 05/26/06 @ 02:16 PM:
I HATE WORK! I work two jobs and I hate them both. The sad thing is I enjoy the people I work with, but I hate the work so much! If I have to do this for the rest of my life I want to die. I feel as though I'm in a black hole. I live in a place where the median house price is 600,000, but on my salary I will never be able to afford a place of my own. I work two jobs and my fiance works, but he only makes $8/hr. It's sucks!!!!!

h8work said on 05/26/06 @ 02:42 PM:
i jus got a summer job as the whipping boy at a grocery store and i already fucking hate it.. i have to work 6am tomm on a saturday.. i dont know how long i can take of this shit.. theres a good chance ill just throw in the towel before tomm morning. ive hated every fucking job ive ever had, and im spending most of today just dreading tomorrow. i dont know how long ill be able to keep this shit job.

lmc said on 05/31/06 @ 08:59 AM:
you guys all are a bunch of cry babies i have worked 12 on 12 off 7 days a week for a year straight in 130 degree heat of Iraq what is all this complaining about when work has you down just think there is always someone who has it worse

Karli said on 06/05/06 @ 04:38 PM:
Friends, this is life. Money...yeah. Is this life??? When did it all become so miserable? Huh??!?! Why?!?!? WHY?!?!?! Oh god nooooo, not again!! I don't want to wake up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to see my bitch boss's fat face. O woe is me. But hey...it could be worse. IT COULD BE BETTER!

Joe said on 06/20/06 @ 11:47 PM:
Wages in America are good compared to other countries but the problem is that everything here is so expensive as well. Housing prices are so high. I can't imagine why it would cost over $300,000 for some homes.

It's really a shame that people have to place work as priority in their lives instead of life itself.

College is mostly a scam because most of the degrees are useless and will get you nowhere.

piles said on 06/21/06 @ 09:58 PM:
I hate all living things. I’ve picked up shovels and press computer buttons, and its all a pile of **** when it comes to meeting / clashing with managers/boss/workers.

big fat c*nts ppl =]

Ah, cheers i guess -_-

Kev_Rooney said on 06/23/06 @ 07:54 AM:
I absolutely love my job. I work every hour under the sun and most of all i love to make coffee for all my colleagues - they are fantastic.

killmeplz said on 07/29/06 @ 09:49 PM:
god I hate work. If you guys think your jobs suck try being a phone surveyer. At least I'm going to university in sept so I can quit this crappy job. They make me work 8 hours every SUNDAY!!!!! argh!

josak said on 08/02/06 @ 02:44 PM:
Ahh, thank god.. its actually uplifting to see people who feel the same way I do. I swear, we live in such a artificial culture obsessed with all the negative aspects of life. I do believe there's lots of good things to experience in life as well, but its hidden underneath all the bullshit.

josak said on 08/02/06 @ 03:18 PM:
And I have to mention, I cant stand the phrase " life sucks" because life doesnt suck at all . I beleive life is a great gift, but we ruin it so easily because.. well, we're dumbasses I suppose.

Patrick said on 08/08/06 @ 09:56 AM:
I also hate work, but it's not that I hate labour in general. The problem for me is that I hate the repetition, the fact that life is slowly slipping through your fingers, and that I am wasting it by being at the office 5 days a week.

I would love to be free and produce my own food and clothing and living with people who live the same way. That you can decide for yourself at what time you wake up or that you aren't going to work hard today but relax in the sun. Now I have to do what I am told all day. One positive thing is that now I see how f--ked up it is, I just laugh about it and look for a way to turns things around.

Jennifer said on 08/10/06 @ 10:19 AM:
I love the work I do, couldn't be happier with what I ended up with right out of college. But damn, the people here make it so miserable! All they do is worry about when they are going to get another day off, who can they make do THEIR work, and I just get so freakin pissed becuasewe don't do alot of work most of the time! They never prepare for anything, which always make anything we do ten times harder when we finally do it. They are morons! Is it common to feel like you are normal and everyone else is stupid and lazy?!

uberslacker said on 08/12/06 @ 06:01 AM:
Believe me, I hate work more than most. I hate it so much I created a whole fricken website http://www.cubeslacker.com because of it. However, what I have learned is that its not bad if oyu are doing something that either keeps you busy or that you like to do. Preferable both :)

Nameless One said on 08/21/06 @ 04:22 PM:
i'm a 17 year old and have been working at my stupid job, until now, i quit, i hate it so much. People tell me that if i get a good education I will be able to do what i really like.. i dont know... i hated these two jobs i've had...

sam said on 08/21/06 @ 04:25 PM:
I hate work so much, i dont even work that much but i hate the damn work! i hate it so much, i don't wanna do it for another second... all the costumers yell at me, they look down, the manager is one big a$$whole, the shift manager is bad as well, the workers suck, the job sucksss i hate iittt

piles said on 09/01/06 @ 11:18 AM:
Lets see, after 2+ months, I still hate the job, & don't get me started on the co-worker pricks, miserable a-holes from day No. f--king 1.

enjoy the work ppl :evil:

officerat said on 09/14/06 @ 11:22 AM:
everyone should own their own small organic farm, live off the land and be happy :)

Zain said on 09/15/06 @ 12:41 PM:
I wouldn't mind working so much if I didn't have to get up so damn early my last job I had to get up at 5am to get there on time. Of course I didn't last I just can't take getting up that early. I rarely go to bed before 1am. I just can't do this 5am crap just because I'm a late riser does not mean I'm lazy!!! I'd rather work afternoons or nights then days I just can't get up that early!!

Bored & desperate said on 09/19/06 @ 06:55 AM:
I'm a sociology graduate who couldn't find work (typically) and decided to do a masters in Computing, as I thought a career in IT would be better than no career at all. Well it's better than being unemployed, but after that I fail to see the benefit. I've been a programmer for four years now and I'm sick and fed up of it.
IT people (mostly men and a few ugly women) are the most boring, introverted bunch of twats going. People like this LOVE the fact that they're stuck inside an office all day, gawping at a PC monitor. At any time I can look around the office and all i can see is rows of these muppets hunched over their screens.

pointless said on 09/25/06 @ 04:36 PM:
we get less vacation time than any other industrialized nation. day in, day out, most of us just count the minutes until it's time to leave. if it weren't every day of the year, it would be more tolerable. but pretty much every time you open your eyes, you're in the same place doing the same stuff.

ihatework said on 09/30/06 @ 10:12 AM:
ok i hate work so much i dont understand why i have to be here 6 days a week all day i do nothing most of the time. Cant i just have a day off

gazZa said on 10/02/06 @ 08:51 AM:
Hey guys, instaed of moaning about how much u hate your jobs and how u all run the place pritty much single handedly, why not Get off your arse and learn flash or java or c++ while in work. thus entertaining yourself and at the end of it u can make fun games where u shoot ur boss (and make it real 2 your office) and post them so that you and the millions of other bored people can entertain themselves 2 win win win situation :D


tiard as sin said on 10/15/06 @ 06:16 PM:
I wish to God i could find a job that lasted more than 8 months. I can do any job as long as i am getting paid. I'm 50 now, and i found the BEST dam job ever!
i am a janitor.. NOW DONT look down on me right now, how many of you can be your own boss. work at your own speed, hide when you want to..clean when you feel like it, and walk around several hours with a broom or spray bottle and rag in your hands and do NOTHING..then go sleep for 1/2 hour. Listen to your music in your Janitors room...i have a fridge a coffee machine and i stock food for lunch in my office..NO ONE bugs me. I love my job..but yes, at times it does get boring. The perfect job..im 50 now..and got 15 years to go....makes you pis sed dont it lol. hahahaha

piles said on 10/27/06 @ 01:31 AM:
Only me, piles, again. Well, a new job is on the horizon, "yippee" :P

My previous position was a miserable and sad excuse for a job, with 100% c*ckheads running the show. Benefits were a better option.

Things look promising...:)

Seriously speaking, after some "invigoration" classes, I am feeling much better. I'll post another msg next mth , hopefully this is the 'new' lucky break in my life.

If youre out of work, try some NON-government courses or volunteering, keep the mind @ work is my point.


kelly said on 10/29/06 @ 09:39 PM:
i hate work. i don't mean i am lazy but i dislike the working surroundings. i have to spend most of my time at the office with the people i dislike. i can't enjoy life with my husband and my child who i really loving. why a job deprived us of so much happiness in the life. if someday i am rich, i will quit my job and do anything that can add sweetness to human life. but now since i have to make end meet, it's just a dream to enjoy life with my beloved ones.

mikey said on 11/02/06 @ 06:16 AM:
I like my job.... kinda. I have a good education, so I don't get shit on too bad. I f--ked up my "time spreadsheet" so I'll get shit on later. Damn. I hate working. No way can I do this for 41 more years, I'll die, I need to get out. Maybe I'll get hit by a car, nearly die, and live as a mangled millionaire for the rest of my days. Probably better than working for 41 more years..

clay said on 11/29/06 @ 10:03 AM:
Its all bullshit!
I've been a lifeguard,caregiver,tradesman,warehouse boy,retail sales,recreation leader. can't get past 3 months at one job and they all shit me to tears.Why can't something be fun for me???

Possum said on 12/01/06 @ 12:42 PM:
you guys are pathetic. work does suck but you do it, you live with it, and your press on. you sit around and think about it your bound to get depressed. why? just accept that you have to work, be happy you have a job, and quit your bitching...

jamzee500 said on 12/05/06 @ 06:51 AM:
14:46 in the uk and im sat at my desk typing this message hoping that maybe by the end of it a few more minuites will pass, humans are the only animal on the planet who have to sell their souls to survive it is the single most depressing thing, i worked out that i spend approximately 75% of my awake life sat at this desk!!!!

thinking about saving hardcore for six months taking a year out and then repeating at least that way i will only have to sell six months of my life out of every 18.


lia said on 12/09/06 @ 05:40 AM:
i hate work.
if it were a person, i would murder it.
true story.

hate work so much said on 12/19/06 @ 08:57 PM:
i worked a shitty labor job because i couldn't find a better one (i hold a degree). i had to quit after i injured myself. i'm working at a cash register until such time as i recover from my injuries (i hope i do recover completely) and can get something better. i make just enough to survive, and am getting numb.

i feel like i am half dead now, but at least i can't feel the pain of this life as acutely now. life without working for long periods of time is AWESOME! camping, fishing, revelry, etc. life with work is slightly better than death. even when i'm not at work, my mind feels imprisoned.

writing more here won't change my situation, so why bother?

F**K WORK! said on 01/07/07 @ 12:53 PM:

Jemma said on 01/09/07 @ 10:22 AM:
I am another work hater. I HATE IT so much. I don't understand why, as human beings, we are being charged for our food, warmth, water and shelter - these things should be our birthright. Working all these long hours tires out the body, puts you (and consequently everybody else) in a negative mood, and burns you out - how the hell can this be beneficial to anybody? Shouldn't we be allowed more time to spend with our children, pets and loved ones? Isn't this what life is all about? I am not a mother but I strongly sympathise with anyone who has children yet never gets to spend quality bonding time with them because they need to put (genetically modified) food on the table. I think the whole idea of working full-time is abonimable. Sorry if I offended anyone but I think it is time the world woke up a bit.

Nameless One said on 01/09/07 @ 10:24 AM:
Mabye part time hours wouldn't be so bad but all day five days a week is ludicrous - and only 2 days off. They should think about changing the system to 4 on and 3 off - perhaps the world would be happier.

Nameless One said on 01/09/07 @ 10:28 AM:
This is the governments fault. I have a question for everybody and PLEASE, PLEASE try to think of YOUR OWN honest answer: WHY IS TAX NOT VOLUNTARY? (Think about it.)

Bobbi said on 01/09/07 @ 10:31 AM:
U should not have 2 work if u do not want 2 work. If there is something u want, working for it can be good as u get that achievement satisfaction but I agree our lives r all being taken over. Something needs 2 be done but it wont.

AM said on 01/10/07 @ 01:44 PM:
I hate it - work, that is. Am I lazy? Maybe. I just want to control my own destiny.
Work sucks, it really does. The amount of incompetent people I've encountered doing high profile jobs is unbelievable and it is these people that ultimately control our career paths.
In days gone by, going to uni/college would have ranked you highly in society. Now, everyone has a degree. They are all but worthless.
My mind is absent of thought on this. I'm so absolutely fed up it is not true. I'm lost.
I want to wake up naturally - not by alarm clock. I want to enjoy what I do. I want to live. I do not want to have to worry about money. Urgh...

Der said on 01/16/07 @ 02:11 AM:
I have a degree, can't get shit for a job with it because it means nothing now. The unemployment here is over 5% so i'm forced to take a shitty job buffing floors with a computer degree, and deliver newspapers at night (which I like a lot better than buffing floors, has even payed me more on some occasions, and nobody bugs you). Yes, I am one of those people that can't stand going to work because it wastes so much of your life and tires you outs so much, that you sleep too much for another part of your life leaving about 5 hours a day to get things done and see your family.

I get no respect from these employers, and they act like i'm not good enough to do their low paying shit jobs when i'm 10 times smarter than they are.

I just might go into business for myself, even if it's long hours, at least i'm not working for some rube.

MichaelC said on 01/19/07 @ 12:44 AM:
I Hate my job, been working there 6 months. Its in Finance, Its CRAP, and Boring and the people are all Idiots. If you complain to one of the idiots that work there they just reply with thats the way it is, you just have to put up with it and thats it what a crock of sht, I dont HAVE to put up with the crap there, with that B*tch of a manager finding everything to pick on me with, just because those idiots think they have to put up with it and thats life, well it may be theirs and they can have it, but you only live once and I dont plan on it being like this!

Everyday I would hope that the bus would crash just so I wouldnt have to go in, I would rather die than work in that hole.

So I finally did it, Last week as the stupid b*tch was giving out to me about something I didnt even do I handed her my resignation, the look on her face was priceless.

So I handed in my notice and I leave on the 31st of January, and I cant wait. They are going mad now because I am not doing my work properly and not meeting their stupid targets, hehehe, its payback for all the sh*t they have given me over 6 months, Ive now had a sickie yesterday and Im about to call in sick again in 20 minuets.

I will be now going to University in February

I cant wait for my exit interview
I hope they all rot in hell!

South Wales person UK said on 01/19/07 @ 11:23 AM:
Work..........what is it all about, i f--kin hate it. telin ewe, im thinkin of staying on the dole for the rest of my life, f--k material persession, their nothing end of the day.

Sam said on 01/20/07 @ 05:54 AM:
The government they just want to control u, and keep u busy so that u dont ask questions. We need to get rid of this government.

Mick said on 01/22/07 @ 06:53 AM:
I agree with all negative sentiments here. Work as it exists today is a complete joke.

Give me the life of a mountain man anyday. I can only see benefits in everyone ditching suits & technology to live freely off of the land once more. Other than bills/food, my money(the little left of it) rotts in my bank account, as I just have no other use for it. What an incentive!.. slave your guts out, piss your life away for something you don't even want!

The Man loves to make it look like we are the ones with the problem/poor attitude. You're right, I'm such a pathetic human for simply wanting MY life back.

Der said on 01/25/07 @ 03:02 AM:
Mick Quotes:
"Give me the life of a mountain man anyday. I can only see benefits in everyone ditching suits & technology to live freely off of the land once more."

I hear ya man. I'd rather be a hermit living in the woods than deal with this crap day in and day out.

"The Man loves to make it look like we are the ones with the problem/poor attitude. You're right, I'm such a pathetic human for simply wanting MY life back."

That is especially true. Like, we should all be happy making sh!t for money with a positive attitude while making the owners the big bucks. Ok, I have a bad attitude because I don't like making my $7.00 hour at a piss ass job while the guy at the top makes six figures. What they really want for an employee is a blissfully ignorant, happy slave, not a person with a positive attitude.

I just started another job lugging big 170lb filter tanks of water down into peoples basement for a whopping $8.00/hr all in a nice 2 feet of snow. Oh, "don't make any mess in peoples house", Oh yes sir, I will lick the snow off of our boots before we go in. Guess how long that job lasted, a whole full day, which is only because I was stuck with the guy. Oh but, wait, I could've probably worked my way up in 20 years like the guy I was with...that's something to aspire to. No offense to anyone that does and likes that kind of thing, if it works for you then that's great. Me, I like to risk a herniated disk for a little more that 8/hr.

All the people on this board need to ban together to start our own cult against working. But we must absolutely not look poor and unkempt, lol.

Mark said on 01/25/07 @ 08:36 PM:
I can't believe there is a blog on this! I hate work too. I was just doing some keyword reasearching for google ads for my online business. I am unemployed because I got fired after 3 three years. Had a great service record with the company. Then they found out that I had a minor criminal record from 16 years ago. HR fired me over the phone. I had to call my boss and tell him I was fired. How stupid is that!? So I started my own business online, doing network marketing. This is the first time I am happy! People are joining the business, and I am training them. Working from home is much better. Because I am unemployed, or self employed now, I got in with a network marketing biz that is only $10 per month. Pretty cheap, learned lots, never looked back!

Mark Austin -HomeForWork

Bret said on 01/30/07 @ 02:37 AM:
I don't know what you ppl that work in offices are complaining about, try working in a factory, or on an assembly line for 8 hours straight, or working in a recycling plant where you a splattered with shit all day. I feel so sorry for you at your desk.

Jon in Calgary said on 02/01/07 @ 11:11 AM:
I hate work and it blows. My boss is an asswipe who got on my nerves, so I punched him out one night at the pub. Funny enough I was fired. That asshole Ross Campbell will get what's coming to him.

grace said on 02/12/07 @ 01:33 AM:
i hate work cus this bitch keeps pickin on me the whole time she writes post it notes on my work like ''has to be finished ASAP'' she is not my boss jus tinks she is...will knock her out if she keeps it up...as for my wages i went to college for two but i no ppl workin in our local supermarket who are paid more the me!!

Josh said on 02/23/07 @ 10:25 PM:
We live under the illusion that we are "free," but it is quite obvious at least to me that there is nothing free about our society. We have effectively enslaved ourselves. Think about it, do you want to go to work? Hell no. You have to. Technically, yes, you can quit. You are "free to quit. What happens if you quit though... you run out of money, then you can't take part in anything at all. You can't get food, shelter, or anything that will sustain your life at all. You can't even hunt for food because that would require you to BUY a hunting license. You literally have no choice but to work for other humans, as (at least in my eyes) literal slaves.

Josh said on 02/23/07 @ 10:27 PM:
You are all 'slaves of society.'

Alex said on 02/26/07 @ 09:15 PM:
I used to totally be up for consistant work, but after a while the wool pulled over my eyes vanished.
I hate my job, I hate that I have to get up every morning to go to work, I hate that I dont get recognized in anyway the things I do for my employer. I hate that I never received the promotion given to some other bitch that sucks the managers ass and takes credit for all my my hard work and effort. Sometimes I feel that the only way to get anywhere in life is by sucking the managers ass ( metaphorically speaking) you can work hard all you want and display all the skills of a good worker and leader all you want, but what it all comes down to is the ability play fair and unfair. even all my co workers agree with me. and thats what really gets me is knowing people know it and still not getting treated right.

Freedom Hunter said on 03/02/07 @ 05:26 AM:
I am at work now, sitting in the dreaded cubicle. Every job i've had has sucked. I am a college grad, what a waste of a piece of paper that was. I'm in the U.S., not sure where everyone else is. Working in the US sucks big time. Corporate America has taken over. We are like slaves. I am planning the great escape. Check out this other site too:
www.fthisjob.com. It's rather funny.

Jade said on 03/04/07 @ 05:48 AM:
My last job was at a grocery store and I HATED it. To this day im not sure if i quit or they fired me...(it was a few months back) My "bosses" we complete assholes and idiots who didn't under the concept of SLAVE LABOR..(actually, they may have understood it *too* well)!!!

I hate working & I wish I never had to do it again!!!

Colleen said on 03/07/07 @ 04:02 PM:
I too hate working for a living. I'm trying to find a way out but it's hard.

I'm sitting here bored out of my skull and feeling so antsy and I hate being here with every inch of my body.

Every time the phone rings I want to smash it into pieces on the desk. I hate being I can't take it anymore.

blueskies said on 03/08/07 @ 05:53 PM:
I hate working, have been burned out for years, keep going, work or don't eat, you know-Trapped. The worst part of it is the passive-aggressive shitty little games & office politics & narcissistic idiots so full of themselves. Wish I realized when I was YOUNG to save something every month, and that's no SHIT!

Darin said on 03/14/07 @ 01:17 AM:
I was medically discharged from the Army after 12 years for PTSD and depression. I had 30 days vacation a year and lots of 3 and 4 day weekends. It was great! The civilian workplace completely sucks. Your lucky if you you get 5 days vacation a year if you have to accept work through a temp agency that takes 25% of your pay and offers zero benefits. I don't want to work anymore. I have an Associates degree which is crap but better than nothing...109 credit hours total with a 3.95 GPA and I hate college...I'm still at least 2 years away from a Bachelors...and the school I'm at now won't transfer some of my classes. The cost for the classes I have aready taken at another school will cost an additional $4500...bullshit! How many times do I have to take the same freakin' classes! I think I'll just have someone break my arms to the point where I will never be able to walk again and start collecting social security disability. Before the Iraq war, my disabilty rating from the Army would've qualified me for disability retirement pay. But since the war is expensive, the Army has decided to screw thousands of soldiers by deliberately downgrading disability ratings. I may have been able to receive more, but 1 year at Walter Reed Army Medical Center was more than enough, so I took the severance pay to finally be able to come home. I'm still waiting on a disability rating from the VA; it's been almost a year, and it might take another year for them to screw me too, and then I can spend another year or two appealing their decision. Yeah baby!!! It's not like I have anything better to do with my life, right? Oh well, I guess I'll just have to get over it and go get a job that will barely be able to pay my living expenses since I'm stuffing a private college president's pockets full of cash. Then I'll have another degree that I can wipe my ass with. I can't wait...................................................

Darin said on 03/14/07 @ 01:21 AM:
Correction..."break my arms" should read "break my legs" so I will never be able to walk again...LOL

Cal said on 03/15/07 @ 03:11 AM:
I have a degree, can't find a decent job. What's funny is this girl I know has no degree, went to high school for hair dressing, and she gets a job in management for like $20 an hour where I can't even get a job moving computers around for $8.00 (I have a comp degree), which is the grunt work. On top of that , she's a total airhead. I know another guy, dropped out of highschool, and he's starting at $10.00. It don't matter if you drop out of school, because everyone just puts that they finished high school on the application and none of the employers actually check. I mean WTF is wrong with this world?! Maybe I need to start telling lies on resumes.

Parichay said on 03/29/07 @ 06:25 PM:
When we were younger, we all thought that there were endless possibilities...that we could do whatever we wanted. And then we all got screwed. And now that we all work...we think of all the impossibilities (if thats even a word!) all around us.

If only we had it in us to take the risk of leaving the cubicle and doing something of our own...then we would have the satisfaction that well, we tried...so it didn't work out and so we're here...

ihatelife said on 04/01/07 @ 02:34 PM:
Yes exactly Parichay, i feel the same life is short never know when it will end and i hate to look one day back and regret not doing somthing else but i work in company that keeps u nearly satisfied and i dont want to fight life.

Every one around me is good, i cant ask for angels but still ihate them because i hate my work, i have a degree and work somthing a shcool boy can do and i have no experiance so it is hard to leave, its a trap and what makes me hate it more is that my work is accumulated and will never finish and am always considered late thus i care about more about my work than most of them , but because i hate my job iam not doing it wright thus it is silly.

i always get i emotional when i see i film where some guy changes his life or get over his problems, i have none but i am not doing anything, and time is ticking fast .

I want to delete this cause i feel bad after writing it .........

Good luck guys in u life

RBI GIRL said on 04/06/07 @ 03:34 PM:
At age 42, I want to warn all the young'ns out there, find what makes your heart sing NOW and then pursue it. If you try to change careers midlife, you will definitely experience age discrimination on top of shitty pay. Also, maybe two part-time jobs that you can somewhat tolerate are better than one job that robs your soul. I do it now and it makes life more bearable. Also, for the non early risers (like me) try 3rd shift, it is a quiet time in the world when all the assholes are asleep (well most of them). HANG IN THERE

THANKS RBI GIRL said on 04/08/07 @ 03:14 PM:
Thanks for the advice.

Rick said on 04/09/07 @ 12:46 PM:
RBI, that's funny cause I also work 2 part time jobs, one 3rd, and another one during the day that is not too many hours. I probably make more money doing that than one full time job, and work slightly less then 40 hours a week. I agree with you that it's a lot better because i'm not stuck in one hell hole for too long of a time. They're not super great jobs, but I don't absolutely hate them like most people hate their jobs.

RBI GIRL said on 04/09/07 @ 02:50 PM:
Hey Rick, the only thing about the part-time jobs is lack of benefits. But then again, that's the state of our country..taking care if their own, ha? Do either of your jobs give you the medical? Just wondering. Thanks for writing.

girl said on 04/10/07 @ 04:35 AM:
i left the job i hated and went back to college to study for wat i really wanted to do..scary at first but am really happy nw!

Robby said on 04/13/07 @ 10:33 AM:
Gentlemen and Ladies,
I understand where you are all coming from and it is nice to know that there are other employees out there that feel the same way I do. I am quitting my job at the end of May to take a PE teaching position in August. 2 months off from work to do anything that I want....hmmm...Cookie Crisp and Saved By The Bell in the morning. A chance to have nothing on my plate. If you despise work, but love children, teaching is a great profession. Contracted for only 180 days a school year. That is less than half the days of the year that I have to wake up and go to work. That is bearable.

Jay said on 04/18/07 @ 08:14 AM:
Working sux. I hate mornings so much, I'd rather die than get up at 6am. I work 45-50 hours a week, hardly ever get to actually take a lunch break since if someone can't get e-mail in outlook, instead of closing it and trying again, (which 98% of the time works) they have me do it for them, f--king morons. Then, I get asked to work with array formulas in Excel, WTF?? They assume, since I'm the IT guy, I have to know how to do this crap. Kiss my ass!! I get so bored, I wish I had some money to build a rally car and race it for a living, now THAT'S a job!!

Tim said on 04/19/07 @ 03:37 AM:
Don't you wish you won $50 million in lottery? You could stay home, go out do what ever you want when ever you want without having to worry about god damn work! One morning you could just get up and leave your huge house by the sea and take a holiday around the world. That will be the life.

But back to reality, I'm 18 years old, working as an apprentice mechanic and HATE IT! I like cars but working on cars the rest of my life THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL! I don't know what I want to do with my life, I can't see me getting far because I just don't want to work.

Rick said on 04/19/07 @ 04:29 AM:
RBI, no. Have been without medical for 10 years. : ) I keep myself in good shape and just hope I dont have any serious accidents.

Rick said on 04/19/07 @ 04:35 AM:
Tim, I hear that. I like working on cars, basically my own cars that I can fix up the way I want, when I want, and considered going to school for it. But then I thought of the reality of working on other peoples junk cars for 40+ hours a week, constantly being dirty, and there went that idea. I figured that would be turning a hobby I like to do into something i'd hate.

Ash said on 04/19/07 @ 09:05 AM:
My job sucks. Not the job so much as the people I work for - Useless cunts

nflnut@cox.net said on 04/24/07 @ 08:26 AM:
Anyone have any idea why our parents seemed to be able to tolerate the same bullcrap for 20-30 years and hardly complained at all??? Maybe they just suffered in silence and we are the generations of the mouth and lotto dreamers...that's gotta be it.

Just keep dreaming, it's what gets you through..

g-man said on 04/24/07 @ 02:19 PM:
I started a new job as an It trainee 2days ago and it is absolutly shit. I sit there all day doing f--k all. I am only 22 i should be enjoying my life rather than working for a shit wage. i think i might quit

Derek said on 04/25/07 @ 04:54 AM:
gman, If you can afford to quit and keep looking, then do it. Especially if you're not being paid well. Take it from someone who has had many 1 day jobs. I'll be not even half way though the first day and i'll already be thinking of how I won't be there the next day. Even as they're still telling me what to do and how to do it. But hey, if someone actually tried to pay me a decent wage, I might just try to suffer through and get used to the job. Hasn't happened so far...Minimum wage 7.00/hr now! Wow, that's something to be excited about. Now we can all live in semi-poverty instead of full out poverty.

g-man said on 04/25/07 @ 02:30 PM:
it not just about this job it's about work in general, why should we slave away when we only get one crack at life. i don't know about the rest of you but i want to live life to it's fullest enjoy every moment, wake up in the morning and think i'll do that today. instead what do we have to look forward to, slaving away so some lucky bastard can wake up and do the same thing we can only dream of.

RBI GIRL said on 04/26/07 @ 05:35 AM:
Hey all, I hate to break the news but take it from the mother hen of this site, you have two choices as you start your career. If you can gain a portable skill early in your life (i.e. computer guru, nurse, lawyer etc), then you can take this anywhere in the world and some day the pay will follow. I have to be honest and say that if you all think you are going to start a job out of high school making 50K a year, you better have the Trump name behind you!! If you stick out the low end you might just become a manager or higher level some day. Nothing comes overnight! So, stay in school and get a real skill that the world will always need and cannot ship the job out of our country OR grin and bear it for a while and maybe your dedication will payoff. Of course your 3rd choice is to try and sponge off someone till they give you the boot but there is usually no pride in the latter.

Don said on 04/30/07 @ 05:27 AM:
RBI, actually, you forgot going into business for yourself, which i've done, and I will never work for anyone else again! Of course, it's not easy and takes work to make that happen, like everything, but you will have no one to answer to but yourself. Well, yoursalef and your customers if you want to make it work for ya. I make a better income than the average person and I didn't even go to college, and I dropped out of high school. I eventually got my GED though, but whether I got that or not, I don't think it would've mattered. So you don't all have to think inside of that tiny box...go to school, go to college, go work for someone and hope to make a decent living for 40 years and save till retirement. But don't think making money for yourself is a piece of cake, because it took me about five years before I started pulling in decent money. Not that all business will take that long, just depends on what you do. Also, must be patient and persistent.

Captain_T said on 05/14/07 @ 11:35 AM:
you work your arse off,trying to keep your head down and stay off the radar and what do you get.... nothing but s&%t from your superiors who for the best part are the dumbest/annoying f%$ks your ever gonna come across

StormWarning said on 05/15/07 @ 12:20 AM:
Don't just get that horrible feeling when you wake up and realize you have to go to work again? It's only Tuesday!!
Everyday is the same and I'm just sitting there waiting for 5.30. A boss that doesnt even talk to me and Im getting paid about the same as a shelf stacker in Tesco's and I quote repairs on aircraft parts.
Bugger me, this sucks. All I do is wish my life away because Im sick of going to work. I'm only 23 and already I want to be retired.
I think you can all appreciate why I drink and cry every night-I'm sure Im not the only one out there who does that though.
Have a good day everyone-If you can.

js said on 05/15/07 @ 06:13 PM:
I hate work. I've tried going part time (30 hours). It was better, but I still hated it. Now I can't even imagine ever working 40 hour weeks again. I tried switching positions. I did and it was fun for a while but then I hated the new position even more. It so boring and pointless and sometimes it makes life itself so bleak that it hardly seems worth it. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Lex365 said on 05/16/07 @ 01:28 PM:
Wow! I neva knew so many people felt as i do. Theres more to it than just hating work, i hate been told when to get up, when to get there, when i can eat, what to wear, been told what to do by anyone, and for what? Money that i blow on crap. Its not a case of been lazy, im an inteligent guy, smart enuff to see that this is bullshit. Everyone at work, managers, supervisors and workers, would rather be elsewhere. I dont know anyone who really wants to be at work. Its shit, my advice to all is BREAK FREE! I love the idea of freedom, get up when i want, do what i want, rebel agaisnt this crap system and try to find a way of making enuff money to survive in mininmal time without work. Id rather be set free and have minimal money than work a stressful job i hate to earn excess money id spend on crap i dont need. Material possesions do nothing but make u feel like u really need them, and that your shitty job that takes up all your time is worth it. Well id happily neva have a flash care and designer clothes if it meant i was free!

Starali said on 05/21/07 @ 11:32 AM:
I called in again today. The second time in two weeks. I quit a job I hated with passion this time last year. I'm currently on assignment with a temp agency. I'm thinking "Hey, by the time I get to the point where I'm tired of looking at the same people, going to the same building, performing the same mindless task, my assignment will be over and I can move on else where." No such luck, I've been temping at the same spot for nine months now. I hate going into that building everyday. I sit there and stare at my computer screen all day, listening the vets (with the exception of one, all of the women have been in that department no less than ten years) complain about how they are ready to go home. If one more person ask me "Is it five O'clock yet?", at 8:45a.m., I can't be responsible for my actions! I'm left feeling insane because whenever I try to relay my feelings about how bullshit the whole work ethic SCAM is, people look at me like I've just committed grand blasphemy. I hate lying awake in a panic because it's 2:30am, being nocturnal by nature, I haven't slept a wink and I have to be up in 4 hours to go somewhere I don't want to be. I hate not having enough time/energy to do things after work. I'm not a "busy-bee" and the thought of being active from sun up to sundown does not appeal to me. My five hours after work, minus the hour and 1/2 it takes to get ready for the next days work, I prefer to save for relaxing. Please don't misunderstand, I have no problem "working" for what I need. It's jobs I hate.

work sucks said on 05/24/07 @ 06:11 AM:
my work sucking fluctuates. i work and IT and im highly qualified and talented. but rest of my colleagues are not as educated as iam and they are jeoluos of me. i can't show iam intelligent type if I do some thing nice they hate me.it sucks.

they are so sensitive and low minded.

Derek said on 05/24/07 @ 10:59 AM:
OMG I hate working! I work third shift and I never get any sleep. Dogs barking, lawn mowers, bright light, people keeping me awake all the time, makes me wanna go freaking insane! But the job itself isn't so bad and it pays more than all the other shit jobs around here.... so I can't really quit. I feel trapped, and every day I want to go more crazy as I get another 3-4 hours of crappy sleep. It's not even 3-4 hours of good sleep,.and my heart starts to feel so weak sometimes, I almost wish it would just give out at times so I can sleep eternally at peace and not ever have to work again! And there better not be a such thing as reincarnation or i'm gonna be really pissed! Unless I come back as a descendant of Bill Gates or someone else rich, and what are the odds of that?

Break Free said on 05/27/07 @ 03:32 PM:
i have been working at my work for about a month and i can not think of one good reason why i should stay. i am in the process of finding out what job i would enjoy and then just go and get it. from now on i will keep everything simple, becoz the more we think about things the more we f--king complicate it. So to all my fellow bored workers find what you want in life and go after it without thinking about it too much, remember you only life once.Good Luck in your journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

someguy said on 05/28/07 @ 10:23 AM:
what I find interesting is that so many ppl want to not have to work, or work less hard, but it's the fact that people have that attitude that's the problem.
How do you think we all got stuck doing **it labour and crappy jobs in the first place? Cause someone else didn't want to work, wanted to sit and live off of others.
So they obtained the resources and everyone else has to beg for a part of the pie.
Possession is the problem. Until everyone is equal...it will never be fixed (thus it never will be).

someguy said on 05/28/07 @ 10:28 AM:
think about this:

if you didn't have to have your "own" of everything then there wouldn't be much of a problem.
most households have 90% of the same items in them, most of which are reuseable. ...so, if you shared everything with your neighbours as a community, you could probably eliminate at least 50% of your household costs.
it's the fact that ppl are so possessive, and self contained that is the problem

for example, two families who live side by side could buy all of their grocery needs in bulk and make meals together, buying larger quantities all at once is always cheaper and most families throw away some food
there's less chance of being waste in this situation + food == cheaper on the whole...
anyhow...it's how our societies have evolved that is screwing us over

vkrippen said on 05/29/07 @ 01:14 PM:
The head of my dept told me how to do my job and he knows nothing of its nature. He just sits in the office all day on his fat lazy bum and leaves us all working on the floor to cope with the public all day. I hate him now! I want to leave but I need the money. I imagine myself turning round and saying to his face exactly where to stuff his orders!

swede27 said on 05/31/07 @ 04:12 AM:
Well I have worked in call centres for about 7 years now and I can quite honestly say that there is no worse job. Once your in that's it your never getting out. I have quit so many, but just ended up back in a carbon copy of the last as the only work in my area seem to be call centre work. I hate the fact that the wage doesn't even cover the price of living and I have money for about 2 weeks of the month and spend the rest counting the minutes till payday. I hate the fact that we're meant to give a shit about the companies goals and expansion, when you know full well that however much money they make you are never going to see any of it however hard you work. I hate the management who seem to be genetically created in a lab with companies procedures and regulations running through their veins instead of blood (never smile, have a laugh and just don't seem human). I hate the 5 day week, total shit that is never ending. What's the point in working til i'm 65? when I will be too old to do the things I want by then, I won't need the money then. I just hate everything about work unless you do something you are passionate about. I'm seriously considering quitting right now and doing some charity work and helping someone or something that generally needs it and appreciates it, rather than help feed these fat corporate f--ks to make more money so they can steal our souls and drive round in a Supercar looking like a 60 year old twat.

workworkwork said on 06/02/07 @ 10:11 AM:
lol interesting site..

the fact is we all hate it yet it's our only way of surviving.. heres an idea


against corporate shitheads

blackberry phones


blow em all up like fight club

n end up with ZERO balance for everyone.

Then get that fat son of a pie director and push him into a lake

dont worry he'll float

then go home n whatch it all on the news :D

phil said on 06/03/07 @ 02:16 AM:
f--king this site is gold,its great to see so many people pissed off as much as i.i hate work as much as anyone and has always being a interfering factor in my life.having woken up to the bullshit we have being fed quite early i have tried different scenarios to avoid it .Once bought a dirt cheap house in the country and lived on benifits for a year ,growing veges and drinking home brewed beer.Another time lived aoard a cheap sailboat on a warf for free for 3 years and worked part time as a courier.not scenarios for everyone but there are even cheaper options for the adventurist how about riding your pushbike across the country living in a 20 dollar tent using an alchohol stove to cook .In this scenario the freedom factor is high but the costs can be extremly low.know of guys and gals doing it on less than a fiver a day.Again not for everyone but plse guys have your bitch bye all means but think like your life depends on it to get out of this shit capitalist slave trap were in because you know deep down ...it does.

i hate it said on 06/03/07 @ 11:48 PM:
just a few minutes of my reedom left before another boring week at work begins. man am i depressed at that thought

h8work said on 06/06/07 @ 09:46 AM:
I hate work too... I'm out in August when school starts again......CAN'T f--kING WAIT. thank christ i still got a few years of school left... gonna go as farrr and longgg as i can with that.

Mr T said on 06/11/07 @ 09:49 AM:
I hate work. It's a load of shit. It's f--king a waste of my life. Why do I do it? To pay the bills. Why are there bills? because I pay for peoples services or products. Why do they do it? To pay the bills!!! It's a never ending circle of shit. I guess the only way to truly escape it not to pay any bills which means living for free - self sufficiency!!! That sounds like a hard life though, and when sickness comes around how the f--k can I pay to get better? I hate work, it's full of shit. Work causes stress, disease, bad tempers, hierarchy's of bull shit managers. I thought becoming a manager might make it better? Guess what!!! It gets worse - the responsibility and pressure increases and my life gets sucked away. I f--kING HAT E WORK!!!!!

Bob said on 06/13/07 @ 12:08 PM:
I'm jealous of the guy who sleeps in the bus shelter when I'm waiting for my bus to work in the morning.
He gets to lie in everyday, he answers to no one, he doesn't have to put up with shit every day.
f--k it, I'm going to hand in my notice tomorrow, a hobbo's life for me, living free.
You'll find me in the bus shelter.

Tired said on 06/19/07 @ 12:01 PM:
I've been at this receptionist job for 7 months. I pretty much knew that i hated it since the first day, and through all of the time that i spent here, all i can think about is leaving.
I'm going to try to get into fashion design school next year. I need a job that has challanges that will have results to satisfy my work ethic. Work always sucks, it just sucks less if you can get satisfaction with what you complete.

Heather said on 06/26/07 @ 06:27 PM:
Dude I work with dogs... I am a bather brusher at petsmart. this is a job to hate. i'm covered in scratches and small bites. and i have only been there two weeks and now i a have a full schedual I AM LATE ALL THE TIME. and all i do is work. i don't take a lunch i come in early and i leave late. my boss's boss is gonna be pissed about the over time i am racking up. plus we get these weekly chores that should be given to a maintance crew. not a bunch of dog washers and groomers. and i'm not gonna get into the drama with the co-workers all i am gonna say about it is my boss (the store manager) her aunt works there too. so they both get away with murder.

how said on 06/28/07 @ 03:49 AM:
Face it. nothing is free in our society.

Zippy said on 07/09/07 @ 11:59 AM:
I hated every job I ever had. Now I battle traffic 2 hours a day for a couple hundred bucks a week. Man was not meant to work we where meant to enjoy life.

Your Friend

Mary said on 07/12/07 @ 10:11 AM:
I hate work. I think about killing myself all of the time. I'm stuck here and I couldn't make as much money at another company, and I have bills to pay.
Last Friday I shut down early to go home and OD on pills, but I couldn't do that to the man I love and had to home back to this abyss of misery.
Are we really meant to be this miserable every day? Are we meant to wish every day away? I wish I could figure out an alternative. At this point if I quit I'd just spend a year curled up in the fetal position and drooling.
I'm tired of gray offices... gray people... gray buildings.
I don't understand why I can't spend my time at home taking care of my honey, hanging out with my animals and tending my house.
You f**ing C**T women's libbers f**ked it up for all of us!!!!!!
Anyway, I hate this vile pit and I get more and more consumed by bitterness every day that I'm here.
I was going to say that if I stay here until I'm 65, I'll be a hollow gray husk with nothing left inside of me but cobwebs of sticky hate and bile... but as I see it I've got probably less than 5 years until that happens.
People tell me that I laugh more than anyone they know, and I do... but when I'm at work I just scowel and give these idiots the death look so they stay the f*$#() away from me. There is so much backstabbing in corporate America, so much stupid drama, so many people willing to sell their lives away... nobody gives a S*$#()@T about us!!!
There's a song/video by "The Faint" called Agenda Suicide that captures this beautifully. "The drones work hard before they die, and give us our pretty little homes"as i lay to die the things i think
did i waste my time, i think i did- i worked for life"
"our work makes pretty little homes
agenda suicide, the drones work hard before they die
and give up on pretty little homes "

phil said on 07/13/07 @ 06:19 AM:
mary you so get it babe i want to hug you ,YOU HAVE AWOKEN baby and its just a shame the rest of the world hasnt.Love ya vibe phil

swede27 said on 07/17/07 @ 04:55 AM:
I have posted here before, but just thought I would share my current thoughts. My manager decided to put me on a project about a month ago, which is no more money and no one else has to do this, so it is the same old story more work for no more pay. Well she was asking me how I was getting on with it today and when I replied "I have nearly finished" I was told "Hurry up" (that's appreciation for you). My blood was boiling after this and unfortuantely I could'nt think of a witty comeback at the time (which is quite usually the case)and it all came to me after. I also applied for an easier job in another department this week for which I attended an interview and did rather well, however I was told although my interview was very good and it was a hard decision (all the usual cliches) they have given the job to someone externally who has no idea of the systems or programmes we use. Which I later found out the reason I didn't get the job was because this hellhole department I am in is short staffed so they couldn't afford to move me out. I just hate work so much and have done for years, everything about it, I sit here and just think of the things I could be doing with my life like travelling round to different places, experiencing different cultures and cuisines and meeting interesting people. But then realise that none of these are possible unless you have money to fund this and that's why we have to come to these godforsaken jobs. The worse thing is with the money I earn I end up not doing anything I actually want to do as my energy and morale are so drained at the end of every day that I feel my soul has been stolen, I just have no motivation to do what I actually want to do so end up wasting the pittance I earn on going to the pub or buying pointless materialistic objects that's it. It's such a shit state of affairs and just feel that when you look back on your life and all the things you wish you had done, work will not count for shit and you will realise that your whole life has been dominated by doing something you hate. Sorry to bring everyone down but needed to express somehow.

chris said on 07/17/07 @ 11:30 AM:
ahhhh f--k work, i've been working as a web designer for 7 months now but dont get paid shit, at first i was all happy about my new job b/c web design was something i liked, now i just sit around all day counting the minutes i hate my boss who is a total b!tch who thinks she controls my f--k!n life i honestly think about just walking out shouting f--k YOU I QUIT, but i need the money and i don't want to work at mcdonalds WTF KINDA LIFE IS THIS??????

mj1531 said on 07/27/07 @ 11:42 AM:
I may end up posting comments here multiple times because my utter hatred of work (not just this job, but all forms of employment) is a recurring pain.

I hate working for a living and I want out now. There needs to be some type of mass revolution in America where all employees, regardless of job and position, just get up and leave work and refuse to come back.

There would be no negotiations where we, the working populace, agree to come back to work on some slightly better conditions. We won't fall for that again. Each person comes back only when and if they want to.

We need to find a way to live where we no longer need money or some type of money substitute, just endless freedom for all.

Nameless One said on 07/29/07 @ 08:33 AM:
Two things:

1. mj1531 said:

"I hate working for a living and I want out now. There needs to be some type of mass revolution in America where all employees, regardless of job and position, just get up and leave work and refuse to come back."

Believe it or not there is a term for that. It's called a 'general strike'. I think Argentina has had a few. It's awesome, everyone just says f--k OFF, were not going to work anymore until this this and these demands are met. It'll never happen in America though, where people have been duped into this whole 'work ethic' thing. Ha! What a scam!

2. Check out whywork.org. It's a great resource. Make sure to check out the forum.

All of these comments are proof that there is a hell of a lot of people out there who feel the same. Work sucks.

icouldkillaceo said on 07/31/07 @ 04:40 AM:
I feel so happy to discover so many people that hat 9-5 as much as me im trying to escape to colleg

icouldkillaceo said on 07/31/07 @ 04:49 AM:
what a load of f--kin bollocks Im sitting here making money for somebody I dont know and the most boring company in the world. supplier profile programmes, anyone?

Neverhappy said on 08/02/07 @ 09:03 AM:
I work a seasonal type job where i'm located away from home for 6 weeks at a time and then get two weeks off. Living in a remote environment with idiots that i have to see all my waking hours is enough to drive me insane. My bosses are micromanagers and love to bounce from crisis to crisis because they're too busy focused in on useless details and don't realise that as managers they have to look out for the big picture and delegate lesser tasks.
Half the world is below average and in my workplace that lower half runs the operation.

wasted said on 08/03/07 @ 12:00 PM:
I hate that we spend the majority of our waking hours working. It should be the other way around. Also just doing the same exact thing day in day out in a little cubicle with nothing but old annoying ladies around you, while there is so much going on in the world. It seems like such a waste of life to do this job for what. Barely enough money to get by till the next paycheck. People shouldn't be forced to live like this. I wish we could go back to the days when you hunted for your food and just did chores around you home. There is never enough time to just relax and enjoy the things you have. I can't imagine my self doing the same thing over and over for the next 40-50 yrs before I retire. I would blow my brains out. There are so many other things I would rather be doing.

Peaceofmind said on 08/06/07 @ 07:33 AM:
Work blows! I saw someone bitching about 9-5 earlier man I am doing 8-5. I know I am going to the looney bin. However, I'm putting in my notice in 8 days. It is going to be so sweet!. I cannot wait. I cannot stand these pricks! I am moving and I do not have another job lined up. I don't really care though! It will be nice knowing I don't have to deal with anyone's shit for awhile.

Peaceofmind said on 08/06/07 @ 08:18 AM:
Man I have a MBA with a finance background. I started out a job making shit because I live in a town with very little opp. I make more than most people who work in this shitty ass town. The problem is all the assholes from the cities moved down here to get away from crime driving up property values and now I cannot afford to buy a house. Now all the costs of goods are going up. Thank God! I am moving. I am moving and going to Valet cars man that was the best job I ever had. I got regular exercise I was outside all day and I actually made more money than I do now. I had a very little responsibility. Working in an office atmosphere is the worst job I have ever had.

The Daddy said on 08/13/07 @ 01:00 PM:
I absolutely hate my job. I work 50 hours a week and have to meet target after target after target. I long for the weekends and on Sunday nights, I feel like crying. I can't even leave as I have debts to pay off. All I want is a job that I can look forward to most days. Trouble is, I have no idea what I want from my career.

Sarah Hates Work Very Much said on 08/14/07 @ 02:28 AM:
I hate work. I just want to quit and start a family. I want to travel some and then pop out babies! I want to cook, clean and do laundry and go to the gym. I want to do volunteer work at the childrens hospital part time to maintain some sanity and interact with adults. I want to enjoy time with my husband and I don't want him to have to kill himself at work so I can stay at home.... It all comes back to money. I want to maintain my lifestyle and continue taking an overseas holiday every year, going shopping for clothes, getting my hair done, go out on the weekends to a bar and dinners etc. Taking out my parents and seeing them regularly.
Unless you were born into money like some undeserving people (namely Paris Hilton and the like) then you have to work. Problem is I have no passion for anything. I don't have any artistic talent and no job I can actually get gives me the satisfaction of either doing something beautiful or worthwhile. I am a stress case and feel the stress straightaway if my husband is under stress....I don't want to put pressure on him by being a stay at home mum. But I want that.
It's all so hard and gets harder, children need diapers, schooling. Then there is mortgage payments, bills and maintaining some sort of lifestyle. When you work on the other hand you have money but limited time to enjoy anything! So over this crap. I hate the rat race and I just want to break free and take my husband with me. ...

But still...let's be thankful for all we do have and really consider that it could be worse.... Yeah right!!!!

AMS said on 08/14/07 @ 05:25 AM:
I f--king despise work.I live for the weekends and I know it's going to kill me.All I do is surf around the web , and smoke cigarettes.It should be easy, but I am surrounded by the meanest, stupidest, f--king retarded assholes that don't care about anything, but to sabotage you, and make you feel like shit.The one who invented work should be Satan himself.I am stuck with this un-interessting shitty, boring job for about 1 year, untill I pass my trainee period.After that I am thinking in making a buisness of my own, or become a professional guitar player which I love more than anything in the world...God! I need a drink as I write this....f--k WORK!

Undeniable said on 08/17/07 @ 12:40 PM:
Sigh, I graduated from law school several years ago; failed the bar exam twice and now I work as a paralegal making decent money and hating every second of my job and most of my life. One of my supervisors (and isn't that a problem in and of itself? why the f--k do you need more than one supervisor!) barely graduated from college and I have to answer to her. She actually forbade me from leaving a meeting that she had held where she regaled us with storied of her recent pregnancy for over an hour.

I try to make the best of it by skipping work as often as possible, but now that's become such a problem that my manager asked me if I have another job on the side. I should have told him, yes! I have another job on the side, It's called a f--king LIFE.

In addition to hating my job more than facism, I married a woman whom i'm not attracted to so that I could benefit from her hefty income. I pretend to not hate work all day and pretend that she's sexy all night. Occasionaly I think about killing myself, but weed, alcohol, video games, and porn keep me alive (that and the prayer that someday things will remotely resemble the life that society told me I'd have if I went to law school).

AMS said on 08/18/07 @ 04:25 AM:
Undeniable,Thank god that there is weed, ecstasy, alcohol and amphetamines...Otherwise I would have killed myself...Work is the most f--ked up thing that could possibly exist . I go to work everyday, and when back home I am either high or drunk , so that I don't cry or take a f--king axe with me the next day and crush their f--kuing skulls...I also work for a ''prestigious" company in EU and I own a university degree in f--king transport engineereing, and hoped my life would be better...I f--king hate everything now than I ever did...I think I am going to f--king die long before my tine because either the work, or the drugs will get me...I swear to God I used to only drink ocasionally , and rarely take drugs , and be a optimistic person before I started this shit...Now, I smoke weed and get drunk almost everyday and isolating myself from everyone...Work has shit me up pretty bad....

Disgruntled said on 08/20/07 @ 03:32 AM:
I hate my job, but have to keep it as most of us do in order to survive comfortably. Unless I build a shack in the woods and hunt rabbits for food, until I get arrested because some asshole or government organization owns the land. You couldn't even find a place to live "free" in America because all the land everywhere is "owned" by someone.

I'm thinking about going back to school for the second time, but I don't know what for, and when I get out of school, it'll probably be to another job I can't stand. Feels like one big trap that you'll never escape unless you win the lottery or rob a bank and get away with it.

Yeah, things could be worse, but they could also be a lot better. What am I supposed to do, be glad i'm not a blind, deaf, mentally ill person with no arms and legs to make myself feel better about my job?

Anyone that uses the phrase "it could be worse" needs be dragged a 1000 feet across broken glass by a horse and then rubbed down with salt just so I could say, "it could be worse" to them.

Maybe i'll just sell a kidney on Ebay or claim to be Bill Gates long lost brother.

Oh, and how about the phrase "money isn't everything". Oh no it isn't tard, it's only 98% of everything, and what you need to freakin live.

I hate peoples BS optimism just because they aren't doing what I do. Save it and go to hell.

Mary said on 08/21/07 @ 07:59 AM:
To "Disgruntled" -

"Anyone that uses the phrase "it could be worse" needs be dragged a 1000 feet across broken glass by a horse and then rubbed down with salt just so I could say, "it could be worse" to them."

I couldn't agree with you more


"Maybe i'll just sell a kidney on Ebay or claim to be Bill Gates long lost brother. "

I would happily sell a kidney if it would get me out of this shithole.

Dreamer said on 08/22/07 @ 09:30 AM:
I have a decent job, but it is NOT for me! I have a college degree in Anthropology. The only way I can do what I want is to go and get my Master's degree. The program will not start for another year..My family has a farm, I might just drop out of society and live off the land!the more I work and do DATA ENTRY, JESUS, DATA ENTRY! I did not go to school 4 years for this shit!!! Data Entry makes me insane, gives me migraines, nausea, it is the shittiest job! I am basically a secretary. wow. aren't i glad i went to college. shh what a joke. a monkey would get bored doing my job. ok im done being on the computer I have to do enough of that all damn day! Ok everybody lets all join forces and move to some alternative community..i don't know.

Anonymous said on 09/04/07 @ 02:59 AM:
I hate waking up every morning to go to work and come home tired to sleep for another day of work.

I hate working hard and being told I'm not performing. I hate trying to please everyone at work to feel useful/good about myself.

I want to leave, but I worked so hard to get here (college, interview, job...)

I want to leave work.

Anonymous said on 09/04/07 @ 11:26 AM:
God this sucks ass. I f*cking hate my work and my life. The Native American Indians had it right. Man, did we screw them, and ourselves in the process. I wish I could have been in this beautiful land when there were no f8cking computers, or buildings, or corporations, or anything. Just hunt for food and water. Be outside all day with your tribal buddies on horse back.....kill buffalo for some dinner and warm clothes. Smoke the peace pipe, fall asleep under the stars.....yeah, maybe the life was tough and life expectancy wasnt all that long, but at least you were really ALIVE! Who gives a shit to live to 65 or 76 now. Shit, everyone gets some f*cked up cancer or desease now anyay, thanks to all the shit we humans have done, pollution etc....Im off on a tangent , but I f8cking hate work!! Unfortunately you know what, this shitty working life is just what we deserve, its our punishment for destroying a beautiful earth....Its like God said, OK, if you dont want this beautiful place I created, FINE! Now you get to sit inside an office with no windows all day and you wont ever be able to go out in my beautiful land again.

We f8cked ourselves. Work is our hell.

Bored Senseless said on 09/04/07 @ 01:52 PM:
Don't ever work for a Stockbrokers unless you want to enter the realms of clinical depression and unreasonable bosses who only care about how much they can get out of you in the interests of the clients!!!! I am talking from an administrator's perspective here. It well and truly sucks. I want my old job back - much nicer people.

Bored Senseless said on 09/04/07 @ 02:29 PM:

By the way, I liked your post Mikey...

Megatron said on 09/07/07 @ 04:36 AM:
To Dreamer ---

I also went to school and got a degree in computers and ended up doing data entry for about 3 days b4 i quit that shit. I don't know how you can do that. Half way through just one day I wanted to blow my brains all over the monitor screen. I can NOT sit in a chair all day and look at a monitor without it feeling like my brain is slowly melting into goo and about to come out of my ears. And what's worse, is a guy I went to school with that was a complete dumbass and did horrible on every test got a job as an assistant network administrator there. Here his dumb ass (and he really was a dumb ass, i'm not just being mean) got the computer job there and i'm doing data entry! How embarassing for me it was for him to see me doing that shit.

But that's all because these dumb asses that do interviews don't know how to hire the right guy for the job and need to pull their heads out of their asses. I wouldn't want to work at that hellhole anyways no matter what job it was now!

My job sucks now, but I can always think, god, at least i'm not doing data entry. (no offense to you)

Jim said on 09/07/07 @ 11:09 AM:
I hate work and I want to die

jadedragon said on 09/10/07 @ 04:04 AM:
Dreamer said: "Ok everybody lets all join forces and move to some alternative community". That sounds like the ting to do to me!
Phil said: "Once bought a dirt cheap house in the country and lived on benifits for a year ,growing veges and drinking home brewed beer" that sounds almost exactly like what i have been wanting to do...
The vegtibles in the supermarket are often inferior to ones that you can grow youreself anyway. I was thinking about completing my biology degree, but for what? Just so i can work for most of my life at a job i will probably hate?

Why should i work for a company that basically sh!ts on the enviroment and sells overpriced inferior products wich use way too much pakaging and contribute to landfill waste (almost all of the jobs aroud here)?

I need to find a way to be more slef sufficient. I feel trapped, i want out!

dave0110 said on 09/13/07 @ 12:28 PM:
bit different for me, im scared of work. i constantly get new jobs but everytime it comes to going i bottle it and i always feel shitty after. i dont have much confidence and its only getting worse wish i could sort it out.

Jay said on 09/13/07 @ 05:08 PM:
Wow I did'nt know so many felt the same. I'm 30 and work as a flat rate auto tech and f--king hate every f--king minute of every f--king aspect of it. What the f--k was I thinking getting into this field. Now my non college educated ass is either stuck in this field forever getting f--ked over by Honda warranty bullshit and stupid advisors and parts people that don't know thier ass from a hole in the ground because our dealership is too f--king cheap to hire people that know what they are doing. GOD DAMN i'm tired of sweating my balls off all f--kin summer long and freezing my nuts off all winter. I would like nothing better than for some one to bomb us back to the dark f--king ages so all i have to worry about is keeping my sword sharp so that asshole does'nt invade my land steal my crops and f--k my cattle. SHOOT ME NOW THIS AS GOOD AS IT GETS.

Jay said on 09/13/07 @ 05:52 PM:
BTW I make 21.50 an hour flat rate and have the potential of flagging 150hrs + while working only 80-100 in a pay period. So I make ok money but
I gota work my f--king ass off to get it and the second my hours drop off I got asshole managers breathing down my neck. This shit can blow me

Jay said on 09/13/07 @ 05:56 PM:
oh ya and when no one brings thier cars in that day i get to make no money and typically they don't want to let us go home so we end up standing around or they make us do some shit that pays half as much time as we have to spend doing it.

Jay said on 09/13/07 @ 05:57 PM:
jeez it feels good to find a place to vent

TomWaits said on 09/17/07 @ 10:40 PM:
I have been working at Zellers for 2 days as a cashier. I am ready to die. Today I already dreaded going in on the trip to work. Unhappiness, apparently a large part of adult life.
Really, customers that jump on me for taking 2 seconds too long, back the f--k off.

Dara said on 09/18/07 @ 10:56 PM:
My job is easy, but I f--king hate working full time. There should be more to life than wasting 40 hours doing shit that you couldn't care less about if you didn't get paid for it. Even if I found a job I actually enjoyed, I would still want to do it part-time so that I can live a balanced life.

Not only that, but unless you're lucky enough to get a telecommuting job (which I am not), you are sequestered from your home where you could be getting more shit done while working for some CEO who unlike me can afford maids & a personal chef. Every office I've worked at is run like a prison (no personal calls MY ASS, why do I have to save doing errands until after 5PM or before 7AM when everything is CLOSED?), breaks/lunches don't give me enough time to run errands, not to mention my job is just computer work and making phone calls that I can DO AT HOME while I'm doing laundry, cooking, basically preventing my home from looking like the HELL it is now. When I'm not at work I am either sleeping or GETTING READY FOR WORK, or doing all the un-fun shit that needs to be done because I won't be able to do it at work. AUGHHH. I don't even have the energy to cook myself a fresh meal except dinner. Yes, I use a crockpot but if I had to eat one crockpot dish 3x a day I would rather cut my tongue off.

It's also beyond insulting how I couldn't get some of the better jobs that I am qualified for just because I don't have a college degree. I had to quit college because of illness & now that I'm well I want to earn $$ so that I can finish my degree without burying myself in debt. So I end up working entry-level jobs I'm overqualified for & having to suck up to condescending people who can't spell & spend their spare time gossiping about celebrities.

Shit-4-Brains said on 09/22/07 @ 06:45 PM:
What the f--k are all you losers complaining about? Get to f--king work and enjoy it because that's what the f--k we do in America. If you idiots can't hack it, find a f--kin' boat to China and sail your asses off you dolts. You think those people have it easier or for that matter the rest of the world? Shit, in some other countries you work all day just to find some a handful of food to live on so you can do it again the next day. So be f--kin' thankful you even have a job.

Joe said on 09/23/07 @ 02:42 PM:
I f--king hate my job too. I get in there every morning at half 8 and work my ass off. Doing jobs that none of my team want to do and just being the bitch in general. I work as a middle man in advertising and we have to do work for the people who we buy off and then forward that to the people we sell to. Its so shit. Everyday is a f--king deadline to meet and I just cant stand getting told what to do by another company just so they can please their clients. Its shit that when they want something done they just think they'll pass it over to me and ill do all their dirty work so they can look good.

I want to quit but cant quit unless I find another job. I hate going into work every morning. I miss the days of being a student where I just slept in every morning till 11am and just smoked weed. Now I have to get up at 7am every morning and work my f--king ass off all day for some shitty company selling stuff.


Mary said on 10/01/07 @ 02:44 PM:
Hey "Shit-4-Brains",

In America we also have the right to hate our shit jobs and complain as much as we feel like it. Of course I know that some self rightous testicle toucher like you will probably want to give his unwanteed opinion and that's fine, but anything your hick ass wants to say isn't going to make a difference.
I have just as much of a right to be in this country as you do, so why don't YOU take that boat you wanted me to said to China to and shove it up your "I'm better than you because I don't bitch about my job" ASS!

P.S. Work doesn't suck any less!

Happily Let GO said on 10/04/07 @ 05:21 PM:
I was laid off two months ago and LIfe is great. Work Sucks and I hated that crappy job. Life is wait to short to be miserable.

Kathy said on 10/05/07 @ 10:47 AM:
It's not work I hate, it's the SYSTEM of work. It is so unnatural. I worked for one company for over 20 years in a progressive series of jobs that really utilized my abilities, and I loved it. I never had a boring day. They downsized me for no other reason that my wages were getting "up there". The pure crap I went thru for 3 years trying to get a related job, was just total mental cruelty.
When I finally did find one, all my job history was down the shitter (conveniently). Nobody knows me, nobody knows my history (even tho it's on the resume) or what I can do, and they don't want to know. They treat me like I was born yesterday, very belittling.
I don't use a tenth of my knowledge. To force a human to be THIS bored is the ultimate mental cruelty.

Megatron said on 10/08/07 @ 09:20 PM:

I know exactly what you mean. I've had experience in my "field" for about 6 years, then I eventually quit it because of certain "things" that went on there. The next job I got, they hired me for my experience, or so I thought, but then they treat me like I don't know shit, and are trying to tell me things I already know, and I know I can do it better than them. They treat me like I'm entry level to this, when I probably know more than they do. And even when you try to give them the hint that you've done all of this crap before and know what you're doing, it's like they don't even hear you. And the one manager would tell me how i'm doing the simplest little thing wrong, (when there isn't really a right or wrong way, but ones way of doing it over the other).

Basically what it comes down to, is that no matter how good at a job or how much exp you had at it, you have to proove yourself all over again. And once that happens, doin't quit, because they'll treat you the same way at the next job.

Ted said on 10/09/07 @ 02:29 PM:
I'm 31 and have been doing accounting for almost 10 years. I've basically hated every job I've had. Some start out ok, but then they keep piling more and more shit on you for the same pay. I hate it because of all the anal and analytical people I have to work with, but haven't changed careers because the pay has been decent. I also hate going to a job everyday, I feel trapped in my cubicle, can't come and go as I please, and have to ask my boss for time off. With that in mind, would it even be worth changing careers if showing up everyday is what I hate? People say to start my own business, but I don't know what to do.

The thought of having to work another 30 years depresses me. I don't know what to do with myself. I'd like to get married and have kids, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to cope plus work at a job I hate. Can a career counselor help?

nicky said on 10/11/07 @ 08:17 PM:
i quit working at 44 from a job i'd had nearly 20 years. a few reasons led to this: 1. i lost my office, a sanctuary for me; 2. i got a new boss, an idiot and a sexist; and, 3. my sister died at a young age........and that made me realise every day is too important to waste on giving the finger to the idiot behind his back every time he left my soon to be ex-office. that was ten years ago now and i have no regrets.

Fred said on 10/16/07 @ 09:49 AM:
All work eventually (and pretty f**kin quickly too) becomes boring and deeply depressing. Its the people at my place that drive me really mad. One is a complete retard but thinks he is somehow an IT Wizard. People spend hours sorting our his fukups, he gets in to trouble but still can't see what an idiot he is. The other member of staff is a bossy old bag who contradicts everyone but management, interrupts and tries to undermine anyone who tries to answer a question. Me I'm an educated guy with no time for these losers and keep myself to myself, but its a long lonely day

SuzyBrook said on 10/20/07 @ 09:38 AM:
work is a f--king disease

oh yeah gee said on 10/21/07 @ 03:16 AM:
work is hazardous to your health. It is probably the greatest cause of most major diseases of body and mind. I would urge anyone with the option to do so, to quit their mindless job right and search for meaning in their lives.

PinkPony said on 10/22/07 @ 05:40 AM:
Can't believe that I am not the only one who feels that they hate work. Its not my job I hate...its work. I have tried everything & now am self employed and I am still not happy. Just hate the thought of having to work so hard just to pay the bills. Not even enough cash for fun, holidays, nice treats...I am not clever...never got a university degree so I have no option but to work for low pay. Wish I had less of a conscience as I would sell my body for loads of money and just get wined and dined all the time by rich people who want to chuck away their easy come money. Its nice to know that other people hate work too. Reading some of your comments has helped me appreciate that I am now self employed & do not have a boss to answer to, nor bitching colleagues who all hate me and each other. But even so, please can I join your community where no-one works and everyone is happy!!

oh yeah gee said on 10/22/07 @ 07:12 AM:
I worked in an insurance office in New York twenty years ago and quitting was the best thing I ever did with my life. I took some time off and traveled in Europe (on my savings) and then after half a year of temping I came to Japan where I have been ever since. Now I study the traditional Noh theatre of Japan and support myself teaching English. I doubt I would have found the right path for myself if I had stayed in that dreary, degrading office.

sarah hates work very much said on 10/29/07 @ 01:03 AM:
I wrote here back in August and I'm back. Still in the shitty job, which pays well but I have to look after 12 morons who want to do bare minimum while my manager busts my chops and they expect to get away with it. I am leaving in Jun /July next year and going to start my own business! WOO HOO. I'll still have to work-but I only have myself to rely on and answer too. I think I would even consider temping or part time work to make the $$ and just LIVE..

Mary said on 10/30/07 @ 06:38 PM:
I got laid off! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Someone up there did what I didn't have the courage to do, get me out of that shit f--king job. f--k them, I hated that job anyway. Do yourself a favor if you're reading this. NEVER SETTLE FOR A CORPORATE OR OFFICE JOB. Corporations DO NOT give a flying f--k about you. Follow your dreams, do whatever it takes to do something you love because those shitty jobs where fear follows you every day... fear that your position will be outsourced, you'll be replaced, you're not learning new skills, you're overworked, you're bored, whatever... that shit chips away at you and changes who you are.

teal said on 11/13/07 @ 06:43 AM:
Work sucks. The thought of waking every weekday morning fills me with dread. My boss and company don't believe in the concept of work-life balance. 12-hour days are the norm, despite the balance that HR supposedly espouses. I hate all the bureaucracy, of going there every morning thinking, "Just another 12 hours to go." The minutes seem to tick ever so slowly. I want to leave this whole damned place and take a permanent gap year. Life is too short to be wasted in a cubicle or serving idiots.

BetterthenLife said on 11/15/07 @ 01:30 PM:
There is something better out there people!! Haven't you heard!!

It's Jesus !!

Life is not easy, will never be easy, but with the Lord on your side you'll know something much better, better then Life!! or what it has to offer. Jesus offers far more then you could ever imagine. Are you hungry?, thirsty? for something MORE?, then Jesus really is the answer.
Your job, your car, your house, NOTHING will give you what your heart desires but Jesus can. He will direct your path in the way you should go. He will give you the life you so desire. So?, what are you waiting for!! Find a bible that speaks YOUR language and get to know HIM.
He WILL set you FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ihateworkingmorethanall said on 11/16/07 @ 03:13 PM:
I hate working so much, it's really unfair! It's almost crazy that we should be happy to have a job but my GOD! IT SUCKS SO MUCH!


Megatron said on 11/18/07 @ 01:15 PM:
And in order to save a lot for retirement, you can't spend a lot if you have a mediocre average income like mine. So in order to have a lot for retirement, I have to go through my whole young life saving money and not having anything nice. But hey, when i'm an old bastard and probably can't even walk I'll be able to take vacation and probably will have all kinds of back pain and other shit so I won't really enjoy it, that's if I even live that long. And if I die b4 then, all the money I saved goes to someone else .

But I guess we can't all be like Britney Spears, white trash, drug addict , and can't even hold on to her own damn kids making around $700,000 a MONTH. Yeah, she does make that for doing what??? She can't even sing!

Dara said on 11/18/07 @ 10:10 PM:
Even the recognition they dole out at my work is virtually meaningless. Employee of the month = popularity contest. Last month the employees who worked their asses off finishing an utterly thankless project (not me or any friend of mine) lost to someone whose achievement was doing the bare minimum at her job. Wow, she comes on time like everyone else and hasn't f--ked up big-time, give her a f--king trophy. Who cares about those pushovers working on the weekend because they were given a special project that our retarded computer system can't even handle. WTF.

Chose Life said on 11/19/07 @ 06:40 AM:
Not having the job of your dreams isn't worth dying over.
Not having all the money you think you need, isn't worth dying over.
Find what makes YOU happy and go for it.
Life is too short to compare yourself to others especially immature, self absorbed super stars.
We've got it made. We can screw up and it's not going to be on national TV!!

CiscoGuy said on 11/20/07 @ 10:15 AM:
I hate working in an office for someone else and commuting to work. I have hated working in office ever since i started working in an office. Anyway I have to work until I have stated to do something that makes me money and gives me joy. Until then I won't change myself for the sake of being liked by the people i work with. No more laughing at the office clowns jokes i dont understand. No more trying to be chatty or funny, comes off all wrong. I'll be just myself.

f--k work for others..Work for yourself.

Friend4Life said on 11/20/07 @ 10:50 AM:
Hey CiscoGuy, I completely understand where your coming from. I too will not be laughing at the office clowns or have conversations with others about crap I could totally care less about. !! I'm tired of the pretenses. No more!!
Do not trust anyone, they laugh in your face then stab you in the back when you least expect it.
There is so much hate,jealousy,compitition in the work place that there's no wonder so many of us hate Work.

It's sad when it's the work you hate.
It's shit when it's the people you hate.
but it's HELL when it's both.

ohwhyme? said on 11/21/07 @ 02:59 PM:
i hope one day i get on the wrong side of the boss then i can say i got fired cos the boss dosent like me, instead of "i quit cos im lazy and wish i was in bed watching friends all day"

son said on 11/26/07 @ 04:13 AM:
i also hate work. i hate my job, my co-workers and my boss. i also hate my life. I hate waking up early, I hate working late and I hate the feeling i get when i am walking down the hall to my office on any morning during the week. work makes my life miserable and I can't quit yet. I have bills.

Tired_of_this_shit said on 11/26/07 @ 04:17 AM:
I am currently unemployed. I have bills to pay. Which means I am stressed out because I don't have the very thing I don't want. A f--kING JOB. How cruel is life?????

All about me said on 11/28/07 @ 01:53 PM:
I hate my job, the people in my office. Work is busy but BORING! Same crap day in day out. The only thing I look forward to is the weekends. But the same old crap starts again on Monday!!

Successful Kid said on 11/29/07 @ 12:40 AM:
People people people. I agree with you, (normal [as in cubicle/desk jobs]) work sucks balls, but people, you live in America (well most of you). America is the LAND OF OPPERTUNITY. Do you know what that means? That means that all of you have the right and the priviledge to become who you want to be, and no one can tell you otherwise. Do you want to be successful and rich? Here in America, you can be. I've already reached that stage, and I'm only 18 years old! That's right, I make more than enough money to survive, and my full-time is not even half of your part time (I work 1 hour a day whenever I so please), yet I make at least 2 times a normal person's annual salary in one month, sometimes more! (and sometimes less...but rarely) Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not here to brag. Far from it. In fact, I hate people who brag. What I'm trying to tell you, is that, people who complain about no control over their lives/destiny are stupid. You DO have control over your lives and/or destiny. You all hate your jobs, yet, you all do nothing about it. You heard me right. You do NOTHING about it. If you did something about it, you would not be posting up here. You know what you need to do? You need to take a day off (call in sick or do it over the weekend) and just sit and think. Think about what you really want to do for a living. The job that you would actually not mind going to every day. Think about what job would make you happy. After you've done that, research about it, and find out what you need to do to get there. Then finally, work to achieve that goal. Don't give me the whole "it's not that easy" bullshit. Make it. Make it easy. Make it happen. You all sit there hating your jobs and dream about living a better life, yet you don't do shit about it. Study shows, and I've even conducted a mini experiment of my own, that if a person was shown how to make a successful and abundant living, 98% of them would not even do it, be it they're lazy or whatnot. The main idea here, is that no one would be willing to do the work to achieve their high standard goals. Well peoples, I hate to break bad news, but to be successful, you have to do something. Oh my god! It must be such a shock. You actually have to work to make life better. Excuse my asshole attitude, but I'm trying to levy a point here. What I'm trying to say, is that most, if not all of you hate your jobs, but you're not working to make it better. You're only dreaming. And although I am one of the biggest dreamers you will ever come across, dreaming will only get you so far, and in this cruel world of work and money, dreams will get you no where unless you work at it, which it seems that none of you are doing. You also need to ask yourself this. Why are you working for a company? Can't think of an answer? Well let me give you an "insider's secret". WHEN YOU WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE, YOU ARE MAKING THEIR MONEY FOR THEM, AND YOU ARE GETTING THE "SCRAPS". Sound like a shock? Sound familiar? Look, the simple fact is this. The American people are complaning about education and how it's failing. Well look, the American Government and the really rich people aren't interested in people capable of high-intellegent, complex thinking. They want you to be smart enough to get the job done, but dumb enough so you don't know that you're getting f--ked over, OR you know you're getting f--ked over, but you don't do shit about it. Sound familiar? All of these polititians and rich cocksuckers who claim to be with you in improving education and such? You actually believe them? They don't give a f--k about you! They don't give a f--k about you. They get more money when more of you support them, so they'll try to side with you and sound convincing. You know what? You all need to take all of the selfish greedy CEOs of your companies and grip them by the throat and say "f--k you" and get rid of them. Start working for yourself. That's what I did, and I never once had to step foot in an office. You should see my parent's face when they found out that I make more than their incomes combines in a couple months doing almost nothing while they're working their asses of and just making enough (God bless their hearts). I never passed High School (unfortunately...), and they all though that I was going to either go back to school, or struggle to stay alive. Well what a shock it was to them when I, their 18 year old son, began rolling in more cash in a couple of months, than they had been working a year. I moved out into my own house in a beachfront home in a prestigious part of California, bought a nice car (I currently roll in a Lotus Elise [my first car, and paid in cash] and am looking to buy a Maserati [In cash], but don't have any garage space to put it in), and own property in Seattle, LA, and New York. What am I trying to say here? You have to work for yourself. If you want to live a good life, there's no other way but to work for yourself. Look to the internet. That's where I make all of my money. Also, look into serious stock trading. I'm starting to make a pretty good cash flow from the NYSE also. Anyways, hope that all inspired you to quit your job and consider working for yourself.

Kris said on 12/02/07 @ 09:58 PM:
I work in a hospital as a secretary in the ICU. I am going to college to get my RN. I CANT STAND THIS. I AM A PROFESSIONAL PAPER STAMPER!!! I work nights to make things worse. I sit here for 12 1/2 hours and do nothinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. Every time I work I feel like my IQ is dropping. I cant wait to get out of school!!

21 years in the office said on 12/04/07 @ 02:09 PM:
I am not alone. All these years and I thought it was just me. I agree w/ you "successful kid"; sometimes it is not easy though. Spent 21 years with the same company, earned my degree and still not much better off. I could leave my present job, only to what-- Get another job at less pay? It is numbing, stessful, spirit killing to have to work. There is other ways, and I shall try it out; but I will have to leave the country and live in the jungles of Costa Rica. I am packing my bags at the moment. Hopefully by Feb. 2008, I will be living in Costa Rica. I have taken it til I cannot take it anylonger. This life here in the USA is nothing but work, you have to in order to eat and not live in the ghetto. I think I have found another way of life in Costa Rica...and I am giving it a try!

Production Robot said on 12/04/07 @ 02:35 PM:
Working in a factory for 20 years. Sometimes I feel and act like a robot.
I only have to work 45 hours a week; but when I get home I feel like the life has been drained from me. I hate working, there has to be a better way. But it will never change unless we all fight back. I want to know where the underground railroad to freedom from work is located? Is Eve really to blame for all this, damn that forbidden fruit!
Kerry lyn, you know you feel the same.

Kerry Lyn said on 12/04/07 @ 02:50 PM:
Work sucks which in turn makes life suck. So what do you do? drink? but you have to have money to do that and how do you get money..WORK ah the vicious cycle of the "American Dream" Dream my ASS more like a prison sentence - yes I am saying our lives are a prison. I also want to take this time to say how much I absolutely hate all these unbelievably rich people whining how money can't buy them happiness - are you f*cking crazy??!! How bout give me all your millions and go to work for me and see if slaving day in and day out makes you "happy" - douchebags...I'm with ya Production Robot

Kerry Lyn said on 12/04/07 @ 03:05 PM:
oh by the way "succesful kid" find the nearest tallest building and jump off preferably face first

This is pretty rough said on 12/06/07 @ 12:27 PM:
I don't like working at all. It sucks so much it's basically HELL. HATE IT!
THIS wokring in an office AMERICAN DREAM SUCKS...
Successful Kid, I hate you.

but I will change this, I can't stand it anymore and I've only just barely started!

Nobody said on 12/10/07 @ 02:20 PM:
I would rather die right now this very minute than work until I am 65 years old. Work is full of backstabbers, promiscious people, idiots, morons, patronisers and lowlife that still think they are better than you.

We have been given the great gift of life but with it an eternal curse that is work. You either work to live or die during work because it is a necessity that happens to destroy your soul in the process.

Friend4Life said on 12/11/07 @ 06:03 AM:
Hey "Nobody", try not to let these irritating people get to you. They have to answer to a higher power when their time comes. At least you know that there are backstabbers, promiscious poeple, idiots etc..... so with that knowledge you have of them, whenever you have to interact with them, just remember who they really are and then you'll see that they are not better at all. For instance, your having a conversation with 'backstabber' remember that's who they are, a backstabber. You know that you have to be extremely careful what you say to 'backstabber'. Treat them like they're all children, not normal children, stupid children that think they've grown up ( but haven't really). You are at a huge advantage because you see them for who they really are, so use it to protect yourself.

Nobody said on 12/11/07 @ 03:03 PM:
Friend4Life, you make some really good points. I hadn't really thought of it quite like that. It is better to see them for what they really are than to think they are friends and then find out the hard way eh. (Not that I would waste my time with any of them anyway).

Friend4Life said on 12/12/07 @ 09:26 AM:
Not everyone is decent and kind. It's unfortunate we have to be on guard with the people we work with but one should not trust someone simply because they are co-workers. Friendship in the work place is hard to come by but it is possible.
By the way Nobody, YOU are really a SOMEBODY!!!

Why am I here again? said on 12/13/07 @ 05:03 AM:
I'm at work again, it's really annoying and I think I may go insane. :(

Nobody said on 12/13/07 @ 06:19 AM:
Many people work very hard until they are 65 years old to pay the mortgage, save money and to live. A few days after they retired they dropped dead. I have heard this so many times where I work and often see condolence cards on the wall along with funeral arrangements. With the New year fast approaching, the thought of working makes me feel sick and something needs to be done.

Friend4Life said on 12/13/07 @ 06:39 AM:
Hey Somebody aka Nobody, they die at 65 because they made work their number one priority. That's what they defined themselves as, their job! and so without their job they die. So Pathetic really. I have more than a job I have a life outside of my JOB.

Nobody said on 12/14/07 @ 07:06 PM:
Everyone, just remember that it is the New Year soon and I am sure we all don't want to be feeling like we do for another year so what ever you do, do something about it. Whether positive or negative, I plan to do something about this mess. On a funny note, a new member of staff who has been with us for a few weeks went on lunch break and never returned again. I know they have no other job but I don't blame them at all. Good luck in the New Year people.

Production Robot said on 12/18/07 @ 01:33 PM:
That is funny about the coworker. I think that is how I would like to end it. I seen this tv show, this dude quit his job and went in the break room and gave a speach at to why he hates his job. It was funny. I have been working in a factory for 21 years of my life. I just happen to find this website and it helps. I know I am not alone. It is one cruelty of life. Your life is only 1/3 yours. 1/3 your spend sleeping, 1/3 working, and 1/3 being free.

Endless Dreamer said on 12/18/07 @ 04:19 PM:
I understand what Successful Kid was saying, no matter what you are always giving money to someone. Who happen to be greedy bastards with more than what your dreaming of.

I am thinking of making a big choice right now, I am young and have already decided i am not going to be stuck. I felt that way when i finished college that i did not want to be stuck in a classroom of idiots listening to someone telling me stuff , but not actuelly trying to help me. So i left that, from then i have gone from thing to thing. I have been stuck with this sucky call centre job which i advise anyone who plans on getting one SAY NO!.

I understand where people are coming from, once you start a job that pays what you need but never enough. It becomes your safety net, you hate it, you moan about it, but you cannot concieve what you would do without it. It's all the need to survive, we follow a pattern it was the same in cavemen times. NO WAY WILL I BE STUCK WITH THIS, say it with me people!. From now on i decided i will not let stupid assholes who think they are better than you, and know what their talking about talk down to me anymore. I will break the saftey net and leave, i saved up enough now. I will just have to go from job to job never staying in the same place to long so i don't get stuck.

The job i want thank gawd does not pay that well, but it's ok since it's what i love and i won't be stuck with the greedy money hungry morons which i won't become.

I advise for all of you who think it's hell, put as much money as you can aside!. Even banks skam you for money,.....really everyone wants a piece of your working life. Just put it aside and keep thinking 'il save up and leave this hell hole soon enough' i hope that helps.

They should really tell us all at school 'no you won't become what ever you what, you will all end up working in the same dead end job till you can afford to do otherwise' Since education does not get you s--te at first. I know people who did great at school, uni, college and they all work in the same dead end job as me and i never did that well at school or anything. I am smart, know what i want unlike all of them though.

JustMeWhoHatesMyJob said on 12/19/07 @ 01:03 AM:
I can't stand working where I am. I hate the inbred, redneck morons who are all retarted. I can't believe these people are hired and then keep their jobs!!! Are we that skill and talent that we have to resort to hiring absolute numb skulls to do work They work well below an acceptable standard with a miserable look on their faces poisening everyone else around them.

I hate work, it should be illegal to make people slave for money and pretend they actually have a choice. We don't - you fall into something, you stick it out cos you have responibilities and basic needs and you know the next job will suck too! Why wish most of your week away?? I HATE WORK. I wish I was rich enough not to work.....

Irritable Bowel said on 12/20/07 @ 12:34 PM:
Bored! Bored! Bored! and stressed. Stressed to the point of forgetfulness. Nice to see I'm not alone. Merry Christmas :)

Megatron said on 12/26/07 @ 03:52 AM:
There is no way in hell I can make it to retirement in 34 years before I blow my brains out from this tedious repetitive job. Even if I have a million dollars saved by that time, I will be crippled or dead by then to enjoy it.

Megatron said on 12/26/07 @ 03:55 AM:
Oh and to Successful kid, what do you actually do for a living? Or was that all just a bunch of BS...most likely. Especially when you spell opportunity "oppertunity"

CiscoGuysWife said on 01/01/08 @ 09:07 AM:
Hey I am CisccoGuys' wife. I never disliked any job i did. I just try to do my best whatever I do as a matter of fact I like going to work. I thank God that i have a job, so many people dont have even have a job to start with and they wish they did.

Kathy said on 01/02/08 @ 12:09 PM:
What's REALLY bad is when your life in general is so hopelessly wretched that you are actually glad to come to work to get away from it all, LOL. And you think to yourself.... "this is the GOOD part of my life!" Lord have mercy.

Megatron said on 01/02/08 @ 11:33 PM:
CiscoGuysWife, that's becuase you have no idea what a bad job is. You probably only worked one job your whole life (which is how long...?)

Endless Dreamer said on 01/03/08 @ 04:38 AM:
I agree Kathy, not good if your home life sucked. I know i live at home, and it used to stress me out so i worked extra hours thinking 'oh well less torture and i get paid'. But reALLY i would rather be anywhere but work.

You know what i did today, iit was snowing in the UK for the first time in ages. I sat down with soup and watched it for an hour. Im ill , but it was worth it to take the time off work. I thought SCREW IT im not going to waste my whole day in some crappy call centre and miss this!.

I hate it since people are always complaing when they are old 'oh i was always woking i never got to see all the beauty in life'. Well guess what if you took a second off, you could have!. It makes me angry so many car accidents happened today aswell, because people were rushing around! for what? would it kill them to stop and think how pretty the day was instead of 'oh this weather sucks it makes me late for work just great!'.

They can fire me if they want, im at the point where i don't care they don't own me anymore. They need me more than i need them, so they can get slaves to work extra hours while they go see their family and go on holiday.

If you can't find what you want to do in life, stop and do something you really love!. See nice things in this world,outside of a crappy office or shop floor, you won't regret it!.

Kathy said on 01/03/08 @ 05:31 AM:
Sadly, Dreamer, I think I may have become one of those people you mentioned (the ones who spent all their life working!).

It used to bother me a lot when I was younger, but I finally took a more hardened attitude, now that I'm in my 50's and the end is in closer sight.

Kind of put on the old horse blinders, so to speak. There is no hope for anything better or different, so I just put my shoulder to the plow, shut my mind down, and keep going. I would really, really hate to drop dead five years after I've retired, but I don't know what else to do, I'm kind of locked in.

I do think we have to try to think of the positives, or we'll go nuts. Try to keep some of the beautiful things in life that we love, close at hand, as much as possible. Maybe being so severely cut off from those things, will make them more dear to us?

Your snow sounds nicer than our snow!!!

CiscoGuy said on 01/03/08 @ 10:17 AM:
There is this certian motor mouth non stop chatting and to rub salt on the injury he has a really s--tty accent, I am considering telling him to give his gob a break or break his gob..I guess I'll just endup enduring in silence, thats the reality of it.

Friend4Life said on 01/03/08 @ 10:37 AM:
I have the same irritating twit at my job. They must have been mass produced and shipped out to wreak havoc and mayhem in the work place. My motor mouth tick, has a hick accent and thinks he knows everything. He's mean, in a very evil way. So whenever something happens to him, something bad, I laugh under my breath(a really big laugh!!) because then I know there really is a God.

CiscoGuysWife said on 01/04/08 @ 06:12 AM:
Megatron, you seem to be quite assumptious, unfortunately all your assumptions about me and my job are wrong. I dont share my husband's outlook about work.

Megatron said on 01/08/08 @ 03:07 AM:
CiscoGuysWife, did you ever work on an assembly line in a shop, or have to be out in s--tty weather all day, or even work in a crappy fast food restaurand. Doubt it. I'll assume you work in a office-type enviroment, where you probably sit around chatting with your co-workers most of the day, not getting any actual work done. Do I assume wrong about that? Of course those type of people always say they do all of the work anyways, and would never admit to not getting anything done.

Chris said on 01/10/08 @ 05:19 AM:
I HATE my job, with all capitals. I used to have a day job, doing Human Resources, a job that I love. meeting new people all the time, working 8-4, had a very busy social life, money to burn, and not to mention respect and pride in my job....that was before a company-wide decion was made eliminate positions and change job titles to save money. I had 3 friends fired, a friend demoted. HR became a part-time position I was able to keep my full-time status, however I had to take a SIGNIFCANT pay drop and work over nights as the overnight manager. I had only done it for a year, my life had turned upside down, I never had energy to go out, I lost contact with all my friends, i NEVER did and theatre, bars, concerts. I became soooo moody and upredictable I was started losing my hair and i became malnurished. In one year i lost 48 pounds,(best weight loss diet). Regardless I hated my job. Months later company restructures again creats new positions, and of course my old job becomes available again, however the 17 year old kid working part-time, and always manages to f--k up my pay and everyone elses, gets ther job, the response I got fo not receiving my job back was " I had become to negative and bitter to work with people." Today I quit and i can't feel happier I am going to the same pay as I am now but i don't care, It is duing the day time. I hate working nights, never work nights in anything that you do, It will ruin you life

Nameless One said on 01/10/08 @ 07:56 AM:
CiscoGuysWife, it's not so much your statement itself that bothers me, it's the way you seem to feel yourself above everybody here. There's nothing inherently wrong with liking your job, there's nothing with being a positive person, but you seem to have zero empathy for others. You seem to be here only to flaunt yourself in other's faces.

I tend to disbelieve everything you say.

Endless Dreamer said on 01/10/08 @ 11:42 AM:
Co-workers...do you just hate it when you have to make small talk with them?.Im sick of it, it' like you have to act like a robot and talk to them for the sake of it.

Don't get me wrong i like some of them, but i happen to sit next to the most bitchy gay guy, and his pal both him and her like to gossip about everybody none stop.; If you don't do it your not 'in'. Well excuse me you idiots sorry if i don't like to gossip or talk to idiots all day. I would rather hang with monkeys.

Then there is your supervisers and team leaders....who are worse!. I hate all those idiots in cal centres and offices thinking hey are the next best thing. They walk around like smug pigs because they reached top agent . It's like the world is so mch bigger you idiots! .

At least i don't care about the job anymore, it's the best feeling when you don't care about it and can leave it anytime. It's like let them lecture me for doing my job wrong, they can fire my ass then! in fact i wish they did so i could leave before pay day next. Just give me my last pay check and im outta there, they can go screw them selves. Oh wait they might need more slaves their cover their asses. It's like you cannot even have a social life, the days i need off they make sure they put me down as working!, then if you do need a day off, they tell you what days your working only 2 days before that week. Bloody great! so i have to tell all my friends 'i can't go out i MIGHT BE working'. It's retarted and im so done with it.

Fuckingsickofwork said on 01/11/08 @ 06:17 PM:
In response to Endless Dreamer's comment about small talk, at work, if I am not interested in making any conversation I simply don't make any. Many people at work talk just for the sake of it and nothing but complete bulls--t comes out. ''If what one says is no better than silence, then perhaps one should remain......silent''.

Endless Dreamer said on 01/15/08 @ 02:43 PM:
I agree, i swear....people get depressed from work. It's not healthy, yes your lucky to have a job. But you would rather be sleeping in a tent in the wilderness, than a slave for life in a depressing job!. I know i would!

Jesus it stressed me out so much, i have a bitch trainer whose out to get me. She treats you like a school kid, it's ran by idiots who think they are so 'on top of the world' in their little suits and cell phones. It makes me want to jump out the window!, off the horrible grey building that just makes you feel like a cow in a barn.

Screw the money, i hand in my notice in this week. I would feel better knowing I AM the one who left, rather than dump me on another campaign so they can save their sorry asses money!.

Just give me my next pay check and im outy!, i swear i would rather shovel s--t than do my job.

There is a big world on there!, i want to do so many things. I just wish money did not buy you everything you want but most of the time it does.

Whocaresffs said on 01/16/08 @ 06:58 AM:
I have just been reading about an old suicide case where a worker hung himself after years of bullying at his work place. He was only 26 years old. What a total and complete waste, in fact it was said that the only thing in his life he was unhappy about was work. Consider that you spend most of your life at work and you can already see why this would have contributed to his suicide.

Eric said on 01/16/08 @ 10:49 PM:
Work just sucks the enjoyment out of life.

CiscoGuy said on 01/17/08 @ 02:26 PM:
What makes me laugh (and not hate coz they are so clownish) is grown up mature married idiots, gossip manufacturing motor mouths that even in a team meeting are itching to spread some bulls--t by writing and passing notes to their gossip spreading buddies. I mean this is really a great pile of s--te isn't it.

Friend4Life said on 01/18/08 @ 06:56 AM:
That type of behavior should not be allowed. That is a code of conduct issue which should be brought to management and/or higher to have it resolved. Their lives must be really empty for them to behave that way CiscoGuy. They are acting like they are still in grade school what a bunch of immature, insecure bunch of idiots. I can see how you can't hate but laugh at this display of childish ranting. You are not alone in working with a bunch of idiots CiscoGuy. Just remember the saying "Misery loves company", so because they're miserable they want everyone else to be miserable.

Suze said on 01/23/08 @ 02:35 PM:
I dont mind hard work...i just hate having no freedom in my life to do as I please. Having to ask for a day off...having to check if its ok to make a doctors appointment with my boss...I say we should have a 3 day weekend....make life more of a balance! 2 days off a week is NOT enough! At the moment it seems everyone is living to work rather than working to live!

Endless Dreamer said on 01/24/08 @ 01:06 PM:
OMG i know! i would not mind, but they screwed my rota up.

I was the first one to ask for a 3 day shift, since i want something part time. Then they had the nerve to keep me at 5-6 days a week, and give it to some random morons who never even asked for it!.

All i want is some freedom to do the things i love, i have many hobbies. Plus i don't get to see my friends enough, since im either working on their day off , or they are on mine.


It's like we are slaves!, we have to ask for permission to have a day off (you are soo right about that). I got told off because i took the day off to go to a funeral. excuse me!!!. There are more bloody important things than s--tty work, it's like they are un-caring robots. They did not ask me if i was ok, just not to do it again. WTF!!

Are we not human anymore?, it's bulls--te this is not a free country, there is no freedom, we are screwed from the moment we take up a job to pay the bills.

tiredFromIndia said on 01/25/08 @ 02:31 AM:
Hi all,
I love this site. For all of you who think that programmers in India have it great, its not so. Mad deadlines, death march projects and constant changing technology makes life hell. No to mention struggling getting to work and back because of pollution and traffic.
The IT industry has no place for folks above 33 in age. The younger folks do the coding and you have to manage them as you are already obsolete, incapable of learning a new technology..
I have been in between projects for so long that it hurts to even think about it. And when i do get one, i will be screwed again :(. I am sick of this. Wish there was a better way to live..

Kathy said on 01/28/08 @ 09:41 AM:
Got this in an email today, thought it was pretty funny:

Dear Employees:
It has been brought to management's attention that some individuals
throughout the company have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their co-workers.
Due to complaints received from some employees who may be easily offended, this type of language will no longer be tolerated.
We do, however, realize the critical importance of being able to accurately express your feelings when communicating with co-workers.
Therefore, a list of 18 New and Innovative 'TRY SAYING' phrases have been provided so that proper exchange of ideas and information can continue in an effective manner.
Number 1
TRY SAYING: I think you could use more training.
INSTEAD OF: You don't know what the f___ you're doing.

Kathy said on 01/28/08 @ 09:42 AM:
Woops, it didn't post all of my joke....

Tim said on 01/29/08 @ 06:30 PM:
@ Kathy

That's a very funny email you recieved. I laughed hard at that, please post the rest!


Kathy said on 01/30/08 @ 05:53 AM:
Number 2
TRY SAYING: She's an aggressive go-getter.
INSTEAD OF: She's a f___ing bit__.
Number 3
TRY SAYING: Perhaps I can work late.
INSTEAD OF: And when the f___ do you expect me to do this?
Number 4
TRY SAYING: I'm certain that isn't feasible.
INSTEAD OF: No f___ing way.
Number 5
INSTEAD OF: You've got to be sh___ing me!
Number 6
TRY SAYING: Perhaps you should check with...
INSTEAD OF: Tell someone who gives a sh__.
Number 7
TRY SAYING: I wasn't involved in the project.
INSTEAD OF: It's not my f___ing problem.
Number 8
TRY SAYING: That's interesting.
INSTEAD OF: What the f___?
Number 9
TRY SAYING: I'm not sure this can be implemented.
INSTEAD OF: This sh__ won't work.
Number 10
TRY SAYING: I'll try to schedule that.
INSTEAD OF: Why the f___ didn't you tell me sooner?
Number 11
TRY SAYING: He's not familiar with the issues.
INSTEAD OF: He's got his head up his a__.
Number 12
TRY SAYI NG: Excuse me, sir?
INSTEAD OF: Eat sh__ and die.
Number 13
TRY SAYING: So you weren't happy with it?
INSTEAD OF: Kiss my a__.
Number 14
TRY SAYING: I'm a bit overloaded at the moment.
INSTEAD OF: F__ it, I'm on salary.
Number 15
TRY SAYING: I don't think you understand.
INSTEAD OF: Shove it up your a__.
Number 16
TRY SAYING: I love a challenge.
INSTEAD OF: This f___ing job sucks.
Number 17
TRY SAYING: You want me to take care of that?
INSTEAD OF: Who the f___ died and made you boss?
Number 18
TRY SAYING: He's somewhat insensitive.
INSTEAD OF: He's a pr_ck.
Thank You,
Human Resources

grace m. williams said on 02/10/08 @ 03:37 AM:
i worked for several years in f--king civil service. civil serivce employment is s--t. i disrespcted the jobs i had. i made sure that i worked as little as possible and when necessary i used a lot of sick days.
civil service is s--t. the people are complete inbeciles. i am happily unemployed and enjoy it.

Miaka said on 02/13/08 @ 07:38 AM:
I think the only thing that bothers me is actually getting up and GOING to work. If I could work at home, I would love to work regardless of what I did. I work part time and get paid 13.75 an hour and I work about 32 hours a week in a call center as a loan counselor.. so hell yeah, I get goooood money. .. but when loan borrowers try to call you and try to tell you things that's not even true, then insist on speaking to your manager, but your manager doesn't want to talk and thinks you could handle it, THEN it starts getting annoying. Although it's kinda funny hearing peoples BS stories on why they're delinquent with their mortgage.. but still, I hate GOING to work and I hate waking up early.. I was supposed to have left for work 10 minutes ago, but I'm right here.. doing nothing. I think I'll start getting ready.

Phony Co-workers said on 02/28/08 @ 08:05 PM:
Ready for a laugh? A co-worker of mine told me that a woman who works in our department was bitching out loud (while I wasn't around) about me for leaving work ONE MINUTE EARLY one day! How pathetic is that? I work in an office and me and this woman do totally different jobs, so it's not like it was any of her damn business because my leaving ONE minute early doesn't affect her in anyway. She's one of these goody-goody people who goes by the book and think she's Miss Perfect. What pisses me off is that she's all nicey-nice to my face all the time, yet has talked about me behind my back probably more than once. So now that I know this, everytime I have to see her in the hall smiling with that fake smile and pretending to be nice, it's going to make me sick. On top of that, this whole company is so conservative and uptight that it's like living in the 1950's. Scary!

I've come to the conclusion that anyone who makes a big deal out of something THAT stupid and small must have a pretty sad life.

Subadai said on 03/04/08 @ 05:09 PM:
Yessss.. the Dirge of Work. It really is a slow, methodic, depressing way of living. Yet. we do have to live. I really think of the "Hunter/Gatherer" societies who actually "work" about 3 hours a day to get food. What do they do with the rest of their time? Visit friends. Jeeze. I'D LIKE THAT. Well, i do guess i like dynamic climbing ropes, and sticky soled climbing shoes, as well as Really fast racing catamarans. It still sucks though, Life is meant to be enjoyed, not enforced with this dirge of WORK

WorkingBitch said on 03/11/08 @ 01:23 PM:
We have the Admin Assist (really bad secretary) for the big boss that is tracking my hours. She doesn't know I know. So I intentionally mess with her. I set meetings in other peoples offices at 4 pm and take all my stuff with me so it looks like i'm leaving. I tell my boss I'm working from home and don't let the AA know.

Anyone with really good ideas on how to mess with her should leave them here. thanks,

Erin said on 03/11/08 @ 08:50 PM:
Work turns you into an ignorant, passive wage slave. I'm 18, and i watch my parents coming home from work--my mom works at a comp company, and although she is university educated, extremely hardworking(engineer), and has alot of experience, her boss (bitch who doesn't have a degree, but is there since she f--ks the bastard she answers to) won't promote her to a managerial position because it's a threat to her position...the beurocracy in the company is crazy--the boss is only there to play politics and those on her good side get to slack off and do nothing UHH It makes me so angry that my mom has to endure this s--t...i'm in university now, and my future seems like the dark side of the moon...

weareallslaves said on 03/13/08 @ 08:25 AM:
i hate my job..i mean i try my hardest to keep a good head and i just cant seem to cope with this society..i mean i would rather go to a commune and just live off the land and chill out...i hate money..there is no need for it..the world will regret this soon enough..I HATE WORK!!!!!! f--k!

jible said on 03/15/08 @ 10:19 AM:
I hate working 40+ hours a week. I just can't stand it. :(

CiscoGuy said on 03/16/08 @ 09:55 AM:
Some idiot who thinks he is the life of the place thinks he can orgaiise my social life for me..i mean come on get a life....i work with you it doesnt mean i have to socialise with u aswell f--kin sado. I have a life outside of the work place and whole lot of differnet people that i want to hang out with. Stop trying to contorl my LIFE

world critic said on 03/16/08 @ 08:26 PM:
Nice to know I'm not the only who hates working with a passion. I used to blame it on the jobs, but I realized it isn't just the jobs themselves but having to work period. I hate feeling like I live at a f--king place and by the time I'm out I have no energy to do anything else.
My last job was at a call center for Pharmacy benefit management. Yeah the money wasn't bad @ 16.00/hr but that barely makes up for putting up with your annoying co-workers who talk too much s--t and get pissed when you aren't in the mood to listen to their bs or respond to their stupid fwded e-mails. I usually shut them out when I just stare at my computer and ignore them and they can't stand you and think you're a bitch or snob. It's work bitches I'm not here to make lifelong friends.
Or that good old ''red tape'' comes out more and more often and you find yourself not being able to fcuking blink or breathe. You have to rush to take a piss or s--t because every minute you take goes against you. You can't cuss out clueless customers because they watch every damn thing you do on the phone and the comp and mark off points if you don't sound like the programmed robot they expect you to be. There goes your raise.

I decide to look for another job where I wasn't driving 60 miles per day and pulling gas $$ outta my ass every 4 days and my first day at the job was some stupid ignorant bitch who expected me to know everything by the 2nd day and proceeds to embarass me by scolding me like a child in front of my new co-workers (of course she didn't talk like that to the male trainee who thought he knew everything) so I left at lunch and never came back. f--k work.

claudia said on 03/17/08 @ 07:08 PM:
existing is just wrong... but there's only one way out of it... but i'm too scared.

gilly said on 03/18/08 @ 09:49 AM:
I absolutely cant tolerate work. I find it the most mundane thing on earth. The silly cow who works across from annoys me so much, with her fake voice & ****
After a good weekend, it is the most horrendous thing to get in my car on a monday morning and work for 8 hours, especially with two morons I cannot stand.

Anyway thats my gripe out of the way.


Friend4Life said on 03/18/08 @ 12:06 PM:
Claudia!!!, Don't you dare do what I think you're thinking of doing. Dying is NOT the answer!!! If that's what you�re thinking.
"Our worth comes from Him alone, and not from our performance in work or in any other way."
Yes! this life is hard but just consider for a moment that what you�re going through is a chapter in a book. There are good parts and bad parts, happy and sad parts just like reading a book. So whatever you�re going through now it WILL pass and a new chapter will begin. Ask, PRAY for God to guide you to help you, and before you know it he has seen you through that chapter in your life.
When I'm going through something really horrific I can't help but think how you�re thinking but I always come to see, especially after I pray, that this is just a bump in the road, a painful chapter in my life BUT it WILL get better.
Please just try giving all your hurt,pain,sorrow just give it all to God. He will protect you and he will deliver you out of it. I know. He's always seen me through all my troubles.
Please Take Care Claudia. You have alot to offer this world even though this world may not appreciate your goodness, God does.

Yorke said on 03/24/08 @ 08:16 AM:
Its not that i dont want to work hard its just i want to work hard doing what I want to do not what someone else wants to and in my own time so i'm not starting and finishing work at a fixed time which is me being told how to live and im supposed to respond like a sheep and a yes man, , so basically working for other people means i'm selling myself to them, and usually the pay isnt that great, its rather low..
I think the only way you can be truly happy in a job is to be in your dream job, and alot of people delude themselves into thinking positively about their jobs by thinking this " its just what you have to do, so deal with it, because its how it is and thats life" ..

I say everybody here needs to take positive steps in finding your ideal work scenario, otherwise its a waste of a life.

the repeptitiveness, the low pay, the feeling like youve been locked up in a prison from 8-5pm is not healthy ...

no wonder people dislike waking up in the morning on weekdays

Endless Dreamer said on 03/24/08 @ 12:31 PM:
I know what you mean Yorke, I would rather be doing a Job I love.

Who ever said they worked in a call centre, know it's the worse job.

You get treated like s--t, you must behave like a robot. OH but wait!, you must show sympathy for customers crying about their day. GIVE ME A f--kING BREAK, it's just complete trash.

I have to go back, after a week log holiday. Talk to people about the same things, have the idiots who think they are higher up telling me off like a child.

I just can't hack it, I am looking for part-time work. There is no way I am selling myself to a job anymore, it's like being a prosi apart from your not sleeping with people.

It's like you have times you can go pee, eat, LIVE. They were going to make me work easter holiday!, easter for crying out loud.

I don't know anyone who can love a job like that, damn us for making people who live off the land come join our world. What is our world now?, we are like slaves.

There is so much to help with in this world, I don't want to do customer service for fat greedy f--kers who can't live without a dishwasher. Excuse me cry me a bloody river!, I would rather be out in this world helping people who need it.

You can have a job your good at, you just have to really work at it.

Kathy said on 03/26/08 @ 11:30 AM:
Joke time again!

Letter to Jesus
To: Jesus, Son of Joseph
Woodcrafters Carpenter Shop
Nazareth 25922

From: Jordan Management Consultants

Dear Sir:

Thank you for submitting the resumes of the twelve men you have picked for managerial positions in your new organization. All of them have now taken our battery of tests; and we have not only run the results through our computer, but also arranged personal interviews for each of them with our psychologist and vocational aptitude consultant.

The profiles of all tests are included, and you will want to study each of them carefully.

As part of our service, we make some general comments for your guidance, much as an auditor will include some general statements. This is given as a result of staff consultation, and comes without any additional fee.

It is the staff opinion that most of your nominees are lacking in background, education and vocational aptitude for the type of enterprise you are undertaking. They do not have the team concept. We would recommend that you continue your search for persons of experience in managerial ability and proven capability.

Simon Peter is emotionally unstable and given to fits of temper. Andrew has absolutely no qualities of leadership. The two brothers, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, place personal interest above company loyalty. Thomas demonstrates a questioning attitude that would tend to undermine morale. We feel that it is our duty to tell you that Matthew had been blacklisted by the Greater Jerusalem Better Business Bureau; James, the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus definitely have radical leanings, and they both registered a high score on the manic-depressive scale.

One of the candidates, however, shows great potential. He is a man of ability and resourcefulness, meets people well, has a keen business mind, and has contacts in high places. He is highly motivated, ambitious, and responsible. We recommend Judas Iscariot as your controller and right-hand man. All of the other profiles are self-explanatory.

We wish you every success in your new venture.

Sincerely, Jordan Management Consultants

weareallslaves said on 03/27/08 @ 07:46 AM:
money is the root of all evil! it all leads back to money! we get stressed out each month because of bills and that we are afraid we wont have enough money to pay them!! basically we are stuck between a rock and a hard place :( in order to get things we love and want we need money and to get money we have to be sucked into HELL...it doesnt make sense to me..why cant everyone have the opportunity to do the things they choose..we need to make this world livable friendly or something..we all need to go on strike!! and just not take anyones bulls--t..not anymore!!!

Beerengine24 said on 04/03/08 @ 07:59 AM:
I hate work with a passion. It's the biggest waste of f--king time ever devised by mankind. Man makes the money, then man makes man work for the money and then man taxes the money and the money just goes round and round forever! It's a system of control people wake up! Then ya get two s--t days off and your so tired and stressed ya can't even enjoy them! So what do people do get drunk because they can't cope and then doctars and the government wonder why people drink themselves bloody blind! We should go back to basics, everyone has there own plot of land anf get on with it and trade for thigs when they want and how they want for all our technology we are no better off, we have MORE diseases than ever we can't cure. They make us buy things we dont need stuff PS3 and Ipod food water and warmth thats what ya need to live and look at the West now, we are all riddled with stress and cancer......crap system man...

Beerengine24 said on 04/03/08 @ 08:03 AM:
And you know the people who make the money and tax the money and run the money they're the ones getting rich laughing. While us fools run round for them 5 days a week while they do jack playing golf and s--t!

TheCiscoGuy said on 04/07/08 @ 04:19 AM:
I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. Goddammit, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, configuiring routers, slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy s--t we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man; no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our Great War is a spiritual war. Our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised by television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars. But we won't; and we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.
- Tylder Durden

Beerengine24 said on 04/07/08 @ 05:22 AM:
Yeah you right, TheCiscoGuy were are all in limbo chasing after s--t we don't need. I am sure I read somewhere that the essentials of life are warmth,shelter,food,water! The people who we call primative, living in those tribes lead a simple life compared to us. Are they srtressed out no, are they riddled with cancer no, are they dropping from heart attacks no, is the quality of there food better than ours for nutrition yes, do their old folk suffer from demenia no, do they enjoy every minute of there lives fully yes, do we NO!

Kay Kay said on 04/08/08 @ 06:58 PM:
I don't hate my work but sometimes I feel like I do. I am moving to new and exciting city in a few months and I have already mentally put my last day in. The thing is, I started only 4 1/2 months ago and my last day will make only 6 months of employment. No one knows my plans to quit because I'm afraid that if I make it public then there is a chance I might be asked to leave. I like what I do, but all I can think of is my new life elsewhere. I can no longer focus on work and I literally count down the days. This is highly counter productive and I get stressed out because it is affecting the way I do my job and people are starting to notice that I have mentally checked out. I should really take one week at a time and try to be as productive and enthuastic about my job as possible while I'm still here...it's just really hard to focus.

tootsie said on 04/09/08 @ 04:57 PM:
I recently read at some time-wasting celebrity site about Paris Hilton saying something in her MySpace page about, "In my freetime I like to...". What? Your f'ing FREETIME?! Isn't all of your rich-ass time living in FREETIME?! Blech!! I hate that everything is all about money. The only money I need is for basic stuff. Why do I need to go to some crap-hole 40+ hours a week just to get by only to make some other ass clown rich?! Since 2006, when I left my last crappy job, I have worked purely temp jobs with pre-determined end dates and I am happier than ever. I take time off in between jobs for as much as my savings allows. Yes, this is not a good solution if you have children and/or bigtime debt. I simply don't require a bunch of material things in my life and that is ideal for my situation. I think it's even sadder for those who do have kids -you can't spend the time you like/they need with them. It feels so good to know others feel the same way about this.

Thomas Dean said on 04/11/08 @ 03:52 PM:
I f--king hate work! I only work 12 hours a week, that's nothing compared to most other people. But f--k, does it suck.

This is why I want to be self employed, work my own hours, doing something I enjoy. (Web design).

Not having to answer to the s--t face that is the boss.

One can dream.

Amie said on 04/16/08 @ 12:57 PM:
I hate my job. I've been working there for two months, and I don't like anyone I work with. Most of them are female, which makes it like walking on a minefield. They are so catty and bitchy that I try not to talk to any of them, to avoid giving them ammunition. I hear them talking about each other all the time, and I can't stand it. Most of them are in their thirties, which makes it even more pathetic. I think I'd like working there more if they would hire more men, just to break up the bitch circles.
I wish that people would realize what goes on inside those four stupid walls isn't that important, and focus on more important things, like going out for happy hour after work and bitching about management, not coworkers.

Andrew said on 04/16/08 @ 10:00 PM:
The smartest thing you can do is save like a mad man and be extremely frugal so that after you work for 15 years you won't have to work anymore. I don't want to be rich. I just want to not have to work. With $500,000 you can live off of the interest and never have to work again. It's possible to save this much. You just have to be a scrooge for 15 years.

Kathy said on 04/17/08 @ 08:10 AM:
Lemme see, let's divide 500,000 by 15... that will be... $33,000 a year you will need to save.

You will have to have a pretty good income, because you can only save what you have already paid income taxes on.

If I had that good of an income, I think I would stick around, it would probably be a nice job that I wouldn't want to leave.

Endless Dreamer said on 04/17/08 @ 12:27 PM:
Thanks for the joke Kathy, might send them to my lil office friends back in the home I call 'work'.

I agree with the above, I would love to just live off land. It's just now the way we live it's impossible. The more money we get, the more we want.

I don't want the money or obsession, if that meant I did not have to waste my life clocking in.

90% of people here live at home with their parents, even in their 30's!. It's because they have to pay so many bills, they can't live a normal life.

I handed in my notice today, only to get screwed over by having another job that is JUST THE SAME. They phone me up, demanding I have to call them back. F OFF! I am sorry, I have better things to do than waste my time on your clock.

I am sick of working FOR people, being my own boss would be nice. It's just that also is hard to do, you need more money.

I am going to try forget about it, life should not be about worrying every second. Still thats what we do, then when we get our crappy two days off we are too fed up and tired to do anything normal.

f the free world huh, I hope those idiots making money off us choke. I don't want to work to put more people in a war zone, or pay for people who don't want to get off their ass and work. Yet that is what most of our money goes on, screw THEM!.


Andrew said on 04/17/08 @ 08:37 PM:
Kathy, you forget that you'll be getting interest on the money as you save it. If you save $15,000 for 17 years at an average of 7% interest you'll have nearly $500,000 in the bank. I'm an E4 in the US Navy right now and it's possible for me to save $15000. I just joined the Navy 2 years ago and I already have the ability to save that much, so most people can do it. You just have to do without some things. Now for someone making minimum wage and only making $15000 for the entire year my advice to them would be to do everything in their power to find a better job. Maybe join the military. Don't get in credit card debt. Buy crappy cars and learn to delay gratification if you don't want to work for the rest of your life.

Kathy said on 04/18/08 @ 05:23 AM:
Andrew, I love the optimism of youth! But in the real world, there is no assurance that you will make that 7% on your money. In fact, you may even lose much of your principal, as many people did on the last stock market plunge. I'm invested in a Roth IRA with Fidelity, a good reputable company, that has never earned me one dime. In fact, it has consistently lost money. Your solution is not a "bad" one, it is just not "one size fits all".

Endless dreamer, what age group do you fall in? Would more education bring you into a better situation? I don't think there is as much opportunity for good careers now as there was when I was a pup, so you're kind of behind the eight ball there, but you seem like a diamond in the rough, a person who does possess good intelligence, but it's not being directed in a postitive way. If you could find an opportunity to get more schooling, would that help? I know if you're in a poor economic area, sometimes even that is a wash up.

Glad you like the jokes!

Kathy said on 04/18/08 @ 05:37 AM:
Postscript to Andrew, you will also have to pay taxes on your money's earnings, so that will reduce the amount you actually do get, even if you do earn that Golden 7%. Even if your is in a thrift plan where you can defer taxes, when you take it out, you will then have to pay taxes on it.

TheCiscoGuy said on 04/20/08 @ 03:43 AM:
Kathy, you are just a pessimist.

Kathy said on 04/21/08 @ 05:35 AM:
Not at all, just a realist. If you know the whole truth about something, you are better prepared to deal with it. But I am not going to tell you that something is a big bowl of roses if there is a possible downside to it. I think you're grown up enough to handle that.

By all means, save and invest as much as you can, but try to do it with prudence so you won't lose what you do have.

beerengine said on 05/01/08 @ 12:39 PM:
Go Kathy she's right man you got to be a realist! This systems designed to keep you down, it's not designed to lift you up that's why they got he lottery to tease us!

David said on 05/04/08 @ 08:33 AM:
I hate going to work. I have worked there 1.5 years. I made a mistake, broke the law and was forced to quit a job I loved because of the conviction. I moved to a small rural town to begin a new job and life. Two months after starting one of my co-workers did a background check on me because she didn't believe anyone would leave the type of job I had to work in a small town hospital, She shared it with everyone at work. Slipped it under the doors of my director of nursing and the HR manager, in I assume in an effort to have me fired. I have not been liked since. Since then I have been shunned, people talk behind my back. The people there gossip about everyone, stab people in the back then smile to their face. The people are clicky. If you don't belong you're sh**. I have not done anything to anyone there to make them dislike me. They treated a new employee like crap, excluded her from conversation and in the infrequent times when she was included they made her feel inadequate and worthless. The first time that I worked with her she told me that no one there had one good thing good to say about me, yet I was the only one there who talked to her and treated her like she was worth something. She fought back tears as she was telling me. The following night she quit 2 hours before her next shift. I'm looking for a new job but my misdemeanor convictions make it difficult. No employer wants to hire a nurse with a record. I'm at my wits end. I absolutely hate work, the thought of going to work stresses me. I have talked to my boss about it but she's has done nothing to change the situation. I'm an excellent nurse, have gone above and beyond in the when it comes to my patients care. Several lives have been saved because of knowledge and care. ANY ADVICE IS WELCOMED, THANKS!

Nameless One said on 05/09/08 @ 08:26 AM:
I felt like such an iddiot googleing a i hate work thing, but im glad im not the only one in this world!!

I HATE it with passion. I just find it sooo tidus, i was just born to have money, get up at midday get ready meet my friends for lunch and just live the high life.

Why should we have to work?

Its although we are just slaves on this planet!! I cant bere it!!

I am not a morning person either and i have had to go to the doctor to get signed off loads of times for apparent "depression so i can just chill, sleep in, holiday, and be happy!!

Dont even get me started on holidays.... i have to try and avoid having them because i really have to physic myself up loads or i just wont return and look for a new job!!

For example last summer i was on holiday for 3 weeks returned and gfot signed off just after i was paid then flew back out there and chilled abroad and quite after i got paid the following month.

You may think im mad but i just cant stand it! And why is it everyone at work are just reatared!! Its although they arnt on this planet. I also grow to hate the area whatever my office is based in. For instance im in an area of london now and im begging to hate parts of london. Its not good!!

O well Lets just all be slaves!

Does anyone alse feel this way out ther??


I hate it too said on 05/09/08 @ 01:21 PM:
This site had me cracking up... I sit in a cube all day and make cold calls - people don't want to buy my s--t, and I quite frankly don't want to sell it. But I gotta hit these f--king sales numbers, so I numbly and uninspiredly make the calls, schedule the meetings.

I save over half of my paychecks so that someday I won't have to do this s--t anymore. I don't mind eating Ramen and living with roommates if it means I'll be financially independent sooner.

Endless Dreamer said on 05/10/08 @ 04:13 PM:
Kathy I am 19, I know thats still young and all but I feel older the more I waste life. I did go to school, did not get anything out of it though. School never teaches you the right life skills, that you will all be stuck trying to make money to live for most of your life.

Funny enough, I did get stuck in a office with lots of well educated people from school and uni. These are people I thought would be going places, instead I find them stuck in the same boring job as me.

Tbh if I had a choice I would say screw the money, I would rather not have it if it means what we have to go through. It's just unfortunate we have to pay for things we love, like holidays etc.

I know what you mean (top above poster) about cold calls. You think selling is bad?, try collecting debt.

It's not nice, I have to call people at stupid times of the day, trying to sort out their problems I don't care about. Not to mention I don't want to talk about their debt, it's horrible if you know people in that situation.

Of course I have to work for a greedy bank, who pretends to care about it's customers.

We live in a horrible world sometimes, I think we should all save our paychecks as much as we can.

It's hard, but at least you can save some sort of future. I have saved up my whole working life now. I know this couple who have been saving for four years, living poor. They are going away for 3 years, I was so happy for them , they worked soo hard.

We can all do that I am sure

Megatron said on 05/13/08 @ 03:30 AM:
I work only part time, and I can barely tolerate that. I can't stand being forced to be somewhere at a certain time of day with no say in it what-so-ever. I don't even think I can do full time again, ehhwww.

I'd rather not have a lot of material possessions and would rather work less. Far as i'm concerned, all the people with their expensive cars and big houses are just really stuck at their job with no way out because they have all those payments.

If driving a used car, living in a decent small house and getting them paid off, and save some money up get me out of work in 20 years instead of 40, then so be it.

I'd rather be happy with less money and my freedom, then making a lot of money and being a slave and stuck in a job till 65.

Adam said on 05/13/08 @ 10:00 AM:
It's true, work absolutely blows. I have a good job, I'm a professional and I should have no complaints but just waking up in the morning to go to work sucks. The concept of work just sucks. You sit there at your desk for 9 hours a day 5 days a week, stressing out over projects while your life just slips away like sand through your fingers. Humans need to not underestimate the value of recreation and lesuire time. We're all slowly killing ourselves prematurely. I don't know if I'm just particularly lazy or what but, if I was given the chance I could sleep 10 - 12 hours every night, easily.

cm said on 05/18/08 @ 10:30 PM:
i hate work too lol sorry to contribute. my work is so boring and comfortable and it just pays the bills and i'm not learning anything it's so boring. everyone works here till they die, what a prison. humans aren't made to live in ugly cubicles 40+ hours a week, 50 years of their lives. i have got to find something else to seriously spend my time, i feel i'm wasting my life away. school was ok, but after school is done, it's like the same old s--t all over again. and when you look for another job, chances are high, it's still the same old s--t. i can only think of working for myself, but i don't have the discipline or can take the risk? dear god grant me the will to get out of my prison and persist. amen.

Yorke said on 05/19/08 @ 11:43 AM:
You just feel trapped in that your being told how to live and are given tasks 5 days a week that your not really interested in because its for someone else, its for a company that in essence has nothing to do with me or you unless you built it, the only way to break free from this lifestyle is to make money from your own creative resources or find a job that is enjoyable enough to disregard all the mundaine crap that goes along with it ...

CiscoGuy said on 05/20/08 @ 03:27 AM:
Adam, getting up in the morning hour and a hlf or two hours before the start time so we get at work in time and then stay there for another 8 hours before taking the hour long commute back to home just sucks doesn't it. I still see people at work enjoying themselves I am not sure if they love the job or if they are just pretending, but i envy them in a way. If I only had myself to look after I would have long quit the job.

Public Enemy number 2 said on 05/22/08 @ 05:15 PM:
I pray every single day for the strength to continue this journey but I don't know how much longer I will last. Work sucks so much and I am not even working for very long each day. We have been given this great gift of life only for it to be taken away by work. I ask myself, what is the difference between being dead and working, well the difference is tax.

Jean said on 05/23/08 @ 03:16 PM:
I hate my job so much. I can't stand the people I work with. The manager is inept. & I want to punch my supervisors. It's one rule for them & another one for us 'lowly' sales assistants.

When you happen to be out sick all they do is bitch & moan behind your back like it's going to fall apart without one sales assistant & when you're in they still moan about you.

If you're caught standing, doing nothing for more than two seconds then you practically get a warning. But our supervisors can stand & chat all day if they like.

It's even more annoying when half the people are younger than you. We are supposed to be off at 6 when the shop is closed but we are never out will 7 because they stand around talking & cashing up. Things that the sales assistants don't need to stay there for.

It's 9 hours of pure hell.

Yorke said on 05/24/08 @ 03:40 AM:
Jean i used to work a similar type sales assistant job when i was younger but now i would just honestly tell them "where to shove it" if it was warranted ..or i'd nicely say it straight and tell them they are in the wrong, and i'd probably walk out of the job, fact is we volunteer to work for a company, its not forced so i can walk out and start another job anytime, yeh its not easy finding work but if we really want we can find another job in zero time by ringing up companies ...the most important thing is to find a place that treats you right and where your mind can be stimulated enough to come back each day ..otherwise you'll feel like your mind is melting by all the repetative mundaine tasts, thats why i envy artists who can make a living doing their niche thing in their own time. .

Yorke said on 05/24/08 @ 03:47 AM:
its freedom of speach, so we can be bluntly sincere to anyone even a superior at work, even if your fired which i doubt you'll respect yourself for being 100% honest with your own beliefs ..

thats not saying we should be negative at work, you can still enjoy yourself and stay in the moment around people, but even you dont who cares? often i find even showing up to the job/slave environment as insincere in the action of being there itself, unfortunately there are limited alternatives to making money ..

me said on 05/29/08 @ 08:37 AM:
hey everyone tell me about it....i guess my job is not so bad i work for a university and recently applied for a higher grade in my own team...as am sick of doing all the admin work and any other crap that comes my way....welll guess what i didnt get the job because i dont have 18 months experience of strategic plannin...but they obviously didnt think about that when they accepted my application so soon i shall quit and look for a new job which after 6 months i will be sick off again....

sometimes i look out of the window and see birds flying i know it sounds cheesy but they are truly free to raom and do as they please while we are still stuck in the same damn routine....looking at a computer screen day in and out :(

so am gonna quit in august and take the time out to do what I WANT and spend some time with my family and god coz to be honest all the money in the world cant replace loved ones or your health so try to enjoy life while you can .and i hope all of you find your dream jobs am sure they are there so keep flying and trying.....

Endless Dreamer said on 05/29/08 @ 02:51 PM:
Yorke I very much agree. Although once you get settled in a job, your scared of change. A load of 'what if's' come to mind, like:

'what if I can't pay these bills'

'what if I can't find more work'

what if WHAT BLOODY IF. I don't like it at all, I like freedom but it's hard when we live in a fish bowl. Thats right people WE LIVE IN A BIG BUBBLE WHERE BIG PEOPLE OUTSIDE LAUGH AT US WHILE WE SLAVE AWAY. It's all a system, it was built to keep us there.

I wish Yorke I could have the guts to tell alot of people at work to f--k off. I hate the lady who trains me, she thinks I am dumb because I don't take a interest in the s--tty work. I am only on training period!, yet I feel like I am back at school. It's all learning, more tests, more learning, having people ask you 600 times 'do you understand'.

I agree with kathy, I would rather live poor - than work full time, again. I can't do it, I also can't stand office work anymore. I think I am a person who hates taking orders, I need alot of brain work; but from creative things. I like doing my own research, coming up with my own opinions. In every bloody office job I have had it's YOU MUST DO THINGS OUR WAY. Nothing is creative, it's all money grabbing figures.

Whenever you phone a call center, keep in mind they don't care about your problems (trust me I know you are just call 100th). The poor people no doubt having some superviser shouting in their ears about targets/incentives.

Endless Dreamer said on 05/29/08 @ 02:55 PM:
Awwww 'me' I feel the same :( . Everytime I see those birds, or watch my cat who sits there and does what he wants for free, I am jelous.

I know what I want to do, I just have to work which I hate. I would give anything to go on family outings, sit and relax and write.

Yet I have to waste hours of my time, sitting at a desk, doing/learning things I could not care less about.

Life is such a bitch, how do you tame her?

me said on 05/30/08 @ 06:23 AM:
endless dreamer the answer is simple i dream :) and no one can stop us from doing that or when my manager at work is getting me down i imagine in my head what it would be like to just go crazy one day and give em all the middle finger....

but i guess am fortunate am still young got money in the bank so guess i can afford to drop out of my job when i want and thats what keeps me going i never stay in the same place more then a year

hats off to all you including dreamer to put up wih peoples crap especially in a sales environment... i guess all of us are not used to takin orders thats the part that causes us to rebell within but love knowing am not alone :P

Kathy said on 06/02/08 @ 08:16 AM:
Endless Dreamer! My God, YOU ARE ONLY 19?!?!?! Child, child! Is there NO ONE who would help you to "bump up" your education, even if it's just to a two year degree? Your quality of life could be immensely improved, please believe me. Any chance that your company would pay for it, or are companies still doing that?

My old company I was downsized from PAID FOR my two year degree, as long as I got the grades. It took me almost 5 years of going to school at night and working of the day. It made a day-and-night difference in my life. It was SO worth it. Sure, they screwed me over later, but I had a heck of a nice career for a number of years.

I'm telling you Dreamer, people will treat you much better when you get out of the socio economic class you are in.

You don't seem to have much of a vision for anything your want to do, but you know what, I didn't either. I really didn't want to follow what the company prescribed for me to do. It was in engineering, and math was my worst subject, but I mastered it. It really gave me a lot of confidence. It was worth it, if that's ALL it did for me. You can't go wrong getting an education, it is like money in the back, you will never be sorry.

Maybe you could help yourself?

I can't tell you that you would be free... but you'd be a hell of a lot freer than you are now.

Hard Man said on 06/03/08 @ 04:53 AM:
hi.i love you all.what you said made me relaxed.i couldnt believe that there are some people like me still on the earth.i hate workin.i wanna enjoy my life.i dont wanna work.please help me.i hate working.i hate workin.i hate workin!!!

dave the rave said on 06/04/08 @ 06:39 AM:
It's funny (not) that we are on this earth for what probably amounts to less than a nano second (in the big scheme of things), but we spend most of that time staring at a computer, or looking out of the window, waiting for 5:30.

I am doing my best to break out of this life as I write this. I don't know how much longer I can last...

Jessie said on 06/04/08 @ 04:16 PM:
Work work work. That's all it comes down to. And bills are so high they take all your money at the end of the month and you're left with nothing. The only enjoyment I get is that I have a 2 day weekend. Can you imagine? It sucks. And I don't have enough money to do anything on those 2 days because it's all gone on mortgage and bills. Why the f--k are we even put on this planet. Yes there are people out there who love to work and I wish I was one of them but I'm not. Then if you want to work for yourself you can't because the government makes it next to impossible to do. You need money to start a business but you still need money to pay the bill sin the meantime. But the bills are so high that you can't afford to start your business. Then there's government grants but you make too much money at your job so they won't give you one. So you think of quitting so that you can get the grant but then you have no money to pay the bills etc etc. Life f--king sukcs!

Rek said on 06/05/08 @ 12:19 PM:
Not to mention you have to pay self employment tax and look for your own health insurance (which a lot of people have to do that aren't selfemployed anyways) when you work for yourself. Then you have to work your ass off to get your business off the ground and be lucky if it doesn't bankrupt you in the first two years. And like you said Jessie, takes money to get started, which most of us don't have to spare. I make a measily 18000 a year (only working 20 hours a week though) and I end up oweing a s--t load of taxes at the end of the year. Wow, I didn't know 18k a year was soo much money that you have to jack 10% of that out me at the end of the year. No one makin under 30K should even have to pay taxes. Don't get me wrong, I like living in the US probably more than I would in most countries, but damn it pisses me off a lot.

Endless Dreamer said on 06/08/08 @ 09:47 AM:
Yeah kathy I do know what I want to do. It's going to e hard studying and working al day, but I am only part -time now. So that gives me enough time to do the hings I want, I do not plan to stay in this kind of job forever.

You must be kidding lol. I learnt along time ago we can't plan are future all t once, what we CAN do though is develop it.

I am in a much better position than Iwas a while ago. I have enough money to live if I lose my job, I could myself lucky. I am not poor, so I cannot complain.

I was happy I found out what I really anted to do. So now I will just work on that, trying to work aswell.

That is what everyoe should do, it's not easy. Since you don't know straight off what you want to be. Just think what makes you happy, I enjoy doing lots of thing. So I am mor ehappy working part time to enjoy them.

You know what people I plan to build a home in the wilderness. Where they d not try and tax me for evething, live free. Whowats to join my cabin?

Endless Dreamer said on 06/08/08 @ 09:48 AM:
I hope people can read that, sorry for the typo's xD.

Am writing at work :(, ironic.

me said on 06/09/08 @ 02:57 AM:
Well count me in.....i rather be farming and working with chickens and goats all day rather then my work colleagues......atleast it will be more engaging and more productive to put it in a work tone :P

Endless Dreamer said on 06/09/08 @ 05:28 AM:
I agree, thats one for the wilderness. It's going to be a big cabin. :)

Live of the land like nature intented. I laugh at the fact we judged the native people of the land for this, yet we are worse off than them.

Lets go back to hunting, hearding sheep and gardening.

If we all get together and run for the forest they can't tax us.

I can just picture all the office staff running after us 'hey what about the customers! the incentives we have to selll selll!'. Be so nice to throw raw mud at them :P

Kathy said on 06/09/08 @ 06:13 AM:
Goats and gardening sounds good to me, LOL. I think I'd have a lot more satisfaction.

Endless Dreamer said on 06/09/08 @ 06:38 PM:
How about noisy chickens? Oh wait, must be used to that after working in an office enviroment.

Kathy said on 06/10/08 @ 08:01 AM:
There is only one "chicken" here, and wouldn't you know, she has the cubicle right next to mine. Her voice is very penetrating, I have tried putting earplugs in my ears and then putting a headset on my head with loud music playing, and I could still hear her.
She goes around to each cubicle and tells the same stories over two or three times.... and then she moves on to the next cubicle and tells those same stories again.
I have no privacy for a phone conversation, and even if I did, I still couldn't hear myself think.
I have to go down the hall and TRY to find an empty office when I really need to make a confidential call to anywhere. It is the pits not to be able to do business when you really need to.

me said on 06/10/08 @ 09:21 AM:
you know seriously i bet we would make a great farming team with all the experts from all the different work environments coming together as one community to live of the land 'we just cant fail hehehe' plus it will be all organic yummy ...also kathy why dont you just pretend your work colleague is a chicken it would bring a smile to your face knowing that it is in a chickens nature to be noisy with an attitude problem... :)

Endless Dreamer said on 06/13/08 @ 04:28 AM:
I agree, they are all noisy chickens. For real, now I really want to go and live in the wild. :(

No deadlines, no people telling you what to do, no taxing.

Anyone think heaven?

Sam said on 06/14/08 @ 07:00 AM:
It is reassuring for me to know so many others realize just how much work sucks. Like I always say - there's a reason it's called WORK and not FUN. I've been in many jobs in different fields, but have never found any work satisfying or meaningful or something that makes me excited to get up in the morning. All work is merely tolerable.

And for those of you who say you'd rather stay in school, I can't disagree more. For me, school was even worse than work.

This is just how life is in the modern age. And most of us have little choice but to accept it. Either that or start a revolution of some sort.

Since we HAVE to work, I try to look at the bright side. Those of us who have a decent-paying job are at least better off than so many others who are struggling to make ends meet or are unable to find employment at all. So, if I can offer any advice here, I'd say find some kind of work that you can at least tolerate and that pays well. You will at least have a roof over your head and can feed yourself and your family. Other than that, find some hobby that you're passionate about. And try as hard as you can to make a decent living from it. There's really no other choice in this life.

Endless Dreamer said on 06/14/08 @ 09:04 AM:
I agee there are alot of peple who are worse off. Still, I would be more than happy then for my taxes and charges, to go to them.

That is the problem. We work for money grabbing people, who do not want to help anyone.
Like I work for a bank, I deal with the people in debt. It's not nice, all my bosses tell me to do is 'get more money off them'. Yeah since thee peope have ALL the money in the world to spare

Some are just lazy and let others work. I agree with school bit though, school was a useless piece of crap.

steven said on 06/14/08 @ 02:43 PM:
I thought I was alone in my day to day torment, reading this site is the only thing that makes me cope.
I hate working , i leave the house at 8:30 am and am gone until almost 7pm. WTF! Why are we so enslaved in our jobs, working all the time , its endles and I hate it and I need relief.

Nameless One said on 06/15/08 @ 10:08 AM:
I don't hate work, i hate jobs, and being told when to get up in the morning, you have to be there at an exact time on the dot, and being directed by others for a company you or me didnt build and really dont give a rats about ...

Endless Dreamer said on 06/16/08 @ 04:10 AM:
Not to mention doing work, that you could not give less of a crap about. Taking orders from people you hate.

My idea of hell, I still have to do it too. :(

In the UK it is so much harder. Since there are not enough jobs, not to mention everything is soo damn expensive.

It makes it hard for people to get by.

Kathy said on 06/16/08 @ 06:14 AM:
I think the reason that school doesn't help much nowadays is, they've outsourced most of the jobs to other countries. All the decent jobs have gone bye-bye. There really is no incentive to get an education, because there is nothing for you to go to, once you've got one.

Where I live, the only decent jobs are in nursing or driving a truck. Even the community colleges don't offer a meaningful education anymore. You can get training as a massage therapist or in equine somethingorother, I guess in taking care of horses. How bullschit is that???

I think the younger generation will never know what it is like to have an interesting, challenging job that pays a good wage. I feel so sorry for them, I think they got the schit end of the stick in all this.

Public Enemy number 2 said on 06/16/08 @ 05:21 PM:
The solution is death.

Endless Dreamer said on 06/19/08 @ 04:37 AM:
Yep Kathy, that is how it is.

As I said I worked with lots of graduates, some of these people were very smart. As in they should not be in an office with me, getting paid minimum per hour.

It's true though, they said there were just 'no good jobs'. Unless you moved country, see a science degree would get you nowhere.

Besides alot of the jobs are nurses, you don't need a science degree for it.

We do not even have nice animal jobs, which is more what I want. It's just either company work, nurse work, or shop work.

So really they should stop the bull in schools, that you will not be 'whatever you want to be'. Maybe show them where they can get the work first. Since we go through all that education, what can we get at the end?

I know because most of my friends went off to uni to do media. Yet I knew after 3 years, it's going to be hell trying to find a job. Most of my friends had no idea what they wanted from it.

That is the problem we are having.

Kathy, Huntington, WV said on 06/24/08 @ 09:46 AM:
"...they should stop the bull in schools, that you will not be 'whatever you want to be'."

I could hug you for saying that. I think you are the FIRST person who has ever expressed exactly what I have thought for a long time.

Yes, I think it is dishonest and a kind of mental cruelty to tell kids that, because only a very small percentage of them will ever do that. When they fail to dance on rainbows like they were told they could do, they will feel like the hugest failure.

tarzan said on 06/24/08 @ 01:58 PM:
I am so sick of my boss treating me like a 5yo. I was hired for my expertise and I am degraded. She is such a control freak. On one hand she tells me to take on the leadership role of a project and then she questions me and nags me all the time about it. There is no incentive for me to do well as she will just 2nd guess me anyway. I actually got so mad earlier today, I just walked out of the office and took a long walk. I just couldn't cool down...... I agree with previous post, we were not made to work 9 to 5, 5 days a week in cubicles.

On the other hand, TG I have a job and can pay my mortgage. With the economy doing so bad, I guess I just need to s-ck it up.

Hater said on 06/24/08 @ 04:55 PM:
I HATE WORK! Never thought id run into a website that has so people that feel exactly the way I do. Whats even funnier is we all seem to have office jobs. i hate the people i work with, the job overall isnt bad but what a waste of my time and life. its 100% meaningless. Wish I could just get out of this cycle of garbage. In no way, shape, or form will I let myself do this for the next 20 - 40 years of my life. 40+ hour work weeks, corporate training, team player is all garbage. Thanks for the 2 days off to mabe do my laundry and pay my bills before doing it all again.. then wonder why some people just lose it..... Hrmmmmm dunno!

Endless Dreamer said on 06/25/08 @ 04:15 AM:
Kathy, I think I just found our new career goal .:)

Lets go talk to kids and make them aware of the crap they will face when they grow up.

When I was at school, it was a constant nag about how I 'must pick a career for the future', never mind how I would get there.

They always told me if I don't pick a dream job for when I am old, I will turn out a no hoper - a failture.

Yet it was that crap that got be all side tracked in the first place. It's all well telling kids they can pick their dream job, just how are you going to make sure they get it?

My brother is only 13 and they have started it on him early, I think it's just horrible.

At that age we have no idea about the future, things ALWAYS change. I never had one career goal in mind, I was good at lots of things.

Look at the people who have gained success without education in that field. Einstein, Bill gates, even Walt Disney said he could not draw to save his life, yet look what he achieved.

Yet thats a small percentage of lucky people, which is just the same as the amount who in a class of 30 will get their dream job.

Kathy said on 06/25/08 @ 07:24 AM:
Ecclesiastes 9:11 "I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all."

Endless Dreamer said on 06/26/08 @ 02:32 PM:
Wow....that was deep Kathy, that is an awsome quote, we should all think like that. ;(

robo said on 06/27/08 @ 05:41 PM:
I'm so glad people think the same way. I always think I'm the only one who hates work whereas everyone else puts up with it and do it. But no there are people who hate work too. I went to college and dreamt of the day when I left because I'd find a job I'd enjoy and thats it till 65. Doing a job I enjoy = Good happy life. WRONG there is no such thing, I'm no longer ignorant. School and college were brilliant compared to work. It wasnt hard, no real stress and mainly having fun with friends was school. Work is dam stressfull no matter if job is high or low skilled and most managers are twats and treat you with no respect. No wage ever makes up for the time at work and the hours before work you dread. I'm only ever happy friday nights and saturdays. Sunday all I think about is an early night for f--kING work. But the wierd thing is for me is that work isnt that bad whilst your there, yeh as said stressful etc but you still manage to do it somehow. Its the dread of that pressure before work that weighs you down and you think there is no way you can handle it. I'm also sick of people saying 'you people are lazy and stupid' because we are complaining. You can be very intelligent and hate work. I consider myself relatively intelligent and maybe a touch lazy and I bet most people fit this criteria but its the psychological element of work that tests people not their intelligence and ability so people who call us ignorant, you're the ones who are dam ignorant for portraying us a lazy, we hate the pychological damage of work, its not that we cant get out of bed you tw*ts. I'm new to the world of work and this hatred may stem from inexperience but that will only be surpassed by hatred of endless repetition so it doesnt matter, work is s--t but it has to be done unfortunately. Being self employed seems the best thing. Being you own boss appeals to me. My dad is self employed and he doesnt seem overly stressed and he on good money and has plenty of time off and has a relatively good life, and does enough to have a comfortable life. f--k ambition for greater wealth, in the end your life and friends and family is greater then any amounts of money. So cus my dad has time off instead of making more money which he could, don't disrespect, I admire him for that. He spends time with his family etc instead which is more important. Wow this long, I'm going to end on a cliche. WORK SUCKS!!!!

Yorke said on 06/27/08 @ 06:39 PM:
Self employed isnt really the answer either, it depends on the occupation, you can start your own business but you'll find the demand of customers and your staff overbearing and often its more stressful trying to keep a business up and running, for instance if you screw up a project for a client that's due within 5 days and you;ve wasted materials and you dont make any money at all but you still have to provide the end product, this is very common in certain fields especialy if you've convinced your family and invested so much finances into it, a job you can just walk out of anytime and your not running the company so its actually less stressful working for a company then it is running one, unless you are lucky and really plan it out well, get quality training before you start ..

techguy said on 06/30/08 @ 07:12 PM:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks live should be lived the way you want. I cannot stand work. Any work.
I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it and not be bound by rules and obligations. I know however that is not realistic. I can't make it through life without money.
To most my job may actually seem pretty good (computer technician). And it probably would be if my boss was more understanding. He's a know it all type. I work in an office supporting the users who have computer problems. I actually enjoy that part of it. I enjoy fixing the problems because it makes me feel good. The problem comes from the fact that I'm the youngest person working in the office (23). Everyone else is at least 10+ years older than me so they treat me as a kid. I admit I don't know much about business as I'm just entering a career but I don't get any respect at all.
I'm not sure how I can do this for another 43 years. I've been there a year now and I'm losing my mind. The only thing getting me through is the fact that I have the weekend but it slips by faster and faster. If I had the willpower I'd remove myself from this world. Alas, I don't. I'll just have to keep going to work as I fall farther towards insanity.

Paranormal said on 07/06/08 @ 12:50 AM:
I have called my workplace Azkaban ( from the Harry Potter Novels) and our management are the Dementors. We are not allowed to use the Internet at work even on breaks. Our job is dealing with the after effects of peoples relationships breaking up but we are told to treat cases as if we were working at a machine in a factory, you are criticised and marked down if you try and bring a little humanity into our clients cases ( our managers call them customers.... WHY? what the f--k are they buying from us? ). I don't really dislike the people I work with but how can you work with the detritus of peoples lives and isolate yourself, my attitude is f--k the rules I want to help these people and yet I am beefed at for being one of the worst staff on our team, if thats the case how come I'm the only one who has got 3 letters in the last month from clients who thank me because I'm the first person who has done anything to make thing happen for them.

Sam said on 07/06/08 @ 12:32 PM:
We know all work sucks, but one of our main missions in life should be to find what work sucks the least. For me, working is better than being homeless out on the streets. Working an office job beats working in a department store or factory. Working at home beats having to work in an office building. That's not saying much, but it's a start at least.

Harold said on 07/06/08 @ 06:44 PM:
We only have four or five decent looking girls in our office- that's it. The rest weigh at least 225 lbs. Cube life is absolutely the pits. I really feel like Peter Gibbons in Office Space. Why must we bow to the almighty "green piece of tree bark" (money)?

Public Enemy number 2 said on 07/08/08 @ 07:55 AM:
You really only have two realistic choices in life. You either work for the rest of it until you die or you die now and spare yourself from the work. Since I will have to work until I die I really see no reason to work to live.

Half of the people I work with, I wouldn't even breath the same air as if I was not there, I wouldn't go near them if they were the last morons on earth and yet you are forced to spend so much time with them to survive, waiting for a weekend that comes and goes quicker than a horny virgins first time. I say f--k it all. f--k IT.

Kathy said on 07/09/08 @ 07:11 AM:
I used to work for a petroleum refinery, but I was downsized in 1997. The only fulltime job I could find in this area anywhere near my job skills was in a federal job as a map maker.

It is the horror of my life.

I don't use a tenth of my knowledge and job skills. Instead of working with a group of knowledgable people, I am a standalone here. There is nobody to consult with. There is nobody to learn from. There is not even anyone who knows what the heck I am doing. I pretty much run my own show, and I hate it.

I used to have six weeks of vacation (I was there 23 years), and I really needed it, I thought.
I despise the way they parcel out your vacation (they call it "leave"-- as if you need to beg their permission for something that is given to you). They allot you so many hours per pay period. In my old job, as of January 1, you had your full vacation time. It was up to you how you used it. If you wanted to burn through all of it by Valentine's Day, that was your business.
I have not had a full week's vacation in the eight years I have been here. I am sooooooooooooo tired. I am grateful to have a job, but sheeesh!!!! this place sucks out loud.

Kathy said on 07/09/08 @ 07:51 AM:
Yes it's me again, already.

do you realize that I've been in the workforce since 1973???

Do you know how HORRIBLY tired I am of it?

I had an almost uncontrollable fantasy of just walking out of the building about ten minutes ago. And never coming back.

SoUnhappy said on 07/12/08 @ 07:23 PM:
I must say that I am in the same predicament as many of you. I'm in the "office" world of BS. I have a supervisor that is out to get me. I can't stand it. I feel like I am becoming a mindless boob everyday. I'm just not the type to take orders from incompetent asses, but until I get out of my hell-hole situation, I suppose I don't have a choice. I surmise this is life, sucking it up and dealing with it. Damn that is sooo hard to do!

Nameless One said on 07/13/08 @ 09:01 PM:
I'm gonna put up with this not more then 10 years. I hope i die from a heartattack before my 40, that's why i hardly exercise and my cholestorol is through the roof. I always sabotage my jobs so they fire me and i end up on welfare..hehehe. The welfare in my country is pretty good, almost a real paycheck.

To that girl who said suicide is not the answer because of "God"...oh please, God was invented to keep you suckers under control and suicide a sin so production rates don't decrease. Society does not care if you live, they only want to suck you dry.

Claudia was right..Existing is just WRONG(in these times def)

Well i don't care, Death can't come soon enough.


danielmata said on 07/15/08 @ 09:57 AM:
I'm 18 years old and i've had 2 jobs, both of them suck so bad, the first one i quit after working 3 days, and my current job i feel like quitting but i can't because my family needs money. they say children are more pure and kinder than adults....look at what we have to go thorough?? they pressure us so much, they don't care how hard it is all they want is our time, then after we work most of the money we make still goes back to the f--king government. work sucks. my hours are ok though, i work m-f from 4:30pm to 10:30pm, but then i have to get 2 buses and a light rail train to get home

Page said on 07/15/08 @ 11:36 PM:
Oh my f--k am i happy i found this site. Let me please begin by saying working for a living doing s--t ass work is a joke. I have a bachelor's degree, finished top of my class, and can't find dick for work. My only opportunities are to sit in a cubicle with an oversized chair....why are the chairs oversized? It's meant for your fat ass to grow into it when your stuck sitting a minimum of 8 hours a day. Humans aren't meant to sit all day, they aren't meant to do repetitive typing, and they sure the f--k aren't meant to live their lives without a purpose. I am so happy so many people have the same view on this as I do. People sleep approx. 8 hours, get ready for work for an hour or two, drive home from work and freshen up, sit there and think about their stupid ass work, and how many hours does that leave you with? I don't want this posting to come off as depressed because I can't stop laughing at the posts on this site, it cheers me up and it inspires me to give a big f--k you to my boss. Oh I almost forgot, for all the ppl coming on here saying ppl that don't like to work s--t ass jobs are "whining" and "need to get over it." I have a special little section for you.

Is it that your life is so boring that you enjoy working or is it that you actually found something meaningful that makes you enjoy work? I think for many of you if you really thought about it, you probably hate the work you do as well. It's not about whining, almost everyone on here seems like, although they hate the work they are doing, they are holding down a steady job. There is a difference between giving up and "whining" and understanding there is a problem with how or society is structured. If work is dominating your life, you are not living. You are going to wake up one day and wonder what the f--k happened to your life and bathe in your s--t smelling regrets for your final years. f--k work, it is forced upon people, and even though I don't have a solution for it I understand the situation is f--ked : ) I love this site

me said on 07/16/08 @ 02:49 AM:
am quitting my job next week tuesday been slugging it out for a year but i want some time to myself now and my family....i dont want the time that i have to slip away before me so am going to make the most of it before i find another dead end job where i will most likely be filing, tyrping and sitting endlessly on the same desk and room day in and day out....reminds me of prison time to get out while i can

Endless Dreamer said on 07/17/08 @ 04:47 PM:
Paranormal you just gave work the best description lol, way to use Harry Potter.

Is it just me or des every place I work in have to have ome mean bastard in it?

Like I cannot work in one place without having that 'person', the one who makes work suck more.

There always has to be one to make me feel stupid...............DAMN WORK!
Everytime I just count the hours that tick away like no one's buisness.

Endless Dreamer said on 07/17/08 @ 04:55 PM:
I am soo glad for this site aswell, don't lose hope people!.

We have this place at least, if you are bored at work and want to stick your pen in your eyeball than come on here.

It should be named 'work stress release' for we can all share our stress.

me said on 07/18/08 @ 03:21 AM:
hey endless dreamer your spot on with the 'mean bastards' or 'know it all b***hs' and yes they are everywhere and yes even i am made to feel stupid on the smallest points arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) that does kinda de stress you......

double graduate said on 07/18/08 @ 05:38 AM:
Hi all Yes I really hate work too, I drop into and out of depression on a regular basis but not sure that medication will help. You need to change your mind set. If you really want not to work - think of prisoners trapped in their cells they take work to relieve the boredom.

We live in a world where we are the top predator nothing can touch us as a species so we dont understand the struggle of living. Look at the birds they jump at the slightest sound and are constantly alert when in the open. How many of you are even aware of the clouds when you walk down the street.

Read Stephen Covey "the 7 habits of successful people" - it could change your life if you read it right - it is not a gimick I read it and all he says is true.

I wish I was good enough to do the work I enjoy rather than work that is required and thus gets money for. There are people who cant afford food never mind an internet computer.

always remember that

mixup said on 07/19/08 @ 08:54 AM:
I hate: doing work, thinking about work, going and traveling to work, the low pay from work, the location of work, the people at work, the obligation to do work, the bosses at work, the inconvienient times work takes place in, talking about work, the word "work", working, and any job whatsoever. I feel that I go to jail every day when going to work, but i didnt do anything wrong. Perhaps we're all in Hell.

Endless Dreamer said on 07/19/08 @ 02:45 PM:
Job for money = Hell

In fact thats the difference between job and career. The career is something you WANT to do - or work towards, where as 'job' is just something you are forced to do.

Glad I was not alone in the bastards at work thing 'me'. :) It's bad enough being stuck in one place for hours, then to have people like that around AHHH.

It's hard to believe we are the species who built the worlds tallest buildings, now we are reduced to zombies.

I love how we sit there saying we are soo much smarter than animals when they live better than us. They do whats needed to survive, we just build this system to slave for.

I have just had to increase my hours AGAIN (although I will never increase my days again), I need the money.
Yet t's the most stupid thing ever, I work all day yet get lno more money than had before. Since everytime I do more hours they just tax more, which means I am back to square one.

This has to change I am soo sick of this.

Denmon said on 07/20/08 @ 11:38 PM:
My kid is almost 2 and I feel I hardly have enen spent any time with him because of work. I feel like it will continue going on that way, and he'll be 18, and i'll wonder where all that time went. Oh wait, it was work.

me said on 07/21/08 @ 03:45 AM:
I gave in my resignation and boy does it feel guuuuudddddddddddddddddd am going to make the most of my time now with family, doing some reading and time just for myself :)

am sure i will be back here moaning about new job when i get one.....'denmon' your comment really made me sad i just remembered my dad he passed away while i was at work and didnt even get a chance to say goodbye

endless dreamer you just keep on stashing that cash and like me hope for an early retirement ;)


Kathy said on 07/21/08 @ 11:57 AM:
" You are going to wake up one day and wonder what the f--k happened to your life and bathe in your s--t smelling regrets for your final years. "
Well, yes.
I am there now.
But what could I have done differently?? I ask you. You need one of three things to propel you into a better situation: a superior education, an acquaintance in high places, or a stroke of good fortune. I didn't have enough of any of the three to help me.

"Is it just me or does every place I work in have to have some mean bastard in it?"
This is an immutable law of the world of work. Yes, your perceptions ARE correct.
Would you believe an old man told me the same thing when i was a young employee? He said every place always has such a person. I was afraid to believe him, but after 33 years of observation, I have never found it to be different.
Sometimes though, you will have the joy of knowing a person who is just the opposite.

honest joe said on 07/25/08 @ 04:55 PM:
Finally someone says how they really feel. You get so much judgement from others when you say you don't like work. However these people should realise that one man's pleasure is another mans poison i.e some people like work and some hate it. I happen to hate it just like I happen to hate certain foods or tv shows or whatever. Thank the lord for this site, I thought that no one else felt this way

Endless Dreamer said on 07/28/08 @ 04:12 AM:
I would not hate it so much if I were not 'forced' to do it. Thats a human trait, we don't like being forced to do things.
Denmon that sounds horrible. My mum used to work all night, so I was used to her leaving. It was horrible ,though. I just wanted her to have a day off to spend time with us.Now I understand how it feels. I feel anti-social, I never get to meet up with good friends anymore. They are always working or I am.I just feel in hole, no matter how much cash I stash away 'me' I end up having to spend it.That is another crap thing about work, the money goes out of my hand.So I work all day and night for penuts, really.

Jessie said on 07/29/08 @ 04:31 PM:
I hate working full time. I would love to stay home with my kids but my husband doesn't make near enough to keep us going.....put it this way, if he lost his job - no biggie. I make plenty enough for everything. If he lost his job - we're screwed and will lose everything. I mean he doesn't even make enough to over the daycare or gas to get him to his loser job and he won't quit because he is one of those people who actually LOVES to work. I hate it. I know I'm going to have a nervous breakdown because there's no way I can continue like this for the next 25 years. I can't even stand looking at him any more because if he actually made an effort and did something else (he takes jobs that pay him less and less) I wouldn't have to do this s--t. When I tell him he's like "Oh well. It's something you have to do". Duck you asshole.....if you were any kind of man you'd be out there trying to support your family instead of taking from it. It cost s ME several hundred dollars a month just so he can go to work. We are getting further and further into debt because of it and he doesn't care. I wish I could live my life like that with no worries. I can't stand working. I should have married someone more successful.

Jessie said on 07/29/08 @ 04:33 PM:
Correction if I lost MY job we're screwed and will lose everything.

jake said on 07/30/08 @ 05:02 PM:
Was it always this s--tty? Why are so many jobs full of selfish, arrogant bureaucrats these days? I don't mind working at all - it's the people I hate. No matter what field you're in it's all the same bulls--t. People are so conceited at work. Money turns people into pricks. And now more than ever people suck.

jake said on 07/30/08 @ 08:06 PM:
and the individuals that suck the most are typically those in the "higher-up" positions, such as an administration or human resources. f--k the work world... it is full of bureaucracies and corruption!
you red tape dick suckers make me f--king sick!

Endless Dreamer said on 07/31/08 @ 04:49 AM:
I know what you mean Jessie, my idiot dad just got us in debt. He decides not to do proper work, so we all have to chip in to pay off the debt.

Lady at work asked me why I do less days, she said 'I mean what do you do in your spare time?', Like why would you not want to work sort of thing. I was just like hey that might be your thing, but I have a life outside of work.

She has this warped idea that when your young you should spend all time slaving at work, then have a break when you have kids. Get with the times lady! I am not ruining all my young years working 24/7. I have already done that for 3 years now! since I was 16. I even did dreaded over-time, so it worked out at 6 days a week.

They can piss off if they think I'm doing it, again. I am cutting my days down.

Dirk said on 08/01/08 @ 03:42 AM:
I only have 35 years left of mundane repetitive existance untill I retire. Wow, there's something to look forward to. When i'm old and can't do s--t I can have my life back. Well not really, cause I'll probably be a broke ol bastard that has to sit in his house watching reality tv and games shows all day cause I have no damn money to go on all those vacations I never had!

I work out and exercise a lot becuase I like to do it, but if it makes me live longer I should just stop it now and drink myself to death, because I sure as hell don't wanna live longer just so I can work longer.

And no i'm not a lazy person. I just don't like working my life away and still have no money. If you should work you life away, you should at least be getting rich from it.

And I hate stupid people telling me something I already know how to do that I done a million times and can do it a million times better than them. It's always the dumbest people that try telling others what to do all the time just try to make themselves feel important. Don't let me see some of these coworkers in a dark alley...

doormat2008 said on 08/05/08 @ 03:50 AM:
Omg i cant beleive ive found a site full of people as unhappy with their jobs as i am...i so pleased!! not that everyone is unhappy, just that im not alone (not that i thought i was) im currently bored to tears in a s--tty job were i seem to be the only one stressing and worrying about deadlines whilest everyone above and around me let all the work fall around their ears and then blame someone else when the s--t hits the fan!

This morning i actually wished id had the guts to find a medium sized set of concrete stairs to throw my self down... or a semi fast car to throw myself infront of.... not to kill myself... i love my outside life.... but to injure myself enough to secure at LEAST 6 weeks off work! However winning the lottery would be ideal and mean possible self harm wasnt nessecary!

Im only a receptionist, not a difficult job in the slightest.. but when im not bored im rushed off my feet.... dont get me wrong i love being busy when the days fly by but when your THAT busy you wish you had an extra hour left in your work day because people have given you unrealistic deadlines its not good! like.... photocopy this 3inch thick folder 6 times for me and it must be out in the post TODAY!! and this is at 3 in the arvo and the post goes at 4! 4 oclock come... of dont worry about it now its not important *ears steam, hair rips out, scream until blue*

Being taken for granted isnt that much fun, and having to increase my work hours because ends arent meeting seems absolute madness!! Id rather be poor!!

Im very glad ive found this site!! i now feel like im not alone! :) life is definately too short!

Someone said on 08/05/08 @ 11:28 AM:
I HATE MY JOB. well the job would actually be okay if i didn't work with such lowlife non-english talking bunch of freshies with dirty, sick, twisted minds.
never EVER work in a fast food restuarant if there are more than 5 south asians working there because i guarantee they will be inappriopiately rude faggots. i hate my job so much it hasn't even been 7 days, is life really this bad that i have to do this job to survive!?!?!
save me before i slap my fellow workers!

Kathy said on 08/05/08 @ 11:48 AM:
"Was it always this s--tty?"
Eh, Jake, the answer is yes and no. It was just a different flavor of s--tty thirty years ago.

American 8:30 - 5er said on 08/07/08 @ 09:16 PM:
Working how we Americans do sucks, I don't mind working, it gives purpose to many lives who probably wouldn't have one! I think that the work week shouldn't be standard at 40hrs...It should be 32 hrs. 4 days on, 3 days off. Same pay or more! Hmmm...maybe I"ll just look for a job with the perks...I will!

American 8:30 - 5er said on 08/07/08 @ 09:18 PM:
Oh wait, do 32 hour week jobs ever come with benefits? I guess I'm stuck...

American 8:30 - 5er said on 08/07/08 @ 09:27 PM:
I am thankful though don't get me wrong, I'm thankful, I have a job so I can feed myself for now...I'm thankful I can pay my rent and car note...for now.

(get another job!)

Yeah, I'm looking I'm looking...

American 8:30 - 5er said on 08/07/08 @ 09:29 PM:
A job hopper? No? Me? Oh, I have to stay where I don't want to so that when I go to apply for another job, they won't disgard me as a job hopper? Thanks for the tip!

PostMarky said on 08/08/08 @ 09:13 PM:
Anyone who claims to not enjoy working or that people should be grateful just to have a job--kindly shut your face. Work sucks and we all know it. If the world were able to run reasonably well while everyone just sat on the beach, ate, had sex, and played video games, we'd all be happy bastards.

sizzle chest said on 08/11/08 @ 11:15 AM:
I wish I could pack my wife and kid up in a RV and cruise the country, living the good life.

Howie said on 08/11/08 @ 07:38 PM:
It's the routine I hate- just hit the replay button 5 times every week. Nothing changes. Remember being in grade school- when the school year seemed like it took a lifetime. That's because we never really were in a set routine..now its like 9 months goes by in what seems like 9 weeks.

Never Enough said on 08/11/08 @ 09:08 PM:
I am 23 and have been working full time for about a year now. I feel depressed thinking about work. I remember my first 4 months, I used to LOVE the weekends and especially Friday because I was looking forward to the weekends. I also started to love Thursday more because it helped me look forward to looking forward to Saturday on Friday. (if that makes any sense). Sunday afternoon starts to make me feel sad though. Just thinking about Monday morning ruins my Sunday afternoons. But those were the feelings I had during my first 4 months working. But since then, slowly and surely, I have started to feel sad on Saturday Nights because I am dreading the feeling I will have on Sunday afternoon. and then cycle continues again and I am not even excited about Fridays anymore. On Fridays I would already feel sad just thinking about Monday. I am starting to ask myself, "Am in in a depressed state of mind?", "What's the point of doing this? this is not life", "Why the hell am I sounding so emo?" "Stop thinking and things will get better." Well things are still the same and as I look back, I can't believe its already been a year since I've started full time working. Before I know it, I will look back and realize that I've been working for 30+ years. I know that life is too short to be worrying and stressing about the mundane Mondays-Fridays. I need to enjoy life and enjoy the people I work with. It's a chance to get to build lasting relationships with your co-workers, even though I probably would have ever associated myself with them in the outside world. I would like to believe that I was put in this situation for a reason. Make the most of it. I'm trying hard to do that, but I keep getting sucked into this feeling of hopelessness and self pity for this endless cycle called adult life. I need some Jesus again to give me hope for better days.

Someone said on 08/13/08 @ 01:51 AM:
I hate work!!!! I work with a bunch of lazy, stupid, backstabbing, manipulative bitches and its driving me slowly mad.....and i hate the journey to and from work too.....one day, if i don't leave, i may go bonkers and strangle someone....

Public_enemy said on 08/14/08 @ 03:03 PM:
I would take death over work any day.

Lala said on 08/15/08 @ 11:39 AM:
I waitress and they schedule me every single weekend night. I dont get out until 1230-1. I never get to go out and I tell them to stop scheduling me every single weekend.... basically this summer has been so s--tty. I never so anything but work. :(

Howie said on 08/15/08 @ 06:38 PM:
Never Enough-

the real world sucks doesn't it-i wish i could go back to college- no responsibilty.. no 8-5 life..i feel exactly like you do on sunday nights..but at least we'll have football soon :-).

Beerengine said on 08/20/08 @ 04:04 AM:
I hate work, the same pointless repition everyday. Life is for enjoying, we retire at 65 and then your so f--ked up and jacked up from working your life away your insane pissing your pants! Whats the sense in that? I was thinking to a solution to this madness and I thought of it!!! Why can't every person spare say just an hour of their lives for two or three days a week like on a rotating shift basis and adjust the economy to suit! Why not? Who makes money man does, who taxes it man does, who makes up the crap rules man does, so why can't man change it?

Beerengine said on 08/20/08 @ 04:10 AM:
Even, better sod money, sod technology and every family just live off the land, growing and trading theire own produce. Think about it better food without chemicals and drugs in, therefore less chance of cancer and diabietes and s--t! Also virtually no pollution, no stress so less sickness a better community spirit. We have gone wrong some how! Those PRIMATIVE tribes have NO heart disease,cancer and obesity. They have NO rape and muggings and theft they have NO money so they have NO motivation for greed....we're the ones who are primative...

Adam said on 08/20/08 @ 06:39 PM:
Dude, I went to school for 8 years, got my PhD...thinking that once I got out of school things would mellow out and I could begin enjoying my life, instead of stuyding 24/7. Now I'm wishing I was back in school. Indeed, work SUCKS!

Mark said on 08/23/08 @ 01:56 AM:
Hi my name is Mark and I hate work. I feel like getting a gun and killing myself, I am 20 years old and I don't do this for the rest of my life, so screw it SCREW IT ALL.

I WANNA GET A GUN AND END IT, WHY WORK 40+ YEARS OF YOUR LIFE. It is like we are in a rat cage and can't escape this horrible day to day bulls--t, being told off bu the boss then punching him in the head.

When I get my hands on a gun I am going to do it, and I am not saying this to get attention, i guess we are all in the same boat.

Mark said on 08/23/08 @ 01:57 AM:

jae said on 08/25/08 @ 02:25 PM:
I work at a cell phone store. i see people are complaining about working 9-5.. i work 8am to 8 pm. monday thru saturday.. what a life huh? get paid cash so im not complaining. the money i get is enough to save up to one day buy my own store.. but still dont htink it's worth the hours i work. I hate working... and at least people work in cubicles with educated people.. i work with a self-centered retard that doesnt even know how to pronounce the word zero right.. and plus.. im in the middle of the ghetto.. ughhh.. im so sick of working here.. im probably the only salesman ever to work with a handgun on the side..

jae said on 08/25/08 @ 02:30 PM:
oh snap? we can cuss in here?? lol. f--k worrk!!

Matt said on 08/25/08 @ 07:39 PM:
Mark, I feel the same way, but I'd never do that because I have family and a few friends who I don't want to hurt.

Jae, 12x6 days /week?? I'd go nutts.

I just took a job as a meter reader for a power company. I love the outdoors but hate HAVING to work 8hrs everday just to pay bills. That is the only reason I work..to pay my bills. My Dad just retired after 45 years of working as a Pharmacist, counting pills. I could never do that. I give him a lot of credit though. Now retired, he can't stand not working. WTF! He says he's bored and hates not working. I LOVE not working!! I never get bored when I'm not working. I guess some people just don't have a creative side to them.

I saw a special on Discovery channel recently. It was about some guys who mine a certain kind of rock in a volcano. They car these rocks for miles, which weight 150+ lbs up a mountain every day just to feed their families. The guys have open sores on the shoulders from carrying these rocks for 12 miles x day. f--k THAT! I guess I have it good compared to them or those poor souls in Chinese factories working for pennies.

Still f--k WORK. I agree with the other posters about just living in the wild, farming, living off the land. I actually dream about that quite often. Or going up to Alaska to crab fish for a couple months. That's hard work, but the danger sounds fun.

Well, I'm rambling.

Time to go to bed so I can get enough sleep for WORK. f--k!!!!!

Endless Dreamer said on 08/27/08 @ 03:23 PM:
I have become a money obsessed freak! It's not good. It's like now I am always worried about money, like 'will I have enough' etc. Not to mention it's all in your stupid greedy banks hands, who just care about your money.

I hate it!, it's like I work for nothing. I get all this money but never get to spend any of it on myself.

What is the point then? I wish the whole of the UK would stop working so the tax assholes would reduce their tax. Stop making us work more than we should have to.

your all right said on 08/30/08 @ 12:04 AM:
you guys don't know how right you all are
i too hate work we are slaves to society
and YES we all need to think outside the box
you only live once so dont be afraid to go for
what you always wanted to do in life
do it on the side make it your reality

Sam said on 08/31/08 @ 09:46 AM:
Another thing I've had to do because of work is - drastically cut down on going to parties and social events. Why? Because too many people ask the same mind-numbing question: "So, what do you do? Where do you work? How's work going?.."

How am I supposed to respond and be honest? "Work sucks as usual, as it always will. But hey, it pays the bills so I guess I'll stick it out as long as I can tolerate it."

Can't people talk about things that matter?

So Unhappy said on 09/01/08 @ 03:18 PM:
I agree with person who said they have a two year old child and is worried about him/her growing before your eyes. I too, have a two year old and a 9 year old. I work full-time and go to school full-time, for what I don't know anymore. It seems like a degree is not good enough anymore. Anyway, I couldn't agree with you more that I feel like I don't even know my two year old. The only bond we have is when we go to bed at night and he snuggles up to me. It really sucks, but that's life at this point.

Howie said on 09/01/08 @ 04:10 PM:

Man you are so right! I hate when people ask that- its like if they feel they are one step ahead of you if they have a "better" job- which in my case is probably the case. But so what, I don't take govt handouts, earn my keep and have not committed murder or a felony. It just seems like people judge on what kind of job you have and/or how much $ you make. Screw them.

Tom said on 09/01/08 @ 06:14 PM:
Sam, I agree. That's all people ask me, how's work. and how much do you make.

Kinda along the same lines when people say how are you? for a greeting. Just say hi! Do you really want to know how I'm doing?? I've actually responded honestly to that question to total strangers and they never know what to say when I reply, I'm horrible. Worst day of my life!

Howie said on 09/01/08 @ 06:57 PM:

I hear you!! I hate when people ask that- like they think they're better than me if they have a "better" job. Screw them. Why should we be judged on what we do for a living, or how much green in our wallet? Unless you 1) live off government handouts 2) have murdered someone or 3) committed a felony - we are all productive members of society.

beerengine said on 09/02/08 @ 06:36 AM:
I just can't believe their are people out there who believe work is great f--king morons! Give the land back to the people!!!!!!

Howie said on 09/03/08 @ 03:17 PM:
I hear you man. I hate when people ask that- like they think they're better than me if they have a better "job". Screw them. Why should we be judged on what we do for a living, or how much green in your wallet? Unless you 1) live on gov't handouts (by choice), 2) have murdered someone or 3) committed a felony- we are all productive members of society.

Noni Smith said on 09/03/08 @ 05:43 PM:
I friggin hate work & the people I work with. 1 Lady is a complete rude cow, over-opinionated & snaps your head off most times she speaks to you. I have as little as possible to do with her. The other is the laziest brain-dead thing on 2 legs, who has the s--ts constantly. She comes to me complaining about not having anything to do. I have plenty to do & could give her some of it, but, she just then annoys the crap out of me constantly, doesn't listen to anything I've told her, so it actually causes me more frustration and more of my time than if I just do it myself. She started out OK, but has just got more lazy daily. I have started applying for new jobs.

Would love to hear your comments :)

Mark said on 09/04/08 @ 04:20 PM:
I believe as time goes by we people are going to work more and more hours.

For example a guy above me works from 8am to 8pm. I have been doing research, and most of us aren't working from 9-5 anymore we are having to work saturdays as well.

What I'm trying to say is that my grandad never saw me grow up, becuase he was too busy with work.

HE MISSED MOST OF MY LIFE BECAUSE OF WORK. I feel really sad because of this.

Tom said on 09/05/08 @ 03:42 AM:
Someone else posted this but here it goes again: http://deoxy.org/endwork.htm

Agree with almost all that is said in that article.

Janet said on 09/05/08 @ 03:29 PM:
I love my job, but I hate working. I want to leave and finally go to sleep, as much I want to pursue my dream I just want to sleep and do nothing.

Seriously I hate this working life

Adam said on 09/05/08 @ 03:39 PM:
My Dad thinks I'm lazy because I hate working. I'm probably the least lazy person I know when it comes to being active. I compete in triathlons, mountain bike, run, yadda yadda, but can not stand working. My Dad's the opposite, he loves to work but hates doing active things like I do.

If only I could get paid to be an athlete. Nah, I'm too old and not enough raw talent.

I guess I'll have to stick to my boring 9-5 job. :sigh:

maybe I'll be a monk..

Adam said on 09/07/08 @ 06:20 PM:
Haha nother Adam posted right before me. Well I didn't mind work even though it was 12 hour shift work. But now that the week Supervisor quit and gave them 2 weeks notice AND then some guy that was gonna go back to shcool in 3 weeks took the post and advised the higher ups that they were gonna need another Supervisor. I didn't want that f--king job but I knew they all thought I was the coming of Christ or something, there to save them all. They tell me not to worry about it, it will only be for 2 weeks, well I'm on my third week and NO information on who the next guy will be. Its an easy job, but I hate having to deal with pay problems and the likes. And sure its a 7-3 job 5 times a week now, I guess you could say nice hours but everytime theres a problem they call you at home. I got called at midnight and had to work til 3am at home to find some moron that DIDNT drink and go to work. I dont get paid for those hours either. Anyways, I just want my old patroling job and start looking for something more interesting, they lost me when it comes to favors. Never again am I ever gonna do any favors for anyone at work again.

Freddy said on 09/08/08 @ 02:05 PM:
Adam, are you a cop? If yes, how do you like aside from the position you're in. I was Military Police in Cuba (USN) for a few years and the gig down there was cake. 12 hr shifts, but nothing ever happenend there so it was just driving around and hanging out at the station. I got accepted into the Border Patrol but haven't decided if that' what I want to do yet.

Let me know how you like civilian police work if that's your job. Thanks


Kathy said on 09/09/08 @ 05:51 AM:
Got this joke in an email this morning:

Subject: FW: Funny

Recently, a large hospital hired several cannibals to increase their
diversity. 'You are all part of our team now,' said the Human
Resources rep during the welcoming briefing. 'You get all the
benefits and you can go to the cafeteria for something to eat,
please don't eat any employees.' The cannibals promised they

Four weeks later their boss remarked, 'You're all working very
and I'm satisfied with your work. We have noticed a marked
the whole hospital's performance. However, one of our
secretaries has

disappeared. Do any of you know what happened to her?'

The cannibals all shook their heads, 'No.' After the boss had
the leader of the cannibals said to the others, 'Which one of
idiots ate the secretary?' A hand rose hesitantly. 'You fool!'
leader continued. 'For four weeks we've been eating managers and
one noticed anything. But NOOOooo, you had to go and eat someone

actually does something ...'

Lucy said on 09/10/08 @ 12:19 PM:
How does anyone enjoy work? Some people act like they "love to work". I work in a business environment and I would guess that only 3% of the population actually has a genuine interest in their jobs. They just do it because it earns them a proper paycheck and prestige. The business world is incredibly unfulfilling and void of creativity. I have the same dream of going into the country and growing my own crops and living off the land. What happened to the time when everyone did this and bartered what they created based on their skills and interests? Maybe a time like that never really existed. I hate work, I hate my job, I hate the politics. Is life really meaningful if all life is is work that we don't want to do? It makes me really wonder what our purpose here is? I am starting to think the purpose of humans is to destroy the planet. We are at the top of the food chain, so I supposed we just prey on the planet and each other. Work blows!!!

Lucy said on 09/10/08 @ 12:38 PM:
You don't have to cry
by Stephen Stills, Gold Hill
Performed by CSN

"In the mornin' when you rise
Do you think of me, and how you left me cryin'?
Are you thinkin' of telephones, and managers,
And where you got to be at noon?
You are living a reality I left years ago
It quite nearly killed me.
In the long run it will make you cry.
Make you crazy and old before your time.
And the difference between me and you.
I won't argue right or wrong,
But I have time to cry, my baby
You don't have to cry,
I said cry my baby, you don't have to cry"

I think it's almost killed most of us....

beerengine said on 09/15/08 @ 03:16 PM:
I'ts cos f our greed for money why we have problems like global warming. When the world is a ball of fire, lets see money save us!

Kathy said on 09/17/08 @ 11:14 AM:
This is my day to bitch.
This job sucks one thousand year old dinosaur s--t eggs.

Mike said on 09/17/08 @ 02:58 PM:
Work sucks :(((((((((

Tim said on 09/17/08 @ 06:38 PM:
Aren't there some countries where it's a law that they all get at least 4 weeks paid vacation/year? I'll have to be at my s--tty job 20 years before I get that much vacation. I get 1 week now. It's not worth it. I'm searching for answers..but can't find any. Maybe when this life is over, I'll find peace.

Nameless One said on 09/18/08 @ 12:16 AM:
It's true, the human body wasn't designed for 9-5. There's no other explanation for how horrible i feel when I wake up in the morning. Then to have to drive f*#Kng 45 mnutes in traffic to sit with my boss in such close quarters we can hear each other fart so I hold it in all day. And I pretend I'm working so hard and loving it, but I'm hating every minute of it. I fantasize about scrounging off the government and refusing to work like some people do. But then I'll be so poor and miserable and won't be able to buy more pot to ease the pain of life and the struggle that it is. Im 28, bored, tired, ready to RETIRE.

Howie said on 09/18/08 @ 07:13 PM:
and the body wasn't designed for cube life. it seems I am wasting my life away. life is too short- tomorrow is never guaranteed. those 25 people who were killed on the LA train- did they think there would be a tomorrow? absolutely. but there wasn't. there has to be more to life- but I agree with Tim- maybe we will know in "another" life.

lady j said on 09/22/08 @ 08:53 AM:
I truly believe that work, as we know it, is killing us. We weren't made to do this type of mind-numbing work, in a building all day, sitting down, it's totally bad for our bodies and our souls. It's just a rat race with no point. 'They' control your life and tell you what you want: a $500 suit, a $50k car, a $499 cell phone. Crap! I can do my job better than they can do theirs, in a $10 Target t-shirt and flip flops no less! They can have their $100k salary and 60-hour no-life work weeks. I'd rather work just enough to be able to pay my bills, and have extra free time. This is something I'm getting closer and closer to achieving. We are so out of touch with what really matters. Don't buy into all the advertising and government crap. Don't buy into debt. Free yourselves so you can have a life! We all need to.

Howie said on 09/22/08 @ 05:00 PM:
My personal motto: TIME is worth more to me than MONEY. Period.

Michael said on 09/23/08 @ 04:03 AM:
I am now 50 years old and have worked for the last 32 of them. I am responsible for a group of people who manage record-keeping in a govt organisation in Australia. I soooo hate my job, though have never really have liked working, however took this job 4 years ago when the last person quit. Didn't really want it but believed it was the right thing to do. God how I was wrong, 10 to 12 hour days, worrying about everything, as the organisation just demands more and more.

Just cant believe at my age, it is still sooo hard, surely there must be more than this. trapped by the beliefs of a society where work is suppose to be everything. I cry so much for my kids, knowing they to will end up in this rat race. The so called civilised humanity has lost its way, perhaps revolution is needed or it is time to check out.

Spark_Plug said on 09/27/08 @ 02:18 PM:
So day begins at 5p to get ready to head out to work, shower, eat, iron my scrubs.. and hop in the car for a 45 min drive. Get to work early so I can clock in those 7 precious minutes early at 6:53p (so I can leave early), start the night get report from day shift, paitent assessment, collect supplies/ first round meds- done by 10:30p. 11p- accu checks, 2nd round meds, 1st round treatments. Done by 1am. Break 1am- 1:30p. 1:30-3:30 stacks of paperwork/entering orders etc. 3:30 start 2nd round treatments/ 3rd med pass/ finish documenting/ accu checks and any unforseen nonsense that always happens at the last possible second. By the time 6am rolls around I can sit down. Makes me tired typing it. Day shift back by 7am- give report/ count narcotics and wait to leave those 7 precious minutes early. Drive home half and hour- 45 min. Home by 8am, take shower- take motrin and fall into bed. Waking up in time to start watching the clock and stressing out about going back to that horrible place again. I get paid well as a nurse, I have job security and good benefits. But I hate it. I hate everyone there. I would do anything to find someplace I am happy and can still pay the bills, but those places dont exist do they? Ugh.

Kathy said on 09/30/08 @ 05:26 AM:
Yes, Spark_Plug, they really DO exist.... in China, Mexico, and India, to whence they were outsourced.

Zak said on 09/30/08 @ 04:16 PM:
Work truly does suck, especially for those of us who know we're short selling ourselves in an underpaying role with a lack of respect from the surrounding inept colleagues. Seems like a cycle of 40-50yrs of gruelling suffering so that you can hopefully spend the last 10-20 yrs in relative comfort and peace. Stuff that. Ive arranged with my fiance to buy a plot of land in the mountains and build a little straw-bale house, for $40K AUD and retire before 40. Id suggest that as a practical solution for some. We truly weren't meant to work our lives away, but im sure its what most of us are conditioned to, reluctantly as it may be.

honesty said on 09/30/08 @ 05:57 PM:
I'd rather be a selfish lazy coward and spend time with my loved ones than be a "hero" who works very hard and doesn't have time to see loved ones. I would never ever do 1 more second of work if that were possible. I have always hated all work, I wish more people would admit to this instead of judging

Public_enemy said on 09/30/08 @ 06:18 PM:
Work is the only thing I really hate about life yet it is enough to make one not want to live it.

Public_enemy said on 09/30/08 @ 06:20 PM:
I wonder if it will be like this until the end of mankind itself.

Sandy said on 09/30/08 @ 06:48 PM:
I agree

John said on 10/03/08 @ 11:27 AM:
Work blows, somebody save me

Howie said on 10/04/08 @ 07:08 AM:
JOB = Just Over Broke

jackie said on 10/06/08 @ 11:41 AM:
I hated work as well...that is why i quit my job...i now work from home...am my own boss...make my own hours...its so simple....do what i did...take control of your own life...all i did was call 800-679-7042 x 2547

Howie said on 10/06/08 @ 07:30 PM:
we're living a real life "Groundhog's Day" (the movie).

Beerengine said on 10/07/08 @ 05:13 AM:
I really am praying that this global money crises kicks in. so that money becomes worthless, we need to go back to how our ancestors were. We all need to have our own patch of land, living off it. We would be healthier because of the excercise and lack of stress and the greed culture would just disappear. work sucks to hell, if money is the root of all evil, then work is the soil the root is growing in.

lady j said on 10/07/08 @ 07:27 AM:
Beerengine, I'm with ya! I secretly hope the same thing. I just want a cheap plot of land to live off of. I don't mind hard work -- getting up early, taking care of animals, gardening, etc. I just don't want to work for someone else!

beerengine said on 10/07/08 @ 01:10 PM:
Lady j, your on my wave length! Our entire culture is based on greed! Do we really have to break our backs, just to get the latest phone? And the one you already have is good enough. Money just goes round in circles, that's why the money crises is kicking in, it's stop flowing!! It's not real, it's a system of control. Your money is held on a microchip somewhere, that's it. Living off the land animals,gardening that's the natural order for humans.

beerengine said on 10/07/08 @ 01:54 PM:
You know for all our technology, we are no better off.Everything is wrapped or made of plastic poisoning us. Every electronic device is irradiating us and poisoning us. All the diseases we cure come back to haunt us. and there are people literally dropping dead from work. You wouldn't work a horse flat out for 8+ hours a day, that would be cruel, BUT ITS OK FOR HUMANS!!!!WTF FOR? We work our butts off for example buy a flat screen TV and there is jack worth watching anyway! See what I mean most of the crap we have we don't need were being conned,how come the people who run our countries don't do jack? Or the filthy rich? If work is so bloody brilliant them sweep the streets for 8 hours a day or work in the factory for 12+ WTF!!!

beerengine said on 10/07/08 @ 03:43 PM:
I hate work, good God man. We are only here for a short time and we spend more than half of it working. Then we retire, guess what by the time we retire were insane/senile NO BLOODY WONDER! Then we die WTF!

beerengine said on 10/07/08 @ 03:52 PM:

Spark_Plug said on 10/07/08 @ 08:51 PM:
Ever see that movie Into the Wild? ... I wish I had the courage to un-hook of society's short leash and just live.. anywhere. We go our whole lives working hard so we can retire and by that time we are too old to really live. I wish I could say that I don't care, cut up my credit cards/id's ..sell all the materialistic crap that clutters my life and just go. Go where-ever. I don't want to be just a number, in a sea of numbers anymore.

Dirk said on 10/07/08 @ 11:22 PM:
I hope this entire economy comes crashing down. I hate the entire system of work for money, for survival. I've often thought of just becoming a hermit.

Dirk said on 10/07/08 @ 11:25 PM:
beerengine , you're right about tv also. There isn't s--t on worth watching, just a bunch of idiots on reality shows and retarded game shows on major networks.

beerengine said on 10/08/08 @ 03:11 PM:
Dirk, at least you can see how the wool is being pulled over our eyes. Now I see in the news the world governments have some how found billions each from no where to pump into the system to beat the credit crunch. Funny how they haven't got money for hospitals, people dying of starvation but they can find tax payers money which we bloody sweated for to save greedy bankers/wankers which started this whole f--kin mess in the first place! Funny how they can always find tax payers cash to fight the bloody wars THEY cause and send us in to die for THEM WTF. It's all illusion, like a house built on sand I pray it comes crashing down. They are on top of the pyramid, we are at the bottom, killing ourselves to feed them.

WhyWork said on 10/08/08 @ 08:38 PM:
It's just not right, if i go to work i feel like i sell myself out everyday. The alternative is to fight a huge battle against the powers that be. So i actually did quit my job and i'm living on welfare..like this i'm free and living in the moment. I sold my tv, most of my stuff except internet connection which comes in handy. But hey, we can die tomorrow, so atleast i'm doing what i always wanted to do...nothing.

zeppelin said on 10/12/08 @ 06:16 AM:
its great your living how you want but please don't say nothing', its really important to continue working on your own skills and hobbies, try and make a name for yourself by working hard so you dont have to rely on being a slave to a job or welfare for too long ..

Alan said on 10/12/08 @ 05:14 PM:
There's nothing worse than doing nothing IMO. Just because you don't work a regular 9-5 job, doesn't mean you have to do nothing. What do you have passion for? Put all you have into that.

Howie said on 10/12/08 @ 06:51 PM:
check out freegan.info

WhyWork said on 10/12/08 @ 08:41 PM:
When i meant "nothing", i meant labor or whatever. I have hobbies, i love reading, videogames, movies, martial arts, etc etc..those are my passions. I just don't want to work for money, the entire monetary system just gags the hell out of me and i'm pretty sure nothing will change so welfare it is.

Alan said on 10/13/08 @ 04:21 AM:
I see what you mean now, Whywork and I agree wit you 100%.

Howie said on 10/13/08 @ 07:59 PM:
We're killing ourselves for "the green piece of tree bark"

Noah said on 10/13/08 @ 10:33 PM:
work just blows

beerengine said on 10/14/08 @ 01:07 PM:
For the last two days, I have been off work sick with flu.......I love the flu!

Dirk said on 10/16/08 @ 10:23 PM:
I'm gonna start my own cult with it's own land, and it's own farm, with wind and solar generators for free power, and a wells for water. Everybody helps out, and no one actually "works"; but what they have to do for the small community is all, which wouldn't be no 40 hours a week.

Nah, but that is a nice thought.

Endless Dreamer said on 10/18/08 @ 01:06 PM:
I have often said - if we all go on benifits and stop working, they will have to do SOMETHING.

The greedy tax bastards will go insane. Which would serve them right. After all we gain nothing from this credit crunch, and i'm sick of paying for lazy people to sit at home.

I want to pay for charities, hospital care, SOMETHING to make working seem worth it. Or we should all be able to sit at home, really.

I am sick of sitting there all bloody day, not getting paid for any overtime. I would love to take up all my hobbies in full.

I want to live in the wilderness and live off the land. Look at China, they get rid of all that good farm land and easy life for the WESTERN WAY. Yeah thats smart. Slave away in a tall ass building for the rest of your life.

Apart from my internet i don't need a new phone, or TV or stereo. It's just all worth jack s--t to me. I would rather just have a house that is MINE and i don't have to pay for it.

I want my cash in my hand and not in some bloody bank. Where someone could steal my lifes earnings away.

Howie said on 10/19/08 @ 06:57 AM:
words of wisdom Endless. I think we are here on Earth to help others- if I could afford not to work- and i had to something- I'd maybe go overseas and help the unfortunate. Something "IMPORTANT". Not slaving away in corporate America.

lea mcghee said on 10/19/08 @ 01:52 PM:
I love to work hard and I wouldn't mind working five days a week if I was recognized for the work that I do. I am a resident aid and I work my butt off while my co-workers piss off all day and if I say something to them asking for help they blow me off and act like bitches the rest of the day. I love what I do but I hate everyone that I work with and the worst part is I have talked to my bosses and guess what now I am the bad guy to all of the emplyees and labeled as a bitch. Well they can all screw off!!!!

IneedAngerManagement said on 10/19/08 @ 04:17 PM:
work is for chumps, and so I am a chump. it is all so useless. My parents slaved away for 40+ years, and when my dad's restaurant went down hill they lost everything, including our family home. No government bail out for us, ohhh no. Our only option was to give up our home, the one place I felt truly safe. Some rich wanker gets richer and bailed out by the tax payer while we get NOTHING in return, our money isn;t even safe in banks, WHAT IS THE POINT THEN!???!?!? Work and money has torn my family apart. Now my parents are over 60 and forced to work still, just to afford some food, I gave them all my savings but it doesn't go far, so now I am also swimming in debt and the guilt and anxiety I have that I can't look after my parents is literally killing me. I shall keep fighting for a better life, but I am already so tired. So so tired. The only thing working in an office has given me is a horrific panic disorder, feelings of inadequecy and really bad posture, if I ever get the chance to b a housewife I shall grab it! Working so some company makes millions while I struggle to even pay for food makes me want to vomit everywhere, I swear every time someone says the words 'Client' I die a little inside. I love the fact rich people get the best interest rate deals when they can afford it in the first place, and the poorer you are the more they punish you! I want to live in a forest, with animals and trees, please I cannot take being in a fish bowl all day everyday. I know I am on the verge of proper old fashioned nervous breakdown, where I will one day go out of the house wearing only my pants on my head. I don't get how everyone copes every day when we live in a world which is quite simply a glorified slave labour society. I am only 23 and I have realised what a meaningless life we lead, and how f*cked up everything is and I have this overwhelming urge to curl up into the foetal position and never move or speak again.

lifesucks said on 10/20/08 @ 02:00 PM:
I worked at a daycare because I like being around kids and it sucked balls. The first week I got sick with the flu so I took some personal days and then I still wasnt better so I took my sick days then I told them ny grandma was in the hospital one day cuz I just couldn't bring myself to go in that day. I was there in a small room with 10 kids under the age of 2 for nine some days ten hours working for s--t for pay. so to sum it all up I ficking hated it and the month I was there I took off 10 paid days and then quit. I wonder why the hell life is so terrible I wonder why I even go on most days.

Endless Dreamer said on 10/20/08 @ 05:29 PM:
That is the most sucky thing about work...I noticed with this credit crunch. That people who spend all their life working, get jack s--te help from the goverment.

We slave away paying THEIR TAX, and what do they give us back? NOTHING!.

A crappy little pension fund when they take most of it, and give you back a lil. That is why most people move countries, unless you find a better one that is not so selfish with their system - it does not work.

Hang in their peeps! - still waiting for Jesus to come back like the bible said and fire everyone.

Dirk said on 10/20/08 @ 11:20 PM:
IneedAngerManagement: I feel a little what you say about not being able to take care of your parents. My mom's joints are so bad from working all her life, now she is retired and don't make s--t from soc security, and my dad ain't much better off. So my mom is actually thinking about going back to work (part time, after she already retired!) just to make some more money, and I feel guilty like I should be better off, and be helping them out like they did for me so long while I was growing up. It's hard to help them when I'm just barely helping myself, and no one pays s--t here. If you make 20,000 a year here it's considered pretty good money for this lame ass city. Then get hammered with higher and higher bills, then BAM, something is wrong with you car, well wow, lets take that to get fixed for what? 2000$ ya say. Oh no big deal, let me just whip that out my fkn wallet you overpriced grease monkey. More credit card debt until the next "oops" that comes along, just when you think you're starting to get ahead in life. One word: POINTLESS

Dirk said on 10/20/08 @ 11:21 PM:
And i'm off to work right now, and I work outside. It's 45 degress and raining. I love it (sarcasm)

Simon said on 10/21/08 @ 09:38 PM:
After 31 years of workslaving, I have to say it sucks ass, big time. I cannot count the number of days I have spent in an office, thinking of ways to get out. I am now a manager, so every opportunity I get, I skip off to a pretend meeting or an appointment. Human beings WERE NOT meant for this kind of crap, it is demeaning and counter productive. Some days, I would rather shovel s--t than work in a plastic fluoro office environment, where everybody is depressed and docile. What a hateful way to waste your life. If I had the ability, I would make money elsewhere, but I hate ripping people off with shoddy products, so I live off my brain power. I feel sorry for you all, I really do. My retirement probably wont happen for another twenty ferking years, and that is the most depressing thought of all. Good luck everyone, I hope you can all make something of your day(s), and don't go completely insane. I am half tempted to run off, and live in a forest somewhere, so I don't have to do this trash anymore.. Enuff said for now. Adios

Simon said on 10/21/08 @ 09:44 PM:
Oh, did I mention that work f--kING SUCKS?

Simon said on 10/21/08 @ 09:49 PM:
... and, for anyone that loves work, you can kiss my hairy ass... f--king money storing creeps.

I would also enjoy chatting to anyone from this list, you can get me @ ducati_ss at the hot mail thingybob.

Simon said on 10/21/08 @ 09:58 PM:
One more thing, this site is brilliant, and so are the comments written by you all. It is the best laugh I have had in a long, long time. Pretty sad I know, but there you go.....

IneedAngerManagement said on 10/22/08 @ 04:44 PM:
Hey Dirk I feel for you, I don't get the point in working all our lives and then when you are supposed to retire if you haven't squirreled away all your money by being a proper cheap ass, or become a millionaire, you are screwedd!! Retirement will be redundant by the time we get to that age (if office radiation/stress doesn't get you first) cause if the world keeps going as it is we will live to about 100 years old on average and work till we are 95. YAY. I;m sure that is why the Government is so desperate for people to quit smoking. . I'm so sure we will all find away around this crap, I cling to this little sliver of irrational hope. Maybe when I do finally go bonkers I can sit around all day in an institution doing finger painting. i know thats an awful thing to say but I can;t help myself!! Simon I completely agree with the office thing, it is some weird torture device, invented to kill every iota of spirit/creativity, so we can all be good little drones who don't actually have to think about anything else other than making money, mostly for other people. Today the person who irritates more than anything at work kept giggling every two minutes (yes I timed him, that is how bored I get) and I was near tears with the need to stab him in the eyes. I'm not a violent person but the office lights might as well be a full moon. lol, ah well, you gotta laugh really.

IneedAngerManagement said on 10/22/08 @ 04:54 PM:
and I'd just like to say a big fat THANKS A LOT to Egg credit card for increasing my APR from a an already bloated 19.9% to a really charming 26.9%!! and why? FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER, cause they felt like it! and the fact they want big fat bonuses probably, I actually HATE YOU. Please just admit you are loan sharks and get it out in the open. you are freakin' awesome you greedy greedy disgusting people. Never get credit cards if you can avoid it, they are the biggest con ever and a massive slavery device. EVIL EVILLLL!!! when I pay the card off I'm going to write them a really lovely letter of pure unadulterated hatred, and also one to a few papers to hopefully put people off getting themselves in the same crap as me. rant over. I'm not really such a moody beatch, I promise. Good Luck to everyone here!

Howie said on 10/24/08 @ 07:04 PM:
One of the ladies I work with in my jail cell...errrrrr.. cubicle...is hearing impaired. She drives us nuts when she talks to herself... today I felt like farting and running out of the cubicle, just so I could see her reaction when she smelled it..thinking if it was herself...i was cracking myself up for an hour..it was the only way to keep my sanity

Dirk said on 10/25/08 @ 12:03 AM:
IneedAngerManagement : You're right. In order to retire wealthy most likely you'll have to be cheap and not buy just about anything you want, which means your life will suck till 65(if you last that long, if you don't that money is worthless anyways), and when you're 65 you'll have money, for what? To finally go on vacation when you got back aches and you're probably not nearly as in good of shape as when you were younger, that's if you're still sane, and not lost half your braincells from drinkin most of your life to forget about your job. Not to mention you'll be old and ugly at 65, so what's the point of being retired, and on a beach with hot women, wearing some jacked up pants, and sunscreen on our noses. Oh yeah, and those big blu blocker sunglasses you see on tv.

And I get you on the insane asylum thing, I have often thought of just fakin crazy so I could just sit around and talk to the real crazy people. Least I won't have to work, and maybe get some hot nurses to look at.

Alan said on 10/25/08 @ 04:22 AM:
I kinda hope the Mayan Prophecy comes true in 2012!! Not the end of earth but a major change in the way Humans live their lives.


Simon said on 10/27/08 @ 06:30 PM:
Hey IneedAngerManagement/Dirk Others,
Some valid points brought up about ageing and money. Although, it is pretty hard to not do the things you like to do, purely because the forty hour s--t in the middle is so awful. By the time Friday comes around, I am totally out of it. I am surpised that I am not: either an alcoholic, or addicted to something or other by now (mid forties). Although, I do understand why people get that way. I have an office, but quite honestly it may as well have bars on the window. My partner works with recent inmates (prison), and one of them actually said that he was glad to be going to prison, as he then wouldn't have to turn up and do his job anymore. He felt relieved if you can believe that or not.... My opinion is that you cannot retire wealthy unless you are either: lucky, or involved in some shady activities. I have none of those things going for me, so I will be relying on relatives to feel sorry for me when they pop off, or just downsize when the kids move out (if ever). for Dirk, I agree on the 65 stuff completely. Who the hell wants to be a rich 65 year old??? dragging your pathetic body down to the beach, etc. The sunglasses line gave me a laugh. hmm, the insane asylum doesn't sound half bad, I am sure you could fake it enough to get some time out. Who the hell wants to be anywhere near a work place? Not me.

Beerengine said on 10/28/08 @ 06:18 AM:
Dirk, you hit the nail right on the head! This is what the rest odf the sheep in the world, don't understand. They've been brainwashed into thinking going to work is great? Eh? You work your butt off and get paid peanuts, and then out of the sheer gratefull goodness the government let's you retire at the age of.......65!!!!! I tell ya guys, our generation will have to slog our gut's out until we drop down DEAD! We should be enjoying life, you wouldn't work animals for 12 hoursd a day everyday so why do people have to do it???? Then they wonder why people drink and take drugs, it's to drive the reality of this life out of your mind...

Beerengine said on 10/28/08 @ 06:19 AM:
Hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it,hate it!!!!!!

Endless Dreamer said on 10/28/08 @ 10:01 AM:
Not only that - you have people living off of your money. You think half of your wages is going towards health care? Think again. It's going to the benifit hungry lazy slobs, who as much as we would love to sit in their place, cannot afford to.

They get everything from cheap home, free pet care, free healthcare. Yet the people who work get jack s--t.It's like an excuse for the goverment to charge us more.


It is saying what you guys have been saying. That we are treated like babies, groomed to think and feel the way we do.

Borat said on 10/30/08 @ 03:52 PM:
This work is fun, NOT!!

1FreeNation said on 10/31/08 @ 03:41 PM:
This site is amazing. I see it as the result of this f--ked up system we inherit. This is modern slavery! The system is a well orchestrated matrix of power. (Read the Matrix of Power by Jordan Maxwell). Slaves serving slaves serving other slaves, and so on. The American Dream is self explanatory. Its just a dream. Every person I know, regardless of their social standing, hates their life and their jobs.

But Life is beautiful and meant to be appreciated. Don't you ever believe that life is inherently miserable. The problem is the system we are all subject to. This system is profit based, exploiting human work for personal profit.It is the redesign of a culture that has to occur, and eventually it will ! (Google " The Venus Project). Prosperity, and progress is accomplished with work, NOT MONEY. Money is an illusion. And work does not suck, work is constructive and creates prosperity. Working towards something valuable and beneficial for a community is what makes "work" valuable and worthwhile. As long as we work for profit, we will always take advantage of others. That is the truth.

"The truth is not told, it is only realized."
Peter Joseph. Producer of Zeitgeist films.

P.S Watch Zeitgeist 2. It offer an in depth explanation of the monetary system that reigns this country, and the world.

1FreeWorld said on 10/31/08 @ 03:56 PM:
OH, I forgot. To all those that mention that".. America would be like Africa if we didn't have to work.", that is completely biased !! Third world countries are slave nations themselves. They work to pay off foreign debt. I mean c'mon guys, who the f--k would be lazy enough to starve themselves to death. Its insane !! Hunger is caused by bad politics, not because people are lazy. This world has enough resources to feed 50 thousand times the population !! So why the f--k is there people dying of hunger??!! Do your research my friends.

Hope the best for all of you,

Kathy said on 11/06/08 @ 06:25 AM:
Maybe the missing element is love (or God, since God is love). Working has been reduced to something strictly for monetary profit. It has been sanitized of all of what is good about it. Work should always have an element of pride of workmanship, belief in what you're doing, and yes... pure enjoyment of the task. While you should be properly compensated for what you do (and many of us are not, and never will be) it should be so much more than just that.
Am I making any sense at all?

Public_enemy said on 11/06/08 @ 09:08 PM:
Something is seriously wrong when you have a choice of death or work and death is starting to sound like a better option.

I pray that the future generations never have to do what we have done. The only thing I absolutely hate about my life is the entire concept of work and every job I have ever done is simply a different version of mundane hell.

good/evil balance said on 11/07/08 @ 05:06 PM:
Public _enemy is being 100% honest , and only a few people in the world (mostly the folks on this forum) will be non-judgemental. I hate all jobs as I wouldn't even do something I liked for 8 hours (would probably want to do something else after about 4 hours max) never mind something I have to do. I HATE ALL JOBS! (just in case you folks didn't get it the first time!)

Dirk said on 11/08/08 @ 09:42 PM:
good/evil balance: I agree, and if you're anything like me then you've been from job to job to job.....to job, and couldn't stand any one of them, but hoping for something better from the next job. Then tax time comes and you're wondering which of the fifteen W2 forms you'll use, all in the best manipulation to get the highest amount of tax money back.

What's funny is you get one of those forms from jobs you've only worked one day.

The job I have now is the longest i've ever held (almost 5 years) and it's only because I work alone...mostly , and I don't have some asshole boss breathing down my neck (other than very seldom), so it gives me some small sense of freedom, as much as you could hope for with a job.

Dirk said on 11/08/08 @ 09:43 PM:
But I still hate it, just not as much as other jobs i've done.

John said on 11/09/08 @ 04:35 AM:
Dirk, I am the same way. I've been to job to job to job many times. I've had jobs that I've quit where my friends couldn't believe I gave up because the pay was decent. I don't give a sht about pay at all. I just want to enjoy what I do. My buddy has been working in a factory for the past 14 years. All day he just applies ink numbers on the rulers. I'd go nutts doing that. I'd seriously last 2 hrs at most! I have respect for people who have the patience to stick with these mundane jobs though.

The longest I've stayed with a job was 6 yrs. It was the Military so I didn't have an option to leave. But my current job I've been with for 5 months. I work outside by myself all day. Those are the only reasons I've been able to stick with it so far..I love the outdoors and I like working on my own..I just wish I could do it for a 2 hrs/day..not 8-10 hrs. Still, Everyday I think about leaving this job because I can't stand the idea of having to work everyday just to pay bills. Seems like that's all life is about is paying bills and working everyday. I think people should only have to work every other day. It would make work much more tolerable.

Howie said on 11/09/08 @ 05:00 PM:
Oh crap- it's Sunday night- the mind numbing 5-day odyssey begins shortly..god help me

Dirk said on 11/09/08 @ 10:51 PM:
John: I also forgot to mention with my current job, is only about 20-25 hours a week. So that is also a reason i've stuck with it (that and also not much choice due to that I need money so I pick the lesser of evils).

I don't think I can really work a 40 hour a week job anymore, unless I'm being really paid well to make it worth my time, and even that's a maybe, and probably not gonna happen anyways in any case.

I've worked at one of those factory jobs too you mentioned. 8 hours a day 5 days a week you would do the same repeptitive task over and over again, ie: one time I had to do the job of taking 5 plastic vhs cases off a converyer belt at a time, put them in a machine, hit two buttons to put creases in the sides, and put them in a box, for a total time of about 30 seconds, becuase you have to move fast because they keep coming. Repeat for 8 hours straight. I wanted to go insane sometimes, and I actually lasted a month at that job (which i feel pretty stupid for takin in the first place).

beerengine said on 11/10/08 @ 03:32 PM:
Why can't we just live off the land? Animals do it, and we're really just animals aren't we? Were did all this work bull s--t come from? With all this credit crunch s--t the governement is borrowing money from God knows where changing interest rates at will......this prove s the illusion of the bulls--t money f--k ass system. It's god damn mind control of the masses while the elite DO f--k ALL!!!!

Simon said on 11/10/08 @ 07:48 PM:
Well, we can live off the land, but it would not be easy. We are trapped in a consumer hell, in which we spend most of our spare cash on little things to make our life less oppressive. The work crap was foisted on us by people who want to make money off of our misery, unfortunately it is a difficult treadmill to get off of, once you start buying houses, cars and all the other trash. I want to know why housing costs anything at all, it should be provided for us. We sometimes look at subsistence farmers and wonder how they do it, but they certainly have none of the stress levels that we have, and are probably a lot happier. Maybe the only way is to go to somewhere with a lower standard of living, and do it that way. I sometimes wish I knew how the money stuff worked, but I am pretty sure that the government just prints the s--t up, and magic it out of nowhere.

Simon said on 11/10/08 @ 07:49 PM:
I hate the Sunday night feeling, that inevitability of the next five days looming over like a sentence. I have to take stuff just to get myself through each day, I know I shouldn't but what else can you do?

Dirk said on 11/11/08 @ 03:33 AM:
I also hate how we're pretty much raised to work. We go to school to learn the basics, get to high school and try to do good to get into a college. Do well in college so we can do what? Find a job. Some damn job you'll probably hate doing anyways and stuck till the rest of your life. Oh, you can jump from job to job throughout that time, in attempt to find something better, but doubt that'll happen.

lady j said on 11/11/08 @ 07:24 AM:
Simon you're right, we are trapped in consumerist hell. I heard a phrase the other day that I loved: something about consumerist sheep revolting. We are sheep following the dumb f--king herds. New cell phone? gotta have it. New mp3 player? gotta have it. New model Lexus? gimme. If we can break that cycle we have a chance. I am working at eliminating all my debt right now, in 5 years I want to buy some land and build an earthship (google earthships, they are f--king cool, off the grid homes) and live off the land. I might have to work a part-time job here and there, teach an art class or sell some of my work to make ends meet. We'll still always need a little bit of cash for SOMETHING or other. But as little as possible to make ends meet. THAT is my dream!

WhyWork said on 11/11/08 @ 09:16 AM:
For those that hate work (awesome vid banned by MTV, because it speaks truth and prob the suicides lol)


Agenda Suicide by Faint


You could follow logic
or contest it all
the work solution makes the common house a home

the element of progress
that you mention is gone
it de-evolved to something you were headed toward

as i lay to die the things i think
did i waste my time. i think i did- i worked for life

all we want are just pretty little homes
our work makes pretty little homes

like a cast shadow
like a fathers dream
have a cut out son
what's a worse disease
to get that pretty little home

as i lay to die the things i think
i dont want to regret what i did- i worked for life

all we want are just pretty little homes
our work makes pretty little homes
agenda suicide, the drones work hard before they die
and give up on pretty little homes

(like a cast shadow)

our work makes pretty little homes
our work makes pretty little homes
agenda suicide. the drones work hard before they die
and give up on pretty little homes

Simon said on 11/11/08 @ 05:37 PM:
Dirk/Lady j/others, Yes, we are raised to work, it is a fact of life which has been carried through with force since the advent of civilisation. Particularly since the industrial revolution. The majority of us have no choice, or very little choice, and as most of the wealth in this world is concentrated in very few hands, we are doing it for others. Any attempts to change these systems have met with massive amounts of force, so the likelihood that it will change is very small. You can escape it given enough talent, or enough luck, or if you are ruthless enough to exploit others. I think that jumping jobs does help for a while, until you get in the swing of the new place, and find that it is EXACTLY the same as your last s--tty workplace. I am a manager now, so it is perhaps not as bad, but I have never gotten over the feeling that I just do not want to be doing this. Lady j, yes we are sheep, and it is sickening to think that. I am thinking of selling off most of my stuff, and really slimming down on the consumer s--te. I have taken myself away from commercial tv for the last few years, and that helped a great deal. Perhaps part time work is the go, but it is so difficult to make ends meet with only part time work, and the powers that be know this. We are kept working so we don't have time to reflect on our pathetic lives and situations...

Nameless One said on 11/12/08 @ 02:05 PM:
Revolution is the only way, mass revolution. Unfortunately there are people rather accepting of their lot, who are co-opted by the system. But anti establishment activities will see an end to that

Nameless One said on 11/12/08 @ 02:05 PM:
I'm joking about the anti establishment stuff, peace and so forth

Nameless One said on 11/12/08 @ 02:06 PM:
Didn't think these would get posted so easily! Anyway peaceful activism is what I was going on about.

lady j said on 11/13/08 @ 07:29 AM:
Simon said: "We are kept working so we don't have time to reflect on our pathetic lives and situations... "

It's absolutely true. After working 8-12 hour days, by the time we get home, we veg out in front of whatever insipid program or 'news' that is on the TV. We have no energy or brain power left to think about what's really happening, much less to engage in the 'peaceful activism' that Nameless One is talking about. Read some Noam Chomsky wage slavery theory.

Simon, it's damn hard to make ends meet (right now) on part-time work. BUT when my plan is put into motion (off-the-grid house on some land that I can grow much of my own food on, no debt like car payment or credit cards, and very few monthly bills - like internet which I'd never give up), then part-time work (and bartering, never forget bartering) will suffice.

Nameless One said on 11/13/08 @ 11:50 AM:
yar, that is a problem, 8 hour work days leave one exhausted, although it is possible to get a second burst of energy by working afterwards. I did the 9-5 thing for 3 months, I couldn't handle it so I quit. I work half days now, I'm lucky that I can do it and I want to ensure that whatever I end up doing for the rest of my life (going back to uni) it will be for myself and it will have a purpose.

My philosophy is to channel the tide rather than swim against/with it. Its very difficult to do this however so planning/careful thought and reviewing all the variables/things that can go wrong is important.

Chomsky is quite right, a lot of people are too exhausted to get "real news" as its difficult to source out, the internet has changed this to an extent which probably accounts for lobbying in Washington to compromise net neutrality (whereby corporations will be able to introduce tiered services and probably eliminate websites like this lol)

We live in servitude to an outdated primitive mindset which dictates that society must be structured on heirarchical lines, where slavery must be sustained through meaningless work for 8 hours a day. The system we have, the current rampant capitalism in place is unsustainable, in social and environmental contexts. People burn out, and soon enough we will have to actually make an effort to adapt to environmental problems or suffer the consequences.

I believe the future has a 60% chance of being better than now, because the tide of history at least as it pertains to Europe/America is for increased rights. That tide has been orchestrated by a continual fight by the oppressed for change. Maybe this combined with an enlightenment philosophy which has permeated till now.

But as I said the 9-5 slog is inhuman. I find if I wake up at 7.30/8.00 I'm just too cognitively exhausted before the day has even begun to process information. So its also balanced against night owls.

Imo working for 4-6 hours a day would be much better. I heard that in France people work for 6 hours a day, although Sarkozy aka George Bush acolyte wants to scrap this. What a twat. Anyway in the 19th century people had to work longer hours I think so its even better now, hopefully it will improve in the future.

Dirk said on 11/13/08 @ 11:00 PM:
Lady J: you're right about the whole debt thing. I rid myself of almost all of my debt, just my car left and one real credit card, once those are paid, i'm on nothing but bills/ utilites. That's why I can work part time now. Screw the 30-40,000 dollar car, the 250K house, and the tons of other waste of money crap that most people think they need. $400 cell phone? WHo wants internet and to watch movies on a little phone anyways? Unless your burning time at work sitting in a closet, that's all I can think it's good for.

I'd would rather work part time and have my freedom, and those other people can have their suv's with dvd players and their debt/leash on thier neck to the workplace. Cause once you're into all that debt, you're really tied to needing that money, and thus stuck even more at your job.

And yes, I do have my own house that is paid off.

Dirk said on 11/13/08 @ 11:03 PM:
Also, when I buy something expensive, I try to sell something else I know longer use to try to cover the price of it. I

Howie said on 11/14/08 @ 06:06 PM:
I agree Dirk- I live in a modest apartment- I don't feel like I need material things- I have no major debt other than the internet/cable. I don't have this "leash" like you're saying- a great way of putting it.

Workerbee said on 11/16/08 @ 03:01 PM:
I hate work too! I'm a CNA and work 40 hours a week for $10/hr. I have 2 slipped disk and have horrible back pain. I don't have insurance so I can't see a doctor unless I go to the ER and rake up higher bills.

f--k this!

All the while people who can barely speak the English language throw balls through hoops make millions of dollars!

I hate working, I hate my life, the physical and emotional pain. I've considered suicide many times and I don't think it would be too bad of a move.

Workerbee said on 11/16/08 @ 03:11 PM:
I hate work too! I'm a CNA and work 40 hours a week for $10/hr. I have 2 slipped disk and have horrible back pain. I don't have insurance so I can't see a doctor unless I go to the ER and rake up higher bills.

f--k this!

All the while people who can barely speak the English language throw balls through hoops make millions of dollars!

I hate working, I hate my life, the physical and emotional pain. I've considered suicide many times and I don't think it would be too bad of a move.

Johnny said on 11/16/08 @ 04:31 PM:
Suicide is a respectable option imo. In Japan many are doing just that and it's honored there. Not in the West though unfortunately. I too, have considered ending my life, but I could never do it because I wouldn't want my Mom and rest of family to be miserable. I hope your back gets better. I had a herniated disc and you're right, they are horribly painful. After doing Yoga on a regular basis, it decreased the pain 80%. I wish you the best Workerbee.

lady j said on 11/17/08 @ 08:22 AM:
my boss is a dumb f--king whore. more later. just had to vent RIGHT NOW. lol

lady j said on 11/17/08 @ 12:56 PM:
Sorry for the previous rant. I try hard not to send out negative thoughts but sometimes it's so damn hard! Sigh. I can't wait for the day I don't have to be here. At least I'm working towards that point and slowly but surely, I see that moment in my future! Something good, at least, coming out of my hatred for inane office work: it makes me strive that much harder to break free. If I hadn't realized that there are alternatives to the mind-numbing, soul-sucking 9-5, I think I would have turned to suicide also.

Simon said on 11/17/08 @ 03:47 PM:
Well, suicide is always something that crops up when you are doing something your mind and soul feels to be abhorrent. I have often thought of swerving into a light pole, or something similar when driving to work. Even hospital is a better prospect than 8-9 hours in an office cell. It is a trap, a very carefully constructed trap, and Noam Chomsky has described it well. All the poorer countries are there purely to satisfy our needs for cheap raw materials and cheap manufacturing processes so a few people can get super rich. Disgusting and shameful that we as a human society should have stooped this low. All those years of civilisation to produce this!! People in poorer countries look at us and envy our lifestyle, but I am sure they have no idea of the cost of that lifestyle. Once you are on the consumer treadmill, it will take a lot of energy and determination to get off....

Nameless One said on 11/17/08 @ 06:42 PM:
Nice Poem from Buk:

I always resented all the years, the hours, the

minutes I gave them as a working stiff, it

actually hurt my head, my insides, it made me

dizzy and a bit crazy -- I couldn't understand the

murdering of my years

yet my fellow workers gave no signs of

agony, many of them even seemed satisfied, and

seeing them that way drove me almost as crazy as

the dull and senseless work.

the workers submitted.

the work pounded them to nothingness, they were

scooped-out and thrown away.

I resented each minute, every minute as it was


and nothing relieved the monotonous ever-


I considered suicide.

I drank away my few leisure hours.

I worked for decades.

I lived with the worst of women, they killed what

the job failed to kill.

I knew that I was dying.

something in me said, go ahead, die, sleep, become

them, accept.

then something else in me said, no, save the tiniest


it needn't be much, just a spark.

a spark can set a whole forest on


just a spark.

save it.

I think I did.

I'm glad I did.

what a lucky god damned


Simon said on 11/17/08 @ 06:43 PM:
Nice Poem from Buk:

Sorry forgot to put my name in!


John B. Chaw. said on 11/18/08 @ 08:50 PM:
I get why people get addicted and try to escape reality. Because why even bother coming back? There is nothing to go back to but legal slavery&stress.

Suicide? Sure, why not. But before doing it, i suggest loaning alot of money from the bank and skipping the country,..to let say thailand. Buddy of mine was sick of it all, but before going he gave a big f--k you and spend it all on booze,women,whatever. RIP dave.

Anyways, eventually i'm gonna do the same thing. Retirement? Pfff, too old to enjoy.(for me anyways)

Howie said on 11/20/08 @ 06:41 PM:
Its the movie Groundhog's Day- except for us its reality. I hope to god the Mayan calendar comes true. Dec 21, 2012- the world ends. Google it. This calendar has been pretty accurate throughout history- it has predicted world events to a tee.

Amelia said on 11/20/08 @ 08:35 PM:
The thing I hate most about work is that it has made me look for and expect the worst from the human race. I view the world as a hopeless, cruel place, thanks to years of working in the abusive service industry.

I wish I could get paid for what I love to do - photography - but unfortunately I am too indebted to society (bills) to strike out on my own and quit a steady gig.

Society sucks, and we need a major overhaul.

Life Sucks said on 11/20/08 @ 08:56 PM:
Why am I, a member of the working poor, paying taxes to bail out rich people? Where's my bail out? Who will help me when they come to repossess my car? When they cancel my car insurance because I can't pay it? When they turn off my heat and electricity because it is too expensive? Who's going to help me pay my rent?

And who came up with the title "working poor" anyway? Wouldn't it be logical that if there's a name for my condition there's a cure? The only cure I can see is welfare, and I apparently make too much money. The only sympathetic thing I have ever read about the working poor was written in my sociology textbook.

There's no happy medium: people worry about all those poor homeless people living on the streets, and worry about all those poor RICH people losing millions of dollars in the stock market, but nothing is said about people like me.

I work my ass off every day, I go to school in hopes of having a good future, and I sit here in my ghetto apartment with the oven door open for heat while I waste away because I can't afford food...and my tax money goes to rich bastards who are too greedy to quit while they're ahead. It's like if they ignore us we'll go away...and they're right. I'm too poor to do anything about my situation. There's nowhere to go but down.

This country makes me sick. I'd leave if I could afford a plane ticket.

Tuition at my state university is going to rise 13 to 26 percent because the economy is so s--tty. There goes my education...all I have to look forward to is a life of dead-end jobs and living on cans of dog food and Ramen noodles. God Bless America.

I love this website, it feels great to vent.

Reality said on 11/20/08 @ 09:45 PM:
I want to see a television show about what it's like to be poor, too poor to be healthy but not poor enough to be bailed out by the government.

I want to see characters cry because they can't afford a trip to the doctor. I want to watch them diagnose themselves on their stolen internet. I want to see them go to the drug store and hope that the cheapest over-the-counter medicine will help them feel well enough to make it through their shift at work so they can afford the gas to drive there the next day. I want to see them ignore their symptoms because it's easier.

I want to see them at work in their crap jobs, where they get insulted and taken advantage of by bosses and customers with superiority complexes. I want to see them grit their teeth and take it because they can't afford to get fired.

I want to see them struggle to pay their bills - I want them to short the minimum payments each month because they need to spend that money on hot dogs and macaroni and cheese (more filling and less expensive than healthy food). I want to see them cry in frustration when they get cancellation and shut-off notices from their cell phone, car insurance, electric, and gas companies. I want to listen to them fight with their car companies, trying to avoid repossession. I want to see them get nervous when they hear a truck drive by, and run to the window to make sure it's not their car being towed away.

I want to listen to them tell God they don't believe in him anymore because he doesn't help. I want to see them lose faith in their lives and society because they are stuck in a downward spiral. I want to watch them get rejected from welfare and food stamps because they make too much money. I want to watch them struggle to pay their way through school, and sacrifice eating to afford textbooks. I want them to be denied financial aid because they applied one day too late - because the internet was shut off due to non-payment. I want them to feel guilty for spending $5.25 on a stale sandwich at school because they didn't eat breakfast and have been in school for 7 hours - but that money could have gone in their gas tank. I want to see them run out of gas on the way home and watch as car after car drives by as they walk down the highway alone.

How's that for Reality TV?

Simon said on 11/20/08 @ 09:56 PM:
Some very interesting comments, and the need to overhaul our way of life has never been more evident than now. The distribution of wealth has always been skewed towards the rich and pampered people in our society, and that is always a recipe for disaster. The fact that people cannot even live properly, regardless of which country they are in, shows how far this situation has gotten out of hand. The top 5% of the people who own 75-80% of the wealth should be forced to move this money around. I feel sorry for the would be photographer (Amelia), mainly because I am a frustrated photographer myself. I have tried to make some space with money, so I can pursue it, but it will never happen. When suicide becomes a realistic option for people, you know we are in s--t...

Government bail outs will never reach anyone that actually needs the money.

Dirk said on 11/21/08 @ 09:41 AM:
Why not split up that bail money and give the middleclass money out of those billions of dollars. If the dumb f--k automotive companies didn't continue to make the big gas guzzling trucks and suvs, maybe their dumbasses wouldn't need bail outs. Gas is lower now, but it'll go back up. Let's make some more hummers, you stupid s--ts.

Dirk said on 11/21/08 @ 09:43 AM:
Rich people get all of lifes perks, poor people get a lot of s--t for free, US SUCKERS who work, get stress, worry, and no help.

Louie said on 11/21/08 @ 03:32 PM:
I agree with you, Howie, about the Mayan prophecy and that something will happen. Their calendar is more precise than anything current scientists can produce. They have made predictions about eclipses hundreds of years in the future that came true among other predictions that came true as well. There is something with the Mayans and ancient Egyptians that boggles my mind and many others. How did they make those pyramids align with certain stars and with such great accuracy?? Modern architects admit they couldn't even rebuild them today with that degree of accuracy even with todays tech and machines. I personally don't believe the world will end in 2012. But I think, and hope, that humans will change the way they live their lives by then. The mayan calendar ends on that day (Dec. 21, 2012) and the Earth's magnetic poles are supposed to change then, which may cause natural disasters. http://www.polereversal.com/ I say bring it on!!

Samantha said on 11/21/08 @ 05:49 PM:
Just watched this video and it makes you wonder how they could know so much back then.


Public_enemy said on 11/21/08 @ 09:23 PM:
I was watching a documentary the other day and it was all about some ancient tribes. They looked so healthy, happy, full of life and they lived of the land, looked after it, hunted, grew food etc.

They looked so free and it made me think about all of us spending 8+ hours a day stuck in a small box with a desk, computer and a s--tty phone. Which one was meant to be for humans, certainly not the latter.

Public_enemy said on 11/21/08 @ 09:25 PM:
duh I meant to say ''and they looked after it'' not ''live after it''.

Sorry everyone, my boring f--king job has made me brain dead.

lady j said on 11/23/08 @ 11:31 AM:
I'm looking forward to this next week at work. My boss will be gone so I will be able to get s--t done without her bugging me. lol!

Howie said on 11/23/08 @ 07:44 PM:
Guys, listen to "Don't Worry Be Happy"..by Bobby McFerrin- it'll make you feel better, even if its for 5 minutes..

lady j said on 11/24/08 @ 09:30 AM:
It pisses me off that we can't even stop working for ONE WEEK to celebrate thanksgiving and spend time with our families. Like, really, the world might fall apart if we did. Is it really so damn important for me to be sitting here wasting time while NOTHING is happening in the office? Jeezus.

Howie said on 11/24/08 @ 06:43 PM:
"Predictable" - The Kinks- these lyrics so do apply, don' t they?:
Go to my office, sit at my desk,
Predictably just like all of the rest.
I sit and I dream about far away places,
Away from the people with frowns on their faces.
All of my life is monotony
I'd go out for a walk but I know it would be
Sure as the nose on my face
Same for the whole human race
Once we (once we) had so many options
Once we (once we) had dignity and grace
Now we (now we) have got nothing but our own time to waste.

Simon said on 11/24/08 @ 07:25 PM:
Nice lyrics Howie, and pretty applicable my friend... I have tried listening to music to take my mind off work, but it doesn't work in the end.

Ladyj, everyone should be entitled to decent time off from work, how we ever got forced to agree to working 40 hours a week is absolutely beyond me, it always makes me think of the Dumb and Dumber film when the two boys go looking for work, and when they come home:

"I can't believe there aren't any jobs in this whole stinking town... Yeah not unless you want to work forty hours a week!" ha ha

public_enemy, those tribes looked happy, because they probably were. At least they will be until civilisation hits them on the forehead, introduces consumer goods, forty hour weeks and expensive houses and cars... Unfortunately, they probably have no choice.

Dirk said on 11/25/08 @ 04:39 AM:
Lady J: Don't worry, the managers and other "high up's" get off for all holidays. I work every single holiday. Even christmas. No wonder people go on psychotic rampages at work.

lady j said on 11/25/08 @ 07:35 AM:
When I worked in accounting I wore my headphones all day. Just processing invoices and sorting s--t out. It was nice. Listening to music especially heavy metal is like a big silent 'f--k you' to the slave drivers who would be shocked if they heard what I listen to.

Anyhow. I'm getting the whole week of xmas off. I told my boss that I don't go on vacations, cause I can't afford to, so the only time off I really care about is having a week off at xmas. She loves me cause I'm so damn good at my job, she said ok.

Simon, 40-hour work weeks are so f--king dumb. Studies have shown that employees spend, what was the figure, an hour or a couple of hours each day just goofing off. I'd rather go in for 5 hours, work my butt off, get the s--t done, and go home. Not sit around bored.

Dirk, at least if the managers and other slave drivers are off during the holidays, you get a little break from them? I don't know what industry you work in, it might be impossible for you to take xmas off, but I think you should put your foot down... or call in sick! lol!

Public_enemy said on 11/25/08 @ 03:04 PM:
The choices are:

1) Work for the rest of my life (slave), beyond my 60's surrounded by morons, petty backstabbers in a job I do not enjoy to pay for 4 walls that are the very reason why I have to slave in the first place (mortgage).

2) Remove myself from the planet for ever to be potentially free.

Perhaps this is part of the reason why suicide claims more lives than serious illnesses do (according to stats).

Artie said on 11/26/08 @ 04:13 AM:
f--k money sucks! I was just offered a promotion where I'd be making double what I'm making now. My boss, family, friends are all saying take it!! Why? Only because of the $$$. But the job sounds like something I'd not enjoy at all. I'm going in to work in a few and turn it down. Working for the sole reason to pay my bills sucks ass. Maybe I should become a monk..or a kung fu monk.

beerengine said on 11/26/08 @ 02:28 PM:
Who makes the money, the government. Who taxes the money, the government. Who decides to spend the money, the government. Who has to work, for the majority of their lives for these bastards,we do.....

beerengine said on 11/26/08 @ 02:46 PM:
If we have to work, why can't we all do an hour a day and let the government just alter the economy to accommodate this? We could all do the shift we liked......everyone happy not to painfull then, plus plenty leisure time..

corona radiata said on 11/26/08 @ 03:00 PM:
The reason we work long hours is so we have no energy to become involved in the affairs of state/to think of new original ideas/challenge the status quo imo.

Another problem would be competitiveness. Basically if one country decided to work less hours they would have less gdp I think, I'm not too good on business logic, compared to countries with longer hours.

I agree we should work less hours but not everyone thinks in this way. The competitive asshole type people cannot see beyond their own contexts, ie they are incapable of self reflection and are unaware of the bigger picture. They invariably factor into societal organization.

People like heirarchies. We are forced to make money in a game we are strongly encouraged to partake in. Its bulls--t mostly and the best thing to do is not buy into it and try to build a better future outside of the parameters.

Simon said on 11/26/08 @ 03:25 PM:
corona radiata is absolutely spot on. You work long hours to keep you from becoming aware of what is happening around you. If you work long days (or nights), what interest are you going to have in politics, the state of the environment or anything really. The people that make money will also keep us working to the max, and will strongly resist any changes to a system that keeps us in perpetual slavery.

To keep us working, we have to buy an extremely expensive plot of land and a house to go on it, which we pay for over about thirty years or more, sometimes without paying it off.

A more humane working week would be much shorter, say 3 to 4 days max, it would not be eight hours, and would have a reasonable break in the middle for people to be people.

I subscribe to public_enemys notion of removing yourself, if I could do my 20s,30s again I would not marry, I would certainly not bring any children into this world and would move into a hut somewhere in the outback. I have been tricked in to buying s--t I do not need, and to perpetuating my own misery. I am well paid, but at the end of the day it is all gone. I have no plans to retire, because I do not believe there will be any retirement when I get to that age.

As for the working week, I spend as MUCH time goofing off as possible, and would probably do about an hour a day if that. I know it is a kind of sabotage, but I really don't care anymore.

Has anyone thought of a way out of this hell besides topping yourself?

Simon said on 11/26/08 @ 03:26 PM:
One more thing, I always look forward to this page, there are some smart people here with some excellent thoughts!


Ronnie said on 11/26/08 @ 04:36 PM:
So glad i found this site, i was rock bottom and felt so alone in this world and typed in some words on google and found myself here.

I hate work, it makes me feel trapped and even when im not at work and doing something i usually enjoy like watching football at the pub i can't enjoy myself coz i'm thinking bout work the next day.

I delay goin to sleep because i hate work so i staying awake as long as possible feels like a minor escape but then i'm all tired.

But to see i am not alone in this thinking has kinda helped me in a weird way.

lady j said on 11/26/08 @ 04:48 PM:
All: you are correct in everything you say. Simon, I too enjoy this page! It's also nice to know I am not the only person who thinks this way.

I am only 31 but I too wish I had saved throughout my 20's so that I wouldn't have to be working right now. I squandered a lot of money, trying to do the 'right' things and be the 'right' person -- according to the rules society imposes. When I was 27-29 were probably the toughest years for me. I really struggled and was majorly depressed as I started to realize that the things society tells us we need and the things society tells us we should do, were crap. Opened my eyes to the way things work in other countries and to the way some people even here in the U.S. live alternate lifestyles. Opened my eyes to things I can do to change my life, even living here and having to deal with this society. I could really start rambling on here, but I need to go see how my turkey is doing. lol! I'm cooking it early so I don't have to do it tomorrow.

Anyway, needless to say I'm glad to have found a 'community' of like-minded people.

beerengine said on 11/27/08 @ 11:21 AM:
I'm with you lady j! When you see how the 'primitive' people live in the Amazon for example. They have life sooo hard compared to us. They have no money so they have to hunt their food in the sun, or catch their fish in the nice almost pollution free waters and then gather berries and collect roots from the open forests. God, they are so basic they don't even have cancer or heart attacks not even their elderly have dementia. And they look so lean and muscular even in their 50's obviously they are not eaten enough hydrogenated fats and calories like us. They are so lazy that their hunts probably last about a few hours out doors in a dreaded sunny environment, but if they do get sick, what do they do. OMG they use natural remedies that have no side effects. They are so far behind they barely even wear clothes! I don't no why there is no rape, muggings or child abuse. God they want to come to the west and join the free developed world full of wondrous technology and opportunity. Where the sexes and minorities walk hand in hand absolutely united in the belief and pure blind faith that we are bettering ourselves and enriching our lives now and for our old age and most importantly our children, more fool those 'primitive' lawless poor people.

Dirk said on 11/28/08 @ 05:09 AM:
It's black friday, so I decided to go out to walmart and look at all the stupid people wasting the money that they don't have just to catch a "deal". They've accepted their lot in the working world, or they just don't know what they're trapped in.

I also wasted too much money in my 20's, now in my 30's I realize I don't need all this materialistic bulls--t. I have what is nessecary now, and not much else interests me. I read books in my free time now, and watch very little tv. (It gets me away from realty for awhile, without the reality tv)

And like simon said, I'm not so sure I bringing a kid in this world was good for them (him, in my case), cause this working for money to survive sucks. He'll have fun as a kid, do school, and then work and wonder "what's the point?".

lady j said on 11/28/08 @ 01:07 PM:
Our materialism and consumerist greed is disgusting:

Dirk said on 11/28/08 @ 01:31 PM:
That's pretty damn bad. My brother works at walmart and was telling me how a couple fights broke out over toys and a tv.

Is saving a couple bucks really that important?

jenna j said on 11/28/08 @ 11:28 PM:
I went to college, graduated and am currently stuck in the job from hell. I work 12 hour shifts, mostly alone, performing the same mindless, soul-sucking tasks all effin day. Everyone here is completely uneducated, bigoted and sexist. It's all I can do to not yell and scream at everyone to wake up. I collect a (pretty great) paycheque every 2 weeks, but I have no desire to almost do that any more. I hate work. The only reason I don't quit is because this job pays me so well and I have bills! I hate work so very, very much.

corona radiata said on 11/29/08 @ 07:03 AM:
That black friday article doesn't do much to inspire any shred of faith in humanity. Maybe its the culture. One word springs to mind is sheeple.

lady j said on 11/30/08 @ 10:38 AM:
It's Sunday... anyone else already dreading going back to work tomorrow?? I sure am... I saw a bumper sticker last week that made me laugh: 'Do all jobs suck, or just mine?'

Simon said on 11/30/08 @ 04:06 PM:
Well, It's Monday again, but the reality is, that I cannot drag myself in. I'm going to take a couple of days off, which in the end will only postpone the inevitable, but it is better than nothing right!?

The answer to your question LadyJ is that all jobs SUCK! The only jobs that don't are those where your ass doesn't belong to someone else.

I have been thinking about alternatives, and I think I need to set up some passive income. I can also sell my pictures, and have won an award for writing so why carry on with this farcical life working for someone else.

I figure I might get sacked shortly anyway, due to my half assed efforts. Still, eating stale bread would beat dying in a fluoro office.

Artie said on 12/01/08 @ 03:50 PM:
I deliver mail for work. I have a walking route and walk 8-12 miles/day. Today we received around 12" of snow and I had to literally jog part of my route and skip my breaks to get the mail delivered within the 12 hr work day. I come home freezing and all stressed out because there's so much pressure to get the mail delivered in a certain amount of time. Ok, I'm done whining. Time for a career change..

Dirk said on 12/02/08 @ 12:58 PM:
Artie, I have done that job as a seasonal position, and it absolutely sucks. My bro and his wife both work at the post office for about $30 an hour, and they both hate it but stay because of the pay. But to me, no amount of money would get me to go back to that hell hole. Delivering mail is a bitch that you'll never understand unless you actually do it, especially in the snow.

susie said on 12/05/08 @ 05:15 PM:
I hate my job

susie said on 12/05/08 @ 05:19 PM:
Everyone I work with has abosutely no manners whatsoever. You walk into the place and no one speaks, they are a bunch of rude people living in a small town. They complain about little things. All I do is stand around starring at the wall. And guess was the add bonus is, I get pain close to min wage. I am through as soon as I find another job i'm out.

Angelo said on 12/06/08 @ 04:21 AM:
It looks like work is really bad. I should be enjoying what I do, since I have been studying it for around 6 years I know the job fairly well. But it seems that bosses and the corporate world has perverted my proffesion. I am since looking to work for a smaller company, one with a heart... screw you corporate world!!!!

lady j said on 12/06/08 @ 05:47 PM:
I have to work tomorrow (sunday)... UGH!! And what's worse is I twisted my ankle today (not too bad but enough to hurt) and I have to be on my feet all afternoon & night tomorrow, running around and wiping my boss's ass. Damn. I only wish I'd twisted it worse!!!

Howie said on 12/07/08 @ 07:16 PM:
the Sunday night sweats are upon me- another 5-day "sentence" just ahead

ahh said on 12/07/08 @ 08:44 PM:
nooo back to work soon!

Simon said on 12/07/08 @ 10:03 PM:
It's ok guys/ladies, just take a day off... You wont regret it.

Simon said on 12/07/08 @ 10:05 PM:
For Angelo, smaller companies are usually a lot better to work for, as long as you can get the right mix of people. Downside is, if the economy tanks, you will normally be looking for another job. Unless you can make yourself indispensable of course!

LadyJ, I'd be trying to twist that ankle some more, have some morphine on stand by.. Your choice, work or a twisted ankle! I know mine..

lady j said on 12/08/08 @ 07:15 AM:
Yes I think the twisted ankle is going to take a turn for the worse and require me to stay home for at least one day later this week. Will give me time to work on my jewelry, too.

sad said on 12/08/08 @ 07:36 AM:
dreading work tomorrow:(

beerengine said on 12/08/08 @ 02:54 PM:
I had to have a lie in today, I just couldn't cope going in. I just lied and told them I missed my bus. At least I missed part of the morning.....

Simon said on 12/08/08 @ 08:29 PM:
well done beerengine, we are proud of you. Enjoy that well deserved rest! I've been off ill for over a week now, I expect to get the ass when I return.

Mrs. Santa Claus said on 12/09/08 @ 05:54 AM:
I can't afford Christmas presents this year because I am too broke. I am a waitress, and no one is eating out anymore. I have to decide between paying my bills or buying presents. This money pressure is driving me crazy.

beerengine said on 12/09/08 @ 02:34 PM:
Ohhhh Mrs Santa Claus just pay your bills. The true meaning of Christmas has been lost. It's just so materialistic now, especially considering that Christ was a humble man who owned nothing....

Tim said on 12/09/08 @ 05:32 PM:
I agree with beerengine. Forget about buying presents. Just spend time with the ones you love. That is much more rewarding than any mp3 player, TV, phone, game, etc.

Kathy said on 12/10/08 @ 10:19 AM:
Our family hasn't exchanged presents in the last several years. I'm the baby of the family and I'm 55, so I figure all of us pretty much have everything we want anyway, or we can buy what we want. We have lost touch with the likes and dislikes of each other, so presents often became white elephants. It was more trouble to take them back, or to just keep them and not like them.
What we do now is just have a Christmas dinner together, and i truly like that better.

Mrs. Santa Clause, you might wait til after Christmas for all the great sales and your money would stretch further.

lady j said on 12/10/08 @ 02:44 PM:
I can't even afford a tree this year, which is fine with me. I kinda feel bad all those trees being cut down and I always see half-full tree lots after the holidays. It's a waste. I'm making a lot of presents this year. And also buying everyone lots of books from a half price bookstore. My family is absolutely ok with used books and hand-crafted items. Even if they weren't, screw 'em! It's the thought that counts!!

Simon said on 12/10/08 @ 04:06 PM:
Christmas has been perverted from its original meaning, which was originally a pagan festival called Yule (in Northern Europe). Hijacked by the Christians, and subsequently the shop owners. It is a pathetic waste of money, and the government here in Australia is encouraging people to get out and spend, to save a capitalist system which is groaning under its own weight. So, the bottom line is, spend it with the people you love, enjoy their company if you can, and make your gifts. Something that is given and made is a lot more pleasurable. Regardless of what you do, stay safe and try not to worry about spending money. Especially money you do not have.

Sadx2 said on 12/10/08 @ 05:01 PM:
Ah, i hate going to work everyday. It seems like such a waste and doesn't seem worth it.
In reality- there are no good days of the week because well Mon-Fri you are working, so those days are out. Then Saturday is the day you do everything you couldn't do during the week, and then Sunday comes and you are back to thinking about work again! It just doesn't seem right. Living this type of lifestyle is truly being a slave, i hate it sooo much. I dont know what I can do to get out of this working world, because i hate waking up 5 days a week and going to work...it kills me inside so badly.
I am glad so many other people feel the same way, because I really though i was alone. I go to work and everyone else seems ok..but maybe deep down everyone is really hating it and just plain miserable. What is this world coming too. I thought going to post secondary school would allow me the chance to get a "good" job, but in fact it didn't. Every job is garbage, every job is a soul killing life- it will just never end until you either die, get fired, and retire and then die quickly after.
Ahh-what a garbage lifestyle we live.

ah said on 12/10/08 @ 05:03 PM:
i hate work! i hate everyone at my work place.

Rob said on 12/10/08 @ 05:04 PM:
forget work, we should just live off the land.

Fred said on 12/10/08 @ 06:02 PM:
Sadx2, those are my thought exactly. It's like you read my mind!

"It seems like such a waste and doesn't seem worth it. "

Sadx2 said on 12/11/08 @ 05:23 PM:
i know, it really doesn't seem worth it, but the question is..why do "we" continue to do it day in and day out?
if we know its not worth it, why do we do it? Yes money, but i don't think that is the only reason why we continue on wasting our life at work.
I just haven't found the answer yet.

SundayMorning said on 12/11/08 @ 06:06 PM:
If I may jump in...I ask myself the exact same question everyday. I was outside in the rain waiting on a bus at an ungodly hour of the morning to go and spend 8 hours around people that I wouldn't befriend of my volition. Why in the hell am I doing this? Short answer: I'm afraid not to. The same reason I don't kill myself, I am scared to. I have no family, no passions, no gods to fear, no valid reason to hang around. But I continue doing it because I am afraid. Who ever says suicide is cowardly is an idiot. There is nothing more cowardly than someone (namely myself) getting up every day to go and sit at desk while I watch my world glide by because I am to scared to do anything else.

Sadx2 said on 12/11/08 @ 06:24 PM:
Sunday Morning, I understand your frustrations, however i must try to persuade you in the feeling that suicide is not the answer. Life (real life) is wonder, it is beautiful, amazing...sit back and really think about life, the bare essentials of life. For ex: how a child can be born- that is amazing, or how lakes and volcanos are formed-truly spectacular. You, like 85% of the working world (maybe 15% really do like their job, i am not sure) are not able to think outside our depressing life because we are so frustrated and miserable. Maybe you should find a hobby, or a passion--it would be good for you.
With all that being said; i agree 100% that working a job, takes away from what life is really meant to be and yes it can lead us to believe that life is a pointless, never ending struggle. We just have to be strong and find a way out.

Howie said on 12/11/08 @ 06:34 PM:
I feel the same way. Sitting in a cube all day with fat women who talk about pointless s--t is like Chinese Water torture. I see the metal coffins (cars) every morning on I-71 who are thinking the same things I am, headed to their 8-hour daily prison "sentence". But you've hit it on the head- I'm too scared not to conform. That "green piece of tree bark", is, I guess, sort of a necessity? Is there anything worse than conforming though? It sucks. I wish we could live our lives. I don't think you want to kill yourself Sunday Morning- i think you just want this mind-numbing routine to end.

Simon said on 12/11/08 @ 06:47 PM:
I guess for some there is a fear of doing something different, for others work is a necessity borne out of having a family to support, and huge mortgages. I think when you are younger it is a bit easier, and a few more options are available. Once I got sick of working, and sold up my house, packed the kids and wife up and went to England for three years. That's how sick of work I was... Funny, all workplaces seem to have the same features: Lifeless People, Dull Environments, Lots of FLuoro Lights, Computers everywhere, and people wishing they could get the xxxx out of there.

Kathy said on 12/12/08 @ 06:29 AM:
"we should just live off the land"
Not to be a smart alec, but just how realistic IS this idea?
Ever tried to have a back yard garden, maybe just a few tomatoes? It is NOT s sure thing. So many things can go wrong to ruin a garden. If I HAD to survive this way, it would truly be a gamble.
And even if I could, I couldn't possibly meet ALL my needs. I would still need clothing. Should I grow my own cotton and sheep and set a loom up in the garage? I just don't have enough knowledge within myself to become totally free from the world.
Even if I dumpster dived a lot of my stuff, I'm still relying on someone to be a wage slave and throw the stuff out.

lady j said on 12/12/08 @ 05:02 PM:
Kathy, lol! That image of raising sheep and having a loom in your garage, hilarious! Made me laugh. I can see where you are coming from, but I think the key is to just limit the ways in which you are a consumer. If you don't have to buy everything, you need less money to live on, which equals job freedom! Which is what we all want, right? We are totally trained to be consumers, and consumers = wage slaves. If we can grow some of our own food, we don't have to buy it.... if you can mend your clothes, or sew, you don't have to buy from stores as much. Plus you probably get more unique, cooler clothes than what you can get at the stores anyway! To me, it's all about breaking the cycle a little bit so I only have to work part time at a job I hate, rather than full time. lol!

WhatIf said on 12/12/08 @ 07:30 PM:
I think if you take the "less work more freedom" path you are gonna get ALOT of difficulties,especially if you are trying to find a partner. My last girlfriend despised my "lazy attitude" and told me to get a damn FULL TIME JOB. I did, and it was the worst decision of my life. I did quit and when back to my old part time job which is bearable and she broke up with me, claiming i am not someone she sees a future with(house,car,kids,the works).

I don't own a car (don't want one), my clothes are "normal", i don't go clubbing buying 50 dollar drinks but stay at home or just hang out with friends.

I'm free but at the same time i'm not. I'm being punished by not being a "sheep", opportunities are lost and you wonder what if i kept my full time job.

Alan said on 12/13/08 @ 05:18 AM:
I agree, WhatIf about being punished for not being a "sheep". Luckily, my wife could care less if I worked part time or full time, but my father and some of my friends think that if you don't work 40+ hours/week, you're not a real man. I currenlty work 40-48 hrs /week but I'm taking my wife to Hawaii for 2 weeks in January and when I get back, I'm cutting my hours to 25/week.

My pop worked 50+ hrs week for the past 45 years of his life and he is one of the most unhappy people I've ever met. Love him but he thinks work is life. He can never relax..when my Mom and he go on a vacation, he can't relax because he's not working. I NEVER want to end up like that. F no. When I go to visit him, his first question is "how's work going?" Everytime, it's the same question. Then he'll sometimes ask how many hours I'm putting in. They he'll talk down about my brother because he's only working 30-35 hrs / week. I feel sorry for my bro because his wife nags him too to work more hours.

lady j said on 12/13/08 @ 08:34 AM:
Yeah, I do give up a lot and I do get 'punished' or face difficulties for not conforming and working a mind-numbing 40 hours a week. But ya know what? f--k 'em. In my family, I think only my dad truly understands and supports me. But I have luckily found a partner that feels the same way. I'm so happy to have found him!! We are both totally fine with working less and having less. It's definitely a lifestyle choice, and it's certainly not easy. Sometimes I wonder if I should just take a well-paying job in accounting (my previous field) and save every dollar I can, so I can quit in a couple years. But even if I did that for a year or two, the day-to-day grind and 40+ hours per week would kill me. It wasn't worth it before, and it's not worth it now. Besides, I'd probably end up buying the latest fashions so I could keep up with the office fashion show! No thanks.

Simon said on 12/14/08 @ 01:43 AM:
it's that Sunday night feeling again. I think I would rather be hit by a truck than to have to go in tomorrow morning.

I'm starting to hate Sunday nights.

Tom said on 12/14/08 @ 05:49 AM:
I get the Sunday night feeling right after I clock out of work Friday afternoon. Not kidding either. I guess I need to find a different job if I dread it this much..

Dirk said on 12/14/08 @ 03:26 PM:
One thing about my partner is that we both hate working and can totally understand each other about only working part time. I actually make more money part time then a lot of full time people around here, so that proabably helps in peoples judgement of me. But I get what you mean Whatif, that's just how most of us are brainwashed to think, that you should work 40 hours a week, because that's how life is. If you don't, you're some type of loser, just cause you don't wanna waste all of your younger years working. Most people will just never understand, cause like I said, most of them are brainwashed that way since the time they are born.

UGH said on 12/14/08 @ 06:25 PM:
I hate Sunday night-
It is such a depressing feeling- actually depressing isn't even a strong enough word because the feeling i get is beyond being depressed.

ahh said on 12/14/08 @ 06:58 PM:
Dirk, you are correct. People do feel that working 40 hours is the norm and anyone who thinks of doing less is considered "lazy" or "a bum". People are brainwashed and I cannot understand how people could actually tolerate this wasteful life.

I really need to get out of the 40 hour work week and find a decent part time job that can get me by and have more free time. Maybe starting a business is the answer but that is hard as well.

Dirk said on 12/15/08 @ 04:26 AM:
My bro went from working 32 hours a week (4 days) to 40 hours (5 days) and oh, how he can't stand it. Maybe it would make life a little easier to make the standard week only 4 days instead of 5, and yet get paid the same. But that is but fantasy I guess. It's amazing what one more day off a week can do for you.

WhatIF said on 12/15/08 @ 12:26 PM:
Hey guys, Some great reading material(it's a comic !): called"Time Management for Anarchists"


I actually went out and bought it, so very amusing and so true. If you find yourself in a bookstore or whatever, check it out^^

Simon said on 12/16/08 @ 04:38 PM:
four days of work would be a good start, I don't know the asswipe that managed to shoehorn in the five day working week, but I'd sure like to meet him/her. Five days a week is too much, eight hours a day is too much. We all want to live, not suffocate in fluoro hell.

Timbob said on 12/17/08 @ 09:37 PM:
I hate work.
I work with homeless people. You know drug addicts, hookers, alcoholics ect.
People always say "oh that must be so rewarding". Is it f--k.
They are adults who have chosen to not look after themselves. I get shouted and sworn at on a daily basis. I've had certified psychopaths track my home down and stalk/harrass me. Ive been kicked, punched, spat at.
These people reliey on hand outs and feel that they are owed it. If we dont have anything to give them we can expect verbal and quite often physical abuse.
If we even slightly retaliate we get reprimanded and the cops are called.

I don't however just hate my job.
I'm sure its no suprise to you but we are born in to slavery. However we now "choose" to do it.

The wool has been well and truely pulled over our eyes.

Like someone else mentioned earlier in this, I too would like to just live on a farm with a big f--king fence around it and not deal with any of the money hungry bastards out there.

working life said on 12/21/08 @ 06:19 PM:
hey everyone- just thought there should be an uplifting feeling within the site...
I hope everyone can enjoy their Holiday season..

But on a side note---what is your occupation, just curious?

Nathan said on 12/21/08 @ 09:45 PM:
I love my job!

Nameless One said on 12/22/08 @ 02:29 AM:
You think when your younger life will be easy, how wrong i was, the stupid 9-5 shift humans weren't designed for this, oh and you look forward to coming home after days work only to be to tired and buggered to do anything same goes for weekends. You leave school only to work for 40+ plus years and what get a lousy 2 week holiday per year?? that's not life its toture to think how much your missing out on in life. To top it off how can you do the things you could have done in your adulthood when your retired and suffering from pain as a result from years of labour. life should be fun not work dominating it.

Matvey said on 12/22/08 @ 04:12 AM:
Working life, I work as a meter reader for the power company. Basically, I just walk all day long 8-12 miles x day, getting nipped at by dogs in back yards. lol Not looking forward to today. There is 4 foot snow drifts out there. Michigan just got dumped on with a bunch of snow. ugh!! Time to go freeze my arse off! Happy Holidays!!

DILF HUNTER said on 12/22/08 @ 05:32 AM:
t3h 1337 DILF HUNTER

i aitn no normal mother i wanna fark hunter. i hunter dads yo!
or u can call me FILF. cz i rock yo punk as up nd down fool!

Craigyfookinhatework said on 12/22/08 @ 06:02 PM:
I would rather DIE than repeat my job circles.
I cannot express, it is humanly impossible to say the level of utter loathing which I have for all companies and most people I have shat my life away with.

Bill Hicks summed it up, "Congratulations for living in the land of the free!
You're free to do what we tell you!
You're free to do what we tell you!"

If I continue working in offices with office morons, I WILL end up in jail.

The actions of people that I have experienced first hand, are beyond anything that I thought any self respecting human being could do.

I sincerely believe they deserve to be punished with no mercy.

Simon said on 12/22/08 @ 07:32 PM:
Yo Craigyfookinhatework, Bill Hicks is a genuine hero man. He knew it all, and sadly died pretty young. A man that knew the pain we are all going through in having to drag ourselves through the work trash heap each day. You will never find any decent people at work, most places are filled with sadists, psychopaths and other human detritus. You quickly lose any sense of who you are, or even what people are supposed to be like.

Dirk said on 12/22/08 @ 11:22 PM:
Well, time to go back to work out in the blizzard conditions. Even that I sometimes prefer to working alondside with idiots.

Craigyfookinhatework said on 12/23/08 @ 10:36 AM:
Hi Simon
Yea Bill was someone who was right about most things, and didn't fit in because of it :D

But a lot of other people loved him, he just didn't always get to meet us.

"I can get up at dawn, go to a job that I hate, which doesn't inspire me creatively what so ever, for the rest of my f--king life - orrrr I can get up at noon, and learn how to play the sitar"
hahahahaha neeoww ne neeowww hahahaha
\m/ "awwwwwww suck Satin's cock!!"

Yes indeed, Bill was spot on: if I can't find work that I can do myself, I'll work for someone else but in a job that doesn't involve being with other people.

There are FAR too many wankers out there.
Oh well fellow Bill Hicks worshipper, have a nice time over the Christmas and I wish you well for next year, if it's not better I hope it's at least not much s--tter than this one hehehe
\m/ \m/
Goat Child.

Howie said on 12/24/08 @ 02:03 PM:
My boss is 10 years younger than me- he kisses so much ass his mouth is full of dingleberries. I am the only male in the hierarchy- he kisses up to all the women, but not to me. He is scared of resistance. He thinks he has a great job, but he is a frickin credit manager- i don't know what the f** he does all day. Then he comes down on me at times thinking I don't know how to do my job- than a 1/2 hr goes by and he acts nice to me- like nothing ever happened. A-hole.

Tracey said on 12/26/08 @ 06:51 AM:
Its a tiny comfort to know I am not alone in hating my work. I have been in my current job for nearly 3 months and already I am wanting out. I spend my free time away from the office worrying about having to go back. The management are all wankers and a couple of my colleagues are downright nasty, wicked bitches. I fantasise about walking out, however financial commitments have ruled that pleasure out. I hate my life and will continue to do so until I can find another job that doenst make me feel like s--t everytime I enter my office. And to the two c*nts who bad mouth everyone - I truly hope you get your comeuppance one day.

Craigyfookinhatework said on 12/26/08 @ 11:32 AM:
Yea Tracey - but try to remember that it isn't you, it is them.

LadyJ said on 12/26/08 @ 12:32 PM:
I've had my share of cunty gossipy bitches in the office. One time they found my blog online, where I was bitching about having to do my fat bitch coworker's work, and they told everyone about it. I actually got pulled into said coworker's manager's office about it. When he told me about it, I laughed. What a joke. They couldn't do anything to me.

Anyway, sometimes when everyone in the office is stressing out and freaking out and pulling their hair out, I like to sit in my chair and paste a pleasant expression on my face, maybe hum a pleasant tune to myself, go make a cup of tea and breathe it in like I have no worries. They all wonder why I'm not stressing out and I just laugh inside because they are stressing out over dumb f--king s--t. lol!

Howie said on 12/28/08 @ 05:30 PM:
oh no-its Sunday night. Thank God we at least have one day off. But come Jan 2nd- the next work hoilday is Memorial day- yikes..god help us--almost 5 months of 40 hour hell without a break.

Public Enema number 2 said on 12/28/08 @ 08:09 PM:
When I think of life, work is the only thing I loathe with all my being. What is the extgift of life without true freedom to live it. I don't see the point and if not for the instinct to survive, this planet would be half empty by now. Despite this, suicide is still the biggest cause of death and I believe it is directly related to work.

PatrickP said on 12/29/08 @ 06:17 AM:
This is my 3rd day calling in sick. I have been at this job for a year, and man do I hate it. I admit, at times its good to know I have a job. But I think the problem is not work, but myself, as I felt the same in the previous two jobs I held. (I am 31). One I left after 4 yrs, the other I left too after 6months, and this one now is getting to me. Trust me, I am lazy but not stupid. I can get the job done and yes, I do enjoy the challenge. But its the corporate fatcats and incompetent managers are the reasons for my sour attitude. I need my job, I want to like my job. But politics, low employee morale and false promises by managers are just getting to me. I give 8-10 hrs of my life to them 5 days a week, thats a lot of my life dedicated to them for my car payment and mortgage and other bills. And yet they ask for more..

And to the people who say our parents worked long hrs, un-appreciated and in other countries where people work without complaining, I dont think they know what the hell they are talking about. I come from a third world country, the last thing they like is their jobs. Its hell for them and they just keep it in , become slaves just so that they can get their daughters married to put their kids through school, not for the cars or material things we have here in West.

sad said on 12/29/08 @ 06:53 AM:
My colleague is such a lazy ass. She takes a lot of leaves...and leaves all the work for me to do.I hate her so much.

the1nonly said on 12/29/08 @ 09:28 PM:
Writing as I think it:

I can't take it anymore! We are all slaves to a piece of f--king paper! For what? For who? This entire concept of work is a f--ken bulls--t scheme. Think of it from a simple standpoint: all the people at the bottom suffer but those who employ the people who suffer are the ones who really benefit. They actually make the money from our f--king work. It's f--ked up and needs to be fixed. Why do we do this? It's beyond me and I haven't even worked very much in my life. How can people live their entire lives doing something they don't like doing day in, day out? I honestly don't know if i'll be able to make it in this system some times since I can't understand and refuse to embrace this. It's slavery. No matter how you f--ken look at it, SLAVERY! I get angered to the point that I just have to stop thinking about this and try to come up with things to occupy myself. It's wrong. That's it for me, no more thinking about this bulls--t. Off to la la land.

Mark said on 12/29/08 @ 09:50 PM:
HI my name is Mark

I am not looking foward to my life, because my grandparents and my parents etc want me to make it big in life. I feel pressured and I have told them but they don't listen. I have told therapists but it's not working.

I feel suicidal because I am going to have to WORK for the rest of my LIFE. f--k!

My grandad who is now retired isn't working anymore, but he said it took a long time for him to get to this stage to RETIRE he said his whole life has been hell trying to make a living!

I don't wanna go through this till I am 70. Hell my grandad has worked so hard all his life, that HE IS TOO OLD to do the things that he wants to do, like travelling the world. He says that he doesn't have the energy because of his age!





lady j said on 12/30/08 @ 06:08 AM:
Mark, my mom and grandparents did the same thing to me. But I think they've realized by now that it ain't gonna happen! lol! It's YOUR life, YOU need to live it as you see fit. It will cause problems with your family, hell they might even disown you. Which would suck. Cause some people can't understand why we don't want to slave away our lives. The thing I could never understand about my family is that why don't they just want me to be happy? Do I really have to make $100k a year, too?

Work is f--king stupid.

beerengine said on 12/30/08 @ 01:45 PM:
Lady j is right bro, but your also right this system is wrong, how did it come to this?

Kathy said on 12/31/08 @ 08:22 AM:
Mark, maybe the problem is that we've bought into commercialized ideas of what our lives are supposed to be like.
When that doesn't happen, we think there's something wrong with us. Never mind that 87% of the population lives like we live. We see a glamorized version of life on TV and get bitter when ours is nowhere near that.
Maybe your life won't turn out like you think it will now. Maybe it will be considerably better. Give it a chance. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised. Live one day at a time.
(Ok, you can slap me now, LOL)

Dirk said on 01/02/09 @ 03:04 AM:
I'm thinking of just running an ad for an in home repair business in a couple publications areound here. I work at night so have my days free (somewhat). Keep the ad in all year long, and if anything comes from it, comes from it. Maybe if I keep it up for a couple years i'll get a decent customer base started and I can quit my job. I think the key is to not have high expectations of getting rich quick and keeping patient and persistent with the advertising.

I can't keep this working for others, trapped in a building bulls--t up for another 35 years. I have to try somethin.
Even if I got hired at a high paying job around here (unlikely in this city, even with a degree), i'd probably still hate the s--t.

If only I could get my dream job of rubbing down hot women in oil for photo shoots...

NIKSTER09 said on 01/02/09 @ 04:22 AM:
work is absolutely soul destroyin!!!! i end up starin at the clock all day waitin to escape!!! maybe if i had a job i liked it wouldnt be so bad but does such a thing even exist??? ROLL ON THE WEEKEND!!!!!!

Simon said on 01/02/09 @ 06:20 PM:
Dirk, you have a dream at least for a business which would mean that you wouldn't be stuck working for assholes. I think you should go ahead and at least try it, pick up work for weekends at first, then move on from there. If you had to spend another 35 years working the way you are, you will be brain dead for sure. We weren't meant to do that s--t.

Storm Warning said on 01/04/09 @ 11:07 AM:
Here we go again. Sunday night sadness, just waiting for the Monday misery to set in. Great, cant wait to go back to work for another week of 'fun' and 'success'. Still, at least I have my faithful friend (alcohol) next to me keeping me chipper until I go to sleep.
All the best for tomorrow guys & girls, coz if you're on this site then you feel just the same as me.

JanuaryBlues said on 01/04/09 @ 03:22 PM:
Sunday night - 23.20 - boy do i feel depressed. back to work after three whole weeks... i know i got a ton of emails waiting for me, two managers who i hate because of their attitude problems. I am a graduate been working two months and have surely decided that working for someone else / corporate environment is not for me. dont get me wrong - i am very fortunate to be in this position but to be honest i rather be working 12 hour days for myself

Q said on 01/04/09 @ 04:48 PM:
I cant face going in to see those bunch of "*^!s - you have to spend 40 hrs a week with those blasted people is it too m uch to ask that you pull together to make life easier for each other? obviously it is. bastards

Craigyfookinhatework said on 01/04/09 @ 04:57 PM:
Sincerely, I feel for you all.

hateful said on 01/04/09 @ 05:39 PM:
Yep, Sunday night-feeling depressed as always. Why do we live this way? It is a WASTE of a beautiful life we all could live, by enjoying the simple pleasures in life. I hate work, i hate everyone at work, i do not want to talk to anyone at work, ughhh.
THere has to be another way to enjoy this life in a comfortable way other than going to work 5 days out of 7. If anyone has figured it out, please share.

Howie said on 01/04/09 @ 06:23 PM:
I hate this time of the year- its frickin cold and dreary, and the holidays are over- and no more work holidays (unless you take a personal day, but I dont take those til summer)- until lo and behold, May 25th. God help us. Why do we do torture ourselves?

Simon said on 01/04/09 @ 11:36 PM:
Sorry for everyone that has to return Monday, myself included... At least we are all in the same boat, and share it with each other. I wish there was a way out of it though, I am a smart man, but have yet to find a way. Perhaps there is no easy answer, as the corporate hell houses have it all sown up for us, so we cannot escape. Any ideas anyone?

RedPillPeople said on 01/05/09 @ 01:09 PM:

- Welfare (bye bye house, significant other, Car,...)
- Vagabond, fancy word for bum
- Suicide (if you believe in heaven,bonus points for you)
- Part-time (bye bye material things)
- Criminal activities
- X-Factor= win lottery, marry rich, 2012
- Self sacrifice, life insurance for those you love.
- Do drugs, Alcohol and Escape to a magical world every evening and weekends!
- Spit out the red pill and pretend that work is wonderfull, be positive and imagine you are not a slave, Society is NOT a beautiful lie.

beerengine said on 01/05/09 @ 03:44 PM:
I just can't bear work....

curious said on 01/05/09 @ 06:08 PM:
I am just curious as to what everybody does as their occupation on this site?

I'll start off by saying i'm in accounting, and i hate every passing second of it.

Craigyfookinhatework said on 01/05/09 @ 07:57 PM:
beerengine - Administration, general office/reception - I like the work but hate the people; horrible evil s--tey spiteful malicious cunts the lot of them.

Simon said on 01/05/09 @ 08:42 PM:
IT Coordinator, a hateful job, all the trappings of management, with none of the pay. Overloaded, used up and pissed off...

thegreatA said on 01/06/09 @ 04:22 AM:
customer service at a communication company. i advise anyone against accepting a work which requires you to find their missing phone bills or why the flying f--k is my phone not working. Its stressful and im already having ulcer just answering to people's complains all the time. Im planning to get my masters and go teach kids than develop some form of depression in life later on.

lady j said on 01/06/09 @ 05:42 AM:
Used to do accounts payable/receivable, past couple years has been administrative assistant type s--t. boring as f--king hell and meaningless. paper pusher, busy work, peon. been making jewelry the past two years and finally started selling some, made $400 from it ($260 profit) in December. Plan on transitioning to that as my full time job. That is, if this s--tty economy doesn't stop people from buying non-essential goods.

I hate my f--king boss. She lives me dumb ass post it notes all over the place, she's a control freak, when she eats, get this -- she moans like she's having sex, she also smacks, blows her nose loudly several times a day, brushes her hair and there are hairballs all over the f--king office, even on my chair (WTF!). Damn I f--king hate her. Okay enough pettiness (I try hard not to be petty).

Red Pill: you left out short term disability, which is what I have been hoping for. I don't care if I'm broke ass with holes in my clothes, at least I won't be working for tha man (or tha bitch).

Kathy said on 01/06/09 @ 07:41 AM:
I started out as a drafter or draftsman in 1974 and worked my way up in my old company to the position of Engineering Assistant (went to work nights and got 2 year degree in Civil Eng.). Lost that job after 23 years due to downsizing. Got a federal job making maps. Don't use a tenth of the knowledge or education I have. Very, very, very bored.
This area doesn't offer much, plus has an active good-old-boys network that I don't belong to.

beerengine said on 01/06/09 @ 01:29 PM:
I started off in electronics fault finding. Now I work as an IT technician for a kids prison....

Howie said on 01/06/09 @ 06:22 PM:
Imagine a legitimate 'Jonestown" lead by a legitimate leader- no cuckoos, no cult- just people wanting to get away. With the technology 30 years later- we could do it. I would join.

Simon said on 01/06/09 @ 07:59 PM:
Hi Howie, very interesting topic mate. I watched that whole saga on a documentary last week, and it was pretty frightening how much power he had over so many people. I think if you get the wrong person in charge, it can seriously go wrong. Absolute power corrupting absolutely etc, etc. However, with some intelligent, caring, community minded folks it could certainly be worked at. I think at this stage, I would probably go to, and I would work hard just to try to create a piece of paradise on this earth.

Why do we consistently get it wrong??

beerengine said on 01/08/09 @ 05:50 AM:
Everybody I have spoken to since Christmas and New Year look absolutely depressed and devasted at returning to work, funny eh! The season of good will, there's times I think to myself at the most basic level we create most technology is for entertainment, necessity or lazyness. Weird how we are all slaves to the machines we created hmmm.

Sabrewulf said on 01/08/09 @ 10:42 AM:
I work for the N.H.S and i HATE it. Back at work for 12hrs tomorrow day and then working both Saturday and Sunday night. I must be one of the few people in the world actually looking forward to Monday morning lol.

beerengine said on 01/11/09 @ 04:33 PM:

Howie said on 01/11/09 @ 05:01 PM:
Sunday...the calm before the storm.

Dirk said on 01/11/09 @ 10:09 PM:
Howie, Simon - You would have to constantly monitor what type of people get into the community so you wouldn't end up with too many assholes that would screw it all up over time.

I've often thought of living in some type of place where the community works together for common purpose, with no one working 40hour slave jobs.

Simon said on 01/11/09 @ 10:37 PM:
Hey Dirk, yes, the problem would always be the quality of the people in any given community. However, even when you interview people, they can turn out differently to what you thought they might be like. The essential problem with those types of communities, is that they are fragile and very easy to stuff up. They rely on an enormous amount of goodwill and trust. Insert one psychotic leader type and it would quickly turn to shxt. Unfortunately...

beerengine said on 01/12/09 @ 03:09 PM:
I didn't go in, rang in sick...

Howie said on 01/12/09 @ 04:30 PM:
On the "community", the best thing would be, you could leave at anytime.

LadyJ said on 01/12/09 @ 04:43 PM:
I was sorely tempted to call in sick, but.. I called in sick 2 days out of 4 last week (well, I really was sick, had a horrible cold) - and I just got a HUGE raise (I'm part time so it doesn't take much, lol!). Anyhoo, I still goofed off most the day.

Anyway, I am totally for a commune-type thing. I read something a while back, some community in Washington or Oregon somewhere, no one had to work full-time and they provided food and house and basic internet and TV for everyone. It CAN be done! I'll try and find that article and post it here.

beerengine said on 01/13/09 @ 12:50 AM:
I tell you everyone, try not to spend to much cash. The whole financial structure is built on sand, it's just not reality. Hopefully it will crash globally and we could live free natural lives, without this slavery...

corona radiata said on 01/13/09 @ 05:40 AM:
the system is weak right now, a perfect time for a collective consciousness raiser. The political and financial elites are propping it up but it can easily be taken down by the public, this would require breaking the conditioning of self interest in this context through dissemination of alternative information, to illustrate how unjust the system is, the coup will succeed! (I want to be a revolutionary lol).

beerengine said on 01/13/09 @ 10:32 AM:
Corona radiata is spot on!!!! It's a control system and it's failing that same pound coin or dollar bill just goes round and round in circles forever, while the so called elite claim the tax off it! Your money, think about it isn't even real it's held on microchips on a credit card or in a bank. Just a few electrical pulses!!!! Totally ridicules concept, now the general public have no money to spend because of so much credit/borrowing they are running scared what can they do print money and make us spend it and then tax it....nope they can't and they no it. Lets see them do a 12 or 8 hour day just to get two s--t days off, where your body is so f--ked and stressed they wonder why people drink and take drugs!!! To escape this reality of pain and be free within there own minds!!!

corona radiata said on 01/13/09 @ 08:05 PM:
thanks dude. I'm hearing a lot of comments these days that times are tough, take what you can, be grateful for having a job. I guess there are two ways of looking at it, yes one would be grateful if they are in debt and its logical for them to take what they can. However I can't help but think there is something so servile about thinking in this way. Like be a good dog and you might get rewarded. We're being treated like slaves but under a different banner. But one is only a slave if they believe it. The system rewards injustice, its better than whats gone before, we more rights and so on but its the progeny of the primitive era in human development when ignorance and lack of knowledge allowed the ruthless to rise to the top. Ruthlessness is not remotely a good quality despite what the media might sometimes want us to believe. When asked about how he could account for the global recession, George Bush used a tone of voice akin to one of these neo nazis a documentary maker named Louis Theroux interviewed, ie he sounded very contemptuous. His arrogance is misplaced though because his administration pretty much encouraged laissez faire capitalism. In addition to the Iraq war, the offences at guantanamo, he and members of his administration should be prosecuted and given life sentences. They just let 911 happen. I don't believe the conspiracy theories but I suspect they knew it was coming and did nothing as it served their interests and those of wider international community of elites, China, Britain etc. The system can be changed, we just need to remove the mechanisms that reward stupidity, ignorance, politicking, ruthlessness, greed and so on. Granted these are human traits, but they're encouraged right now and this is the problem. .

Mark said on 01/14/09 @ 01:55 AM:
I have been seriously wanting to die. I had a major fight with my grandparents because they are angry because I'm not working. I hate work I always end up fighting with people, because they are always mean to me. Like in the morning they will be ok and then in the afternoon they wanna kill you. I almost hit my boss and have had 10 jobs in the last year. I'm not trying to create attention, but I don't want to go through all that bulls--t, and with my grandparents giving me a hard time- well I will probably end up killing myself soon and then they wont have me, and I hope it hurts them, bloodly wankers of grandparents!

I am 20 years old and I can't take it anymore!

Hey Lady J what is your hotmail.

It would be good if we were pen pals.

Mark said on 01/14/09 @ 02:00 AM:
I live with my parents and wont ever talk to my grandparents again I hope, as they give me hell about work all the time. I don't drink or smoke and I hardly have any friends because I have aspergers syndrome. I look normal and act normal, but with my aspergers syndrome I am extremely sensitive to the way people talk to me, which is my downfall!

I may as well die and not exsist!

Mark said on 01/14/09 @ 02:12 AM:
The only thing that is stopping me from killing myself right now, is because I want to go to outer space one day and fly to mars.

I have been wanting to be an adventure tour guide, as that is my last option, but because I have aspergers syndrome which makes me sensitive to the way people talk to me, as I get to the point of almost breaking down and crying, It makes it hard for me to do this. I feel like it is my last option!

It you guys knew what I have been through job wise since I have left school, man I tell ya it's horrible!

I hope you guys don't think I am a idot.

corona radiata said on 01/14/09 @ 05:46 AM:
Nah man, I share the same aspiration, I too want to go into space. A far flung fantasy is that one day humanity will be revolutionized with a new discovery, will make first contact with benign aliens, and due to a shortage in personnel will take on people outside the traditional bounds of physics, aeronautics, to work in a new fleet of ships. I'll join and within 10 years will be captain of a starship. Ok so I badly want star trek to happen and its just a daydream but if prices drop I would sacrifice all my money to be a space tourist, to go up there and experience the universe in a more fundamental state.

PowderKeg said on 01/14/09 @ 06:09 AM:
Suicide is proof of life.

Kathy said on 01/14/09 @ 07:54 AM:
You know you hate your job when you enjoy getting the flu. Anything that takes you away from LooneyLand.... is your friend.

The LC said on 01/14/09 @ 02:12 PM:
How quickly do weeknights go? And of course the classic Sunday afternoon/evening which is officially the fastest period of time known to man.

beerengine said on 01/14/09 @ 02:17 PM:
I too love Star Trek, that program should be our inspiration. They work to explore, they have no money and they work to better themselves not to get richer than the next guy.....

Simon said on 01/14/09 @ 03:44 PM:
LC, not only does time fly when you are away from work, it also goes through a trans dimensional warping and utterly slows down when you are AT work.. I am positive that the hallway clock here actually stopped yesterday around 3pm. I could swear this is true!

Simon said on 01/14/09 @ 03:48 PM:
eight hour days are a trap, and they have been deliberately constructed to keep us occupied so we do not have time to think about any important issues. Anyone care to speculate as to how far this capitalist free fall is actually going to go? The constant boom bust cycles are surely evidence that it is not working. Read some of John Zerzans work, brilliant man.

beerengine said on 01/14/09 @ 03:55 PM:
Simon you are spot on man!!!

Howie said on 01/14/09 @ 06:13 PM:
You are so right man. I feel like I just got home, and its already fricking 9 pm.

Mark said on 01/14/09 @ 08:29 PM:
I live in New Zealand, what country do you guys live?

Mark said on 01/14/09 @ 08:32 PM:

BUT... SUNDAY Especially Sunday Afternoons are so depressing, because everyone faces work the next day!

Mark said on 01/14/09 @ 08:34 PM:
It is especially horrible when you have to hop into bed early on Sunday night. The feeling is just so horrible, it feels like I am in a coffin!

Mark said on 01/14/09 @ 08:35 PM:

Simon said on 01/14/09 @ 09:15 PM:
Location: Australia, Perth

Hey BeerEng, Star Trek is great, just watched the entire seasons 1 & 2 recently, whilst being off from work sick. Decent values, and a better time methinks.

Sunday night is to be dreaded, and it is unpleasant not only because Monday is staring you in the face, but also because you are taking up your valuable weekend time thinking about work... Weeknights evaporate even faster than weekends, and most days you are too stuffed to do anything decent due to work.

Illnesses are to be embraced, and you should take as much time as possible to get better! I would also prefer the flu to any time at work..

Chris said on 01/15/09 @ 12:18 AM:
location australia,nsw
im 19 recently got my first ever job working at a supermarket stocking the shelves working 4 days a week, boy i cant wait till days and like others to i get that feeling of dread on sunday.
my boss had a whine because im up in the lunch room for a few mins every hour getting a drink hello im not going to dehydrate myself??? now there trying to get me to work more but ill say no i like having personal time and to enjoy life and thats final!!

corona radiata said on 01/15/09 @ 05:50 AM:
one thing that will forever elude me is starting so early in the morning. Last year I had to get up at 7 (I know thats nothing compared to people who get up at 5 or 6), to be in work at 9.30. I had to teach classes until 5.45, normally I finish at 5.30 ish. Would have one 10 min break after the first class, a 30 min lunch and another 10 mins in the evening. Then I would get back at 7.30. I nearly went insane. I was continually exhausted, experienced an hallucination (saw a fly in the middle of february) and was beginning to feel sickness on a system wide level. I'd say a large part of it was getting up so early in the morning. I can't cognitively function getting up at that hour. It should be a 4- 6 hour work day with flexitime imo.

LadyJ said on 01/15/09 @ 08:02 AM:
I'm in the U.S. Please don't hold it against me, lol!

Am with you all on Star Trek! I am an uber nerd. Fiancee and I watched the whole Voyager season last year, now we are watching the Deep Space Nine series. Love it. What a way to live!

beerengine said on 01/15/09 @ 01:46 PM:
I'm from the UK, LadyJ I love Voyager, it's the way forward long live Seven OF Nine!!!! But seriously, for example driving lessons in England are roughly one hour, why? Because the human brain can't concentrate efficiently after one hour, its science fact. So why the hell are we expected to give our ALL for eight hours and more?????

RedHot said on 01/15/09 @ 04:13 PM:
I just dont think there even exists a job that anyone really wants to do. I feel like that guy in office space who just wants to do nothing. I have only been working full time for two years, (part time for 10 years) and I originally liked my job. Within the past 3 months I just hate everything about working in general. Even if I went another avenue I would probably get sick of it in a year again. ITS NEVER ENDING!!!!!!

Simon said on 01/15/09 @ 04:50 PM:
work is a soul sucking trap, I don't believe any full time job is truly rewarding. Office jobs in particular, which seem to be the same wherever you go, and involve the same drudgery and boredom. Humans weren't meant to be doing any of that sort of stuff, and we certainly didn't evolve to be office jerks. All I can say is 'PC Load Letter' WTF

Mark said on 01/15/09 @ 05:42 PM:
Hey people

I notice people looking at me, wondering why isn't he at work, and it stresses me out!

What should I do?

Howie said on 01/15/09 @ 07:04 PM:
I'm so burned out by Friday- I don't have energy to do anything, except watch TV. I'm pretty sure I have S.A.D (seasonal depression)- I pretty much hibernate in the winter- especially with this cold spell.

slavedrivenandpissed said on 01/15/09 @ 07:20 PM:
so.. its the busiest time of year at my company. im delirious, pissed, have headaches everyday... is
anyone working 6 days a week or 55 hrs + right now? they even tried talking me into working a double shift.. 16 hrs.
no thanks, ill pass--sorry i like my life too much. s--t.

LadyJ said on 01/15/09 @ 07:58 PM:
Mark - f--k 'em. Who cares what they think. Seriously. For all they know you are a millionaire and don't have to work a day in your life! lol

JohnCrichton said on 01/15/09 @ 08:54 PM:
"Arbeit macht frei". Work makes ones free, written at the entrance of a nazi concentraition camp. (says enough about work:s)

I'm glad you talking about sci-fi, it's actually one of my many great escapes to an universe where there is meaning and there are adventures instead of soulcrushing jobs and pointlessness.

Mark said on 01/16/09 @ 12:56 AM:
Thankyou Lady J

I like to run

My hotmail is


Mark said on 01/16/09 @ 01:03 AM:
I haven't been working at the moment because I have had a knee operation, because I twisted my knee jumping off a swing!

I have had a ACL reconstuction and lateral mencius repair.

I am not looking foward to working.soon, but the break is very unstressful. It must suck being so cold in America at the moment!

Lady J we should defintiely be pen pals

Mark said on 01/16/09 @ 01:04 AM:
I haven't been working at the moment because I have had a knee operation, because I twisted my knee jumping off a swing!

I have had a ACL reconstuction and lateral mencius repair.

I am not looking foward to working.soon, but the break is very unstressful. It must suck being so cold in America at the moment!

Lady J we should defintiely be pen pals

Mark said on 01/16/09 @ 01:06 AM:

corona radiata said on 01/16/09 @ 08:15 AM:
work is kind of like school in a way, a lot of jobs require a dress code=uniform, there's an incentive to go to bed early to get up early, the majority of work places are based on an authoritarian structure=teachers/rules. I hated school, it was like prison, 5 years in secondary, 5 years of my life wasted in a way. Most people have nightmares of sitting the final exams, to me that was my escape. Went to university, everyone does their own thing, lecturers are enlightened waheey!, free thought and a relaxed atmosphere prevalent. University was paradise.

Howie said on 01/16/09 @ 05:42 PM:
No real responsibility in college Corona. No need to get up at 6:30 every morning. No need to sit in an 8-hour prison cell every day. Can we go back??

Mark said on 01/16/09 @ 11:36 PM:
Man my grandparents are giving me hell and I am not going to talk to them anymore.

People is it normal for a 20 year old to not be working and not want to work because of the stress and depression that comes with a job?

Dirk said on 01/17/09 @ 12:03 AM:
Two new managers at my job, and they both are idiots and don't know what they're doing. I asked them a question the other day and they both ignored me and kept talking to each other, which was a pointless conversation that had nothing to do with work. It took all the restraint I had to not punch their faces in. I would probably just end up beating them both to death and hiding their bodies in the never ending snow that keeps piling up here. The thing is, my anger is getting so pent up and bad, I'm almost not even joking about that scenario.

And Mark, yeah it's normal. You just have to beat work into your head untill you can endure it a little bit more. That's all you can do. I didn't start working a full time job till 20, and I couldn't stand it. I jumped from job to job for 7 years looking for something that I didn't hate, and for the last five i've been working at a job part time that I can only just "tolerate". But something has been nagging on me more lately and making me really want to quit. But I can't, so i'm stuck for now...

Dirk said on 01/17/09 @ 12:05 AM:
Oh yeah, I probably also have the biggest W2 collection of anyone here.

thegreatA said on 01/18/09 @ 03:23 AM:
my grandpa once told me that his people lived off the land. the only thing they needed to buy was salt and oil. that was around 1930's. nowadays we work in an office environment, where our work mates are dumb, customers scream at us even if its NOT our faults and our manager/dickhead gets ALL the credit for OUR HARD WORK.

sure it was hard back then during my grandpa's time, but why am i the one feeling jealous about it? my grandpa lived till he was 96. never once he did office work and complain on the old days. he lived life to the fullest and me i feel like total crap.

what happened to us?

LadyJ said on 01/18/09 @ 07:43 AM:
Sunday morning.. already had a pang of anxiety thinking about work tomorrow. Last week my boss told me she was going to organize my desk this week. WTF!? Don't most people set up their own desk and keep it organized? I mean it's not messy, at all. So WTF!?

Sabrewulf said on 01/18/09 @ 12:55 PM:
Sunday night again, the long dark tea time of the soul! Just had a weeks holiday and a great weekend in London, and now once more, the spectre of work stares me in the face again. Recently I have been reading some books about Neolithic and Mesolithic hunters. Life back then may have been hard, but my god, it sounds alot better then working like we do now. I bet they did not dread Monday morning lol. Oh well, roll on Friday.

beerengine said on 01/18/09 @ 04:13 PM:
I can't do it again tomorrow.....

LetsWinTheLOTTERY said on 01/18/09 @ 06:07 PM:
I've been working since I was 13, I've made my money but I've made no life! I'm so bored with working no matter what it is, I'm tired of it. I hate rude customers, managers that think they are the s--t but aren't worth s--t. The higher up getting away with whatever they get away with when the lower people get cut off. We get treated like s--t so they can look better.. HEL NO!
I go to work in the morning, my boyfriend goes in work when I get out, and when he gets out I'm in bed! So really what kinda life is that? I've always dreamed living in the 40's where I'd have to handwash my own clothes. Why does life have to more complicated than it should be? I hope there is no afterlife and I can stay in heaven, then I'll be living the way life should be.

Simon said on 01/18/09 @ 10:02 PM:
The truth is, that the way we work now is not worth it at all. All the consumer goodies we buy to make ourselves happier, are just another drug fix in disguise. Unfortunately, we buy so much trash, that we have to work to pay for the trash we need to keep ourselves happy (for the time being).

The only job I actually enjoyed was when I was a contractor, and hadn't sold myself to any one company. Everytime I work for anyone full time, I feel trapped and frustrated.

It's already Monday, and each week is just the same as the other, puncutated by a couple of days in between which fly by so fast, I can't remember them!

suck it up people!

beerengine said on 01/19/09 @ 07:07 AM:
If reincarnation is real I don't wont to come back as a human being again, never. I would rather be a cat or a bird so I can be free...

Simon said on 01/19/09 @ 03:46 PM:
beerengine, I agree with you. Who wants to be a human slave, I would rather take my chances with animal kingdom predators, than be a slave for the rest of my life. Their lives may be short, but who cares.....

Howie said on 01/19/09 @ 06:48 PM:
You got it my friend- I'm thinking coming back as a dog- you get fed, your belly rubbed, and don't need toilet paper. oh, and you get to lay around all day- and not be chastised for it...

Chris said on 01/20/09 @ 02:05 AM:
man i dream of winning the lottery not having to work a day of my life away no more please come true!!! holiday break on Friday 2 weeks off but unfortanetly fun never lasts then it is back to the fluoro light prison for the rest of the year.

Dirk said on 01/20/09 @ 03:50 AM:
About being reincarnated as an animal, it's just luck being born as a dog that goes to a rich home, or a dog that born on the street or goes to an abusive home. Just like luck about where you're born as a human. But I see your point, i'd come back as a bird and go through a hundred deaths as one, than come back and do this s--t again. It feels so pointless.

corona radiata said on 01/20/09 @ 04:43 AM:
I'd like to have been born as a super advanced alien or a human in the future when they have gene treatment to make people live indefinitely and ftl travel (assuming). Its mind bending when you think about it, you could have been born as anyone else at any other time, or you may never have existed at all.

CraighasFuckedworkOff said on 01/20/09 @ 05:07 AM:
If they could make us last for ever they'd have us working for ever.

Everyone try to get out of it, they're mad pimping us

beerengine said on 01/20/09 @ 03:10 PM:
Check this out, in England people are living to long and we are becoming an elderly population that is not reproducing fast enough due to economics. What's the governments solution, make people retire at 70! WTF, so now we could potentially work until we drop down dead!!!! Their reason, the skill base acquired is so useful to the UK and people are living longer anyway!!!!! I want to see all the high and mighty get off their butts and joins us in this work based marathon to our deaths, you reckon, yeah no chance pal!!!! If alien abduction is real, please, please, please take me away, from this hell to somewhere better, let me explore the universe with you..

beerengine said on 01/20/09 @ 03:33 PM:
I often wonder, why are we enslaved in this work nonsense, if we are working for a some goal a better life what the hell is it. Better food for example what junk food or food that is smothered in plastic giving us cancer and reducing sperm counts? Better medicine but the bugs are coming more resistant and if we lived off the land anyway our immune systems would e stronger and we would be generally fitter naturally without having to exercise, this why exercise is so laborious and unnatural to most people, because you wouldn't do it naturally in nature left to your own devices. Even our technology is useless for every great invention there's a price we didn't think ahead about! The so called modern way of life just doesn't work, greed creates greed people are forced to buy crap they don't want through brain washing (advertising) and getting enslaved by debt to keep the system moving. So called primitive tribes have existed for millenia without this greed system. It's this system causing global warming,world wide recession,virtual one world government and monetary system,murder,rape,greed. This system brings out the WORST in human beings, half the planet is overweight, over worked,diseased by life style and in living debt. The other half is over worked in famine and diseased by relative poverty, this defied all logic. The ONLY reason WE are rich and living longer is because THEY are poor and dying younger and THEY have all the natural resources of the planet, sounds like some kind of sick genocide to me, I tell you. Obama, Bush, Brown, Blair they never ran the show, they're just the face for people who sit in the shadows who truly run the planet and these people are sick, sick, sick. power mad greedy and disgusting filth and the state of the planet and us reflects them. Just like how sicko rapists and peodo's have sick nasty crap in their rooms that reflects their mental outlook the state of the planet earth reflects all global leaders, religious or other wise. The mmek will inherit the earth, this is prophecy give the Earth back to the people, as it was in the damn first place!!!!!

beerengine said on 01/20/09 @ 03:34 PM:
I often wonder, why are we enslaved in this work nonsense, if we are working for a some goal a better life what the hell is it. Better food for example what junk food or food that is smothered in plastic giving us cancer and reducing sperm counts? Better medicine but the bugs are coming more resistant and if we lived off the land anyway our immune systems would e stronger and we would be generally fitter naturally without having to exercise, this why exercise is so laborious and unnatural to most people, because you wouldn't do it naturally in nature left to your own devices. Even our technology is useless for every great invention there's a price we didn't think ahead about! The so called modern way of life just doesn't work, greed creates greed people are forced to buy crap they don't want through brain washing (advertising) and getting enslaved by debt to keep the system moving. So called primitive tribes have existed for millenia without this greed system. It's this system causing global warming,world wide recession,virtual one world government and monetary system,murder,rape,greed. This system brings out the WORST in human beings, half the planet is overweight, over worked,diseased by life style and in living debt. The other half is over worked in famine and diseased by relative poverty, this defied all logic. The ONLY reason WE are rich and living longer is because THEY are poor and dying younger and THEY have all the natural resources of the planet, sounds like some kind of sick genocide to me, I tell you. Obama, Bush, Brown, Blair they never ran the show, they're just the face for people who sit in the shadows who truly run the planet and these people are sick, sick, sick. power mad greedy and disgusting filth and the state of the planet and us reflects them. Just like how sicko rapists and peodo's have sick nasty crap in their rooms that reflects their mental outlook the state of the planet earth reflects all global leaders, religious or other wise. The meek will inherit the earth, this is prophecy, give the Earth back to the people, as it was in the damn first place!!!!!

beerengine said on 01/20/09 @ 04:34 PM:

beerengine said on 01/20/09 @ 04:34 PM:

beerengine said on 01/20/09 @ 04:35 PM:

beerengine said on 01/20/09 @ 04:36 PM:

beerengine said on 01/20/09 @ 04:37 PM:

Mark said on 01/21/09 @ 12:38 AM:
The Great A

You are so right

Mark said on 01/21/09 @ 12:42 AM:

I hope recincartion is not real

Hell that would be madness!

Mark said on 01/21/09 @ 12:46 AM:
People say that money doesn't buy happiness.

Hell yes it does. I saved a lot of money once and just lived off that for a while going oversees and it was great.

I believe the people with money are just boring people like BILL GATES!

If I were bill gates I would start up my own space travel company and fly to other planets!

I mean what good is money, like Bill Gates, if it just sits in there till you die!

Mark said on 01/21/09 @ 12:48 AM:



I HOPE WHEN WE DIE our spirit comes out of us, I am bloodly hoping, because if I kill myself from hating work, well I hope my spirit comes out of me!

Mark said on 01/21/09 @ 12:50 AM:


The people with lots of money are boring.

But us...

we definitely know what we will do with it, wont we spacey people!

I love outer space, my dream!

Mark said on 01/21/09 @ 12:53 AM:
I definitely understand what people are saying.

My grandad has worked and is now retired at 70, but he is to exhausted to travel the world, which he has always wanted to do.

I feel really sad for my grandad, I REALLY BLOODLY DO!


Dirk said on 01/21/09 @ 06:27 AM:
I had one person say to me, winning the lottery would be more trouble than it's worth, and he wouldn't want to win. Uhh, you must be joking or retarded. I can deal with freinds family and organizations begging me for money all the time a lot easier than I can doing this repetitve bulls--t. Besides, most people I wouldn't want finding me wouldn't anyways. The trobules of being rich are a lot easier to deal with than the troubles of being poor, or working to survive, whatever you wanna call it. As a matter of fact, i'm gonna play the powerball today, even if the chance is practically non-existant that I win, I at least know that a microscopic bit of hope is out there.

Simon said on 01/21/09 @ 03:23 PM:
Anyone care to comment on why we wish over forty hours of our lives away? That's the one thing I am really tired of, losing 5 out of 7 days of every valuable week, just to pay for a house, food, bills and other 'essentials'.

Whoever set this up must really hate human life.

Howie said on 01/21/09 @ 05:44 PM:
You're so burned out by Friday. It's really one day out of seven. Sunday goes by in 2 seconds. Yet the work week lasts like two years.

Howie said on 01/21/09 @ 05:46 PM:
On the lottery thing- that person(s) in Nassau, NY who won the 22M mega $ was thinking this same thing a week ago .. look where that person(s) is today- you gotta play to win.

LFC Fan said on 01/22/09 @ 02:53 AM:
Greetings all, been reading this forum for some time now and I have to agree with alot of the sentiments on here!

Work in moderation can be alright, occasionally interesting and rewarding. HOWEVER I work as a management accountant and the amount of shit reports I have to churn out to constant deadlines 5 days a week can get pretty depressing if you are not strong minded!

Top that off with the bullshit supressive atmosphere I work in where people are too afraid to be themselves and have a laugh occasionally - really frustrates me... it's basically wage slavery which ever way you dress it up, unless you can run your own business.

I've been doing it for a couple of years and all the ambitions I once had have all but evaporated due to the soul destroying drudgery of this working environment which drains me mentally and you get very little thanks for anything good you do (just mistakes highlighted).

Thankfully there is one other guy in my department I can chat too about how things are because we both hate it equally!

Anyway enough negativity for now, I've got shit do to! :(

Hope things work out for everyone..

Alan said on 01/22/09 @ 05:08 AM:
I want to be an Electrician. I think the hatred most people have with work - i.e service industry work, you are either standing or sitting in the same spot doing the same thing over and over again. What you did yesterday is the same thing you do today and the samrt money says you will be doing tomorrow and 10 years from now. My experiance with call centre work is one person screaming in your ear while one of your idiot co-workers is incessantly clicking a pen. To top it all off the environment despite being throughly politically correct, is one of nasty backstabbing bullying. To be a tradesman, you get to move about, think for yourself and progress up the ladder the more experiance you get. The only thing is I've been unemployed for 2.5 years now - I had to quit the call centre job I was in because the level of stress was giving me pains in my chest and arm - 26! the job centre wont help either - the closest thing they could offer me as a trade was shelf stacking!!! WTF! Maybe I should cut out the middle man and the next 40 odd years and just take a razor to my wrists!

CraighasFuckedworkOff said on 01/22/09 @ 06:07 AM:
Everyone watch William Cooper (RIP after being murdered by the police) on youtube.

You will see how you/we are all part of an economic organised slavery. (You could also read Science a History by John Gribbin, to see how the government have always employed the best economists, mathematicians and psycologists for hundreds of years).
The upset you all feel is real, the things you feel are real, your thought of "this can't be right" is real, the only problem is how do you get out of it?

I suggest thinking of any or all alternatives, when you get out of the environment you find you can think for yourself again, and your confidence increases.
Something very nasty is going on and it's not an accident. Read this with an open mind, I'm not joking but trying to help you.

zigzagangel said on 01/22/09 @ 01:32 PM:

The comments are interesting:)

corona radiata said on 01/22/09 @ 05:18 PM:
Those comments are interesting, I was expecting unanimous agreement.

Anyway a lot of what people are saying here is redolent of Kaczynsky, wiki him, he's a certified wacko but interesting to read about nonetheless.

We have so much power as a united front, this is why elites employ a divide and conquer strategy to keep us complacent, partly with our own consent of course!

Simon said on 01/22/09 @ 11:51 PM:
Alan is right about trades, it would be much preferable to be working with a trade skill, than to be office bound. You are set with some skills for life, and there are always requirements for skilled trades people. Office jobs come and go, and the requirement to be stuck in an orifice really makes most office jobs suck badly. Call Centre work would probably be amongst the worst, and I can well imagine the politics and constant pressures.

For Craig, can you give us a short run down of the contents of 'Science a History"? What was the most interesting part?

Yes, Ted Kascynski, a certified loon, but also had some interesting thoughts. John Zerzan was a confidant of his, and he is also an interesting man to read.

Howie said on 01/23/09 @ 06:56 PM:
Its Friday and I'm burnt. Too tired to do anything, except sit here and vent. It's never ending.

sabrewulf said on 01/24/09 @ 06:41 PM:
I am sat at work as i write this. 02:32am Sunday morning and i am trapped in this fluoresent tomb of a building for another 4.5 hrs, with another 12hrs to look forward to tomorrow night. By Monday morning i will have worked 60hrs this week. I am burnt out and fed up. Never thought things would turn out like this when i was younger.

Mark said on 01/24/09 @ 11:20 PM:
How about we all hang ourselves.

While we all do it we can video record our selves to show to world that we aren't going to take this working madness any longer!

We will be famous

Mark said on 01/24/09 @ 11:58 PM:

I wish...

There is this movie called the beach with
leonardo dicaprio and they live off the land!

cool movie must see, makes me really jealous

Dirk said on 01/25/09 @ 03:37 AM:
"How about we all hang ourselves.

While we all do it we can video record our selves to show to world that we aren't going to take this working madness any longer!"

I have thought about it, in more than one occasion...

Sometimes it the purposley crashing the car in a pole at about 100 miles an hour on the way to work...

sometimes I just think of taking a gun...

But I eventually get over it, but for how much longer...

Dirk said on 01/25/09 @ 03:39 AM:
And I don't even work 40 hours a week.

Howie said on 01/25/09 @ 04:24 PM:
It's sunday night...god help us for the 50 hours that we are endure..(adding in lunch and commute of course)

Wasteful said on 01/25/09 @ 06:03 PM:
Yep- Sunday night here, dreading this entire week. ahh- there has to be a better way to this pointless life.

Storm Warning said on 01/25/09 @ 11:10 PM:
Monday morning is here! Only an hour til I head off for the 'joy' of work. Oh well, only another 50 years or so and itll all be over.

lady j said on 01/26/09 @ 05:28 AM:
Sunday night = Insomnia (due to dreading the work week). Monday morning = miserable due to being so tired. Came in this morning (called in sick last Thursday, i really was sick though - 3rd cold in less than 2 months, must be the stress or something). Anyway so my desk is covered with notes my boss left me. She couldn't even put a fricking stamp on an envelope! WTF.

Anyhow. Racking my brain for any/all ways out of this mind-numbing torture. I'm smart, I really am, I just really want to come in, do the stupid work, and leave. When I was a kid, you finish early and you get to play or read or something. Grow up and find out, if you finish early, you get more fricking work!!! WTF.

lady j said on 01/26/09 @ 05:33 AM:
Am starting my Art degree this semester. I already have a B.S. in Psychology, not that it's gotten me anywhere. But I love Art and hope that I'll be able to teach someday. At the college level - so I can teach like a couple classes and that's it. I love school and learning. I know there is bullshit that comes with every job, though.... would any job really be any different?

Nameless One said on 01/26/09 @ 03:47 PM:
Oh God, help me please!

Nameless One said on 01/26/09 @ 03:49 PM:
I just can't handle this existence....

beerengine said on 01/26/09 @ 03:50 PM:
I can't take this, for the rest of my life...

Simon said on 01/26/09 @ 06:01 PM:
Lots of despair here, unfortunately, I believe we are all in the same boat. Possibly it is related to intellect, and that makes it all the more difficult to spend your time in a mind numbing job. I have often thought of a telegraph pole whilst in the car, and other less savoury ways of despatching myself. We had a long weekend here in Oz, and it absolutely flew by. Seriously, it seemed even shorter than a normal weekend! Still, at least we didn't have the normal Sunday night torture, it was Monday night instead.

I want a mass movement to implement some changes to the working week. Five days is no longer acceptable, and reducing the working week would make more employment for others right?

I have been trying to think of ways out of this hell for years, and I truly consider myself pretty switched on. My trouble is that I am reluctant to rip anyone off, and hate selling stuff, apart from the fruits of my brain output. Which sort of sucks, and reduces the opportunities.

The only thing I have to look forward to more of the same shit. I wish I had a broken leg or something.

Howie said on 01/26/09 @ 06:57 PM:
Conforming sucks. Lets all move to Mendocino County, CA and grow weed- just saw a special on CNBC. Fascinating. Now these people are LIVING.

thegreatA said on 01/27/09 @ 03:51 AM:
hey alan. i know what you mean by getting yelled at. i suffer from chest pains as well due to stress.

tell me something guys. is there anything that we do makes us feel alive anymore? i really miss that feeling.

i feel like im numb most of the time. and get this m starting to believe that 90% of the human race are dumb and the other ten are slowly dying.

what happened to us?

Dirk said on 01/27/09 @ 04:34 AM:
"is there anything that we do makes us feel alive anymore?"

That's what I would like to know. Seems when you were a kid/teenager, things could be fun and exciting. Holidays, vacations, simple things could make you feel good. Now holidays come by, and I don't care. Doubt i'll be able to vacation anytime soon, and if I did I would wanna kill myself at the thought of coming back to this. Half of the time my constant lack of sleep make me feel depressed, irritated, and zombie-like so I never look forward to much of anything anymore. The thought of even going out now for the evening even bores me.

And Simon, I know what you're saying about getting out of work by making money for yourself. I want to do it an honest way without nagging people to buy something, forcing things on people, or ripping them off, which seems to be a lot of tactics for many businesses. Maybe i'm just too ethical to run a business like a greedy heartless business man. Like many of the people we work for.

Anyways, what was my point, i dunno

lady j said on 01/27/09 @ 05:46 AM:
cold front coming in, and rain! It might freeze tonight!!! If it does, we might not have to go to work tomorrow. It is sad how hard I'm hoping this will happen... keep your fingers crossed for me!

Dirk said on 01/27/09 @ 06:44 AM:
Where do you live that they would cancel work because of that?

lady j said on 01/27/09 @ 07:42 AM:
I live in central Texas. It rarely freezes here, never snows (nothing that sticks anyway), so it's just not safe to drive when it does. Our cities don't have equipment to clear the roads, or even salt them. So everything just closes till it melts. That last time it happened was a couple years ago.

beerengine said on 01/27/09 @ 01:33 PM:
When I was a kid, I was so happy just with the simplest things in life, playing outside in the sun, eating simple food just watching things move and grow in nature. Then they send you to school, thats when the mind programming starts " What you going to do when you leave school?" if they told me how bloody painful it would be and that I would be in a rat race until the die I more or less died. I would of made sure I left and emigrated to one of those 'primitive tribes' or whatever or gone to some community who live off the land in one with nature...

corona radiata said on 01/27/09 @ 03:47 PM:
Don't despair everyone, here is a cool cartoon


beerengine said on 01/27/09 @ 03:56 PM:

Simon said on 01/27/09 @ 04:17 PM:
There definitely seems to be a large gap between our lives as children and the ones we end up with as adults. I know your parents try and protect you as much as possible, but perhaps that isn't the best thing for us as people. I had a great upbringing, in a small place, with lots of fun and enjoyment. I don't think I was properly prepared as an adult for what I encountered. I was certainly not ready to give up most of my life to work, which unfortunately I saw my father do until his retirement.

I am now stuck with a job which has no enjoyment to it, responsibility which I am not paid for, and a huge array of bills and house payments which I cannot hope to pay off in the near or even distant future. Mortgages are a trap, which force us to keep occupied despite our wishes to do other things.

We are attempting to downsize at the moment, to reduce our outlays and provide us with the ability to have at least one of us at home. Currently, we both have to work.

I think the lack of excitement at every day things Dirk, is because you probably have become depressed by it all. I have no answer for that currently, if I did, I would be ok too! for 'thegreatA', there is a general lack of feeling alive because we are unhappy with our circumstances. I think in the UK, nearly one in six people are severely stressed by their work situations.

Not a great situation to be in.

lady j said on 01/28/09 @ 05:42 AM:
No ice, had to come to work today... I feel cheated! lol

Simon, Beer, I agree with you both about being kids versus coming into adulthood and the 'real' world. I made good grades, was involved in school activities, honor roll, etc. Even throughout college. I thought that's how working life would be, I thought I'd be successful and happy and involved. But now I see I'm just a working slave, my 'keepers' don't care about my personal well-being or enjoyment. In fact whenever I told my previous bosses about things I did besides work - like if I was taking a jewelry class, or whatever - they acted like I was betraying the company somehow. If I wanted to be involved in my alumni association and go to the lunch meetings, they would act like I was asking if I could get out of work to go shopping or something. My teachers always talked about being a 'well-rounded person' but the employers don't care about that.

corona radiata said on 01/28/09 @ 07:12 AM:
They're just brainwashed idiots. Slaveowners used to argue that their system was more humane than the capitalist wage labour alternative as they had human relationships with their slaves. Now I think slavery is disgusting but essentially imo, we live in a soft slave type society, soft because its possible to achieve escape velocity by becoming a millionaire. At the start of the 20th century there was a huge concerted effort to get people to work more hours. Its all about control, exhaust the populace so that they become disassociated from political life.

Dirk said on 01/28/09 @ 08:31 AM:
Managers are mostly the biggest brainwashed idiots, because they are the company's biggest lapdog, and keep all the employees in line for the top dog money makers. Like everything you do should be thinking of is work, and like it should be the most important thing in your life. Wrong, it's just important because I need the money, I don't really care about the business and how much money you make or lose because of me or anyone else. Not my business, i don't care if overall they fail. In fact, I kinda hope they do for being so greedy.

Dirk said on 01/28/09 @ 08:34 AM:
I should move to tibet and become a buddhist monk.

corona radiata said on 01/28/09 @ 02:46 PM:
dudes you should check out this dude gerald celente on youtube, total doom merchant but he got the 87 stock market crash, the asian financial crisis and the fall of communism. He says there's going to be food riots in the states, mass revolt etc.

corona radiata said on 01/28/09 @ 02:50 PM:
I don't think he'll necessarily be proved right, economics is a very inexact science. He's also not quantifying the capacity of people to prop up their way of life, exhibiting behaviour in a way conducive to economic recovery. That said mass revolt could bring very positive change.

beerengine said on 01/28/09 @ 02:57 PM:
We've all been to materialistic and now were paying the price. We worked for material gain and the world is on the brink of global disaster. All of our ancestors existed for thousands upon thousands of years in small communities supporting each other. Until this work,greed,gain as much as you can and stuff everyone else disease crept in. End of the day, when the world is a ball of fire, lets see money save us.... Obama, Brown and all the elite will be on Mars laughing at us as we struggled for nothing. Ever wondered why they are soooo interested in that planet, looking for alien life no chance, the Earths screwed their just blinding us with work,drugs,war while they plan their Eden which is our birthright.....

Simon said on 01/28/09 @ 07:01 PM:
Hey Corona, nice piece about exhausting the populace, I have always considered that the best explanation for the amount of work we do. Notice how it is all finely balanced so you have to work a lifetime to pay off all your debts, particularly your house. I can understand the price of housing to an extent, but why does land cost so much? Why aren't we all entitled to a piece of land somewhere?

Ladyj, employers care about zippo. They only want you to be there all the time, and longer if they can get away with it without paying you. They don't care about your personal issues, your problems or anything about you really, as long as you show up day in day out and don't give them any problems. I haven't met a corporation or anywhere that will take any crap from an employee. I have had my share of problems, but I now know well enough to keep them to myself if possible.

beer, you are spot on man. We have trashed this planet, and wasted a huge opportunity to create a community based life, with opportunity for all. We have exploited everything and everyone!

Tim28 said on 01/29/09 @ 06:34 AM:
It is so nice to see that other people feel the same way as I do about work.
I always felt like there was something wrong with me because i hated all of my jobs, but now I realise that it is perfectly normal !
I work 9 to 5 in an office and I am always SO BORED.
I hate siting in the damn cubicle for 8 hours, i drink like 8 cups of coffee each day just to walk away from the desk for 5 minutes each time. I also go for lots of smoke breaks just to escape the drudgery.
There is no solution however, we are all slaves to the system (sigh).

Tim28 said on 01/29/09 @ 06:37 AM:
Some times when i am sitting there i feel a real sense of emptyness or a tightening sensation in my chest. I just sigh and battle on with it. Its not that the work is difficult, quite the opposite actually.
Humans are meant to be free but these office jobs are no different from being in prison.

Alan said on 01/29/09 @ 09:27 AM:
Hey all, read a book called "Profit over people" by Noam Chomsky. I warn you though, it really does cover in detail all the things you hate in work and why things have been made to be this way. You will go one of 2 ways after reading it - enlightened or severely depressed, wishing you could 'unread' considering that it makes you realise the utter futility of trying to do anything about it.

Public_enemy said on 01/29/09 @ 05:29 PM:
The difference between work and prison. Prisoners get a Playstation.

Simon said on 01/29/09 @ 06:43 PM:
Hey Pub_enemy, it would be interesting to do a comparison list between prisoners and workslaves, the playstation is one, they also get free food, electricity, water, no rates, no mortgage, no worrying about getting laid off, plenty of leisure time, free educational opportunities.

downside: you get to play hide the sausage with some pretty unsavoury men, limited access to anyplace except the prison, no female contact, potential for sudden knifings etc, etc :)

Dirk said on 01/30/09 @ 06:17 AM:
It all depends if you get put in a high security prison, or a country club prison that celebs are sent to

Mark said on 01/31/09 @ 06:42 PM:
beerengine I understand how you feel brother!

Fuck life is horrible with work.

I am not working at the moment but have worked heaps doing all kinds of jobs, but it's horrible.

I am 20 and fuck it is ages till I can retire fucken hell!

May as well cut my wrists now and bleed to death, saves having to go through the boss and employees giving me hell all the time, also trying to pay off the bloodly bills, that weigh us down!

Mark said on 01/31/09 @ 06:44 PM:
Not looking foward to work, very soon I am gonna cut my wrists and it will all be over, I kinda feel happy about it!

Because... I believe my spirit will come out of my body, and wont have to worry about bills, petrol etc!

Howie said on 01/31/09 @ 07:33 PM:
Jailbirds also get three hots and a cot! (three meals and a bed to sleep in). Most people on the outside don't get the three hots.

Mark said on 01/31/09 @ 07:50 PM:
I wouldn't like to be in jail!

Mark said on 01/31/09 @ 07:59 PM:

There is lots to live for... rubbish complete rubbish


40hr a week working until you die,

I hate people who say there's lots to live for, they need to face reality.

MONDAY MORNING..... feel suicidal...

One more thing, why does no one care that I feel suicidal, is it because they can't do anything for me or something?

Mark said on 01/31/09 @ 08:03 PM:

I feel suicidal and yet no one cares.
I am not saying it for attention, but I hate work and what it has done to me, I just want to die. yet no one wants to write back to me....


CraighasFuckedworkOff said on 01/31/09 @ 08:25 PM:
Mark -
ring your doctor and say you want talking therapy.

let people show you that you have options to choose from, and life isn't as final as you think it is at the moment.

you're suffering because of the game that's being played on everyone - talk to people who can help not people who can't.

Mark said on 01/31/09 @ 08:57 PM:


Sorry for being rude people, I can see that, that is all you people can do to say to me.

I was just heated up at the time I wrote it!

CraighasFuckedworkOff said on 01/31/09 @ 09:06 PM:
Mark- of course I/we care - and no one will be fucked off that you were a little put out - but the reality is that there really are options out there, and you are suffering at the hands of a country that is purposefully using you as labour and doesn't give a fuck about you - you're feeling the way a human who is being abused, should feel.

Do not go on anti depressants, get talking therapy, your illness is real but it is not chemical, it is psychological- it is the reaction to an economic ploy that wants to pimp you......

you're suffering from pressure and stress, if you can wangle it to get on "welfare" under depression - fuck it- do it.
Fuck work - you're a human being, your life is yours, and fuck the government - and fuck your "employers" - you're not a fish, you are a man - hook in mouth.

thegreatA said on 02/01/09 @ 02:04 AM:
mark listen to what CraighasFuckedworkOff is saying. go get therapy. you're worrying me too.

have you guys ever hear of a place called vanuatu? the people there are the happiest people on earth on the last UN survey.

they dont have any modern convenience like ours but they grow vegetables and raise animals. in the morning they work. in the afternoon they get together to drink with friends and family.

oh and they worship prince philip. now when i think about it, might be good place to live.

Dirk said on 02/01/09 @ 05:12 AM:
Mark, if you can get away with part time, try that. Don't let anyone say shit to you about working full time. Part time will bring some money in, and keep your sanity a bit. It does for me. But working out in this god damn never ending snow is pissing me off a little bit. My city is ranked number 2 now in highest snowfall in the US. I'm pretty sure it will take number 1 soon.

Plus, try some herbal supplements for emotional health. Don't mess with prescription drugs, they just screw you up worse.

Dirk said on 02/01/09 @ 05:15 AM:
thegreatA, I just looked up vanuatu. I could only wish I was there right now.

lady j said on 02/01/09 @ 08:29 AM:
Mark, there are ways to make work more bearable.. such as, if you can, wear headphones and listen to good music. I've had lots of data entry jobs, it's pretty boring, but at least they just give you a pile of work and leave you alone to do it. Always make sure to take your lunch and breaks, actually leave your desk, leave your building if you can, don't waste money buying lunch somewhere, but pack a sandwich and chips and go for a walk. Or see if you can work through your lunch, and leave early. I mean.. work sucks ass, but.. do you really want to die because of it? That's letting the system get the best of you. I think the B-vitamins help you feel less stressed, research it online, but please don't kill yourself.

That Vanuatu sounds amazing! Wow.

Zigzagangel said on 02/01/09 @ 08:35 AM:
Honestly, i think we should stay away from Vanuata. They have a good thing going on, and i think we are already "damaged". Cool place though

CraighasFuckedworkOff said on 02/01/09 @ 08:43 AM:
Vanuata sounded great until I read about the Malaria problem! Mosquitos love me, so I'll say thanks but no :)

there's always something to spoil it innit hehe

Howie said on 02/01/09 @ 10:10 AM:
Its Super Bowl Sunday- a 3 hour reprieve, then the Sunday night "dread" will creep up on me.

corona radiata said on 02/01/09 @ 03:47 PM:
yo mark, I think you should find something that really interests you and make that your profession, then its no longer work, its fun. You sound fairly articulate and intelligent so you could easily do it.

Amanda Parks said on 02/01/09 @ 04:59 PM:
I'm finding it really hard to go to work at the moment. My job is so boring and I find the whole atmosphere soul-destroying. I don't understand how my colleagues have worked in jobs that stress and upset them for so long. When decisions come down from management that they disagree with, they don't try and stand up for themselves, they just take it. They have no problem saying "well, it's not up to us" and I just can't handle that.

I, unfortunately, can't just sit and be quiet doing a job that means nothing to me. I love volunteer work because I know that I am directly influencing the life of another person in a positive way. The path to a positive outcome from my job is too convoluted and ultimately not something I value.

Not to mention the 2 days of 'rest', 5 days of work ratio, that makes no sense to me.

I have a solution and that's to start my own business. No more asking for "permission" to take a little longer on my lunch break! I can work toward something I believe in, be creative, in control and make my work suit me.

However, this is going to take time to set up and in the meantime I still can't handle plugging away at a meaningless task for 8 hours every day. I try and tell myself that things will get better in a few years time but that doesn't make it any easier. Plus, all the time I waste at work takes away from time I could be using to start my business. And as we all know, work leaves you exhausted and useless in the evening.

I just don't know how to keep getting through each day. I know that most jobs are going to make me feel the same way. I'm sick of feeling ill and anxious every Sunday night and crying about how hopeless I feel. I know that other people can do it but I just, I just don't understand. Don't they have something inside of them that tells them it's not right?

I'm so lost. Though I'm glad I've found this thread. At least I know I'm not alone.

Storm Warning said on 02/02/09 @ 10:54 AM:
2 hours to get to work today because of the snow-its a 4 mile drive. Why did I bother? Why didnt have the balls to say its not worth it, im staying home. But no, I had to go to that novelty act for a few hours,and for what? To answer a couple of emails. Smashing. I prayed for this kind of weather so I wouldnt have to go to work and when it comes, i still go. What a winker I am. Gotta get out of work, I really cant stand this anymore. I'm so, so fed up.

beerengine said on 02/02/09 @ 02:47 PM:
The most intelligent animal on earth is a slave to himself....

Mark said on 02/03/09 @ 04:59 PM:
CraighasFuckedworkOff, Dirk, Lady J, thegreatA and everyone thanks.

Believe it or not but me 20 and my friend 32 have been stressed to the point of breakin point.

I hope I don't kill myself like my grandmother did because, she worked night shifts and all types of horrible hours and it became to much for her, and I feel like I am going the same way she is!

I will see a therapist. Sorry for what I said about you kind people.

Isn't it scary when in life you don't know when you are going to make a wrong turn and end up suicidal like me.

I will see a therapist and talk about this thanks!

Mark said on 02/03/09 @ 05:02 PM:
When my grandmother killed herself when I was young and didn't understand, she did it because she was a nurse and felt trapped because she couldn't take it anymore.

Nurses and doctors are some of the most stressed out people in the world, because of the crazy hours they do!

Simon said on 02/03/09 @ 05:09 PM:
Hi Mark, unfortunately this isn't updated as often as a normal type 'forum', and most of us will only pop on here as time allows, so really not the best for emergency type situations. Regardless, I am sure you can all count on us for support, even though we don't know each other. I hope you can get to see someone who can help you with your situation. I understand how you feel, and probably each of us in our own way has had some pretty desperate times, and we are also probably not suited for 9-5 type work, which is the root of my problem anyway.

Still, take care man, and hope all turns out well for you!

Simon said on 02/03/09 @ 05:11 PM:
Hey Beer, isn't it ironic that we are lords of this planet, but also slaves? Our pets get better treatment than us, and they sure as hell don't go to work all week.

Oh for a simple life.

Howie said on 02/03/09 @ 05:43 PM:
Oh to be a dog- get fed, get belly rubbed, can lay around all day, and you will be loved no matter what..

mark said on 02/03/09 @ 09:29 PM:
I am actually on the benefit people at the moment, because I have aspergers syndrome and am too sensitive when the staff and customers talk to me. I freak out!

I like almost break down and cry just from someone raising their tone a little bit!


beerengine said on 02/04/09 @ 01:44 PM:
Simon, yes bro your right, we're are the lords of the planet and yet our pets get loved and fed and do yet nothing? Are we lower even than our own pets, due to our LIFE style?

Misanthrope said on 02/05/09 @ 05:35 PM:
Know why the concept of "work" is so inherently wrong? Humans weren't meant to be chained to one spot one, endlessly doing the same thing for 47 years. Who thought this system up? People who, generally, don't have to live this way because they benefit from taking other people's lives away from them by forcing them to....work.

I don't like having to hold a job. It's a waste of the best parts of the day. I really resent having to give up my day and only be left with a few hours before it's time to go to bed and "get ready" to do it all over again, day after day, year after year. This is a waste of my time, my life and my patience, and I resent it.

Just imagine if all the people forced into "jobs" refused to work for one day! All the blood-suckers of the world would lose a fortune and actually have to dirty their hands and do their own damned work.

Think about it!

Howie said on 02/05/09 @ 05:54 PM:
Yes-Misanth- its Chinese Water Torture everyday-- I too am chained to a desk. I am so burned out by Friday night, I lay on the couch, and don't want to move. But in this economy, and all the layoffs, it's like what can I do?

Freya said on 02/06/09 @ 07:15 AM:
9-5 7 days a week just seems so ridiculous to me. Why has everyone just gone on like this for so many years! Absolutely nobody wants to do it so why cant we change it. God forbid we spend our days free in the outside world - we might...shock horror...actually have some fun! I reckon everybody should jobshare. Then the places of work would always be covered but everyone only works part time. Alright we wont get paid much but thats the price of freedom!!!

Misanthrope said on 02/06/09 @ 11:48 AM:
"its Chinese Water Torture everyday"

Howie - exactly!

All these dire predictions about how the "economy" will crash without jobs and work...how about if we just let it and start over? What about a society where the emphasis is not on consumerism and getting and spending, but of just...being? Of existing and only using what's really needed?

OK, highly abstract and philosophical and whatnot.

But seriously...what if all the worker bees just said NO MORE and stopped working and did what THEY wanted?

Can you imagine the dramatic change if YOU could decide how you spent each day, all 24 hours of it?

All I hear, out of everyone's mouths, is how much they hate working, hate the office, the job, have to drag themselves in. Hafta, hafta, hafta. Is this all there is? Is this as good as it'll ever get? Give up your life only to get it back when you're broken and old and can't enjoy it anymore? I don't think that this kind of society and "economy" is suitable for our species (or any species).

Mark said on 02/06/09 @ 07:21 PM:
My other grandad the one that isn't poor owns a ferrari and enjoys driving it, but he still works because he gets bored and he is 70!

Matvey said on 02/06/09 @ 10:00 PM:
That's the problem with some people who work their whole lives 'til retirement - when they get old, they don't know what to do with their free time.

Dirk said on 02/07/09 @ 11:52 AM:
More money I owe in taxes this year that goes to paying the bankers prostitute money that got bailed out.

corona radiata said on 02/07/09 @ 05:26 PM:
This is going to sound a bit crazy but imo the recession isn't real insofar as its not a physical crisis. An environmental crisis, a global pandemic, a breakdown in the food chain with the extinction of bees, these are real crises. But the recession is a behavioural phenomenon. People act in a certain way to make it real for themselves. Buts its all in their heads.

thegreatA said on 02/08/09 @ 02:22 AM:
i was thinking. if we as a society can start over again, what would we want? how should we rebuild ourselves? working our ass off for shitty wages again? working to satisfy the greed that got us where we are right now?

if this world ever does get reset to zero again then i want to live like my grandfather did. what about you guys? what would you guys do?

corona radiata said on 02/08/09 @ 05:00 AM:
I think there is a big environmental crisis on the way, it could be runaway climate change or a breakdown in the foodchain caused by declining bee populations, in any case the process of the world resetting to zero is not going to be pretty.

Howie said on 02/08/09 @ 03:08 PM:
You know what night it is...

Nameless One said on 02/08/09 @ 03:49 PM:
Oh God, not again, please no, I can't cope with this...

beerengine said on 02/08/09 @ 03:50 PM:
Oh God, not again, please no, I can't cope with this...

Simon said on 02/08/09 @ 08:10 PM:
Genetics will always ensure that the aggressive, hurtful and cruel reach the top of the pile. Therefore, any reset of this world would need to be accompanied by a massive cull of all the greedy, exploitative people that seem to run this version of our planet. I'd be happy to see another animal take over quite honestly. We've done a crap job.

Hands up everyone that hates Monday...

lady j said on 02/09/09 @ 05:51 AM:
Sometimes I secretly hope for something catastrophic to happen, like everyone was saying would happen in Y2K. I like to think I have a plan but honestly, I'm no survivalist. I like to think I could make it, but could I?

Honestly, I think we are more likely stuck with society the way it is, and getting worse. I keep racking my brain, how can we beat society and the government and corporate game?

Sarah said on 02/09/09 @ 06:02 AM:
Good article: http://www.human-academy.com/english/culture.asp

I agree with this part:

"Centuries of experience shows that material revolution merely results in increased material standard, which only leads to increased materialism, egoism, acquisitiveness, jealousy, vanity, lust for power etc. From the point of view of consciousness, this does not lead to development or change worth mentioning. "

This is the reason most humans think we have to work constantly, to support power and materialism.

Misanthrope said on 02/09/09 @ 07:36 AM:
corona radiata, Simon and Sarah - agree with you 100%. It's all of that, in a nutshell, that's turned our lives into a collective mess.

There's no crisis other than those aggressive and greedy people worried that the system by which they ab/use everyone might collapse because they got too greedy and can't get what they want out of the "rest" of us.

The real problems are global warming, species extermination (and I don't mean Homo sapiens, as we are the shit species causing all the problems), pollution and habitat destruction are actually the real concerns, not these artificial constructs by which humans force each other to exist.

The problem is that these "economies" are based upon materialism, consumption, and disposability/wastefulness. If it weren't like that, this would be a vastly different and likely better world.

E said on 02/09/09 @ 10:18 PM:
Just an observation: This thread was started four years ago and contains only 777 comments (as of this comment)? I know more people than that want their say.

Maybe that's the true evil, that people can't say what they really think because they're afraid their comments might be traced back to them (not just on the Internet), and they need to hang onto work they hate to subsidize lives that are made miserable by their work.

What a vicious cycle. Yes, that's exactly it: It's a hamster wheel. Hamsters don't know that they're not getting anywhere, but humans do. Isn't awareness great?

Tim28 said on 02/10/09 @ 10:46 AM:
What annoys me is that most everyone else in my office appears to enjoy the working everyday. They are always so happy and smiling.
So I am left feeling abnormal or strange for hating this repetive grind everyday.
I mean, doing the same task day in day out ,52 weeks a year , how is it normal to enjoy that ?
I spend everyday at work literally counting down the time till I can go home.

Tim28 said on 02/10/09 @ 10:51 AM:
Is this really the plan that 'God' had for humankind? Is this really the culmination of all of my education and life experiences, to sit in the cubicle everyday, waiting till i am free to go home?
Sometimes this really does seem like a Godless world, where the bullies and the butt-kissers get ahead, and those people with a conscience and a moral compass have to grin and bear it.
I hate to say it, but everyday, on several occasions, I wish I were dead, or I wish an asteroid would come and destroy this world.

Tim28 said on 02/10/09 @ 10:59 AM:
Why is there rarely any justice in the world? Why does God let this happen? Why do the rich and powerful get richer and more powerful, and the normal people have to choose netween serving the system or else being homeless?

It all comes down to God. I mean, How can God just watch all this happen, and not lift a finger to help the righteous against the evil controllers. We are so dumbed down, we just cant help ourselves as a society.
And the scariest conclusion I can make of all this : Maybe there is no God.

Tim28 said on 02/10/09 @ 11:02 AM:
It feels better to vent those feelings !

Nameless One said on 02/10/09 @ 12:29 PM:
CDOs are a ticking timebomb in the markets.

check this out


Economies will collapse globally, tens of trillions of dollars will go back to the banks. It may happen this week.

beerengine said on 02/10/09 @ 12:44 PM:
Tim28 you make some valid points bro! But I tell ya something, my mom always has said to me "You can have all the money and houses in the world, but you can't take it with ya". And she's right, all those butt kissers are just wasting their time. I still believe this life is some sort of test, that's why you see butt kissers getting more cash and rapists winning the lottery. Look it up, this is supposed to be Satan's world for now and.....yup, the love of money is the root of all evil. People like us don't want the materialistic over spill. We just need the equality and the right to decide how we spend our own time (lives), not to be dictated to by governments and fat cats who couldn't care less about the little guy propping them up. Lets face it everything in the natural world has a perfect balance unless man interferes with it. Everything man makes is flawed and man made money no wonder the world is in the mess it's in now. Banks paying themselves fat ass bonuses with OUR TAX money and then charging US if we go over the overdraft limit,credit cards or God knows what else they can think of to keep us under control and trapped and frustrated to the point of taking drink,drugs,crime and suicide this is progression?We own the banks, we should tell them go and piss off!!! They make money off our sweat and then charge us for it, ridiculous? Half the world is fat and dying of heart attacks and the other starving with diarrhea?? I believe there is a spiritual dimension in parallel with this life. And I believe you can't buy your way in, only the humble can walk in......Is the rich man going to be humble? I hope I'm right and these greedy bastards create their own hell at the point of death!!! Yeah thats right see them in some dark pit chained to a desk for all ETERNITY with Satan shoving wads of notes,lobsters,silver,gold,houses(piece by piece), cars (piece by piece),banks (piece by piece), government rulers (piece by piece),bosses (piece by piece) up their arses, looking at us through some inter dimensional window, free in some kinda Paradise........saying I wish I was out there with them enjoying Eternal bliss yeah that would be sweet poetic justice, for making us suffer now, curse the fucking lot of them!!!!!!

Nameless One said on 02/10/09 @ 01:37 PM:
pretty much it, I can't understand the mentality of greedy power hungry fools. The CDO thing seems very serious. Total economic collapse is bad, very bad, insofar as people go crazy and then you have total chaos.

Zigzagangel said on 02/10/09 @ 01:55 PM:
God & Religion is the opium of the people. It's just a means to take in the ass and shutup. "i'll do good and work as a slave, no questions answered. Society&System equals goodness. This life sucks but hey i'll get into heaven yippie". Back in the days, farmer were victim to this kinda thinking. Slaving away, giving away ground&food to the church and thinking they did good. Poor bastards and it was all for nothing. Same as us, we work our lives but for what? Atheism makes us realise that this is IT. We only got one chance.

IMO There is no God and if there is, he can fuck off for all i care.

Zigzagangel said on 02/10/09 @ 01:57 PM:
God & Religion is the opium of the people. It's just a means to take in the ass and shutup. "i'll do good and work as a slave, no questions answered. Society&System equals goodness. This life sucks but hey i'll get into heaven yippie". Back in the days, farmers were victim to this kinda thinking. Slaving away, giving away ground&food to the church and thinking they did good. Poor bastards and it was all for nothing. Same as us, we work our lives but for what? Atheism makes us realise that this is IT. We only got one chance.

IMO There is no God and if there is, he can fuck off for all i care.

corona radiata said on 02/10/09 @ 04:12 PM:
I agree with you that religion is a control culture and based on irrational suppositions.

In fact all ideologies seem like control cultures, but I guess the old adage live and let live rings true. Pity very few follow it, even though that does sound like an ideological statement.

Simon said on 02/10/09 @ 04:48 PM:
On that CDO article, here is the reason we are all in the shxt.

'A synthetic CDO is a collateralised debt obligation that is based on credit default swaps rather than physical debt securities. '

People that make up this sort of trash should be rounded up and imprisoned. I saw a documentary, and one high up investment banker said that most of his colleagues could not understand most of the packages that were around.... nuff said.

They are entrusted with our financial wellbeing, and quite frankly, they haven't a clue what they are doing.


Simon said on 02/10/09 @ 04:52 PM:
Religion has been around as a control tool for thousands of years. The use of fear, either with religion, or with our day to day lives is a well documented tool for control. Think of all the millions of people hoodwinked over the ages, and fooled into giving away their lives for nothing.

If this world does collapse, I sure hope that whatever takes its place is better than what we have created for ourselves.

While people are willing to be led by fools, and taken for a ride by so called financial wizards, then we deserve what we get.

Everything we have now is transitory, and can be removed very easily. Check out the bushfires here in Oz. Also, you cannot take it all with you when you depart..

Simon said on 02/10/09 @ 04:54 PM:
Also, if you read that CDO article, you will come across this little gem:

About a decade later, a team working within JP Morgan Chase invented credit default swaps, which are contractual bets between two parties about whether a third party will default on its debt. In 2000 these were made legal,

So, they have been BETTING on the outcome. Legalised gambling with trillions of dollars of your money......

Simon said on 02/10/09 @ 08:07 PM:
Another fascinating piece on Traders, and how they operate. No training, no clue, and billions of dollars of other peoples money to play with.


Dirk said on 02/11/09 @ 03:12 AM:
Banks are probably one of the biggest reason this world is in so much shit, as far as money and economy go.

As for globabl warming, you either believe its due to us (humans), or it's happening naturally as the warming also seems to be happening on mars. I don't think we can do much about it in either case, it's gonna happen, and weather is gonna change. Some places will be worse than others, and we either adapt to the changes, or go to shit. I believe will probably go to shit, because we all can't work together because of too many greedy, unbelieving, or uncaring bastards out there that are too obsessed with themselves to give a shit about anyhing else. Until the reality of it slaps us in the face, then we will try to do something about it, but by then it will be too late.

lady j said on 02/11/09 @ 05:29 AM:
"If god were to punish man according to what he deserves, he would leave not a beast on the back of this earth." When I first heard that, I thought "whoa, that's kinda harsh, not ALL people are horrible enough to deserve that kind of punishment across the board." but the more I thought about it, I started to agree with it... we have such resources in our grasp, and what do we do with them? We destroy everything, especially the earth. We destroy ourselves, and each other, and what's worse, everyone is so wrapped up with their meaningless lives - lives filled with houses they can't afford, cars that guzzle gas, techy doo-dads and gadgets that cost more than my first two cars put together, our hundred-channel TVs that don't tell us anything new, just keep us brain dead by entertaining us with dribble, etc etc. Most people are so wrapped up in that stuff, they can't see anything that is really happening around them. What are we doing?!!? Aren't we smarter and better than all this? I remember in psychology class, the teacher asked us if we thought people were basically good, or basically bad... like inherent nature... it is so hard to say, I see so much bad, but also know of so many good people trying to fight the good fight...

Simon, I hope you are safe and hope the fires end soon.

Misanthrope said on 02/11/09 @ 07:51 AM:
"If god were to punish man according to what he deserves, he would leave not a beast on the back of this earth."

The sad truth here is that humans choose to be evil and use/abuse one another. Other creatures have disagreements and sometimes the results are tragic, but there's never a protracted war and insanity like there is with Homo sapiens. We truly are a shit species and what's even sader is that those who are evolving are still being held back by those who are the worst possible manifestation of the species - the kind that have been aptly described in several posts, notably by Tim28, beerengine and zizagangel.

I had a dream/nightmare several years ago that uberaliens came to the planet and revealed themselves. They treated humans the way humans treat other species - like captives and slaves - and we objected, of course. The uberaliens stated we had no grounds to object, considering we did the same things to other creatures. They called us hypocrites and asked us if we'd collectively learned the object lesson they had just decided to teach us about "might makes right"...the lesson being "just because you can do something doesn't mean you should." Most humans were indignant, but some weren't and got the message.

I guess this is what it'll take for the "evolved" to wake up and do something before the stagnant in our species ruin everything - the lives of other humans, other creatures, and the planet in general.

Where O where are those aliens when we need them most?!

LFC Fan said on 02/12/09 @ 04:33 AM:
Just wanted to say - loving this sh1t!.. so much truth written here. It's nice to know much of what I have felt and thought is shared by other people. I feel semi-enlightened. My life is a big waste at present which I am cruising through with as painlessley as possible. Trying to be philosophical about work and it's helped alot to stop being stressed by stuff taht is ultimately unimportant.

Where to go from here though and what changes to make? I wish there was someone/thing to guide me and others but I guess it will take time from within?

corona radiata said on 02/12/09 @ 02:24 PM:
Good points Simon, Misanthrope and Lady J

Think something very big might cascade through the markets tomorrow, though maybe not.

Howie said on 02/12/09 @ 05:49 PM:
This is a great blog eh LFC. This conforming and "keeping up with the jones's" shit is gnawing away at our souls. I never liked the Jones's..

LFC Fan said on 02/13/09 @ 02:01 AM:
Yes this blog is a real eye opener, I'm glad I stumbled across it and that it hasn't been blocked by my work web filter (yet). What started off as a big b1tch and moan thread has developed into an interesting debate on life in general and the way in which we are controlled. Very few are truly free and that is sad.

I think someone mentioned earlier that to go back to a more idyllic way of living where we don't slave away would not be sustainable due to the world being overpopulated and I believe that is probably true.

I have always though I felt "different" in some way and that I was fighting against something without really knowing why, but now I am beginning to understand it is simply my perception of the world that I believe is a little less blinkered than the majority and as I have grown up (late 20's) I now embrace this rather than trying to fit in with the people who are happy in the system. Hopefully a few others can gain some inspiration from this site and not let the work BS get them down. I know it has depressed me in the past and I vow never to let that happen again from now on!

Look forward to hearing more thoughts/stories.

CraighasFuckedworkOff said on 02/13/09 @ 06:06 AM:
Your source of misery comes from the fact that the price of alloys has come down so there aren't many hub caps for you to steal anymore :D
hehehe just playing - truth is people are controlled by people behind and above the government- it's no accident that we're all enslaved -
To live you need a house, to have a house you need a mortgage, to pay a mortgage you need a job, and the employers pay you as little as is possible to keep you for as long as is possible - to make hard core money off your ass.

Government get paid up the arse from many sources, your taxes which they TAKE from you, the interest on the mortgage you pay, which can change rates in time - and when you can't take no more because of your shitty life, you get drunk and pay the cunts again.


But who are they and where are they? and why don't you know? - because they don't want you to know.

African Slave Trade right, English go to Africa, violently steal people for hard labour (by the millions over time) ship em to America - half died or were thrown overboard if not enough supplies- work in America in cotton fields, and in building railroads/roads- left to die in a field- products made from labour shipped to Europe, make lots of money, back to Africa to get more people- Now white people think they're above all that, but we're not- 5 days from 7- so that's 5 to them 2 to you, 40 hours a week, one day is used to prepare for the following week, so you have maybe one day saturday- to get pissed and pay them again in income tax, so in reality you have ONE day a week which you nurse a headache and read a book -

So look at the month, 4 days in a month are yours, look at the year - 48 days in a year are truly yours to do as you wish.

And the motherfuckers wonder why alcoholism, violent disorder are rife.

I'd like to revolt against the cunts, but at the end of the day it comes down to violence and they've got all the weapons.


Everybody in here is depressed- go to the doctor, be diagnosed with depression then sign on sickness benefit- and fuck the bastards off!! Grow your own vegetables and fuck loose women!!!! we weren't born to be enslaved because of our niavety

ih8work said on 02/13/09 @ 07:00 AM:
+ that too craig

corona radiata said on 02/13/09 @ 08:19 AM:
interesting. The reason they have control too is that a lot of people are indoctrinated. If people revolted against the system no amount of weapons would be any use, if the will was strong enough. Ideas are the deadliest weapon in any arsenal, except maybe nukes.

Heres an interesting link, I'm not into conspiracy theories remotely, but this guy has some peculiar things to say on the whole financial crisis situation. (My history isn't so good prior to the 19th century)


although he is charging 720 for people to subscribe to his site, so he's a fraud.

CraighasFuckedworkOff said on 02/13/09 @ 08:46 AM:
it's true if the majority of people said enough is enough - there could be change- but people would have to be willing to die, and they're not at all.

government would just effect martial law- curfews, and stop all petrol supplies and food stocks.

they have every one by every ball

only way to do it, is to have enough like minded people working together, owning land, building on it, then not working, not paying taxes and being self sufficient, but the law might call that something like a settlement which I'm sure they've got sewn up too.

people absolutely without doubt are not free.

"Free to do as we tell you" -
I love people who steal huge diamonds or rob trains, they're my heros.

wont surprise me if this page is being monitored by some organization..........

No gain in the history of the western man has ever been achieved without extreme violence.

I love the earth but I hate some people.

Steve said on 02/13/09 @ 04:07 PM:
"I love people who steal huge diamonds"

Me too! I read a book about a very successful bank robber from the 1990s in the U.S. He got a way with millions in Washington State, I believe. They eventually caught him but I enjoyed the book and thought the guy was similar to a lot of people in here (not saying anyone here robs banks);). He thought society and the whole system was fucked up so stole from the banks and gave a lot of it to the people. .tipping waitresses $100 bills. Fun read:


Mark - rude people said on 02/13/09 @ 05:23 PM:
A lot of rude people these days make me wanna punch them!

I asked a guy a question at the supermarket and he was very rude and not very caring.

I live in New Zealand and a lot of the people here are just so fucken rude!

I hate the general population in New Zealand. It's like their mothers didn't bring them up right, to teach them manners, which my mum definitely did.

Or maybe it's because they are adults now and manners doesn't matter anymore!

Fuck the general population, so bloodly rude they are!

chris said on 02/15/09 @ 01:31 AM:
sunday feeling of dread to whats coming tommorow, i wish could be a millionaire i could live free without having to worry about going to work. lotto here i come i guess.

Dirk said on 02/15/09 @ 04:33 AM:
The reason things will never change is because there isn't enough people that think the way we do. You try to tell other people how you feel about how your life feels unfulfilling, how work is pointless and they think your depressed or lazy, when that isn't the case. We know this way of life just feels wrong, and others are just so brainwashed that they can't see it. At least here people can understand how you feel.

Dirk said on 02/15/09 @ 04:36 AM:
Get good grades in school so you can get into a good college, so you can make some other guy rich.

Dirk said on 02/15/09 @ 04:39 AM:
Get good grades in school so you can get into a good college, so you can get a job for 40 hours a week making okay money, but ultimately making another person rich by working like a chump sucker for him/her or "them" (corporations).

Howie said on 02/15/09 @ 07:17 AM:
..and the Dirk- retire at the ripe young age of 65! like we're going to pick up babes at the bar at 65..or be able to have any kind of fun- our brains will be burned out by then

beerengine said on 02/15/09 @ 08:39 AM:
All of you are so right but CraighasFuckedworkOff made me think the most! If enough people in a country banded together there is nothing the government can do! What if soldiers don't wanna work by going out getting killed for people who's sole motivation is greed? What if the police jack? Who they gonna send send to make you work? Nobody, their power is just an illusion their power is us!!!! And without us they have nothing and they no it. We work our butts off we pay the tax. No tax, system failure, system failure we go free. I believe the majority of working class people could live off the land easily in say a log cabin. I just can't Gordon Brown and his mindless drones being able to have the intelligence to dig up a potato or sow seeds. I doubt he can even collect an egg from a chicken and boil it, as for starting up a fire from scratch no chance. This is why we are slaves to look after them and then get shafted at 65 (no pension). Why cant we retire at 30?? This bull shit is designed to break your spirit man, while they sit back deciding our destiny's, by who's authority have they to say to me that I have to do this repetitive bullshit to 65 and then drop down dead??? Why don't Gordon Brown do the courages thing and swap his life style with one of us for a month and see what reality bloody is!!

corona radiata said on 02/15/09 @ 10:28 AM:
+1 beerengine. This is the crux of the matter, people consent to authority. I don't know why, maybe its indoctrination, maybe its our evolutionary history in being social animals. In any case if people always consented there would be no progress, so our future depends on eliminating unjustified authority. Like yes we need a police force and an army unfortunately because some people are total idiots, but in a reduced capacity. A culture which frowns upon exploitation, crime and violence and which fosters independent thinking is the best preventative solution. Its just history fucking things up, social inertia etc. Group think=mind control. Talk of war and defending the country is when the alarm bells go off.

Simon said on 02/15/09 @ 04:48 PM:
beer/corona/all, yes some very valid points! We have been conditioned over time to accept a certain amount of crap, and there seems to be a critical mass point where we refuse to accept any more and a revolution occurs. I guess it depends on the situation at the time, but if enough people lose their jobs and livelihoods this time around, then it may become unacceptable. The peaks and troughs of economic activity seem to swing more violently as time goes on. Recessions, booms busts, they all appear with clockwork regularity, and they really should not be happening if we had a functioning and healthy economic system. The system does not serve everyone, there are far too many people on this planet with nothing to show for all their labour and effort. How long will it continue? Who knows, but there are sure enough people who are unhappy with it.

The worse thing is, that even the people who are employed and supposedly doing ok through it are unhappy, as in us. There is only a very small minority who are exploiting others, and that pyramid structure needs to be removed.

LFC Fan said on 02/16/09 @ 04:19 AM:
I love reading this site, some great thoughts and I can't pick holes in any of it really. Just makes me angry, frustrated and sad that I, like others have trapped myself in this working hell hole!

It's gonna take something monumental to break this "consenting to work long hours for very little benefit" cycle and though I think there are probably more people who realise what is going on, there are alot who are likely resigned to the system and so brainwash themselves just enough to make it bearable. I'm hoping these people would rise up if they could see a real opportunity to change things, but doubtless there is probably a real fear of change amonst people too.

The only work I'd every really want to do for money would be one of:

1) Acting
2) Sports
3) Musician
4) Film Director
5) Artist
6) Novelist/Writer

I'd say people with those kind of jobs are probably quite happy and well paid for the most part. Anything else is just sh1te in my opinion!

Am I making any sense?

Us guys should come together in some way if you are willing? Start some organisation to spread the word or something, just see how far it goes?

p.s Craig - though a Liverpool fan, I'm not a scouser so no stealing hubcaps! :p

corona radiata said on 02/16/09 @ 04:40 AM:
that's a good idea, LFC Fan.

lady j said on 02/16/09 @ 05:37 AM:
Dirk, I think a lot of people DO think the same way we do, but like Corona said, they are too indoctrinated to think it can be any different.

Fortunately with all these people losing jobs, I see more people working part time, or consulting, which will hopefully start to sink in that they don't need to work their asses off in order to survive. Of course they won't be able to afford their McMansions and gas guzzlers, but then again, I say they don't need 'em. ;-)

corona radiata said on 02/16/09 @ 09:45 AM:
check this out, both hilarious and insightful!


Simon said on 02/16/09 @ 04:56 PM:
Hi Ladyj, thanks for the kind words in relation to our fires here in Oz. I am on the west coast, but lived in Victoria for many years, and still know a lot of people there. It is an unfortunate fact of life for us that there is always going to be a bushfire cycle, which despite the widespread devastation is a natural cycle. The people here are pretty tough though, but it will take a long time to heal. If you want to donate, you can do so through www.redcross.com.au who are managing all donations here in Oz.


Simon said on 02/16/09 @ 04:59 PM:
I am trying to steel myself up for another day, and I am not sure how much longer I can do this. It is draining my wellbeing to a point where I feel absolutely helpless. Alternatives include not working and losing my house... Not a pleasant one really.

I hope I live to see a massive change in this world and how it operates, with people cooperating not competing.

Keep away from any indoctrinating sources like commercial tv, and the major newspapers. Look for alternative news sources and information you can trust. Refuse to be brainwashed!

Satan aka BOSS said on 02/17/09 @ 10:31 AM:
I'm sorry people but there is nothing you can do. I will break you all down and you will work your lives away. i love being rich.

From the other side


your employer


beerengine said on 02/17/09 @ 04:01 PM:
We need to use the system, against the system. Use it, to manipulate, your freedom....

beerengine said on 02/17/09 @ 04:03 PM:
We need to use the system, against the system. Use it, to manipulate, your freedom....

E said on 02/17/09 @ 07:19 PM:
Do you think we're a small minority, or are a lot of people aware of what's going on, but are afraid to say something? I think I might be expressing myself to a fault. I've been looking for work, often applying for jobs I don't want. Yet I blog about it because I need to vent my rage. Do you think if potential employers/clients read my writing I'm screwed? We already have no freedom in the workplace. I consider that my mind is mine, and that sharing my thoughts is not a bad thing to do.

My last two blog posts were about hating work, but I've been interviewing between hating work and expressing that hatred online. Unfortunately, people need money to live.

I've been keeping quiet about my blogging. What if people who are in a position to wield their power, real or imagined, over me can use my words against me? But why should I hide? I'm telling the truth. I absolutely have to say what's on my mind or I'll burst, but what if an idiot reads me and doesn't get me? Am I screwed?

Maybe it's better to just let the whole system tank and start from scratch.

Howie said on 02/17/09 @ 07:32 PM:
E! You are too paranoid my friend- vent away- thats why we are here- because work sucks donkey balls.

lady j said on 02/18/09 @ 05:25 AM:
E, I think if they see your blog they will not want to hire you. They do not understand anything other than the die-hard employee who is willing to sacrifice family, friends, and having a life to work 60+ hours per week. But if you don't advertise your blog on your resume, they shouldn't be able to find it. Unless they can find it by googling your name or something. My last employer flat out told me she googled my name and looked me up on myspace (fortunately, my profile is set to private after getting burned at my previous job for something I blogged about).

corona radiata said on 02/18/09 @ 07:00 AM:
freedom of speech and all that...

I can't believe you got burned,

good blog E.

Kathy said on 02/18/09 @ 07:09 AM:
Great quote: "Corporations don't give a damn about you or your life. All hail the new machine. They steal the humanity from humans and flatten our true potential. They care not even about those who help them to accomplish their selfish goals. "

beerengine said on 02/18/09 @ 03:20 PM:
Why do I have to go through this pain, again for, tomorrow?

Nameless One said on 02/18/09 @ 03:29 PM:
I feel a revolution coming on. If it were up to me i world hang every ceo, every bankers and every politicians in the world, but you know what ? the same thing would happen again coz GREED fucking rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon said on 02/18/09 @ 05:58 PM:
Yes, greed is an all encompassing factor in todays world. Their is very little altruism left, especially in the corporate world...

Misanthrope said on 02/18/09 @ 06:18 PM:
Amongst the things I found interesting when my job was eliminated and I was laid off in late 2002 was what people *thought* I felt. People thought they were being supportive and encouraging telling me to "keep on trying" and "don't take it personally" and "try to keep busy so it doesn't get you down."

They thought I was depressed because I lost my job? About not having to work? On what planet!!

My student loan went on deferment, I had no other debt at the time, and even some money stashed in a savings account. And then there were my unemployment payments coming in weekly. What reason would I have to be unhappy?

My unemployment payments covered all my immediate living expenses (food, rent, utilities, gasoline, etc) and I still had a little money left at the end of the month. I got to read books, go birding, go on extended adventures in the parks, swim at the pool, spend time with companion animals...you see how blissful it was! Sleep in, stay up late, go to the gym and work out, and then do what you like for remainder of the day and night. There's something bad about that?

I loved being "unemployed" because I got to experience real and true freedom. I did things on my schedule, came and went when and where I pleased, stayed as long as I liked, and didn't have to rush around. I got to do things I liked and it was exhiliarating.

Personal growth, anyone? It was the one of the few times in life I ever had a true and genuine sense of well-being.

I didn't miss working, jobs, offices, people, nothing. With a little creativity, I played local tourist and enjoyed every minute of my freedom.

The honesty and truthfulness of the folks here expressing their real feelings about being forced to give up their lives for someone else's purposes reminds me we'd all be so much better off and happier having complete control over our own lives.

Howie said on 02/18/09 @ 07:22 PM:
I'm with you- might as wear an orange jump suit, or pinstripes- its the 8-hour, daily prison sentence..it truly is..

Nameless One said on 02/19/09 @ 04:05 AM:
You lot are a bunch off useless moaners. Do urself a f*cking favour and get a life.

Kathy said on 02/19/09 @ 05:08 AM:
Nameless one, it's a sad day when a person doesn't even have the right to say how they feel. If you don't like it, then buzz off. No one is making you stay and read.

corona radiata said on 02/19/09 @ 05:32 AM:
Check this out, its a lecture on how wages have stagnated for the past 30-35 years, the culture of consumption and how these intersected to result in excessive loans=more profit=bubble explosion. Very interesting in terms of an analysis of work culture, the dude giving the lecture is a bit dramatic but the content is worthy of attention. He basically comes to the conclusion that workers should own the means of production.


beerengine said on 02/19/09 @ 11:27 AM:
Namless One, you are so right, we are moaning about getting a life! Buzz off!!!

beerengine said on 02/19/09 @ 03:59 PM:
Well guys it's almost Friday! Whoopie, tomorrow I will be so tired I will probably watch TV, like I have done all week. Saturday I wold have recovered so I will stay in get drunk and watch TV because it's cheaper and safer than going out. Then Sunday I will be waiting for Monday to repeat the whole BS again....that's life folks! x

Simon said on 02/19/09 @ 08:38 PM:
I think this is an excellent page, and I encourage all of you to put down anything in relation to the working hell concept!

Hey Beer, it is nearly home time here, and this is the only time in the week I feel a bit of weight lifting off from me. Trouble is, as you say, we spend it all recuperating from the weekly grind, I barely have enough energy to take a piss, let alone do anything energetic.

May the weekend pass slowly for you all.

all the best

lady j said on 02/20/09 @ 03:25 PM:
I find that if I treat my weekend like a vacation, do fun things out of the ordinary, then I feel like I had more of a break from work. I mean, I totally hear y'all on being so tired from the work week that you just feel like resting all weekend. But try to reverse it - you're gonna be a zombie during the work week anyway, so on the weekend, have some fun! 'Recuperate' and take it easy during the week. When people ask you what you did this weekend, they are gonna be so jealous when they hear all the fun things you did, cause they were running errands all weekend. Ha! Be different from them. (just trying to share what helps me)

On a different note, my boss just left me a message (4:30pm on a Friday) asking me to come in on Sunday! She's working on something that is due Monday, and she started it yesterday and wants me to come in and save her ass. Fuck no! I won't go!

lady j said on 02/20/09 @ 04:24 PM:
a-ha! Found it! Been looking for the link to this website that I found some time ago. I don't think it's being updated any longer but you can still read around it.


zigzagangel said on 02/20/09 @ 07:55 PM:
A member from WhyWork started a new website, pretty cool linkeminded people

Call themselves "The Ghost Shirt Society" (hint hint^^)


Steve said on 02/22/09 @ 08:24 AM:
Lady J, thanks for that link. Great reading! :

Especially enjoyed this one:

Howie said on 02/22/09 @ 04:54 PM:
You know what night it is....

Bob said on 02/22/09 @ 06:30 PM:
thx Zigzagangel, always nice to see new linkeminded people. The Welfare bum is my hero, he lives cheap but atleast he has a life aka no working.

Howie said on 02/23/09 @ 07:26 PM:
i'm so frickin burned out- oh its only monday night...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

LFC Fan said on 02/24/09 @ 10:52 AM:
Hello all,

Just a little story to demonstrate why I'll soon be resigning..

I work as an accountant (at the company 4 years) and I've been working pretty hard for the last few months as it's a busy time of year, staying late at times etc and been pretty burned out by it all so I decided to take a long weekend (fri-mon off)...

Just before leaving work I notice an error has been made by someone else that I am resonsible for and I own up and apologise for this, it's not the end of the world and it can be corrected. I go and enjoy my weekend.

I come back to work today and within 30 mins I'm dragged into a meeting room for what I thought would be a simple catch-up. However, I get completely sh@t on and told my attitude and performance has been really poor over the last few weeks!. I try to defend myself and explain that I have been under pressure, working hard and I am not a robot, which is why I took the long weekend as I needed a break. (no thanks for the hard work or staying late by the way).

I am then also told by my boss that her boss mentioned that I had been "confrontational" over the mistake that I owned upto before the weekend... wtf? I was so angry I shouted out "That is COMPLETE fucking bullshit!" I said I was totally professional over that, apologised, owned up and got the mistake corrected - what more can they expect me to have done!? I had even helped the bitch out with some advice on her own work straight after the mistake which she seemed happy for...

This is the kind of shiity man-management and underhanded bullshit treatment I got succepted to day in day out. Praised one minute, shit on the next. No support and I'm really sick of it.

I hope that was in some way interesting or even amusing. Does anyone else have such a tale of unfair treatment to share?!

corona radiata said on 02/24/09 @ 12:57 PM:
One of my friends had a similar experience with office politics. Well done for standing up for yourself.

beerengine said on 02/24/09 @ 03:34 PM:
It's only Tuesday....God save me........

Ohnoes a drugdealer said on 02/24/09 @ 04:42 PM:
i sell drugs to businessmen (little risk of getting caught) and work part-time. Yeah it's outside the system, but it's not like i have a choice.

Simon said on 02/24/09 @ 06:57 PM:
Hi LFC Fan, well you have my sympathy mate. I can think of several occasions at work that really got under my skin, and I guess it is inevitable that we will all go through somthing similar. Any business will praise you to the hilt when you do something for them that they like, but you can bet that whatever you did will be forgotten by the next day, or even the same day. I have come across that a lot, and nowadays, I couldn't care less if I got a pat on the back or not.

I think you need to accept that they will never really treat you like a person, despite all the words that come out of managements collective mouths. You are a cog in a gigantic wheel, and the only way you can get any self respect is to work for yourself. I am trying hard to find something I can do that will also pay my bills and keep my children off the street.

Again, you were treated quite shabbily my friend, so keep your eyes open for another opportunity, and leave them high and dry.

lady j said on 02/25/09 @ 05:26 AM:
LFC, that sucks. It's happened to me before and I have to say it just cements my views about how dysfunctional our corporate world is. When did we become their pawns instead of valued employees? It's ridiculous. I had more freedom in school (even grade school) and my teachers trusted me way more and listened to my thoughts & ideas like I was a person of value. I've had so many bosses look at me like I'm just stupid whenever I tried to pitch a new idea or something that would work better. If you go against the grain, even by speaking up, then you get screwed. Oh yeah, and as soon as you do one thing wrong or make one mistake, they pull that "Your performance and/or attitude has been bad over the past ---- however long". Why the hell do they do that?!?? Grrr. You know for a long time I thought I'd go into management, even took several classes towards my Master's of Management, then realized it will never change. Now I think I'd like to go into teaching art. I'll never make much money at it, but then again, at least I won't be paying as much taxes (which my government is relying on to pay for these billion-and-trillion dollar 'bail out' packages that do nothing for us citizens and just help the fat cats stay on top of the heap).

Anyway, best of luck to you in your search for a new job!

Frank said on 02/25/09 @ 05:30 AM:
Ohnoes, I'd probably do the same thing if I knew how to do it with little risk. You say you don't have a choice. Please explain?

beerengine said on 02/25/09 @ 01:07 PM:
How come our governments have no money for hospitals,schools, their people in general (soldiers,teachers,nurses,elderly,babies,women,men,everyone.....but they can find billions for......BANKS???? But they make money from OUR money. So if the banks belong to us and they are now making profit.....where the hell is my/your cut of the profit they have made?? It's all built on sand, it's all nonsense they can cut this tax, alter interest rates at will? A pure evil and sick system of monetary slavery, pure sadistic mind control. Only humanity could think of something so disgusting to enforce upon their fellow man, for what? What is this great goal we are all striving for, I just can't see it?????

corona radiata said on 02/25/09 @ 02:41 PM:
hey lady j, I think teaching art would suit you or maybe a phd or something in academia perhaps? I takes a lot of work but lecturing/teaching might be a good choice.

On governments screwing people, you should check out enterprise corruption.com, very cryptic but this guy Reinhardt predicted the stock market crash on sep 16th in July of 08 on google finance. Now he's probably a conspiracy person but so far his other predictions have been accurate. For example he said the Dow would drop significantly from feb 9th of this year and so it has by 3000 points. Interesting stuff as he bases his analysis in financial history. Don't know what to make of it myself.

Ohnoes a drugdealer said on 02/25/09 @ 06:56 PM:
@ Frank: i mean i do have a choice. I can suck it up, work fulltime and EXIST. Or, i can sell drugs, work part-time and live more than a saturday and a crappy dreadwait sunday. I don't sell to kids or teenagers, these are responsible adult men.

I know i can get busted,but honestly it's worth it. I remember the days when i worked full time, well NEVER AGAIN.

Mark said on 02/25/09 @ 07:29 PM:
Hey Nameless one, you are a dick.

Kathy you tell the wanker.

People, the Maori population here in New Zealand hates work, because they used to live off the land. But when the English like me came to N.Z the Maori people wasn't really allowed to live off the land because they had to get jobs like all the other english people here whom migrated to New Zealand!

Mark said on 02/25/09 @ 07:30 PM:
I am 20 and hate work sad fnn life!

thegreatA said on 02/26/09 @ 04:06 AM:
yeah beerengine. i was thinking what freaking goal are we actually trying to achieve?

the more i think about it the more i ask myself what is our purpose? where are we going as a society? as people?? and why is it that we're in this god damn mess???

yeah nameless one. we're all moaners but you know what? i never asked to be born. i wasnt given a choice. fate or whatever the hell it is got me to this planet!

and if there is a so called purpose to all this madness then it better be a good one.....

lady j said on 02/26/09 @ 05:44 AM:
Thanks, Corona. My goal right now is a Master's degree in Art + Teaching, with a focus on community programs (museums, non profits). I am starting volunteering this summer, at an art school at a local museum.

To all: one thing I'd like to know, why do bosses always want more? If I'm not good enough, then fire me. Don't 'push' me to try to 'make me better' or 'help me grow' and take on extra responsibilities that I don't freaking want in a job/career that I would never have chosen (I just fell into).

lady j said on 02/26/09 @ 05:51 AM:
Oh, beerengine - I am also engraged that our governments never had enough money for things that truly matter - schools, health care, etc. Guess those things are secondary to what's truly important: making sure banks and investment firms stay in business, and now, apparently the auto industry too (as if we don't have enough cars). The reason you can't figure out the 'goal' we are working towards is because, quite simply, there is no main goal we are all cooperatively working towards. It's every person for himself, dog eat dog, whoever makes the most money and gets the most things and gets to the top. With this kind of attitude, how can we ever expect to work towards common goals and reach common ground? Sad, but true.

IneedAngerManagement said on 02/26/09 @ 03:29 PM:
can we please have a world wide strike against everything, ie the banks, the corporate ass wipes, we are nothing but slaves. my life at the moment means NOTHING i get up, go to work, get more work, even a promotion, do i get a pay rise, ofcourse not! i mean hello we are in a recession it is SOOO LUCKY that I even have a job! oh yes I am so fortunate to be able to sell my soul to you blood suckers. Every meeting with you I DIE a little inside. I used to be such a happy person before work, now all I seem to do is fantasize about my childhood. We need a revolution, like the Industrial revolution but opposite, the Un-industrial revolution. And banks, they are truly psychotic over-privileged fucks that get employed by daddy to get massive bonuses and sell loans to senile people who will never be able to pay them back to make an extra buck in charges. Banks make me SICK. sick sick sick sick sick sick. Where I work isnt even that bad, i get along with my colleagues but really its either you get paid well and have your soul sucked right out of you, or you go with a smaller company who expect you to do so much work for so little pay. its all fruitless. We are currently heading towards an abyss, everyone can see it and feel it, to be honest it's better than this crap that is going on at the moment. stop using this recession as a further excuse to rape people of even more of their time and energy. stop it!! ps, love reading this thread every night, gives me a weird sense of hope lol!

IneedAngerManagement said on 02/26/09 @ 03:32 PM:
....and if I hear the guy opposite say 'you have live and breathe this job..' I think I may just stab him in the face with my pen. No wonder all the kids now wanna do is get famous, and they'll do anything to do it, just because they must know somehow that fame and money are the only things people give a crap about in this truly demented world.

corona radiata said on 02/26/09 @ 05:06 PM:
Has anyone seen Falling Down? Great film, wouldn't recommend going nuts like that but I can relate to it a lot. Wish they made films like that again.

PublicEnemy said on 02/26/09 @ 05:51 PM:
I have seen that film ''falling down'' and I can relate to it so much, perhaps too much. The film is truly a master piece but not only that, it is not far from the truth of how many must feel.

E said on 02/26/09 @ 11:52 PM:
Thank you Howie, lady j, and corona radiata for responding to my paranoia. Of course, you are right.

However, the working world and the drones who run it already own everything. They can bite me. If I have to play their crazy games and hide myself -- even on my own time in my own little corner of the web -- then I might as well jump into one of those alien pod things and become "one of them".

It's the same as being a lab rat trained to press the button that gives the food pellet instead of the one that gives the electric shock. I'm not sure I want to be the good, trained rat that presses the "right" button every day. I'm continuing full-hate ahead with my blog.

I feel like McMurphy vs. Nurse Ratchett. He gets lobotomized at the end, which I guess is exactly what's supposed to happen. Oh, yay.

jobh8tr600 said on 02/27/09 @ 12:33 AM:
I have hated every job I have ever had. I will be on here a lot now, because I have run out of money reserves and have to work again for the money (I took 6 months off). I dread going back into the insane world of working -- a 9 to 5 job again. I really don't think I can last more than 6 weeks at the next job I take. Over the years, here are the jobs I have had: deli clerk, college dorm housekeeper, non-profit administrative assistant and legal administrative assistant. I quit the deli and housekeeper jobs after 2 months. I stayed at the non-profit for 3 years because I could get away with anything there - lol. That is the only way I can last more than 6 months at any job - if I get to be alone most of the time and have internet, and play games, e-mail, surf the net, instant message. I am stuck in administrative jobs. I did reception once as a temp and hated it. I just want to be left alone at work - I get so grumpy and moody from having to be there, I can't handle pretending to be happy to be there. All jobs really suck, I don't see the point in trying anything different - there is always something to ruin your job - whether it is the boss, HR, the clients, bad equipment. I am glad this site exists and really like the people on here, it is interesting to hear everyone's stories and know I am not alone. I just wish we all did not have to suffer so much to simply live life.

Eileen said on 02/27/09 @ 06:56 AM:
jobh8tr600 : "I can't handle pretending to be happy to be there."

Agreed 100%. I don't know how people in service jobs like wait staff at restaurants do it.

Mark said on 02/27/09 @ 05:26 PM:
Hey Lady J

I spoke to someone I used to talk to back in the day and today he said do I have a job, I said no and he was like what the hell.

I like running it gives me fun. All the jobs I have done were horrible absoultely horrible.

I am 20 years old turning 21 in July.

I hate working with people, because they are always so damn rude and I just hate work it is horrible.

If I had a million dollars, well with the interest off that one million I would travel the world having fun and after the traveling I would still have the one million, because I just used the interest off of it.

I talk to this girl and she is 32 and isn't working because she likes horse riding and also because she has depression like me. But when she horse rides she is happy, like when I run.

Mark said on 02/27/09 @ 05:27 PM:

no-duplicity said on 02/27/09 @ 06:13 PM:
I hate all work, I manage to work part time and that is barely tolerable. I find the hardest thing is that 99.9% of people don't agreee with me and seem to like work, That's up to them, live and let live I say (although they don't extend you the same courtesy). I was thinking that maybe everyone who loves work could subsidise those who dislike it and we'd all be content. However there is also the typical self-righteous folks who love work that say "why should I pay for people to do nothing, Why should they not work whilst I do?" I'll tell you why, because these people like work and we don't so it's very easy for them to be this judgmental because to do so means they only need do what they already wish to do as a matter of course. For those who don't like work, every day is hell, something which the people who do like work can never identify with.
Ultimately one person's heaven is another person's hell and these two things really can't be compared since they shift status person to person. I hate work and that's just they way I feel about that particular aspect of life. It doesn't make me a bad person

Howie said on 02/28/09 @ 04:57 PM:
i guess there is an advantage to being 40- compared to 20- it is they have 20 more years to work, while i will be in the ground 20 years sooner...lol

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 04:43 PM:

Hey it's Mark again

Man my grandad, he is 70 years old and loves work. It is crazy. He is always like to me have you got a job, and I'm like not yet. I have worked for about 2 years since I left school and hated it. I have had a knee operation and I miss doing the things I love like running, because my knee has had an acl recontruction.

But anyway my grandad, well both of them are so on my case about work it drives me nuts and because my knee is still healing I get bored. I wish my knee was better.

But as soon as my knee is better I don't wanna go back to work.

Howie my god I have another 20 years of this, I would rather slit my wrists and fade away.

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 04:50 PM:


Because everyone is like "you have your whole life ahead of you"

yeah a whole life of fucken work.

People who are 40 you are so lucky, because you have already done 20 yers of work, but still have another 25 years of work for you guys until you retire which by then you will be too old to do anything.

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 04:52 PM:


Because everyone is like you have your whole life ahead of you.


People who are 40 you are so lucky, because you have already done 20 years of work.

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 04:52 PM:

Because everyone is like you have your whole life ahead of you.


Howie said on 03/01/09 @ 05:41 PM:
i want to check out not much later than 65- believe me

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 06:31 PM:
20-24 year olds commit suicide the most in the whole world

I am 20 and can see why.

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 06:32 PM:
20-24 year old males are the most suicidal in the whole world.

I am 20 and can see why!

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 06:36 PM:
It's because there is so much pressure, from both of my grandad's who are into work, where I just wanna be free.

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 06:37 PM:
Man I hate both my grandad's and my family.

Larry said on 03/01/09 @ 08:15 PM:
Mark, you said you love to run. Maybe you could get qualified as a personal trainer and have people pay you to get them in shape? Or maybe work at a running shoe store? At least you'd be around people with similar interests.

Life is a gift? Not really said on 03/01/09 @ 09:04 PM:
How do you trick yourself into thinking work is fabulous and that working for retirement is glorious and a good plan. How do you convince yourself that life is worth living as a slave? What's the point in suffering until you die? You will die anyways, shorten that traject and atleast you didn't work. No i don't believe in an afterlife which fucking sucks more seeing this life is all we have. What a horrible life

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 11:23 PM:
I tried being a personal trainer, but I don't enjoy trying to get people fit, I like being by myself.

I have aspergers syndrome and it is really hard to relate to people, which is why I am on the benefit now.

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 11:24 PM:
my aspergers syndrome has destroyed my life.

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 11:26 PM:
I am over sensitive to people when they talk back to me, that I almost cry just becasue they raised their voice.

My grandad abused me when I was young, which is why I am fucked today.

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 11:31 PM:
I have tried telling people about my illness and they don't care and I have had tons of jobs because of my aspergers syndrome.

I hate general society they are all so mean and rude that I hate people in general.

women are grumpy old cows, men are just big jocks and they are grumpy as well. I hate everyone in this world, even the teenagers are mean. I get on with my parents. I have lost all my friends from my aspergers syndrome. almost killed myself many times.

I doubt I would ever be a personal trainer.

Mark said on 03/01/09 @ 11:34 PM:
I am heavily medicated that it just takes the edge off people in this world, from me going crazy.

I am the nicest guy who will probably ever meet.

anyway enough about me.

corona radiata said on 03/02/09 @ 05:10 AM:
Have you thought about going to Uni and becoming an academic, I know relatively little about aspergers but I heard once that people with this condition in research can excel

lady j said on 03/02/09 @ 05:31 AM:
Mark, I was going to say the same thing Larry said. Well maybe if you like running, and you understand what it is like to have a disability (I consider aspergers to be a disability in that it is crippling your life) then you might like working with kids who have disabilities? Kids are better to work with than adults, at least they still have their imaginations and play and have fun. Maybe become a physical therapist or physical education teacher for kids. Or what Corona said, maybe you can figure out a job you can do that won't put you around so many other people. Research could be good... google "jobs for introverts" that might help.

lady j said on 03/02/09 @ 05:35 AM:
Monday, bleh. I never sleep well on Sunday nights. It is freezing in this office because my boss left the window open all weekend. If she keeps being so negative about everything at work then I'm gonna end up snapping and saying something I regret. Sometimes she asks me dumbass questions and I have to bite my tongue to keep from giving her a smartass response. At least one good thing, my fiancee got a raise so we might get to go on vacation soon! Just a couple days at the coast but still. I haven't gone on vacation in a couple years now.

Matt said on 03/02/09 @ 05:56 AM:
Mark, I don't like working with people at all. I also LOVE to run. I work as a meter reader. I just walk all day and don't have to talk to anyone. Once in a great while I'll just have to tell the owner of the house I'm just hear to read their meter. They always say "ok". I'm by myself all day. Sounds like something you may enjoy. And you can run if you want - the bonus is you get your route done faster and get to go home early! Only thing I don't like about it is I live where the winters are extremely cold and snowy. The rest of the season is easy peasy!!

Dirk said on 03/02/09 @ 11:46 AM:
Spring is coming up, then summer. This cold ass snowy winter is almost over,and then I have to blow time at work instead of enjoying any of it.

Dirk said on 03/02/09 @ 11:50 AM:
On of the best jobs I ever had was working at a fireworks store. It only got busy around june/july and most of the time it was pretty empty. (Tho a lot of customers that did come in where retards). Most of the time I just sat on the computer and played games and internet. The only drawback is it didn't pay shit.

Dirk said on 03/02/09 @ 11:51 AM:
Corona - Falling down, lol. I always can relate to that movie and always bring it up to people how i'm gonna end up like that guy.

corona radiata said on 03/02/09 @ 12:37 PM:
yeah, it is a cool film, especially for the fact that he only goes mental because people are getting in his way by being idiots! I think the film is kind of modernist in the respect that it highlights the absurdity, cruelty and indifference of life. The characters just have to make the best of it but D Fens lashes out and goes crazy, ultimately his rebellion is pitiful because he fires a water pistol at the end, that's all his actions amount to, he won't change anything.

I hate to be misanthropic but why are so many people randomly stupid/cruel/mean to others? When I read nasty comments or real life situations its not difficult to imagine why so many people would go to war if they were motivated enough, or why WW1 and 2 happened in the first place!

beerengine said on 03/02/09 @ 04:40 PM:
Funny how we kill cockroaches and other animals when they have done nothing to the earth. We destroy everything and enslave each other through pointless toil....

corona radiata said on 03/02/09 @ 05:08 PM:
all it takes are consenting individuals, I'll never get it, sometimes I feel like I'm an alien lol.

Mark said on 03/02/09 @ 07:14 PM:
Hey Matt it is good that you enjoy your job. I tell you it sucks at the moment because I have had a knee operation.

I did a bit of exercise 6 weeks after the operation and now my knee hurts.

People say they hate work but I hate being bored. I swim at the pool but their is only so much you can do before you get tired.

It's werid I hate work, then I hate being bored because my damn knee is healing.

Has anyone had a operation where they are stuck and can't so anything.

Simon said on 03/02/09 @ 08:19 PM:
beer, I guess cockroaches will have the last laugh when we nuke ourselves into oblivion. Apparently they are reasonably resistant to nuclear radiation. I am sure they can't ruin this earth anymore than we have so far.


Matt said on 03/03/09 @ 06:29 AM:
Mark, I've had 3 knee surgeries over the past 20 years. All from racing motocross. One bad leg break and surgery I was on crutches for 6 months. Yeah, it gets boring not being able to do much. I did a lot of swimming and you're right, you get tired. But look at the getting tired as a challenge to keep going. Challenge yourself to push yourself a little more in the pool each time.

I don't enjoy my actual job at all. I do enjoy being outside and staying active on my job though. The actual meter reading is extremely monotonous but so far this is the only job I can tolerate for any length of time. My dream job would be getting paid to compete in triathlons! But I'm not even close to that level of competing.

I hope your knee gets better soon.

beerengine said on 03/03/09 @ 07:56 AM:
Ha ha well said Simon!!! I always say to my girlfriend. When they have raped the earth of everything and it's a burning ball of flame, lets see money save the world at that time. As for the people who created these conrol systems, the'll be on Mars living in biospheres laughing at us burning while they sit there doing fuck all!!! I often wonder why the are so interested in that red dead planet. All the billions wasted looking for.....microbes??? WTF for?? Who cares, if were alone or not alone. Sort out the problems here on Earth first before they start creating new ones out there!! If aliens wish to contact us they will. We always imagine aline societies to be perfect and balanced (even the bad aliens like in Aliens vs Predator) us mutated apes get it wrong all the time, everytime...

Bill said on 03/03/09 @ 08:57 AM:
According to this guy we have been contacted. He is one the world's leading physicists.


Bill said on 03/03/09 @ 09:00 AM:
His comments around the 2:07:00 - 2:15:00 mark are interesting.

Mark said on 03/04/09 @ 06:24 PM:
I would love to watch the video but it will take up too much band width.

Dirk said on 03/05/09 @ 07:23 AM:
beerengine, lol I actually try not to kill anything, even insects. Who are we to kill them just because they're in our way, or in "our" house that we just claim as our own with money. Where are insects and rodents supposed to get the money to buy their house. LOL Although... I will kill fleas, flys, and mosquitoes. I will usually throw spiders outside. Hows that for off topic

beerengine said on 03/05/09 @ 11:56 AM:
Lol Dirk, for going off the topic! What is free, must be free!!!

1manpower said on 03/07/09 @ 10:27 AM:
This site is cool. It's refreshingly honest. I graduated from college 4 years ago (I'm 25) and the past 4 years have been the worst years of my life (ie working). I'm tired all the time. I'm anxious and depressed most of the time. It's hard to fall asleep and even harder to wake up. I blame 80% of my misery on work. The worst part about work is that we choose to work. No one forces us to work. I kind of envy those NJ guys who won the mega millions. I say kind of because there's all sorts of bs that comes with having that much money.

Tim said on 03/07/09 @ 11:19 AM:
". I say kind of because there's all sorts of bs that comes with having that much money."

I could see that. It sounds fun to win the Megamillions and would be, I'm sure, but I think I'd feel tremendously guilty at the same time. I guess I could use a lot of he money to help people in need and still use some for travel, a decent house, etc. It would be hard to keep it secret though. So many people would be bugging you for money. I'd probably use some of the $ to change my name. lol

Well, I have 1.5 more days left before I choose to go back to work! yeah! so much fun. Actually, now that I think about it, I always seemed like I was happiest when I was between jobs and not working. hmmm

Dirk said on 03/08/09 @ 05:36 AM:
Well, would you rather deal with the problems of having that money, or deal with working a job for the rest of your life?

Dirk said on 03/08/09 @ 06:09 AM:
Working a job = Slavery I must end this somehow, can't do it, won't do it.

corona radiata said on 03/08/09 @ 09:12 AM:
A good way to annoy oneself is to browse work and jobs forums and look at the bullshit posted there. Are you a teamplayer=obedient confomer, outgoing=loud brass neck moron. Oooh its so annoying to see how many people buy into this shit.

corona radiata said on 03/08/09 @ 09:16 AM:
Its kind of like when I was in school all those years ago. For example, why do we have to do this, reply: because you have to. Its the same thing, one might ask, isn't unfair that a company does x y and z to its employees and the stock response is, "its unfair but thats the way it is" or "that the real world." Yeah right, the only reason its that state of affairs is because people accept it. Society is three meals away from anarchy, changing this crap is only one decision away, if people would take it.

Lady J said on 03/08/09 @ 01:58 PM:
Stupid daylight savings time, now we are one hour closer to dreaded Monday. Bleh. You know I actually don't mind my job that much, it gets kind of boring sometimes, but I also get to do fun things. It's my BOSS that I can't stand.

Corona, love that phrase, "society is three meals away from anarchy." Bring it!!

Simon said on 03/09/09 @ 04:30 PM:
LOL Corona, 'loud brass neck moron', this working world is full of them unfortunately. What how fast it all crumbles and deteriorates when most of the companies close down. It was set up to fail unfortunately, and it seems there is no basis for continuity with a capitalist framework. Cooperative harmony is the only way forward for humans, working ourselves to death and competing for scarce resources is not going to work long term.

Think locally, act globally.

Nameless One said on 03/09/09 @ 05:44 PM:
Matt what is your hotmail

Mine is


corona radiata said on 03/09/09 @ 05:46 PM:
Thanks Simon, good points. Yar, I kind of lose faith in humanity when I think that most people are loud unreflecting selfish and so forth. Its kind of annoying since there are good people out there but they seem to be in a minority. I just can't figure out why people are so ready to just accept things as they are when they're so patently unjust. We don't need politicians to represent us, we don't need leaders, humans are intelligent enough to lead themselves, well most of us.

Nameless One said on 03/09/09 @ 05:46 PM:
Hey everyone


I mean I am 20 years old and Life has been long enough for me, Hell it is gonna be ages until I get to 80.

I don't wanna live life again, I hope there is a spirit world after this one.

It would be horrible to be reincarnated again, to go through all the stuff I have been through.

Dirk said on 03/09/09 @ 06:31 PM:
Nameless, I will linger in the spirit world. No way i'm coming back to this bullshit. Not unless it's 1000 years into the future and things are a lot different

rogue said on 03/10/09 @ 04:33 AM:
im only 19, only 46yrs of misery left till freedom of retirement. why cant life be easy instead of the lame 8hr shift and dealing with bosses who don't care bout there employees.

Mark said on 03/10/09 @ 06:47 PM:
I hope reincarnation isn't real, that would suck.

REINCARNATIONBOB said on 03/10/09 @ 09:34 PM:
if reincarnation is real, i wanna be a DUMB IGNORANT guy. The dumber,the happier. I won't be posting on this site, because i won't care and would threat "us" like LAZY PEOPLE. 'You lazy fucks! the weekend is for drinking! YAAAY!"

lady j said on 03/11/09 @ 05:38 AM:
I am pissed off at people (in general) this morning. An ambulance was coming through an intersection and the people with the green light wouldn't even stop!! Fucking ignorance. Then at the coffee shop a huge SUV had parked right in the middle of two spots. What a prick. I live in Texas so there's lots of those around. Also, listening to the news about the economy and the budget and shit like that, it's a fucking joke. The politicians get 'automatic raises' each year, while most people I know are either unemployed or close to it? We are living in a house of cards and it's gonna fall down sooner rather than later, and what are we gonna do then? Most people I know that still have jobs are all "I'm so lucky to still have this job" and they'll bend over backwards and jump at the chance to take on more hours, more projects, more work, just to keep hold of some job where they get shit on. It's freaking ridiculous that otherwise well-educated people can't SEE what is going on and what's happening to them. We are an educated society and a RICH society, if we could just open our eyes and spread that around, no one would have to starve. Movies where a few people sacrifice their lives for the good of millions? Rich fucks would never sacrifice themselves for the good of others. I mean, okay few and far between, anyway. I am so sick of living in this world sometimes.

Seth said on 03/11/09 @ 06:06 AM:
Lady J wrote: "if we could just open our eyes and spread that around, no one would have to starve."

I agree. I just read this article and some businesses are helping out. http://www.villagelife.org/news/archives/2-28-97_homelesscafes.html Quote from article:

"At Portland's Sisters of the Road Cafe, the neighborhood is as much a part of the agenda as the 300 meals it serves each day. The oldest of the nation's alternative cafes, founded in 1979, Sisters does not screen its guests, who are mostly from the surrounding Skid Row district.

Named after the hobo slang for women who hitch rides on freight cars, Sisters charges $1.25 a meal or $1 in food stamps for homeless people. But it also offers work in exchange for food. With credit at $5 an hour for such jobs as helping with recycling, bussing tables, clean-up and window washing, a guest can earn enough for a meal in 15 minutes, says Christine Fry, Sisters' development manager."

beerengine said on 03/11/09 @ 04:10 PM:
This world is doomed isn't it?

Simon said on 03/11/09 @ 05:44 PM:
ladyj, there is nothing about the way our society is structured that is good. It is driven by greed and people treading on other people. Until we turn ourselves around and start cooperating, nothing will change. The house of cards is probably more fragile than you think, and when people get scared it all starts to fall down rather quickly. A 30s style depression era is not something we would like to be involved in, but it also seems to be something we cannot avoid.

I just hope that we can create some lasting changes through all this that prevents people from hoarding wealth. Also, wars need to end period.

1manpower said on 03/11/09 @ 07:32 PM:
......and while you're sitting at work or school. Bitter at the way things are going and trying to figure stuff out. Some random person feels like they've had enough and they need to randomly shoot you to make a point. Getting killed while being at a place you don't even want to be at. Getting killed by someone who neither loves nor hates you. This world can be so depressing sometimes. I need to watch the popular news no more than once a week or else I'll lose my ability to smile altogether.

corona radiata said on 03/12/09 @ 06:01 AM:
I'm definitely feel the doom cycle upon us. Lady J, you've made a salient point with respect to a lot of people right now. The problem is essentially behavioural, its not a tangible crisis, people are just dancing to the tune of the pied piper. I think this Depression is yet another example of brain washing. Terrible stuff I might add. Are there tent cities in Texas yet? I heard about this on youtube.

Lady J said on 03/12/09 @ 11:14 AM:
Corona, haven't heard about any tent cities in Texas yet. I can only imagine having to do that. I agree with you about the brainwashing thing. Our governments have had us in fear for the past many years. It's sad, very sad....

And it's so scary to think about where we are headed... I try to be optimistic thinking maybe there are little pockets of civilization that could survive, and make a better life. I am lucky to live in an area where a lot of people are open to bartering. Sometimes I work at a yoga place in exchange for yoga classes. It's a pretty cool thing. My acupuncturist is open to barter. There's even a farm nearby that will let you have food if you help harvest. That's the kind of thing we are going to have to turn towards, rather than relying on money. And I think we'd all be better off if we worked together that way, rather than relying on money to buy our way. I need to make more effort to live that way, instead of relying on money for things. Hmmm... Now I've got to go ponder on that one some more!

Dirk said on 03/12/09 @ 12:17 PM:
And you know whats funny, I had two credit cards lower my limit on me to where my balance just about was. The credit card companies are doing this everywhere. I had a over 50% unused credit, now they're maxed cause of the lowered credit limit, which i've paid on time and responsibly for years. That and the fact I don't use them anymore. So now everyones "credit score" (that whole joke of a system) is gonna lower because all of america is gonna look like they're maxing out their cards due to lower credit limits. So they banks are still screwing us over again. I'm paying these all off this year, no matter what it takes. One is going now, 2 more by the end of this year and no more ever again. Just one for emergencies, and once my car is paid off, i'm not getting another one unless the engine explodes. And i'm still paying student loans for a school that didn't get me any where

Dirk said on 03/12/09 @ 12:45 PM:
It would also be nice if I could turn off my gas altogether and use nothing but electric stove, water heater, and furnace that would run on solar roofing panels. I just may try that one day in the future. I want none, or hardly any dependencies on any of these big greedy companies that rip you off what so ever. If only I had an all electric car too which ran on maybe a gasoline or hydrogin backup system... although maybe i've been reading too many popular scinece lately.

My point being, I'd like to be living as free as possible without owing money to anyone and being forced to use other companies utilites. Though I would need money for food, unless I learned how to do that myself. I'm actually lucky enough to have about 10 acres of land with not many people around me.

Corona radiata said on 03/12/09 @ 03:58 PM:
10 acres, nice. I remember watching a documentary about these guys who lived up in some mountain in America. Something heaven it was called. They're fairly self sufficient if they're still around.

E said on 03/12/09 @ 05:10 PM:
This world is run by morons. Last week I got a rejection letter that read, and I quote: "Your skills, background and experience are very impressive ... we have decided to pursue another whose experience more closely aligns with our requirements." In other words, if I had been more mediocre, I'd have had a better shot. I think these are the kinds of people most people work for. No wonder so many people hate their jobs.

Corona radiata said on 03/12/09 @ 05:53 PM:
yeah pfos suck. The reason they do it is that they're afraid the person will leave the second a better job comes along (as if there are any in this economy). Or they're afraid they you might jeopardize their job. Very annoying though. The process of applying for jobs is a song and dance, having to wear a suit, saying what they want to hear, very fake.

Lady J said on 03/13/09 @ 06:38 AM:
I once had an interview where they totally lied in the job description, and I couldn't even find the place, and I finally got there and it was an armored-truck garage, my office would have been IN the garage where the trucks drive in and all that smelly exhaust would have given me tons of migraines. So I started giggling and acting like a moron. They STILL wanted to hire me!!! WTF!!

Dirk, your credit cards companies are doing you a favor. Same thing happened to me. Get rid of 'em, you'll be so much better off! We are doing the exact same thing, no more credit cards, save one that is for emergencies only. We are also looking into getting several acres, either here in Texas or maybe in New Mexico. Have a farm and off-grid, self-sufficient house. We'd love to have an Earthship. Look them up, they are pretty awesome!

beerengine said on 03/15/09 @ 02:19 PM:
Sunday.....here we go again and again and again and again. Why are we slaves to the technology created to free us, why?

Dirk said on 03/15/09 @ 04:14 PM:
Just looking through the job ads give me a pissed off feeling. Most of these jobs probably suck, and just to get that shitty job you gotta kiss some interviewers ass and get jerked around, waste your time. And most likely won't get the job anyways. Being through that process a million times, makes me wanna keep the lame job I have.

beerengine said on 03/15/09 @ 04:34 PM:
Dirk, I hate interviews, especially when they ask "why do you want this role" and we all now it's just for the money. What a load of crap.

Simon said on 03/15/09 @ 05:17 PM:
Job interviews are just a part of the corporate merry go round. A totally fake and pathetic mechanism so that they can see how much of a kiss ass you are.

Looking through the job ads is just plain depressing Dirk, you can read between all the lines and all they generally want is a robot, who will work for the minimum possible.

smuttykitty said on 03/16/09 @ 08:53 AM:
This website is awesome.

I'm getting laid off and it is the best thing ever. They are going to give me money to quit a job I completely hate. That money will enable me to get out of debt, and I don't know. I might never go back. I am educated, but for what purpose? I have never yet had a job that required it. Amerikkka sucks.

CraighasFuckedworkOff said on 03/16/09 @ 08:57 AM:
Hi SmuttyKitty

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee good news!!! hahaha

fuck work!! fuck work!! fuck work!! fuck work!! fuck work!! fuck work!! fuck work!!

Look longer term though and work out if it's better to pay off debt or pay bits of debt and live off the money.

Either way good for you, I'm very happy to hear your good news!

fuck them all.

CraighasFuckedworkOff said on 03/16/09 @ 09:21 AM:
Mark - Sorry I missed your question you asked, "
For Craig, can you give us a short run down of the contents of 'Science a History"? What was the most interesting part? "

Indeed - it's a wonderful book, the book is more or less as it is titled, The History of Science.

It tells of the documented origins of scientific thinking, from the Greeks and Egyptians.

It details the times when religious teachings were questioned by "Natural Philosophers" - then when that term morphed in to "Science and Scientists" - which is the ability to measure, reproduce, predict or explain anything in nature with a language or with mathematics - to the point where you can always see the same result, proving that nature is not a mysterious thing of "God" away from human understanding or control, but actually something which can be understood and repeated or explained.

The book then tells of the most relevant, revolutionary, inspirational and revelational instances in the timeline of science, meaning everything of interest or importance to us and to science itself from the beginning to the current time.

The book manages to keep you intreagued as it reads most fluently, and it introduces you to the scientists and their foes, as real people, and it also illustrates how amazing these people were by comparing them with other events of the time, for example, Gallileo's mother being on trial for witchcraft as he was trying to talk the Pope out of burning him at the stake for actually understanding the true order of the planets, which went against the current "teaching" which was found in the bible at that time (even Stevie Wonder can see it now "as around the sun the earth goes- she's revolving" hehehe)

So, Aristotle, Gallileo, Hooke (yay!), Newton (boooo!!!).........all the way up to Prof Hawking, quantum theory, Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity being deeper explored etc etc etc

It is just a wonderful book, and in the book, it mentions how the UK Government caught on to the fact that even though they - the government/parliment- didn't know anything about maths or economics or science, there were other people who DID -
and it was these people who were hired to design the current fuckin jail that we all live in, and complain about in here.

They've got everyone so well sewn up that I think the truth is too horrible for most people to accept.

They've even made it a punishable offence I think held under treason, to try to form your own government........

Free to do what they tell you.

I hope you enjoyed my little book review haha

But I adore it. And also I recommend everyone reads "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"
and anything by Bill Hicks.

There are no strangers, only enemies you haven't met yet haha

lady j said on 03/16/09 @ 09:40 AM:
Smutty, that is awesome! I wish that would happen to me. Sounds like you are set though, at the very least able to take a break from work for a while. Work sucks so much. I can't understand anyone who doesn't hate it. I hate, hate, hate, hate it!

beerengine said on 03/17/09 @ 02:44 PM:
Hi smuttykitty! Well done at least you can take a break from this sytem for a while. I was thinking people what would be fairer is if you worked and could retire at say...........30. You still got your looks,energy and hopefully maturity. Retiring at 65 to 70 is wrong, you wouldn't work a long lived animal say an elephant in the same way, so why humans?

Corona radiata said on 03/18/09 @ 07:44 AM:
Hey Craig can you give a link to that book?

LFC Fan said on 03/18/09 @ 11:38 AM:
Hi all,

I effectively lost my job today. I was offered a choice of resigning or undertaking a performance evaluation with the possibility of being fired as a result! Nice... I said I would sleep on the decision but theres no point in me going through that for a job I am fed up with anyway.

4 years service and that's how you get repaid, shit on, burnt out and then spat out when you can't take the pressure any longer!

On the plus side I was given a small bonus for my work for 2008 in recognition of my hard work.. seems a little bizzare but I'm not complaining.

It's just starting to sink in now and I don't know what I'll do. Half of me is relieved and half of me is scared to be losing my job security, but I plan to rest for at least a few weeks before I start stressing about finding new employment.

CraigReadsBooks said on 03/18/09 @ 12:29 PM:
Hi Corona radiata - here's a link to Science a History.


It's a lovely book - interesting, fun, factual and educational.
Let me know if you like it.

CraigReadsBooks said on 03/18/09 @ 12:33 PM:
Today was a beautiful day - sun came out - I helped a little girl who fell and cut her head open (I carry first aid all the time for such events) - I stopped her crying, cleaned the blood off her hands and face and put a plaster on her cut. Her Mam thanked me.

I went to my usual coffee shop and the owner refused to let me pay for my drink and I don't know why.

I recently videod the first event of it's kind in the UK (see my "web address") and it's being recognised from all the major companies involved.

If I'd been working I'd be in a fucking horrible office with fucking horrible people, doing work to MY standards, and being fired because my standards shite all over everyone else's.

Fuck work.

You've been given a blessing, enjoy it - but try to think how best to use the money, like blow it now, use it to live on, or use it in increments to cleverly help on bills for months............ OR buy premium bonds and keep it safe, tax free and maybe win enough to never work again.

I hope with all my heart you win, and can fuck work right off!!!

Good luck to you man.

beerengine said on 03/18/09 @ 02:44 PM:
Yeah CraigReadsBooks is right, invest the money to get out of the system man.

Simon said on 03/18/09 @ 05:57 PM:
LFC Fan,

Very sorry to hear about the job mate, although as has been mentioned, you will get some time in the sun hopefully. Enjoy that time, and take time to breathe before you jump back in again, if in fact you do decide to.

If I didn't have any major responsibilities, I would be making some decisions myself. As it is, I am hoping to go part time before long, if I can make it work financially.

all the best LFC, we'll be here for you.

LFC Fan said on 03/19/09 @ 04:38 AM:
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the kind and honest responses. My department is slowly falling apart and I am still at work as I write this, though for how much longer I am not sure, maybe a month, maybe less.

I have a little money in premium bonds currently but haven't won anything significant. I am praying work don't ask me to repay too much of my CIMA (accountancy) course costs back however I'll cross that bridge if it gets mentioned. Perhaps they can deduct it from my bonus rather than making me pay it back out of the taxed amount I would receive!?

I can't think of anything to invest in to get out of the work hell presently. Interest rates are so low that the only realistic hope is to either win big gambling or try and invest in the stock market when it reaches it's bottom.

Ideally I'd love to be a writer or resarcher of some kind. I think I could handle that. Anything with minimal multi-tasking, and distractions from other people would suit me better. Perhaps I should see a career guidance counsellor. I guess I could look at temorary/contract work as a start so at least I don't get bogged down and depressed somewhere I don't feel comfortable again.

Would have loved to have been made redundant but that was always wishful thinking!

Good luck everyone.

beerengine said on 03/23/09 @ 01:19 PM:
I can't take anymore....

rogue said on 03/24/09 @ 02:35 AM:
same here only 19 stuck in this crap routine for life. even though i only work 4 days a week i cant stand it and i get the feeling im getting pushed to 5 days a week well im sticking to what i want final boss!! funny isnt it someone said same thing earlier bout job interviews, you go suck up the interviewer for a job i can do this blah blah for your company honestly load of garbage money is the only reason people forced to work nothing more, i hope i make some sense

lady j said on 03/24/09 @ 05:34 AM:
on the news this morning, someone talking about the financial crisis, and he said "What people need, and what people want, are JOBS." HAHAHAH! I thought, tell that to my fellow job-haters on this board!! What a crock.

My boss made a new rule for me yesterday: I have to print out everything I did during the day, and leave it on my desk for her to 'review'. What a fucking joke. She's a micro-managing control freak in the extreme.

interno said on 03/24/09 @ 07:36 AM:
Morpheus : The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around. What do you see? Business people, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependant on the system, that they will fight to protect it. http://god-777.webs.com/

beerengine said on 03/24/09 @ 04:33 PM:
Three more days of MY life to go......

blah said on 03/25/09 @ 07:55 AM:
i've been sick with the flu all week, and each morning when i call my boss to say i still cant come in, i get a nasty attitude..im sick of it...

beerengine said on 03/25/09 @ 04:37 PM:
2 more days of pain to go....

Simon said on 03/25/09 @ 06:07 PM:
How do you all cope with having to do something you hate? What are your coping mechanisms?

I know I take a huge stress hit every morning when I drag myself in, and that surely can't be good for anyone?

I wish it was the Matrix, at least we could wake up from this crap..

OxO said on 03/25/09 @ 06:55 PM:
Yeah it's def the matrix, but it's worse for those who "woke up". You see the ugliness and there's no going back (the steak is fake!). Coping mechanism, dear lord only way i cope is drugs and booz.

Dirk said on 03/26/09 @ 03:00 AM:
Yeah, god forbid you should actually be sick and get off from work. I actually went to work sick a few days ago. I try to spread my germs around as much as possible so everyone else gets it. You want me to come in sick, then you'll have to deal with my germs and risk everyone else catchin it. With every day I get closer to quitting this job, and I know I can't afford to.

Zerowork said on 03/26/09 @ 04:48 AM:
Work is for tools. It takes a tool to do a job. Are you a "human resource" or a human being?

Work is a scam, and the people who promote it are suckers. They are conspiring to enslave themselves, and the "ownership class" is laughing all the way to the bank.

Work should only be done when absolutely necessary, and never viewed as a positive thing. There is nobody more ridiculous than the indoctrinated work-lover.

beerengine said on 03/26/09 @ 12:45 PM:
Man, I am starting to lose it. Today I finished work made dinner put TV on. The same thing I did the day before that and the year before that......this is what is going to happen until the day I fuckin die?.......This is not living, this is like some horror move were ya just can't get out of it....

Simon said on 03/26/09 @ 03:59 PM:
beer, the routine is a killer, and perhaps we weren''t meant for that. You get told when younger to get a job, bring up a family, pay your mortgage etc, etc. but for what?? So you can have your children do the same damn thing?

It's pathetic, and I feel trapped and cornered. How did we allow ourselves to be hoodwinked in this way. Some days, I feel like driving away and setting up camp in a remote forest somewhere, and living in survival mode. It would be primitive and dangerous but at least I would feel alive, instead of rotting away in an office.

Fxxk capitalism and all the extreme misery it has bought to the vast majority of this planets population.

beerengine said on 03/26/09 @ 04:28 PM:
Simon, you are spot on man, I actually refuse to have kids. Why, so they don't have to go through the same misery. I could easily do what you said and set up some where. Risky and dangerous oh yeah, but boy wouldn't you feel alive, exercising naturally by catching and growing your own food. Suffering from less sickness because of a natural and clean environment, no crime, no keeping up with the Jones's. You could eat fruit and fish then explore and chill, oh yes and use natural medicines...

corona radiata said on 03/26/09 @ 05:16 PM:
back to work possibly for me, though its only 4 hours a week, hehe. I'm just doing it to get out, I'm none too fond of the work though, teaching. Very scatterbrained and I find the interaction with people debilitating. With unlimited time I seem to sqaunder it, but thats more to do with the present circumstances. Working 9-5 is pain. I read about people made sick by it and having to quit.

Howie said on 03/26/09 @ 05:52 PM:
I'm with you Simon. I hate this fricking routine. It's caused me to have depression. I just dont have any energy by friday night. I do not want to go out. It's caused my social life to suffer- knowing I have nothing to look forward to. I think for me- isn't the highlight of your 24-hour day SLEEPING. It's a temporary escape from this insanity.

Simon said on 03/26/09 @ 07:31 PM:
Hey Howie/Beer, yes I'm with you on the sleeping routine, some days I cannot wait to fall asleep to get some respite from it all. My energy levels at night are pitiful, and I can barely scrape up enough to eat and spend some time with the kids.

I hate being this way, but I know that I am going to have to keep it up for a long number of years yet.

Living rough has always appealed to me, I rather like the thought of being self sufficient. Communes are interesting, but they usually degenerate due to infighting, jealousy and all the other human problems that appear when people try to live together.

We are fundamentally flawed, and I just wish I could cut off a few IQ points so I wouldn't care anymore..

Dirk said on 03/27/09 @ 02:42 AM:
I actually have the sounds of rain storms and beach waves on cd I listen to before I go to sleep sometime and try my hardest to pretend i'm somewhere else and think that work doesn't exist at all. Hard to do sometimes, lol.

lady j said on 03/27/09 @ 06:45 AM:
Work bores me to death. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, who CARES if I create yet another spreadsheet or letter or filing system? I would much rather be out trying to really HELP the world. I mean, when New Orleans was devastated by that hurricane, I wanted nothing more than to drive there to do whatever I could to help. I only live about 8 hours from there. But oh noooo, would that have been acceptable to my employer? Oh hell no. To me, I can think of nothing more noble than volunteering your own time and energy to help others, especially in the face of such devastation as that and other disasters, but to employer, they think their employees LIVE to come to work each day and do their stupid fucking shit. Our society is seriously fucked up in its priorities.

Craig said on 03/27/09 @ 06:51 AM:
sure is, Lady J

lady j said on 03/27/09 @ 06:54 AM:
Oh, and if it weren't for the internet, I don't know WHAT I'd do during the work day! hahah! At least there are countless websites, message boards, and interesting places to visit in the wonderful world of the interwebs!!

Corona radiata said on 03/27/09 @ 08:07 AM:
I remember being really pissed off about Katrina and I'm not even from America. It was the reaction of the Bush admin, the complete indifference to the whole situation, I couldn't believe it, that level of callousness is surely connected with intelligence to some degree, the ability to reflect on oneself and think outside ones own context. But they were unable to of course. As long as it doesn't affect them who cares eh? The administration that should not have been.

Craig Loves Earth Hates Humans said on 03/27/09 @ 12:20 PM:
I reckon the Katrina situation was happy days for them, a load of blacks off welfare and less gangs--------- their thinking NOT mine.
They'd see the lot die and not GAF.... I still say they did 9/11 too.
They Killed Kennedy, X, King too.

When will ppl wake up and see what is in front of their own eyes?

Corona radiata said on 03/27/09 @ 02:08 PM:
If someones fed the same story over and over again a connection is formed which is difficult to break. That is what this guy says


Although we free spirited types aren't so easily duped. The tragedy of the human race is that there are many good people out there, but then you have politicians and execs etc. One day I hope there is a world without leaders or politics.

Howie said on 03/27/09 @ 04:59 PM:
Lady J
I was thinking the same thing- about helping people. If we help just ONE person, haven't we done more than we we will ever do in 20 years at some boring office, sitting in front of a computer, making money for your EMPLOYER. How much satisfaction would we get out of that. The problem is, volunteering or helping others doesn't pay.. I hate this crap. Working for others, not doing anything morally important.

lady j said on 03/30/09 @ 05:41 AM:
yes Howie! Like on Saturday, I was driving back from the garden store and this girl's car had broken down, right in the middle of the lane. She couldn't have been there very long, and two guys in a Jeep had already stopped and they helped her push her car out of the way! That made me so happy to see! Most people just stop and honk and are jerks about things like that. Like it's going to help matters if they honk at her! Yes, helping people is where it's at. If I had enough time I'd be volunteering so many places. I already volunteer sometimes as a Habitat Steward - helping install native plants and maintain habitats like our parks and such. I'd do so much more, if I wasn't stuck working!! I wish 'money' would just go away and people would just have to learn to work together for the good and benefit of all. Idealistic, maybe, but wouldn't it be nice?

Seth said on 03/30/09 @ 05:59 AM:
I guarantee those two guys would've never stopped to help if it was another guy broken down on the road and not a girl. It's nice that they helped her though.

beerengine said on 04/02/09 @ 07:26 AM:
Has anybody thought of a way.Out of this working trap/hell?

beerengine said on 04/02/09 @ 02:48 PM:

beerengine said on 04/02/09 @ 03:51 PM:

thegreatA said on 04/03/09 @ 05:12 AM:
hi guys. its been a while and yes, my work still sucks horse shit. currently on a job hunt trying to get out of this hell hole.

something funny happened to me today though. a customer of mine came up to me and said to me 'there must be a way to get out of this trap cause i just dont know what is it im working for.'

beerengine said on 04/05/09 @ 03:06 PM:
Oh God, its Sunday...........

Simon said on 04/05/09 @ 05:21 PM:
Beer, even worse, it's now Monday. I'm staying put in bed.

Dirk said on 04/05/09 @ 09:34 PM:
I like when you work part time, and people think you're lazy or ask you why aren't you working full time. I once had a job that tried to offer me more hours saying they could get me near full time. Why the hell would I want that? Only if I desperatly needed the money would I do that shit.

Sabre said on 04/06/09 @ 03:14 AM:
Finally my two week vacation has arrived. The thought of this holiday has kept me going since Feb. In two weeks though i have to return to work, and i am not sure if i can, i feel like just not returning. My department (Adult Intensive Care) has moved and has increased in size and therefore workload, no extra staff, everyone leaving because of this, so even less staff. Think its time for a new career. ps you ok out there Mark? not seen you post for a while.

lady j said on 04/06/09 @ 05:28 AM:
Dirk, my boss keeps apologizing for not making me full time yet. I haven't told her, if they try to make me full time, I'm outta here! Why the fuck would I want to work 40 hours a week for these people? 28 is more than enough!

beerengine said on 04/06/09 @ 12:22 PM:
Lady j, you're damn right babe!

blah said on 04/08/09 @ 04:43 PM:
i love how bosses think they can talk to their employees as if they are better human beings than everyone else..too bad i cant curse em out without being fired

Howie said on 04/08/09 @ 07:29 PM:
On the Billy Mayes commercial where he's pimping the ESPN website- the lady has the most appropriate word ever about work.. SOUL-CRUSHING. Does that sum it up or what?

Howie said on 04/10/09 @ 03:41 PM:
Here it is Friday- I'm mentally drained and have no energy whatsoever

lady j said on 04/13/09 @ 06:09 AM:
Howie, soul-crushing is exactly right. I have been thinking a lot about my own mortality lately... have had some family members fall ill and just been hearing from a lot of acquaintances about health problems, I'm talking fairly young people too. I mean, if I end up dying when I'm 60, then I've already lived half my life.... and what do I have to show for it? I'm not talking material things here... I mean, am I in control of my life and am I doing what I want to do? I'm not. Something is changing inside me and I can no longer sit by and let life, REAL living, pass me by. I have a renewed commitment to paying off our debt, not buying anything new unless it is absolutely necessary, and finishing my Art degree so I can do what I want to do and be in control of my own life. It pains me so much to come to this job every day... it is truly soul-crushing. But...at least I have a plan and am working towards it, now with renewed vigor, and I know that in a couple years I will have created a life that I want to live, and work that I enjoy (teaching Art). It's pretty much the only thing that keeps me going. Ah hell, forgive my rambling this morning. Hope you all have as good a week as possible... cheers!

love said on 04/13/09 @ 12:13 PM:
I dislike servitude. I love everyone who who realizes servitude is wrong.

Kathy said on 04/14/09 @ 06:23 AM:
And yet, life without servitude is impossible. Where would we be without people who were willing to work at jobs like with the elderly in rest homes? Having to change dirty diapers and be kind to sick and cranky people has to be one of the hardest jobs. I am so grateful to them though, because I know I could never take care of my elderly mother on my own without this kind of help.

Timothy said on 04/14/09 @ 07:46 AM:
I agree, Love.

Kathy, I'm thinking you are thinking servitude means something else.

Definition of Servitude: a condition in which one lacks liberty especially to determine one's course of action or way of life

beerengine said on 04/14/09 @ 03:47 PM:

Dirk said on 04/15/09 @ 03:14 AM:
Beer: Since that's the case, I think I really hate labor day.

lady j said on 04/15/09 @ 06:35 AM:
Unfortunately, very very few of us are truly at liberty to determine our way of life. The system makes it nearly impossible, and if you do beat the system, then you have to deal with society looking down its nose at you. Still, better I'm looked down upon and happy, than respected and unhappy.

beerengine said on 04/15/09 @ 03:47 PM:
Very true lady!

jake said on 04/15/09 @ 04:30 PM:
Nothing makes me more angry and depressed than abusive management. Those who abuse their power and bully their employees are scumbags. Bureaucratic or entry level work environments typically tolerate this nonsense. It's sick.

jake said on 04/15/09 @ 04:34 PM:
Oh, and if you are one of those "kiss ass" types at work who sucks up to the boss - I want to punch you.

jake said on 04/15/09 @ 04:47 PM:
Oh, and by the way...this is why alcohol exists. Because most bosses are pricks.

jake said on 04/15/09 @ 04:58 PM:

Simon said on 04/16/09 @ 07:19 PM:
Hi all,

Well, we had a short week here in Oz, so it became a little more bearable, not much but four days work is definitely better than five..

I hope you are all doing ok, and not kissing ass!! servitude has always been wrong, and employment today is the modern form of slavery.

roll on the next holiday long weekend...

Public_enemy said on 04/18/09 @ 09:28 AM:
Where I work, the managers are idiots, the supervisors are ass kissers, the staff are mostly over educated for the jobs they are doing, most of the married workers are cheating, many of the women sleep around and all of the guys I have spoken to will fuck anything that has a pulse.

No one in their right mind would chose to spend 8 hours with people who are like this if they had a real choice, let alone breath the same air.

I think if the majority of people we all worked with were pleasant, respectable, ethical, courteous and intelligent then work would be a lot better.

Unfortunately, we are all living in The Matrix. Yes, that film is actually not far from real life. I am ready to be unplugged and I simply cannot wait to be gone for ever. Thank God that was life is not forever.

beerengine said on 04/19/09 @ 03:17 PM:
I'm so glad I am not immortal.....

Lady J said on 04/21/09 @ 04:44 PM:
Just wanted to say, WORK FUCKING SUCKS!

Where you all been?? Have you made your peace with the subservient life or what? lol!

LFC Fan said on 04/22/09 @ 04:42 AM:
I'm still here.. working the beginning of the end of my career at my current company, doing a peformance improvement plan, which if I fail I will be "invited to resign"! Despite getting a payrise in January, a dip in performance has made them try to freeze me out despite 4 years good service. Lovely...

On a positive note, at works drinks last night a number of people shocked the finance director with details of how p1ssed off with my boss they have been for various reasons, so something good might come out of that :)

thegreatA said on 04/22/09 @ 05:14 AM:
lyrics from blood stain child~metropolice

I can see
You Can see
We can see the falling fighting.

In this developing Metropolice
Thats All digitalized.

We forget having stepped
on the Earth with the shank's mare.
We soak in paradise of the Delight.
Politics and economy are all genetic structure.

I can see
You Can see
We can see the falling fighting.

Imagine it.
What do you wish in that?
We are not of machine and iron.

We have an ego and the will.
In the world where everything is made
automation our existance will disappear for long

Say Fly Stay Soul
We are denied to what oneself.....
I can see
You can see
We can see the falling fighting.

corona radiata said on 04/22/09 @ 02:13 PM:
Still here, meh work is an interesting connundrum, I mean 8 hours a day doing something one likes would be worth it, but to do that we need a shift in consciousness which about 80% of us are unwilling to do.

One day perhaps, people will work in meaningful jobs and will become enlightened in creating a sustainable economic system based on discovery in the arts, sciences and humanities among other things. But that's several millenia away or probably not at all. I think its either a case of copping on to a disastrous situation with our current economic models and military/imperialist complexes or just going extinct.

planettech9 said on 04/22/09 @ 04:40 PM:
Hi buddy
I do agree with you that you think that much about our young generations. I also think the same.I am very happy to get that comment from you .so I am thanking you for giving this wonderful suggestions.

temping jobs-

Simon said on 04/22/09 @ 07:04 PM:
Still around LadyJ! seething and wishing for an escape outlet. I need a switch to turn off the thinking part of my brain during work time, that way, I wouldn't care at all.....

beerengine said on 04/23/09 @ 01:59 PM:
I'm with ya Corona we are in the minority in this world... The other fucking sheep just can't see the light people like us are just different. I got this guy at work doing my head in!!!!!!! I wish he would DROP DOWN, COLD STONE, FUCKING, DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

corona radiata said on 04/25/09 @ 08:14 AM:
For all those in the US stay safe. I believe there is a flu outbreak which is fairly serious. Don't particularly like how its unfolding either. It seems kind of strange in a way, in the respect that disasters seem to follow on after the other, like the flu pandemic of 1918 after the war, now this after the economic collapse.

corona radiata said on 04/25/09 @ 10:18 AM:
haha check this out. Guaranteed a laugh, especially if you're a star trek fan!

corona radiata said on 04/25/09 @ 10:18 AM:
haha check this out. Guaranteed a laugh, especially if you're a star trek fan!


corona radiata said on 04/25/09 @ 10:20 AM:
here's another one


Dirk said on 04/25/09 @ 11:25 AM:
We won't get out of work till we get out of this "survival" mode.

corona radiata said on 04/25/09 @ 01:36 PM:
We're too intelligent just to survive, lets live instead

Public_Enemy said on 04/25/09 @ 08:03 PM:
I am extremely thankful that one day, we shall all rest in complete peace.

Cora said on 04/27/09 @ 04:53 AM:
This site is super. I was really pissed at work today but reading the comments I have to say I haven't laughed this much in ages. I am Romanian, working IN Romania for a German company with mostly German coworkers who complain that if only Hitler was German instead of Austrian they would have won the war. Oh, yeah, and they know shit at work and they get paid 5 or 7 times more than us, just because they're 'Germans'... why were they even allowed to leave their country I don't know. My Dream is to retire early to grow organic tomatoes on my grandparents' land and have 10 dogs and 5 cats.

Cora said on 04/27/09 @ 04:54 AM:
I forgot to mention I work 10 hours a day, from 8am to 6 pm.. how about that...but I am forced to write that I only work 8 hours in the daily reports...lovely, no?

corona radiata said on 04/27/09 @ 05:22 PM:
jeez I hope this pandemic doesn't escalate. I'm in the prime target zone (young adult). Not cool at all. The first case was in California march 22nd


Just so you know it didn't start in Mexico. The earthquake sucked too.

I have a bad feeling about this flu virus, but until then its neither here nor there, just have to wait and see.

Simon said on 04/28/09 @ 12:23 AM:
Cora, tell those Nazi co-workers of yours to go xxxx themselves. Keep up your spirits, and good things will come to you eventually.

The capitalist overlords will fall one day, and then we can all live a pastoral existence, caring for each other and living the way that nature intended we should.

lady j said on 04/28/09 @ 05:20 AM:
My boss is so annoying. I have been off work since Thursday, just got in this morning and there is a note on my desk saying that we don't have money to make payroll, unless I go pick up a check today from our finance people.... I guess she couldn't be bothered to run such an unimportant errand.


beerengine said on 04/28/09 @ 11:55 AM:
Corona....I have a bad feeling about this flu....

corona radiata said on 04/28/09 @ 02:29 PM:
you know I think it may just be to increase pharma sales. There was a major scandal with a company called Baxter back in Feb in Austria, basically a combined virus was found in vaccines if I recall correctly, which is virtually impossible to do with all the bio safeguards. The executives got off though. Ridiculous. Anyway whatever way it turns out I'm cautiously skeptical. Could be a sleight of hand trick in the media.

corona radiata said on 04/28/09 @ 02:41 PM:
Weird, I've had the robocop introspective music stuck in my head non stop for 3 days now. Guess it suits the epic times we live in. Great film though, watched it twice when it was on TV plus the end scene on youtube.

ihatemyjob said on 04/29/09 @ 06:54 AM:
i hate my work too.. even though it pays it sucks

corona radiata said on 04/30/09 @ 04:05 AM:
you know what I really hate about work? The fact that you have to go to bed early in order to be on time early in morning. Its infantile. Its like "oh bedtime is 9.00, have to get up bright and breezy at 5 am." Its like discrimination against people who have a different sleeping pattern. Always stay up late anyway.

lady j said on 04/30/09 @ 05:24 AM:
Corona, I'm with ya on the sleep thing... Actually, I'd probably be in bed by 10pm each night and up around 7-8am, no alarm clock. I need a lot of sleep. But when I work, I have to get up at 5:30am and it really hurts me to lose the extra sleep. Some people need more sleep, and I am (unfortunately) one of those. I feel like I would be MUCH more efficient and get more done if I could honor my body's desired sleep patterns.

The swine flu has hit Texas, only like 16 cases so far, but I even heard that one school in my city has closed because some of the students had gone on a trip to Mexico. The first U.S. death from swine flu was in Houston, which is about 2.5 hours from me. It's scary, especially because I get sick often. Hopefully we can find a vaccine quickly!!

Robert said on 05/04/09 @ 06:45 PM:
I hate the thought of having to work. I like work if there's more freedom involved but having a time to wake up and having to show up on time sucks! My boss sucks! The know-it-all type that thinks that if you're young you don't know anything! The arrogance is so annoying!

Humans have the ability to create a utopia and instead create a flawed society where the people are more slaves to the system than free!

love-life-hate-work said on 05/04/09 @ 07:30 PM:
Work does not define you or your life. We only work to fuel and fund our true lives. Ultimately life is what happens after work.

Henry said on 05/05/09 @ 07:09 AM:
Sounds like I'm in the minority here in that I have an awesome boss and love the people I work with, but it's the actual work I hate doing. I guess I need to realize there are very few people who actually love the work they do.

I have a question for everyone. What would your dream job be? For me it would be an entertainer..either a professional sports player, magician, or a signer.

corona radiata said on 05/05/09 @ 02:47 PM:
Rock musician, minus the record company exploitation. Apart from that I'm working towards something near enough a dream job, namely cgi, bit worried about the course I'm doing but hopefully I'll pass. I guess the only other option would be a university professor sitting in his ivory tower writing books.

lady j said on 05/06/09 @ 06:03 AM:
my dream job(s):

goat herder (I really just want to have some land and live off it, and have goats)
landscape designer/gardener
some kind of natural health practitioner

free2live said on 05/06/09 @ 11:20 AM:
Hi guys. This website is awesome. I didn't realize there were so many people ou there who feel the same way I do about work. Most people seem to have the mentality that we should all just shut up and be greatful that we even have a job no matter how bad it sucks. Although the people I work with are fine, the job itself is extremely dull, tedious and unrewarding. The worst part of it all for me is not the job itself it is the feeling of being stuck, trapped like a rat in a cage with no way out. Its very depressing. Jobs are so scarce now the odds of finding another one are very slim. I would feel alot better about going into work with the knowledge and the freedom to leave at any time without consequences.

free2live said on 05/06/09 @ 11:25 AM:
By the way, my dream job would be freelance photographer. To be able to travel and take beautiful pictures would be awesome.

Frank said on 05/07/09 @ 07:54 AM:
free2live, my next door neighbor is a freelance photographer and he loves it. He travels all over the country and makes decent money. hmm, I may have to look into that myself, but I have absolutely zero experience with photography.

Well, my lunch break is over. Time to get back to work making rulers. Yep, I make rulers for a living..sigh.

beerengine said on 05/07/09 @ 02:36 PM:
Frank, I feel for ya bro....why can't they alter the work life balance say. Say, work until ya 30 then retire....

Nameless One said on 05/10/09 @ 04:09 AM:
where endless dreamer gone his comments were always good to read

Howie said on 05/11/09 @ 07:43 PM:
To Love-life-hate-work:
I totally agree- a job should not define you whatsoever. I hate when someone asks you what you do- 'I sit at a desk all day, staring into a computer screen, wishing there was a way out of this rat race', that's what I do?..am I lesser a person now that you know??

bobmugabe said on 05/12/09 @ 08:24 AM:
i just got my first job and i have been told this is the best opportunity i wil have with my qualifications, and how lucky i am, i hate work so much i thought there was something wrong with me, guess i am not the only one. try smoking weed it helps me alot.. cant wait for the next 45 years of my life that i wil have to go to work every day, like i don't have better things to do.
p.s trust me weed (improves creativitiy)

bobmugabe said on 05/12/09 @ 08:39 AM:
hey i have a plan lets remove robert mugabe from zimbabwe and we wil probably be heroes and imagine all the aid money that we fly into the country, plus how much would it cost it would be cheap.(and he has destroyed hundreds of lifes, including mine) plus this is zimbabwe we talking about, i even sang in a choir for him once(hes fucking ugly and almost dead already). you could probably land in Heathrow airport and SHOUT: i killed bob.
and would probably get a medal of honor

Nameless One said on 05/13/09 @ 05:04 PM:
So can any of y'all remember a time when you didn't hate a job? If so, what do you think happened to change that? Or can you pinpoint a specific incident or something that happened to make you start hating work or your job?

I feel like I was pretty happy at one of my first jobs... I'll tell y'all about it if you want to hear.

Lady J said on 05/13/09 @ 05:06 PM:
OMG how weird, I just posted that last comment and it showed up as "Nameless One"!! how weird.

Brett said on 05/14/09 @ 04:41 AM:
Nameless one:

I had two jobs I actually enjoyed. 1 job I absolutely loved and other I enjoyed.

The one I loved was SEAL trainining in the Navy. I didn't graduate but I made it pretty far and loved every minute of it. I basically got paid to swim, run, and push my body to the limits every day. I loved it because I compete in triathlons for fun in my free time and SEAL training was pretty close to that. I ended up getting performance dropped for failing a combat dive test but don't regret trying.

The second job I enjoyed was working for the post office. My job was to drive a van around the city, collecting mail out of those big blue mail boxes. It was easy work and I had my route down so good that I had 1-2 hrs free time during the day. I also liked being out on the road, eating at different places, and being outdoors. This was just a temp job so I wasn't able to keep it.

Now I'm unemployed and love it..the freedom to do what I want, when I want. I'll need to go back to work in a month or two though. I just need to find something that I enjoy again.

Kathy said on 05/14/09 @ 07:09 AM:
"..... can any of y'all remember a time when you didn't hate a job? If so, what do you think happened to change that?"

Working in a refinery as a piping designer/engineering assistant. It was the high point of working for that company for 23 years, working my way up from a co-op drafter, going to school nights to get an associate's degree in engineering. I loved it. I did a wide variety of work, all very interesting, and I used my education daily.

No fault of mine that it changed, I was downsized.

Hate my job now, although I like the people I work with. It's extremely boring and limiting. I feel like I've gone from college to kindergarten.

lady j said on 05/14/09 @ 08:37 AM:
One of my first jobs, I enjoyed very much... I started as a lowly mail-clerk and had more than my fair share of obstacles: a coworker who actively tried to get me fired (we later became very good friends), was scheduled for a layoff and then they kept me, even an HR issue with the supervisor of another department. But I stayed dedicated to the company and worked my way up to being senior accounts payable team member (though they wouldn't give me the title). I helped them convert to a new system and for months was the sole processor on the new system. When I was told to release payments before they should have been, I started to ask questions... and soon after, they took my region away from me, took my priority processing away, and sent me to HR. I quit. Ever since then, every job I've worked at has been the pits. I've hated them all. So I just can't help but wonder if that one incident changed everything...

beerengine said on 05/14/09 @ 02:56 PM:
The job I have now is pretty cool. I work as a IT Technician I get two hours for lunch and spend must of my time surfing the net!

Ihatethegamethatiscalledwork50yearsandiemiserable. said on 05/14/09 @ 06:01 PM:
Recently watched the matrix trilogy again and i gotta say, WORK is probably the matrix in our reality. People will defend it ,praise it and they don't have a fucking clue...sounds like the matrix to me!

Donny said on 05/15/09 @ 08:49 AM:
My boss is a fucking douche bag. He is obnoxious rude and worst of all, thinks hes funny.

He will ask me to do something, then 10 fucking minutes later want an update when he knows full well ive got other shit to deal with.

He will interrupt my FUCKING PHONE CONVERSATIONS to try and tell me how to do my job when i know 100 times more than the fuckwit.

he will ask me to do something and then FUCKING STAND BEHIND ME, if you want me to do something, ask me to do it and then GET THE FUCK OUT!.

Rant over.

live2bfree said on 05/15/09 @ 10:02 AM:
If I see one more article about how to be a "better" employee (i.e mindless robot slave) I'm going to puke. I wish they would publish more articles about how to be a good employer who truly values and respects his employees. And I don't mean with just a bunch of empty, meaningless b.s. words that are probably about as sincere as a crooked politician. You know the crap they sometimes tell you to your face to make you think they care and then they turn around and criticize you later. Work sucks!

Larry said on 05/16/09 @ 02:34 PM:
Donny, I'd either choke that guy or quit. I wouldn't put up with his shit.

Dirk said on 05/17/09 @ 02:32 AM:
Whats funny is one of the first things you want when you're a teenager is a car. And in order to pay for that car, you either have your parents buy it for you, or get a job. Funny, and we need that car to get to that job (unless you're within walking distance, which usually isn't the case) , and need that job to pay for that car, (payments, gas, and insurance). Kinda the start of a vicious pointless cycle.

One of the best jobs I had was working at a fireworks store. They hardly got any business most of the times except around holidays, and I would just sit on the computer and play starcraft. And the people there I actually liked, and we would just get bored and set off fireworks outside by taping different things together. One time it made so much smoke the fire department came. Good thing the boss wasn't there, lol. I actually ended up leaving that job because all the cool people quit, and the bosses douch cousin started working there and started talkin shit about me behind my back to the owner, and he sucked the fun right out of that place. Not to mention it didn't pay shit either.

corona radiata said on 05/17/09 @ 08:03 AM:
Videogames and fireworks, that must have been sweet

Donny said on 05/18/09 @ 01:32 AM:
Larry, thanks. I have considered both options, I am currently weighing up the pros and cons of ripping his balls off and feeding them to him, still unsure on that one..

lady j said on 05/18/09 @ 05:19 AM:
Donny, my boss is that exact same way... total micro manager and control freak. It annoys the hell out of me.

Donny said on 05/18/09 @ 09:27 AM:
Lady j, its very frustrating isnt it? I know for a fact I would be a lot more productive if the boss left me alone, but the fact that he is constantly there like a shoulder puppet makes me purposely work slower and take longer breaks, fuck him!

lazy-hero said on 05/18/09 @ 07:57 PM:
I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck about work. I just turn up every day and do it. Work colleagues want to talk about it after hours ( what a miserable life -work, then talk about work, it never ends!). Why don't these people realise that IF IT WERE NOT FOR BILLS AND MORTGAGE, I WOULD NEVER EVEN CONTEMPLATE WORK, LET ALONE DO IT!

lady j said on 05/19/09 @ 07:34 AM:
Donny, yes!!! Exactly. Or, she keeps interrupting me with other things that need to be done 'now' so I can't get anything done. So I'll just work slower at it.

yomal said on 05/19/09 @ 09:49 AM:
What would you say to a guy who was fired from 2 manager jobs in the last year, has an idea what he could do freelance and hates even the thought of starting the freaking project with the first friendly prospect customer (about to lose him).

Show me a job and I promise I will hate it.

mark said on 05/20/09 @ 02:56 PM:
Hey it's Mark

hoping reincarnation isn't real, anyone feel the same?

Dirk said on 05/21/09 @ 02:43 AM:
Mark, if it's an option that is up to us, I won't be coming back. At least not for a long time, maybe sometime in the future when money doesn't rule our existence, if that ever happens. Then maybe i'll decide to reincarnate. But for now, no way will I come back to this shit after i'm dead. So i'll hang around in the astral plane for a long time untill I see some type of better future for humankind.

Howie said on 05/21/09 @ 06:52 PM:
Do you think we do come back? Maybe in the year 2500... can you envision what life would be like then? How bout even 2100 or 2200? If you've ever seen the movie 'Soylent Green', I really think that can happen. Overpopulation is a reality. There is a food shortage now, I can imagine what would the situation would be like in 150-200 years.

anon456 said on 05/22/09 @ 12:18 AM:
Check out the Venus Project:


And Zeitgeist movies:


corona radiata said on 05/22/09 @ 09:26 AM:
venus project is a psy op.

Howie said on 05/25/09 @ 03:00 PM:
Waa this the fastest, "long" weekend ever. back to the f'in grind tomorow- when will this shit end? Calgon take me away. I'm clicking my heels three times, but I'm still here....

rogue said on 05/26/09 @ 04:30 AM:
my uncle work the railway traks for 30+yrs hes not even 65 and hes worn out, arthritis crippling him, work wears everyone out, how can you experience life when your 65 and unable to do things you really wanted to in your prime, it suxs you shouldnt need to wait 40+ yrs to be able to do what YOU want each day.

Dirk said on 05/26/09 @ 01:19 PM:
rogue, we'll probably gonna have to work longer than 65. Will there even be a social security in the next 30 years i'm wondering, and will it pay shit anyways? I'm not relying on it, that's for sure, though i'm definatly not saving as much as I should be. I hate the whole system.

Simon said on 05/26/09 @ 07:49 PM:
Hey Dirk/Rogue, in Australia, they are planning to up the retirement age to 67 by the year 2024... As you can imagine, this will probably filter out to other countries including the US. You can also imagine that this will be changed further as time goes on, and also superannuation will be pushed out of reach also.

The good old days of working, then retiring with some years to enjoy are rapidly disappearing. We can all expect to work, and then if the goverment(s) had there way, die on time just after retirement....


rogue said on 05/28/09 @ 03:35 AM:
yea im aussie know all about this retirement age shit, the government hasnt taken in account jobs that require manuel labour, compare a person who has worked in labour industry to a person who sits in a chair all day at retirement age? who gonna be in better physical shape in there 60's? im 19, the only way see out of this working hell is to win the lottery in the millions and budget it well to last you your life.

1manpower said on 05/29/09 @ 08:28 AM:
Work certainly sucks. It's friday but that doesn't mean much to me anymore. I know that sunday evening will be here in no time. This wage slavery is really getting to me.

Dreamer said on 05/31/09 @ 04:25 AM:
Hello fellow work-haters.

I am very jelous of my two friends at work right now, one is my coach and he will be leaving to direct films. I am very sad but happy for him at the same time. We always bitched together about how work sucks, and now he can be free to follow his passion.

My other friend is finishing uni and work altogether. I kind of wanted to slap her when she said this =

'I finish uni and work and have all this time, what am I going to do' my reply was LIVE DAMN YOU LIVEEEE!

The question is what could you not do with all that free time? How can people not be happy with it. I would kill to have free time. We spend all our working days moaning about having no time, then when we get it, we complain like it's a burden.

I am thinking we should maybe invent our own working system together. Invent a buisness that requires us to take it easy and live happy. Like working on land. That way we can all sign up for it!

Howie said on 05/31/09 @ 07:47 AM:
And Sunday is here...

Lady J said on 05/31/09 @ 11:24 AM:
Dreamer, I agree about free time. In fact I was thinking about staying home from work tomorrow so I can work in my garden. I'd much rather sweat doing physical labor in the heat than be stuck at my desk creating yet another stupid spreadsheet to track some stupid bullshit I don't care about...

Dirk said on 06/03/09 @ 11:15 PM:
Here I am again, on the internet looking through all the crap available jobs, and then stopping here to check before I leave for another repetitive day. The thing it, if I left this job for another, i'm just as much likely to hate it like every other one.

Gabe said on 06/04/09 @ 08:02 AM:
what is this, and dylboy. i think i know you

Simon said on 06/04/09 @ 10:10 PM:
Dirk, you most probably will mate... I am running through the same routine as you, but at the end of the day, one wage slave job is no better than another. Today is Friday, but it may as well be Monday morning as the weekend will go in a flash.

TRACEY said on 06/06/09 @ 11:15 AM:
I am so fed up.

I have been trying to leave my current job since Christmas. I cant afford to just walk out.

I have only been in the job for approx 8 months.

I have had to file a bullying and harrassment complaint against a colleague as she has been making my life a misery. And the bitch is 62 years old!

Work is bad enough without being exposed to a psycho pensioner intent on making my life hell.

I have had 4 job interviews so far this year and have failed every single one. I have another interview in 2 days time and I have no reason to feel optimistic, although I will give it 100% on the day.

At least that bitch I have to share an office with is facing disciplinary action, I can only pray she gets the sack.

I also pray I get that other job!

Work sucks!

Dreamer said on 06/06/09 @ 01:55 PM:
Oh to - Nameless One - I am endless dreamer lol xD, I am also a girl, but thanks for missing my posts. :)

I just realised me, and most of the people I went to school with, have been working since our young teenage years. That is really sad.

I say invent a new job. All of us together - create a job where we can enjoy it. Then spread it around the world.

I know what you mean Lady J, I just took more holiday off. The bastards will make me pay it back if I leave work, but who cares? I would rather have holiday than been stuck there.

lady j said on 06/09/09 @ 05:44 AM:
Well looks like I'm on the job hunt again. My boss pissed me off yesterday -- I have to take a particular class this fall, so I need to adjust my work schedule and the only way I could do it is to work 3 hours/week from home. Now I don't see that as a big deal, but since my boss is a micro-managing control freak, she needs someone actually in the office so she can pester them. Anyway so she doesn't want to lose me so she was like "Okay, fine, whatever" but she was still pissy about it, so fuck her. I'll find a job that gives me more flexibility.

Why don't employers understand that if they will just be a little flexible, we'll be much happier & harder working employees? But oh no, it's all about them. Fuckers.

Simon said on 06/09/09 @ 07:08 PM:
Ladjy, employers will say one thing, and mean another. I can't ever remember getting an honest answer from anyone in charge in a business context. She would probably be thinking of ways of replacing you anyway, either that or she has a permanent chip on her shoulder... I think you should rearrange your schedule if possible, and do what you need to do. The only problem with todays business world is the collapsing economy, and the absence of any surety that you can find another job if you need one. Doesn't that just suck?

I think employers are frightened to let people have flexible working conditions, and are particularly worried about letting employees work from home. Every time I have done it, I have actually gotten a lot done from home, and it can remove a lot of distractions. Still, your workplace seems very dysfunctional regardless, blow them off if you can manage it financially.


Dreamer said on 06/10/09 @ 04:02 AM:
It's true, they don't care about your needs. Which is why I left my last job, the managers were idiots and would not let me do the SAME hours, but over less days. Even though they promised I could do it before I started. They also let 3 other people do it, but not me and some others.

Now at least I get to do the flexible days I wanted. I just wish I stuck to 16 hours instead of increasing them. I would do anything to work less hours. :(

lady j said on 06/11/09 @ 05:23 AM:
Simon, yeah it's really dysfunctional... we were one of two finalists for this grant, and we lost, and my boss is pissed that she 'did all this work for nothing' and of course I try to be more positive and told her she shouldn't think that way, it's awesome that we even made it to the finals! But she just won't stop being negative. Then one of our long-time members passed away, and we've gotten a few memorial donations for him, and one of our officers said "Maybe we can make a buck or two off of him..." That is SO HORRIBLE! When I heard her say that, I wanted to just walk out. But again, you are right, there are few jobs out there... I'll be looking for another part time job, but honestly I might be stuck here. It pays really well for a part-time job. But, I'll still be looking.

Dreamer, 16 hours sounds great!! I work 28 hours right now. I just applied for another job that is only 20 hours per week. Work sucks!

Simon said on 06/14/09 @ 10:25 PM:
ladyj, sounds like there are some ethical issues in your office, which is not pleasant. Having a difficult boss is never easy, and can considerably add to the stress of any job, regardless of what it involves. The job situation has made all of us a bit cautious, and when the market contracts, we all have to watch our backs! I think you are fortunate to have a part time job, and also to still be able to live whilst doing lesser hours. I have tried to do that, but I cannot see how I can do it financially..

How's everyone enjoying their Monday? boy, didn't that swing around quickly...

1manpower said on 06/15/09 @ 03:21 PM:
Mondays suck! And for some odd reason I'm always up real late on Sunday doing some thing or other. So I get to work Monday morning already tired and stressed.

1manpower said on 06/15/09 @ 03:26 PM:
Anyone else heard about the 23 year old who hit the lotto in south dakota? Hope he lives the rest of his life wisely. We all know about the curse of the lotto.


career woman_NOT said on 06/16/09 @ 10:24 AM:
I used to want to be this successfull career woman who quickly moves up the ranks, but i'm so tired of this daily grind day in and day out, that i just want to walk away from it all. unless you love what you do, working is overrated. Plainly, it sucks. I like where i work and my coworkers and who i work for, i just hate what i do. i took it because the job presented a salary increase, that was it.

All in all, I just want the free time so I can focus my energies on more constructive positive things that i want to do, and i'm sure in that will come the inspiration to do what i love and be succesful at it.

Bottom line....I DON'T WANT TO WORK ANYMORE. I'm SO over this.....seriously.

Howie said on 06/16/09 @ 06:34 PM:
I'm with you Career Woman- there's so much more I want to do- like travel. Work is pointless- you make three times your salary (that's not saying much for me) for your employer- and they can throw you out like yesterday's trash. I actually do NOT like my most of the people I work with or see everyday. I'd love volunteer and help people- sort of a FT Big Brother- one hour of helping kids would be more meaningful to me than 20 yrs worth of "working". Unfortunately volunteering does not pay.

Simon said on 06/16/09 @ 07:49 PM:
Working for others will never make you happy, you will always find disillusionment in grinding away at soulless tasks for several hours a day. Being stuck in an office is really just another form of imprisonment, and there is nothing that anyone can say to make me think otherwise.

All of us on here would rather spend our lives doing something interesting and helpful to others, unfortunately most jobs are not geared for that, or if they are, do not pay enough to keep you alive.

You are right Howie, employers will discard you in a second if they thought they could improve their profitability by doing so, particularly in harsh times like now. Salaries today are NOT enough to allow you to even save up to do something nice, all mine goes in bills and housing costs. If I didn't have kids, I'd buy a tent and live in a forest somewhere.

Simon said on 06/16/09 @ 07:53 PM:
Here's a nice list - Prison Vs Work, enjoy!

IN PRISON: You spend the majority of your time in a 10X10 cell.

AT WORK: You spend the majority of your time in an 8X8 cubicle.

IN PRISON: You get three meals a day.

AT WORK: You get a break for one meal and you have to pay for it.

IN PRISON: You get time off for good behavior.

AT WORK: You get more work for good behavior.

IN PRISON: The guard locks and unlocks all the doors for you.

AT WORK: You must often carry a security card and open all the doors for yourself.

IN PRISON: You can watch TV and play games.

AT WORK: You could get fired for watching TV and playing games.

IN PRISON: You get your own toilet.

AT WORK: You have to share the toilet with some people who pee on the seat.

IN PRISON: They allow your family and friends to visit.

AT WORK: You aren’t even supposed to speak to your family.

IN PRISON: All expenses are paid by the taxpayers with no work required.

AT WORK: you get to pay all your expenses to go to work, and they deduct taxes from your salary to pay for prisoners.

IN PRISON: You spend most of your life inside bars wanting to get out.

AT WORK: You spend most of your time wanting to get out and go inside bars.

IN PRISON: You must deal with sadistic wardens.

AT WORK: They are called managers.

Jack said on 06/16/09 @ 09:09 PM:
I start stocking groceries at 6 AM at a nearby grocery store. I'm 19. It KILLS me to go to bed at 9.

career woman_NOT said on 06/16/09 @ 09:30 PM:
i'm beginning to even call in sick a lot. companies don't give enough days (sick, vacation, mental health, personal) for a person to stay sane. I really feel like if i don't call out sick from time to time, i will go crazy. i have to take that time out for me. i wish there was a doctor i could pay to put me on medical leave for months on end. i need a damn break. never thought i would want to be a stay at home wife, but the idea is looking better and better.

lady j said on 06/17/09 @ 05:24 AM:
careerwoman, I take 'mental health' days too! My mom used to let me 'skip school' sometimes when I felt that way, and it was SO awesome. It's pointless to go in to work and try to force yourself to be productive when you just aren't feeling it. Of course I try not to be too productive at work anyway, lol!

corona radiata said on 06/17/09 @ 04:39 PM:
Would be great to tune out all the crap in the world and not get bothered by it. At the end of the day its only your fellow hominids chirping.

lady j said on 06/19/09 @ 06:49 AM:
Corona, I like that - chirping hominids. lol!

I just read 'The 4-Hour Workweek' and ohmygod does it sound great! If my boss didn't need someone in the office to hold her hand and listen to her talk to herself, then I could totally work from home and get much more done in much less time. I put off reading this book for a while cause I thought it was just hype, but it really makes sense... now I just have to think of a business idea! lol, the hard part!

Dirk said on 06/19/09 @ 04:27 PM:
Jack: When I was 20 I buffed floors at a nursing home and started at 5AM, which means I got up at 4 and wentto bed at around 8pm, which almost never happened. Yeah it was nice to get out early, but I hated the sleeping situation. Not to mention the job in general sucked cause everyone was always in the way, and you couldn't do nothing about it when an old person didn't want to move.

corona radiata said on 06/20/09 @ 12:13 PM:
Thanks lady j. Its just like some of our human cousins never really left the trees! Well that might not be entirely fair but corrupt politicians/greedy bankers/war mongers/dictators/bloodthirsty mobs/racists, they all exhibit monkey behaviour from time to time.

shruthi said on 06/21/09 @ 09:40 PM:
Non _sense job
My boss is damn workhonic
if there's no work also he assign some dummy work from which we cant learn anything

god please screw hime first

Ramz said on 06/24/09 @ 03:32 PM:
I realized almost as soon as I got a job that they weren't paying me for manual labor, they were paying for hours of my life.

Almost 800 hours of my life are GONE. 800 hours I could have spent with my ever aging mortal grandparents, 800 hours I could have hung out with my best friend, 800 hours I could have painted, traveled, fucking enjoyed myself, instead of trying to ignore my bitchy coworker and keep my mind from going numb.

800 hours of my life are gone, and I can't buy them back.

lady j said on 06/25/09 @ 06:41 AM:
Ramz, that is a really great way to look at it.... I was wanting to buy some new clothes and shoes on my next paycheck, but when I think about it costing me life hours rather than merely costing me money, it makes me think totally differently about it... sigh.

I can't believe we make ourselves miserable chasing money (aka mere PAPER that we have arbitrarily assigned value to). I wish I had felt this way in my 20's, I sure wouldn't have used credit cards! Then I'd be more free today.

corona radiata said on 06/25/09 @ 04:21 PM:
I remember buying things to compensate for my workaday world existence. Its like getting drunk to forget about the world in a way.

Simon said on 06/25/09 @ 05:55 PM:
The corporate world is well aware of the phenomenon of people buying things to make themselves feel better. In fact, they rely on this, and it is almost the same as getting drunk or taking drugs to make yourself happier. The cost, as stated previously, is you need to pay for it with your work, a never ending cycle, which takes enormous will power to break out of.

If you have children, then you are really stuck as you will need to cover their costs for 20 plus years or more.

Jack said on 06/25/09 @ 09:17 PM:
Well, tomorrow is payday. $7.85 an hour... There's no way I'm having kids.

zed said on 06/26/09 @ 07:21 AM:
any advice lady j for those of us that are in our 20's, n still got 40 years of work to go.?

lady j said on 06/26/09 @ 05:43 PM:
Oh no, Zed, you don't want me to get on my soapbox do you? lol!

okay, well basically don't squander the money you make.. I got a $12k bonus once, and the only thing I REMEMBER buying is a $2000 stereo system for my camaro. I spent the rest on drinking & partying. STUPID! Save your money. It's a lifestyle choice... it's really hard, I know, I used to want the fancy house, new car every 3 years, new cell phone every year, etc.... but I've changed. As I became more and more unhappy in my wage-slave jobs, I changed... now I don't care if I eat rice and beans, as long as I don't have to work full time. It's tough, not gonna lie.... but possible. Define your priorities.... check this page out: http://w4resistance.org/simpleliving.html

let me know what other info you want and I'll be happy to share... hope others will chime in too! BTW I work 28 hours a week, Monday through Thursday, so I had today off, and I paint and draw and make jewelry in my spare time... I love it. Who cares if I have new clothes or if I have to share a car with my fiancee? Sometimes it's tough, but it's worth it...

Dirk said on 06/27/09 @ 03:43 AM:
Lady J, kind of sounds like myself. LOL I also had a camaro I put lots of money into, headers, new exhaust, window tint, stereo. I sold that car almost 3 years ago after all i've put into it. I also spent my early twenties racking up debt on unnessacary material things. (DVDs, cds and video games a lot) Now I almost never buy dvds, won't even think about spending $50-$60 on a video game (no time for em anyways much anymore), and I won't say how I get my music but you can pretty well guess *cough frost... eck.. wire.

Now I cringe spending my money cause i'm trying to save it all, but still don't get too far with that only working part time myself. I don't even know if I can do full time unless I were really desperate or loved my job.

Funny, I see so many other younger ppl in their 20's doing the exact same thing, but you can't really tell them differently, because they're young and want everything and don't care untill they see how much they've racked up in debt over the years and see where that stuff is now. No where but sitting in their room collecting dust.

I know a dude that just spend $700 on 2 pairs of sunglasses, and he's 22. He only makes $9 an hour and is buying $350 sunglasses to sit on his face and what? Look cool? Brag about how much they cost? I'll take a pair of $5 walmart ones that do the same thing.

ANyways, end of another rant.

Dreamer said on 06/27/09 @ 03:41 PM:
SIMON- Your Prison Vs Work post was made of win. xD

I actually read it and wanted to go and put myself in prison, how is it that these people live better than us?

Who ever decided to put money on earth....I want to kill them. I just don't want to work anymore, I don't want to never get time to spend with my friends, or do the things I love. I don't want to feel tired every day and feel like life is ending when I step into an office.
Damn the Illuminati!

I might try this 4-hour workweek books, sounds interesting. :)

Dreamer said on 06/27/09 @ 03:46 PM:
Ohhh yeah I know a guy at work who did that start a buisness thing, he set up a website to sell things online which come from a China (their company). He just puts through orders and gets paid.

What a good idea he had

Simon said on 06/28/09 @ 10:55 PM:
Dreamer: my partner worked as an education consultant for some prisons, and one guy she spoke to said he was actually RELIEVED that he was going to Jail, instead of having to turn up for his job on the Monday morning.....

food for thought...

Donny said on 06/29/09 @ 02:22 AM:
Argg!! It's monday morning again and im stuck in this filthy hell hole of an office. I cant be bothered to do another minute or work, I have no motivation. I can pretty much blame most of it on my asshole boss. Some of the stuff I do I kind of enjoy but my boss is such a fucking tool that I refuse to work hard. And where is the motivation anyway? If I work my ass off will I see any extra money? No chance? is there any chance of a promotion for me? No way in hell! What about a payrise? Gotta be kidding, not with how the economy is.

I have a goal, I am now 25 and by the time im 30 I want to have made enough money to be in a position where I can quit my job. Its a tough goal, but I have 5 years to do it, I am starting to earn some money online, not loads but its growing and I know if I keep working hard and learning I can have enough to quit this shit hole in 5 years time and live life to the max! whos with me?

lady j said on 06/29/09 @ 09:26 AM:
Dirk, yep, if you'd have told me back then not to waste my money, I would have rolled my eyes and gone right ahead and done it anyway. Man I wish I could go back and kick my 25-year old ass!

I guess another option if you care for it is to work full time for a couple years, keep your bills & expenses to a very minimum, save the rest of the money, then 'retire' early or take on short term/temp/contract jobs where you can have some time off in between. I mean, seriously, whoever thought it was a good idea to work 8 hours a day, 5 hours a week, and that's if you're lucky and don't have to work overtime? Which most people do. Ridiculous!

Corona Radiata said on 06/29/09 @ 04:28 PM:
Think the 8 hour day is what people won from their employers, originally it was 16 hours, no holidays back in the 19th century as I recall. Imo the 8 hour day could be traced back to feudal times, when the status quo system was very powerful. Feudal times lead to the renaissance, age of reason, industrial era and now. The same social stratification evolves over these time periods so the 8 hour day is designed to maintain the power structure. Or maybe not, a lot of people actually want to feel exhausted. Its amazing how people complain of having nothing to do and being depressed about not having a job. I just think, what you have no interests? No hobbies? No desire to learn new skills/hobbies??? It seems people are their job. I blame indoctrination.

Dreamer said on 06/30/09 @ 01:18 AM:
Is it just me, or do some customers suck as much as some of the work managers?

I swear to gawd I was near tears from dealing with a horrible person for an hour, no manager would help me. I can usually handle it and don't let it stress me, but when you're in a job you hate and have that added stress it just takes it's toll.

I am planning to do that! Maybe save up enough to get a 16 hour job, so I can just work 16 hours and have enough to live on.

I say we all try it :).

lady j said on 06/30/09 @ 06:41 AM:
Hope you guys can get to this...


It's fucking awesome!!

Howie said on 07/01/09 @ 06:02 PM:
Wow- lady j- just flicked through the pdf attachment- and it makes a lot of sense. i love it.

Dreamer said on 07/02/09 @ 02:57 AM:
I am reading too! Sounds like my life story, must finishhh readinnggg!

Nick said on 07/06/09 @ 07:25 AM:
I can't stand my job. I work about 10 hours a day 5 days a week on a salary based on 8 hour days with no over time. I'm expected to handle all of my responsibilities on a daily basis before leaving, but I get no help from anyone I work with which makes it impossible for me to finish in 8 hours. On top of all that I do the same thing EVERY DAY (for the last 3 1/2 years). I'm so sick of it. It's like 'Groundhog's day': every day I wake up I know it's going to be exactly the same as the day before and I find it utterly depressing. I need a new career.

Storm Warning said on 07/06/09 @ 12:45 PM:
My work is just terrible. Sit there for 5 days a week wishing each day away while that shuffling little w@nker in charge lies about anything and everything. Shouldnt have to put up with this for the rest of my days. It doesnt get any better until I have a few drinks at night and then it goes away for a while until that lovely little alarm wakes me up for the NOVELTY act that I know as work.

corona radiata said on 07/07/09 @ 05:42 AM:
I often wonder why people put idiots in charge in the workplace? Or why they vote for idiot politicians.

1manpower said on 07/07/09 @ 01:44 PM:
I took monday off. Got back to work on Tuesday and my boss tells me a fellow employee has been complaining about how long I take my breaks. Apparently I take too much time off of work to make private calls and/or smoke (i don't even smoke!). Work is evil. I take my 10 minute break like everyone else. The haters can't understand why I don't gossip and kiss ass. I come to work, do my thing and leave.
You all need to watch office space. Excellent movie.

carling carl said on 07/08/09 @ 03:38 PM:
i blame my alcoholism on my total hatred for work. the only thing i look forward to when i am there is going home and getting wasted just so i can escape from this shit life for a few hours. work is stressing my relationship with my girlfriend because i am always in a bad mood when i know i have to be there the next day. i cant beleive i have to endure this until i am 65 im only 23 now god i wish i could be a kid again it was so simple back then. i am so depressed it makes me feel sick

Smon said on 07/08/09 @ 09:42 PM:
Carling Carl, alcohol is an escape, so are drugs... Whatever you take, it is an outlet from the hell of work. Your mind is telling you to get the hell out of your situation pronto. You are young, but mate, it doesn't get any better. I hated work when I was your age, and I still hate it further down the road a bit.

Your best option at your age, is to NOT get tied down with expenses, houses, any sort of long term payments as they will tie you up for long periods of time. Avoid having children if possible as they will tie you down for thirty years plus....

It's all about choices, and which path you take through life ultimately.

good luck man

Storm Warning said on 07/12/09 @ 05:54 AM:
I am a 25 year old 'male'. Male is a loose term these days because up until recently I didnt think grown men cried over something like work but I proved myself wrong. Yep, several times a week I will burst into tears over the nightmare I call work.
I sit in an office with very few people (at most 5 including me).
I have now taken on a role which is like a secretary/PA - I don' t regard this as a role for a man but as I said maybe I am not a man anymore. I do little bits of invoicing, pack parcels, go to the post office, order stationary for the old w@nker while I waste 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of my life doing something I hate making someone else rich.
Much like previous posters I go home and drink because for those few hours I have to myself at night I drink to forget what the next day brings. This isnt fair and its not right but I dont know how to change it, and the reason I havent put a gun in mouth and pulled the trigger is beyond me.

carling carl said on 07/12/09 @ 02:55 PM:
i wish i could give you advice storm warning but i cant as i am in pretty much the same place as you. im having a drink right now and even that doesnt seem to take the edge off life anymore. im desperatly trying to think of something i can do to so i can quit my job and still make enough money to live but i guess its not that easy is it or everybody on this page would be doing it. all i can do i guess is keep playing the lottery every week. must be my turn to win soon surely...

Dirk said on 07/12/09 @ 10:28 PM:
carl, i'm hoping my turn is coming soon in the lottery also. I've kept my drinking down to one day a week now, which is usually sunday, but I sometimes hit it pretty hard on that one day. It used to be almost every day. Like Nick above said, it does feel like groundhog day for me also. I feel like a hamster in a wheel from which I don't know how to escape.

Storm Warning said on 07/12/09 @ 11:40 PM:
I know what you mean, Carling Carl. Sometimes just one or two drinks doesnt always help and can make it worse because you are still sober and that tiny bit of alcohol fuels the anger and frustration/dissapointment and thats when the sobbing starts for me.
I see the lottery as my only way out too, but its one hell of a long shot.

Look at me, Monday morning (I leave for work in 15mins) and i'm sat here writing about how unhappy I am with work, yet i'm still going-this can't be good for anyone. Where did it all go wrong?

lady j said on 07/13/09 @ 06:27 AM:
Storm Warning - sounds like my job is pretty much like yours. I only have two people in my office -- my boss and myself. I work for a tiny non-profit. I actually like part of my job, but I HATE the admin stuff. It's so meaningless. I answer the phones, sometimes, after my boss looks at the caller ID and decides whether or not she wants to answer. Then if she tells me to get it, when I get off the phone, I get the 5th degree about who they were and what they wanted. If she wanted to fucking know, she should answer the phone herself. Oh, one time she sent me to the copy shop and she called the store while I was there to see if they were getting it done. Can you believe it?! Anyway, whenever she does send me out, I take as long as I can, sometimes I stop at the library to kill time. It may not be very 'adult' to hate her so much, but I do.

Howie said on 07/13/09 @ 06:59 PM:
sometimes I fantasize about death- by NO means am I suicidal- I just think about it- what it would be like to not have to go what we go through on a day-in day out basis..

Storm Warning said on 07/13/09 @ 11:18 PM:
Yep, I do that too Lady J. When I go to the post office I spend as long as possible out. I can blag that there was a massive queue and waste about 40mins but that doesnt help kill the other 7 odd hours.
I just dont get it, if this was a relationship and you were this unhappy you wouldnt put up with it - youd end it! But, because it involves money you feel you have to stick it out because you need money to get by even though you are unhappy. Thats not right! I shouldnt dread going to work, it is what 'we' do for the best part of our lives though.
Oh well, unless someone has a real good answer (apart from drinking away the misery) I would like to know it.

corona radiata said on 07/14/09 @ 06:09 AM:
Its modern slavery. You could do a huge amount of impressive work that could net the company millions and you get a few hundred bucks in return (this actually happens!) Its also thievery.

Another thing I don't get is this culture of ruthlessness, people trying to outdo each other with callous behaviour, even in job interviews. I remember doing an interview with 4 people over the phone and they had this attitude in that they spoke in a really harsh tone of voice, kind of like a grilling, it was just this inhumane vibe I got and what I didn't understand was why they needed to do this, it doesn't prove anything, not even how someone reacts under pressure as pressure is context dependent, not that the job involved any pressure in the first place. My only vindication was mentioning to them something about the storage capacity of the computer network, they had no clue what I was talking about! But then again they were management morons who got their jobs by virtue of being schmoozers rather than being knowledgeable.

The phrase business is business is like saying the sky is blue because it just is, its a tautology and fallacy, you can use that phrase to justify anything because it means nothing. But what really angers me is that people accepted this and go along with it in the first place.

corona radiata said on 07/14/09 @ 08:23 AM:
the interview was for sky tv btw.

Road to Meaning said on 07/14/09 @ 06:58 PM:
Yes, I agree, work is modern day slavery to the highest degree. I would love to break free from tradition and do something on my own and make a bigger contribution to the world.

It is my go to end my time as a worker and eventual break free and really experience life.

Howie said on 07/19/09 @ 08:51 AM:
F***, it's Sunday again-- I'm starting to panic..

B said on 07/19/09 @ 10:42 PM:
i work in a locksmith, i've only been there from the start of this year and i hate it so much. the boss tries so hard to be funny its fucking annoying, then when i try make a joke i'm being "cheeky". then there's one moron who takes everything way too serious. he must live for locks. if i arrive to work a minute or two late, every fucking day he has to inform me i'm late. oh and give me a good tip to just leave 5 minutes earlier, how about fuck you. there's a couple of others who work there i don't mind but i couldn't stand hanging out with them. mind you i'm 19 and they're all 27+.

B said on 07/19/09 @ 10:52 PM:
also, i'm only an apprentice there (good luck trying to get me to stay there 4 years!). but everyone else is on call. that means, any hour of any day some moron can ring you up and get you to come let them into their house cause they locked theirself out. fuck that!

lucky i have skateboarding. its the only thing i look forward to everyday. still, there's not enough time for me to skate because of this shit job.

B said on 07/19/09 @ 10:53 PM:
for 4 years***

lady j said on 07/20/09 @ 08:17 AM:
work is the stupidest idea in the world.

my boss is so fucking annoying that I'm almost ready to take a full-time job, if I have to, just to get away from her. I can't seem to find any other part-time job that will pay as much as this one. And I can't afford any less money right now. But I just squirm when I think about working 40 hours a week and giving up the time I have now.

Dirk said on 07/20/09 @ 01:05 PM:
lady j: i'm feeling the same thing. I work part time, and I don't think i'll find any other part time work that will pay me as well around here. But it's starting to feel like such a burden, i'm thinking of even taking a full time job and quitting this one, (which would probably pay me the same amount, which sounds crazy to do). It's one of those things that's on your mind every single day and you feel stuck.
The thought of putting on the fake personality, "I wanna work hard for your comapany" BS, while doing interviews to impress some idiot doesn't sound too appealing at the moment though either. I've been through so many interviews that have been huge wastes of time on my part, that i just can't stand them. Like I should have to waste my free time to impress some prick that won't hire me anyways. And what is worse is when they want you to come back for a 2nd interview, and you still don't get the job and they wasted twice your time.

lady j said on 07/20/09 @ 04:20 PM:
ugh, Dirk, I'm in the same place as far as getting paid. Going full time would only give me about $9k extra per year... doesn't seem worth it. And, don't even remind me about interviewing... UGH. I'll have to go buy new clothes because my last two jobs I've been lucky to be able to wear jeans and flip flops! Ugh. Still, I am just DONE with my boss. I can't spend each day actively hating her so much. And maybe someone will say "so don't hate her" but it's hard when she won't stop smacking, talks nonstop, freaks out about everything (even a misspelled word, geez!!!), and just called me at 6pm to remind me to check the phone messages tomorrow morning. ARGH!!! I'VE HAD IT!

Besides, if I have a full time job, at least I can buy a badass car. I'm eyeing the new Charger. lol!

(in 6 months I bet I'm still at this job though cause I really don't wanna work full time, lol!)

Working for 'the man' -- it's a fucking scam.

lady j said on 07/20/09 @ 04:26 PM:
oh balls, I meant CHALLENGER, not Charger. Cripes. Too much wine already. But seriously, both the classic versions were sweet, but I don't think the new Charger can compare at all.

lady j said on 07/20/09 @ 04:50 PM:
not to mention, I'm getting a half-sleeve (tattoo) later this year and my current job would probably not say shit about it. Well she probably wouldn't like it but whatever. Also I can goof off on the internet a lot and go to a lot of trainings & seminars to get me out of the office, and I have the week of xmas off.

You can see I'm really trying to talk myself out of finding a full time job ;-)

Road to Meaning said on 07/20/09 @ 06:48 PM:
There has to be something better then working 5 days out of the week with only 2 days for rest.

I have a hard time even doing something I want on the weekend as my time is spent recuperating my mind and body while trying to avoid the thought of work that will be creeping into my mind by Saturday evening.

Work should not be torture!

Simon said on 07/20/09 @ 06:53 PM:
full time work should be avoided at all costs. If you have ANY alternatives, you should investigate them before making a full time commitment. Forty plus hours seems like an eternity when you are doing something you get no pleasure from, so if you can afford to part time it, then stick with it if you can. Work will suck up all your available time, and nowadays they want you to think about work even when you aren't there.

Also avoid any big purchases unless you can pay cash for it, mortgaging your future time is a trap for us all, and it has to be paid for by your time at work...

Dirk said on 07/21/09 @ 02:37 AM:
lady j, lol. I actually wanted to get the new 2010 camaro. I would even settle for the cheaper v6 version (which still pushes over 300 HP). I was thinking I could pay off my car I have now by next year, and get the camaro by next summer. But rationale says to just pay off the car and leave it at that and forget the camaro, therefore having no car payment at all. I guess it's best not to be in debt. (But i'll still think about it...)

Simon, you are right about the full time thing. It does consume your life, including waking up, getting ready, and driving to and from work mine as well be a part of the work itself because it takes time away from you. Then your tired for the rest of the day you have left till you fall asleep and do it again.

It all reminds me to to play the lottery. Jackpot is most likely not gonna happen, but at least it gives me that small amount of hope, lol.

Dirk said on 07/21/09 @ 02:39 AM:
I also try to tell myself sometime when I see someone driving a new sports car, well that person is pretty much stuck in his job now to pay for that car.

lady j said on 07/21/09 @ 05:28 AM:
Dirk, don't you think it'd make more sense to buy a classic for $12k-$18k than spend $27k or more on a new car. I mean classics will increase in value, like an investment... new cars don't. Right now I'd like to get an old rusty truck for around $2k if I can find one. My fiancee and I share one car and it's a pain. But I need to save up $2k first! lol

Simon, yeah you are right, I should avoid full time work. I've been wondering if I could teach a jewelry-making class at the local crafts store, that would get me several hundred extra per month, and it's something I enjoy. 40 hours is killer.

Road to Meaning, I once heard someone say that every work day actually took 3 days of their life: 1 day to prepare; the day of actual work; and 1 day to recover. I don't know why life has to be like that! Why don't people rebel?

Corona radiata said on 07/21/09 @ 08:29 AM:
Because most humans have evolved to follow the rules unquestioningly. I often wonder why won't people just stop voting, paying taxes and consuming, it would bring the state and the corporations to their knees overnight. Its a divide and conquer game as well, if people are separated and concerned with their own little bubbles then you're much less likely to get a consensus of thought and collective action.

This capitalist society has spawned a generation of pathological monsters. Its all me, me, me, the culture of callousness is disgusting. I can see it self imploding, its totally negative.

that said for myself I'd like a delorean but their 28 thousand dollars. I don't know, maybe I'll read up on trading futures and get into that in a few years after some practice.

Fred said on 07/21/09 @ 11:32 AM:
Work is either boring or stressful, never fun, stimulating or rewarding. After 26 years working full time I amburned out and depressed by the crap I have to tolerate.

Life is wake up, an pleasant journey to a desk, stress or boredom, an unpleasant journey home, collapse exhausted and be too tired to interact with my wife and kids. Then repeat day after day until my health fails.

This is the sacrifice I make for my family, and I just count the days till old age retirement with the hope I can scrape by on minimum UK pension.

I got reaonable qualifications, they are just a con. The point is that I never see any geniuine value in any of the work I do. I only see the clock, and the crap I have to deal with every day, over and over.

I have given up thinking that there is some meaningful and enjoyable job out there for me. All these idiots who claim that WORK IS WHAT YOU LOVE are just blind to the depressed, stressed majority around them.

Oh what is the point? I think I have a bottle of Jack around here somplace, might as well crawl into it so I can face the same old same old nastiness tomorrow, the next day and the day after that...

Dirk said on 07/21/09 @ 06:28 PM:
lady j: the only problem with that is, you don't know what is wrong with those cars and how much it will take to fix the problems. Authentic replacement parts for vintage cars are expensive. And to do it up right takes thousands. With new cars everything is new and everything works. And besides, if classics increase in values how come you can buy them for so cheap? It really depends on the condition i guess. Besides the new camaro starts at 22k But anyways, doubt i'll be buying anything new anytime soon. I think I just like being debt free more than anything.

Tom said on 07/21/09 @ 06:41 PM:
Those new cars look cool but I'm perfectly happy with my 1991 Honda Accord that I bought 3 years ago for $1,200. It has over 300k miles and the only work I've had to do on it is change with oil and the alternator once. 33 mpg too!

Well, time to get some sleep so I have enough rest to...work! yeah!!

lady j said on 07/22/09 @ 08:14 AM:
Debt free is good!

I'm going to Art Therapy school soon and it will cost me about $38k, so that's my 'luxury car' lol!

Kathy said on 07/23/09 @ 10:16 AM:
I don't hate work.

I just hate this job.

Road to Meaning said on 07/23/09 @ 04:59 PM:
I agree, being debt free is really a great feeling and a rarity in todays society.

I just finished paying my car loan off with no intentions in financing a car again. I will slowly save money and purchase my next car in cash. Nothing fancy or even new, just something to get me by.

Overall: debt = More working hours for repayment. A deadly cycle

Storm Warning said on 07/23/09 @ 11:25 PM:
Isn't it sad that even though its Friday I find it hard to enjoy myself because it will soon be Monday. I'm also very hungover so maybe that is affecting my mood.
What a life.

Simon said on 07/24/09 @ 12:50 AM:
Storm: drinking is a mask for your pain, all of us will be doing something similar. Working at something you hate, or being in an environment which is unsupportive or just plain artificial is enough to drive most of us to do something to cover it up.

I'm tired of being tired at nights, I'm tired of watching my weekends disappear before my eyes, I'm tired of waking up every morning like xxxxing Groundhog Day, and dragging myself into the same mess I just left a few hours back. The only consolation I have is that I am a fair way through my working life, but it is also harder as the stress just builds. No wonder people drop dead, I have absolutely no doubt why that is.

Corona: Whilst everyone is concentrating on keeping themselves out of the gutter, it will be a hard system to change. We are all just a few paychecks away from the gutter, and that is the only motivation I have (apart from seeing my kids grow up..)

I also buy things to keep myself happy, and the whole shebang relies on just that process to keep itself going.

If I had had this knowledge when younger, I would have avoided a whole lot of things. My father knew it then, but somehow didn't pass any of it on to me. I wish he had.

It's Friday now, but it may as well be Monday morning, because it will come really damn quick.


Simon said on 07/24/09 @ 12:52 AM:
I'm looking at job ads at the moment, where the job is described as 'exciting' or an 'opportunity' Like hell they are, I am yet to work in any job that can be seen in that light. Most job ads are absolutely pathetic, and you know the people working there will be narcissistic, or psychopaths or dead on their feet. What a useless and degrading farce!

Dirk said on 07/25/09 @ 10:27 PM:
Simon, I get the same pissed off attitude that always builds up when I look at job ads over and over again. I just envision the interview that will be like so many others, and the guy hiring just working to get his company rich and hiring the guy/girl that gives the biggest bullshit and lies the most, and being the idiot that the interviewer usually is, they fall for it, don't check references and is the usually the worst judge of character. And yet I will still look again this Sunday for some hope that I will find the "one".

I usually psyche myself out of even applying for jobs now cause I can just usually imagine the whole process and am disgusted by it.

Traces of Anomie said on 07/26/09 @ 11:00 PM:
If you hate work, materialistic society, the worship of business, consumerism, the money system, slavery, and all the rest of it, click my name. We have a message board where you can freely express what no one else wants to hear.

lady j said on 07/29/09 @ 06:14 AM:
Simon, Dirk, I look at the job ads every morning now... I agree with everything you guys said. I can't stand my job, stayed home Monday and yesterday I was in a pretty good mood despite my boss being so negative and making every tiny problem into a huge, world-ending issue. Anyway, work sucks ass.

Road to Meaning said on 07/29/09 @ 06:06 PM:
Today I took a sick day at work. What a great feeling it was!

There is nothing better then having a day all to yourself and being able to truly enjoy your day without the stress of work.

I wish every day could be like this.

lady j said on 07/30/09 @ 09:46 AM:
I always like Thursday lunchtimes. My boss goes to her AA meeting from noon-1pm so I am free of her for an hour. It's so nice.

1manpower said on 07/31/09 @ 10:02 AM:
This dialogue from 'Office Space' basically summarizes how I feel about work:

Peter Gibbons: So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that's on the worst day of my life.
Dr. Swanson: What about today? Is today the worst day of your life?
Peter Gibbons: Yeah.
Dr. Swanson: Wow, that's messed up.

lady j said on 07/31/09 @ 01:46 PM:
whoohoo, it's Friday! Who's buying the first round? I'll take a Jack and Coke, please.

FREEDOM FIGHTER said on 08/01/09 @ 11:39 PM:
Why do so many of you hate work with a passion but refuse to quit? Judging by what I see here, work is causing many of you so much stress and anguish that you'd easily qualify for a psychiatric disability. That's a free ticket out of work, and there's nothing wrong with taking it if work is unbearable to you. That's what it's there for.

Honestly, if you can't muster up the courage to quit and let the chips fall where they may, then you deserve your jobs. I hate to be this harsh, but some of you have been complaining here for ages, while still reporting to your slave masters. I quit work ten years ago and never looked back. I'm poor, but I'm free. If you value your freedom above all else, you'll do the same.

At some point, there is a need for courage and honesty. If you really hate work as much as you say you do, then unless you're on some kind of masochistic self-punishing trip, you need to get yourself free. It wasn't even a "choice" for me. I absolutely HAD to escape work. My survival and sanity depended on it.

There was never any thought of tolerating work for a lifetime. That is absolutely unacceptable. The only question was how to get out, and when I realized I would have to learn to live with less to be free, I got myself free and started working on it. I'm not perfect and ten years later I'm still learning how to live with less. It's not easy, but the alternative is out of the question.

Isn't it time to think about breaking the chains?

FREEDOM FIGHTER said on 08/01/09 @ 11:46 PM:
One more little clue: you can't work your way out of work. Those of you hoping to get free of work by working until you are in a good position to get free are in for a rude awakening. It's never gonna happen. You either get free starting from right where you're at, or you don't get free, ever. In case you don't realize it yet, work is a TRAP. You don't escape a trap by digging yourself deeper into it. You either get out or you don't. Trying to work your way out of work is like trying to go on a diet by eating 5 pounds of Twinkies every day. It's backward.

In the slightly paraphrased words of Yoda, "quit or do not quit. There is no try."

b. said on 08/02/09 @ 02:36 AM:
^how do we get by then? having a job sucks, so does being broke. how do you pay the rent? put up with parents nagging you? my parents reckon they'd throw me out if i didn't have one. bullshit, my dad would probably try, but i dont know.

i'm trying to figure out how to live once i don't have a job, but then again, i'm not really living having this job either.

Dirk said on 08/02/09 @ 04:07 AM:
Freedom - So you don't work, and you get money how?... Sorry, but you need money to survive in this world. I don't know if you're living on the street or with your parents or what, but I'd like to know your situation and how you get by. Maybe if you tell us you can help us out. You sound a little naive to me.

lady j said on 08/02/09 @ 05:58 AM:
hell yeah we've been complaining forever! lol! we could all quit our job and live in a cave like that guy in Utah. That'd be a rough life, but no job to worry about! Haha! Seriously though, I think many of us came to the realization that jobs are little more than wage-slavery program the masses buy into, along with consumerism and all that crap. Others on here are better at philosophizing on all that than I am. But we were raised a certain way and didn't realize the error of that way until too late, when we are already sucked into debt and need our deadly jobs to support that lifestyle. At least until we can get out of it. I think many of us on here are making strides to eliminate debt so that we can one day be free of our jobs. It takes time though, Freedom Fighter even you said you had to learn how to get free and are still working on it. So cut us some slack! Give us some tips on how to live on less. How'd ya do it? Inquiring minds want to know!

Dirk said on 08/02/09 @ 01:15 PM:
LOL, that guy in a cave. That sounds so boring to live like that.

Simon said on 08/02/09 @ 07:20 PM:
FREEDOM FIGHTER: The situation for most of us is that we have either: commitments which cannot be gotten rid of, or families, or debts to pay, or other people relying on us.. Not simple at all, and I understand what you are saying and you are right, but it all comes down to circumstance. I use this board to VENT, and also to hear from like minded people. Do I expect to get a solution from here? Not really, but I do take some comfort from knowing that others are in the same bind as I am.

This is one small part of the web, and I tend to get a lot of value from it, regardless of whether I end up working until I drop dead, or if I actually do something. In fact, I am doing something, but with my level of commitment and the things I need to do to reduce my outgoings takes a little time. I have just been fixing my house up for the last few months in order to downsize my house, and therefore my mortgage. My partner and I have discussed taking turns working, or part timing which would suit me fine. I don't have a problem with working per se, it is just certain types of work, mostly office work. When you are in an office, your freedom is curtailed, and in some cases it can feel like a jail cell (whatever that may actually feel like!).

We may whine, but it is an outlet, and not necessarily a solutions board..

Please feel free to tell us how you managed to do it yourself, I for one would be very interested in your story.


b. said on 08/03/09 @ 01:45 AM:
yes i'd love to know aswell.

i'm only 19, live at home, but i have a car to pay off. its my mothers old one so its not some flash one in which i got a loan for, no way. but i've been saving like crazy. i should have 10 thousand (australian) by the end of the year. i should be able to live off that for a few months, ha

Corona radiata said on 08/03/09 @ 02:03 PM:
I have a suggestion...maybe set up a movement or join one or a trade union or if that doesn't exist set one up, fundamentally to establish a social network for political action to secure better working conditions for everyone. Spreading an idea or principle can have big effects long term. It is hard but it might make work more tolerable?

b. said on 08/04/09 @ 03:20 AM:
holy shit the guy nobody can stand has a 3 week vacation. so now i have to "step-up". oh yeah, by working til 5? give me a break. i get so angry and frustrated if im not out of there by 4. i just dont care anymore, it doesnt matter.

Simon said on 08/04/09 @ 06:23 PM:
Corona: While this world is owned by a privileged few, the workers of this world have to suck it up and take it. A movement is a great idea, and it should include liveable wages for all, a reduced working week (which means more jobs), more meaningful work, creation of alternative energy sources which we should have ownership of!

This world has been left to go its own way, and has been carefully guided to this point by people who have a vested interest in keeping us as slaves. They will not give that up very easily.

Howie said on 08/07/09 @ 07:11 PM:
I'm physically and mentally drained on Friday nights after the 40-hour prison sentence.. I can't even think straight.. is there a better way?

rogue12 said on 08/08/09 @ 03:41 AM:
yea b im 19 to and live in australia and at home same thoughts here about the job hate working, keep thinking about how long could i last with the money i have about a year i worked out, but then back to looking for work and if no luck there going to centrelink who demand nothing but for looking for work while being on there payments

Larry said on 08/09/09 @ 05:54 AM:
Money rules the world..unfortunately.

Simon said on 08/09/09 @ 07:28 PM:
Another Monday has rolled around, and it is just as bad as it ever was. I've just been reading Future Shock by Toffler, which is dated now (70s), but he was quite prescient about what was going to happen in the near future.

Unless the working people of this world stand up and say something, we are going to be stuck in a never ending treadmill of work, which will get harder and more frequent. You can see by history how much people will take before they revolt, and unfortunately it is quite a lot.

b. said on 08/11/09 @ 03:56 AM:
oh my god they're making me take a course monday nights 6-10 after fucking work! i didn't go last week and this week i turned up and it was terrible. this isn't for me, i can't do it. so i left half way through, drove around til the class would of finished (i was a mess) then went home so my parents never suspected a thing. i have to get a new job by next week, there is no way in hell i'm going back to that class and learn how to use hand tools. there's a skateshop opening tomorrow so tomorrow after work i'm racing down there and getting myself that job. the hours may not be great but skateboardings the only thing for me to live for, its all i got, plus i'm pretty sure nobody who's working there skates so they're going to need someone like me! i'll keep yous updated on it. it'll be great (i can't believe im saying this about a job!). i'll get to wear my own clothes to work, watch skate videos all day and just chill. i have to get this job. i've pretty much bailed on this 4 yr apprenticeship (in which i've only done 6 months). fuck it, i hate it. you know how bad it is, often when i get there, if i'm a little late this one fuckhead constantly tells me "i'm fucked". i didn't get up this morning to get told i'm fucked. fuck you. if you ever say that to me again i'm gonna give it right back to you and fucking leave right then and there. fuck that guy. fuck that work. whole 6 months of my life wasted, just like that.

Lisa said on 08/12/09 @ 01:13 AM:
One more week of this shit hole then I'm back to college.

Fuck you lazy arseholes who sit there doing nothing while I do all the work and get no credit!!!

b. said on 08/12/09 @ 03:15 AM:
fuck nothing ever goes the way you plan. fuck it. i can't keep living this way, today i just absolutely couldn't give a fuck. i could barely seem interested in anything anyone would say to me, hopefully they get the picture soon and just fire me. or maybe i'll quit, then get bitched at by my parents.

b. said on 08/13/09 @ 02:56 AM:
i seem to be visiting this site more and more.

these assholes are just asking too much from me, "get a liscense" they say. i've got one, just not for a manual car. so what, i don't have a car that's manual so i don't plan on taking my own time (which we all don't have any of!) and money to take some fucking test. they're just going to keep nagging me to get it so i can go out and do road jobs for them (which isn't as bad as staying inside all day but either way i don't want to be doing it, period). i think this will be breaking point, i'm just going to resist until they do something about it.

also, making sure i leave exactly on the dot everyday. 4pm sharp. life's too short. i think of that everytime as i leave as soon as its 4. everyone is all like, "what?" like im doing something wrong. don't get get me started on if i arrive a couple of minutes late. WHAT FUCKING DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKES. really. oh my god. who fucking cares. i sure don't, and i never will.

Nameless One said on 08/13/09 @ 04:46 AM:
we do all the hard labor while the bosses sit there reaping the profits, fuck bosses and fuck 8hrs a day for 40+ years, ill be to crippled in my 60's from years of labor to do the things i wanted to in my prime, who do we report for wage slavery?

take a read of this thought it was a good read


Nameless One said on 08/13/09 @ 04:53 AM:
hehe this made me laugh-

Dirk said on 08/14/09 @ 02:54 AM:
b, I would do the same thing in almost all the jobs i worked also, as soon as it was quitting time, I was in a fast pace out to my car to get away from work as quick as possible. I didn't linger around, chat with some co worker and spend another 10 mins to half an hour unpaid time at work screwin around. I wanted every free minute to myself, far away as possible from work.

maccies man said on 08/14/09 @ 01:32 PM:
i fucking hate work. i hat ethe build up to it. i only work part time, but its still shite and i need the money. there are like 3 really stuck up bossy girls, and they piss me off so much. they need to calm the fuck down.

1manpower said on 08/15/09 @ 06:54 AM:
It's a beautiful saturday and I'm stuck at work. Great. I remember when I first started working at my current job 4 years ago, I never understood the 'weird' people. Those who never really spoke much to anyone. They never participated in gossip and never volunteered for anything. They came in on time, did the job and left on time. They used their leave and made no attempt whatsoever to impress the bosses.Wow. It's all starting to make sense now. They're actually the smart ones who understand the system and care about their sanity.

Johnny said on 08/16/09 @ 06:55 PM:
Just curious if anyone posting on here is well off financially? I'm not but was wonderin if there are any people who despise work that make 100+k /yr? or more than the avg person.

lady j said on 08/17/09 @ 11:52 AM:
Calling in sick and staying home is SO much nicer than actually going in to work.

b. said on 08/18/09 @ 04:21 AM:
^will be doing that very soon myself.

i say we all set a date and don't go to work. post it all over the net... imagine.... how can we keep going like this. i've only been working fulltime for 8 months and this year has just gone down the drain. just like that. nothing.

i remember when i told the people at work i dont care about money, they laughed at me. everyone is so fucked, all they care about is money, and their job/work. its all that matters. god, i couldn't care less about it. they try change you, cut your hair, shave your face, get here earlier, leave here later, whatever interests you doesn't matter here, and so on. definitly getting out of here by next year. shoot me if i don't.

Storm Warning said on 08/18/09 @ 11:31 AM:
^Sounds good - lets do 27th August! Drag it out over the Friday too and make it a long long weekend!!

Lets do it!

Simon said on 08/18/09 @ 05:19 PM:
Calling in sick is sometimes the only way to preserve your sanity. You have to have a break from it, otherwise it would be difficult to carry on.

Im just fortunate that I am a fair way through my working life. Nearly finished fixing the house up, at which point I will be downsizing and buying something much cheaper. Lower costs = a better life, and more options too.

Forget buying fancy cars, and gadgets, they will only put you in debt which you will need to work to pay off.

Think about every purchase, and consider the consequences!

Thomas said on 08/18/09 @ 06:02 PM:
I can't call in sick : ( I just started working here a couple weeks ago. If I miss 1 day of my 3 month probationary period, I"m fired..

Howie said on 08/18/09 @ 07:35 PM:
You are so right. To me, TIME is more important to me then the measly salary I make. What good is $ if you don't have the time to enjoy the things you want to do in life. or when you do have some time, you're so mentally and physically drained- you spend that time recuperating? Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Did the 2,000 who perished on 9/11/01 think there would be a 9/12? Absolutely. Is there a better way? Not in this life- I often dream about the next one..

lady j said on 08/19/09 @ 05:51 AM:
probationary periods are so stupid. Like, if you get sick or have a flat tire, you aren't a good employee and aren't worth keeping. I am so sorry they are doing that to you, Thomas!

Storm Warning said on 08/23/09 @ 01:27 PM:
Great, Sunday night. That sums it up really. My God.

Dirk said on 08/23/09 @ 02:34 PM:
Another week of this pointless repetitive shit. I wanna quit so bad lately.

Simon said on 08/23/09 @ 06:46 PM:
well folks, it's Monday again... hands up those who would rather break their leg and go to hospital rather than go in to work...

Howie said on 08/24/09 @ 06:48 PM:
Not only repetitive, but POINTLESS. I'm drained and its only Monday

b. said on 08/25/09 @ 02:31 AM:
no work for me monday! instead the boss sent me and someone else to an expo day. pretty lame but we were only there for a couple of hours. the rest of the time i enjoyed walking around the city and drunk plenty of beers in a nice little pub! god i could get used to that. hopefully the week flies by now.

and yes, so true howie. it's ridiculous we have to give so much time to something so useless. dont know how much more i can take.

b. said on 08/25/09 @ 02:41 AM:
also, all work sucks. i gather most of you are in an office environment. i'm doing a trade and it SUCKS. dickhead tradesmen that try make your life hell, idiot customers that expect everything and think they know everything as well, stupid training and courses. i've got no plans to finish it, when i bail they'll say i wasted their time. what about mine?

lady j said on 08/26/09 @ 06:48 AM:
Ya know when you reach THAT POINT at work? The point where you are willing to take almost any other job, just to get the fuck away from the dumshits you currently work with? Despite knowing that you have to go through the bullshit circus of fluffing yourself up in letters, resumes, & interviews.... Yeah, I'm there. My boss is on some weird power trip lately, making all kinds of snide comments about me and yesterday she told me to mop the floor. I wonder if she knew I had an interview after work and was trying to get me dirty? Haha, didn't work, bitch. Damn I hope I get that job!!! Seemed like a great group of people, too.... Sigh...

Winter said on 08/27/09 @ 01:15 PM:
Maybe believing in an afterlife makes sacrificing this life much easier? Makes sense doesn't it since pretty much all the world believes in a God and a sweet workfree heaven.For those who know this is the only life we get it's horrible! Wake up,Work and thinking Retirement is only at the goddamn edge of oblivion..so what's the point?

I really envy those that love their work or just love to work but no i had to be a thinking Godless iddle art loving sonofabitch!!

Jack said on 08/29/09 @ 10:38 AM:
Woah Winter let's not make this an argument about religion. Remember what brings everyone together: hating work.

b. said on 08/31/09 @ 02:21 AM:
so monday morning, feeling as miserable as ever, boss lays down that i have to work til 5 now. i just said no. tried to con me with all this bullshit, he even tried to remind me of the "big bucks" i'd be making, even after i've told him so many times i don't give a damn about money. god dammit. there is no way i'm doing it, he says it starts next monday. then expects me to go to this horrible course an hour later for another 4 hours! how is that possible? i can't do it. i'm supposed to be there right now. instead i'm here trying to figure out a plan. i can't go back there. and i don't think i'll be able to go back to that work if i'm working 9-5, worst hours ever. may aswell shoot myself. any ideas?

Dirk said on 08/31/09 @ 02:38 AM:
yeah 9 - 5 sucks, but I work 3rd shift, which really sucks. It's only good for people with no lives what so ever. Yeah, you have your day, in which you waste it sleeping, or your lose your nights going to sleep really early, either ways it screws your whole day up....more like my whole life up. I'm thinking of applying for another job as of today that I have in mind. IT's only part time, which is all I can really take of any job. But to some peole, "what you only work part-time?" . YEah i'm so lazy, maybe I want time to actually live my life.

Simon said on 09/01/09 @ 12:16 AM:
for B: If you can't take it anymore mate, don't do it. Your mind will only rebel, so if you can afford to, find something else and jack that job in. They will keep increasing your hours no doubt anyway, so if you have reached your own personal limits, then take the appropriate action.

If you can't afford it, suck it up until you can find another job. They are probably getting the idea that you don't like it anyway, so look for a way out my friend.

all the best

b. said on 09/01/09 @ 01:57 AM:
"YEah i'm so lazy, maybe I want time to actually live my life."

Dirk, I read a great quote about laziness last night. here it is.

I often wonder if I am just lazy ...

Why wonder? Most likely, you are. I certainly am. "Laziness" is massively misunderstood, in my opinion. To me, it simply means a deep unwillingness to expend energy on tasks that are meaningless to us. I don't really see how that could be viewed as anything but sensible - in a sensible world. But we know how it's viewed in this world, don't we?

it is so right. i'm definitly down for part-time work, just don't know where to look, i don't want to be flipping burgers or anything that degrading. i'm only 19 years old, finished school, hopefully this skateshop thing works out...

thanks simon. i could definitly quit and get by right now. i live with my parents and have saved like crazy since i started working full-time at the start of the year. i've got almost 10 000 australian which is pretty good considering how low my wage is. i'm considering the whole, save hard then just live off that until i have to go back to work. i'm just not sure my family would agree, i think that's the only thing from stopping me. but yeah, 9-5 should be illegal. work itself should.

b. said on 09/02/09 @ 04:01 AM:
time is ticking. i need alternatives. by the time i know it it'll be monday and i'll be facing that horrid course again. that's when it really hits me, like, i'm just wasting away sitting in some place watching the clock go by. it's so much worse than work, which, if i don't complete then i'll have no job. i'm pretty happy to take that option.

today, my boss called me shit because i didn't know how to operate the forklift. and, another employee called me fucked because i brought in two meals. if i get fired or leave monday i'm just going to explain to my parents that's how they treat me there. which they do. this one guy tells me "you're fucked" at least once every few days. it's terrible. even if its over something so little like taking time (i don't even get an hour lunch break) to prepare my food.

this apprenticeship goes for 4 years. i've done 8 months. i can't see it through at all. on my 3 month trial i could of, but now its just terrible. i get treated like shit by pretty much everyone that works there, customers yell at me because of the boss' stupid mistakes (taking a job, not handling it at all then losing everything needed for it). if i stay any longer they'll put me on call and that's when my life truly ends. middle of the night, friday night, imagine, some asshole rings you up because his locked out of his car. you have to drop everything. i couldn't live like that. i should of known that before i started. oh well, who cares.

and as everyday passes i realise more and more how pointless it is. why even bother, we're just going to die anyway. we should do what we love now, while we're alive. we only live once. why slave away for some asshole who doesn't shit about you all he sees is a $, as if we weren't even a human being.

really have to start looking for this part-time job, or take just some work for a friend who does like fencing. i'd be able to do my 8-4 and get the hell out of there. none of this, do 9-5, you can do 8-4, oh wait its not working, do 8-5, now you're on call, we own you.. blah fucking blah. what a joke.

Simon said on 09/02/09 @ 05:49 PM:
@ B: Mate, I'm an Aussie also, and what you are experiencing is workplace bullying. It is illegal, and I am sure that there are places in the Government you can call who will be able to assist you with dealing with it. Talk this over with your parents now, and explain the situation mate, I am sure they will be understanding. Apprenticeships are really a test, and the senior members working with you should know better. Every workplace has some light hearted teasing etc, but if you are experiencing anxiety because of it, then deal with the situation now before it gets worse.

I have no idea on your personal situation, but start looking around for something temporary to take its place. Fast food, pamphlet delivery, whatever you can pick up that will get you out of this.

Take my advice mate, don't stick with a workplace where you see your self esteem go down the drain, it isn't worth it.

Feel free to chat here, or seek advice elsewhere, but start with your parents.

Let me know if I can help you.

Nameless One said on 09/04/09 @ 07:47 AM:
ahhh i dont wanna go 2 work.. i actually feel sick with the thought of goin in 2 work.. its the time before u go 2 work is the worst, just waiting 2go in, not as bad as u think then when u get in! only 2days left tho until im back 2college tho :D sweet

Dirk said on 09/04/09 @ 10:05 PM:
What's worse is when you wake up an hour before your alarm goes off and you see you only have an hour before you have to go back. Then I can't even sleep half the time.

Luke said on 09/05/09 @ 02:56 AM:
I actually find it odd watching all the people in business clothing at the train station(all looking the same because that is what society has asked of you, nothing against wearing great formal clothes, i just mean the typical business suit) (as a student), thousands of people every day and the majority look bored out of their minds like they are living a false/useless life, there is simply no excitement in discovery or life when it comes to the modern day corporate job in my opinion(groundhog day sitting at a desk), of course im sure there are exceptions but we are slaves to expectation and we conform to tradition. so we can be good little boys and girls to please others because we believe its the basis of success. none of it is, how many people really give a toss about the company they sign their lives away for? its completely false and ungenuine but yehh..ok it pays the bills...but what's the point of that? especially if its just an endless cycle, you may as well live in a tent and be reading up on your true dream or hobby utilising your time so that you can give yourself a chance a ta job that does interest you even if you live poorly for a few years. the most important trait we have is our sense of humour and ability to laugh at anything and also our courage to stand up for our beliefs. Alot of adult life is beyond our control in terms of responsibilities, its hard for alot of people, really hard. i had no idea after high school how difficult it truly is to find a tolerable job that was worthwhile and im still searching. I used to get home from work make dinner and by around 8:00pm my time was then my own so i'd saty up all night because i knew if i fell asleep, in what feels like a matter of seconds the alarm would go off and i'ts ever closer to work. i am all for working, i work hard at what i enjoy but a job is that idea of being locked into a building and forced(by choice) to partake in tasks that are out of my control, meaning the client or your boss dictates how you spend your time, lunch MUST BE BETWEEN this time and that time. so its just like being locked in a prison for the day, that is the concept of work that will always plague my mind.

Luke said on 09/05/09 @ 03:09 AM:
Also one major problem i'm noticing and is becoming apparent in the modern age or the modern error i like to call it is how technology and computers are getting in the way of jobs and careers for human beings. it means that more people will have less opportunities in the future unless you study an engineering or computing degree. that is becoming popular now days i'm noticing. i'd love to just sing and play guitar all day as a career. i know i can do it and it actually excites me. so i suggest that everyone reading this blog take some real time to think about what would truly make YOU happy! waking up for in the mornings, forget the income for a moment and focus on the tasks and environment that would suit you, so that you are fine tuning your career choices as much as possible.

Luke said on 09/05/09 @ 03:17 AM:
By the way anyone reading or writing on this website who thinks that this topic is taboo or anti-social i'd say its more the opposite and instead this is all very normal venting frusturations of simply being caged and because we are humans aka (super intelligent species) we only really participate in the common job for social status and to pay to look after ourselves because the benefits outweigh being a complete useless lay about, i'd say most people would prefer to be living a totally free life where they can build on hobbies and preffered skills of choice. so its no doubt in my mind that most well rounded people would completely understand the i- hate-work mindset except i think its more i-hate-jobs that is closer to the truth. we all just want total freedom while working hard at our own tasks that are within our control.

Susan said on 09/05/09 @ 08:14 AM:
I have to go back to work on Monday, after having a fantastic holiday. I hated my job before the holiday, but now the hate grew about 500%! I have the stupidest job ever. It's useless. I sit at a reception all day surfing the Web. I told my boss several times that I was bored out of my mind, and he just laughed (might be because there's just wind in his big head and nothing else). So, I sit there and Google 'I hate work' and 'life sucks'.
The people I work with are basically kissing my boss' ass. They would be happy to actually do it, but like any good boss he's never there to let them kiss it. Besides surfing the Web I get the occasional customer. Which are mostly men/women who think they're better then everyone else. Since I have a small 'problem' of being sarcastic when I'm bored, I LOVE to get them wired up. It's a gift ;)

I have worked at several companies, but it's always the same problem:
1. Eventhough I'm a woman, I can't stand working with other women. You just can't trust any of them. Everything you say can and WILL be hold against you...
2. Working in an office is just plain boring! Doing the same damn thing day in day out makes my brain shrink and die. How anyone stays with one company for 30 years, or even 3 years beats me.
3. If you don't agree with whatever the people, that have been there since the Ice Age, say then you're the weirdo.

I could get another job, but since I've been getting crap jobs for 8 years now I've given up hope. I've accepted work sucks for about 75% now, maybe I'll reach the full 100% next Monday :)

Howie said on 09/06/09 @ 06:55 PM:
Luke- all I can say is AMEN- I can't disagree with one thing you've said, you've about covered it all my friend. The key word is CONFORM- why, what for? This might sound strange- but the one thing you probably must admire about prisoners- is the reason they are where they're at, is because they DID NOT want to conform to society. They didn't do it the right way- but they know it could be harder on the "outside" than it is in the "inside"

b. said on 09/07/09 @ 03:44 AM:
thankyou simon. i can't thank you enough for caring.

my mum now knows the situation and is supporting me to look for something else. my dad's friend has a fencing company i might do some work with for the rest of the year. i honestly don't know where to go, though, i don't want a trade, i don't want to go to uni just yet, and if i did i wouldn't know what to study. i'm going to leave this apprenticeship very shortly, not sure if i should hand in a 2 week notice though. a company would never give you a 2 week notice if they were firing you. but it'd be good to have them as a reference even though i dispise all of them. they're the worst people i've ever met.

i'm still not attending the course i'm supposed to go to either, so if the boss finds out about that i'll probably get fired before i quit. either way it'll be the best thing i've done for myself this year.

thanks again, i've been really thinking this through and its definitly going to happen. just need something else now, my dad's going to be pissed, but i'm not here to live up to his expectations, or anyone's for that matter.

Simon said on 09/07/09 @ 05:58 PM:
@B, hi mate, not a problem at all. Good to see you are thinking it through, and I would only suggest that you chat to your parents about it, they might surprise you... References are good to have, so if you can leave gracefully then do so, try not to burn any bridges and explain to them why you are leaving. You only have to live up to your own expectations mate, don't worry about anyone elses.

Find yourself something less stressful, and move on.

Donny said on 09/08/09 @ 02:23 AM:
Ugh, God I hate work some days, some days its ok and I tolerate it, other days I absolutely hate it and wonder why im here. I want to make enough money to be free but im struggling, i save my money nowadays, gone are the days where I will waste my money on useless crap that I dont need. All my money is now being saved towards freedom, however long it takes.

beerengine said on 09/10/09 @ 03:17 PM:
I have been off genuinely sick all week and now I have to go in for a day tomorrow...I can't even face doing that.....

beerengine said on 09/10/09 @ 03:33 PM:
What's the point in doing this until the day you die?

Simon said on 09/10/09 @ 06:18 PM:
Hey Beer, sorry to hear you have been ill mate, hope it's improving.. In relation to going back, see if you can put it off some more, can you get another sick note? On your last question, there is no point to it, we are just working slaves. We are the modern equivalent of the slaves from olden times, it is now just painted up to look civilised, but it is still the same stuff...

Luke said on 09/14/09 @ 05:31 AM:
Just thought i'd share a recent performance of bittersweet symphony by the verve during their reunion show at Glastonbury last year: i never really payed attention to the lyrics all that much, this is what Richard Ashcroft says at the start: ""God bless to Keane though. Love and peace to all bands. It's a struggle. Life's a struggle, and Monday morning may be a struggle for a lot of you in a job that you despise, working for a boss you despise. A slave to money then you die. God bless ya". Then he just looks out into the audience and you hear that classic melody of violins come in." sums it up.


lady j said on 09/14/09 @ 05:50 AM:
on NPR this morning, they did a segment on the Parisians taking their month-long vacations... some take all of July off, others take all of August off. Basically don't visit Paris during those months, a lot of shops will be closed. But it is SO AWESOME to hear of people actually taking their vacations and saying that life is really crazy and you have to take that month off so you can come back refreshed! I mean.... what a novel concept. My boss acts like if she or I am not in the office for one day, the universe will collapse. It's so stupid.

lady j said on 09/14/09 @ 05:53 AM:
oh yeah, and I've only been at work for 45 minutes and already I'm done with whatever I need to do for today.... which basically consists of checking & replying to emails. I need to print out a schedule, and then... I'm done. If my boss was here she'd find stupid busy-work for me to do... she always invents new things for me to do. like instead of tracking something just in our database, I have to make an extra spreadsheet and track it there too. Why? What's the point? Just stupid.

Howie said on 09/14/09 @ 05:26 PM:
So much ass-kissing in my office- you should hear it. I will quit before I lose my dignity and do THAT.

Dirk said on 09/14/09 @ 10:02 PM:
I am done with my job as fast as I am done with the job then I go home. At least that is one good thing about it. I'm not stuck in a place for a certain amount of time, and when there is nothing to do your bored out of your mind. So needless to say I get my job done as fast as possible and still get paid the same regardless.

Miss_T said on 09/17/09 @ 03:22 PM:
Im not sure if people still come to this site or not but I thought after reading four years of enjoyable 'I hate work' comments, I should comment myself.

Without sounding like an acceptance speech, first I'd like to thank all of you for making me laugh so hard with tears literally flowing down my face and everything (CiscoGuy, public enemy and beer among others being the main culprits).

I guess I laughed so much mainly because some comments are hilarious but also because I am frustrated out of my wits.

This is my story (I'll keep it short, or maybe I wont, I dunno, I like to type)

So I went to school like most of you, I went to do my BA degree at uni (english lit and business) I should have known monotonous work was not for me when I kept falling asleep in class during my first year (really couldnt help it, I did try). I actually enjoy learning, I guess I just chose the wrong subjects. How silly of me to think that because I love reading I would enjoy english literature - still love reading tho. Anyway, I knew from this time that I would absolutely hate working. When I say working I mean working in an office - so after I graduated, I did a MA (Masters) to delay working for another year. I needed one more year to see if I can at least choose something that is remotely exciting and so this why I studied media -yes I know you can say its a mickey mouse subject but who cares what people really think? I studied it and enjoyed it a lot and would do it again. I thought if I chose media it would give me the option to move around as I get bored very easily. I also thought that if I worked within media then at least I can find an office job that is a teeny bit enjoyable, as in, I wont in the office all day and id get to work with, and meet other people. My dream occupation was to be a Professional Bum, BA, MA. I have to say that by the time I was 20, I had already realised that work would not be fun and all that 'be what you want to be' crap was not the reality of life so this is why I wanted to study something with a bit of breadth. I also knew the power of saving which was installed in me by my mum (opened a savings account when I was 18).

When I left uni I got a job in a big media company doing crap for 9 months, left (it was temp), got another job, cried every sunday night, left that after a year, didnt have a job for 7 months (was heaven), and then worked for free for 5 months. Right now, with a bachelors degree and a masters, I am an administrator earning peanuts to look at boring spreadsheets and get told off by my manager because I missed an apostrophe in 'yesterdays' - there, I've done it again, guess I never learn...

Like all of you I DETEST office work, I detested it before I even started working. I cannot actually believe that before I got this job I worked for free to get 'experience'. I worked 40 hrs with NO WAGE so I could eventually get a job and Im suppose to feel lucky? I've been in this job 3 weeks I think and I already dont like it. I never know the actual date of the day as I know mon-fri I wake up and go to work, thats it. All I know is that an office job is an office job no matter where you go, its all the same. It frustrates me to the bone when people cannot understand this. My theory is that people know that office work is crap but if they ignore it long enough they will not see the truth and then can get on with it as if everything is OK. In a way, I dont blame them, it does make life easier. Seeing everything for what it really is makes life much harder.

Today at work I overheard someone say 'you know you have a crisis when there's no tea bags left' - I almost cried. This is what life has become?

Miss_T said on 09/17/09 @ 03:45 PM:
By the way lady j, would HATE to have a boss like yours, seems like she is really taking advantage of you to the max.

Anyway off to bed, gotta get up early for work y'know....

Howie said on 09/17/09 @ 06:34 PM:
Welcome Miss T- we're here to vent. I too am in a cube- the only enjoyment in the day is when I take a shit sometime between 8 and 10 am- I do my best thinking in the can...

Miss_T said on 09/19/09 @ 06:45 AM:
Thank you Howie

Its saturday now, what a great day, sun shining etc Got my friends birthday celebration later tonight. Her birthday is actually next Wednesday but of course she has to do it on the weekend because of WORK!

lady j said on 09/19/09 @ 01:55 PM:
thanks, Miss T! I could probably tolerate the work (admin stuff is boring but I could tolerate it) if it wasn't for the boss. Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!

Nameless One said on 09/19/09 @ 05:48 PM:
Hey Miss T, I did a BA in English and Media and I can tell you media was way harder, though it was an academic media degree but it had practical courses. It should have been more aptly entitled sociology and film theory. I did philosophy in my first year and still got far higher marks than I did in media. I also did a media masters. In essence I think the problem was that it was sociologically based which in essence deals with people, ergo I don't understand. But the mickey mouse description is just part of the wider swamp of nonsense which proliferates, like the nonsense we're giving out about here. Yes some courses may well be mickey mouse but this applies to all disciplines. It only that the less traditional ones get labelled as such by virtue of their lack of tradition to an extent. Of course human society is firmly entrenched in tradition rather than free thought!..

Corona Radiata said on 09/19/09 @ 05:49 PM:
woops that was me

Cranky said on 09/21/09 @ 04:32 PM:

I am so relieved to see this forum. It is good to know I am not alone in finding work to be a useless pursuit. So many cigarette breaks (the only highlight the working day) spent pondering the purposelessness of it all. Oh how I hate those wretched worker bees and their stupid phoney smiley faces. I am currently trying to negotiate with my employer to reduce the number of days I work so I can spend the rest of my time living my life. I have become sick of the place, and I feel my boredom is becoming apparent. The fatigue I feel is just unbelievable. there is no end in sight. Each day you go in, you do the same thing, and until I die, quit, or the company goes redundant (whichever happens first), there is no relief. It will just go on and on. I hate going there in the morning, I feel sick on the stomach and can't stand the losers spend all their days talking about their crummy lives, and stupid holidays (like anyone cares - someone who spends all their week in an office and seldom gets away can hardly be called a culture vulture). All day long I just wait for it all to be over, and I can't wait to get out of there. I just wish they accept my request to work fewer hours because that may keep me sane. I haven't looked for another job because I feel the same way about all jobs - same shit, different smell.
It is a stupid system. Well, girls and boys, if you can afford to, find the job where you have to work as few hours as possible and spend the rest of your time doing what you love. As long as you have a live other people will always notice you and other opportunities will always come up, many of which may be in things you really want to do.

Jeff said on 09/21/09 @ 04:40 PM:
I work in the wonderful world of engineering. Been doing it for over a decade now. Every morning I just completely dread going to work. It's basically modern slavery. What I do is hard, challenging, constant problem solving, but yet underpaid for the expertise I provide in exchange for my middle class wage. I have had this dream for years of hoping the economy and society completely collapses to nothing so that we all have to live and survive on our own like people did centuries ago, or even thousands of years ago. Seriously, after sitting in my cubicle all day agonizing and watching the clock because I can't wait to go home, I yearn just to give it all up and go live in the wilderness in a tent where my only job is to look for food. Even if I only lived another 10 years that way, I would say I lived more than if I stayed in my dreaded cubicle doing boring work with completely boring people until I'm 65.

Jeff said on 09/21/09 @ 04:40 PM:
I work in the wonderful world of engineering. Been doing it for over a decade now. Every morning I just completely dread going to work. It's basically modern slavery. What I do is hard, challenging, constant problem solving, but yet underpaid for the expertise I provide in exchange for my middle class wage. I have had this dream for years of hoping the economy and society completely collapses to nothing so that we all have to live and survive on our own like people did centuries ago, or even thousands of years ago. Seriously, after sitting in my cubicle all day agonizing and watching the clock because I can't wait to go home, I yearn just to give it all up and go live in the wilderness in a tent where my only job is to look for food. Even if I only lived another 10 years that way, I would say I lived more than if I stayed in my dreaded cubicle doing boring work with completely boring people until I'm 65.

Howie said on 09/21/09 @ 06:51 PM:
Cranky and Jeff-
All I can say is AMEN brothers. I too sit in a cube. In a cube farm. Its an 8-hour prison sentence, every day. With people I loathe- especially our ass-kissing boss. His breath smells like shit its so bad. I hate conforming. Prisoners have it made- in some sense. They get three hots and a cot, and all the time in the world. I will take my own personal free time over money any day of the week. What good is money if you don't have the time to spend it - or don't have the energy to enjoy your time?

B. said on 09/22/09 @ 04:01 AM:
exactly howie. When my boss tried to make me work til 5 this other guy goes,
"i dont see why you can't work til 5". I couldn't believe it. Well, i'm there too much as it is, my time is much more important than a piece of paper, i can't see how people's lives revolve around money. like, solely money. when i sit at my "work bench" i can hear my boss on the phone talking about money, that's all it is. it's an endless stupid cycle, chasing paper. and for what? i don't understand how people accept this way of living, i sure can't. as the days pass it gets worse, i can't believe the things people say to me at work. they are honestly the worst people i've ever met. another time the boss was discussing starting earlier with me (and of course staying until the same time if not later) another person said to me, get this, "you're only sleeping". oh, wait a great reason! hey, you're ONLY asleep at 3am, why not go to work?!!!! Sleep, one of the few escapes from this terrible life.

And I hate how everyone's mentality that "work is everything".

I don't think I can last, I was about to snap when one person threw things in my cup of tea today and i almost swallowed them. Parts from a lock, pieces of metal! Then wouldn't leave me alone all day because it just made me worse, usually i don't respond to anything there but that was just stupid. He even tried to justify it by saying I saw him do it. Why would I drink it if I knew something he threw was in there? And another worker (who I will release all my anger on if I'm there any longer, he's only a small nerdy kiss ass work is my life arrogant piece of shit) called me "fucking useless" because i brought in a chocolate for myself but no one else. Yeah, like i'm going to bring in chocolates for the people i have to put up with everyday, the worst people i've ever come across. He also tried to tell me to tuck my undershirt in (it was longer than the terrible shirt I am forced to wear) because it "Wasn't a part of the uniform". I can't believe this guy, he is such a piece of crap, he's the bosses and the entire system's bitch. I despise him. And I certainly wasn't doing anything he told me to do. Oh my god, another time, it's all coming back to me, i think i should keep a diary for this bullshit. Okay, this other time, he made me go out of my way and leave the office and buy his lunch for him, no one else, i think i had already ate mine. Can you believe it, no human is that important that they get someone else to get their lunch for them and no one else. Fuck you I hate you, you are one piece of crap in a whole entire universe upon trillions of organisms, you are not important.


Miss_T said on 09/22/09 @ 11:43 AM:
THANK YOU! Someone mentioned it. People think "work is everything" - it REALLY isnt. To 'work sheep', I am considered lucky, I have nice co-workers, a really crap job but with room for progression. Its funny how people say to me 'dont worry, soon you'll move up'. My manager sits next to me, she is more stressed than I am and looks at more spreadsheets than I do (I'm admin), stays later AND does work over the weekend! Why do I want to move up again? O yea, I get more money.

Dont care about money, all I care about is being happy and Im not happy right now. I HATE the office, I reallllly do. I get tired of putting a smile on my face and being fake - that is the worst part for me. I really hate it. I cant be myself at all for 8.5hrs a day (we work 9-5:30pm and thats just me, the others in my team work later). I hate being fake because Im known for being honest, thats how I am, if I feel like crap I dont wanna have to go in to work and fake smile, I just want to be in bed. I always thought that if I got paid a lot of money I would be OK with work but I actually dont think I would. Its the office I hate.

What annoys me as well are the after work activities - 'o lets go for a drink' why the hell would I want to spend ANOTHER 2 or 3 hours with people I have been forced to spend all day with?? To me, going for drinks with work people is extra work. They just forget that we are actually all forced to work together and we are NOT friends. I dont want to tell you what I did over the weekend or evening. My personala nd work life stay seperate and thats how I like it.

I look at the herd of people in suits, walking real fast towards the tube station after work and it actually makes me sick. I see so many grumpy faces int he morning to work so I know we're not the only ones who hate work!

Miss_T said on 09/22/09 @ 11:55 AM:
The more I think about it the more I see that work is actually ruining my life. Im depressed much more than I was when at uni (with the freedom but no cash of course), I dont see my friends as often (nor do I have the energy to speak for hours on the phone to them cuz Im tired after being at work) and I just generally feel counter productive. I feel like wishing for Friday to come round every week is a waste of a life, a whole 5 days wishing it would pass quickly EVERY week - that is sad.

In the UK we get approx 20-25 days holiday per year for full time staff, thats 4-5 weeks holiday out of 52 weeks (with the permission of manager of course, put a lease around my neck please). I know thats a lot of holiday compared to some but thats FOUR weeks to live your life, and Im suppose to do this for another 40+ years? GOT to be joking. I refuse.

rogue said on 09/23/09 @ 02:57 AM:
same thoughts here miss_t, your last sentence really sums things up. 4 weeks is a fucking joke, ive been waiting 8months for my next 2 weeks, asked boss 4 times his answer oh in a months time mate or when we get more staff, this time i just booked my holiday and if he cant take that stuff him.

lady j said on 09/23/09 @ 08:02 AM:
Miss T, I agree. I think work is a plague upon mankind. We are all so hollow because we work so many hours, we have nothing left for things that really matter: family, friends, life, creativity, thinking about how to improve our world... No time to think about how to make things better, gotta go to work and stare at a meaningless spreadsheet full of meaningless numbers! It's just stupid. Money isn't real anyway.

Here in U.S. we are lucky to get 2 weeks vacation. Most companies I've worked for lump all your sick time and personal time/vacation together and you get 2 weeks, 3 if you're lucky. I work part time so technically I don't accrue sick time or holiday pay or vacation time; if I'm not at work (like today I have a cold and stayed home) so I don't get paid for it. I can survive on half my pay so it's no big deal, but still... 2-3 weeks of time off, which most people don't even take?? Fucking crazy.

Anyway, what GOOD WORKS could we accomplish if we weren't putting in 40+ useless hours of work?

Miss_T said on 09/23/09 @ 02:20 PM:
A girl on another 'I hate work' forum said that she has a great manager because he hates work also and lets her take time as and when, wouldnt it be great to have one of those?

Ugh I have a ridiculously busy day tomorrow but Im not going to go in to that. Its too depressing.

I always thought that I would be a good counsellor. My friends tend to talk to me when they have problems and they come to me for advice. I have no idea what being a real counsellor is like though but I reckon it will give me more of a sense of fulfilment rather than sitting in an office making money for someone else. I think that would be good work.

I may research into that...

I reckon if you have a certain hobby which you can do say in the evening or on weekends, then continue to work on that hobby and think of avenues you can take to make money from it (legally!).

For example, I enjoy writing. So I thought I'd start writing a novel. I mean, it may be a novel, it may not be but I thought if I start writing I will see how it goes. I dont have a deadline as to when it will be finished because I'm writing as and when I feel like it. Maybe when I feel its complete I'd get it published or something, its not gonna be that easy, but I've got to try something....

Finding out what you actually like doing is SOOOO hard and will require 'soul searching'. I think people should take an hour or 2 (or even a day, whatever time you need) and REALLY think about what you enjoy doing even if its a bit. Then post it on this site and maybe the rest of us can come up with suggestions as to how you can turn it into a job. What do you guys think? too far fetched?

Im a proactive person, I CANNOT sit here for the rest of my life being miserable.

Miss_T said on 09/23/09 @ 02:30 PM:
I looked around the net and found some questions we can ask ourselves if we're finding it hard to focus on what we really like:

1. What did you dream of becoming when you were a child?

2. Where do you spend your free time?

3. Listen to your inner self. What does it really wish it could be doing?

4. What activity do you do that makes you feel happy and when you do it, the time just flies by?

5. What activities, events, shows, books are you attracted to?

6. Resolve your past issues. Your past does not have to decide your future. If you let your past go and any limitations you’ve placed upon yourself, what would you be doing?

7. What would success mean to you? What would the perfect life be?

8. What would you do if you had the Universal Credit Card (money is no object)?

I think everything happens for a reason and I think that we are all miserable in what we're doing now in order to push us into making our lives better.

Man I wish I was as enthusiastic as I sound in writing

Simon said on 09/23/09 @ 06:00 PM:
Miss_T, some nice positive entries, which is a change from our normal posture on this site! Making money doing something you love is not easy, and takes time to build. When you have kids, mortgages, financial responsibilities to deal with, earning less money is not an option unfortunately. Some of us are more stuck than others...

lady j said on 09/24/09 @ 06:35 AM:
Miss T, you are right that it takes time & soul-searching to figure out what you really want to do in life. I spent several years just struggling, every day felt like I was walking through quicksand and I was just miserable. It took me 2 years of researching potential careers & trying different hobbies, to figure out what I wanted to do. Once I settled on Art Therapy, I felt at peace.

Miss_T said on 09/24/09 @ 03:09 PM:
Hi Simon, I definitely understand that, its all that responsibility! I remember once when I was young, below the age of 12 or so, someone said to me 'enjoy your life now while you can' and I was thinking 'HA! Yea right, what with all the homework I get?' o how little I know

I reckon when you have so many responsibilities as you have mentioned Simon, 'pursuing your dream' is very very hard. Its actually really unfair. But there are those who have family etc who still manage to change a hobby into a business - ok there arnt millions but some (maybe the lucky few?).

Art Therapy, I looked it up, wow that is definitely something different. Are you focussing your energy on that? (Sorry i did read all the comments above but cannot remember if it was you who said you were going to pursue it).

I think maybe I need to start playing the lottery or something or maybe just really dig into my family tree to see if I have a rich aunt, then I'll have time to really build my own business.

Got to go to bed, have work tomorrow. At least its Friday, the only consolation I have all week...Then it all starts AGAIN, again x52

Dirk said on 09/24/09 @ 11:07 PM:
I literally spend almost monday thru friday and sunday usually looking at jobs, and not one has come up yet that looks like it will be any better than what I do now, if not actually worse. All I find is disappointment.

I work outside, and the winter is coming around again, and the snow and the ice, and I just dread it. But no one will pay me enough part time like this job. I don't care about money too much, but I need a certain amount to pay bills and eat. Then they have the nerve to ask you to help cover for others when they don't show up, which means doing your job, then going out to do someone elses. I remember we had freezing rain last winter and this dumb bitch of a manager asks me to help out, and I told her no way, it cold and it raining out. And then she says, "so what, it's only rain, you're not gonna melt. What's the big deal?" Wow, I could've actually killed her at that moment. Of course 36 degree rain isn't a big deal when you're not the one in it half the day. Ohhh I just wanna strangle her....

And Miss T, I do the same thing, start the counter on Monday and can't wait till Friday then it comes around, and weekend gone, and back to Monday again. Pretty soon your whole life is gone before you know it, wasted at a place you hate.

Simon said on 09/24/09 @ 11:31 PM:
We have a long weekend here in Oz, and that means three days away. That's at least three days I don't have to spend wishing I was elsewhere...

lady j said on 09/25/09 @ 04:58 PM:
Hi Miss T! I'm the one who is pursuing Art Therapy (AT). I have a bachelor's in psychology already, I enjoyed the classes but just kind of fell into accounting & then administrative work... but then I started making jewelry, and doing art, and it just kind of clicked together. I'm taking Art classes at a local community college, I need to have 6 classes to get into the AT school. It's going slowly, one class a semester... argh. I wish I could devote myself solely to it, but right now I have to work too. Anyway, am saving all the money I can right now, so I can get to AT school soon!!

rogue12 said on 09/27/09 @ 05:17 AM:
same here simon from oz to, im taking the thursday and friday off but i have to make them up by working another 2 days so 5 day weekend for me, havent had one since christmas. everytime we get a 3 day weekend im always asked to work my day off which is wednesday after it so its not a 3 day week, what a fucker but i say no haha.

Miss_T said on 09/27/09 @ 01:40 PM:
Ahh man Sunday night blueeeees - actually my sunday blues started about 12pm today but it has intensified.

Gonna have an even worse week this week.

I always thought I'd like to move away from the UK and I thought working in an office in a country where the sun shines more than a few weeks a year would not be so bad. But after reading comments on this site from all over the world, I realise working in an office anywhere is depressing.

I wish I only cared about money, then I wouldnt be in this mess.

Lady j, how was the bachelors in psychology? Im really comtemplating going into counselling. I feel like I've wasted so much time trying to get into marketing, even working for free, where I could have just focussed on psy from the start.

lady j said on 09/27/09 @ 04:40 PM:
Sunday night blues, indeed. I'm going to a big concert tonight, one of my favorite bands, and my fiancee's band is playing the after party... gonna be a late late night. Trying to think of my excuse for being late tomorrow... lol!

Miss T, I loved my psychology courses! They were great. My sister majored in communications, and got her master's degree in counseling. Not all counseling programs require a psychology degree.... check out some master's programs in your area. One of the best things I see about counseling is you get to make your own schedule, and if you can charge enough hourly then you might not have to work so many hours. Here, counselors charge $60 - $150+ per hour. Not sure about how getting paid from the insurance companies might figure into that. Aanyway, let me know if you have any other questions & I'll try to answer. Gotta go get ready for the show!!

Howie said on 09/29/09 @ 05:58 PM:
Isn't work soul-crushing?

Simon said on 09/29/09 @ 06:32 PM:
Work is just the modern form of slavery, no more no less. The exploitation of mankind by mankind is as old as the hills, and while there is money to be made on the back of someone, it will continue on.

Miss_T said on 09/30/09 @ 02:43 PM:
Lady j, Im at a loss. Dunno what to do, whether to stick this job out and hope things get better when I move to another job within this field, or leave the whole thing now and try do a course in counselling. Either way, I'd need to save up for the course so I'll be working office for at least a year *sigh*

Cant STAND office work! I was practically on my own today so it wasnt too bad. I hate talking to people I dont particularly care about when Im not in the mood.

Do you think its rude to just listen to music while your team mates chatter?

What I hate about work is the repetitive nature CONSTANTLY!!! No end to it! Complaining about it never gets old for me.

Maybe I should just do what my friend did, go on holiday and never come back!

Simon said on 10/01/09 @ 12:08 AM:
Miss_T. A word of advice, if you are not in the mood to talk to people sometimes, whether mood related or not, then counselling is probably not the best field for you. You will have to listen to a lot of things that you would most probably prefer not to...

My 2 cents worth.

Miss_T said on 10/01/09 @ 02:03 PM:
Hey Simon, I get what you are saying but I think you have misunderstood.

I don’t know a great deal about counselling because I haven’t researched in to it at great depth yet. When I have done my research I will then know whether it is right for me or not.

As of now, I know I like to listen, I like to give advice. If I feel my listening can actually help someone then I’m all for it. I’m actually hard working but I have to feel like Im doing something for a reason, preferably by helping someone directly. I often wonder why teachers do what they do but I also know that some see the purpose of it all when their students pass their exams and move on. Of course there are down moments but this is outweighed by the ‘up’ moments and I need a job that does this.

From my experience, the majority of conversations people have at work are space fillers, there’s hardly any sincerity to it and there is (ugh) backstabbing - which happened to me today in fact.

lady j said on 10/02/09 @ 05:52 AM:
Miss T, Simon, well sometimes I don't feel like talking to people either! lol! I'm very much an introverted loner. I never wanted to go into counseling because I hate all that "but how does it make you FEEEEEEL" bullshit.

That being said however, art therapy is a bit different: art itself becomes the therapeutic outlet, you are almost part art-teacher and part therapist. I'm especially looking forward to helping people with chronic illnesses, as I have suffered with one (undiagnosed) for so long.

I can go on but if you'd prefer to email me, I think you can get to my blog by clicking on my name and my email address is listed on there. =)

Howie said on 10/02/09 @ 07:01 PM:
It's Friday night- and the pilot light is out.

Miss_T said on 10/04/09 @ 12:45 PM:
LOL But how does that make you FEEEEEL.

Why o why is is Sunday night!! Please Lord let the next 5 days fly by!

lord said on 10/06/09 @ 12:15 PM:
No. The next 5 days will crawl. The weekend will fly by! But you have to keep fighting. You can't drown.

Simon said on 10/06/09 @ 05:30 PM:
Why is it that mankind thought up this eight hour work day? The proportion of time we spend at work is seriously out of proportion. I think I would be quite happy to do a four hour day, or alternatively three days a week, which would give you time to spend on things that you enjoy, time to relax, time to THINK!

Working days never go quickly, it doesn't matter if you are occupied or not, the clock seems to stop. We had a long weekend just recently, and it seemed like a normal weekend time wise.

I am starting to dread Sunday nights, which is a shame because technically that is still the weekend. I have also taken to waking up at night around 3am, just so I can have some extra hours... sad hey.

Storm Warning said on 10/06/09 @ 11:56 PM:
26 years old and have no idea what I want in life, but it sure as hell isnt this novelty act that I go to everyday.
Wishing away 8 hours of your day 5 days a week, every week, every year, in the hope it may all change - but it wont. You know it and I know it. You suck it up just as your parents did/do, same as your mates will and same as your kids will. No wonder I drink every night.

Miss_T said on 10/07/09 @ 01:35 PM:
Simon, I do the same thing!! I wake up 3amish so that I think at least I got some more hours even tho its not more and I know that, but it makes me feel better.

I dunno what it is but it seems like wednesdays are just extra terrible for me. I just dont want to get up and then it trickles to thurs and fri.

My manager told me today that he feels I dont like my job. He said he wants people to come in and ENJOY their work and he doesnt feel like I enjoy it. What do I say to that? I mean, are you serious?

Our clocks go back on the 25th October, we get 1 extra hour on sunday morning and then from that day till May or so we leave the house to go to work in the dark and come home in the dark (and rain). So basically, we dont get to see any daylight cept on 'weekends' and from our office window.

I think Im being punished.

Simon said on 10/08/09 @ 12:35 AM:
Miss_T: Yes, the early morning time is pretty special, and at least it is yours! Your manager has probably detected that you are not interested, and that is a problem for all of us. Mostly, you have to wear a mask and 'seem' like you are involved and, believe me, a lot of people do just that.

Yes, working during the day and only ever seeing night during the morning and night is a big problem, and nobody enjoys that.

I know it is hard to put on a face at work, that says 'I love it here', but depending on your financial needs, you might have to do just that.

Good luck whatever you choose to do!

Dirk said on 10/08/09 @ 02:54 AM:
If I could only work 3 days a week at 8 hours and get paid the same, I wouldn't hate work as much. Of course I would still hate it, but I could tolerate it a bit more and not be so damn pissed about it. Eh... preferably 6 hours a day for 3 days, I don't even like the whole 8 hour thing...

B. said on 10/08/09 @ 03:40 AM:
how about none at all! completely pointless the lot of it.

but yes, even one more day off would do me. 2 days is not enough. it'll never happen though. it'll never end.

Miss_T said on 10/08/09 @ 03:58 PM:
Yea thats right Simon, its the 'I love it here' face Im trying to perform but for some reason, I just dont seem to have it perfected. Sometimes I find myself saying things I would never really say and it just seems so unnatural to me. Its like, I cant even be myself!

With this job its a bit different though, I find myself tired all the time and just generally unhappy - but I guess thats what we're all complaining about anyway so...

Cant wait for xmas, we have to take the 3 days between xmas and new years off which I cant wait for!

Simon said on 10/08/09 @ 07:47 PM:
Dirk: I would love to do three days a week, but the pay would suck badly... Perhaps it would be worth it to be out of it for a couple more days.

Miss_T: We all have a 'work face', and it just develops over time. If you are new to the orifice environment, it may take some practice to get it going. After a while, it becomes natural to be two people in the one body as you start to obey all the office rules and jerk off requirements that exist. If you are tired all the time, it is probably from stress, having to keep up an appearance. I am constantly tired!

Xmas is a boon, and I am sure everyone will appreciate it. I hope they close our office for a couple of weeks.

lady j said on 10/09/09 @ 04:57 PM:
Miss T, I have wondered for a while when my boss is going to ask me about why I seem to hate her (or my job).... she never has (I think she depends on me too much to rock the boat) but I kinda need the job for now, so if she ever did that I'd act like SHE is crazy and be like "What do you mean? No way, I totally don't mean to come across that way! I guess I didn't realize that is how I'm coming across, I'm just not a morning person and it takes me a while to warm up' lol and it would be like one huge joke on her.

Simon, I am so glad it's coming up to the holidays. I told my boss I'd be taking the whole week of christmas off and she said "Oh I will be too" so I guess I rubbed off on her! Awesome.

rogue12 said on 10/11/09 @ 02:48 AM:
stormwarning im like you to, im 20 no idea what i wanna do. i get my 2 week holiday in 1 week yipeee been waiting almost 9months for it so gonna make it worthwhile, but Sunday night will be there in a flash and back mordernised slavery. 8hrs work, 8hrs recovering from work, 8 hrs sleep, life is short right? yet were all stuck in this hell with no other way to survive.

Nameless One said on 10/11/09 @ 02:54 AM:
I actually find it ironic that in the 21st century, with all the commodities that are at our disposal, we are more and more enslaved by work/stress/money. It especially breaks my heart to see that kids can no longer be raised by their parents who are always on the run, struggling to make ends meet.

It also saddens me to see how many people hate the routine of work, yet just can't do anything about it. Even more, they seem to have no energy left to demand changes in our society. I think that most people have lost faith in our politicians, who seem to be working more against than for the people. Where is democracy?

4 weeks of vacation a year is insulting. There is much more to life than work. That's why I have promised myself that I would never settle for such a thing no matter what. All the money in the world can not make you happy if you feel like a slave, so I'd rather be a little poorer, but much happier.

Miss_T said on 10/11/09 @ 07:29 AM:
Yea its sad about the kids not having their parents around. I spoke to one lady at my work who said you dont really appreciate your 4 week holidays until you have a child. Thats the only time they can fully see them.

We've all heard the term money doesnt equal happiness but most of us only get/need money to survive anyway so its not like we get a chance to find out.

Man I could go on...

I reckon I could do a little search at work to find someone who is vocal about work like I am. Maybe when I can vent on them and them on me as a form of hourly/daily release, I'll feel better.

lady j, I think your boss would just rather avoid the subject lol.

Oh yea just remembered, before the xmas break we all still got the xmas party to look forward too, yay.

Howie said on 10/11/09 @ 07:02 PM:
Nameless 1 -
I wish I had four weeks, I have three-and its almost used up. Oh and we don't have an Xmas party at work- but we have one for our workers kids'- so our kids get treated better than us - and for the ones who choose not to have kids, it's like a slap in the face.

B. said on 10/12/09 @ 12:52 AM:
damn nameless one you said it! i feel exactly the same.

i've been working fulltime for 10 months and i get 2 weeks holidays. i don't know if that's each year, but if so that's terrible. i'm going to have to ask, but it won't matter cause i won't be here much longer.

Simon said on 10/13/09 @ 10:21 PM:
Here in Oz we sometimes get forced christmas hols, i.e. they close the office for a week or so, and take the leave off you. It also seems nowadays that your leave is only when the employer wants you to take it. They also get shirty if you take small chunks of leave at a time. I have a hell of a problem as I have school age children, and they get about 14 weeks leave each year. My partner and I get 8 total, which leave a few weeks unaccounted for even if we take our leave separately... Nice family friendly setup!

lady j said on 10/14/09 @ 06:58 AM:
I have begun to hate the term 'hardworking Americans'. "Let's fix health care for hardworking Americans." "Let's help out our hardworking Americans by doing this.... " and so on. Yes we work hard, and that is probably why we are addicted to our anti-depressants and pain meds and spending money as a form of therapy and recreation. Yeah we work hard, but there is more to life than working hard! What about taking care of ourselves, getting out in nature & appreciating it, getting some exercise & recreation, relaxing & trying to live more stress-free.... That would cure us better than popping more pills. It's sad, so sad. And it's even worse that the majority of us can't see what is happening to us. As you said Nameless One, "Even more, they seem to have no energy left to demand changes in our society." Right on.

Miss_T said on 10/14/09 @ 11:35 AM:
Simon thats the same for where I am as well. Close for a week, take the leave off us. Its not a problem for me because I'd probably take the time off anyway. However there are others who would prefer to take that time elsewhere and they don't get the choice.

I see why people struggle to have families and keep a good career. In this country they are trying to make work more family friendly by being flexible, particularly to women. Its not flexible at all. There are a few pregnant ladies at my work place and they have to work right up until about a couple weeks before they are due. Some right up to it. I was told that a lady at my work place has a child who prefers the child minder to her mum because she hardly sees her. Sad.

It's really not fair. I guess I wouldnt mind work so much if people didnt keep pretending they loved it. THAT'S what gets to me because I find it hard to pretend.

Those of us who can write on this website are lucky, I definitely appreciate what I've got. I just dont find the situation I'm forced to be in suits my personality or shows any sort of potential in me.

On a website it said I should think of something I could do for free for 10hrs a day. And to be honest, there is nothing I can think of. If I did anything for 10 hours 5 days a week, Id be bored of it anyway. I guess I just want freedom and a lot more flexibility.

Most people are sheep who follow the herd. People who post or have posted on this site are those who don't want to follow the leader but are trying to find a way to fight back. Its almost impossible when money controls EVERYTHING.

Its like The Allegory of the Cave and we're the freed prisoners. Its not exactly the same but you get my drift.

Its been a long day.

Howie said on 10/14/09 @ 06:59 PM:
Are we not the "Living Dead"- if you think about it, its not too far from the truth

B. said on 10/15/09 @ 01:59 AM:
so over this work is everything bullshit. everyday conversation people want to know what "you do for a living". god, that's the last thing i want to talk about, let alone know. when people ask me that, i die a little inside.

i went to leave at 4 today aswell, and my boss asked me about teamwork. don't try that bullshit on me, teamwork, ha!

Simon said on 10/15/09 @ 04:42 PM:
I'm about to put in my resignation today everyone, so wish me luck. I am so over my job, and all the bullshit that goes with it. I'm going to do some casual part time work for a while, hopefully something outside away from the office fluoro light crap culture. Wish me luck...

Dirk said on 10/15/09 @ 10:22 PM:
B - I hate that also, when people ask you "what do you do for a living?". Do they wanna know what your interests are, or what you like to do....No, they want to know where you work and what you do at it. That's not what I DO for a living, that's what I DO for money because i'm forced to. I hate that damn question.

Simon, good luck on the part time. I do it myself, and although I still don't like it cause i'm still working for jerks, I can tolerate it a lot more than full time! It is worth it, even if you don't make as much money, as long as you can get by for the time being.

I've been brainstorming on how to get my own business started, but it's not so easy to do when you have work filling up your time, then I have a clingy kid to watch, and then there is that thing called "sleep" we have to also do, so it's really not easy for me to just up and start a business. But I will get to it one day, maybe work it in little by little starting small, possibly as soon as this coming spring in US.

It's funny how work itself uses up too much of our time, so we can't even try to do anything for ourselves in way of starting a business, or do what we want to really do. Just as nameless stated above "they seem to have no energy left to demand changes in our society."

Howie said on 10/16/09 @ 07:20 PM:
Yes Dirk/B-
When people ask you what you do- is it like they're wanting a response because they want to be one up on you if they feel they have a better "job"? Like they're judging you. And its quite possible you'll never see these people again. The thing is I really could care less. I never ask that question first when I meet someone new/or someone I hadn't seen in a while. Never.

LadyJ said on 10/17/09 @ 11:34 AM:
Simon, how'd that resignation go? Best of luck to you in part time work! I do 28 hours/week myself.

I always ask people what they do but I don't necessarily want to know what their 'job' is. If someone asks me what I do, the first thing I say is that I'm an art student and planning to go to Art Therapy school, that I love to garden and have 2 cats and 2 dogs, and make jewelry. Oh, and I work part time for a non-profit. That's the least important part of my life, so I always mention it last. lol!

Simon said on 10/18/09 @ 01:44 AM:
Dirk,LadyJ: Resignation was brilliant.. I felt enormous relief when doing it, and I know it was the right decision. They tried to talk me out of it for nearly two hours, but I stuck to my guns. I feel that things will happen as they should, and something decent will turn up for me. I have already had two offers of contract work, so I will be fine I am sure...

They can stick that office where the sun doesn't shine!

Miss_T said on 10/18/09 @ 08:49 AM:
Congrats Simon! Sorry I didnt see your comment earlier to wish you luck but it seems everything went well. I have to say that 'feeling' you get when you hand in your notice is such a relief. Its like you actually start to like your job because you know you dont have to deal with it anymore lol!

Im glad, it seems like things will work out fine for you.

I've decided to start looking for a new job myself so Im going to check over my C.V. (resume) and start applying. I hope my current employer doesnt stumble over it on job sites - that's happened to one or two people I know.

Wow its Sunday again! Another week! Consolation is that its one week closer to pay day, which isnt really any consolation at all

Simon said on 10/18/09 @ 04:57 PM:
Miss_T: Thanks for that, much appreciated, and it has certainly lifted a big weight from me which was almost certainly making me ill. Knowing that I wont have to deal with the amount of crap that I have been, and the ridiculous workload will make a big difference to me. I'm going to do less hours and get myself better before walking back into anything full time again. You never know what a job will be like when you apply for it, or even when you interview. You generally only find out the truth once you have been there a while, and the truth most times isn't very nice.

It's Monday morning here, but quite honestly it doesn't feel so bad right now!

Headache said on 10/19/09 @ 11:50 PM:
I hate my job. I work at customer service and the amount of stupidity i encounter each day is unbearable. I need the money and i have to grit my teeth everyday. Seriously, i used to be a fun loving person. Now im a drepressed cynic. I've learned to hate people with a vengeance. Sometimes i just want these idiots to die a horrible death. The human race full is full of dimwitted morons. I just hate them all.

Why do i even exist? Sometimes i just wish i could cease to be. Sometimes i feel that the human race has regressed backwards in the last 200 years. If i hear another human being say something like contributing to the society as proud member of the working force i swear i will punch the bejesus out of that person.

Technology is supposed to help all the human race limit their work. Its supposed to be an extension of their bodies. Not a cancer to it. It amazes me to see that we as a species have failed to help one another other than bringing widespread misery.

This earth, this beautiful piece of planet is a nice place to live. But somehow we managed to screw it beyond belief. How do we even manage to do that????

Sometimes, sometimes when im walking out in the woods i feel at peace. Im relaxed like something ancient yet familiar is residing in me. Maybe its just or maybe thats how we all used to be and we forgotten it along the way.

Thank you for listening and i wish all of you well.

Simon said on 10/20/09 @ 06:03 PM:
Headache: Very nicely written my friend, and what you are feeling is not alien, but is a part of what makes you human. You are rebelling against something that feels wrong, and is wrong. We have had this 'system' foisted on us by people who have greed as their primary motivator. While these people hold the reins, we will always be in trouble. I am sorry you feel that way, and you must take the time to get out into the forests and trees as much as you can. Take the time to think of other things while you are working, and try to keep your mind sane.

all the best

Rollin said on 10/20/09 @ 06:53 PM:
Debt is slavery. Stop spending money on stupid shit and save it! I did and now I'm gonna do whatever I want. I hate my job so much it's so boring and the customers are ass holes. My manager is a fucking idiot. I'm so happy I don't have to go to work if I don't want to. The only reason I'm still keeping my job is because I can't find a better one and it pays pretty good. But now I take 3 hour breaks and avoid doing work altogether. I nearly went insane a couple of times during the past decade but I made it! Don't give up hope, save your money. I was eating once a day for a couple of years because I hated being in debt that much, I didn't spend my money on anything unless I had to. It's not easy to do but it was the only way out for me. I hope I can inspire some of you.

STF said on 10/21/09 @ 12:42 AM:
^yes, this world is so materalistic it's ridiculous. Money seems to control almost everything. Money is convenient but not important, that's how I see it. I've saved up almost enough to get by with casual/part time work, this full-time thing is awful, it's so depressing but I will prevail.

Miss_T said on 10/21/09 @ 02:40 PM:
I can see why people go on to things like big brother and stuff. Who wants to make 20k in a year working like a souless robot when you can make it in a day?

Why is it they always expect the employee to bow down to the employer or company? Its like if my manager 'lets me go' 20mins earlier Im suppose to thank him or her. Im looked down upon because I dont stay past 5:30pm and everyone else does - thats my hours and once Im done, Im out!

I wish I knew what to do. Im very good at saving but no matter how much I save its never going to be enough to never work again.

Storm Warning said on 10/21/09 @ 11:48 PM:
Agree 100% with Miss_T above. I feel exactly the same.
I keep doing the lottery (knowing i'll never win) but it gives me that tiny bit of hope. The rest of the time i'm wishing 5 days out of 7 away-terrible way to live. Wish I could change it for the better.

Rollin said on 10/23/09 @ 03:30 PM:

"Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance? " I agree.

Ashlynn said on 10/24/09 @ 03:03 AM:
I work @ a fast food place third shift..mind you, its okay. the people are okay....but i feel like im working for free. Everything goes to bills. People are horribly rude and they like to try to get free things all the time. I do the same thing every night...the same dishes every night in the same order...the same people...the same food....at almost around the same time. They say third shift steals food...we have no time to steal food. they say third shift isn't busy so they expect everything to be spotless...umm...we are busy at night as well....im sick of being underappreciated...and sweaty...im going to school, costing me a bloody fortune only to make about 8 more dollars an hour. but hey 15 dollars is better than 7.50 right????

Miss_T said on 10/25/09 @ 03:21 PM:
I dont know how long I can go on pretending-I cant ignore this no matter how hard I try. I feel like quitting. Just go on the dole and let the state pay for me.

Howie said on 10/25/09 @ 05:10 PM:
I feel the same way at times Miss T- keep the faith. BTW-its Sunday night. Time to panic...

IHATEWORK said on 10/25/09 @ 05:11 PM:
1300th comment!!!!!


IHATEWORK said on 10/25/09 @ 05:12 PM:
Ha you beat me to it, howie

Simon said on 10/25/09 @ 05:49 PM:
Working down my last week as a full time slave. Come Friday, I will be poorer, but will have more life flexibility. There is nothing about todays workplace that excites me, and as I read the job advertisements it is hard not to laugh at some of the phrases they use. 'Must enjoy a challenge' 'hard working' 'some overtime required' 'commitment to quality' what a joke.

Miss_T said on 10/26/09 @ 02:05 PM:
Thanks Howie, I will try!

Funny you should say that Simon, I was looking at jobs today and I saw things like that.

I keep a list handy

We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.

Work 55 hours; get paid for 38

Management communicates, you listen and figure out what they want you to do.

You whine and you're fired.

We expect that you will want to work until you are 70.

Management won't answer your questions

You will work late each night and most weekends

You will be required to make coffee and fetch sandwiches every day.

We have a lot of staff turnover - don't expect your colleagues to be friendly.

We're not going to supply you with leads; you will get no help, apart from the telephone directory and the phone to get you started.

We don't pay enough to expect that you'll be able to dress well.

If we're in trouble, you'll go on TV and get us out of it.

You'll need it to replace three people who just left.

You're walking into a company that is a state of perpetual chaos.

Love it.

BurnedOut said on 10/26/09 @ 07:36 PM:
Can one find a female companion though- if you say you despise your job. Will females think you're lazy? Speak up ladies..lol. Gosh if I could find a lady who feels the same as I..

Starving Robot said on 10/27/09 @ 01:46 AM:
yeah, they'll see us as non-ambitious. But I have goals, dreams... how can one achieve such things if we're forced to waste away more than 8 hours every day? What is it, 8 hour work, 8 hour leisure and 8 hours sleep? Bullcrap. Jobs take up everything. Screw full-time work, screw a 9-5, I have to get out of this hell.

It's funny (yet so depressing) than only one single thing in life can make me so depressed.

BurnedOut said on 10/27/09 @ 05:54 PM:
More like 11 hours work (get up at the latest 1 hour before work, work 8-5) and you figure you don't get home until an 1 hour after work - well I do- then 4 hrs leisure - 3 hrs of laying in bed dreading work, than sleeping. And then a weekend that flies by in the blink of an eye- and then do this shit all over again. It's not abut being lazy too- I wish women would understand- its about quality time in what precious little we have, in life..

Simon said on 10/27/09 @ 06:37 PM:
I know a few people that are almost living off grid. They eke out an existence by minimising expenditure, replacing stuff only when necessary and eating frugally. You can do it if you are prepared to sacrifice a few years and save up as much as you can. The main cost nowadays is some sort of shelter, and here in Oz it is painfully expensive. My hero is Daniel Suelo, who lives in a cave over in the US, a nice guy who has some good thoughts.

Miss_T said on 10/28/09 @ 01:26 PM:
Well BurnedOut, I wish a lot more people thought like us, or at least said something.

I get about 4 hrs leisure time a day, sometimes less. Thats not nearly enough time to live your life per day. 168 hrs in a week and I get 68 max to myself. Whats really the point?

I almost flipped at work today, I feel my breaking point coming up real soon...

Starving Robot said on 10/29/09 @ 03:47 AM:

Rollin said on 10/29/09 @ 12:08 PM:
Had to go to a mandatory department meeting this morning at 7am! Cheap ass manager only gave us coffee. He said we should sell more, then up sell more, then attach more. He said salespeople should, and I quote, "give a shit" about customers. This went on for two hours. Ya right. I should care about people who talk down to me, who get free information from me then go and buy the product from our competitors after I spend nearly an hour with them telling them everything about the product. And yes, like Starving Robot said, EVERY DAY IS FREAKIN' THE SAME for me too.

Apprentice Slave said on 10/30/09 @ 05:14 AM:
Customers have been the worst lately. Whenever someone screws up and the customer is not happy I have to take it all. I'm out the front serving and someone comes in expecting I know everything about the specific job, I go out the back and ask everyone what's the go, and whoever took and screwed that job up tells me what to say to the customer. I go back out the front and try explain why we didn't call/book/or do anything. They then end up getting up me and talking to me like i'm just a piece of shit and that I should know everything about what was supposed to be done. I'm fucking through with it.

Another time I was out on a job drilling some lock in on a shopfront and the cafe owner's next door upped me more than once about the noise, then got stares from everyone in the cafe and at the mall.

I don't want to spend my life doing this anymore. I am miserable every single day. Every work day is the worst day of my life. There is nothing to look forward to. Nothing. Today ending a horrible week I reversed out of my driveway without care bumping the back of my car into an old wheel thing we have in our frontyard. Scratched my car. That just made everything complete. When i'm driving to work every morning i'm pretty much sleepwalking. I'm surprised I haven't had a crash yet, my brain must be trying to tell me something. It's wrong.

I don't know how long I can keep doing this.

It's also really weird almost everyone in my life seem to approve, even like work. Anytime I bring up how much I hate it and want to quit it's just like they don't understand. I don't get it, seems like I don't even belong. But I'm glad I have this site to vent!!!

Ordinary Citizen said on 10/30/09 @ 06:12 AM:
It's refreshing and comforting to know that other people out there despise the 9 to 5 grind.

I hate everything about work - the morning commute, managers who do absolutely NOTHING but delegate, making small talk with annoying co-workers, and the unbearable monotony of it all.

Everytime I wake up for work, a feeling of dread comes over me. Coming home I feel even more miserable. It's a depressing thought knowing that NOW I live to work and not the other way round.

And I really hate it when people say I love office work - I feel like punching them in the face.

1manpower said on 10/30/09 @ 11:17 AM:
It's funny. People try to make you feel guilty for hating work or for not being "career-oriented" enough. The guilt manipulation may have worked when I was 6 but I'm 26. I know better than to lie to others (or worse yet to myself!).

rogue said on 11/01/09 @ 04:14 AM:
sunday night, last night of my 2 weeks holidays, thinking about tommorow makes me sick, what i would do to win the lottery or to get out of this 8hr hell each day

Miss_T said on 11/01/09 @ 08:20 AM:
I almost lost it at work on Friday.

It's Sunday again, back to work tomorrow. I feel like I have 3 managers who constantly delegate, cant stand that place. Cant wait to find something else.

The worse part is when people dont understand why you hate work. 'It gives me a purpose in life' - Gimme a break!

Larry said on 11/01/09 @ 05:52 PM:
I had a shitty day at work today. Started at 8 a.m. and got home at 7 p.m. I'm a cable / internet installer and this is easily the worst work day of my life. I had 5 customers and 4 of them were complete assholes. I had a lady spit at me because I wouldn't install an outlet in her bedroom. (our policy is we don't do any drilling in apartments because the renter doesn't own the property.) After she spit near me, I almost lost it. Her husband was there yelling at me too, ordering me to drill the outlet. I told them I was going to get some tools out of my truck and then I just took off. F them! F this job.

lady j said on 11/02/09 @ 06:42 AM:
Larry, you were absolutely right to just leave. You should never, ever accept that kind of abuse from people. I hope your job/manager backed you up on what you did. I hate managers and companies who cower to customers. The customer is NOT always right.

I don't believe anyone likes (much less loves) working. Some people are just brainwashed into thinking it's what they have to do, and they've made their peace with it, I guess.... Not me.

rogue said on 11/04/09 @ 03:41 AM:
what id do to be back in primary school learning how to write then this 8hr slavery each day, is death the only other option??

Kyle said on 11/04/09 @ 08:15 AM:
Everyone that says work sucks but thats what life is and to accept it, you can't become complacent with slavery. We are all caught up in this illusion, chasing the carrot on the stick so you can pay your mortgage for an over-priced house. This is not how we were meant to live, intuitively feels wrong. We do not have enough time to even explore our own minds so we are just caught in our own egos for the rest of our lives and never progress mentally and spirtually. You come into this world penniless and you leave this world penniless. Making scraps and buying a few toys throughout your life isn't true happiness. 1% of the population owns all the wealth and land, we are sheep. Fuck work, our whole society is so fucked up its to mentally challenging for people to think or deconstruct what they already know to fix anything. WORK SUCKS!

Ed said on 11/04/09 @ 01:13 PM:
I absolutely hate and detest my job. Im on sedatives just to make it through each day without having a complete meltdown.
The thing is I only work in a book store and not a particularly large one but the management act as though its a nuclear power plant the way they stress and make me stress over trivia and I do most of the work while they smoke outside.
It is a great comfort to know there are many others like me who are screaming inside as I work alongside people 8 hours a day who I would otherwise cross the road to avoid.

BurnedOut said on 11/05/09 @ 06:45 PM:
The minute we are born, we are dying- living on a finite amount of time. This routine contributes to our inevitable death

Apprentice Slave said on 11/06/09 @ 02:32 AM:
So true, Kyle!

Apprentice Slave said on 11/06/09 @ 02:37 AM:
They got me working every second saturday now again, too! I can't take it. I guess it's better than that stupid course. But, I'll be out of here next year, don't know where I'm going but I don't want to be here anymore.

One year of fulltime work and it feels like nothing, I can only think of one memorable thing this year. Is my life really that pathetic? Or do jobs do this to everyone? I hate everyone caught up in this stupid illusion as Kyle mentioned. You people are great, let's break free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't want be to a $lave.

Miss_T said on 11/06/09 @ 06:03 PM:
My manager told me that he wants me to reach my full potential. I wanted to reply that for me it's just a stupid job and something to do as I need money to live. I can NEVER fulfil my true potential being stuck in front of a computer 8.5hrs a day. I dont even want to fulfil my true potential for someone else's pocket anyway.

Yes, people who 'enjoy' work accept that there is no other way to live, this is what you gotta do and you just gotta do it! Those of us on here do not want to accept that this is it, this is what life is all about. We think outside the box so to speak and actually take time to think, hold on a minute, this cant be it. I see more and more people are starting to realise this but don't know what to do about it.

lady j said on 11/09/09 @ 06:19 AM:
I hate it when managers say that kinda crap. What they mean is, they want you to be stuck in the company forever. Yech. No freakin' thanks. What about those of us who think our 'full potential' involves something other than sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day?

Miss_T said on 11/11/09 @ 02:05 PM:
Im getting tired. It's cold, dark and I dont want to go to work!!

I heard my manager came IN TO work on SUNDAY. Can't believe it, really cant.


Apprentice Slave said on 11/12/09 @ 02:43 AM:
^yep, people really have no life. they accept this way of living and pretty much embrace it. it's like everyone should feel this way and if you don't your a bad person. i'm sick of all the bullshit, it's so hard not to look like you give a damn. i really couldn't care less though.

Apprentice Slave said on 11/12/09 @ 02:44 AM:

Jon said on 11/12/09 @ 02:28 PM:
I hate working in an ad agency. They treat you like a slave. You work 12 hours or even longer a day. If want to go home early you must juggle a dozen jobs and forget to eat. And of course as you walk out towards the door, your colleagues give you a look that would make you feel so guilty. If you are going on a vacation the next day, you will have to stay later just to brief a junior who would most probably won't be listening to you anyway. You never have time for yourself. Only on weekends-- if you don't have to work because sometimes you have to. And you don't get overtime pay, apart from the fact that you don't get much pay at all. Only enough for your rent and some clothes and food so that you won't drop dead while you are working overtime. And of course if you get a really big idea that is big enough to get you an award, you won't get the credit, your bosses who never work late, never thought of an idea since the eightees and who earn 30 times more than you do will. And at the end of the day, what have you done? Just a fucking advertisement!!!

Apprentice Slave said on 11/16/09 @ 12:16 AM:
^that's sounds like hell.

i do 8 hrs and i can't take it.

Miss_T said on 11/16/09 @ 12:33 PM:
And to think I applied for loads of graduate schemes in ad agencies thinking it was the way forward! 12hrs? No thank you very much. Do these people actually have a life outside work or is it work, sleep, work, sleep? I just dont get it. Im looking for a new job right now but to be honest, I dont know why Im bothering. Maybe I should just accept that my life is going to be miserable. It has been ever since I graduated.

Apprentice Slave said on 11/18/09 @ 12:36 AM:
ha, my dad just told me to take my job seriously. what an ass. i couldn't care less if i had one in the first place, i am so sick of everyone and their jobs. go eat a dick world.

Nameless One said on 11/18/09 @ 02:33 PM:
I dont think I have the strength to even be angry anymore. I think I have moved in to depression

BurnedOut said on 11/18/09 @ 05:41 PM:
I've been depressed fro a long time..I feel there's no way out

$lave said on 11/18/09 @ 08:04 PM:
I go in and out. Mostly depressed but little bursts of anger appear, espicially in the morning on my way to the hellhole. Work has afffected my whole life, I don't feel like the person I used to be, almost down all the time.

G-Man said on 11/19/09 @ 11:34 AM:
called in sick today. What an awesome feeling

Miss_T said on 11/19/09 @ 12:03 PM:
Oh my days, my eyes started to well up out of sheer frustration this morning because the bus I was suppose to get for work was almost empty and he didnt even open the door! I never cry for things like that. Ever. I think, actually I KNOW it was the thought of having to go in to work that got me. I had the MAJOR urge to turn back and walk home, it was a very serious urge and one I should have succumbed to.

As the saying goes 'F*ck the corporate world' - or is that just my saying?

Im 25 and SERIOUSLY wishing my life away. It's not fair, I worked and studied hard, I worked for free and I get the lowest wage in the department, maybe even the whole company (there are only 2 admins). Im so tired.

Apprentice Slave said on 11/22/09 @ 01:49 AM:
yay sunday night, can't wait to go through this all again!

Dread said on 11/22/09 @ 03:25 PM:
Really dreading tomorrow. Cant wait for xmas break.

Ed said on 11/23/09 @ 11:08 AM:
Yes I am not alone. I hate my job and I am not lazy. Get me doing something I enjoy and you wont find anyone harder working than me. I do it to pay the bills like most of us, but I resent having to do something I detest 8 hours a day for someone I detest even more just to be able to survive on a low income lifestyle. It saddens me even more to read of some of the people apparently on the edge of despair over a stupid job, I really wish there was some good practical advice I could give to help but in the meantime - don't let the b*stards grind you down

Dread said on 11/24/09 @ 02:40 PM:
Does every job want someone who is 'analytical' and 'numerate'. Gosh.

Lindt said on 11/25/09 @ 12:42 AM:
I understand everyone hates to work, so why do you have children? Why on earth would you bring more human beings into this world and subject them to the same torment that you yourself so horrendously despise?

Do you assume you will give birth to a child prodigy? HAHA! If you hate your life, chances are your children will feel the same way.

Don't have children to satisfy your selfish desires, that's exactly what your parents did, now you're suffering. Don't create more human beings that are destined to become mindless slaves controlled by the government. Its a vicious cycle.

Apprentice Slave said on 11/25/09 @ 02:26 AM:
I don't plan on having children. I can barely look after myself.

Nameless One said on 11/25/09 @ 09:41 AM:
Some people have children because 'that's what youre suppose to do'. If you're miserable, children can bring that 'shining light' to your lifestyle. How waking up in the middle of the night, spending a fortune on clothes, and general being around screaming children brings a shine to your life, I dont know.

Lindt said on 11/25/09 @ 07:06 PM:
What a selfish reason to have children. Use your offspring to satisfy your miserable life.

Of course there's a biological urge to have children, it's part of our evolutionary history, its natural. What is not natural is being locked up in a cubicle 8 hours of the day or whatever you do and despising it, eating frozen/boxed/canned foods, inhaling polluted air caused by industrial societies, immersing ourselves in chemical cosmetics, and surrounded by metal and plastic.

That is what we've become, we're an artificial society, so take advantage of this opportunity and pop those birth control pills, and cover up with a condom.

Apprentice Slave said on 11/26/09 @ 01:39 AM:
Does anyone try share their hate for wage slavery with anyone they know? Everyone I know seems to not get it. How can they not see it? It's like they've been conditioned that way throughout their whole life.

I knew from early on I never wanted a 9-5, never knew "what i wanted to be/do", well I do know what I want to do but it doesn't really fit a crummy job description. It's like, if you don't like work or have a job you're a bad person. I have a job and I am fucking miserable. Every day is the same, every day at work becomes the worst day of my life (gotta love office space), I can't really cope at all with myself.

Only last year, my last year of high school I got into an argument (over something dumb of course) with a so called friend of mine and he got shitty and one of his comeback's was "you don't even have a job". I was like, what?! Are you serious? What does that have to do with anything? Least I have a passion and am true to myself unlike you you fake piece of crap that has done nothing and sucks at everything.

Sorry for getting sidetracked there, haha. Throughout school I only had two casual jobs which only lasted a couple months. One was in an abbatoir, it was hell, a living hell. The other a fast food place with moron managers in your ear every second, it was almost as bad. Although I was completely happy at school, it was good since it didn't take up that much of your time (compared to work) and actually felt like it had a purpose. I should probably move on to university but I'll probably be miserable there learning about something I don't even care about, which is why I decided to put it off. I have no idea what I would do there. Instead I got a lousy apprenticeship that pays absolutely nothing (I'm the last person to give a damn about money) but for how long I have to be there it just kills me. I am just wasting away, mentally and physically. I have left so many comments on this site it's like the only place where people understand. Least I have my skateboard, and music, the only things that keep me going. FUCK THE "real" WORLD.

Miss _T said on 11/26/09 @ 12:47 PM:
Well that's it isnt it? I dont care about money either but if I have to be miserable sitting in an office or whatever then I want a damn high salary. Im not getting that at the moment and Im miserable so time for me to move on.

I dont have the same problem as Apprentice, my friends understand that work is crap but their attitude is kinda like 'well that's what we gotta do'. It does make a difference having people around you who kinda understand where you're coming from.

I think if I got a job where I could just be left alone and control my workload then I'd be OK. I'd just email my friends if I wanted to 'chat' and I could chat for real instead of pretending or being forced to like anyone.

Tom said on 11/30/09 @ 06:56 AM:
I hear you Apprentice about the save wages. I don't make much either, but I know there are billions out there who are 10x worse off so I guess I have it pretty good compared to them.


LadyJ said on 12/01/09 @ 04:51 PM:
My boss came in to work sick, AGAIN. I'm going on vacation soon and she better not get me sick. What is wrong with people, feeling so compelled to go to work, even when they are sick like that? I call that INSANITY.

My job description got changed, and my hours reduced from 26/week down to 20. I'm so freaking happy! I don't have to do the admin stuff anymore. It starts Feb. 1st so if I can just hold on til then.... I'll be busy planning for the new position though, I get to work more with my volunteers and will get out of the office more!!

the god of small things said on 12/02/09 @ 12:52 AM:
funny aint it? we humans used to be free to roam these lands that was our birth right from the day we were born.

we hunt for food, we fought for food and we died for food. deep down its natural for us to hate our work. why? because we are free creatures that should not be bound and locked up.

society now has become so superficial and materialistic that in order to achieve something money has become the roots to everything we do. money. gone are the days when a person is judged by his merits, by his virtue. gone are the days where virtue,honor, and intergrity where the pillars of human standards. even love sounds artificial and static. now humanity worships a god made of paper.

all is not lost because in the sea that is humanity, there is a light, a spark, a glow in the darkness in all the insanity, depravity and illness. in all the waste and the filth there is a little. a little hope.

take care everyone and stay well

Rattle said on 12/02/09 @ 11:29 AM:
Can someone help me with an excuse to get out of the office xmas party? Or at least leave early?

Brian said on 12/02/09 @ 08:02 PM:
Tell them you got food poisoning from a restaurant and can't go

Tech Pilot said on 12/03/09 @ 05:57 PM:
Rattle, just tell them straight you've no interest in going to the Christmas Party, in fact tell them the only reason you go to work is to obtain money to pay rent etc, and you have to intention of socializing with so called work colleagues. I think it's time for people to become more militant in 2010 in regards to work. For example arrive 1 min before you're start time, take you're full allocated lunch break (away from your work place if possible), refuse to work any overtime, don't socialize with work colleagues, don't contribute anything in any meetings, leave work at precisely you're finishing time, take you're full holiday entitlements, you get the idea. In these small ways people can start to fight back and maybe eventually begin to undermine the work system.

G-Man said on 12/03/09 @ 07:38 PM:
Tech Pilot, that sounds like fun. I would do anything to help undermine the work system.

Apprentice Slave said on 12/04/09 @ 01:58 AM:
I'm already doing that tech pilot, except they sometimes get me on the overtime but now that there's another slave with us I get out of there straight away, who cares what they think as I'm leaving. I'm never going to feel guilty, life's too short to hang around at work let alone be there in the first place! I plan to quit this job next year though since if I stay I have to undertake a 3 year course in learning the trade. 3 years of learning about something I completely dispise, no thanks. So yeah, I'm gonna bail and probably get some "dead-end" job for awhile and just live. Better to have a job you couldn't care less about which doesn't take up so much of your time and isn't so much of a "career". God I hate the work cult so much and the workforce. It's hard to believe I'm apart of it, i feel dead already.

Rattle said on 12/06/09 @ 11:00 AM:
Problem with me is that I speak to people who are not in my department more than I do my own team! I just don't get along with them cuz they all seem to love work (or at least act like they do).

I leave on time most of the time (maybe 10-15 mins late if that) because I do not get paid overtime and Im only there to get paid so it wouldnt make sense for me to stay longer.

Wish I can find a legit job where I can just work from home!

Miss_T said on 12/06/09 @ 11:02 AM:
Ahh Monday morning, fast approaching!! Can't stand it, I think Im gonna cry.

Becausetheuniverseisawhore said on 12/06/09 @ 12:42 PM:
i have a friend who has a trust fund. So yeah the guy is rich but he still wants to work because he like being "busy". JEEZES FUCKING CHRIST!!!! THATS LIKE THAT ASSHOLE LOTTERY WINNER IN ENGLAND WHO GOES BACK WORKING IN MCDONALDS!!!!!! AAAAAAAAARGH!!! Why can't i win? WHY supreme being do you have to give all that money to a sheep?? Sometimes i tend to believe everything is random and that makes life so much more precious but yeah back to work till i'm 75 ...

Miss_T said on 12/07/09 @ 12:03 PM:
Ugh, I HATE it when people say it gives them purpose to go to work. Someone asked me what I would do if I wasnt working in a 'so if you wasnt working, what would you do anyway' type way and I was like are you kidding? Have you been so brainwashed to think there is nothing else in life to do other than go to work? Geez

Hurry up xmas!...taking forever! I want my week off!

Tyler said on 12/07/09 @ 04:57 PM:
Miss_T, I hear you. So many people I know..friends and family are like that..they think that work is the only thing to do and if they didn't have a job they wouldn't know what to do. My dad is exactly like that. I respect him tremendously but he worked 9-5 for the past 45 years. Now that he's retired he doesn't have a clue on what to do with his free time. My best buddy is the same way. He was laid off from his company a few months ago in which he worked for that past 14 years. He is collecting unemployment but he tells me he is bored and rather be working. Where in the Hell did everyone's creativity or spontaneity go?? I have zero problem finding things to do with my free time. I just wish work wasn't so draining on me that it interferes with my free time. When I'm off work, all I think about is how I have to go back to doing something I dread...all for $$ to pay stupid ass bills. ugh

BurnedOut said on 12/08/09 @ 05:49 PM:
I have a hard time meeting new people- I always dread that "What do you do for a living"- I have a never been a 'career" person- I work in an office job that I "ended up in", not getting into - but its like other people ask that cause they think they're better than you, or want to be one up on you. I could care less what they think. Even if it was a tolerable career type job, I would hate it because I'd be trapped for 9 hours, stuck in a rut like I am now. People don't understand- it's not lack of ambition- that has nothing to do with it...now if I could only meet a woman with the same views as me..:-)

Jill said on 12/09/09 @ 06:28 PM:
"What do you do for a living" and "How much do you make" God I hate those questions.

And I absolutely dispise how many people equate "being successful" to how much money you make. I always considered being successful to mean being happy and nothing to do with $$$.

I long for the day when money, power, greed, dualism, selfishness, war, etc are all gone. I can dream can't I?

BurnedOut said on 12/09/09 @ 07:15 PM:
It won't be in this life Jill- maybe our next one.

Becausetheuniverseisawhore said on 12/10/09 @ 04:27 AM:
It's part of the game the whole "what do you for a living." Just answer "nothing", the first impression people get is you are a freak,loser,boring person. Even my best friend keeps asking me when i will get a job, and that is depressing so i just avoid him and ultimately you either accept the rules of game (getting ahead) or you'll end up a hermit and that's where i'm slowly getting..but i don't care, it's actually better^^

Lady J said on 12/10/09 @ 06:16 AM:
I would never ask someone how much money they make. That is so freaking rude. My boss is totally centered on money. She asks people how much they paid for their car and where they got their loan (making one lady admit she'd closed an investment account to pay for her car, to which my boss said "you lucky shit!") and she asked my volunteer - who moved here from out of state and has been looking for a job for a while - how she could afford to live, if she saved up money and that's what she is living off, or what. How freaking rude is that!!! Money gets her so excited, I think that is what she lives for. That's ok, joke's on her - hasn't anyone told her it's just paper? lol

Miss_T said on 12/10/09 @ 11:22 AM:
I want to be a hermit. It's less hassle.

But seriously when people ask me what I do I simply tell them in the shortest way possible and if they persist I may say I dont want to talk about that.

But when I was looking for work (and soon to be next year as well) my friend would say 'so what do you actually do in your day?' and it use to annoy me. But now that I think about it I shoulda just said 'not working' and constantly repeat that answer every time the question was asked.

Damn I miss those days....

Tech Pilot said on 12/10/09 @ 06:42 PM:
I agree, it's better to live a hermit like existence if you don't conform to the "work life" pattern. A few years ago when I was at college my friends and I were into the Dead Kennedy's and punk, and we used to laugh at the worker drones as they went about doing their pointless jobs. However that all changed when we left and they all quickly conformed and got jobs. All I would constantly get from them was "have you still not got a job yet"? I decided it was better to drop them completely as I hated being interrogated every time I met them. I rarely speak to anyone now and I avoid people I know if I see them on the street etc. It's the easiest way and stops all the inane chatter you have to put up with like "what job do you do?

Rollin said on 12/10/09 @ 09:33 PM:
I also agree. Hermit life is the way to go. People want others to suffer just like them. If your friends are stuck in a job, they want you to be stuck in a job. To hell with friends. Since I've started to work less, my co-workers ask me "so what do you do on your days off?" They ask the question like "how dare you work less!" Like I should be working 40 hours a week like them for the rest of my life. FUCK THEM.

Apprentice Slave said on 12/11/09 @ 12:59 AM:
My friend I hadn't seen at least a year came back to town awhile ago to stay for about a week. I was just so happy to see him, we skated together like old times everyday he was here. I think the first day we did end up talking about what we were doing now. I think he brought it up but in a good way. He said he was working in a supermarket just as a casual. I told him about my horrible job and he said that he needs to get a real job. I was like no way the less hours the better, I was I had what you had instead of wasting 38 hours + a week. Then when someone else was talking to him pretty much the first thing they said to him was "do you have job?". fuck that, you haven't seen this charming man in forever and all you want to ask is if he has a job. Who cares what anyone does for a living, really, all just slaves........ anyway, there's my story about people and their stupid views on life... having a job.

there is so much more to life than work. infact, work has nothing to do with my life, i try as hard as i can to abolish it from my mind even though i have to spend so long there. Soul crushing it is. When I got given a key to the place of work I immediately just put it in my pocket. I didn't put it on a keyring with my car/house keys. I guess it's a way for me to separate work from my life, even if it is a pathetic little attempt, hah. I just don't want to be associated with that hellhole. I can't even begin to describe how much I hate it.

Apprentice Slave said on 12/11/09 @ 01:00 AM:
I hadn't seen in at least a year***
I wish I had*****

damn spelling mistakes..

bobus said on 12/11/09 @ 01:13 PM:
I hate my job, even if I'm overpaid for what I do.

I work as a one man IT department in a small crappy company that takes itself too seriously.

I HATE the place or the stuff we produce (books). These are UGLY, RETARDED and UNINTERESTING. I'm not proud of my workplace.

Coworkers are dumb and don't know how to use their computer properly. I have absolutely NO PATIENCE for this kind of stuff. READ THE F*CKING MANUAL!

All I do is play Bejeweled, browse the internet, send applications for jobs or listen to music. When a boss comes near my cubicle, I do fake computer work or paperwork. It's so boring, I'd like to move, walk, run, I don't know. Anything but sitting in front of a damn computer all day !

The boss and his sons are real suckers. They talk like their company is the most important thing on Earth. They take themselves too seriously. They fire entire departments saying that the company is not going well but they go in vacation in hot countries each month, haha.

I hate this place. I love when they come and tell me "You're important to us, we don't want you to leave us but unfortunately we cannot give you a higher salary yet" when I just send my application to 15 places. :)

Tech Pilot said on 12/11/09 @ 03:48 PM:
I'm really glad I found this site, it's good to know there's people like myself out there, who despise the whole work life culture.
I've listed a couple of sites you may be interested in.

Jack Saturday One person crusade against work.
Idle foundation A forum for people like ourselves.

This is the first time I've actually posted links, so I hope they work!

1manpower said on 12/11/09 @ 06:01 PM:
I hate work too. Don't know if I can go through another year of it but we'll see. Anyway, I was rewatching the movie "Network" the other day and realized that it's an interesting movie when you consider that it came out in 1976. That crazy ceo character yells at Howard Beale-

"There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today!.........The world is a business Mr. Beale".

Miss_T said on 12/15/09 @ 12:47 PM:
What annoys me is that people say when you work you can buy this and that like the lastest gadgets and stuff. But, even though I work I STILL cant afford the latest gadgets and the like. Im just earning enough to get by, o yea maybe I go out once in a while but it doesnt seem worth the hassle.

When the pay cheque comes in I dont get a feeling of satisfaction. I dont think 'o THATS what I've been working all that time for'. It's not like we get time off to enjoy it. My manager loaded all this work on me today and it's just annoying. i just kept thinking I'm leaving in a couple of months, just bear it!

Doesnt even feel like Christmas! In my opinion we shoul dget Dec off at least

Nameless One said on 12/16/09 @ 01:41 PM:
Work is balls.

Mr Livered said on 12/17/09 @ 01:53 AM:
Thanks to Tech Pilot for linking to the Idle Foundation forum. All are welcome to come and plot the demise of wage slavery with a bunch of idlers...

BurnedOut said on 12/18/09 @ 06:33 PM:
My handle says it all- it's Friday, and I'm Burnedout!

r.l said on 12/21/09 @ 12:01 AM:
there's these ads in the newspaper for like positions vacant, in it it has a picture of a lady in an office and it says "you've found you're dream office, too bad sally's already in it" and some other's along those lines. dream office? ha, give me a break. no one with half a brain would want to spend 8 hrs a day in a office behind a computer. this world has truly lost it.

r.l said on 12/21/09 @ 12:03 AM:
your*, others*. sorry for the typos people.

Miss_T said on 12/21/09 @ 12:04 PM:
Its snowing here in London and we STILL have to go to work. What is this?

Luke said on 12/21/09 @ 04:51 PM:
See i think the issue here is better working conditions and more flexibility. the four day working week with perhaps one hour extra per day. so thats 4 days at work and 3 days to yourself. that leaves four hours off of the average hours for a week but perhaps. i think this would make a huge difference to peoples well being because they get a taste of a weekday and the weekend to themselves. three days of pure freedom which humans have a right to.

Miss_T said on 12/22/09 @ 11:44 AM:
In terms of 1 extra hour a day, well people do 9 hours already 5 days a week. If an emplyer can get that there is no way we'd get the extra day off. Soon it'll be 9.5hrs a day, 5 days a week. People already work more than that.

What gets me are the people who stay back late and make those of us who leave on time look bad.

b said on 12/22/09 @ 01:35 PM:
who cares what they think, lifes too short to stay back at work let alone be there in the first place.

corona radiata said on 12/23/09 @ 05:25 PM:
When I have to get up for 9 I find I work terribly. I don't pick up during the day, my brain is fried. Even if I go to bed early I'll still be drowsy if I have to get up this early. However any time after 10, say in for 11 and I'm fine. I will never understand the strong resistance to flexi time. It doesn't matter how many hours you put in or what time you get up at or where you are if you meet the deadline.

BurnedOut said on 12/25/09 @ 08:53 AM:
Three more work days left in this decade- can you believe it?

G-Man said on 12/29/09 @ 04:29 PM:
ahh what a feeling! No work. I am off until January 4th and am trying to enjoy every minute of it. Hate to say it but I have work on the back of my mind knowing that it is coming even though it is still over 5 days away.

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb said on 12/30/09 @ 02:14 PM:
last day of the year... and i'm at work. crap. but i'm doing absolutely nothing. stilll, just being here sucks.

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb said on 12/30/09 @ 02:15 PM:
and happy new year everyone. may next year be better. i'm saying no to any over time, gonna stick by that.

BurnedOut said on 01/01/10 @ 10:00 AM:
Unless we win the lottery- I can't see how 2010 will be better than 2009..

Joe said on 01/02/10 @ 02:42 AM:
This page has made me feel so much better already.

I was getting pissed about going to work tomorrow and on a whim googled "Why do we work if it makes us unhappy?"

With no results I tried the more blunt "I hate working" and got this page.

What I hate is spending my whole day at work thinking about what I can do when I get off and then being too fucking tired to do it.


Jon said on 01/03/10 @ 02:39 AM:
oh god I can't do another year of this shit. I go back tomorrow completely dreading it. Every single freakin' day it seems. I hate work and everyone there, everything about it.

Dirk said on 01/03/10 @ 04:06 AM:
Another year and the same ol shit. Who cares. 2010 will fly by just as quick as every other year before it, day after day of work till your life is over.

Storm Warning said on 01/03/10 @ 11:10 AM:

Please, someone inspire me. I am lost, had enough and directionless.

Lady J said on 01/04/10 @ 06:21 AM:
Back to work... slept like crap last night, have a headache (minor though) this morning. It would be far easier if I simply didn't hate work this much... I hate complaining about it all the time. I wish I could just find what makes me happy - well, and then make money by doing it! It is much harder than it sounds.

Miss_T said on 01/05/10 @ 02:38 PM:
I was thinking I may need to be brain washed to like work! 2010 is gonna be a hard year cuz this is the year Im going to do something I enjoy.

Guys I have come to realise that everyone hates office work. Im hearing it all now since we got back from the Christmas 'break'. Everyone is complaining.

Man I wish they didnt lie to us in school, 'you can be what you want to be' HA! Yea right.

That guy said on 01/06/10 @ 04:48 AM:
Somehow it's a relief to see that I'm not alone in feeling this way about work. My own goal is to eventually be able to get by on part-time work. I live sparingly (don't have a car for example) and have managed to eliminate my debt. The next step is to find a place with cheaper rent. At that point it will be possible to get by on just 30 or possibly even 20 hours a week. No-one should ever have to spend 40 or more hours a week working, life's way too short to put up with that.

beerengine said on 01/06/10 @ 03:44 PM:
Oh God please save me from this......

Nameless One said on 01/06/10 @ 03:54 PM:
Why is the whole world locked in this nonsense?

Miss_T said on 01/07/10 @ 12:30 AM:
It's not fair! I dont wanna go! Cant wait to quit

Petey said on 01/07/10 @ 01:27 AM:
I have a full time 9 to 5 job and I'm only 20. After working with this company for almost a year, I have come to a realization that going to school and stressing out for the test is much better than stressing out for doltish drudgery!!! FUCK WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

B said on 01/07/10 @ 01:34 AM:
time to ring in the new year with more hate for work than ever! i honestly check this site almost everyday, haha.

since i've been doing this shit for a year now i'm getting some "wage top-up" thing, my dad asked me about it and i just told him flat out i don't care what it is really, it doesn't really matter to me. the idiot completely went off at me. god people are dumb, even my own dad, just because money isn't the most important thing in the world to me means i'm wrong. money is convenient, but not important to me at all. why do people seem to not understand that? you couldn't pay me enough to spend any longer at that hell.

i will fill the form and whatever out to get a payrise but ill do it when i feel like it. i've got better things to do right now.

rogue12 said on 01/07/10 @ 04:31 AM:
i found this site http://www.workrant.com/

very funny comments, but right about everthing fuck the boss, fuck 8hr salve shift.

BurnedOut said on 01/08/10 @ 06:51 PM:
You are right- TIME is worth way more than this stupid piece of green tree bark. What good is it if you don't have any TIME to enjoy it.

B said on 01/10/10 @ 02:44 AM:
Exactly. And no job exists where you don't have to give up so much time for it. And if there is, like some part-time work everyone looks down at you. I have to get out of this 9-5 (well really its 8-4 but still) nightmare.

Miss_T said on 01/10/10 @ 01:19 PM:
8-4, 9-5, 9-5:30 in my case and 9-6 in my friends case. It's all the same. It takes up so much time.

Im not sure what other suitable options we got tho.

B said on 01/11/10 @ 02:15 AM:
Suicide? Haha, not really. I wouldn't never do such a thing, although i don't blame anyone for feeling that way having to go through this crap.

Dirk said on 01/11/10 @ 03:54 AM:
About six years at the job so far and i've never been so tempted to quit as I am right now. Almost even thinking about doing things that could get me fired. I'm a complete ass to the managers but they won't fire me unless I screw up with a customer, in which i'm seriously tempted to do. I am the most upfront pessimistic jerk ass right to their face, because I am not intimated by them in the least, but still i won't get fired unless I screw up somewhere else. Even thinking about taking a less paying job then do this another month.

Dirk said on 01/11/10 @ 03:55 AM:
meant "intimidated", lol, but you probably alreaday figured that out. You make lots of typos when you're mad

Howy said on 01/11/10 @ 06:58 AM:
I give you credit for 6 yrs on the job, Dirk. I'm 7 months at my job and I'm ready to quit. I have what friends and my family would consider a good job too. If I did quit, I don't think I'd look for another job because I know I wouldn't be happy anywhere unless I was a pro sports player but that's impossible. So I better just stick with what I'm doing or I'll probably end up trying to make money in illegal ways. It's tempting though because the current system is so F'd up. I'm almost ready to say F it.

lady j said on 01/11/10 @ 08:21 AM:
all you hear in the news these days is how everyone wants a job and 'we must create more jobs'. Bleh, frack that. I want to see some people thinking out of the box!!! Several of us work part time and make do with less. It's a choice we are glad to make because it gives us TIME to do other things (like volunteer, or exercise, spend time with family, or have time for hobbies). I think those things are just as valuable as a 'job'. If more people worked part time, there would be more jobs to go around and everyone would have time to pursue other interests & activity, hopefully for the betterment of their personal life, family life, and for their community. Of course it will never happen, besides sounding ridiculously idealistic (which it is), some people will NEVER agree to give up their 'standard of living'. Which I don't personally believe that working all the time and doing nothing else is a good standard of living. but, so, fine. We can't force them to do that. But I try to promote part time work to everyone I talk to, who tries to belittle and insult me for working part time. I tell them "Yes but I'm also taking classes at a community college, and I take other classes in the community, and I volunteer, and I garden and cook from scratch and make jewelry and other art and spend time with my fiancee and our animals and work on the house and..." You get the point, it makes my life sound much fuller than theirs and hopefully it impresses upon them that money and a full-time job is not the ONLY thing to live for. Another example: my boss makes more than double what I make, plus she has another job that gives her a couple extra thousand bucks every couple months. Anyway she can NEVER afford to go on vacation and always whines about it. If she really wanted to, she has the money to go... she just chooses to spend the money on other things (like eating out every single meal and buying a 2nd vehicle). So don't whine at me when I work part time and scrimp and SAVE enough money to take a week-long trip somewhere I want to go. Besides, you're so busy working that you'd never take the time off. So you stay in your closed up little office 'world', and I'll expand my horizons by traveling and meeting new people and volunteering and doing all the other stuff I mentioned.

Anyway, just a rant.

Miss_T said on 01/11/10 @ 12:27 PM:
6 years Dirk?? WOW. You've done really well. I mean, I've been where I am just under 5 months and Im out next month lol. I just cant stand it and it shows in my work (I dont care whether targets are met or not) and also rubs off on other people as I cant be bothered to make small talk. I actually find I tolerate more at work now that I know Im leaving - funny that. I see it as they can find someone who will appreciate the work more than me but what I mean by that is, they'll find someone with a thwarted sense of reality - work is good, work is fun etc

Im gonna 'temp' for a while, working here and there for short periods of time.

It's a problem when you see suicide as an option. I mean I know I dont have the guts to do it but my goodness do I understand those who do!

Im just tired of the perception that if you dont spend your whole life at work youre a 'nobody', or youre 'lazy'. I've just come to the realisation that people who work morn and night have too cuz if they gave themselves time to think of what their lives were REALLY like, they'd try to end it.

Morbid but thats my conclusion

beerengine said on 01/11/10 @ 02:58 PM:
Why don't we just have criminals work for us? Surely they would rather work and then be banged up all day? That could be THERE punishment while your law abiding citizens who CHOOSE not to do this crap...DONT

Donny said on 01/12/10 @ 01:39 AM:
God damn I hate this fucking job! I used to be such a laid back and happy person, always with a smile on my face, when i first started this job I actually did mind it, there was a great team to work with, a fantastic boss and the work wasnt too bad. But that all changed, people got made redudant, my boss moved on and I now have the biggest asshole in the world as a boss, i fucking hate the guy. I have so much anger building up inside me because i have to be polite to him, when infact what I want to do is smash his fucking head off the wall! (im not normally violent!)

Im so close to just walking out and to hell with the consequences, but i know it wouldnt be a good idea. I think the problem is that most people have a truly horrible job and it puts them off work for life, makes them want to quit forever, I know this is whats happens for me. There are things I want to do for a career but im working to get certified for them and that takes time, but for now im stuck here with no challenges to keep me stimulateds and an asshole who im two steps away from putting on the floor!!

beerengine said on 01/12/10 @ 08:09 AM:
Back I go again tomorrow, what for?

Miss T said on 01/13/10 @ 01:23 PM:
Im looking at the job market and it doesnt look good. Im wondering whether I should quit now even though I probably will anyway.

Seth said on 01/14/10 @ 03:19 PM:
I wish an asteroid would wipe us all out. Life was great before I was born.

QuotesaboutModernSlavery said on 01/14/10 @ 05:12 PM:
"You’re obliged to pretend respect for people and institutions you think absurd. You live attached in a cowardly fashion to moral and social conventions you despise, condemn, and know lack all foundation. It is that permanent contradiction between your ideas and desires and all the dead formalities and vain pretenses of your civilization which makes you sad, troubled, and unbalanced. In that intolerable conflict you lose all joy of life and all feeling of personality, because at every moment they suppress and restrain and check the free play of your powers. That’s the poisoned and mortal wound of the civilized world."

–Octave Mirbeau, The Torture Garden

(love this quote!)

Bust said on 01/16/10 @ 08:56 AM:
Look, I've been working for 11 years now. How long more do you want me to continue that? It's time to relax and enjoy!

Miss T said on 01/18/10 @ 12:16 AM:
Man, when you wish something would happen to you so you dont have to go to work - there's a problem right?

Beerengine said on 01/18/10 @ 02:13 AM:
Your right Miss T....This morning I was actually wishing I was dead....

Dirk said on 01/18/10 @ 02:52 AM:
beerengine - I've had that same feeling plenty of times, and all because of this job. I feel like a hamster on its wheel - getting no where in life. On a wheel and trapped in a cage.

beerengine said on 01/18/10 @ 04:38 PM:
Dirk exactly......

B said on 01/19/10 @ 02:15 AM:
Me too, me too. Perfect description.

The worst is when people say you have "no ambition" or something along those lines because you couldn't give a damn about your job. i want to live my dreams, but this work crap is making it hard to. my boss even tried to talk down on me for what i do in my spare time all because i wouldn't stay one hour longer behind. i should of quit there and then, fuck him, fuck everything about work. i hate it all.

Lady J said on 01/19/10 @ 06:06 AM:
That is a great quote!!

You know what I hate? I hate working for a freaking moron and HER ineptitudes end up making ME look bad. Cause, you know, she's the boss and I'm the peon and so I should be blamed for every little mistake. Right? Fuck her.

Techpilot said on 01/19/10 @ 11:59 AM:
Just reading today about a taxi driver who won £25 million (about $45 million) on the lottery saying he wants to continue working!

What is it with some people? Jesus I could easily see out the rest of my life with £1 million and not worry about working again, never mind £25 million. Why is it these kind of people always end up winning the lottery?

BurnedOut said on 01/19/10 @ 05:59 PM:
It's not about lack of ambition- I agree- I would love to volunteer and help the people of Haiti. It's something important. Is working your life away, and making the boss three times your salary for a product or service you could care less about important, in the overall schematics of life? Hell no. Helping one person in need in Haiti- will be more important than anything we do in 30 years at our stupid "jobs".

B said on 01/20/10 @ 01:39 PM:
Completely agree!

All our jobs do is harm, harm the enviroment driving to work, harming ourselves whether its physical or most definitely mentally. i would also love to volunteer, that's something fulfilling with a purpose.

Miss T said on 01/20/10 @ 02:53 PM:
Yea Tech, I saw that as well! And when he said he likes working so he will carry on with it I thought of the people on this site lol.

Im looking for volunteering positions at the moment but its hard because of work, I can only volunteer in evenings or weekends (sat only really). So it's hard.

I sat at work doing nothing today, I feel like an idiot. Im not using my brain or stimulating my mind in ANY way. What was the point of studying a degree again?

Lenny said on 01/20/10 @ 03:52 PM:
I don't get why that taxi driver even played the lotto then. Everyone I know plays it so they can get out of their job and be free. With all that money, one could spend their time volunteering and doing the things they truly love.

If I loved my job, I wouldn't play the lotto. I hate my job, so I play it a few times a year in hopes of getting out of this hell hole.

CAPTAIN DONGLE DICK said on 01/20/10 @ 08:20 PM:



Dirk said on 01/20/10 @ 10:11 PM:
I agree about winning the lottery. Why the hell would you continue to work for someone and help make their greedy business more money, when you could go out there and do real good with your money and volunteer your time to people who need help. It's amazing people have such small minds and no vision. You win millions of dollars and the most you can think of doing is continue working, ingenious! I should just kill the guy and take his money, least then something good would be done with it and my free time.

Ben said on 01/21/10 @ 12:25 PM:
I didn't have to work at all last summer, and it was great. Some woman asked me if I missed working, and since my dad was right there I lied and said, "Yeah. Definitely. Can't wait to get back out there."

What a crock! Yeah, I'd rather be stuck doing the same mind-numbing, depression-inducing task all day everyday, when instead I could relax at home in my underwear while investing time in hobbies (you know, things I actually enjoy and that are unique to my personality), breaking wind whenever I feel like it, and making love to / lying in bed with my girlfriend.

Fuck work, and fuck this whole career-obsessed culture.

Miss T said on 01/21/10 @ 01:16 PM:
Man I wish I was warned of this when I was young(er). I would have studied drama or something.

Lenny, I have to agree with you there. Why play the lotto if you didnt have hopes you'd win? Its all a lie anyway, he wont carry on working as hard as he is now. The more he begins to see what he can afford, the less he will work.

Maybe we should take the leap and go back to studying what you 'may' like as a career if you can afford it? (Only problem is, if you study it for 3 years, get a job then decide you dont like THAT as well, you've wasted 4-5 years).

Ronald said on 01/21/10 @ 03:17 PM:
I don't like the messy jobs of the meanest bosses. I had left to abandon the job problems. I am going to change to top serect without everyone know. So, Don't tell to anyone and meanest bosses. I won't meet to interest to the meanest boss. And also, I don't like to John Cardone at Cardone Record Services and Richard Krempel at Accurate Transmission, Inc!! They is very, very and very bad bosses!!!

beerengine said on 01/21/10 @ 03:29 PM:
Why do they not the tell you the truth in school? They should let you experience work for a term in school! If I knew what I know now I would of failed big time everything!!!! It would be my MISSION to be the greatest failure of all time I would be so inept so bloody useless, so incapable of learning even the most basic of tasks the frickin government would have to look after me!!! Because I am tired of working my butt off paying for these idiots who are so stupid and truly useless they are running and destroying us and our world....

Tim said on 01/21/10 @ 08:16 PM:
I work in a 9 to 5 cubicle office job, and it is so boring.
I am on my fourth job now, and i quit every one of my previous 3 jobs due to boredom issues.
To help alleviate this boredom, i read newspapers on the internet at work,when i have finised my workload for the day.
And the manager comes to me and tells me to stop reading newspapers online.
So Im just supposed to sit there staring at a blank screen.
What a prick !

Tim said on 01/21/10 @ 08:19 PM:
I think I would like to buy a rifle, drive to the woods, far far away from civilisation, in Canada or somewhere.
And just hunt and fish and live free.
That is the only way out, I think.

Ben said on 01/21/10 @ 09:17 PM:
What's the matter, Tim? Are we not enough fun for you here at this company? I don't think you're being a team player.


Ben said on 01/21/10 @ 09:28 PM:
I remember being super depressed all through university while studying for my boring, stressful business degree while being surrounded by a bunch of assholes and thinking the "real world" would be better. Not great, just the lesser of two evils. Turns out it's just as crummy.

Maybe I need to switch jobs. Something easy and with little responsibility. I'm thinking about becoming a graveshift security guard. I've heard it's basically like an 8 hour coffee break. Either that or get a leg amputated or something so I can live off welfare.

BurnedOut said on 01/23/10 @ 08:13 AM:
Great line:
the owners of this country know the truth ... It's called the American Dream, Cause you have to be asleep to believe it. George Carlin we miss ya !

Dirk said on 01/24/10 @ 04:45 AM:
Tim, you can't do that, you know why? Cause somebody owns that land, so you can't hunt freely anymore. You go out with your rifle and don't hunt during season and you'll get arrested. Everything is owned by someone. There is no freedom left. Even if you went out there to hunt and live free, you can't do it cause there is no free land to do that on.

Bf109 said on 01/24/10 @ 11:49 AM:
I hate working so much. Ten years at the same job is enough for me. I have enough savings that i could quit and take a year off and still pay my mortgage and all my other bills, but then at the end of that year i would have used up all my savings and then i'd be screwed!!!!

mark said on 01/24/10 @ 02:38 PM:
I am trying to find the right job that isn't stressful I mean all jobs these days just seem so damn stressful and then when the weekend comes it is over so quick.

Miss T said on 01/24/10 @ 03:50 PM:
Bf109 why dont you quit for half a year or something lol. 10 years is way too long to work at the same job. Wow. Can hardly do a year.

I hate the weekend cuz it's the beginning of another week of hell.


Lady J said on 01/24/10 @ 04:30 PM:
I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

I've been at this job 1.5 years. I can't believe I have lasted this long. Mostly I stay cause it's part time and good pay, and those are hard to find.

Tom said on 01/24/10 @ 08:19 PM:
Been at my job 7 1/2 months. Everyday is a struggle to go to work. I'm going to try to make it to one year. It shouldn't be this hard. I'm not lazy at all. I just hate having to work just for the sake of paying bills. I believe the only way I'd be truly happy working is if I owned my own business. I cannot stand having a boss and not being able to set my own hours.

Dirk said on 01/24/10 @ 10:50 PM:
Sunday night, and another look through the depressing help wanted ads. Nothing as usual.

Tom, i'm thinking the same thing about starting my own business. Every time I look in the help wanted ads, i'm thinking, "what am I bothering for, it will probably just be the same crap". Work itself gets in the way of starting your own business. But you can't quit, cause you can't take the risk of not having money for a business to get going.

Best thing I can only see so far is just trying to get completely debt free, and then something else comes along and screws you up. I know in about 2 years I can have everything paid. But 2 mores years at this job is a really depressing thought! And none of these other jobs will pay me as much part time. Frustrating...

Nameless One said on 01/26/10 @ 08:01 AM:
ITs free it works no scam nothing to pay out for


B said on 01/26/10 @ 04:21 PM:
I had a wonderful dream last night that I quit my job. Never felt better. Then I woke up.

Got to make it a reality otherwise I'll lose my mind.

Nameless One said on 01/26/10 @ 04:29 PM:
Then click on the link, if you want to escape work!!


Nameless One said on 01/26/10 @ 08:25 PM:
My name is Nameless One and I am a fucking spammer.

Miss T said on 01/27/10 @ 03:08 PM:
Make it a reality, dont lose your mind! It wont be the end of the world, seriously.

Looking for a job after work is VERY VERY VERY hard. It's time consuming and tiring not to mention frustrating. Can't go to interviews without first getting 'permission' and then you miss out on opportunities! People keep telling me I just need to find somewhere that I like then I'll be fine but its not like I've got job offers raining down on me. So exactly how am I suppose to find somewhere I like when I have to practically beg for a job that I dont want anyway?


mark said on 01/27/10 @ 05:52 PM:
we should all meet up and have a party a wild party it's like we are all a bunch of like minded people.

mark said on 01/27/10 @ 05:56 PM:
I actually want to work or else you just sit around all day like me. Then when the weekend comes you really appreciate it. I just want to get a part time job that is 3 days a week, i think that would be good.

Pete said on 01/27/10 @ 07:52 PM:
I'm the complete opposite Mark. When I don't work, I get a lot done and I'm having the time of my life. I LOVE my freedom!! I save the sitting around for when I'm at work.. : )

Dirk said on 01/28/10 @ 03:26 AM:
Miss T, it also makes you wanna throw up when your looking thru ads and you see things like this: "applicant should possess the aptitude, attitude and desire to become a key contributor to this progressive organization."


beerengine said on 01/28/10 @ 12:32 PM:
You right Dirk, its when they say to you. " Why do you want this job?" I just wanna say cos I need to pay for things I don't really need until I am 65 and then die, so the government can spend the tax on bankers making them super rich and on wars that have achieved not ONE POSITIVE THING!

Miss T said on 01/28/10 @ 04:13 PM:
O seriously, don't get me started on the job advert lingo!

When I read job specs it just says 'must have slave, posses the ability to slave, ocassionally support dog with the desire to slave' to me.

I sit around all day - uncomfortably might I add - at work.

Problem is there's no end to it! I mean, at least when you were in school you hated studying but knew you had half term and summer holiday for more than 2 weeks! (the UK at least).

Why can't we fight back? I must not be from this planet cuz I just don't understand this obsession with money.

I'm seriously tempted to let the state pay for my existence.

workisdumb said on 01/29/10 @ 03:43 AM:
A 40 hour work week is absolutely crazy. 20 hours is the absolute max I can ever see myself working.

Dirk said on 01/31/10 @ 03:02 AM:
Oooo, this bitch is really pushing it now. I can not have a normal conversation with her because it always comes down to us insulting each other. ( Yes I outright insult my manager). Then she acts like replacing me is a phone call away, which pisses me off, like i'm disposable and easily replaceable. Please do it bitch, and free me from this curse. But she won't, because she knows not many people could do my job as fast as I can, but she doesn't want to let me really know that. But she doesn't have to, because I already know, that's why I know she won't fire me. And she says things under her breath when I turn my back. She is so lucky she is a woman, or i'd knock her out after work. I don't even start these verbal fights either, it's always her. I need to get her fired.

Miss T: It's most likely all of us on this board aren't from this planent, like we were aliens on another planet in a past life, were life made sense, and somehow we were put on earth and see it for how stupid this place really is. It seems so dumb and pointless to be put through this crap we don't wanna do.

Miss T said on 01/31/10 @ 02:21 PM:
Ahh Dirk, I'd love to say 'dont let it get to ya' but when people say it to me it doesn't help but what other form of consolation do they have? They're trapped like we are.

That first sentence you wrote, I was feeling like that last week (and no doubt this week coming up) but mine would be 'these bitches are...'

I get passively told off because I leave work on time!

Maybe I should work for government, I heard it's an easier (but boring) work life.

It's sunday night! Lord please give me strength!

lady j said on 01/31/10 @ 05:11 PM:
Dirk, I insult my boss to her face too but she's so freaking dumb she doesn't realize it, then I laugh like I was joking. What a dumb whore, I hate her. She needs to take a management class on how to manage and how to simply work with people.

Anyway I am happy cause tomorrow my schedule goes to 20 hours a week. Wahoo!!! But no matter how few hours it is, it's still too many.... why do people still think 'jobs' are the answer? It's all we hear now cause the economy is so bad and it's all obama freaking talks about.
me = sick of it.

B said on 02/02/10 @ 03:29 AM:
what kind of jobs are you guys doing 20 hours a week? that's where i'm headed. a year of 40 hours and i am over it. after my month off in april i am out of there. mark my words, i've said it over and over but this is seriously it. i'll try find something in the mean time but every attempt i just end up more confused and depressed. i doubt i'll find "what i want to do" in the meantime either, because i think that'll never happen. i know what i want to do but i don't know how to go about it, or i do but no one will accept it.

i hate the glorifying of "careers" aswell, like these programs "kickstart your career". more like get ahead in the world of slavery!

and, we've already gone over this but still people who judge on what you do for a living. i went out to the bar the other night and all anyone was talking about was their jobs, someone would say "What have you been doing?" they'd get an answer like "oh you know just working". someone would ask me the same and i would tell them what i have been doing; what i actually care about and enjoy, then they would say "do you have a job?". holy crap is the whole world (except us) brainwashed into the fact that jobs are everything.

B said on 02/02/10 @ 03:38 AM:
oh and miss t i couldn't agree more! life looks so bleak when everyday is the same and awful. school was amazing for me, i loved it. i don't know, getting off early, not worrying about anything on the weekends but to enjoy life, and the holidays. 2 weeks of holidays a year is so fucking bullshit, it makes sick. i've saved mine up for a year and a bit so i'm taking all of april off. then i'm out! i don't care where i go, i'll have enough to live off.

i'm thinking about being a teacher, maybe like primary school teaching. great holidays, desecent hours, i dont even care about money but the pay would be good, too. and kids can't be that bad can they? haha. but whenever i look to apply to universities it all looks so confusing and daunting since i gave it a miss after completing school. also, enrollment is ends for the year soon, so it looks like another year of confusion, depression, helplessness for me.

we have to fight back or this will just happen until civilisation crumbles. my mother now thinks i'm crazy, my dad will probably kick me out when i leave my job, but honestly i don't care anymore. it's not worth living like this drone they expect me to be.

B said on 02/02/10 @ 03:43 AM:
more rambling: any hours working is wasted hours but something like 9-3 as a teacher would be better than anything i've come across so far.

one more thing, i hate how i can't stop thinking about this crap. my mind just rolls over the same thoughts reminding me how much work sucks. driving there and back everyday...being there...people talking to me about it... god it really doesn't end!

Miss T said on 02/02/10 @ 02:58 PM:
I can't even drive to work! It's too expensive to park (about £4 an hr in some places). I have to take a bus, crowded with smelly people and then take a crowded bus back home again. What a life!

At the end of the day if you stay or leave a company, it actually doesnt matter. With the way the world is they'll easily replace you. That's why I have no sympathy for companys. If I decide to leave Im gone! When I'm doing something at work I think 'Oh my God, I hope I dont do it wrong' - but why am I thinking like that? So what if I do it wrong? It's not the be all and end all of life.

I mean think about it, your mother gave birth to you, brought you in to this world for you to then be controlled by somebody else who had NO HAND in your upbringing? Who has not even helped you once in anything and now they feel they have the right to tell you how to live your life? I dont get it. Someone explain it to me.

If youre working the 9-5 take the leap people! I am, in a couple of weeks! I will temp, two weeks here and there with breaks in between.

Tired of this crap.

beerengine said on 02/02/10 @ 03:36 PM:
I had the day off today, I just couldn't bare anymore. The shear depression of going back is just too much...

BurnedOut said on 02/02/10 @ 05:22 PM:
If anyone saw the movie "Groundhog's Day" starring Bill Murray - which it is today in the states- we are living this in real-life. The only exception is, that movie ends- ours doesn't...sigh

beerengine said on 02/04/10 @ 08:15 AM:
Just one more day to go......for two crappy days off.....Oh somebody help us please!

Miss T said on 02/08/10 @ 12:18 AM:
How many people can say they wake up with a smile on their face on Mon-Fri?

Dirk said on 02/08/10 @ 03:33 AM:
Miss T: I work weekends so i'm not smiling then either, lol.

B: I totally understand the people asking you what you do for a job. What's funny is I work only about 20 -25 hours a week, and you know what I get asked by new people? "Do you do anything else besides this?" And they're talking about a job. Because i'm only working part time it obviously means I should be also working somewhere else?? Like it's not good enough if i'm working only part time by others peoples standards. Just cause those people wanna waste their life with nothing but work and think of nothing but money doesn't mean I want to.

Sometimes I think people are just jealous because they're forced to work a lot and you aren't, so they don't like it. Too bad if you're in debt and have to work two jobs cause you buy things you can't afford, doesn't mean I have to. I went for the 75,000$ house, not the 300,000$ one with 3 car garage, and I bought a used car. Not the latest and greatest $35,000 SUV with dvd player for your damn kids that gets 10 miles per gallon. Ok, I do understand some people are caught with some unfortunate debts, like hospital bills, but most people just wanna buy expensive things.

And another thing, this new guy that started is so annoying I think i'd actually rather talk to the manager that I don't like! And she's only nice when she needs help..but I guess that's better than nothing

workisdumb said on 02/08/10 @ 04:32 AM:
I can't stand getting asked what I do for a living. It seems like it's the first thing out of people's mouths. I usually just give a vague one or two word answer and don't elaborate.

I find it sick that society defines people by their jobs. You're just Bob the mechanic or Jill the lawyer.

beerengine said on 02/08/10 @ 03:54 PM:
I think I am getting chicken pox...YES time off!!!

BurnedOut said on 02/08/10 @ 06:11 PM:
I also think the more money you make- the more BS you have to put up with, the more ass you have to kiss, the more accountabilty you have, the more hours you have to work, which means there is more pressure to perform (whatever that means), which means the more likelihood of HAVING TO TAKE WORK HOME WITH YOU. Are you frickin kidding me? Take WORK HOME with you?! No F'IN THANKS! I'd rather hang myself than take work home with me. I'll take my pointless, mundane 8-5 job non-mgmt job, and go home by 5:45, and take my "enough to get by" wages, and live my life.

Miss T said on 02/09/10 @ 02:17 PM:
People are making me feel bad because I'm going to quit my job without another one to go to. Other people are leaving and I have been told they have 'legit' reasons but it seems like 'I'm really not happy being there on a day by day basis' is not legit enough...

Scott said on 02/10/10 @ 10:07 AM:
I don't understand how everyone can be so chipper at work. It's like they've convinced themselves they actually want to be there.

Scott said on 02/10/10 @ 10:12 AM:
Not me. I treat jobs like war. Sure, I'll do the work, but don't expect me to act like I'm enjoying it. I've always been that way, even in school. I just keep my head down all day, and never smile nor interact with anyone. Then when it's time to go, I head right the hell out of there. No lagging behind to chit-chat or anything.

I hate what I've become. I was so vibrant as a kid, but now I'm such a bore. Clearly years of soul-crushing work/schooling made me this way.

beerengine said on 02/10/10 @ 03:48 PM:

live2bfree said on 02/11/10 @ 09:09 AM:
Its obvious that we all despise work. But imagine if there was such a thing as a job where you were always appreciated and treated with respect. Where the bosses were fair and competent. Where you were paid a good living wage with regular raises and had great benefits. A place where the work itself was meaningful and rewarding. I don't believe its the concept of work itself that we hate its just the fact that most companies and most jobs suck monkey nuts.

Miss T said on 02/14/10 @ 03:25 PM:
I'm quitting.

Dirk said on 02/14/10 @ 10:59 PM:
Another sunday and another look through the job listings...Candidate must have this, must have that...makes me sick. The thing is I may just have to suck it up, because I plan on possibly getting fired because I refuse to do this new work they gave all of us in the form of a casual memo. It's gonna be a huge pain in the ass, and whoever came up with this complety idiotic idea has never done our job. I plan on telling them that tonight, that i'm not doing it, and if they don't like it then they're gonna have to fire me.

B said on 02/15/10 @ 02:22 AM:
^That's awesome Dirk, I hope things go well. When enough is enough you gotta fight.

Same here Miss T! After my month paid vacation though! Haha, can't wait to see the look on their faces when I come back when a resignation letter.

B said on 02/15/10 @ 02:25 AM:

BurnedOut said on 02/15/10 @ 07:52 PM:
We won't see this utopia until, well, we're 6 feet under- and in that great big cubicle in the sky...

beerengine said on 02/17/10 @ 02:26 PM:
How did we live before this work fiasco started?

Miss T said on 02/18/10 @ 03:51 PM:
O did I tell you guys? I quit! My God I'm so happy.

Fred said on 02/18/10 @ 05:40 PM:
Congrats Miss T! I think about quitting every day, but with a 4 month old baby and a mortgage, I kinda feel stuck here for now..ugh!

slabory_chic said on 02/18/10 @ 07:34 PM:
Found this board after googling for "hate work". I barely even work at work anymore, I just can't make myself work for anything, it is just that bad. Then I felt bad about not working and came home and binge ate (I know one of these days I'll end up really fat if I keep doing that. sigh).

Miss T said on 02/21/10 @ 09:52 AM:
That sucks Fred (not the baby bit, the 'stuck in a job' bit).

Man I'm so happy I quit, but now it means I have to deal with the stigma of not working, 'o so, what you doing now then?'...enjoying my life that's what!

beerengine said on 02/21/10 @ 11:38 AM:
Oh God its Sunday......

beerengine said on 02/21/10 @ 12:06 PM:
I think I would rather die....

Lady J said on 02/22/10 @ 07:28 AM:
I called in sick today... I am, kinda.. my stomach is in knots, I was up since 1am just stressing about things. Whenever I start thinking about work stuff at home I try to push the thoughts out of my head because I can worry about work during work hours, when they are paying me, ya know... but I just couldn't do it last night. My job is turning into a nightmare, I thought my new position (same company) would be great but now it's not really what they said it would be and they are basically wanting me to raise a certain amount of money to pay for my raise. I want to scream... I'm so pissed. The thing is I wouldn't even mind doing that, but I never signed on for it, it wasn't even discussed when we talked about my change of position. My boss apparently made promises to her bosses, that I never agreed to.... I am so sick to my stomach.

Miss T said on 02/22/10 @ 01:21 PM:
Yea that's it Lady J, they tell you one thing and give you another! How can they say you need to raise the money for your own pay? I call that being self employed personally.

How's the studying going? try to focus on that I guess...

Man when you quit and it's nearer to the time you're actually going to leave, you actually start to like work lol

Is anyone on here a web designer? I'm thinking of getting in to that since the psychology thing doesnt look like it's going to happen anytime soon.

Lady J said on 02/24/10 @ 05:55 AM:
that is like being self employed, isn't it? If I had a couple more years' experience I could probably do some consulting/freelance. And if the economy was better. A lot of non profits are just tanking.

I still hope to start my studies next year, but I think I'm going to have to stay here and go for health psychology to get my counseling license, instead of going out of state and doing art therapy to get my license. But I can still use art in my practice.... It will just be way cheaper to get my degree if I stay here. So, I think that's what I'm doing.

pist & broke said on 02/24/10 @ 04:26 PM:
I just can't force myself to get a job

im taking up vagrant hoboism and living off of capitalism's crumbs

dumpster bagels and campus libraries will be my new homes . being broke & free is better than being trapped & wealthy

slabory_chick said on 02/24/10 @ 04:50 PM:
ugh, in trouble at work I suppose. depressing. But I guess the worst they could do is fire me and as things already suck terribly with a job, who can care that much?

Hey, all you people getting pcyhe degrees, what are you going to do when a client comes in and tells you one of their problems is that they hate, despise, simply can not stand their job? Are you going to tell them to get psyche degrees as well or to overthrow the economic system? Yea I'm yanking your chain a bit :). But a lot of misery is built in to this economy. Yes, I know I too try not to give up in utter resignation. It's hard.

pist & broke said on 02/24/10 @ 05:07 PM:
well I read some comments on here and i realized 95% of you will just continue working and living shit lives.You need to do something about it like start an anarchist commune and live off the land for example. if you've got kids to feed and significant others tying you down i feel for you but divorce the bitch cause she doesnt understand what a free man is

BurnedOut said on 02/24/10 @ 06:02 PM:
i got home at 6, its already 9- and i have to get up soon and do this same mind numbing shit again tomorrow. will this ever end. the only time i am at peace is when i'm asleep.

Miss T said on 02/24/10 @ 08:09 PM:
Man, I feel for all of you, and myself really. But right now I'm just thinking about what time I'm going to get up tomorrow. Im free! I'm not working and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

So pist & broke, you loving your job? Or are you like me, not working and free? Man the thought of having things like kids and a mortgage tying me down is daunting enough not to even bother!

B said on 02/25/10 @ 12:37 AM:
good work on qutting miss T, must feel sooooooooo good. and no matter what anyone else says, people are so stupid, its like if you dont have a job you have no life. how wrong they are.

cannot wait til i quit, then enrol in university only to get a shitty part-time job which won't be as bad as this full-time hell. teaching is the only thing i can think (that's realistic, i can't get paid to do what i love) that will be a bearable "career".

lady j said on 02/25/10 @ 05:37 AM:
slabory chick, I'm gonna tell them they need to stop whining and accept their adult responsibilities. hahaha! just kidding! I am going to tell them they should figure out what they love to do, and how to get paid for it... or to find the least horrible job they can. I wouldn't say counseling is my 'dream' job, but at least I can set my own hours/appointments, rates, etc. I still plan on working less than full time, once I'm done with all my internships. And at least I'll be helping people.

Pist, you are probably right, most the people who come here will stay at their jobs and keep hating it, but they won't know what else to do. I think the more frequent posters have bigger plans.... or are willing to accept a smaller lifestyle in order to work less.

Miss T said on 02/25/10 @ 05:19 PM:
Thanks B, I'm so happy I really am lol. But now I'm getting older I'm thinking about things like buying a car. Don't get me wrong, I can do without that and have been for quite a while now, but I may need to work for a couple of months and save then quit and do it all again. I just dont think I'm a work full time in the same job for 20 years person, once I start hating somewhere, it's time to move on.

Also B, thats exactly it 'I cant get paid to do what I love' and even if you could you'd probably hate doing it because you're doing it all the time!

For all those people who have been working in their industry for 20 years or whatever, have you ever considered being a consultant in that area? You set your own rates and with all the experience you have you should be able to market yourself effectively.

Man this life is hard isn't it?

Tax Officer said on 02/26/10 @ 09:55 PM:
still got a nother projected total of ahhhhm..
30 years of working full time to pay the house of?
sometimes i wonder to myself.. what's the point of life? how do WE benefit from it.

for now ill stick to my sportsbet gambling and poker

deadinside said on 02/27/10 @ 03:24 PM:
"I have a job where I alphabetize insurance forms 45 hours a week, and I noticed I couldn't concentrate so well at my job, so my doctor put me on Adderall, and now I can just breeze through my workday. I don't even notice that my empty life is being pissed away under fluorescent tubes. I have no highs or lows, I have no good stories, I'm just... but I'm getting a lot of stuff done. I'm probably the most boring person I know, but look at me produce. I just go abcdefg hijklmnop lalalalalalalalala blublahalalalalaahhh"

"Maybe that's what we should sentence prisoners to... is your cruel and unusual existence. For the egregious crime of assault and battery, I sentence you to 35 year working in a UPS shipping facility humping a forklift around in a dank warehouse so you can hopefully cram in a carnival cruise before you die."

-Doug Stanhope


Joey said on 02/27/10 @ 04:12 PM:
"I sentence you to 35 year working in a UPS shipping facility humping a forklift around in a dank warehouse so you can hopefully cram in a carnival cruise before you die."

LOL!! I laughed so dam loud when I read that. It's so true though..

rogue12 said on 02/28/10 @ 12:54 AM:
8-4, 8-2, 8-4, 8-2, back to 8-4 someone save me, 8-2 was very good less hours = more freedom. better ask the boss for my 2 week holiday im due for it, 2 weeks of the proper 8hr sleep.

Miss T said on 02/28/10 @ 04:37 PM:
It all just seems so pointless.

Joey said on 02/28/10 @ 04:41 PM:
Miss T, I agree. I think about how pointless it is everyday I'm at work. I feel like I'm going to break one of these days. I've broke a few times before and just quit my job but always ended up coming back for more work. I need to quit and find a way out of this mess soon..

Miss T said on 03/01/10 @ 10:53 AM:
I quit and I'm looking for a new job. That's how it goes, you quit cuz you hate the work and you very often end up going back in to the same type of work again because that's where your experience lies. You can study for a new career but you'll have to pay for it, start all over again and really, would it be that great anyway?

My friend has found his dream job and he wanted to take time off to go on holiday, his manager wouldn't let him. So all in all he is still being controlled. There's just no freedom from anything.

I would say for anyone at ultimate breaking point with their jobs, just leave before you burn any bridges....or knock someone out...

beerengine said on 03/01/10 @ 03:47 PM:
I just can't cope with this repetition anymore...

deadinside said on 03/01/10 @ 03:56 PM:
The only difference between a proctologist and a janitor is the money. Otherwise, it's exactly the same shit.

99.9% of jobs suck. We were all told from an early age to do what we love, but the reality is not everyone can be a professional athlete or rockstar. Might as well just go where the money is.

Dirk said on 03/03/10 @ 04:56 AM:
Well, i've conformed to what these bitches made me wanna do. I still work there, and granted, I came up with my own system to make it easier, I still did what they wanted. What can I do, no one else will pay me enough!

Dirk said on 03/03/10 @ 05:55 AM:
Its kinda sad actutally. My sons 3rd birthday is coming up, and who comes to visit is determined upon who works that day. Just another way work controls us all...

Miss T said on 03/03/10 @ 08:32 AM:
That's OK Dirk, everyone conforms in one way or another. I just can't believe that there are more of 'us' than there are of 'them' (corporate bosses) and yet we let them control everything we do.

Freedom is the ultimate, perfect gift.

B said on 03/03/10 @ 04:35 PM:
The repitition/routine is just ridiculous. I took the day off sick (which I am) and it feels great. To quit must be amazing, that's where i'm headed.

Joey said on 03/03/10 @ 04:58 PM:
I decided yesterday that I'm going to quit my job in which I dread. I'm going to milk this job for a few months first though and use up all my vacation and sick time. I am so looking foward to June when I'm out of here! Freedom here I come!!

B said on 03/04/10 @ 07:50 PM:
Two days off, yes! Better use all these sick days up before I leave.

BurnedOut said on 03/05/10 @ 07:38 PM:
It's Friday and brain is fried- no energy to do anything- I just want to sleep.. what do we have to look forward too? a 63 hr reprieve (5 pm on Fri to 8 am on Mon)? I am looking forward to 2/21/12..I hope the Mayans were right...lol

Joey said on 03/06/10 @ 05:39 AM:
I've read many books about 2012. I hope something happens in 2012 as well. The Mayans never predicted the end of the world but the end of the current cycle of time. It's westerners who spun that into a cataclysmic even.

It's interesting though that not only the Mayans have 2012 as an important date but so do the Hopis, Hindus, Incas, Aztecs, Pueblos, Maoris, Cherokee, Tibetan, and ancient Egyptian calendar.

* Hopi Predict a 25yr period of purification followed by End of Fourth World and beginning of the Fifth.

* Mayans Call it the 'end days' or the end of time as we know it.

* Maoris Say that as the veils dissolve there will be a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds.

* Zulu Believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.

* Hindus Kali Yuga (end time of man). The Coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones.

* Incas Call 2012 the 'Age of Meeting Ourselves Again'.

* Aztec Call this the Time of the Sixth Sun. A time of transformation. Creation of new race.

* Dogon Say that the spaceship of the visitors, the Nommo, will return in the form of a blue star.

* Pueblo Acknowledge it'll be the emergence into the Fifth World

* Cherokee Their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 as does the Mayan calendar.

* Tibetan Kalachakra teachings are prophesies left by Buddha predicting Coming of the Golden Age.

* Egypt According to the Great Pyramid (stone calendar), present time cycle ends in year 2012 AD

BurnedOut said on 03/06/10 @ 06:59 AM:
Wow Joey. That's a comprehensive list. I hope there is shift of values- from material wealth to "spiritual".

Joey said on 03/08/10 @ 05:54 AM:
I'm also hoping there is a major shift of values Burned out. We need to get away from this greed, lust for power, materialism, dualism, etc.

11 weeks and I'm out of this place! Can not wait!!

FAH-! said on 03/08/10 @ 09:52 AM:
Anybody heard about this bullshit?


Then again after I thought about it after reading, I think back over the previous years and some of those things actually do line up with the article, but there are some things I strongly disagree with. This one line sounds pretty stigmatizing:

"It is typical for WAD patients to search for ways to make money that take little or no effort, or to otherwise have unrealistic goals. Some WAD patients live in hopes that one day they will win the lottery and not have to work again, or that they will inherit a lot of money, or that they will start a business or get a book published and make money from that, or that they will hit some type of jackpot."

Another variation of that article threw in people that think a talent like art and music will one day be lucrative, That's a hit below the belt right there.

FAH-! said on 03/08/10 @ 09:59 AM:
Lately just some of my family had been hounding me to get 2 jobs and get juggled by 2 schedules.

F*** that! Anyone doing freelance on Powerpoint? I was highly considering getting into doing that, I had recently made one for my sister for some computer training course she's in the process of making, and she was like throwing a bunch of power adjectives toward it.

Lady J said on 03/08/10 @ 11:08 AM:
Work Aversion Disorder?? Are you fucking joking?? That is just some bullshit made up by all the sheep who are too brainwashed to think for themselves. They have to label it and make it sound all negative because they are too mired in their own puny existences to think outside the box like us. But whatever, let them think what they like. I don't care, as long as I don't have to WORK! hahahahaha

Miss T said on 03/08/10 @ 05:24 PM:
Everyone has WAD. Do you really think anyone really WANTS to work? Do you think that person behind the McD's counter or the bored to death office working sitting behind a screen all day placing numbers from one spreadsheet to another wants to be there? No! A lot of people just numb themselves and get on with it because they have no other choice.

A vast majority of the population will never ever be millionaires so might as well enjoy your life how you see it. No point thinking 'one day I wont have to worry about money' cuz chances are, it's not going to happen so enjoy yourself now or just work towards a better quality of life.

BurnedOut said on 03/08/10 @ 06:02 PM:
Sales would be the worst- I hear these people on their cell phones all day- KISSING MAJOR ASS towards their customers- you know they all could give a rats ass about the product they are pimping (computers/supplies)..they're just looking for commission- imagine hating your job and kissing ass all day..

deadinside said on 03/08/10 @ 08:18 PM:
Everyone hates their jobs. It's the gigantic pink elephant in the room.

I don't know a single person who has a job I'd consider remotely humane.

deadinside said on 03/08/10 @ 08:31 PM:
I'm curious. For those of you who went to college, which do you hate more, work or college?

For me, it was college. I remember being stressed out 24/7, even on the brink of suicide for much of it. At least with work, there isn't much stress, just 9 hours a day of boredom.

slabory_chick said on 03/08/10 @ 10:55 PM:
Monday and I was in full on rebellion against work. I did not want to be there and I was angry at the universe (and to consider I was perfectly content as of Sunday morning :)).

Monday morning and it seemed like life consisted of nothing but drudgery (work, bills, doing my taxes, oh and work is the worst of these), with scarcely anything to make it worth all this drudgery. The pleasures few the drudgery unending. Happy Monday.

slabory_chick said on 03/08/10 @ 11:05 PM:
"I'm gonna tell them they need to stop whining and accept their adult responsibilities. hahaha! just kidding! I am going to tell them they should figure out what they love to do, and how to get paid for it... or to find the least horrible job they can"

that's pretty awesome I guess. I've never had a shrink that understood my issues with work. I guess I'll try to find a career counselor who does. I feel slightly ridiculous: I hate work and I spend my hard earned money that I got from aweful work trying to deal with the issue of my hatred for work. :)

Joey said on 03/09/10 @ 04:17 AM:
"deadinside said on 03/08/10 @ 08:31 PM:
I'm curious. For those of you who went to college, which do you hate more, work or college?

For me, it was college. I remember being stressed out 24/7, even on the brink of suicide for much of it. At least with work, there isn't much stress, just 9 hours a day of boredom."

deadinside, I finished college and my present job is 10x more stressful than school was. For me, college was boring and not very stressful. Now if I could just find a job that isn't boring and not stressful..

Joey said on 03/09/10 @ 04:21 AM:
Well, I just received my job review from my boss yesterday. My boss: "You need to interact more with your coworkers. You need to bring in more sales. You need to improve your workmanship, it's horrible. blah blah blah."

I was so close to just walking out. Knowing that I'll be quitting this dump in a couple months makes it that much harder to put up with this crap everyday.

Miss T said on 03/09/10 @ 11:57 AM:
No you gotta deal with it Joey, deal with it as well as you can, it'll make quitting more rewarding lol.

lol slabory, I was thinking of getting myself hypnotised to like work!

Anyway I preferred uni (college) to work, at least I was learning something and even tho it was stressful, I was working TOWARDS something. Plus I got to hang out with my real friends and didnt have to pretend to be nice.

deadinside (formerly Scott) said on 03/11/10 @ 05:09 PM:
Beerengine asked me why I am the way I am a few posts back. I didn't answer, because simply I didn't have one. Now I do.

When you can't change your situation, the next best thing is to change yourself. I realized from a young age that in order to survive in this society, I'd have to become some sort of robot/human being hybrid.

So I adapted in becoming more robotic, as most people do. And as I adapted, I realized that this whole living thing was become easier. Sure, I wasn't happy, but at least I wasn't depressed and anxious like I had been in the past. So I decided to take this adaptation to an extreme.

I don't have friends, I don't have fun, I don't eat food that tastes good, and I'm voluntarily celibate. I don't even get pleasure from orgasm anymore; I only achieve it to manipulate my hormone levels. I reject short-term "happiness" because it'll only serve to make me more human, to weaken me. Any spare time I have is spent making myself into a stronger, biological machine.

My goal is to rid myself of emotioanl pain as much as I can. The tradeoff is that I have to become less human to do it. What you see in these posts is the last shred of humanity in me.

izafact said on 03/12/10 @ 08:43 AM:
Its the bankers folks, ... the government is pretty much a subsidiary for them. The golden rule, ... whoever has the money, makes the rules. If U want a better understanding ... google "fiat money". Will open your eyes to how the financial system works.

They can print money whenever they feel like doing so. Because the money is backed by nothing but faith. Which in the US ... is actually illegal. This country was supposed to by law, ... stay on the gold standard. So that the bankers and the politicians they buy. Couldnt do exactly what they've done.

izafact said on 03/12/10 @ 09:31 AM:
When someone has control over the money flow, they have absolute control of the econ. Turn the spigot ( less money available ) or up interest rates. Businesses all start going belly up. And then they can buy em up dirt cheap.

Or turn it too high ( start printing money like mad and drop the interest rate. ) Businesses start blooming and spending like crazy. Businesses and people start running up huge credit debts and get in way over their heads.

So that when they turn the spigot back the other way, they owe the banks their souls, with no way to pay it. Cuz hey there's no money available anymore.

By constitutional law ... [u]only[/u] congress shall issue money and regulate the value thereof. With the provision that the currency they issue, be backed by gold or silver.

If you have some time on your hands. Also google "equity bubble" , or "housing equity bubble" they knew exactly what they were doing.

But they ( bankers and corporation ) dont care, they make money on the down turn AND the upturn. In fact they make more money on either extreme. And so they prefer keeping it that way.

ie: depression: Business/houses/stocks .... etc. Are all priced dirt cheap. And they are in a perfect position to snatch it all up and make HUGE money.

the reverse: Everyone borrowing money from them and endebted to them, for interest and outstanding principle. ( So when it comes time to turn the spigot back the other way.) People cant hope to pay what they owe. There's no money avail .... so they lose everything to the bankers/major corps ( they own )

Fiat money allows the government to run up debt at will. They can have it conjured up, whenever they want it. To spend on whatever they want. Just add it to the taxpayers credit card.

The gold standard prevented that, cuz there's only so much gold on hand. Which means only so much currency can be put into circulation. Keeps the govt from spending too much.

Not this fiat/paper backed trash money system in place now. They can print more whenever they feel like it. And its on the taxpayers ... People's tab. So its like they have a no limit credit card, they dont have to pay for.

Wish I had control of it for 24hrs. 500 million for one legged midget research ( 40% of it going to me or my friends, which would give me a percentage/kickback.) 1 billion for counting the number of stripes the average zebra has ? No problem bud ... just make sure I get my percentage of it.

All of it "borrowed" from the bankers ( at interest ) on the taxpayers credit card. Which one more interesting fact. The Federal Reserve, ... is not federal, its not a govt entity/agency.

Its a privately held corporation. Made up of an international banking syndicate. Thus the US debt clock folks ..... summin like 40 thousand dollars in national debt owed by every man/woman and child in the US.

Hell they ( the bankers ) even get paid for printing up the currency. Last time I saw it. They were getting paid .4 cents for every banknote they print. They are probally making a nice profit just doing that. Might only cost them .2 cents to print ea one. So that's a lovely 100% profit right there.

Anyway what's the answer ? Kill the damn bankers and the govt's they own. Liked that guy who suggested Drug dealing. But guess who launders most of the proceeds the cartels generate ? .... yep they do.

So the real people behind the banks dont have to sweat getting bailed out or bank failings. Those are the small change bankers. The real bankers ... are the people those small timers get borrow from. Also google "fractal lending"

In the states a small time banker, can loan out 10 dollars for every dollar they have on deposit. And besides even these small bankers know, when crunch time comes. The govt will be there to bail em out. Here comes the govt w the handy dandy taxpayer credit card ... AGAIN !!!!

slabory_chick said on 03/14/10 @ 07:15 PM:
Sunday night dread here. Does anyone know a good cure for Sunday night dread?

Joey said on 03/14/10 @ 07:44 PM:
A cure? I wish I knew it. Quit your job maybe? But then it all comes down to needing $... sigh.

Nameless One said on 03/15/10 @ 11:07 AM:
Only cure is to quit.

Really just tired of life in general at the moment.

FAH-! said on 03/16/10 @ 08:51 AM:
You know work is getting to you when common courtesies (which feel different outside the workplace) feel so redundant that it gets to the point of annoying.

For instance...

Bob: "Good morning how are you doing today"

Joe: To break the predictability, it could be either of these several responses: "We know how that goes..."I think we know the answer to that already", or just nod or one thumb up with the subconscious mind echoing those remarks")

Bob: Good?

Joe: mmmmmmm hmmmmm. -_-

Joey said on 03/16/10 @ 09:54 AM:
FAH, I can't stand that redundant question, "how are you?"...especially from complete strangers. Sometimes I answer honestly..I'll say something like, "Not too good" or "Shitty". It's so funny seeing their reaction. I'll just say, "hey you asked! Do you want me to lie?"

Miss T said on 03/16/10 @ 03:20 PM:
Lol. It actually took me a while to realise that when someone asks you a question like that they were expecting a 'not too bad'. For a while I actually said 'tired' and they didnt know what to say after that. Some would just agree with me tho (thats how I identified the ones who were like me).

Miss T said on 03/16/10 @ 03:21 PM:
Lol. It actually took me a while to realise that when someone asks you a question like that they were expecting a "not too bad". For a while I actually said "tired" and they didnt know what to say after that. Some would just agree with me tho (thats how I identified the ones who were like me).

deadinside said on 03/16/10 @ 07:05 PM:
I don't even answer unless it's my boss. Thankfully people learn pretty quickly to just leave me alone.

B said on 03/18/10 @ 01:10 AM:
that's like anytime someone asks me "how was work?". how else is it going to be? my reply is always "shitty" "i hate it".

Lady J said on 03/18/10 @ 07:08 AM:
I have to work tonight, it's my one night a month I work the evening because of a meeting, and I feel like crap. My fiancee's been in bed sick for the past two days, and now I have it. I want to call in sick but I can't, as I'm the only one who knows the set up for the new room. Fucking lame.

yes work is shitty. I gotta get out of this place.

Joey said on 03/18/10 @ 06:06 PM:
Well, my boss was really getting to me today..so I told him to Fuck off. I've never blown my top like that before but he has been talking down to me for too long. He told me to meet with him and the head honcho Tuesday morning..I'm thinking they'll be letting me go then. What a relief it will be if they do!

career woman_NOT said on 03/19/10 @ 12:24 AM:
these posts are hilarious...i love it. i'm not alone in my thoughts.

with that being said, i'm calling in sick tomorrow. i can't take another 2 day weekend, i will go insane and slit my wrists. on my mental health day i can sleep in, work out, relax, do me and get my mind right, plus have two extra days. it's either take friday off or disappear into the Amazon and live off the fat of the land.

Miss T said on 03/19/10 @ 06:36 PM:
O, didnt know my post came up twice!

Joey wow, you told him to F off? I doubt they'd let you go because of that but who knows. Probably just trying to scare you.

Mental Health Day - love it!

I'm going back in to the corporate world again, great. I actually realise I absolutely DREAD the question 'so what are you doing now?' I hate it with a passion now because it's like, I dont want to talk about work when I'm with friends! Work is in the way of my life, not the other way round! And my answer is usually 'o this and that'. Man -what is the point of it all!?

Joey said on 03/20/10 @ 07:40 AM:
I have to see the head supervisor about my attitude. It feels like I'm going to the principals office. LOL

BurnedOut said on 03/20/10 @ 08:30 AM:
Also, aren't you sick of the seeing the same people at work day after day- even if they are not in your department - talking about the same things over and over and over. I've been at my prison, errrr workplace, for 4 1/2 years. I've never been at a place this long, now I know why.

career woman_NOT said on 03/20/10 @ 12:48 PM:
@ BurnedOut - first off, i love your name. secondly, i couldn't agree more on seeing the same people every day, doing the same damn thing at the same damn time. awful. this can't be life.

Miss T said on 03/20/10 @ 03:42 PM:
Since I'm here....

I don't think I've been anywhere for 4 1/2 years cept school. Man, I am not really a loyal worker at all!

Joey I get told about my 'attitude' all the time, it's really like school!

MC said on 03/21/10 @ 01:24 AM:
I fuckin hate workin,.

deadinside said on 03/21/10 @ 09:47 PM:
And it starts all over again. Another five days in the trenches.

Lady J said on 03/22/10 @ 05:52 AM:
Monday.... it's so depressing. Dammit. Frackin' work.

Joey said on 03/22/10 @ 11:45 AM:
My Boss told me to take today off because of my attitude. Jeeze, I should tell him to F off more often!

Lady J said on 03/22/10 @ 02:41 PM:
My boss is a fucking whore. I need to tell her to Fuck off. She says she told me to get snacks for a presentation tomorrow night but she did not. And she has been super stressed and busy lately so there's no way she's right and I'm wrong. Anyway, she's a fucking whore and she needs to fuck off =D

B said on 03/22/10 @ 04:11 PM:
there's only so much you can force a person to do... cannot wait for my month off in April. then i'm out come May.

Miss T said on 03/22/10 @ 05:04 PM:
Out in May, just in time for summer, you're gonna have a good one!

Go to the Dr and ask for time off due to stress. I know people get time off that way.

B said on 03/22/10 @ 05:38 PM:
ah I live in Australia so it's going into winter. But it'll be autumn and that's my favourite season. Can't wait to feel alive again.

I don't know how people can pretend to like work, i try then i hate it even more. Every morning I feel worse and worse. Even through the day I do my best to do nothing at all I still hate it, you know? Like i'm still trapped in this shit even though i'm just online (when no ones around) and drinking coffee.

Pollianna said on 03/22/10 @ 08:52 PM:
Yeah i hate work too but i work with some ok ppl... either that or ive had so many jobs and so tired of job hunting and going to school that im forcing myself to like my coworkers and boss it does make life a little more interesting and hey the foods half off i get a 30% discount on shoes and other stuff so look on the bright side guys...

FAH-! said on 03/23/10 @ 12:30 AM:
it's freakin' 3:28 AM and they want me in at 4AM.

I get off at 9, but I dont want my bro to know about that time frame cause he'll go on and on about all that "idle time" and then hound my a** about that second job even harder.

FAH-! said on 03/23/10 @ 12:33 AM:
I've gotten myself into so many marketing ventures......

I actually get the concept of it...but blogging about it is the hardest part, because you hadn't had enough knowledge about the product to talk about it to the point of second nature.

dontdoit said on 03/23/10 @ 01:05 AM:
I will never look on the bright side when it comes to work. A job will always be viewed in the most negative way possible to me. They take so much and by the time you know it you've wasted your life doing something you never wanted to do. I keep telling myself I only live once...

Luke said on 03/24/10 @ 03:45 AM:
Miss T:"Make it a reality, dont lose your mind! It wont be the end of the world, seriously.

Looking for a job after work is VERY VERY VERY hard. It's time consuming and tiring not to mention frustrating. Can't go to interviews without first getting 'permission' and then you miss out on opportunities! People keep telling
me I just need to find somewhere that I like then I'll be fine but its not like I've got job offers raining down on me. So exactly how am I suppose to find somewhere I like when I have to practically beg for a job that I dont want anyway?



well i am going through this exact situation at the moment, i've recently graduated from a course and discovered that most entry level/graduate jobs want years of experience on top of a major or a double degree, isn;t the point of entry level for those who have no experience and a piece of paper to get experience?? its pretty fudged up to think about, and alot of the businesses dont really interest me at all...so i've been thinking of just completely eliminating all of the bullshit in my choices until i decide on a 100% genuine career path that will at least make me happy to wake up to in the morning for but is at least it'll be me feeling passionate about something rather then a mixture of percept from others and social status so that my relatives will accept me as having succeeded by finding some mundaine corporate job in a large business so they can tell their friends their son/nephew/ is suddenly valid. I am beginning to second guess everything at the moment in life..

Joey said on 03/24/10 @ 07:45 AM:
Well, they put me on paid Admin leave and took away my company car and ID until they decide what to do with me. Little do they know that I planned on quitting at the end of May anyway!

Bob said on 03/25/10 @ 10:24 AM:
Cant wait to get the fuck out of work once and for all.

If you hate your job then get out, do everything you can to follow your dreams. You only live once, I started job hunting the other day, I look at the all the jobs and just though to myself "These are all shit, in 6 months ill just be as unhappy at any of these"

So im working my ass off to make a living online, its coming, slowly but surely and then finally i'll be free.

I advise everyone else to find their dream and follow it.

BurnedOut said on 03/25/10 @ 07:31 PM:
Were we criminals in a former life, and this is the afterlife we were banished to- a living hell? I'm beginning to think this..

skip said on 03/25/10 @ 09:46 PM:
We're enslaved by society and there is NOTHING we can do about it. We can't just quit, we can't just "follow our dreams." We can talk all we want about but the fact remains that we MUST work to survive.

I've hated every job I've ever had - and I've had quite a variety. I dread waking up and spending my entire day toiling away. I come home tired and irritable and the whole day is wasted. This is supposed to be fulfilling? This is supposed to be rewarding? I'm supposed to waste my life away so some company can get rich?

Life wasn't meant to be lived this way.

slabory_chick said on 03/27/10 @ 01:17 PM:
The thing is I don't want to put in 12 hour days to start my own business. There is very little on earth I am that passionate about, to put in that much time for, and the things I do have some passion for certainly aren't BUSINESS!!! Or really anything to do with trading, buying and selling, or moneymaking at all, nor employment either for that matter, of course.

I think there may be some different professional paths that I might resign myself to going to more school for though. I don't love school either, I love learning, but not school. But it may be preferable to working the current career, so it's just the lesser evil in this screwed up world.

deadinside said on 03/27/10 @ 04:41 PM:
My suggestion is to just go on auto-pilot while at work. That's what I do. I'm there in body, but my mind is in a whole other world. A mental world.

Also, when you get home, resist the urge to just watch t.v. like everyone else. It might be pleasurable and relaxing in the short-run, but all you're doing is wasting your life away. Instead, use your free time to work on improving your body and mind. What could be more fulfilling than that?

B said on 03/28/10 @ 01:08 AM:

The worst thing is everyone at my work talks about tv shows, what they're eating for tea tonight, what they ate last night. It is horrible just hearing about it, their lives must truly suck!!!

Frou Frou said on 03/28/10 @ 04:46 AM:
Deadinside, I do exactly the same as you, I'm on complete auto-pilot while at work. It's so depressing though, feeling like you're a robot for so many hours per week. I feel like my life is being wasted.

It's Sunday night here and I've got the usual dread and sick in the stomach feeling.

I'm currently looking for another job but like Bob said, I'm really not interested in any of the jobs out there, it's just a temporary fix until I save enough money so I can work for myself (which will be in another year or two).

I just really hate working for other people and being forced to sit at a desk for X hours per day without moving. To me it feels like I'm a criminal on periodic detention. I also hate all the sucking up and pretending that I care about career development, etc when really I just can't wait to get out of there.

blue said on 03/29/10 @ 09:50 AM:
I've got to leave for work in an hour, and I'm dreading it. I've got this sick feeling in my stomach and am nervous about making my sales quota this week (same feeling I get every week.) I truly hate my job. I hate the anxiety of trying to make a sale, I hate the tediousness, I hate that the weather is so nice yet I have to sit in a windowless office. I hate the headache I get from staring at my computer screen and my dumb coworkers and my manager looming over my shoulder. Quite frankly, I'm a very unmotivated, lazy person and no job or career could ever make me feel passionate or fulfilled about it.

D Post said on 03/29/10 @ 10:26 AM:
I got an office job right out of college. Even though I'm more than positive I could do great things here I am stuck doing the mail, going on runs to deliver items...similar to a bike messenger, and covering for the receptionist. I feel like getting my BA was pointless. I've been here for 6 months doing the most mundane grunt work. I do it to the best of my ability hoping to get noticed and move up the chain. Sadly there is no place for me to move up in this firm as they have no openings. I am stuck doing things I despise for pretentious losers with no way to move up the chain. I'm trapped and feel pointless. I feel like this life is doing time for crimes I didn't commit. If someone out there would give me a chance I could do so much but nobody is hiring in NYC. Am I going to be stuck making 30,000 the rest of my life? Do I go back to college for another piece of paper? How the hell does this system we live under exist and why? What unholy monster made the world this way. I'm looking forward to death.

beerengine said on 03/29/10 @ 02:09 PM:
I agree D Post, this repetition is just a waste of life, death is preferable. What a complete waste of time.....

beerengine said on 03/29/10 @ 02:34 PM:
Everything necessary to life is essentially free, so what the hell are we slaving for?

slabory_chick said on 03/29/10 @ 04:14 PM:
One of the hardest things about it is the sheer incredible *loneliness* of it. Noone seems to understand when you try to explain that you think spending your life in a cubical staring at a screen is a waste (well other than some anonymous people on this board and so on, which is nice, but it's not enough :)).

And really you're not even supposed to talk about it. So just bringing up the subject, to find noone understands, is already violating a taboo. It's not sex that's taboo to talk about anymore although that still has a tiny amount of stigma, it's not even death although that still has a lot of stigma, it's how empty our lives are and how empty the way we spend our days day after day is. That's what is utterly taboo to mention, maybe to even think.

slabory_chick said on 03/29/10 @ 04:17 PM:

1manpower said on 03/30/10 @ 09:36 AM:

Miss T said on 03/30/10 @ 01:27 PM:
I hate to say it D Post but your last line, so am I.

Please can someone tell me how to go into robot mode at work please? I really need to know! I just need to stop thinking life is suppose to be better and just give up. I keep telling myself to just do the work because there's no other way but it never seems to work.

So do you reckon you should just get the highest paid job available since they're all the same? There's nothing I can do all day for 8+ hrs that I'll enjoy. I'm human, Im not made to enjoy mundane activites.

I dont even care about money but I'm FORCED to care. What makes it worse is that everyone else pretends they like it. If we could all just be real and say what we think then I think I'd like work more. I wish I worked with all you guys here, would be so much fun talking about the other drones...

D Post said on 03/30/10 @ 02:38 PM:
I just want someone to once tell me I did a good job. Even if the work is mundane and boring nobody says two bits of praise. But they will bitch about anything. Ever notice how you're boss will be fine with everything you do and then one day you'll be doing the same shit and there will be a problem. For example I went to drop off a package for a lawyer earlier this morning...before comming into the office. I have done this many times and always email my office manager telling her I may be late...which I never am and wasn't today either...even if I was its for work so whats the problem. She never said anything negative about it but today I got a nasty email...in ALL CAP LOCKS...telling me to email everyone and tell them that. I must be just a piece of trash to get told off like that for NO FUCKING REASON!!!!

deadinside said on 03/30/10 @ 05:24 PM:
"Please can someone tell me how to go into robot mode at work please?"

Being introverted probably helps.

Aside from that, there are all kinds of drugs you can take for poor concentration (a natural reaction to boredom) that will help you become a more content little drone. This would be the quick and easy route.

Another thing you can try is meditation everyday. I used to think it was bullshit, but it actually helps a lot. With enough practice, it'll numb you even more than drugs can.

9 to What? said on 03/30/10 @ 05:57 PM:
I take prozac, klonopin, wellbutrin, caffeine pills, sometimes I'll sip dayquil. This helps me to focus on my "job" and just not give a shit...for a while. Oh, and I'm an introvert. But that doesn't help.

9 to What? said on 03/30/10 @ 06:02 PM:
We need bracelets or something to identify each other. I know there has to be at least one other person at my place of employment who shares these same sentiments.
Everyone seems so god-damned happy! One of my co-workers was bragging about the fact that she'd been there for 30 years. She should be ashamed to say that out loud.

lady j said on 03/31/10 @ 06:18 AM:
I used to take a bunch of ephedrine at work, I felt like crap in the morning til I took it and then I'd be super-productive and happy, but it had bad side effects and now it's off the market. But even so, I eventually came to the conclusion that work is balls and nothing can ever make it better. Why the hell do I want to work for these idiots.... I've considered simply getting the best paying job I can find and riding it a couple years then I could quit, but I just can't force myself to do that. I'm a creative type and having sat at a desk in an ugly-ass cubicle connected to everyone else's ugly-ass all look the same cubicle has slowly killed parts of me. And I refuse to allow it anymore.

And what the fuck, my stupid boss is here early. Stupid bitch, interrupting my surfing time ;-) Gotta go y'all

corona radiata said on 03/31/10 @ 07:35 AM:
Just read that work aversion disorder, what a load of bullshit. Everything in the universe is trying to conserve energy since its continually being lost through entropy. Therefore not wanting to work or allocating energy to meaningful work and not work in general is totally natural, in fact super natural, whereas this ridiculous idea of WAD is just a product of ideology. If you rejected the insane dogma of a fascist state you'd be labeled insane by its adherents, not because they are sane but because they're in the majority. Humans in groups have a history of insanity with all those dictatorships, personality cults etc. So I don't buy WAD for a second.

And yes screw hierarchies, no one has the right to impose their power over anyone else, the managerial elite class being the primary culprit. Society is one decision away from revolution but everyone is so indoctrinated they can't make that decision unanimously. Its like a pendulum that swings back and forth, rights are won, the elites try to curtail them.

This recession/depression is another example, it seems like a new pauperized generation is being created just to reinforce the gross inequalities that already exist. People should just refuse to bail out the banks, strike, don't pay taxes, organize community groups and take action.

Anti-worker said on 04/01/10 @ 04:10 PM:
I hate working and if I had a choice, I wouldn't work. I don't understand why I can't say this out loud without invoking a lynch mob. Why do people automatically assume that if a person doesn't work they do nothing worthwhile? What's wrong with wanting to spend your time on meaningful activities and with people you care about instead of putting your nose to the grindstone at a job?

And even if you do work, you're condemned for just working for a paycheck. I don't see why I have to eat, sleep and breathe my job. It's just a job! :(

slabory_chick said on 04/01/10 @ 06:19 PM:
The worst thing about it is probably the sheer loneliness of it. It seems noone understands you when you say spending your life sitting in a cubical seems a waste of your life (well the people on this board might. That's is good, but it's not enough). And so you suffer your frustration week after week pretty much alone.

slabory_chick said on 04/01/10 @ 06:25 PM:
Also of course the second worst thing about it is the taboo aspect of it. Even though noone understands, you're actually not even supposed to speak about disliking work. In the modern world talking about how you hate work is a bigger taboo than talking about "the birds and the bees" although that still has some small taboos, or even talking about death although that still has quite large taboos. But talking about the sheer emptiness of your life day after day when your at work is the biggest unspeakable taboo of all. Shut up, be happy, you might be perceived as being negative.

Miss T said on 04/01/10 @ 06:48 PM:
I'm sorry, I REFUSE to believe that we are the only ones who feel like this. It must be impossible! I look at peoples faces on the bus in to work everyday and they look p!ssed! People are grumpy because we all have to pile on top of each other to get to a place that we all hate for 8+ hrs only to pile back in to a bus/tube/train (it's MAJORLY expensive to drive to work in London so everyone except the really rich have to take public transport to work) home again.

I looked across my office today and it was cubicle galore. Made me sick, I had to turn away.

I'm probably seen as anti social at work because I really cant be bothered to talk about the weather or how my weekend was. If I wanted to tell you then I would wouldn't I?

Someone invented this 9-5/6/7/8 whatever, why cant someone invent a new working day, one that is shorter?

It's just all so depressing. Just sick of it.

Miss T said on 04/01/10 @ 06:49 PM:
Thanks for the tips on becoming a drone. I think I will try meditation, see how that goes.

D Post said on 04/02/10 @ 04:54 AM:
I find smoking mary jane to help numb the work day. You smoke enough the night before work and you wake up in a haze that the day just flies by. I don't remember half of the specifics of my work day. Thats how I want to keep it.

Frou Frou said on 04/04/10 @ 01:57 AM:
Anti-worker, I completely agree with you, if I didn't have to work, I wouldn't. I hate it when people say, "But what would you do with your time if you didn't work?" Ummm, pursue all the things that I'm actually interested - read more books, take language classes, dance classes, maybe do some study for pleasure, go to the beach every day, volunteer for an organisation I'm interested in, go hiking, travelling, etc. I find it really odd that some people wouldn't know how to fill their time unless they had some asshole boss giving them meaningless tasks to do all day long - what a waste of a life, I feel sorry for those people!!!!

B said on 04/04/10 @ 04:44 AM:
that is like my mum and all my friends. i have plenty to do and not one part of it is working.

when i'm not day-dreaming or pretending to look busy i think to myself, what the fuck am i doing here? sometimes its funny, but most of the time its just depressing.

good news for me though. i have a whole month off. holidays i've been saving for a while now. hope to find something better by may but it just isn't possible. it'd be great if we could all refuse to do this shit and go on welfare or whatever until things change. but they won't. i'm still waiting. i don't know how people can go a lifetime not even questioning why we are put through this.

deadinside said on 04/04/10 @ 08:08 AM:
^It's amazing how many people never aspire to anything other than 9-5 in a cubicle.

octofish said on 04/04/10 @ 09:50 AM:
I agree with you corona radiata about the Super Elite imposing their will on us, but it's just not them it's also what I call the middle class enforcers.

All the shit I've had from life has being from middle class professionals- priests, teachers,doctors,journalists, politicians etc. All pushing the Super Elite agenda of slaving the best years of your life away just to survive in this shitty world.

Personally I'm sick of it, but the majority of people are only interested in consuming mindlessly and not questioning whats going on in the world.

BurnedOut said on 04/04/10 @ 07:04 PM:
Deadinside- love the name..that's truly how i feel - does anyone feel like we're driving "metal coffins" to work ever morning?

blue said on 04/04/10 @ 07:21 PM:
Monday tomorrow... ughhhh... Sunday night is always ruined because I'm dreading Monday!

FAH-! said on 04/05/10 @ 06:24 AM:
Comfort zones.....they're so....evil.

Dirk said on 04/05/10 @ 08:48 AM:
I work right smack in the middle of the night, and have to watch my son for most of the day, which means I hardly get any sleep sometimes. So instead of having fun with him and doing things, i sit around in a sleep deprived stupor and feel like i'm not fun to be around all because of this dumb shit job. It's not enough to take up my free time doing it, but it's also ruining my free time outside of it. Then I get to sleep and i'm just back there again!

And I just got asked again by a guy a hardly know, what do I do for a living? Who the fuck cares and why does that gotta be the start of every converstation with every person you meet.

Dirk said on 04/05/10 @ 10:39 PM:
Is this repetition supposed to go on and on untill we die or retire? If they're not the same thing anyways... Part of me wants to just say, kill me now then

slabory_chick said on 04/05/10 @ 11:33 PM:
As for why everyone you meet starts every conversation with: "what do you do for a living?". Maybe they are looking for an escape. Maybe they hope beyond hope you'll tell them about a job that isn't soul destroying, or they you don't work but live on a commune, or anything, any way out.

Lady J said on 04/06/10 @ 08:29 AM:
When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I make jewelry, garden, volunteer, love DIY home projects, play, etc. and the LAST thing I tell them is "oh yeah, I also work part-time for a non profit." Lets them know where MY priorities lay!

At this point I am sooo tempted to take out extra loans so I can live off them while I'm in school. I can pay them back later when I'm working for myself... but debt is what sucks you in, in the first place...

Dirk said on 04/06/10 @ 05:12 PM:
Lady J: I'm considering that same issue...going back to school, but what if I dont get a job in what I go for AGAIN, and get more student load debt...

corona radiata said on 04/07/10 @ 05:28 AM:
Just have to vent this, but...I have a stupid module in college next week which simulates a corporate environment, its bullshit, you're marked on your personality, how is that academically valid at all? Since when is the corporate world the arbiter of what constitutes a good personality? Like by good personality I mean the corporate clone type, I know I'll get trouble because I'm introverted, live in my own head, question things too much and am fairly impractical.

lady j said on 04/07/10 @ 10:38 AM:
Dirk, it's really hard to think about. Like, right now I'm more concerned about being happy now and getting out of this bullshit job (my boss blamed me again today for something I did not do) and right now, I'm willing to take on the extra debt so I can be free. But, later, when I have to pay it back, where will I be? What will I be doing? Will I make enough to pay it back? Will I even be able to open my own practice? Eeeesh... scary.

Corona, that module sounds fucking stupid. How can you ever be graded on your personality?? I mean, are they saying there is a 'right' and 'wrong' personality to have? Or an A, B, C grade presonality? I'm introverted too.... but I can listen, I can help others, I can see the big picture AND figure out the details, I can help everyone get along... how valuable is all that? You should just get up there and start going off about corporate hell holes and wage slavery and consumerism. lol I would pay to see that!

Frou Frou said on 04/07/10 @ 02:15 PM:
Corona, that module does sound terrible! I'm also introverted, live in my own head, question things, etc and corporations hate that. I had a boss who made me put "be less nice" as one of my goals on a performance review. What a joke?!?!?! Although I am not an aggressive type, I certainly know when to be assertive and my boss agreed that I was good at being assertive so when I asked her what the point of being "less nice" was, she didn't even have an example of when me being nice had resulted in something bad or any kind of reason she just said that someone had told her that she was most effective when she wasn't being nice. That was the last straw for me, when someone is telling me that I have to radically change my personality (and not even for any reason) then it's time to go!

I hate how the corporate world only seems to value negative personality traits like aggressiveness and being a bitch, etc.


Miss T said on 04/07/10 @ 03:28 PM:
Everything is a risk, what if what if what if. Make sure you study something you could enjoy (or bear) and go for it! I'm in about 15k debt too but for some reason I really don't care. Sorry to sound morbid but o well, we're all gonna die one day, we're not here forever so enjoy it while you can. I'm not saying 'live everyday like it's your last' cuz you'd be broke if you did but at least try to enjoy some of it. How we're feeling right now, it's just not RIGHT!

I mean my friend was saying that he wished something would happen to him so he could get time off work. I mean, what kind of life is that?

Wouldn't it be fun to have a 'be real' day where everyone just says what they think at work with no repercussions lol

By the way I'm introverted as well, I like my own company and I like to think (things I cant do at 'work'). Some people misunderstand that because I say what I think and sometimes have a no nonsense policy but that may be because I'm angry at the western corporate owned world I live in.

I feel so trapped.

corona radiata said on 04/07/10 @ 05:27 PM:
thanks guys, yeah it is a terrible module, very few people seem to like it in the class either, you basically learn nothing other than how to conform. Ack, its all getting like this, universities are increasingly corporatized. I think in Germany you can study a subject for 6 months without interference as an undergrad and write up a thesis but its pretty freeform. The idea is that you learn how to learn, I guess, but business interests want to phase this out in favour of a results based system ie instant short term profit methods applied to academia.

I think its not just work, it feels like the recession is creating a new lost generation across the world or a pauperized class with an economic royalty at the top. People used to work less hours in the 50s. Its baffling how as a species we're so determined to create our own nightmares with wars, recessions/depressions etc.

FAH-! said on 04/08/10 @ 07:34 AM:
Haha I run into people when I'm at a bar/club and that ask me what do I do

I'd be like "do you know why the fuck we come to places like this? to get our minds OFF what we do?"

deadinside said on 04/08/10 @ 11:10 AM:
When people used to ask me what I do, instead of just telling them my job title, I'd describe every minute detail of my workday. Talk about a snoozefest. Of course they'd usually just nod their heads and smile uncomfortably, not realizing I was messing with them.

Douche said on 04/08/10 @ 09:48 PM:
Work sucks monkey nuts.

deadinside said on 04/09/10 @ 03:28 PM:
I just read an article on unemployment. Two people featured in it were lamenting the fact that they'd basically lost their identities and felt ashamed since losing their jobs. And no, they weren't musicians or professional athletes. Just your basic white collar workers.

I don't get it. I've always just thought of jobs as a way to pay the bills. Nothing more.

slabory_chick said on 04/10/10 @ 12:22 AM:
The corporate world doesn't also doesn't really value female personality traits period. But what can you do? Exist as a woman in a rich man's world (which many men hate too, but some of them seem to like the competitiveness).

Miss T said on 04/10/10 @ 07:07 PM:
I just want people to understand money isnt the be all and end all. So much emphasis on it. Really gets to me. When an earthquake strikes or a tsunami, people die, both rich or poor. What use is a big house then?

No Name said on 04/12/10 @ 10:30 AM:
Constructive Dismissal is a good way out if you can get it. ,

Maybe try and manipulate the wretched situation @ your Corporate residence, so that your employer breaches the terms of your employment contract.

I was able to escape my corporate prison with a compensatory settlement and a clean reference through constructive dismissal thanks to a dumbass manager refusing to allow me a day off to sit an Accountancy exam - whilst working as a Trainee Accounant.

Nameless One said on 04/12/10 @ 03:53 PM:
How about when they want me to work more hours than my contract says I should, without payment?

Dirk said on 04/12/10 @ 10:11 PM:
Am i'm the only one that loses sleep thinking about being stuck in this pointless bullshit. I can get another job, but for what? The same thing over and over again. I just feel like going in now and putting in my notice and just doing it, but then the reality sits in.....i guess i just keep doing it until i go postal on these bastards and sit in jail for the rest of my life...I feel like i'm in prison regardless, just without the physical bars, but plenty of mental ones...a mental prison. It eats at me all the time untill I feel like i'm eventually just gonna lose it one day

Frou Frou said on 04/13/10 @ 12:54 AM:
Dirk, I've had sleep problems all my life (except when I'm on holidays funnily enough!) I absolutely cling to every last moment of my free time and avoid going to sleep until I'm so tired that I can't bear it anymore. I also feel like I'm in jail. I'm currently looking for another job but I agree it's pointless as all office jobs are the same - it's just a lesser of evils I think. I'm just slowly trying to save money so I can do my own thing but that's still a long way away! I just hate pretending that I care about climbing the corporate ladder, performance reviews, my career related goals and all that nonsense. I just want to put in the minimum amount of hours, get paid and get out of there asap! I hate the word "Career" too, my employment is definitely a "job" not a "career". I'm just there to pay the bills!

Miss T said on 04/13/10 @ 03:22 PM:
I wake up angry Mon-Fri and when people say Good Morning to me I really wish they wouldn't.

Dirk I think you need to get out before something bad happens! I know it's the financial situation thats holding us all in. It's the gravity pulling us towards the 9-5.

I guess if I had a better suggestion for you Dirk I would be doing it myself!

Life really does suck. No one has proven to me that it doesn't so Im sticking to it!

deadinside said on 04/13/10 @ 04:05 PM:
Life sucks indeed. I remember coming to this conclusion as a kid. I never understood what everyone seemed so happy about all the time.

Luckily, I have things to keep me going and which bring me some degree of fulfillment (not career-related!).

Eddie said on 04/14/10 @ 01:17 PM:
Just got my review at work today. Apparently I have to show more drive and initiative in my shitty minimum wage job. Its my sworn duty to drive sales through the roof even though I will never see a penny of all the extra money I am making for them. And like many others here I am expected to change my personality and be a compliant little drone. Part of me is praying to get fired. Even though I would be dirt poor I know I would be happier.

Miss T said on 04/14/10 @ 03:01 PM:
Isn't that it? I think A LOT of people would like to be fired just to give them that 'push'.

As a kid I was happy, I didnt really think philosophically about life and I was much happier. As I've grown older I started to 'think' more and now I'm unhappy. Sometimes I just wish I was one of those people who didn't really care what they did with their life, just did it...was told what to do and just got on with it. I think for the people on this forum we are too full of life for the life we lead and that's the problem. Our lifestyles do not fit our personalities...and a personality is a hard thing to change.

I actually feel like I'm getting dumber as well. My brain isn't working as it use to.

FAH-Q said on 04/14/10 @ 05:20 PM:
Who here has to suffer 7-8 day workathons? Ugh....rotating Monday to Sunday hell. They can get away with that shit because of how the weeks are porportioned.

My schedule's driving me insane....when I do get a traditional weekend off, I end up paying for it with a Monday to Monday...getting up at 3AM to be in at 4 for those number of days, but then there's that tradeoff of being able to get off at 9. But paradoxically that don't happen to my other coworkers. Two of them get every Sunday and Monday off, and the other day I made a direct comment saying that got it so easy compared to me...they objected against that because at the time I said it, I didnt realize they had personal things in their lives....

Work has made me a selfish person when it comes to time. If someone asks me to help them move into their apartment for instance, I would feel the urge to say no or come up with an excuse because I know the days off fly too fast and I'm back in the pit before I know it, pissed off that I didn't get to enjoy those two days much.

freedom said on 04/16/10 @ 02:36 AM:
save me................... back to wage slavery on monday after 2 weeks break, i think about leaving my job everyday but then it hits me after some free time gotta find another dead end job. i wanna be able to get around when im 65 not crippled from back pain or arthritis from earning money.

i found this quote

We feel trapped by forces beyond our control, trapped in a mindless job, for the sake of money, status or recognition. We complain that we never seem to have the time for what's really important to us, because our jobs take so much energy and focus that we hardly have anything left over. We plod along day to day; sometimes we even dread getting out of bed in the morning.

by Henry David Thoreau
- Larry Roth

EndlessDreamer said on 04/16/10 @ 02:07 PM:
Hello fellow work haters.

I agree with the comments on not just watching TV, i spend my time trying to forget about work. Maybe everytime we come home - we should log on here and post a rant. :) I feel it helps me just get rid of all the anger.

I'm too tired to write about my day. But I am really stuck atm, it's like when you jump from a frying pan into freezer!

I left my old job because I was treated like crap, then came to this new one, and now i'm treated like crap again! i give up.

I had an asshole who is not even my manager (who now insists on reviewing my development) go through my performance. You know what he said about me being part-time?

'you're unprofessional' then had a go at me, as if I don't work as hard as everyone else. I felt like going 'fuck you! Thanks for edging me to give in my notice, this is the perfect time'.

I had worked really hard this month, and I got lectured like a child. I really could not stand it. I was near tears, but of course I know it's not worth crying about.
Maybe it's because I tried to get half the bloody day off because I was sick and they still turned me down! Even though I offered to make up all the hours and more.

I really felt so stressed, and it's like no one could help me. Am I meant to just sit there and take abuse just because i'm a silly worker? Hell no.

You have to stand up to these work bullies. The last guy who treated me like that, I handed in my notice. I am not paid to take abuse, and neither are any of you! If you feel treated like crap, then speak up! No job is worth that.

I just wish I had another job lined up. How can that stupid asshole not know that work is not 100% my life, like it is his. I do part time because I have a LIFE, I don't want to spend the rest of my life there.

Funny thing is I was told today this very same manager got sent away for bullying another co-worker, and now he gets to review me? WTF?

Miss T said on 04/16/10 @ 05:44 PM:
No job is worth stress. Money isn't worth that either. I left my last job because of bullying also. I didnt have a job lined up. Now I'm working but in a nicer environment - of course I still hate work but if you leave your job, it really isnt the end of the world. If you kill someone out of frustration at work, then it is.

deadinside said on 04/16/10 @ 06:17 PM:
I don't understand why people spend so much money on material posessions and experiences they don't need. They're just enslaving themselves even more.

I live a very frugal existence, which is why I'll be able to retire by my mid-40's. Even now, I don't need to stress about finances like most people seem to.

nate said on 04/17/10 @ 05:17 PM:
For them that must obey authority
That they do not respect in any degree
Who despise their jobs, their destinies
Speak jealously of them that are free
Cultivate their flowers to be
Nothing more than something
They invest in. bob dylan

lady j said on 04/18/10 @ 08:34 AM:
gawd I don't want to go to work tomorrow.... another annoying, stupid week of stupid, annoying work that is stupid and pointless. I want to run away.

lady j said on 04/18/10 @ 09:50 AM:
Also, my fiancee is really pressuring me to get a 2nd part time job, OR a full time job... I'm so depressed.

Miss T said on 04/18/10 @ 02:30 PM:
DONT go full time! Don't do it!!!

Getting another part time isn't that great either hmm, maybe try find another part time thats like 4 days a week or something and leave the one you're in?

Work tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day, o, and the day after that.

EndlessDreamer said on 04/18/10 @ 03:24 PM:
I agree with Miss T - don't go full time!

I never plan to, unless I get the job I really want. In fact I am handing in my new hours tommorow! I am reducing themmm! (I really can't wait, unproffesional that asshole would call me? So be it, rather that than be a working sheep).

I really am happy for you Miss T that your new job is better. For me this job was better than my old job, but now it's starting to become the same.

There is soo much pressure, as if it's not enough all the work you have to do, they just like to pile it on. Now this manager has just made it 100 times worse. I really am not going to just sit and take it if it gets that bad. It's just annoying since I need the money, and I won't be able to claim any benifits for like 6 months. So it means living off savings if I don't get a job.

I know I will live without alll the material possessions. Anything that means less work is good, plus is that new car or TV worth all the debt that comes with it? I think that is what put us in this financial situation in the first place. Plus the goverment love it, it's a way for them to get control, using it as a tool for the elections.

What a sick world we live in. Even if I do leave my job and have no money, I can go back volunteering which I loved doing before I got back into work. I wish I would of took advantage of all the free time I had instead of worrying about finding anothr job, I regret it now. ;(. I got to make a good difference to the world! Now i'm not doing anything but meaningless work.

Dirk said on 04/18/10 @ 09:37 PM:
Full time lady....no way. I do part time, and I can barely tolerate that! I don't know what your situation is, but if you aren't totally desperate for money, then I'd just stay part time.

Lady J said on 04/19/10 @ 06:15 AM:
Yeah, I'm avoiding the full-time option like the plague... lol! At least a 2nd part time job I could dump it whenever I needed to, and still keep my current part time job. Sigh... we'll see. And no, we aren't desperate for money, things are a little tight but it's not like we are struggling to pay bills and eating rice. We live pretty simply, for the most part... I've been trying to brainstorm ways to make money that don't require me to work for someone or have a schedule... ya know like clean houses, walk dogs, scoop poop. It's funny I'd rather scoop dog shit than find another job and work for someone. lol!

Miss T said on 04/19/10 @ 01:37 PM:
Working full time is a form of poop scooping.

The environment I'm in is nicer but its still work. Gotta force myself up everyday. Tired and slightly annoyed at the whole thing.

Come on guys! We gotta think of other ways to make cash, there's got to be a way!!!

Joey said on 04/19/10 @ 06:14 PM:
"It's funny I'd rather scoop dog shit than find another job and work for someone. lol!"

I've been thinking the same thing, Lady J. I love dogs and have been thinking of ways to work with them to make some money and do what I enjoy. This guy and his wife did just that and are no millionaires from starting a poop scooping company. lol http://doodycalls.com/about_doodycalls_story.asp

Also, some dog walkers are making over 100k/yr. Of course they have mostly high end clients I'm sure.

beerengine said on 04/20/10 @ 02:01 PM:
I don't fear death at all, I fear doing all this BS and then dying.....

D Post said on 04/20/10 @ 02:21 PM:
I'm doing it guys. I'm going back to school for my masters. F this rat race.

Lady J said on 04/20/10 @ 02:41 PM:
Go D Post! What are you getting your master's in?

Miss T said on 04/20/10 @ 04:37 PM:
O yay D Post, I second Lady J's question

Frou Frou said on 04/20/10 @ 06:59 PM:
That's great D Post! I agree F this rat race. I hope to be out in a year or two as well, just trying to save money so I can do my own thing. I agree with beerengine - I don't fear death at all, I fear being stuck in the rat race for another 30 years or more. I can't imagine anything worse. I agree with others who have said that they would rather clean up dog poop. At least you could work for yourself. I think anything which involves working for yourself is better than having a/holes bossing you around all day!

EndlessDreamer said on 04/22/10 @ 09:14 AM:
D Post ! Make sure to use all the time you have, don't waste it!

Don't y'all hate fridays? For me it's back to work, I just get that sick feeling like I would rather be doing anything else.

It's just getting to the point where it's stressting me out. I only work part time aswell! I hate it that everyone at work makes it sound like it's a bad thing, like just because I don't want to work 36 hours a week at that crap hole bank.

I really can't wait for life to start, when I can do things I love, like go on holiday, volunteer. Maybe do work that means something. Which I am doing now of course, since i'm not waiting to retire before i start to live my life, i'm living it now.

Ohh about the dog thing, I would love a job working with dogs! I would love to get paid to walk them. I just can't find many jobs out there for me to do it.

Oh lord near end of the month, which for me means review time with asshole boss. Where he will tell me i'm not being a team player, and that I don't work as hard as people who are full time, and that my achievments mean nothing.

Kill me pleasE?

beerengine said on 04/22/10 @ 03:22 PM:
Fridat two days off and I am to tired and poor to do anything?

Miss T said on 04/22/10 @ 04:44 PM:
Fridays are the worst! People say 'O the weekend starts here' - It doesnt! The weekend starts on SAT-UR-DAY if we didnt have to go to work on Friday THEN the weekend would start there. Come on! Your weekend ends earlier than the end of Sunday cuz obviously you need to sleep early enough for work the next day.

Also, for those who work part time, how did you get that job? Over here if you want to work part time you need an excuse like studying or caring for someone e.g. a kid. Saying 'I just want to work part time' doesnt cut it....

FAH-Q said on 04/23/10 @ 12:37 AM:
I called in slick yesterday saying something happened to my car.

heh I got a co-worker that likes to spy on their co-workers and she gon' ask "where you been"? as if she's my boss.

If she taps her feet for an answer I'ma make her brain pop by ignoring the fuck out of her

EndlessDreamer said on 04/23/10 @ 02:39 PM:
Tell her to f off FAH-Q, and where do you live Miss T?

Your right about the weekend, worst bit is I work saterdAY. :( So like no weekend for me!

Bad news....The asshole guy who is not my manager, is going to be my manager! Also heard he is sexist and hates women (thats why all the girls complain about him) OHHH JOY! Kill me now please?

I'm working out my finances to make sure I would have enough to do my course and live if I had to leave. I don't think i plan on staying if It's going to keep being how it is, I really hate work. It just sucks there are no grants for someone who earns what I earn, but it's not even that much!

But thinking of everyone on here and their inspiring comments actually put a smile on my face at work. I kept thinking 'i can't wait to get back and go on utterly boring hate work!'

Everyone who feeels stressed just think of here, and it's amazing people.

Also had a customer complaining about immigrants being able to claim benifits, I wanted to correct him and tell him that was not all true. The amount of people from the UK who scam on benifits is higher than the amount of immigrants coming in. They like living off others wages, makes me feel like not bothering to work. Why don't i be as selfish as them?

Lady J said on 04/24/10 @ 05:48 PM:
Miss T... what do you mean you can't just work part time if you want to? Are there just not any part time jobs there?? WTF! I would totally lie and say I'm taking care of someone. I'm taking care of myself!!!

slabory_chick said on 04/25/10 @ 12:00 AM:
I don't know where Miss T is. I'm in the U.S.

With the economy being what it is, jobs are kind of limited to begin with, but I suppose this is true lots of places. The reasons people might avoid the part time jobs there are even if they could manage to land them are: they mostly don't pay very high wages (these are almost never "professional" jobs), they usually don't have health care benefits or any other benefits etc.. I'm not sure any of this is worth it in the end though, what's the point of spending your whole life scared of poverty or losing your benefits or something. Anyway one could always demand to work part time where they are, they can't do anything worse than fire you afterall. And they probably won't, but they will never consider you the equal of full-time employees.

slabory_chick said on 04/25/10 @ 12:08 AM:
And for anyone who is gutsy enough to demand part-time work themselves: congrats. You are out there leading a one (wo)man revolution for the world we should have, for the world we shouldn't have to be fighting for as lone individuals but do, the world of work-life balance and a shorter work week. Your example makes it easier for others to do the same (and yes I'd prefer if we had unions to fight for this, and I'd prefer if our politicians could push this, but unfortunately it isn't the case, but we can still sometimes do it for ourselves).

Dirk said on 04/25/10 @ 05:06 AM:
LOL... WTF...I was just talking to this dude that works with me that is starting his own business pooper scoopin and coincedently it comes up here at the same time...weird...and the thing is, he made two customers right away with a $400 contract each for a year

Dirk said on 04/25/10 @ 05:09 AM:
and miss T....You've never heard of part time????

Lady J said on 04/25/10 @ 08:33 AM:
I think Miss T has heard of part time, but she must be living somewhere where it's not really commonplace? Miss T please respond... I'm in the US too. There are lots of part time jobs here but like Slabory Chick stated, a lot of them are low paying and have shitty hours... most are in retail or fast food. I'm extremely fortunate to have a very well-paying part time job, in an office. I'm always looking at the job postings and these types of jobs are pretty few. It's one reason I stick with this job, despite the fact that the boss really, really stresses me out. If she could just relax a little and not be on anal overdrive all the time, I think it would be a lot better - not just for me & my coworker, but for her own sanity.

Slabory Chick, I always advocate for part-time work for the exact reason you mentioned - work-life balance. I wish the world could see how our lives might improve if we had more balance. Studies show that half the work day is spent goofing off, and doing pointless things (busy-work). Why not work more smartly, instead of working longer/harder? I hope to work part time for the rest of my life.

Franky said on 04/25/10 @ 04:23 PM:
Just curious to see what everyone's age is here and their wage level? I'm 37 and earn $13.75 /hr. Funny thing is I made a lot more when I was in my 20s. My earnings seem to drop the older I get. lol I do keep switching jobs though. I don't think I've ever stayed with one job more than 2 yrs.

Also, what was the longest you have been not working? I saved some dough and went 13 months and it was the best 13 months of my life!

Miss T said on 04/25/10 @ 05:25 PM:
Hey guys, sorry, late response!

Im in the UK but what I mean is from my experience saying I want to work part time because I want a better work life balance hasn't been a good enough reason.

In my old work place, some women worked full time but worked from home sometimes because they had children and everyone kept calling them 'part timers' even tho they probably worked harder! As someone else said, you're not considered a 'serious' employee and they may also think that you wont stay with them for long because it's part time. If I lied and said Im caring for someone-lol @Lady J's first response by the way-then I guess that would be more of a legit reason.

EndlessDreamer, I'm guessing from your reponse about immigration and benefits you're also from the UK? If so, you've probably been bombarded with news on the forthcoming election. Brace yourself for an interesting future....it's going to be work more, gain less from May onwards.

Anyone here starting their own business?

Miss T said on 04/25/10 @ 05:29 PM:
It annoys me when I get looks for leaving on time. I was there at 9am, I am now leaving at 5:30pm and I STILL get stares. What's up with that?


EndlessDreamer said on 04/26/10 @ 02:01 AM:
Wow Miss T you're a fellow UK person aswell! xD

Yes I have been ignoring the election, so much so I had no idea about the Iceland volcano happening. It was a pretty bad situation, but I was soo sick of hearing these idiots running for election promising this and that but no doubt not being able to do any of it. Also trying to distract us by blaming immigrants for everything. You know most immigrants can't claim any benifits, and they have to take the cleaner and fast food jobs we don't like. The ones who are scamming off benifits are the same as all the other English people doing it (they're just too lazy to work, and sometimes I want to join them).

Don't you find there is no point working in the UK? You get free dental care, pet insurance, discounts, grants, no council tax, only IF YOUR ON BENIFITS! You get nothing for working. Which makes me think - whats the point?

Yes Miss T I also hear you on the part-time thing. For me it's the same, they assume if you're part time you must be a student. If you're not they want to know what you waste your time doing. Living, is just not a good reason for them. They can't understand why you don't want to be a full time sheep like everyone else. Thats why I was called unprossional for being part time (i'm still getting treated like a child at work).

I have to actually make out i'm a student in order to do less hours. It's soo stupid! I do say sometimes 'I just don't want to work here full time, I have a life outside' but even co-workers give me funny looks.
I do hate those looks Miss T, but i'm always jealous when everyone leaves before me xD. It reminds me how many more hours I have to go.

Ohh joyy it's monday, i'm off to work while I type this. I am so tired I just don't care. Does anyone else find they have to turn themselves into a robot before going? I can'#t be a functioning person at work, I would just die. You can't have a mind of your own.

I could not care less at this point if they walked up to me and told me they have to let me go. In fact I would welcome it, would give me the excuse I have been waiting for.

EndlessDreamer said on 04/26/10 @ 02:05 AM:
Just thought I would share this as proof (there are many more stories like this) --


EndlessDreamer said on 04/26/10 @ 02:13 AM:
Miss T i'm thinking we should move country! I really don't want to stay here if there system is going to be like this, at least in others places they treat their workers better. Like in Australia you actually get benifits for working!

Now why would anyone want to work in the UK when you get nothing back? Instead we get the couple in the article i posted above.

We need to send this article to these MP's and question them about it.

EndlessDreamer said on 04/26/10 @ 02:14 AM:
I meant benefits up above ^ sorry for the typo

Lady J said on 04/26/10 @ 05:40 AM:
EndlessDreamer, the couple in that article are disgusting and greedy. I find it ironic that we all hate working, yet we'd never stoop to that level... we just want the system to change so work isn't such a prison sentence!

I just applied for a different part time job. It's only $10/hour. I make $17/hour right now. But my boss is becoming so unbearable... she called me at 9:20pm on Saturday night! Can you believe it! I didn't answer. But today I'll ask her what she wanted. Still, it feels empowering to apply for a new job.

EndlessDreamer said on 04/26/10 @ 02:46 PM:
Wow well done Lady J! I say get that other part-time job, since then you can leave the other one if it gets too much. At least you will have another source of income. :)

I really should start looking for a small part time job, then I know I can at least leave this one if it becomes too much.

Believe me it is becoming too much. The work is getting harder, and the people are becoming horrible. I was stating at how annoyed I was getting with how difficult our job was becoming, and my friend at work said for me to up my hours (even though the silly boy is reducing his!). I really wanted to shout at him at that point. Everyone seems to want me to work full-time! And not wanting to work there 24/7 is not a reason, everyone starts the 'but what are you doing when not working?' like it's a crime for me to not want to work 24/7.

I think I get what Miss T was now saying about having to make up an excuse. Everyone is just being rude and pushing me to go full time when I don't want to. Well they can forget it since it's not happening, I don't plan to work full time.

I can't even manage it part time right now, how the hell will up'n my hours to 36 a week going to help me cope? Logic? I don't see any.

Lady J I do agree those people are sick, but at least they came out and told the public. I mean how many of us would be sitting here questioning the fact they get money thrown at them, had we not known? I'm just surprised they got to keep their benefits!

I don't see why we can't have a fair working system. I just don't understand why they don't give us any benefit for working, I mean if no one was working thats the whole system gone! You would think they would be throwing money at us to work. Yet alas they do not...It's like they're forcing us to not want to.

I'm thinking about posting ways to live life of saving money, so people can cut back and work part time. :)


Miss T said on 04/26/10 @ 04:38 PM:
Yea post the Operation Part Time Movement (OPTM)!

Seriously, working doesn't give you anything- you get tax and NI taken from your pay though, lucky us.

EndlessDreamer I'm glad you get what I mean. If you dont say you're studying or something like that then people dont understand WHY you want to work part time. I didn't read the article but I can get the gist of it and I know that's why a lot of people don't want to work. You get more cash if you don't, well, in the UK at least.

When I wasn't working I lived off my savings and didn't go on benefits so I had to pay for my medical prescriptions. If I was on benefits I would get it for free, please tell me the logic?

I heard that in the US you get 6 months of benefits and after that you're on your own, is that true?

It's all or nothing with work and that's what I don't like. Other things could be going on in your life but work has to come first. Always first.

EndlessDreamer said on 04/27/10 @ 12:05 PM:
How come you did not claim Miss T? Oh is it the jobseekers thing? Where you can't claim if you leave work for like 6 months. How annoying is that! Ok so you at least work for a good amount of time, then get nothing back? It's a load of crap. The worst part is if you work you can't even get basic benefits, yet there are people like in that article that can claim loads all at once. They would not even let my Grandfather claim for being disabled, they made him go to a doctors that was at the other end of the country to get proof. Yet people who have not worked can say they have back problems and can get it easy!

I'm so sick of this country, i really don't feel proud of it. Even though i know it's the same for the US and some places aswell.

Just thinking about work makes me depressed...I mean the part thats stressing me out is that I know I need to leave it. Since the work is getting more difficult and I can't keep up, yet there is this nagging voice telling me I need the job. I mean do I? I don't think I care anymore.

Just ignore those people Miss T (who ask why your part time) it's none of their buisness! Just because they love work, does not mean we have to. I feel like it's just me who really hates even being there part time, I mean even people who hate it still whine about how they should do more hours, why?

You get nothing for working here but stress. If everyone just went on benefits things would have to change, if only we could all just do that and see what happens.


I will write up that thing about saving money. I'm just looking at other countries and how they treat workers atm. I really don't want to retire here at this point. :(

The Slacker's Bible said on 04/27/10 @ 12:12 PM:
The book everybody on this page needs hasn't been written yet - but with a little help, it soon will be. Click my name, hop on over to "The Slacker's Bible" site, and make a good faith investment in freedom. Help get "The Slacker's Bible" in print and who knows, you might even find what you need within its pages to escape the job hell forever. If anybody can do it, this author can, so invest in a book that could help sink the wage-slave ethic. If you can't pledge, then spread the word far and wide. That will help, too. Just get involved - don't let the slave masters continue to win without a fight.

octafish said on 04/27/10 @ 04:49 PM:
I find it sad that EndlessDreamer and Miss T are now attacking benefit claimants. This is exactly what the Ruling Class want, a division in the ranks. So whilst we're busy condemning other people, they're free to hide their wealth in off shore accounts and Swiss Banks, thus avoiding the subsequent taxes. I mean it's just being reported that the super rich got even richer during the recession!

Who's to say that this story is true anyway? It could be a complete fabrication, nothing would surprise me when it comes to the British press. It's
funny how I never see stories condemning the expenditure of the Royal Family, by far the biggest benefit claimants in Britain.

EndlessDreamer said on 04/28/10 @ 03:27 AM:
Octafish I do see your point, and I don't blame the people on benefits. Like I said about the article - who is giving them the money? I mean If I were them I might do the same if someone offered me an easy way out.

I do blame every person who is behind the system. But then I blame myself a lil, that I am still greedy enough to want to work (although not much of a choice where you need to pay for things).

I believe alot of us were being silly when we brought stuff we did not need, then moan when we have to pay it back. But thats not everyone, and there are people no doubt laughing at what silly puppets we are.

Tbh I would much rather go back to the royal family system, and that we don't have a royal family AND a goverment. Why not just one Queen like in old times? Otherwise thats more money thrown out. More people deciding how we should live, I mean whats the point of us having a royal family? It's not like they get a say in goverment affairs.

Funny thing is money is just paper, yet we made it this god like thing. We look at trees and don't think they're worth anything, yet we look at money and think it's our life....I never see how that works.

I will read up on that slacker's bible, thanks. :)

Miss T said on 04/28/10 @ 05:24 PM:
Hi Octafish, I don't believe I have attacked any benefit claimants.

In terms of the truth of the article, story, whatever I'm not concerned, I didn't read it. All I know is that I hate working because it takes up too much time and I have other things I want to do with my life.

I just wish I knew what I wanted to do when I was young, then I could have focussed on that and got it!

EndlessDreamer said on 04/29/10 @ 02:56 AM:
You can start now Miss T :). It takes all of us a while, no one knows what they want to do at like 10. i mean I had soo many interests I just wanted to be everything.

So just decide what you want now and go for it. It's never too late for that, just don't let the working world stop you.

I hear you on being focussed though. I wasted so much time when i did not have a job, I could of studied and got finincial help. Yet I wasted all the time I had by looking for another job! Now I regret it since it's harder. If I left I would not be able to claim jobseekers, so it won't be the same as before.

I goes there is no going back, only forward. So we kind of just have to look from here on.

Luke said on 04/29/10 @ 05:19 PM:
The Slackers Bible?

i don't think the point or mindset of this blog is that of a slacker at all..its more the awareness of the slavery and giving up of freedom for other corporations that feels unsettling and revolting ..its not because of laziness..

Dirk said on 04/29/10 @ 11:02 PM:
Miss T, i'm gonna try starting my own business, though it's gonna be hard with the part time I do now, and my kid I have to watch. I'm gonna try to work into it slowly. Whats funny is me and another guy I work with hand out flyers for our own business at our jobs when we're out on delivery. Ha ha, they think we're all about them when we're not.

EndlessDreamer said on 04/30/10 @ 01:45 PM:
I say thats an awsome idea Dirk, and having your own buisness would be awsome. Just think no having to report to anyone! Getting to choose your own hours. If you need some time off - no having to beg. Thats what I want to work towards.

Right now though i'm saving to leave. It's got the point where I can't stand my job or it's managers, or it's supervisers, or it's flipping customers! I want out.

My friend has found another job which she will be starting in a month, so she can tell me how it is so I can move there if I want. It will be good since I want to know how a job is before I join.

Otherwise it's operation save and look for another job. ;( last thing i want is to end up in the same type of place again. Which is what it's starting to feel like, at first it was better than my old job, now it's bordering on the same level.

I just hate working my life away. I just saw a post I made 2 years ago! TWO YEARS AGO!!! When I was just 19! Now i'm 21 and still at the same job.

Now thats realllyyyy badddd.

Dirk said on 05/01/10 @ 09:29 PM:
Endless - LOL, I have posts that old too. It's weird how time went that fast, and will probably continue to do so. Hopefully where I work will go bankrupt then maybe I can collect unemployment. Then i'll finally have more time to get my own thing going. But they continue to rob us employees to stay going longer.

Miss T said on 05/03/10 @ 04:28 PM:
That's great Dirk! LOVING the use of company time to get your business going thing. When I was studying I use to use the 'instruments' at work to do my coursework, print it out as much as I liked and use their folders etc....twas great.

Anyway if you can own your own business that would be great. You may have to work harder than you do now but it's for a proper purpose and not because some brown nose is cracking that whip!

Lady J said on 05/05/10 @ 07:28 AM:
I stayed home yesterday -- was having a surge of creativity and wanted to take advantage. Got a LOT done! It was great! And today, am back at work and feeling angsty again, have an impending sense of doom, hearburn and anxiety, and just want to break out. Just goes to show, when I am working towards my own projects/business I am super motivated and totally on-task and I get stuff done, good stuff, but the environment here just sucks. Gawd I hate my boss.

EndlessDreamer said on 05/05/10 @ 11:27 AM:
Lady J I am feeling you!

I'm off work for a week (only have like 2 days left) and it's been heaven.I have really had a chance to think without stressing all day about waking up early, going to my work place of hell.

I really get sick at the thought of going back. I know I can't stay much longer in this job, I have an asshole boss too, plus I have coaches who have been there less time than I have! The work is beyond hard now, and everyone keeps bugging me to go full time.#

I just don't know how long I can cope. It's getting to that point where if I know I am going to leave (since I refuse to be fired, I would leave first) I need to look for something else. I would rather do any simple work right now, just enough for me to do my course and having money coming in.

I hate money for this! But I am getting better at saving. Before I was just splashing out on useless crap so I guess i'm paying for it now. As I need enough to get me through if I leave this job.

But hey no job is worth that much stress, there are always other jobs. They're all just the same to me untill I work towards the one I want.#

I think if you hate work like we do just stay part time. I mean to me having less money to spend is not as bad as working full time at that hell, no matter what people say. I just hate how every person i.e family/friends always asks you how work is. Never 'how are you?' first, just 'oh have you been working?' 'hows work going?' as if it's my whole life! It's not and I don't like being asked, so don't do it.

slabory_chick said on 05/09/10 @ 03:21 AM:
There's also just the alienation of working full time, yep the usual critique.

But seriously, to work full time is to feel apart from your own life. To feel like all your days go toward things you don't even care about, and there's barely much time left for you when you are done. To feel like your own life is on an autopilot you don't control. And this is frustrating to the point you wake up in the middle of the night in terror.

Probably no matter what I do I'm going to be forced back into full time work eventually. It seems no one even provides any guidance to help you avoid it (I mean helping professionals, including job counselors, financial counselors etc.).

slabory_chick said on 05/10/10 @ 10:41 PM:
I was recently comparing time spent at work to time spent in a coma :)

beast said on 05/11/10 @ 03:49 AM:
Leaving in 3 weeks and it doesn't even matter that I've got nothing else lined up. I just have to get out of here.

EndlessDreamer said on 05/11/10 @ 05:07 AM:
I know what you mean beast, I took the day off sick and boy it was great!

Yes at work it is a bit like a coma. My body is there, but my mind drifts off somewhere else.

Even though I was ill in bed, it was the best day ever. Usually I would not be able to enjoy the day in fear of going back to work and getting more slack for having time off. Now it's like 'who cares', I really don't understand why people who don't work say they get bored of free time.

They need to shut up and give their free time to me. Go out and make a differnce to the world, volunteer like I used to do before I became a work sheep again.

It's soo fun not getting up till you feel like it, wondering what movie to watch, wondering who to go see. Your day can be filled with wonderful things. :)

Rick said on 05/11/10 @ 05:43 AM:
I love this page! I remember reading this about a year ago, and I couldn't agree more.

Not so long ago I worked at a company in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where my manager was almost literally using me as a slave. We had to stay till six 'o clock, while the day ended at half six. It was to show that we are a motivated department. Most of the times I had to stay longer because I HAD to finish some job, like there was no tomorrow to finish it. A couple of days I was forced to stay till 10 or 11 in the evening while I had started at 08:30. I was visibly depressed after a while because I LOVE MY FREE TIME. When I am at work I want nothing more than to leave, and be happy. The manager said that if I stayed I could get a car, extra payment, a laptop. I told him I didn't need those things. There was another IT guy who had to do overwork almost daily, and he only got a car after 4/5 years! At the end of the story, I was told that overtime was not payed, in time or money. m*therf*ckers!

The thing that pisses me off the most is that for the most horrid of jobs you have to be motivated, a team player, flexibel, etc. It always me so much that I think I won't grow old because of it.

I don't care about your company, you, your cars, your laptop, what you want or how you want it, making money for you and having you pay me as little as possible.

Joey said on 05/11/10 @ 05:48 AM:
Beast, I'm leaving my job in 3 weeks as well and have nothing else lined up. I can't wait to get the F out of this place. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I'm 100% sure it's not going to be a full time job.

Miss T said on 05/13/10 @ 03:52 PM:
Beast and Joey, you make me smile.

EndlessDreamer said on 05/14/10 @ 03:07 PM:
Well all of you make me smile :), glad i'm not alone in my beliefs. I wish we all worked together, think of the fun we would have!

bk said on 05/17/10 @ 08:03 AM:
god i hate my work....it seems petty meaningless and i want to do something else with my life. life is too bloody short to be fightened into woorking at things you dont belive in or care about. who gives a shit about trading anway. and the people are a bunch of macho self loathing dicks!

EndlessDreamer said on 05/21/10 @ 04:32 PM:
Your not the only one BK, I feel that way every time I step in the office. Like 'why am I here? Why do I care?' and if it were not stupid reasons (like stupid family) I would have left by now. In fact I think about leaving every day, oh how nice it would be. :)

BurnedOut said on 05/21/10 @ 07:18 PM:
I hate all the ass-kissers at work- like my boss. I'm sick of it. I live in cube hell and he is one cube ahead of me.. whether it be his boss or other co-workers. Or when he talks on the phone.. i just wish for once someone would argue with him, i don't know what he would do.. he has to be so 'nice' to everyone..

Nameless One said on 05/27/10 @ 01:39 AM:
I'm not gonna be able to do this for 40 years.

Whyme said on 05/27/10 @ 05:50 PM:
Life is all about pleasing and impressing other people, sick of it frankly.

Dave the slave said on 05/31/10 @ 09:57 AM:
I have been reading all your posts and man can I relate. I have been working in a factory for 21 years, doing the same repetive jobs day after day. I am definitely burned out. I have been seriously thinking about leaving the grind. My car and motorcycle are paid off. I have no mortgage or other big debt. No one too support but myself and enough money in my 401k to survive a couple of years without working. I guess I just don't have the balls to quit yet. But I know my mental and physical health would improve dramatically if I did.

EndlessDreamer said on 06/03/10 @ 11:09 AM:
A site that has helped me immensely :)


EndlessDreamer said on 06/04/10 @ 07:01 AM:
Visit my site and get scammed, bitches.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 06/06/10 @ 03:32 PM:
For the person trying to copy me - it's not my site, I say ignore any money making scheme. It's just there for light reading.

Click or don't click, but get enlightened. :)

Nameless One said on 06/06/10 @ 04:07 PM:
I feel guilty because I'm not working and really enjoying it. Funny how society has mentally conditioned us to think if you're working and miserable, you must be working hard. You're not working hard y'all, you're just mserable.

Igotthememo said on 06/07/10 @ 12:41 PM:
I am fortunate to have found good jobs with good people for the most part over the past 10 years but I am "bored" beyond belief! People are not meant to sit in cubicles all day and stare at computers or talk on the phone...OMG! Should I really be happy that I have just a job? Or should I aspire to more in life? I do have a part time office cleaning business which I love, I would rather clean people's messes up all day/night than sit in this cubicle!!! But, it does not pay all the bills right now so it's 2 jobs I work day after day until we can build our business. Just venting... I have a case of the Mondays!!!! :)

Joey said on 06/08/10 @ 08:43 AM:
As of today I'm a free man! Goodbye 40-60 hr work week. Hello freedom!!

Miss T said on 06/08/10 @ 01:35 PM:
You're going to love it Joey!

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 06/10/10 @ 02:44 PM:
Enjoy it Joey, just make sure to have a life full of fulfillment. Full of joy and finding your passion.

Good luck, love and light. :)

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 06/12/10 @ 10:24 AM:
I think work just hinders our spirtitual growth as people, which in turn makes us feel miserable. We are surrounded by so much negative energy from others that is makes us become negative aswell.

I don't think money is worth all that torture we put ourselves through. Then again thats why i want a lower paid job that I enjoy more, than one that I hate but pay's better.

Miss T said on 06/14/10 @ 05:43 AM:
Definately. Well it looks like things are going to get a bit harder here. More work, less pay or the same work with less pay or less work with less pay. Either way, less pay

BurnedOut said on 06/14/10 @ 07:11 PM:
Time and freedom is more important than money, is it not?

Miss T said on 06/15/10 @ 12:00 PM:
For those of us here, yes. But for the rest of the (western) world, no. Money is THE most important thing....more important than life itself.

FAH-Q said on 06/18/10 @ 10:52 AM:
My workplace adpoted a new time clock system where for instance, if you punch out a minute early before going home you get docked 6 minutes.

They want to make sure you rough it out and ride the clock and watching the minutes.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 06/18/10 @ 12:39 PM:
FAH Q that sounds just beyond stupid. I know we have this clock-in thing aswell. They really do love to own your time.

You know although money is everything to some people, we should always put life first. My passion has nothing to do with money, but I need money to buy nice things I want. This is not a problem, is just when money becomes our world we have to stop and think - 'is this holding me back from what i want? Do I really want the money?' I think that alot when people say they want to win the lotto. Ok fine is thats your hearts desire then you have every chance, but you have to stop and think if it's the money, or the things you want to buy the money with. In which case there is another route to that.

I believe you should find your hearts desire and make it happen. If you want it that much it will happen. Just make sure it is what you want.

I now know I want to move departments. I plan to reduce my hours so I go back to minimum again. It never did happen before because I was talking myself out of it due to fear of change. Now I can't wait to be moved, we just have to be clear about our path - then we can start walking it. :) Love and Light xx

Notlazy said on 06/18/10 @ 02:12 PM:
The average work week needs to be 25 hours, 4 days on/3 days off. Which is actually common in a lot of countries other than the good ol' USA. Long enough to still be productive, but with plenty of leisure time.

40 hours with 2 days off is just insane. It's doable on occasion, but week in and week out for the rest of your life? Fuck that!

Igotthememo said on 06/18/10 @ 02:16 PM:
"It's not that I am lazy, I just don't care"
- Peter Gibbons/Office Space

Miss T said on 06/19/10 @ 05:48 PM:
People need money whether you want it or not. That's the problem. I don't really care for money and I can (and have) done without certain things because I'd rather have my free time and less stress.

Money makes people crazy. People are constantly trying to compare themselves to others to try and make themselves feel more important cuz they have this or that. I never cared for that so Im always 'falling behind' compared to my friends.

Larry said on 06/19/10 @ 06:02 PM:
Every job I have ever done has given me zero satisfaction. I'm seriously considering joining the Peace Corps. Has anyone here worked with them or considered it? To me, it sounds very rewarding..helping people in 3rd world contries.

BurnedOut said on 06/19/10 @ 08:27 PM:
I was thinking the same- one minute of work helping others is more important than the 10 years (and counting) of pointless, mind-numbing work i've had the thrill of doing. Just think of the satisfaction of helping just one child or a person in need.

Fireball said on 06/24/10 @ 10:44 PM:
Well i used to work at a communication company and it was just awful. Customers just call in to complain even after I TOLD THEM that a technician would come to fix their line. I have been threatened, look down and needless to say the word murder flashes my mind once in a while.

I resigned last week and going back to studying. I was thinking of becoming a teacher for quite a while now. I urged anyone that wants follow their dreams to do it now.

Because when i die, last thing i want is to have regrets. Keep on fighting guys cos i know all of you here can DO IT!!!!!

worksuxass said on 06/24/10 @ 10:58 PM:
I agree with Notlazy!!! THANK YOU! GLAD SOMEBODY SAID IT!!

Ronald said on 06/25/10 @ 01:17 PM:
I can wait for Oprah Winfrey will safe replace me to change into my private person and become a Hollywood actor, then I will become my own private business and Hollywood actor of myself without very meanest bosses, governments and public service. I will become an actor then I will easily ignore to all meanest bosses, governement and public services!!! I say "NO MORE GOVERNMENT"!!! I want to very biggest noisy to all bosses, government and public service are seeking a money!!! I do hate to all meanest bosses, governments and public services!!!

Buzz said on 06/28/10 @ 05:07 AM:
So, it's my 20th birthday on friday. And I have to spend it at work but i'm bringing my resignation with me!

Workisfortheweak said on 06/28/10 @ 01:30 PM:
See, the problem is this : We (Americans) work hard. we earn less. MEN earn less than minorities and most women.

PRICES keep going up.

TAXES keep going up.

WE keep doing our mindless tasks and jobs, for LESS reason than ever.

I wouldnt utterly fucking HATE WORK if there was SOME CARROT and the end of this string-less stick....

Miss T said on 06/28/10 @ 03:41 PM:
Im back in depressive mode.

Jimmy said on 06/29/10 @ 10:27 AM:
I hate my job. I have to go in a couple of hours and I can already feel the life draining out of me. I wake up and am like "damn I have to work", and then I get done with my shift and think "damn I have to go to work tomorrow". Everyone I know wants to get licensed so they can make full pay, but I think I failed my licensing exam and I don't really care all that much lol Maybe people will now realize not only do I hate my job but I suck at it. If I am in this job for another two years I will kill myself.

Jimmy said on 06/29/10 @ 10:30 AM:
Oh yeah, people say we are better off now than when we lived in caves, but apparently they spent only a small fraction of their day hunting and gathering. they spent the rest doing what they wanted. The only downside being you die younger, but life was probably much more enjoyable.

The Snu said on 06/30/10 @ 04:12 AM:
1. Rape, murder and pillage rich people. Take their stuff. Assassinate them.

2. Move to China and get on the farms that those Chinese left. Apparently you can barely eat, but no other living costs needed.

3. Revolution. Throw out government. Install new hippy government. Close country borders. Sustainable living and bartering only allowed. All corporates to die.

4. Make stuff. Swap stuff. Start real communities of working together. Stuff the rest of the world.

5. Counterfeit money.

6. Get free house by squatting. Just break in and take it.


8. Everyone turn black market. Declare no income. Pay only cash income. Nothing for Uncle Sam ever again.

BurnedOut said on 07/05/10 @ 07:02 PM:
Did the holiday weekend go by in a blink of an eye or what? Back to the daily 8-hour prison sentence.

Miss T said on 07/06/10 @ 03:16 PM:
Work is work, no matter where you are....TIRED of it

Alistar said on 07/07/10 @ 07:56 AM:
I called in today and yesterday. My supervisor just called to ask me a question about some stupid spreadsheet. One she should know the answer to. Didn't bother to ask me how I was feeling (I don't feel great mind you). I'm sure her objective was to make me feel guilty. And it worked for a minute. Now I'm like 'whatever'. I'm not there life isn't fair deal with it! I'm going back to sleep.

Help Wanted said on 07/07/10 @ 11:34 AM:
I thought this would be one of the best places to ask this question since you all feel the same way I do. How do you get through a day when you utterly despise the work you do? I can't daydream or slack off because I am in a type of management position where nothing can legally get done unless I continually give my approval. I feel so sad before I go to work, want to shoot myself during, and sad when I get back. I know this is completely due to my job because I am happy when I have a day off.
So any tips on surviving the workday? Any advice would be appreciated.

BurnedOut said on 07/07/10 @ 06:14 PM:
At least you're in management- I'm a lowly office sheep. I wonder if I hung myself in our bathroom stall, anybody would notice I was missing. I don't think so.

Help Wanted said on 07/07/10 @ 07:50 PM:
Don't think people in management aren't sheep. I'm as expendable as the next guy getting crushed by the corporate machine. Unless you are a CEO then you always have people treating you like crap. Yeah, they would notice I was missing but only care long enough until they grabbed another person to replace me.

Help Wanted said on 07/07/10 @ 07:52 PM:
So can anyone help me with my question?

Miss T said on 07/08/10 @ 02:23 PM:
Can't help you mate (in fact I asked the exact same question here some time ago).

What I usually do is take some headphones with me and listen to music. I use to go on to youtube and listen to comedy shows but I'd end up bursting out laughing and people'd think I was mad. But it did cheer me up. There's only so long that'll last though.

Everyone (even CEOs to a certain extent) are sheep. We all on the daily grind. Only problem with being CEO is that you have to pretend you care about your job and the company.

BurnedOut said on 07/08/10 @ 07:18 PM:
Lebron leaves (Cavs fan), and I have to go to work tomorrow. SHOOT ME NOW

Frou Frou said on 07/09/10 @ 05:02 AM:
Help Wanted, I'd probably start saving money like crazy and paying off any debts so that you can quit your job asap. I'm currently doing the same thing, my job sucks. I think it's best to work for yourself, corporations and most people seem to be so incredibly greedy, it makes me sick. In the meantime, I agree with Miss T, listen to some music if you can or else try to remove yourself mentally from the situation and just get through the work day on automatic pilot. It's no way to live though, I agree. I wish I lived in cave man times. At least I would have ownership over how to structure my day instead of sitting in a cubicle for seven hours being bossed around! Good luck!

Help Wanted said on 07/12/10 @ 09:47 PM:
Thanks for the advice you guys. I appreciate it.

Miss T said on 07/14/10 @ 02:42 PM:
Work is life

Hi said on 07/15/10 @ 07:10 PM:
What do you say to family/friends that seem to think you are crazy for not wanting to stay at your job? It's like they either don't care or they think you are just being a quitter for leaving a job that makes you feel so miserable. I said I wanted to quit my job and talked about how miserable it made me, and they just kind of looked at me like I was nuts or being overly dramatic (I'm not a dramatic person by nature). I had quit a similar job long ago (both jobs deal with nonstop customer service which I despise), so to me it makes sense why I would quit while to them they think I am being a quitter. It really makes you doubt your own perceptions: do my feelings actually matter or am I just a fool?

Workisfortheweak said on 07/15/10 @ 08:16 PM:
@Hi youre not alone brother. We ALL who wrote here feel this way. One thing I can say:

WE are the ones with souls. with hardened desires to be more than slaves to the working world, only to die before doing things we really want to.

DO WHAT YOU WANT TO NOW. My bigges fear is being like one of those in the 9/11 deaths....saying " I wish i had, I shoulda , I coulda" instead of " damn it was a great ride"

buzz said on 07/18/10 @ 05:01 PM:
^couldn't agree more.

rise above mediocrity while you can.

Hi said on 07/19/10 @ 12:12 PM:
Yeah, I really don't want to live my life full of regrets. It's like that movie Collateral where Vincent says people say someday they'll achieve their dreams and the next thing they know they look around and see that they are too old to achieve what they wanted.

BurnedOut said on 07/19/10 @ 06:11 PM:
An IT guy that I never liked quit last week- not for another job- but to walk the Appalachian Trail- from Maine to Ga. It'll take 5 months. No job lined up afterwards either. I admire the man. I'd like to follow his lead. Do it now people - while you're in your 20's 30's or 40's...

Miss T said on 07/20/10 @ 03:15 PM:
Im in my mid 20s and compared to most of my friends, Im behind on the money/career thing. I've wasted time because I've been so hesitant to enter the real - beg for money, beg for a job - world.

We all do what we think we're SUPPOSE to do (go to school, get degree, blah blah) and we don't do what makes us happy.

I feel myself coming to a point where I just want to up and leave, like book a flight somewhere, and just go and see what happens. I'm not destined for unhappiness I don't think, yet it's the life I'm living.

Public_Enemy said on 07/24/10 @ 06:39 AM:
I think this website should be printed out and stored in a journal with a thick protective cover to warn future generations about the perils of repeating the same mistakes.

Oh and hi Miss T, nice to see some of the comments made you smile :)

I have to say that I did laugh reading through some of the old comments too.

Miss T said on 07/29/10 @ 03:38 PM:
Hi Public_Enemy, yep, they made me smile and laugh in some cases!

What scares me about working is the fact that I may be doing this for 40+ (50+ from the way things are going now) years and that's really, really scary.

In the UK, its just been announced that you can have VOLUNTARY retirement. In that if you wanna work past 65 you still can and don't have to leave work.

What is this world coming to? When will money not be the most important thing in the world?

Public_Enemy said on 07/31/10 @ 07:26 AM:
Miss T, I remember when they announced the Voluntary retirement here, I wasn't surprised and the announcement just made me even more cynical.

I think we have very few options but the only way to survive the work thing is the difficult task of finding something that we actually enjoy that does not feel like work. It is usually something that is about more than ourselves and not only about money.

I only know one person who has found this, everyone else I know would rather jump of a cliff than come into work.

slabory_chick said on 08/01/10 @ 08:21 PM:
Oh no tomorrow is a Monday again.

Miss T said on 08/02/10 @ 03:44 PM:
What deos that person do Public?

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 08/02/10 @ 04:10 PM:
Worst thing is when old people are forced to work. That makes me the most mad, that after working all their life they can't even get a break!

At work I find I just don't like it when people want to be sheeps. When they kind of live and breath company policy, but then it's their life and I have no right to judge.

The comment before about family/friends going on at you. It does annoy me that it's all people ever think to ask you.
'Hows work?'
'You still working?'
'Oh is this your day off? You working tommorow?'

It's like is there nothing more important in life you wish to ask me? 100 things could have happend and you want to remind me of work....ggrrrrr.
I don't blame them, I just get very annoyed and don't want to answer questions about work. It's like trying to make conversation at work. If someone is interested in what i'm doing fine, but if they just ask to make conversation it annoys me. It just means they have no interest in you or what your doing.

I don't think it's work thats soul killing - it's being forced to do something we don't like.

But then I guess instead of whining I could just find another job. I have to admit I get lazy, where you know you should leave but you just don't want to do the whole hassle of finding another.

TO HELP- WANTED - read this site if you can, or print off some quotes and take them to work to read. I am sure they will entertain you, and you can remember you are never alone in how you feel. :)

slabory_chick said on 08/02/10 @ 11:14 PM:
I think the ultimate answer for me might be contract work, work for a several months then take some months of freedom. The periods of freedom would probably make it all worthwhile.

Hi said on 08/03/10 @ 12:36 PM:
Doesn't help that in the US wages for everyday workers haven't been rising as much as they used to in order to keep up with inflation. In other words, you really do have to work harder just to stay at your current level of consumption. A few decades back the insane salaries and compensation that companies now give their ceo's and management were completely unheard of. I think the ratio of the highest paid to lowest paid worker was only 100:1 while now it is so much higher. This means there is no money left to give to you because it goes to the higher ups. I blame the lack of unions since a business's main priority is to get as much work out of you as possible for the least pay. If you think your employer is your friend and wouldn't want you to work for free 24/7 then think again. Without unions, which have been broken up, we have no protection. Some people refuse to see this and say all unions are "corrupt".

Hi said on 08/03/10 @ 12:40 PM:
Has anyone here ever taught english abroad?

Public_Enemy said on 08/03/10 @ 02:11 PM:
@ Miss T

The job they do is helping the visually impaired. They might travel to a persons house to do their shopping or teach them the best way to use the walking stick canes in the street. This persons studies had absolutely nothing to do with their job now but all skills we learn are transferable in some way so nothing is really a waste of time.

Roger said on 08/09/10 @ 05:19 AM:
It makes no sense. I spent 6 years university to get "good job". 12 years later, a nice job in the federal civil service. Big salary, not too stressful, pension, etc.. Yet, I freakin' hate it so much. I hate going to work and joining in on the pissing contest with my colleauges. I hate always trying to look the part to please my boss. I hate applying for damn promotions. I just want to quit, buy a small yacht, and screw it.

Hi said on 08/09/10 @ 12:35 PM:

If you can financially afford to do it Roger, then quit and buy the yacht.

Public_Enemy said on 08/10/10 @ 07:11 AM:

The problem with quitting and buying a yacht is what do they do when their money runs out.. This is part of why almost all of us are trapped in this vicious cycle, we hate our jobs but our entire culture is based on money. You buy a house, you have a mortgage to pay, tax, bills etc, you buy a car, you have to pay for tax, repairs, fuel, insurance etc. You buy a yacht you need to pay for fuel, repairs, food and who knows what else.

Hi said on 08/10/10 @ 01:06 PM:
I totally agree public enemy. That was what I mean by financially afford it. There is no point in quitting if you run out of money after a few years.

BurnedOut said on 08/12/10 @ 06:48 PM:
Was watching MSNBC the other day - is there a more truer phrase "Crappy Job Conundrum" ?? Aren't we all in that right now?

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 08/15/10 @ 07:07 AM:
Hi guys, I have found the book:

I LOST MY JOB AND I LIKED IT - Lilou Mace helpful.

I recommend it as a good read to anyone depressed at work.I take it and read it on my breaks, and even at the desk instead of doing work.

I notice how degrees don't do as much for people today as they used to. In fact sometimes people just get it to feel above others, but don't end up doing anything with it. I don't have a degree, but thats because what i want to do I can do without one. As long as you have passion for the field you want to work in.

Last thing you want is to get stuck in the current type of work you have now.

^ Above posts - don't let money trap you like that. I know it's hard since for example in the UK now everything goes up, wages go down, people lose jobs. So everyone is worrying about money. But if we lose our jobs and have no money we just have to think 'was I really happy? Is this not what I was screaming for to happen?' you can see it was meant to be.

When we die we take none of it with us, remember that. Yes we need money, but at the end of the day it's not the most important thing. How importnant it is to us is the emphasis we ourselves put on it.

BurnedOut said on 08/16/10 @ 06:09 PM:
Endless- man I needed to hear what you just said. It was rough day at work- all day, just thinking what good is this? What is the purpose of existing- it is to be caged for 8-hrs a day like zoo animals? Is the green "piece of tree bark" worth all this pointless, soul-crushing, mind-numbing routine? Somedays - believe me I'm not suicidal, I love life too much (outside of work)- but when we leave this Earth, only then will we be at peace?

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 08/17/10 @ 02:06 PM:
Hello BurnedOut!

Answer to your question, BIG NO. We do not wait till we die to recieve salvation. What good is being on earth? We were meant to make some kind of difference.

Believe me I know how depressing it is. I get up and go into a callcenter for 10 hours straight, so I know just how bad it is.

But at the end of the day I know if i'm not happy i can just leave. Ok yes there is fear of money, but if your to the point where you're thinking about killing yourself, then what good is it?

You could just leave and be happy and not care. Don't ever think death is the answer. Whats bigger killing yourself or living without money for a while? I know in your heart you know the answer.

I say pick up that book, or read helpful things like that online. I think we really have to believe we deserve better than the shit job your in now. Believe me you deserve it, and if you work hard to find whatever makes you happy, you will get it.

Ronald said on 08/17/10 @ 10:33 PM:
I do agree to BurnedOut said "Workers must stay in cage at 8 hoiurs". You are your right that the meanest bosses do love to brutally molest to beat most workers and you for a prison of 8 hours. We hate to most meanest bosses' very evil poeple!!! I DO TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU OF ALL!!! AMEN!!!

slabory_chick said on 08/18/10 @ 12:49 AM:
I want to destroy myself.

Miss T said on 08/18/10 @ 03:32 PM:
You always have a choice. You just have to be prepared to deal with the consequences of them.

BurnedOut said on 08/18/10 @ 07:02 PM:
I do not attend after-work job gatherings. I do not want anything to do with these people after I leave the 8-hour hellhole. And that goes for the few people I like- I just don't want to see anything associated with this torture chamber.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 08/19/10 @ 11:23 AM:
I am very much like that....I would not even go to a leaving do!

You want to seperate yourself from the torture chamber as much as possible.

Just remember you always have a choice. You don't have to say there, don't get stuck just because everyone tells you it's the 'right thing to do'. Otherwise we will be letting people run our lifes till the end.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 08/20/10 @ 01:11 AM:
Called in sick today! It's feels so liberating and free.

Your health comes first, if you feel you need to rest, do it.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 08/20/10 @ 10:59 AM:

Just wanted to share this guys rant on our situation today.

Hibbs said on 08/21/10 @ 06:52 PM:
Why not make the best of the situation?

Work sucks, life sucks and then you die. So what? Why not put your energy into being excellent at work? Why not upgrade your skills? Move up the ladder, make 100K a year. Live well below your means and invest around 35% of your salary a year. Buy stocks that are not dependent on the business cycle that pay dividends and have a history of increasing their dividends(utilities, energy distribution, retail real-estate, banks (Canadian)), etc.. Before you know it you'll generate enough investment income per year to stop working. You won't have a glamorous lifestyle, but will be able to make ends meet. This is no big secret or scam. There is a way out.

Hi said on 08/21/10 @ 09:15 PM:
^^Hi Hibbs, can you recommend any books that talk about investing like you were saying?

izzy said on 08/24/10 @ 12:04 PM:
I am 24, since leaving college I have worked retail, as a flight attendant and various admin jobs such as being a personal assistant and HR assistant and disliked them all...the physical act of going to work, even with flexi-time you are not free to do what you want at work.

At least if you have a dull office job you can surf the internet all day...but I would get so bored I wanted to kill myself.

I've gone back to university to be a nursing student. I'm in the UK so get a free bursary which pays my rent and bills etc just about

I'm not sure I love nursing but at least 50% of the 3 year course is academic and involves sitting around watching daytime tv. The placement side of the course involves actual WORK though. :-(

When I qualify I just want to work as a nurse part-time in a doctor's surgery or something like that.

Most of my classmates work part-time...I cannot be bothered, they spend all their money on booze, I prefer to stay in bed all day.

Just Sad said on 08/24/10 @ 01:57 PM:
I hate my job and hate the coworker that I'm forced to sit beside for 3 years. I asked to move a year ago, it was going to take a blessing from the Pope so I said forget it. My father passed away less than two weeks ago. I came back to work and brought chocolates for everyone. The pig beside me ate nearly all of them. I saw him eat 4 in a row. He never brings in anything. He earns a paycheck like the rest of us. I hate his guts. Want to spit in his drink.

Just Sad said on 08/24/10 @ 02:32 PM:
Thank you for the space to vent. The job itself is making me crazy. I used to be a programmer, used to enjoy being creative, making changes. Now I respond to customer issues..fill in forms...let India do the programming...fill in more forms. They are eliminating jobs every couple of months. My days are numbered. I just wish they would hurry and put me out of my misery.

BurnedOut said on 08/24/10 @ 05:42 PM:
Izzy- why don't you marry a rich male? lol..To the women here seriously, would you consider that a way out of this rat race- to marry into it, even though you might love the guy.

BurnedOut said on 08/24/10 @ 05:43 PM:
NOT love the guy, I mean

secretagentman said on 08/24/10 @ 10:08 PM:
i need to find a rich woman, ha.

fedup said on 08/24/10 @ 10:57 PM:
I'm seriously considering only working at part-time minimum wage jobs for the rest of my life. I just don't have the energy or patience to slave for 40 hours a week. Is it even possible to live on $5000 a year?

Frou Frou said on 08/25/10 @ 02:02 AM:
Ha ha, BurnedOut I was just thinking about that very issue today. I am a woman and am now starting to wonder whether it might have been better to have been born in an era when on the downside women had no rights. However, on the upside, they didn't have to work. Yes, they had to work in the house, but I don't see how my situation is much better now as I have to work a crappy full time job PLUS work in the house in my spare time. How is this progress??????? All the men out there must be laughing their heads off that women were so eager to get into the workforce. It SUCKS! I don't have anything against people who marry for money but personally I couldn't do it because I want to be with someone I love.

Just Sad said on 08/25/10 @ 10:03 AM:
yes, you can live on $5K a year. You just have to be resourceful and create your own entertainment with no $. Most of us are addicted to things. Or you can sponge off your friends like my previous boyfriend did for a couple of years. Just act like a happy puppy to see your benefactor and you'll ride for free!

Miss T said on 08/27/10 @ 03:24 PM:
Just Sad just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Why did you bring chocolates to work and why didn't you pan out the mourning process?

My work place is OK and I have a feeling everyone in my team feels the same way I do. Work sucks, simple as that. There is NOTHING you can do for work that you wouldn't eventually hate. The same thing everyday can make anyone crazy.

It sucks and thats the bottom line.

I want to learn about stocks and shares so that my money works for me. I can't afford high risk tho and Im not a gambler cuz chances are, I'd loose.

Miss T said on 08/27/10 @ 03:26 PM:
As for marrying a rich guy people say that but it aint that easy. Plus, I don't think I can marry someone I don't actually love.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 08/28/10 @ 10:00 AM:
I wonder if thats the reason so many managers/team leaders become ego *insert word*.

I just wonder how a person can treat another like crap and still sleep at night?

But I guess it's saying 'don't become like them' we all know they're sheeps in wolves clothing. :)

To Hibbs:

Alot of people on here cannot stomach their job. I now for a fact I would not want to slave away at mine for half my life, to get a little of my life back.

I look now and since leaving school (16) I have spent 6 years doing jobs I don't like. Now imagine how it would be for another 30 years +.

Everyone should use their time to work out what job they would like - then go for it. Save up, keep that dream in mind and do it. If your going to waste your life you might aswell do it for something you love. That way it's not a waste.

Tom said on 08/29/10 @ 07:48 AM:
I make $120K a year. I get 5 weeks vacation. A full defined benefit pension. After 25 years I can walk away and get 50% of my income for the rest of my life. I probably work around 30 hours per week.

just sad said on 08/30/10 @ 09:09 AM:
Miss T...thanks. I burned all my vacation time visiting my dad over the summer. Used up the last of my personal time and bereavement (3 whole days) so didn't have any days left to decompress. Feeling better now, and am over the piggy coworker. He has worse issues than me...anyone eats that much chocolate in a day washed down with Mountain Dew has problems. :)

wewewtt said on 09/07/10 @ 03:17 PM:
this routine is absolutely fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dirk said on 09/14/10 @ 02:14 AM:
It amuses me how all these kids work at walmart while they go to college, get out of college, and are still stuck at walmart.

I can't find a 40 hour a week job that pays as much as my 20 hour a week job...which is sad. Only 20 hours a week, yet I hate it regardless. 40 hours a week is almost unfathomable to me anyways. I'm so tired of feeling trapped...once my car is payed off maybe I can work a job I actually like, even if it doesn't pay that well.

I really can't stand the setup of this entire world...or the human race at least anyways.

Dirk said on 09/14/10 @ 02:15 AM:
And the bitch manager I almost got fired is still there...WTF.

Dirk said on 09/14/10 @ 02:19 AM:
...and one more thing...I'm tired of all these employters posting ads asking that the candidate MUST HAVE this skill, and be able to do this, and do this and this and this...etc....But they won't pay you shit, barely enough to survive, but they expect everything out of a person.

BurnedOut said on 09/14/10 @ 07:18 PM:
I hear you Dirk. Anyone can be trained to do any job - its just they have to weed out people. At my prison...I mean workplace, people have fancy titles. There's like 5 layers of management. I don't know what the f-ck any of them do. They all have "engineer" after their title (like Ass-Kiss engineer) or a "director" of something (like Director of Brown-Nosing).

meela said on 09/20/10 @ 08:22 AM:
i hate work too. i'm happy to find this site. at least all of you who life in developed country like USA, UK are lucky enough to have a welfare if you dont go to work. i'm from Indonesia, an under developing third world country. I have to work or I would be homeless. I spent 4 years in university just to stuck from one crappy job to another crappy job. we only have 12 days off here. we can only take a vacation if our boss give permission. WTF 12 days off is our right and yet we have to ask a permission for that. I just hate the fact that I have to do things that I dont like but I also dont have what a lot of people say as passion. I'm confuse, I just dont what my passion or what my niche is. Im completely clueles about my life. I also dont like if my boss or my co worker ask why I leave on time. I really hate it. I wish that 2012 is really going to be the end of the world. I just want to sleep and never wake up again. I hate growing up. I miss my childhood. I miss the time where I dont have to care about job, money, responsibilities as an adult, and just enjoy the moment that I have, be careless and free. sorry for my rambling. I just need to let it out.

Miss T said on 09/20/10 @ 12:20 PM:
I'm with you meela. I understand your point of being in the US or UK where if we dont work, we wont die. Yet, we all work and hate the hell out of it.

I'm so fed up with it all but I don't know a way out. I mean, even if I own my own business, can I live off it and not have to do a 9-5 for someone else again? Prob not. I mean I'd have to work just to save up like 10k, work for a whole year or more just for that and then there are dumbass 'celebs' earning that much in a day for being DUMB!

Tbh I hate to say it but I wish 21st Dec or whatever 2012 did come true. Really have had enough.

BurnedOut said on 09/20/10 @ 07:28 PM:
Depressing isn't it? The only time I'm at peace is 5pm- when the temporary jail sentence is over, but that "high" goes away after 15 hours. it's called 8am..its a vicious cycle- we are on the hamster wheel, exerting a lot of energy, but getting absolutely nowhere.

meela said on 09/20/10 @ 07:39 PM:
dear miss T. then why dont you just quit from your job and live from welfare and start your own business ? at least you have an option.

does anyone here know how to earn money online ? so I could just work from my home. I'm thinking about join in foreign exchange. but it's really a difficult business.

Miss T said on 09/21/10 @ 03:13 PM:
Hey Meela, because starting my own business will require more money than welfare can provide.

Secondly, claiming welfare is actually not as easy as you may think. It's ok that you may consider that it is seeing as thats how it's portrayed. You cannot just quit and go on welfare because you don't like to work, that's not how it works. In fact, people on welfare who CAN work will HAVE to get a job and this could end up being worse than what I'm in at the moment.

In the UK they are making major cuts, they are very particular about who they hand welfare too.

If there's one thing I've learnt about life it's, nothing is ever easy, especially if it's of an advantage to you.

meela said on 09/23/10 @ 01:22 AM:
wow then i guess we all stuck in this vicious cycle.
I hate it.

I'm going to work for my new office tomorrow. I plan to stay there only for 1 year then after that I'm going to use all my saving for a vacation.

corona radiata said on 09/24/10 @ 03:45 PM:
ideal job- work from home or office at ones convenience, just as long as the work gets done who cares!
work whatever number of hours at your convenience, just as long as the...hence on monday you could work 10 hours, on wednesday you might feel bored and work 4 hours, but as long as it gets done so what.

Not all jobs afford these liberties but many would.

Miss T said on 09/26/10 @ 02:52 PM:
Corona, that IS the ideal job. I wouldnt mind one saying min 35hrs a week flexible. I'd prob do it all in 4 days. Give myself 3 days to live.

meela said on 09/27/10 @ 07:43 AM:
The only reason that keep me stay in my current job is because this job gives a lot of opportunity for their employee to continue study in overseas which is one of my biggest dream. so I plan to stick in here til I get a scholarship to study in Europe then after that I might gonna find some job in Europe.

Clockwork said on 09/27/10 @ 04:04 PM:
I knew something was seriously wrong when I realized I was getting more satisfaction and stimulation from walking my dog for 20 minutes than I was from an entire week at work. Going through the same crappy motions every day for years is no way to live.

The scary thing is, like most of you, I'm stuck because there's no way I can quit my current field and simply do something else and get the same pay/benefits without going through yet more serious schooling. What can you do when you have a mortgage and bills?

Miss T said on 09/28/10 @ 02:42 PM:
Clockwork, THAT'S the dilemma. What choice do most of us have? yea you can go back to school but that 'aint' free.

You could start a small business, not even a business, possibly a blog, generate a tiny bit of income fom advertising and see where it takes you. Yea, its a long shot and will take ages but you never know what might happen. If it grows you can work part time and use your other hobby as a form of income to make up the rest.

Yea, I know, in a dream life....

Dirk said on 09/29/10 @ 12:55 PM:
It takes lots of money, advertising, and risk to start a business. I guess it all depends on what business you start, but for almost any business you need TIME to implement it. And you can't do that being stuck in some energy leeching job. It's like they designed work to take up just enough time so that you can't do anything for yourself.

I agree with the 2012 thing...bring it on. The world is not right when some people make millions playing a game or being in a stupid movie, while most of us struggle and generally hate our lives because we're slaves that barely make enough to survive.

meela said on 09/30/10 @ 06:55 AM:
hopefully the 2012 really going to be the end of the world. I just hate life as an adult especially work.
how can a lot of people live in this cruel and non sense world.

Miss T said on 09/30/10 @ 01:45 PM:
It's worse when people you know don't 'understand' (I call it being blind to yourself). That's why I like this forum, look how many years it's been going.

Man, we all hate work.

BurnedOut said on 09/30/10 @ 05:54 PM:
My name says it all, doesn't it???

BurnedOut said on 09/30/10 @ 08:03 PM:
Not only does the work itself suck- then you have to deal with the people you despise, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You see them more than your own family. It adds to the agony.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 10/01/10 @ 02:14 AM:
That is very true Burnedout. Thats why there is a difference between CAREER and JOB - one you actually love and want to work towards, the other your trying to get away from because it's forced upon you.

We all don't mind doing work if it's something we love, that gives you fufillment.

Oh dear my holiday has now ended and i heading back to the call-center now. I spent my whole last day off dreading it, i'm sooo not into going back. I really feel like saying F**k it.

Hope everyone is having a better week.

best wishes.

Miss T said on 10/01/10 @ 10:30 AM:
It's Friday, I've finished work and I am happy!

Off to bed!

BurnedOut said on 10/01/10 @ 07:29 PM:
My brain is fried - no energy to do anything.

Free2live said on 10/02/10 @ 08:20 AM:
Hey guys. I am with you. I have been so miserable on my job that I would literally cry at the thought of having to go back. I finally got out of the rat race earlier this year because I managed to find a REAL legitimate work from home job after years of searching. They are VERY hard to find in the sea of scammy bullsh*t you see online where they ask you to pay so much money up front for privilege of working for them. I am not making alot of money but I am surviving and not having to go to a crap job everyday is a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. If any of you guys are interested in real work from home jobs a great place to start is this forum I found where everyone discusses their own work from home jobs, lists various jobs, and how to apply. These companies never ask you for any money because a real job is supposed to pay you not the other way around. The website is http://www.workplacelikehome.com Good luck to everyone.

Dirk said on 10/04/10 @ 04:05 AM:
I would love to just drink with you all, cause we all probably understand each other.

Miss T said on 10/04/10 @ 02:22 PM:
We would! But today I spoke to a few people at work and they felt the same. What can we do? I have to say Im definitely NOT doing this for the next 40yrs. No way!

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 10/06/10 @ 03:58 PM:
Heres to one day leaving! *holds up drink* may we all escape the hell hole. :)

Tbh Miss T i don't know where some people i work with get energy to go out drinking after. They always invite me but i say no, just too tired to do anything when you know you have to get up the next day and do it all again.

Plus sometimes hanging with your fellow workers kind of brings up work all over again.

Miss T said on 10/07/10 @ 02:05 PM:
Definitely. You'll talk about work at drinks because what else you got in common?

My soul is dying.

social dropout said on 10/07/10 @ 10:04 PM:
What a godsend this site is, ive been lurking here for a few years actually, thought it would be time to say something, completely agree, at the moment I don't work and im on social security, I study part time, even though I have to look for work, I spend most of my day not doing that, today I woke up, smoked a cone of pot, got on my motorcycle and went on a magical like ride, felt incredible, today had to be the best day all year, hell, feels the best ive had in years, could of been at some job now, sure I could get a steady paycheck, but comon! wish I could be a dirty hippy full time,.. here are a few simple rules, don't have kids, don't get a mortgage, don't buy an expensive car, live simple and fuck the system!

Miss T said on 10/09/10 @ 10:56 AM:
Ugh I envy you! Hey you really wouldnt want to be in the UK right now. Spending cuts and theyre going to cut deep. We're going to be paying more for public transport (you cant really drive anywhere in London) and lots more people will be using it.

I wonder if financial capitals are actually trying to get rid of some people or maybe they think if they raise prices as high as possible without a rise in pay, those who can't afford it anymore will just die out?

Haha I finished work yesterday and Im back day after tomorrow again lol.

Roger said on 10/09/10 @ 11:35 AM:
Social Dropout, I agree with your idea of not having kids, a mortage, etc., AS LONG AS YOU CAN SUPPORT YOURSELF. From what I'm reading in your post, you are not supporting yourself. That means the rest of US have to work harder to support YOU. Maybe if there we're fewer people like you, the rest of us would not have to work as hard, and thus hate work less.

There is nothing wrong with being a hippie, smoking pot, not having a job, etc., but, you should not expect the rest of us to cut you a cheque every month.

So please, stop collecting social security.

BurnedOut said on 10/11/10 @ 04:52 PM:
In the US, you collect SS at 65- you had to have worked, to get a monthly stipend. I think Dropout is at that stage? Not sure..if so, more power to you, he has paid his dues, so to speak..

Miss T said on 10/14/10 @ 02:23 PM:
O yes! two sides of a story. We all hate work but we all hate to support those who have left the soul detstroying cycle.

I want to work, I just want to work for myself. If someone gave me enough cash to have the living expenses locked down, I would gladly leave my job but isn't that all of us....

I wonder how long I'll last before I flip and say I've had enough (again) and leave.

Dirk said on 10/17/10 @ 12:22 PM:
Another Sunday, and looking thru the classifieds yet again. More "must have this", "must have that", they forgot to mention that you won't be paid shit for all these "must haves" for your experience. What's more annoying is how you have to fight for these pathetic jobs.

I should just go rob a bank. Why is it they can get away with somehow robbing us legally with all these ridiculous interest fees but it's wrong for us to rob them?

Tired of this world and all theses greedy bastard banks and corporations. I'm about to start a new world order

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 10/18/10 @ 02:18 AM:
I guess that is what we get for giving the rights to some group to have power over all of us. You see not everyone out there thinks like we do, there are alot who would rather have someone make descions for them.

I am dropping this job awithin a month or so. I am lucky enough to do that, but I wish I could start a charity for alot of you guys to get out of yours.

I think you just have to think about what it is you do want. I think the goverment covers course fee's if your working min hours, I am sure you can get some sort of benifit to help with the other bills.

If not look to move abroad. There are actually countries out there that value their workers. As in what you earn is yours - like you mentioned Miss T.

Here in the UK it is a joke what they expect you to pay and support youself at the same time.

I have heard of a few ways on the internet to make money (anyone heard of doing surveys and testing products for companies?) Start looking!

Miss T said on 10/19/10 @ 02:28 PM:
Hmmm! I may have to look in to this thing of getting paid to conduct surveys and test products...

I mean everything seems like it's getting worse and worse. Pay more get less (not even pay more and get the same).

Man I really wish I had known life was gonna be like this, I wouldn't have bothered to go uni....ugh! Now I have to pay back the stupid loan. Man my old teachers and their 'you can be what you want to be' rhetoric should go down for fraud. They scammed uni fees outta me!

I need to restart my blog, I did have people commenting on there but just didn't have the time to update it. I love to write so I may as well, just time consuming and staring at the comp after 8hrs of staring at a comp at work can be daunting but it could be a starting point.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 10/20/10 @ 10:38 AM:
Oh can you link me to your blog? I would love to read it!

It's the new world order I guess lol. I think they just want people to beg the goverment for help, they want people to be dependent.

Just don't give in, they can take away your job and house but they do not own your soul I say (even though it might feel like it.)

You know Miss T if you like writting then the surveys/reviews would be perfect for you. There are alot of people who have made alot of money and got free products from it. I did not want to do it but became lazy, but just look it up. Companies all want their products tested, as they want to make sure it sells well. Big fast food companies used to pay child psychologists crap loads, they wanted to know how to get kids to buy their food and convince their parents.

So there are always ways, if you like to write then use that talent to get money.

As Walt disney said 'the strong will always survive, while the weak perish'. Now I thought that was a shocking remark from a child figure like him, but then I do see it's right.

Miss T said on 10/20/10 @ 04:05 PM:
Thank you EndlessDreamer, you know, you have motivated me with that. I will deifnitely put some time aside to do that over the weekend. I will research on reviewing products and such, tho I may not be such a great critic as I'm very honest haha!

As for the blog, I havent updated it since 2007 (lazy or what?) but when I do I'll def send you the link. 100%!

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 10/22/10 @ 02:29 AM:
Ohh hoyy back to the grinder today. I really hate spending 80% of my time either ranting about work, or doing it. What a waste of life. Then people ask you what you did at college and where do you work. I'm glad I never did go to Uni now, I thought it's a waste of money spending 3 years doing a subject I did not like that much. Plus unlike alot of my friends I was not spending crap loads to party on campus, rather save up.

Miss T you deffo have to check it out. Just search 'making money fro m reviewing products/or surveys' believe me they will like you to be honest. As they need to know what makes people want to buy their stuff.

I was thinking of doing Avon but then you don't get enough from that. In fact you end up putting more in, at the moment i am just looking for a year job that that i only have to do min hours.

Make sure to update your blog! Although I should think it's hard to make time. :(

Hows everyone coping?

Spider Man said on 10/24/10 @ 08:01 PM:
I've read all the comments and they are really helping me cope with this soul crushing thing called job.

I really can't believe how people treat you at your jobs. They mistreat you, they abuse you, they expect you to stay long hours without any form of compensation. It's absurd.

Your lives are at the hands of the managers who can destroy your financial and professional lives at any moment.

I'll be here ranting a lot because it helps. It's sunday night and i don't wanna go to sleep.


BurnedOut said on 10/25/10 @ 05:44 PM:
Hi SpiderMan
We're all here to support each other. Welcome aboard. I feel like I committed an egregious crime in a former life, and our punishment is having to endure this daily 8 hour hell. Like in the movie "Green Mile"- when Tom Hanks punishment for executing an innocent man, is eternal life.

Spider Man said on 10/26/10 @ 04:54 AM:
I think so too Burned out. Imagine how awesome the lives of millionaires and billionaires must be.

Everyone at work tells me what i should do even with my personal life. They think people must go out all the time, they always crticize your appeareance, the way you dress. (i'm ok at both, it's just to be rude and mean to you, so can they broke your spirit and test you)

The abuse ones suffer at a job it's unbelieveble. People mistreat you and get way with it.

And the things that piss me off so much is that the worst people, the ones who are agressive, cruel, and abuse others, are the ones who are considered best at their jobs (and they aren't!).

Even women at work admire these kind of trash, they really want them, it's disgusting their behavior around them.

Everyone who loves to work must be PUNCHED in the face.

social dropout said on 10/27/10 @ 08:28 AM:
Hi roger, please shutup, I dont even live in your country. no I wont get off welfare, I do work part time as of late, sucks, I get a lil extra cash that way, any kthxbbye.

social dropout said on 10/27/10 @ 08:29 AM:
its attitudes like those of rogers that irk me, get off welfare, we pay your wages whaahh!! no one says a peep when ceo's and the like get bailed out from bankrupt companies, im not your enemy, the system is.

social dropout said on 10/27/10 @ 08:30 AM:
its attitudes like those of rogers that irk me, get off welfare, we pay your wages whaahh!! no one says a peep when ceo's and the like get bailed out from bankrupt companies, im not your enemy, the system is.

corona radiata said on 10/29/10 @ 03:05 PM:
If I was mark zuckerberg I wouldn't have to work at all, I wish I was mark zuckerberg, even though he stole idea for facebook etc. which wasn't cool at all.

Spider Man said on 10/31/10 @ 04:50 AM:
This is sad. Sunday and you can have fun because you will be too tired to work tomorrow.

saturday i was going out all day but when the night came i was like "damn i want to have more fun but then i'll be too tired sunday".

What is the problem in being tired sunday? BECAUSE MONDAY IS WORK WORK WORK.

This is no life.

Miss T said on 10/31/10 @ 04:25 PM:
Clocks went back an hour for us here in the UK so we gained an extra hour sat night, twas great. Work tomorrow yay!

corona radiata said on 11/01/10 @ 07:46 AM:
Why are the republicans so popular in the US? Like why do they enjoy so much support from people who should know that they're going to fuck them over. Universal health care isn't socialism either, its actually beneficial, its humane, millions of people won't be able to afford it if the republicans repeal it so again how is voting for republican party members in the best interests of the average american? Seriously, in their last two terms they've fucked up the economy, got entangled in two pointless wars that have resulted in thousands of americans dying, have been embroiled in a torture scandal, and in no less than two years later 49% of americans support them. I mean wtf? They're clearly unfit to run the country, the way they talk about getting the democrats out of office they sound like the want a one party theocratic state. How is that any different to the Islamic theocracies they decry? Or China? Also if Palin wins the presidency in 2012 the Mayans will be proved right once and fo all.

Spider Man said on 11/01/10 @ 04:14 PM:
I started doing researchs on lottery and searching for prizes competitions in an effort to win big and get the hell out of work.

Yea i'm at this point now.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 11/01/10 @ 05:24 PM:
Thought I would share this awsome joke to bring some smiles:

The next time you get a rejection letter from a hoped-for employer or publisher, just send them the following:

Dear [name of the person who signed the rejection letter],

Thank you for your letter of [date of the rejection letter]. After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me [employment with your firm/a contract to publish my book].

This year I have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of candidates, it is impossible for me to accept all refusals. Despite [name of the co or agency that sent you this letter]'s outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting [applicants/manuscripts], I find that your rejection does not meet with my needs at this time.

Therefore, I will initiate [employment/publishing] with your firm immediately following [graduation/job change, etc. - get creative here]. I look forward to working with you.

Best of luck in rejecting future [candidates/manuscripts].

[your name]

corona radiata said on 11/02/10 @ 06:13 PM:
haha I like that one, I might send that along sometime to an employer

Miss T said on 11/04/10 @ 03:50 PM:
So what is everyone doing now? Are some of you still in the daily grind (like me) or did you leave and looking to own your own bizness? or looking for alternative methods of income?

corona radiata said on 11/05/10 @ 06:25 AM:
well I'm currently looking for work. Its a catch 22 really, if I'm not in an environment where I'm pushed to do something for economic or educational gain then it kinda gets a bit depressing, in the respect that it feels like one is stagnating, even though I do manage to use my free time to complete music/art projects. On the other hand one is reluctant to work in a job that steals ones free time for pure monetary survival. So the trick is to find a balance between the two, for me thats learning new things or producing work of your own, ie research or developing new ideas and getting paid for it. Autonomy is a big plus in this.

corona radiata said on 11/05/10 @ 06:29 AM:
Definately one thing that annoys me is the way all the prejudicial behaviours that aren't accepted in civil society, frequently supressed by law, eg racism, come out in terms of employment practices. It seems a lot of employers are highly discriminatory and to me this not only seems primitive and more in step with the mind set of prehistoric humans, it also comes across as petulant and childish. But if they can get away with it they'll try it. This is primarily the mindset that is screwing up the species.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 11/06/10 @ 10:43 AM:
It truely is Corna which is why we have to try and change things by not acting the same.

I'm still studying towardsn my passion. I'm also looking to do part-time work, or save up enough that I can retire for a year!

Hopefully Misss T you are working towards someting you want to do, so you can get away from the grinder.

x-mas said on 11/07/10 @ 02:39 AM:
im sick of ruining my body bloody slave labour, by the time im 65 ready to retire ill be to crippled and in pain to enjoy the world.

Spider Man said on 11/07/10 @ 10:03 AM:
Well i'm still here suffering everyday and being insulted, disrespected and having a shitty life where you try to strecht your weekends to the maximum.

Playing Lottery, trying to have some jobs certificates so i can earn more so i can save more in order to retire early.

That's my strategy by now

Miss T said on 11/07/10 @ 03:06 PM:
Hey x-mas, well here in the UK the retirement age is going up to 66 by 2020. So I'm thinking, at my age, by the time Im eligible to retire I'd be hmmm 70 or so?

Hey EndlessDreamer, I've signed up to some survey sites. It takes a bit of research to find out which ones are good so you dont end up signing up to bogus ones but I think I chose a good few.

I'm going to research into joining sites that will reward me for giving reviews and then I'm going to restart my blog.

As for working for myself, I need more time and money for that. I need money to start a course (not sure which one yet) that I can do around work and then I may just freelance or something. Don't mind the act of work just hate the restrictions around it. Sometimes I'm at work just staring at the comp, nothing to do and I'm thinking, I really could be doing some laundry now or, I really could be writing my blog or reading or something but yet here I am doing NOTHING.

Spider Man said on 11/09/10 @ 05:44 AM:
Yea i'm here exactly like that. Nothing to do.

Today is being a hard day to me. I just found out that some guy who is the same job rank as me was promoted.

The thing is, he is NOT as competent as me. He is just friends of the assholes bosses and he craps in everybody's heads, disrespecting the team, and stuff.

Now he will earn almost 2,000 dollars more than me to spend in parties and booze.

I'm lost. This is so unfair. The bad ones get the best things in the world.

Tell me that this maxim isn't true.

Miss T said on 11/09/10 @ 03:05 PM:
Kiss ass + sell out = Promotion.

Roger said on 11/09/10 @ 03:22 PM:
Kiss ass + sell out = Promotion.

Promotion = more money

more money = higher savings rate

higher savings rate = early reitrement (if you want that).

Most of us have to work. So, why not work hard, move up the ladder and make more money. If you have to be there anyways, why not make the most of it.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 11/11/10 @ 01:46 PM:
Hey Miss T i'm so happy to hear you have signed up for some sites! Just as you said - make sure they're legit.

I don't kow which I hate more, the sitting there bored when I could be doing something else, or the fact I have to get up early.

I just hate the thought of getting up to do something I don't like.

Not to mention people forget their manners there. I thought when you grow up you get respect from others. Treat others how you would like to be treated, so why do others feel the need to talk down to you at work?

It's amazing that you leave school and you STILL have people telling you what to do in your life.

It's bad enough your in a bad mood from the headache of your work. It just adds the cherry when people treat you like crap there, just because your in charge of people does not give you the right to treat others like crap.

Then again it's up to them - bad karma I say.

Just keep saving and looking for a job you will enjoy.

corona radiata said on 11/12/10 @ 09:32 AM:
Yes! This is exactly what I've always thought, you go to school which is authoritarian, get a brief respite in college and then back to the authoritarianism of work. One of my most detested phrases in school was " you have to do this" without any rational given. Its like the Amish, they're brought up in a backwards religious society, they're sent out into the world to partake in all the "vices" of society if they so choose, giving up the vestiges of their former life for a time, and then they're expected to return or be banished forever. In terms of Jungian psychology school is ESTJ hell just as work is. Unless you like following instructions, respecting authority without merit and all the fabrications of human society then the way things operate just seems so superficial and primitive. Its based around lack of resources, people compete for them for survival so get a kind of pecking order evolves with all the negative traits therein. We don't need leaders, we need to lead ourselves.

Miss T said on 11/12/10 @ 04:49 PM:
Hi Roger, that's a very nice set of mathematics you have there. Hmm if only it worked out like that eh?

Before it was get a degree = a great career. Funny, I have two of those and my career isn't that great - in fact it's not great. Not blaming you or the world but just wanted to simply point out to you that not everyone's life pans out a certain way and it's that thought process (everyone fits into this box and lives this way) that draws people to sites like this.

Secondly, everyone doing what you say is the reason we're in this right now. Everyone is kissing ass so those who don't kiss ass as much as others (hey, we don't all have that art!) will not get the role. If you don't stay behind because....hmm you have a life, you don't get promoted though you are incredibly efficient in the day and get the job done. Promotion isn't a given if you kiss ass why? because there is something called competition. Everyone doing the same thing doesn't make you stand out.

I think the reality here for us in the UK is that early retirement is impossible for the 'Average Joe'. In fact I can go as far as to say early retirement by the time I'M about that stage would be 65 with the way things are going....normal retirement 70+

Personally for me I don't mind working, what I do mind however are the hours and the purpose of doing what I'm doing on a daily and extremely regular basis. Who's to say Im most productive at 9am and then JUST as productive at 3/4pm but myself?

People shoud be given the freedom to work the hours they feel they are most productive if possible. I think this would be very benficial to a company but of course, this requires change and trust and we all know we can't have that.

Not all of us are motivated by money (in the western world it's a shock, I know).

Hey Endless Dreamer, I have been receiving a few surveys so it's going well though sometimes I spend ages doing a survey only to find they have enough people who fit the 'quota' and I don't get a reward lol

Roger said on 11/12/10 @ 10:18 PM:
>>> Hi Roger, that's a very nice set of mathematics you have there. Hmm if only it worked out like that eh?

It did for me.

Miss T said on 11/13/10 @ 10:02 AM:
Just one sentence below for you:

What works for one doesn't always work for others.

Roger said on 11/13/10 @ 10:08 AM:
I'm hurt by your harsh comments.

EndlessDreamerthe real one said on 11/16/10 @ 05:28 AM:
Oh Corona how true! At least with school I could just not turn up, and would not be scared of getting fired.

Whats sad is if I spent half the time I waste at work - doing something I loved, I could have got in a better field by now.

I feel that work just makes me lazy and tired atm. Then again it's like i'm a pain junkie as I don't want to leave. I really don't want to go through the whole cv/interview process again, i'msick of everyone asking what I do for work!

'SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOURSELF THESE DAYS?' If I don't mention my job, or if i'min education, they look at me funny.

Miss T i'm glad you said that about degree's. I have always said unless they get you the job you want, or you just wish to do it, it's not worth it. I don't have a degree, and yet i'm in a job with 90% grad students. I learnt that the money I would spend to go to uni would result in me still be stuck in an office job, so i'm happy to have no student debt.

Also I thought re