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OK, I'm supposed to be leaving work in an hour, and so far, I've been up to my ears in broken crap. Started my day with a full reinstall/restore of our company's accounting software, because something had gone corrupt. Then one of our modems for our off-site workers stopped working. Then the modem for our credit card interface went bonkers, and all day long, people have been bitching about how slow online bookings have been on our site. So I go upstairs and come to find that a script that was setup on our server to process the credit card transactions got stuck in a loop, and started up over 100 copies of itself. Needless to say, the server's been less than response.

On top of all that, after I reboot, I find that I can't get the online booking interface back up, and the server's running dirt slow. No processes in task manager are taking over 5%, so what was going on? Ran SpyBot, no problems, ran TrendMicro, and it finds a backdoor virus installed on the online booking Web server -- my most locked down server in the building (in theory). How the hell it got on there, I have no idea, but I'm trying to find into on how to eradicate it, meanwhile am scanning the entire building to make sure there's no other holes in things.

Posted by Jake on 04/13/04 @ 05:07 PM
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