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So some people don't think I'm dead (**cough**yoleen**cough**), I just wanted to post a note to let you know I'm at work, have turned off online bookings on our server, and once the office shuts down in about 20 minutes, I'll be dismantling things as much as humanly possible (per my previous post). My goal is to be out of here by midnight, but looking at my long to-do list for the evening, I might be here until about 2 or 3 in the morning. We'll just see how it goes...

Update at 9:47: Random thought: I don't think I've ever seen this many progress bars going at one time on three different screens. I've got one system doing a Ghost disk image in case something goes bonkers in those whole process, I've got one that's downloading Windows 2000 SP4, and then the other one's going crazy: about 50 windows open and 6 copy-file progress bars, backing stuff up to another machine, as well as a couple Winzip sessions. Meanwhile, I'm going across the street to get more caffeine.

Update at 12:02 AM: OK, it's really frickin' late, I'm still here, and really starting to hate the jackass that set this place up to begin with. He's hard-coded FAR too much stuff and it's hard for me to work around. I'm in the process of resetting up all the various profiles and policies. I've got the accounting software moved and setup, OS fully installed and Active Directory running on domain controller, so I just need to reconfigure all my thin terminals, profiles and policies at this point. The store across the street just closed for the night, and hopefully my caffeine supply will last me through the next couple hours.

It's 1:30 AM...I'm tired, haven't accomplished nearly as much as I would've liked, the profiles from before are apparently stored in pieces on several different servers. Why? I haven't a f**kin' clue. I did get my domain controller upgraded to Windows 2000, but a fat lot of good that did me -- because the profiles and settings are stored all over the place on my old Citrix/Terminal Services server, I'm not able to get them stored in the right place on the new server to make everything function happy. To top it all off, somewhere in this frickin' mess there are group policies that are conflicting with one another, basically locking down stuff that shouldn't be locked down as well as opening up stuff that shouldn't be open.

F**k it. I'm going home. The terminals have been reset to log into the old server, new server taken off line. Damn it.

Posted by Jake on 04/10/04 @ 05:42 PM
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