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I'm in WAY over my head

Blogging might be fairly light over the next few days because I'm doing a major overhaul of our company's servers over the next four days or so. I'll blog now and again when I can, but I'll more than likely be pretty busy.

Here's what I'm doing these next few days (of course, during the late hours so that nobody gets put offline that):

  • Backup everything a few times over
  • Upgrading NT 4 Domain Controller to Windows 2000.
  • Replace NT 4 Citrix Metaframe server with Windows 2000 Metaframe Server that I've built (much faster than the POS we have in there), pull the other one offline
  • Patch to SP4, etc...
  • Setting up group policies, settings, etc...
  • Migrate accounting's data to new server
  • Move hardware between a couple servers, pulling it from offline server
  • Re-wiring the mess in our network closet
  • Put it all back together
  • Test and pray to everything that's holy that it all works.
Then the next project will be to take that old Citrix server, upgrade it to Small Business Server 2003, getting a new switch in the server room (the one we have is crap -- anybody have a nice 12-port or larger switch to get rid of?), recut some of the network cables in the wiring closet (as we have some some 30-foot cables that are going about 3 feet) -- among about 400 other project that need to get done. Ugh...

Posted by Jake on 04/07/04 @ 12:11 PM
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