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I filed my first BBB complaint

I've never had to resort to it, but I had to file a complaint against a company today for being complete jackasses and not working with me at all. I mentioned earlier that I was having trouble with an auction on eBay. After several months, getting a circle jerk like you wouldn't believe, I have filed a complaint with the Houston Better Business Bureau. It's not a lot of money (all told, items and shipping charges back and forth ran about $60), but it's the principle of the thing: You can't treat customers like dirt and expect to get away with it. Regardless, my full complaint is in the extended entry of this post.

Meanwhile, I'm looking for (and selling) some computer parts again, because I had my original guy that I was buying ECC RAM from decide to bail on me. I'm also selling some parts as well (a few hubs, some PIIIs, and a few DLT tapes). Since I don't really want to maintain the list in two places, check out my Anandtech forum post and let me know if you can help me out.


5754 Henniker Drive
Houston, TX United States 77041


Complaint #: 1438057
Complaint Type: General Complaint (not a car maker)
Date Received: 3/25/2004
Primary Complaint Classification: Selling Practices
Secondary Complaint Classification: Refund Practices
They sent parts to me, sent me the wrong parts (wasn't even close). I asked them to send me the right ones, they said they were the right ones, I told them it wasn't, sent them a picture. They forced me to send the item back to get a new one, at my own expense (the shipping).

They sent me (after sending it twice to the wrong address) back a headset that was the right model, but missing pieces. So I asked them to send me the missing pieces, they informed me that there were no missing parts. I again took a picture of the item they sent me, as well as the item pictured in their auction, highlighting the differences. They told me that I could buy that part cheap at Wal Mart. I told them it was proprietary part and not likely to be found at Wal Mart, but if you can find it, send it my direction.

They said they would refund my money and that they would call UPS to have them come and pick it up. UPS never came (and I know the local UPS guy -- they never got a call from them). I e-mail them again, asked if UPS had been called and when they'd be there, they said "Yes" (that was the entire contents of the e-mail). I didn't know what that meant, replied again to no avail.

Two weeks later, UPS hadn't shown up. The auction had been over for about a month and a half by now, they had long since cashed the check I sent. I e-mail again re: the UPS, no response. E-mail again, saying that I would post negative ebay feedback if I didn't hear re: UPS, and got a totally different reply staying that "We don't pay for return shipping". I told them that they had previously agreed to it in an email from them, and they still relented.

I gave them a 72 hour deadline to not only send me back my money via PayPal but to call UPS. The said they couldn't refund without the item, and then I reminded them about the fact they said they'd call UPS. This circle-jerk went back and forth, until I finally gave up.
Desired Settlement: Refund
Settlement Explanation:
I just want my money back, including my shipping fees, I want them to pay for shipping this thing back, and I want them to not screw other people like they did me.
Customer Service Rep: Mr. Laitan Oniorisan
Product or Service: Plantronic Headset from eBay
Model Number:
Account Number:
Order Number:
Salesperson: beatrice ufom
Payment Made: Yes
Purchase Price: 51
Disputed Amount: 60
Payment Method: Check
Purchase Date: 1/14/2004
Problem Date: 2/5/2004
Complaint Dates: 2/05/2004, 2/24/2004, 3/2/2003

The bureau that will handle your complaint is:

BBB of Metropolitan Houston
1333 West Loop South, Suite 1200
Houston, TX 77027 -
Phone: (713)341-6167
Fax: (713)867-4947
Email: status@bbbhou.org
WWW: http://www.bbbhou.org

Posted by Jake on 03/25/04 @ 04:31 PM
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