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This is why I love Timex

I've always liked Timex's Ironman line of watches. I had the original Timex Ironman 100 up until last year after about 8 years of hard abuse it finally broke (it survived three fairly nasty bike wrecks, but finally bit it when it got a little over-watered -- go figure). I've always had good luck with them, which is why I continue to buy them.

About a month ago, my new watch broke. Being that it was on warranty with Timex, I e-mailed them, they gave me an address to send it to, and they told me it would cost $7.50 to fix and ship it back. I received the watch back a couple weeks later with the bill for $7.50 and while one problem was fixed, another cropped up. I e-mailed Timex, telling them that I wasn't about to send back my watch again to have it fixed.

Their support reps e-mailed me back today, told me they'd be shipping me a brand new watch, along with a pre-paid mailer to send back my old one (assuming the one they send me works OK and I'm satisfied with it). Now that is how customer service is supposed to be, and I give kudos to Timex for taking care of me like they should.

It's refreshing in to be well taken care of after I've spent literally months trying to get this item from this eBay dealer (TelePlus in Houston, Texas). First, they send me the wrong headset, so I send it back (at my expense), they send me the wrong one again (after sending it to the incorrect address twice), and then they want me to foot the bill to ship it back to them for my refund when they had already said they'd have UPS come and get it. It was probably the most unpleasant eBay experience I've ever had. Needless to say, they've been given negative feedback from me, and I certainly won't be dealing with them anytime soon.

Posted by Jake on 03/23/04 @ 05:35 PM
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