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I'm here at work -- still. I'm taking a break from crawling around on my hands and knees to rewire our network closet upstairs for a new 48 port switch (I've got a 12 and 16 port for sale if anybody wants it). So far, everything's working good, I just need to clean up the wire mess know (though it is much more organized than it was before).

Should be no more than an hour left, and I can scratch one more project off the list at work. Now I just need to finish building my new Windows 2000 Citrix Server (the old one's going to become my Small Business Server 2003 box), and I need to get Windows 2003 Enterprise onto our domain controller (2003 Web Edition is already running on my IIS box). After all that's all done, NT 4.0 will be LONG gone off our network -- thank goodness.

Posted by Jake on 03/18/04 @ 08:04 PM
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