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Bend school dance shut down early because of naughtiness

Saturday night, the annual Sadie Hawkin's Dance at Bend HS was closed down early because the students at the dance were getting a bit too cozy:

"Quite honestly it's like having sex with your clothes on," said Mary McDermott, a teacher and the school's activities director, describing the style of dancing.
Apparently there were signs on the doors said no freak dancing and no grinding (like high schoolers are going to read that stuff). Now, I understand their reasoning for wanting them to not do it, but it just reminds me of the old lady when I was growing up that used to walk around school dances with a ruler and make sure you were 12-inches apart when you were dancing. By being bastards about it, they've all but encouraged it from happening as much as possible in the future. Ask the offenders to leave -- forcefully if you have to -- but don't blow the rest of the dance for everybody who are there to just have fun and be social.

What gets me is that I know Bend HS, and all the other high schools in Bend, have a tropical-themed dance every year, and they let that go on when the women and men are about as close to naked as you can get in public. At least the folks at Sadies had their clothes on.

Update: Link to story added. Duh...

Posted by Jake on 03/16/04 @ 05:44 PM
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