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Are hyphenated Yahoo names that rare?

Almost a year ago, I posted a conversation I had with a "Yahoo Admin." He IMed me because he was supposedly looking out for my best interests when he noticed my Yahoo profile name has a dash in it, and was making sure nobody hacked into my account. Apparently they're very rare lately, and aren't allowed to be created when you register with Yahoo anymore, and haven't been for a while (nor are IDs that start with numbers). I registered with Yahoo years ago when they still allowed it. I don't remember back then why I decided to put in the dash, but I think it was because I just registered my full name (with a space) so when they setup the profile system, they put in a hyphen. Anyway, apparently I'm special <shrugs>.

The only reason I mention it is because I had yet another person asking about it today, even offering me "favours" for it. I didn't ask what that meant, and I'd prefer not to know, but told him I'd sell it to him for $8,000. He wasn't interested, nor was I in selling it, but I figured if I throw it out there for an obscene amount of money, maybe somebody will bite and I can pay off my medical bills.

So I make this offer: If anybody out there is so hung up on having a Yahoo profile name with a dash, it's all yours for $8,000 USD. I already have registered the name without the dash, so if somebody's really wanting the hyphen, it's all yours for the asking price.

Update on 3/1/07: OK, I've let this thread go on long enough. I was cool with it until people started acting like I was encouraging and endorsing this. Comments are now closed.

Posted by Jake on 03/16/04 @ 04:14 PM
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