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Another Brilliant Solution to Spam

This one comes care of Microsoft. The solution to spam? Start charging to send an e-mail. Even at a penny per e-mail, it'd be around 75-cents per day for me, which means I'd pay around $22.50 for e-mail per month.

I can see this hurting the spammers, but what about us common folk? What about legitimate e-mail newsletters that send out e-mails to 100,000+ folks? Those folks wanted to be on that list, so why should folks like Lockergnome have to pay a fee? They're already having to deal with fart-knockers like AOL who block their legitimate e-mail anyway. And what about this site's daily newsletter? It's only going to 64 people, so do I have to pay for them, too? Micropayments ain't ever going to work.

So Microsoft's other solution?

Instead of paying a penny, the sender would "buy" postage by devoting maybe 10 seconds of computing time to solving a math puzzle. The exercise would merely serve as proof of the sender's good faith.
I quit taking math classes years ago, and I certainly don't need to waste 10 seconds doing a math problem so I can send a frickin' e-mail.

Needless to say, none of these solutions will be implemented any time soon. SpamBayes (on the client end) and Spam Assassin (server-based tagging) keep my spam at bay. I would love if it weren't even making it across the 'net to begin with, but there's nothing I can do to stop that.

Posted by Jake on 03/10/04 @ 04:19 PM
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