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Recently, my Web host of several years got bought/merged/whatever with Data393, who also owns HugeHosting as well as a couple other companies, from what I understand. Prior to the merge, my service was great, my tickets were answered and taken care of in less than an hour, the speed was fast, and my sites rarely went down, if at all.

And lately, the connectivity has sucked, the tickets have taken a while to get my direction, the family-like atmosphere is gone, and us clients were completely left in the dark about the details of the merger, how it affected us, features/benefits, or anything of the sort.

While I'd like to give my host the benefit of the doubt, I'm starting to get the feeling I've held out hope to long, and those thoughts were confirmed after talking to a couple other clients of theirs as well. They're moving, and I'm thinking I should, too.

So if anybody out there has any suggestions, recommendations, I'd like to hear it. I'm looking for a reseller solution, 500 megs of space (at least), Cpanel-powered, 30 gigs of bandwidth, and DAMN good support. Ideally, I'd like a dedicated box or a VPS, but I know that's not probably going to happen. I'm looking for a family-like feel with big time power and service -- which is what I used to get when I first signed on with my host when they were based back here in Oregon. And I want somebody who knows how to setup a server properly so it's not doomed for failure -- in other words, if you leave the Exim and Apache settings at the default when you setup and install it, I will not be hosting with you.

E-mail me at jake [insert that funny looking symbol here] utterlyboring [period] com if you have any recommendations.

Posted by Jake on 02/23/04 @ 04:33 PM
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