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Low-carb diets are creating false sense of health

Not only is the science behind the low-carb diets a bit shaky, but people don't know how to label their food properly, creating a false sense of security:

At Subway we tested the Turkey Bacon Melt Wrap. Subway claims that it has 22 grams of carbs, while our lab results showed it at 28 grams...
At Carl's Jr., we tested the low-carb Six Dollar Burger, which the company claims has six grams of carbohydrates. Our lab results: 9 grams...

We tested TGIF's Sizzling New York Strip with Blue Cheese. TGIF claims 6 net carbs and 11 total carbs. Our lab found 20 total carbs...

Low-Carb Emporium claims 15 grams of carbs per bagel. Our lab found triple the carbs -- 55. Low-carb Emporium says they just re-did the formulas and will be getting lab reports on new formulas soon.

I don't want to get into a debate about how well the diet works, as it's not my place. If I had actually followed through and got my R.D. from Colorado State, then I'd actually form an opinion here. But I do know that the diet's creating a lot of buzz, it probably works for some folks, but for endurance athletes (like myself -- once I recover from my surgery), carbohydrates are still the best way to fuel yourself.

And while there's good legitimate criticism of the diet out there, it doesn't help when one of the most vocal "doctor's groups" denouncing the diet is actually a front for PETA.

I think what gets me is all the people that think that low-carb means "Avoid bread, eat lots of sausage, butter and beans." That's smart thinking -- you'll die faster than most. And those folks claim they're healthy as an ox. Right...an ox with cholesterol-filled arteries.

And then people also get mad when they don't lose weight fast enough. For christ sakes, people, exercise! Low carb, high carb, no carb, whatever, your body can't lose wait unless you burn off more calories than you put in -- period.

Me, when I get my strength back and try to get back into competitive shape, I'll go back on the diet that was good for me when I was working out more: 60-20-20 -- 60% carbs, 20% protein, 20% fat -- give or take a bit either way. It always worked for me, and no sense in screwing with what works.

Update on 2/11: Not only that, but Dr. Atkins was obese and unhealthy when he died.

Posted by Jake on 02/10/04 @ 04:16 PM
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