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Brits Banning Breasts? Bummer....

From the buzz is this interesting tidbit about Clare Short, disloyal opposition to Tony Blair, who wants to ban breasts:

Ms Short criticised the Sun at a Westminster lunch yesterday, where she said she wanted to "take the pornography out of our press".

"I'd love to ban it. It degrades women and our country," she said.

"A survey of Sun readers' wives and daughters showed they believed it degraded them. We need to push back the tide of nakedness. You can't take it out of the whole of society but I think you can take it out of the mainstream," she added.

So the Sun, who's always showing scantily-clad women in their paper, had some fun with this. The paper sent a bevy of Page 3 girls to Short's house so they could put a picture of them at her door with the caption, "Door knockers" (how's that for a pun), and so they could quote one of them saying:
"Page 3 is fun and we are just doing a job. It’s pathetic of her to jump up and down about what is essentially just a pair of boobs -- after all, half the population have them.

“Even Clare has boobs, but obviously she’s not proud of them like we are of ours. Besides, she doesn’t exactly have Page 3 looks, does she?

Unfortunately, Jeff's link to the Sun article isn't working anymore, but they even printed up a coupon that you can send to Clare (NSFW). Fun stuff.

Posted by Jake on 01/19/04 @ 05:19 PM
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