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Truth be told, I'm wearing glasses

End of AP's story on CES in Sunday's Oregonian had this:

"One interesting little device debuting at the trade show claims to put truth detection voice analysis on the bridge of your nose."

"Voice Analysis Eyeglasses" provide real-time analysis on the inside of the lenses about whoever is talking at the time, says its maker, the Israeli company Nemesysco, which developed the technology for counterterrorism and government customers."

"A chip inside the glasses is able to read the voice frequency of the person you are talking to," said Beata Gutman, a spokeswoman for the company. "The voice is analyzed through that chip, and there are lights that indicate whether the person is lying."

"She said the truth spects were expected to be available at the end of January for $400 to $500."

Raises all sorts of intriguing questions, doesn't it? If it works, that is.

Can't find anything on that particular product on their Website but do find an equally intriguing press release from late '02 about "LOVE-SENSE," which the company calls "the first-ever PC software that can detect love!" by analyzing the voice over the phone in real time to "detect deep emotional feelings."

Sure, yeah, right. I believe that, don't you?

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