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Back to work and way too busy

I went back to work last Sunday for the first time in about two months. Needless to say I'm a bit behind on projects, despite my working from home.

The blogging's been a bit slim, I know, and it's because work is wearing me out. I'm making it through fine, legs and back aren't really that sore, but it's still taking it out of me.

I'm not supposed to sit more than 15 minutes at a time, so I'm on my feet most of the day, which is partially what's wearing me out. And I've had to tie up a pile of loose ends that were brutally un-tied while I was gone.

And then there are my package problems. I was supposed to get a Microsoft Action Pack update in November. Microsoft sent the package to my office's physical address, which would've been fine -- if we could get U.S. Mail there. We have a PO Box. Their previous updates were sent via UPS, so it was fine that things came to the physical address. Needless to say, I'm still waiting for my November update, though they claim to be overnighting it.

Then I order some Citrix Software updates. I call the guy I bought the software from, he says he completely forgot to send it. So he overnights it via FedEx -- to my PO Box. I wouldn't have known this had I not gotten a post card from FedEx asking them for a proper address. I call the number on the post card, and discover a message machine that gives me all of about 10 seconds to rattle off all the various numbers on the post card, give them the right address, my name and phone number. Needless to say, I don't know where my package is, though the tracking number says it's in Portland.

And Portland -- it's a mess there with the storms they've had the last couple days. And I have a total of 5 FedEx and UPS packages for work and home that, according to the tracking numbers, are still in Portland, and have been there for a couple days. Hopefully it will warm up and my packages can make it over the pass.

OK, it's late, I'm tired, I'm going to bed.

Posted by Jake on 01/07/04 @ 10:47 PM
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