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Let it snow

That's what it looked like in Bend at about 7:30 this morning (thanks Barney for the pic). It's still snowing now, and another 5-10 12-20 inches are expected. Mt. Bachelor got dumped with 34-inches in the last 24-hours, and I'm sure skiing is awesome. The passes are a mess, and even Portland got some snow (though they're panicking about the 3 inches they received, and the locals here in town, while concerned, aren't freaking out -- yet).

Full story over on Bend.com (with great photo).

The roads in my neighborhood probably won't be plowed -- the snow will melt before the city shows up. Thankfully I'm still working from home for another week, otherwise, I'd be driving through this mess and my 30-minute commute will become a 90-minute slog.

Update @ 1:00 PM: Just went out side. There's now well over a foot on the ground, and it's still coming down outside. The flakes are as heavy and big as they were before, but it is still coming down fairly steady. I'm going to have trouble getting to my post-surgery follow-up tomorrow, but why am I still happy about the snow? One, we can always use the extra moisture come spring. Two, because it brings in the tourists, and, like it or not, that pays my paycheck.

Posted by Jake on 12/29/03 @ 10:01 AM
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