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Airline Passenger Misconduct Reports

A full 103-page PDF report that contains a "sampling of reports that reference passenger misconduct." Basically, it's a bunch of report of airline passengers being idiots. The reports are full of the typical drunks and people trying to get upgrades because they think they have been treated badly. Al's Morning Meeting Provided the link, and some examples of what's there:

Page 13 includes a first class passenger reading a porno mag and causing -- how shall I say -- a disturbance.

Page 21 is a report about how people using cell phones apparently caused the auto pilot to malfunction. The pilot had made an announcement on the intercom about the start of the Iraq ground war that excited people so they started firing up their cell phones.

Page 27 is about an irate passenger throwing ice at a "religious official" sitting in front of her. They cuffed her and hauled her off the plane. She seemed fine just before she started drinking a Bloody Mary.

Page 59 features a loose dog on the plane -- the owner was drunk and abused the flight attendant. The plane landed at DFW.

Page 67 has just one of several stories about passengers who would not get off their cell phones during takeoff. Other passengers unite in a verbal revolt.

Page 25 is a bizarre story about a San Francisco TV chopper that somebody ought to report. The TV reporter in the chopper was apparently taking a picture of a beer stein for a friend when the stein fell out of the helicopter over a populated area.

Heck, print the thing out and take it on a flight with you -- it should keep you busy for all of it.

Posted by Jake on 12/29/03 @ 05:12 PM
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