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He came through OK, folks

An update, direct from Jake:

"Hey there...surgery went fine, still in pain in back but lrg feels great. have wireless setup in room so I'm sort of funtional, cant type very well, but wanted to lrt u know I was fine...just sleepy."

Not bad, Mr. Ortman. Not sure what your "lrg" is but glad it feels great;-) I missed his IM of that, so I e-mailed a "drat" to him, and he responded, in part:

"My pain medication is knocking me out pretty good ... I'm basically just going to put on a DVD and fall asleep :-)"

Wireless computer and DVD - in a HOSPITAL room? Goodness, I guess St. Charles has gotten pretty fancy (or Jake has some pull around there - heh heh;-) (Update: Whoops, that's right, this was outpatient stuff, right? So he's home? Then that makes more sense;-)

Anyway, keep those positive vibes coming his way, cuz I'm sure as the pain medication is turned down... he'll be feelin' it big time;-/
--Fill-in UB Blogger Barney

Posted by on 12/18/03 @ 09:22 PM
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