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The MRI Results are in...and it's messy

OK, just got off the phone with my doctor. They have the MRI results. I have 3 bulging disks. Two of them are only bulging couple millimeters, but one is bulging a full 10x15mm. So it's bulging out a full centimeter. They said that that one is probably the one pinching my nerve, causing me all the pain.

They said that surgery is probably the most likely option here. If were just the smaller bulges, it'd be one thing and physical therapy might do the job, but with a bulge that large, surgery's the primary option.

I still, to this day, don't know what I did to mess up my back like this, nor did my sister when she had back trouble.

Regardless, they're going to try to get me into see Kathy Moore, the spinal expert at DB&J, today or tomorrow, or Monday at the latest, so we can discuss options.

My request from before stands: If anybody knows anybody who has several grand they have to get off (for tax/embezzlement reasons <hehe>) have them get in touch with me. I'm always taking donations, as well.

Meanwhile, I'm still working from home on my wife's computer until my laptop adapter gets here. I don't know when I'll be back at the office again, but I'll do whatever I can do from here.

Thanks again to all of you and your support. It's helped me through this tremendously.

I'll keep you posted as to what happens.

Update: Also of note: I'm violating MT's license by doing this, though as soon as I get enough money to pay for a commercial license, I'll pay for it, but I'm running those Google ads at the bottom of every page. Please click on those, and I'll see if I can get a few bucks that way.

Posted by Jake on 12/04/03 @ 02:04 PM
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