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My ol' lady's lost it and Don't ever pay full price if you're paying cash for health care

It's 11:15 PM, and my wife's decided she wants to clean the whole house. Because I can't help her during the day because of my back, the house isn't as clean as it usually is. But she's snapped, and has been scrubbing various parts of the house for about an hour now, and has no intention of stopping. I can't convince her otherwise. She doesn't seem to care about being functional dealing with our kids, even though I can't do a damn thing to talk her into going to bed.

Meanwhile, I'm loopy on pain meds, flipping back and forth between Adult Swim and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

I have an MRI tomorrow, and I managed to talk the folks into giving me a 25% discount since I'm paying cash (credit card, actually, but still out of pocket). Basically, I told them that they are only going to get reimbursed a fixed amount from the insurance company, and dealing with them is always a pain in the butt. So it brings the bill from about $1370 down to a hair over a grand. I got that idea from the Clark Howard radio show (a good show that I wish I listened to more often).

So I'm debating whether I should go to bed or wait up. It could be hours. Let's go play some games, shall we?

Posted by Jake on 11/25/03 @ 11:27 PM
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