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Do You Have Bright Green Poop?

Probably because you drank about a gallon of purple cool aid -- so says this odd-ball site.

Posted by Jake on 11/24/03 @ 11:14 PM
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Celeste Harmer said on 01/06/04 @ 06:02 PM:
You're right!!! I've been drinking purple kool aid all weekend, and sure enough, the green poop followed! Weirdest, freakiest thing I'd ever seen!!!!

your name here said on 01/07/04 @ 11:57 AM:
yup it's true, passed an "alien" of my own today. i feel happy now that i found this site.

jj said on 02/03/04 @ 04:48 PM:
yep not sure about kool aid, but I had a purple protien shake and it was green poop for sure, bright too

chris said on 02/06/04 @ 05:56 AM:
yeah i was freaked out and didn't know why it was green. But know i do, i haave been drinking grape soda for the past 2 days. no wonder. Thanks

chris said on 02/06/04 @ 05:56 AM:
yeah i was freaked out and didn't know why it was green. But know i do, i haave been drinking grape soda for the past 2 days. no wonder. Thanks

Turt said on 02/10/04 @ 06:13 PM:
I just had some crazy green poop, but I can't figure out why. Nothing grape in my diet for a while. Please help.

slipandslide said on 02/14/04 @ 03:59 PM:
yeah green poop can be related to drinking certian types of alcohol. But there cld also be a chance you have irriatble bowel sydrome, or just a bad case of bacteria everyones different though so its tough to tell when im not a real dr

junior said on 03/26/04 @ 09:29 AM:
I have it! but no grape colored anything. allergies and green poop... im about to die! its written somewhere that combo is lethal.

djgidget said on 03/27/04 @ 03:01 PM:
Blueberries have the same effect. It doesn't matter if they are fresh or frozen, the effect is still the same, and it doesn't take but a 1/2 cup or so to do the trick

dp said on 04/05/04 @ 02:51 PM:
i had this crystal light rasberry power mix for a drink, and i drank tons of it in under an hour, sure enough i just shit, and it was weird... part was brown, then part was green.. it was awesome.

Jc said on 04/12/04 @ 07:36 AM:
One grape soda and a wonderful spectacle of a half brown followed by an amazing green turd looked me in the eye as I peeked in the bowl this morning,,,wow!!! I now have a purpose in life.

timebomb said on 04/14/04 @ 09:15 AM:
I have eaten nothing grape ate all and my poop has been green for awhile now help please!

Mad Poopster said on 04/17/04 @ 02:05 PM:
Whilst I am not truly a bung doctor, and can only specualte after having several glorious green movements of my own, that you must be partaking of some food or drink or vitamin loaded with iron. It will also make a floater green. The strangest thing will happen if you eat a couple of bags of twizzlers before you grow a tail, it will be red, because of the red no. 5 dye I am assuming. But green is mch better anyways, I don't have to stuff myself on junk food to drop the aliens off at the pool.

Poopanator 3001 said on 04/19/04 @ 11:49 AM:
Green Turds= Fun For everyone
You want a good laugh, just look at the smeared stain of love and admire how its green, then ur kinda like, man that shit was extra good, maybe it was because my little green child here came out....ahhhh yes

Mad Poopster said on 04/20/04 @ 08:39 AM:
Why is my shit brown if I eat, say, a White Cake with Vanilla frosting?

sweet_lou said on 05/05/04 @ 12:16 PM:
i've been pooping some darkish green poo for 3 days... and someone jokingly said, man, go see a doctor, after i mentioned it... so i got kinda scared, so i looked it up.. and found this site, turns out, i've been drinking minute made grape medley soda all week... so, if ya drink grape drinks, ya get green poop.. amazing.. take care -lou

Hybrid said on 05/26/04 @ 07:32 AM:
Drinking copious amounts of Pepsi Blue has the same effect, thats why I'm here looking to see why my poop is luminecent green, cheers... You would have thought after years of testing different PEPSI products they would have noticed this rather disturbing side effect...

Kris T said on 06/05/04 @ 04:17 PM:

freaked out person said on 06/09/04 @ 07:10 PM:
gee... is it okay to have a green poop? im kinda freaked out... does it have to do w/ ur bacteria or is it sum kinda desiese that i have??

eek! said on 06/09/04 @ 07:14 PM:
aaah! i didnt drink grape soda or anything and i still have a green poop! help me!!!!!

P.S-does this affect my life?

omgwtf said on 06/17/04 @ 11:40 PM:
I just pooped green, and was kinda freaked and looked it up. I got more freaked by a Gall Blader infection page, which doesn't seem likely... then read a thing about kool-aid linking to it.

Then, noticed on the table, an Extra Large (empty) grape Slurpee cup from yesterday.

Grape Slurpee = green poop


Jenny said on 06/28/04 @ 02:43 PM:
I've had green poop too!!! it's fricken awesome

Eric said on 07/04/04 @ 01:18 AM:
Mad Poopster: all the components of white cake with vanilla frosting get absorbed into your bloodstream (as a lot of sugar and a little bit of fat) during digestion, so none of it makes its way into your poop.

The reason poop is often brown is that your red blood cells live for only three months at a time, and when they die, their hemoglobin gets broken down. Hemoglobin is made up of several protein chains attached to a porphyrin ring which contains an iron atom. When a dead red blood cell gives up its hemoglobin, the proteins and the iron get recycled. The porphyrin ring gets broken down to bilirubin, which gets picked up by your liver, converted into a green substance called biliverdin, and excreted into the bile which goes into your small intestines and eventually into your large intestines. There, most of the biliverdin is converted into a yellow substance called urobilinogen. Some of the urobilinogen gets converted into a red substance called stercobilin. So you've got a little bit of green, a lot of yellow, and a little bit of red and, if you remember color mixing from elementary school, the result is brown. If your liver is dameged or your bile duct is obstructed, the biliverdin doesn't make it into your intestines and your poop turns white or gray because it doesn't have any strong pigments.

The "lots of yellow" explains why blue food coloring, which passes through your GI tract unchanged and unabsorbed, turns your poop green rather than brown. Again, simple color mixing.

Kid with Green poo said on 07/26/04 @ 12:40 PM:
Well, well, well...My two year old just had a poo which looked like bright green mashed up broccoli. I was a little freaked. Found this site...relief...grape kool-aid jammers all week-end:-)

Poopy Head said on 08/23/04 @ 04:08 PM:
I drank a large amount of Welches Grape Soda yesterday and boy was I shocked at the green poop I plonked. Thank god for Google and the my fellow green poopers plonking purple poop.

pooperman said on 09/05/04 @ 08:53 AM:
grape gatorade does the same thing!

me too said on 09/13/04 @ 11:57 AM:
i drank a gallon of grape gatorade and got freaked out thank god i found this site.

doo-dah said on 09/13/04 @ 12:00 PM:
ah man i was shittin green for a liittle over a week and its been off and on since then i didnt drink any purple juices of any sort and i dont think it would last as long as it did if i had drinkin some. if im dying do you think they'll name this disease after me wait maybe it was all the sunny delight i dont know im not a doctor

Truth said on 09/16/04 @ 07:26 PM:
I asked the doctor about it, he did a test on me and found that my gaul bladder was pearced while i was excreting. Fortunately, he prescribed some medicine to help me recover. I recommend a checkup with your family doctor

HaMMeR said on 10/13/04 @ 05:00 AM:
my only question on all the greem poo is why does the green poo seem to always get separated from the brown poo...it seems to mysteriously just make its own little poop(ies) while the rest of you dung stays brown...any reasonable explainations? ~HaMMeR

Kelli said on 10/15/04 @ 12:07 PM:
Blue #1 combined with yellows #5 and/or #6 appear to contribute to dark, apple green poo for kids 2+ to adults. I couldn't figure out where hubby and kids were getting all the green doo doo from...the color is in the hard shells of some candies. cool site! ps: takes considerable quantity to achieve desired effect.

Shawn said on 10/15/04 @ 11:20 PM:
Along with the purple cool aid, if you drink xtreme grape gatorade all kinds, your poop turns lime green. Scared me for a second till i found this site.

jon said on 10/25/04 @ 12:23 AM:
Phew, today my shit was green and i got scared for a moment, then i looked up this site and I felt better because id been drinking some Fruit Juice the last 2 days, so hopefully itll go away!

the wicked ripper said on 11/13/04 @ 01:16 AM:
Well it's better than black poop :(

the wicked ripper said on 11/13/04 @ 01:20 AM:
I been eating alot of color starburst candies and drank a gallon of new BLUE juice so i guess thats it for me.

Hey do you know there is a drink called green doodoo? Do a search on google. lol.

peace said on 11/15/04 @ 02:21 PM:
My poop has been getting greener and greener. It's light than grass but a very vibrant green! I haven't been drinking grape colored juice, but I have been eating a lot of blue bubblegum ice-cream! That must be what did it.

Steven Perkoff said on 11/26/04 @ 04:33 PM:
I usually drink Orange soda but a few weeks back I switched to GRAPE, I noticed my poop was GREEN, so I did a google search for GEEN POOP and this site came up. Maybe it has something to do with GRAPE.

Willow said on 12/01/04 @ 04:01 PM:
Blueberry tea must be the culprit in my case!. Started drinking copious amounts of it two days ago and sure enough, green poop!

GatorPoop said on 12/13/04 @ 12:12 PM:
My green poo came freom Grape Gatorade Fierce. I purchased an 8-pack of 20 FL.OZ. bottles and downed them all in 5 days. I was freaked out too. This site saved me a Co-Pay at the doctor's office. So, I have not had Grape Gatorade Fierce since last Friday. I'm having one now though....we'll see what happens. Stay Tuned.....................

Dizzee Rascal said on 01/19/05 @ 02:51 PM:
This is a huge relief. I've been suffering from shocking green turds on and off for a few months now. I was worried that I might die but also suspected that it might have something to do with having been boozing on red wine the night before...looks like that might be it!

baby said on 02/22/05 @ 11:43 AM:
what goes on when you have white or gray poop? help me

dude said on 03/04/05 @ 02:33 PM:
i had some poweraid that was a bluish purple color, and about 6 hours later, my poop was green, i came here and now ill tell all my friends about grape soda and green poo phenomina

Greenpooper said on 03/05/05 @ 11:13 AM:
No purple foods or anything. My poop is more of a light sea green, as opposed to the darker greens that it is when I have green poop. It may be the bag of malt o meal cereal I ate over the past two days, I don't know if it has any iron in it, but that may be it.

The main turd was a floater, so I am attributing it to iron, but I will research my feces closer to see if anything new comes up.

Greenpooper said on 03/05/05 @ 04:42 PM:
I just took a dump, and my poop is regaining some of it's color. I was a darker green, which I hope means helthier bowel movements from here on out.

Meg said on 03/14/05 @ 04:14 AM:
Check this site out cuz it's awesome. www.poopreport.com/Intellectual/Content/Dye/dye.html You can check my post towards bottom (3-14-05 post) to see a list of things found to make your poop green. Have fun! lol

Meg said on 03/14/05 @ 04:17 AM:
I didn't realize the link from the post that started this thread was the same site. But for those who didn't check it like I did, it is now on the post above ^ lol

Wino Poo said on 03/29/05 @ 09:56 AM:
I had the same thing happening to me, then I too found this site. I had been drinking red wine the last few days, and started wondering myself. Well, now I can stop worrying and start dinking again.

grassy arse said on 04/01/05 @ 12:01 AM:
i just had green poo, and searched the net for "my poop is green". i found this site, and now it all makes sense (mad amounts of grape kool-aid). well, all but one thing makes sense. i ran a search for search engine stats, and it came back that an ASS-TOUNDING 3.9% of searches involve the words 'green' and 'poop' together!!! my goddess, why are so many people fascinated with green poop? i just thought i was dying or something, lol!

jen said on 04/05/05 @ 06:11 PM:
All i have to say is apparently iron makes your poop green. I've been passing green for a couple days now, but now i'm pretty sure its because of my iron intake. The funny thing is Im anemic, i'm supposed to take iron supplements, and i just got tested and my iron is low again, so i don't know why my body would be passing up good iron to put in my poo.

me 3 said on 04/15/05 @ 10:23 PM:
been crappin forest green the last few days... was gettin a little worried, looked on the web found this site and now feel better. BTW Gatorade Cool Blue was the culprit i think; been drinkin a lot of it lately, contains blue #1

Emily said on 04/17/05 @ 01:39 PM:
I was a little scared... went to WebMD and searched for "green poop" all that came up were pregnancy results (none of which talked about green poop) but none the less SCARY! So I decided to go with the more reliable and informative yahoo search... I've decided the culprit is the 2 gallons of grape kool-aid I've been drinking over the past several days... but I've loved grape since I was a kid... so why didn't I notice it before? Oh well, at least I'm not pregnant! WHEW! :)

NANA said on 04/26/05 @ 03:16 PM:

greenpooper said on 04/27/05 @ 07:17 PM:
ive been pooping green for like 3 days, ive been drinking alot of blue gatoraid and white zenfindale wine and other wines, could that be it?

greenshit said on 04/27/05 @ 08:30 PM:
can drinkin alot of alcohol all the time make your shit turn green?

Lex said on 05/04/05 @ 11:46 PM:
I don't know about the purple kool-aid = green poop theory, but I have had green poop for a couple days, and though it took me a bit to figure it out, I finally linked it to a large quantity of black frosting that I ate. Apparently, black food coloring makes your poop become a very foresty green. Who knew?

Fran said on 05/07/05 @ 05:37 PM:
Today i pooped green..and it freaked me out...so i can online to search. And i see kool aid ..and i remember drinking kool aid but it was the green one. Then i see grade and yes!! i had grade Fanta yesterday!!!! Grade drink = Green Poop!

green-jelly said on 05/12/05 @ 04:09 PM:
so i got this blue bellywashers juice for like a dollar at ralphs here in long beach and i pooped today and sure enough it was green. i didnt drink a whole lot of it tjho but my whole 3 soda can sized tird was green like the new doritos guacamole flavor chips. gives u somethin to think about next time you eat those... also, after rading the posts, this shows how many people like myself have gone to google.com and typed in green poop. friend of mine once had bright blue poop after eating nothing but blur-raspberry candies all day and nothing else. i never tried it, nor did i see the poop. but its worth a shot. drinking vodka in mass quantities with blue or purple liquids can give you some green beer shits/runs the next day.

shuuuu! said on 05/17/05 @ 09:29 AM:
I poo a little green, and worry a little. If I poo let's say 2 days in a row should I worry alot?.....

Plunger-Buster said on 05/25/05 @ 04:45 PM:
Damn, I just got off the throne, and it beheld the most marvelous neon green crap these eyes have ever seen. It practically glowed in the dark! I've been drinking tons of Fierce Grape Gatorade, and have been wondering why in the last few days, all of my little buddies have been green.

Now that I know what causes it, I can't wait to leave a nuclear floater in some public stall.

joe said on 05/26/05 @ 11:27 AM:
I looked this up after shitting green, and sure as shit, i had one of those big grape gatorades about 3 hours prior.... eureka!

That Guy said on 06/08/05 @ 11:58 AM:
Ok so just like everyone else on this site, i was freaking out at the sight of what my body made... haha.... i had been kinda sick this weekend and i thought the more Gatoraide i drank, the better. so i pounded down 2 64oz bottles of GRAPE Gatoraide...big mistake, i thought i was dying... haha.... after i wipe it looks like a grass stain...thats classic... Thanks for all your helpful stories

Poop Plonker said on 06/23/05 @ 02:12 PM:
I got back from my vacation, and both me and my friend have green poo. Is this a problem or is it just temporary? ~help

Hypocondriac said on 06/24/05 @ 12:30 AM:
First is was a "Drank a jar of pickle juice" green. now its a "WTF" blue green, with lots a blue, I hade alot of poweraid, and a salad, but other than that, NOTHING GREEN, WHY IS MY POO BLUE!!! -help pweese

Hypocondriac said on 06/24/05 @ 12:42 AM:
OMG!!!, I think I know whats happening, I think. My stomach was feeling like that time you had too many corndogs than went on a carny ride, (not very fun), I take a HUGE dump, all better, I look at the dump, theres GREEN AND BLUE, yes BLUE poo, not blueberry candly blue, but dark green blue, I had ALOT of blue, and white poweraid, when it was green, than I had ALOT of fruit juice, (pinkish reddy white) and it turned blue! yay fo me -Still need help.

WHOAAA said on 07/07/05 @ 03:40 PM:
so i just got off my throne when i looked down and to my amazement what i saw was crap of green and blue. i quickly asked my mom what was wrong with me, and she said look it up! so i did. found this site. and realized i had a GRAPE Blow Pop today! i guess the blow pops do it to you too!!

jen said on 07/08/05 @ 11:44 AM:
lots of fresh blueberries and beer can make for liquid deep blue poo. don't try this at home!

Lyndah said on 07/08/05 @ 12:25 PM:
wow! what a relief! couldnt figure it out! But now I remembered i had grape Gatorade all day yesterday,

GW said on 07/14/05 @ 03:10 PM:
Eating licorice can cause green poop too

davjaxn said on 07/28/05 @ 01:31 PM:
I have had green poop from grape soda, grape kool-aid, blue berries and that stuff, but that was nothing compared from what I got from eating Blue Bunny "Star Spangled Vanilla" ice cream. Very, very bright , almost flourescent, astro-turf green! It even turned the water in the toilet bowl green! Imagine chunks of astro-turf floating in a bowl of lemon-lime kool-aid.

Nameless One said on 07/30/05 @ 04:58 PM:
Fruit rollups have the same effect.

Christy said on 07/31/05 @ 07:16 AM:
I drank a blue icee.. and BAM when I took a crap it was green =o

Cynic said on 08/14/05 @ 07:21 PM:
Man, I just had the case of green poo. I freaked out, since this is the first time I've seen this, then I ran to my computer and typed green poo in google. The only thing I can think of, as far as changes in my diet, is that I just drank a Dr. Pepper a while ago (I only drink this stuff rarely, I mostly buy coke or sprite).

jules said on 08/24/05 @ 06:08 PM:
that darned grape kool-aid!!!!!!!!!
and my mother in law thought I had the flu!!!!!

Ina said on 08/31/05 @ 04:17 AM:
Hehe, classic, thank God this website and various others were out there to reassure me I wasn't about to have some extremely unpleasant disease. I see I'm not the only one to run to google and type in "green poo". It was blue food colouring in orange squash for me that did it..

steffey said on 09/01/05 @ 03:58 PM:
a drank a single fierce grape 32 fl z bottle yesturday, green poo today. you dont need gallons. searched the net today to see if the
gatoraide is what did it, sure nuff look at us all. neon green poo. anyone put a blacklight on it yet? j/k

Larry said on 09/10/05 @ 12:03 PM:
Nerds! Boxes of them..blueberry Skittles too!!Diet Cherry Coke too? Definitely a dyed green, not gall bladder, enough to make me punch in green poop on search, glad I found this forum.

Leah said on 09/14/05 @ 05:45 PM:
So I've been drinking blue u.v. fairly often here in the dorms... and just like everyone else -- i'm all what is wrong with me--- why the green poo?? Then i thtought, maybe too much weed.. but i've never noticed it before. So ha good to know, I spose its the u.v.

help me said on 10/08/05 @ 12:42 AM:
for the past 3 days my poops been green. I haven't eaten ice cream or coloured food and i'm worried something might be wrong. HELP!

klasik said on 10/13/05 @ 09:22 PM:
f'in sht!!! my sht was green i thought i was going to die. but thanks to yor comments it was propablly the 6 bottles of montain dew pitch black 2 {grape flavor} lol funny sht this is

sarah said on 10/19/05 @ 10:51 PM:
So I just drank a bottle and 1/2 of zinfendel today and my sht is GREEN, It's great, much better then brown. I'm Happy about this one.

elizabeth said on 10/22/05 @ 09:56 AM:
hahaha! I love google..

I suspect my green beauties this morning were caused by Cap'n Crunch Berries. They currently have green and blue berries (containing Blue #1 plus Yellow #5 and #6).

Definitely experienced it from lots of red wine, too....

Nameless One said on 10/25/05 @ 08:32 PM:
it works with lots and lots (like 3-4 bowls a day) of froot loops

GOME! said on 10/25/05 @ 08:55 PM:
Dude(s), Today was the best crap EVER! i looked down to see a peice of art. GREEN POO! man i almost called up all my friends. Was the coolist thing ive ever seen. All i know is imma look up how to make orange poop and see if i cant get a rainbow going!

GOME! said on 10/25/05 @ 09:03 PM:
i pooped green. It was the best. I almost called up all my friends to come see it. It was a floating peice of art. I think im going to look up how to make orange poop and work on getting some kind of rainbow

Ah-HA! said on 10/29/05 @ 08:53 PM:
My baby has pooped neon green poo for the last four days. After reading about the many green poo incidents, I deduced that it must be grape cool aide and the Berry Blue Blast GoGurt in my babies diet that has given his stuff a shocking green hue. I was about to take him to the emergency room! Thank you green pooping people for sharing your stories.

shitty mcshitterton said on 10/30/05 @ 06:19 AM:
Yeah i just shit green about 5 minutes ago...i had no idea why, but now that u guys mention it i had a purple slushie at the circus yesterday!

Eric said on 11/14/05 @ 12:38 AM:
Leah: UV vodka contains blue food coloring, which passes through your digestive system intact and mixes with a yellow pigment that comes from your liver to create green poop. I'm pretty sure that that's the whole reason why they put the food coloring in it: kids like "blue raspberry" drinks because all the food coloring turns their poop green, and the purveyors of UV have, correctly, figured out that most boys don't outgrow that kick.

tiffanie said on 11/14/05 @ 12:45 PM:
Yeah I was just checking this site out! I've been drinking grape koolaid for the last few days and my poo has been green... go figure!

Nameless One said on 11/15/05 @ 04:16 PM:
my pops say its cuz u anit got enough iron in ur body takes some vitamins!!!!! worked for me

Jeanie said on 11/27/05 @ 09:12 AM:
The new Blue Koolaid cause green poo too. I'm glad I found this cite....

XyZ said on 11/30/05 @ 10:41 AM:
My son who is 2 and a half is pooping green in color for more than a month . I am very concerned took to a Dr but the results are fine. he still poops green and his appetite is fine. worried.. is there any reason or remedy to get to normal color?

shittinggreen said on 11/30/05 @ 09:55 PM:
i shit green this morning and i put the turd on a plate and tried a peace of it and yep u guessed it , it was gatoraid.

green shit 4 life essay

Green Pooper said on 12/05/05 @ 09:18 AM:
Whew....I just have birth to a brown and green baby and thought something might be terribly wrong. I have been drinking some grape gatorade and some blue one (forget the flavor). That was like 2 days ago and I just pooped now and it was part green.


lola said on 12/05/05 @ 03:32 PM:
that rip off of blue wkd does it too...wierd

emily said on 12/16/05 @ 10:59 AM:
When i woke up today a 11:30 about a hr when by and i had green SHIT i had no grape anything only orange juice vidimin D and mountin DEW live wire i have been sneezein with a runny nose am i sick or what what is wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

green pooer said on 01/01/06 @ 12:26 PM:
I've had blue crap from a black frosting cake and I had green today. I've had no koolaid, flavored drinks, or alchol.

I have concluded that i've eaten a ton of little pastries with cherry filling. I'm guessing (and hoping) it was from them.

Laurel said on 01/19/06 @ 07:29 PM:
OMG...I just had my first green poo. I showed my girlfriend and she thought it was both gross and funny. I didn't know why I had just dropped a big green bomb, but after reading this website I now think it must be the many bowls of Froot Loops I have consumed over the last two days.

asjgkasjgf said on 03/03/06 @ 06:43 AM:
I ate a pickle and went poo and it was freakin neon bleu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wierdest part was it glowed

asjgkasjgf said on 03/03/06 @ 06:48 AM:
I just had glowing glowing green poo!!!!!!
I think its becaus of purple gadorate and of that stuff in the glowstick!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?

smellabell said on 03/06/06 @ 04:04 PM:
WOW! so relived to have found this site...green sludge galore! I have been drinking a few "red bull" drinks (its a stimulant drink) and eaten two blueburry muffins! I'll let you know if it happens again!

I did call my husband to have a look, wierdest thing i'v ever seen come from me bum! and I should know, I caught a parasite in spain once and i thought that was odd!

stage 2 clinger said on 03/09/06 @ 03:23 PM:
Yeah I had just drank a bout a gallon of grape kool aid then I ate about a box of gushers and the next thing i knew i had to literally run to the toilet, it was like a valocanic eruption, my ass cheeks spread and the green poop exploded out for my bottom, it hurt but felt good. But there was this little 6 inch bright neon green turd that didnt want to get wet and clung to my bung hole like "fuck this shit", i tried everything to get it out, pinching my ass together, shaking my ass over the toilet and i even stood up before i had to reach around and grab it and YANK it out. True story

stage 2 clinger said on 03/09/06 @ 03:39 PM:
(I was down in Mexico earlier this week for spring break)I had the worst shit ever yesterday, first of all i shat myself in class then i had to run to the commode just before shit errupted from my bung hole like a volcanic eruption. I had just ate about a box of fruit by the fuit and a liter of grape kool aid, bad bad bad combo. It hurt so bad that i felt like i had been stuck by a hung african american or something.... everything came out alright except this little 5 inch neon green turd that clung to my ass hole like super glue. I did everything to get it out, pinch my cheeks together, wiggle my ass around trying to throw it off like a bull and a rider, before i finally stood up and reached around and had to pull it out. That's not all there were 3 more inches in there that were green, blue and even red, i guess because of the fruit by the foot. TRUE STORY.

marlinman said on 03/10/06 @ 12:15 AM:
i just dropped a half brown half green one, i'd been drinking gatorade the whole week, cause of my gallbladder "infection"...shitty, im still sick, the greener's good tho

embarrassed with green poop said on 03/10/06 @ 08:55 PM:
wow, i cant believe it, for the last few days i have drank nothing but grape koolaid, and now i know why i have green poop, i cant believe this it doesnt make sense, but my green poop makes sense now!

smarter said on 03/28/06 @ 08:50 PM:
This note is addressed to the fearful morons posting their woes of irregular pooping:
Ever think to stop putting all this horrible fake chemical shit into your bodies ?
Maybe you wouldn't be scared shitless every time you take a dump!

green pooer said on 03/29/06 @ 11:30 AM:
Blue corn chips will do it too, I guess. Had some last night and this morning the poo was GREEN, like bright green, like emerald. Very pretty, if not totally alarming.

jerrica said on 04/04/06 @ 07:45 PM:
oh my gosh. i can't believe that's why i had green poop. i've been drinking grape kool-aid and grape kool-aid jammers all week. this is hilarious

gatoraaaade said on 04/28/06 @ 05:38 AM:
omg gatorade f'd me i ran out of good bottled water so i started drinking gatorade grape fierce and cool blue and iv e been poopin green ever since..not only does that freak me out but i aint buying that colored crap again.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! said on 05/04/06 @ 08:00 PM:
This is the funniest site ever HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that being said, this was the second time i had green poop, I had a bit of a martini last night, it makes sense because this happened once when i drank a bit of borboun from an eggshell.

Daquiri Pooper said on 05/07/06 @ 09:19 AM:
I had green poop this morning and was a little worried....after looking at this I realized what it was...i drank a grape daiquiri last night.

Sandy said on 05/10/06 @ 09:38 PM:
Capn crunch berries also dyes your poop green...

white or clay color said on 05/13/06 @ 11:45 AM:
light clay color or white poop can be associated with a liver problem...i had to have liver biopsy when i had problem like that...auto immune problem. see a dr if u have light clay color or white poop, it may not be as bad as u think, but it might be !!!!!!!!!

white or clay color said on 05/13/06 @ 11:48 AM:
white or clay color poop..anything light color...can be associated the auto immune disease and you should be checked by a dr. that is what happened to me. had live biopsy and was put on meds for sevaral months.

beth said on 05/13/06 @ 03:35 PM:
OMG, thankfully I found this site. I have bright green poop & was totally freaked out! I have been eating blue corn chips & avacados. No wonder. The blue chips. LOL! Phew. And I have been drinking lots of light blue Gatorade & sometimes the color called Rain. Sheesh. THX!!

Erikuhh said on 05/15/06 @ 08:38 PM:
Oh god.. This site.. Too funny. I read every single thing..Thank you green poopers for providing me with extreme entertainment. =D!

ps. Grape soda's dabomb.

James said on 05/16/06 @ 01:08 AM:
WOW...I just pooped green..and got alittle worried like some of ya'll so I got on google and searched..and walla I found this site..to my relief it's not life threatening...phew..
BTW Fake fruit loops can give you Green Poop. Hey i'll trade cheaper fruit loops for green poop anyday !!!!!

jeff said on 05/18/06 @ 07:12 AM:
I drank grape squelch (i think its called that, its like gatorade) all day today at work. The next morning my feces were bright green. So green, you'd be curious to know if something was wrong with you.

kd said on 05/23/06 @ 07:01 PM:
hahaha i thought i was going to die.. and then i saw this and realized i've been drinking grape kool-aid all week! i am so relieved! :)

Catt said on 05/24/06 @ 02:56 PM:
I have two kids in diapers and have found a variety of shades of green and turquoise in their poopy diapers. Kool-aid, Gatorade, Colored Goldfish, and almost anything with artificial coloring in it, turns GREENISH!!!
Gross, sure, but not a big deal once you know what caused it.
Silly site....lol, hope this helps.

Poops said on 06/03/06 @ 08:39 AM:
This crap poops it makes my crap freakin light pea green! Fo all yo mofos out der you should buy this crap it frikking works! Send me a message at crabbychicken55@aol.com if you want crap

Janis said on 06/08/06 @ 10:30 AM:
same thing bowt it being green except the only things like this that i ate were at my friends when i pinched 2 grapes as if two grapes could have this affect. ???

green, who knew said on 06/13/06 @ 02:43 PM:
So glad we found this. My son had forest green/playdoh green poop. Just freaked out a bit until I realized he had several pieces of black birthday cake (a spy b-day party, so it was a black briefcase). You learn something everyday!!

ThePoopanator said on 06/22/06 @ 07:57 AM:
I've had some wonderful green celebrations the last few days....no grape drink, or candy though...wonder what caused it

Mimi said on 06/24/06 @ 11:22 AM:
I was soo scared and i didn't know why my poop was green.. but now i know.. i have been working at a daycare and all they serve is grape kool aid and now i poop GREEN.. GROSS!! lol!!

Adrian said on 06/26/06 @ 08:30 PM:
LOL, dude, I sympathize with some of you...I drank like a gallon of purple gatorade today, pooped some crazy looking bright green stools and became worried. I was like, WTF! do I have some gnarly intestitinal infection? Thanks!

The Green Machine said on 06/30/06 @ 08:30 PM:
Just in case anyone consumed blue food coloring, expect green poop. Yesterday, I was eating cupcakes with blue frosting for the 4th of July Holiday, a guess what today I had green poop. The poop was so green that the toilet bowl water turned green. Ewh!!!!!

green poo said on 07/02/06 @ 06:43 PM:
I have been eating captain crunch cereal for two days...about two bowls in two days and my poo just came out bright green...that was so cool to see! Kinda odd tho...

Crazy Nig said on 07/05/06 @ 11:52 AM:
you guys are crazy it's jus green poop freakin wierdos

Josh said on 07/05/06 @ 05:00 PM:
dude apple jacks and fruit loops cause you to shit bright green i mean f--kin almost neon....i thought i seriously had some shit wrong wit me cause i was poopin out that and i got on the net to search it and found out that the colors in the cereal causes it....

King Poo said on 07/11/06 @ 08:02 AM:
Yeah, took a bright green one this morning. The only thing I had over the past few days that I believe could contribute was a piece of vanilla cake with blue frosting. But I wonder, I was a rather sizeable movement. So could such a meager amount of blue frosting cause a moderately large movement to become completely green???? Confused.

lime green pooper said on 07/17/06 @ 02:33 PM:
OMG I was sooooo freeked!! Lime green poop like it was glowing I think! I have been drinking alot of grape koolaid and berry gatorade. Sure hope thats it.

Wazee said on 07/20/06 @ 04:22 PM:
Yep, I ate 2 sliced of blueberry pie yesterday, woke up this morning with a pretty nice tummy ache, and about 8 hours later made some nice green poopies!

hazeleyes said on 07/20/06 @ 11:26 PM:
i just had green shit it was like blue green, and im reading these comments and its funny i had one of those grape gatoraids when i worked out early this afternoon and now 2 in the morning its blue-green poop. never seen that before.

ashboomstick said on 07/21/06 @ 06:42 AM:
Sonic Oceanwater=Green Poop!

POO POWER!!!! said on 07/21/06 @ 07:59 PM:
I had gree poo the last two days but i have been drinking vodka and grape Kool-Aid for the past few days!!! Good thing i found this site!! POO POWER!!! YAY ! SUPER DOOPER POOPER SCOOPER!!! YAY OH YAY !!

Hippiechick said on 07/28/06 @ 01:43 PM:
I was eating alot of cherries; I guess they are also a contributing factor to bright green poop. i was so freaked out I even told my boyfriend who I don't tell things like that too!!

Hippiechick said on 07/28/06 @ 01:43 PM:
I was eating alot of cherries; I guess they are also a contributing factor to bright green poop. i was so freaked out I even told my boyfriend who I don't tell things like that too!!

dmmaxw said on 08/04/06 @ 06:19 PM:
I have been drinking 100% Cranberry juice about more than a half 64 fl. oz bottle. I also ate a have pack of black twizzlers. My bowels have been light to lime green in color. Scared me for a while. Looks strange.

Poop Revenge said on 08/08/06 @ 04:54 AM:
I was so relieved to find this site. I've been drinking Kool-Aid the past few days.

Gave me a sick idea though. I was thinking about eating nothing but blue frosting and drinking grape Kool-Aid for two days and then taking a dump on my ex girlfriend's porch!

Has anyone else considered this or is it just me?

lauren said on 08/09/06 @ 08:00 AM:
ive been having green poop too.. but i really havent drank anything to do with grape. ive had captain crunch and soup all week..

bebephoenix said on 08/20/06 @ 02:49 PM:
jungle juice = green poop. hahha

holy Shit said on 08/27/06 @ 08:31 PM:
Funny thing i had green poop it was caused be eatin alot of captin crunch and drinkin alot of monster must be all the vitamins and colorings.

throttlejockey said on 08/29/06 @ 09:11 PM:
absolutely great, be sure to check out the link to the colon cleansing stuff above, (literally incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

Soilent green said on 08/30/06 @ 08:13 AM:
When I stood up this morning and was witness to the horrific green menace floating in my shit bowl.I was overwhelmed with a premonition of maybe money in my near future.Sure enough a 300 dollar check arrived in the mail that afternoon.In a green envolope!
I actually try to shit green all the time now.I welcomthose toxic looking green moss logs!

Kikster said on 08/31/06 @ 03:49 PM:
After my father discovered that his poop was a lime green colour he came to this web-site and posted... I am now envious of the green-poop phenominon. I hope that someday in the near future I can experience the mind boggling...bathroom extravaganza...GREEN SHIT!

Booty Cakes said on 09/05/06 @ 01:32 PM:
I was very surprised when I turned around to flush and it looked like I shit a platoon of little army men. I guess its that 12 pack of grape soda I've been sucking on for the past couple days! CRAZY!!

greg said on 09/19/06 @ 09:56 AM:
I have a friend Jamie D who has a yellow colored shit?

Kevin said on 09/23/06 @ 08:21 AM:
This seems to be excepted by most here but it does seem odd that this just started a few years ago. I wonder if there are any other affects that these food colorings are having on us. I've been pooping bright green for some time now and believe it's because of the PowerAde grape drink.

Pooper Girl said on 10/03/06 @ 02:29 PM:

I had green poop again today, only the 2nd time in 2 weeks. It's the blue and purple crunch berries in Capn Crunch!! I would NEVER have remembered that and linked the two.

How liberating.

whatgreenpoo said on 10/04/06 @ 05:28 PM:
well what can i say i just came out of the restroom to find agian that i had green poop AGAIN!!!! for the last week the wired thing is that sat down got on the computer and found this site, i was scared i thought i was dieing or had a disie or something well everyone one is saying that they drank koolade or gadorade i havent drank anything like that im ssooooo scared whats wrong with me, well too i dont eat me so maybe thats the problem but its fun to look at the tolit paper when its a diffrent color right? :)

Greenie said on 10/05/06 @ 07:10 PM:
Crunch Berries did it to me. Bright green alien was born today from behind me. I ate way too many of them: purple, yellow and red = Green I guess. Was a little freaked out and found this site. Then it was like ohhh that did it, food coloring.

Ahleeya said on 10/06/06 @ 04:08 PM:
Another drink that will do the trick is a blue raspberry super slushie, ( the cheap kind from the gas station). We're talkin major food coloring involved here and yer poo will realy be a cool shade of green!

jamie said on 10/10/06 @ 12:46 PM:
omg theres sooo much stuff on here! i justsearched 4 green poo and found about 1000000000 sites lol

Da Big Green One said on 10/12/06 @ 11:38 AM:
That Grape Powerade drink does the trick. I've been crappin' the green stuff all day! YAY!!!

Gamble Gas said on 10/12/06 @ 02:39 PM:
I'v had bright green poo for a lil over a week. Don't know what's causing it. I havn't had any cereal's or koolaid!!!! I'm a little worried

neonsgreenppopingsmommy said on 10/24/06 @ 10:01 PM:
My son has had neon green poop for awhile now....who knew that it could be caused by his PURPLE grape gatorade???
I'm glad I found this site. I had already called my mom, scared to death, that something was wrong with him and was about to call the hospital. HEY, as long as it won't hurt him or mean that he's sick, he can poop neon green turds all he wants!

Ryan said on 10/26/06 @ 09:11 PM:
I guess I am joining the club. Purple Gatorade mix, and I am neon green poop man.

anoymous said on 11/15/06 @ 05:13 PM:
yup, drank the grape gatorade...bright green....yellow bile mixed w/grape color?

anoymous said on 11/15/06 @ 05:16 PM:
just took protonic too, I have acid relux disease....? just found out I have the disease and then I noticed it but i DID DRINK GRAPE GATORADE...?

anonymous said on 11/17/06 @ 09:14 AM:
I just had this too, and no grape for me. but then I remembered....I had those blue tortilla chips in my nachos wednesday! Weird!!!!

O_O said on 11/20/06 @ 12:33 PM:
Ummmmmm.........poop? O_O

Lol. I was bored so I typed in "All kinds of poop" In the yahoo search box. I came upon this site

juan_mortime said on 11/21/06 @ 09:27 AM:
Other sites said stomach bug, etc. and got me really worried about my baby's fluorescent green diaper blasts, so what a relief to read all this, and to discover the sippy cup of watered-down Welch's grape juice as the culprit!

Alex said on 11/22/06 @ 01:30 PM:
I have had green poop for several days. I had the flu for about a week and just got over it in the last week. Is that why? Help. My mom said green poop means a virus.

Alex said on 11/22/06 @ 01:32 PM:
I have no grape things in my diet and Ive hardly been eating. Ive been consuming alot of gatorade or powerade of all colors and flavors.

)!( said on 12/04/06 @ 03:02 PM:
Blue will do it to you too. I had the damn Ucla Chips,(half were died blue). I had a shit load of those chips, and guess what, Green Poop.

cmm123 said on 12/05/06 @ 07:30 AM:
One time I pooped and it was white and I was deathly ill,
I am okay now but I still think about that one time it happened to me.

bethany said on 12/05/06 @ 05:52 PM:
i just had some bright green poop, and it freaked me out a little because it's never happened before. i was trying to think what could have caused it, and the only thing i consumed today that i haven't in a long time was raisins. could that have caused it, because raisins are basically depressed grapes?

none of ya bissness said on 12/06/06 @ 07:53 AM:
yep its true i drank alot of purple cool aid and abouth other cool aid colers! im glad i found this site i was getting worried!

boodey said on 12/15/06 @ 05:16 PM:
yeah same with the power aid purple stuff makes ur poop green

thh said on 12/15/06 @ 05:59 PM:
I shit green today , i went to poo and this bright freakin neon green shit like ive never experienced before, not even from my kids, i thought i was dying.
i found all you guys here and thankful enough, im not the only one!
anyways, boo berry cereal was the cause, this is weird!!

Ann Baltzer said on 12/17/06 @ 09:47 PM:
I have managed to sqeeze out three poos today. And, all three poos were vibrantly green in color. this isn't your everyday, "I might be getting sick"
poo; rather, my poo has taken on a BRIGHT, nearly LIME GREEN hue. I have come to the conclusion that Holiday colored Mission party chips if eaten in abundance over a four hour period result in VIBRANT GREEN POO. WARNING, WARNING.

green poop eater said on 12/23/06 @ 12:25 AM:
my shit was greeny brown i dont no whats happan all i ate was a few rats, ofc, had to be eaten with turd source. Yum the next day i had a glass off piss from monkeys. Was not that bad. please visit www.drinkingmonkeypiss.org thanks for the green poop chat. MONKEY PISS FTW!!!!

gren turd said on 12/23/06 @ 12:38 AM:
in the morning du du du i woke up du du du i had a bowl of chocolate shredies
i found out my dog had done a shit on my food then i had a glass of lemonade
my dog had pissed in it nice. i had enought my i put my dog outside then a turd was born in the toilet yay but mostly my dogs shit came out and some sweetcorm then i went to the zoo we were walking past when my dog had a big shit on my foot then i monkey pissed in my face ITS GREAT!!

LOOK OVER HERE!! said on 12/30/06 @ 08:31 AM:
Guys HELP!!! i drank grape juice and the next day..... GREEN POOP!! lalalalalalalala. Bollucks. Help... btw gren turd is being a idiot

grand 'poobah' said on 01/04/07 @ 05:13 PM:
So - I been sick - puking for 12 hours straight couldn't keep water down - stomach flu - hospital - IV - 2 liters of fluids - then home again-
"No solid foods" they said "For 24 hours!"
so... My wife brought me orange gatoraid, red white and blue bomb pops (cuz I like 'em), blue jello and chicken broth. That's really all I ate for two days - then I POOPED GREEN!!! man I thought I was dieing!!! LMAO! now i get it!!! I'm gonna go get another bomb pop.... cuz I like 'em!

Ashypoo said on 01/10/07 @ 10:36 PM:
My daughter has been pooing flourescent green all day so we looked up green poo as we were a bit worried and have now realised it was the blue jelly!!! Hehehe what a relief :) lol

sal said on 01/11/07 @ 02:17 PM:
Yeah, I have been pooping green for about 4 days, and every freakin time it's bright green! I haven't had a lot of food coloring, nor have I had any grape koolaid or soda. You know what, I think it might be from all that vodka and ameretto i drank the other night. It all happened after that. hmmm....

Spanky said on 01/18/07 @ 08:23 PM:
I always have green poops whenever I drink Grape Gatorade or Blue Punch with everclear... my friends and I have always been amazed by the correlation

oh shit said on 01/20/07 @ 11:41 AM:
i just wiped my ass, and it was green. i had never heard of this green poop situation. i am glad i am not the only one who poops green. i dont drink kool-aid though.. so maybe it was the lager from last night. green rules. "people who poop green of the world unite."

kristin said on 01/21/07 @ 03:05 PM:
Can starburst, chocolate or salad turn it green?

Leslie said on 01/21/07 @ 06:20 PM:
I had bright green poop tonight! I had a Pomegranite martini yesterday and have been taking Hydroxycut could one of these be the cause?? Help.

pokey said on 01/29/07 @ 11:19 AM:
i had bright flourescent green poop the last 2 days and after researching it i realized that it was grape powerade i was drinking. I usually drink a different flavor everytime, but was down to my last bottles and they were all 3 grape, jesus that makes for some horribly bright green poop...

el poop said on 01/30/07 @ 09:12 AM:
I recently started pooping green too and was wondering what the hell.

After cheking here I think I know why... it has to be the blue gatorade I've been drinking. I'm going to test my theory.

Sarah said on 02/11/07 @ 03:16 PM:
I drank 40 ounces of Crysta Light Raspberry Slurpie from 7-11, then I woke up the next morning with lime green poo!!

Bill said on 02/11/07 @ 07:43 PM:
I Had A WHOLE Lot Of Black Rasberry Ice Cream Yesturday Which Is Purple And Not My Poop Is Green it was soooo freaky at first but then i thought about what i ate and it hit me the reason why hahaa

Holy Shit said on 02/14/07 @ 07:50 PM:
You wan't some really green poo.....eat a whole large bag of licorice twizzlers.....its all about that black food coloring!!......I can promise this will do it worse than anything out there

Grape Ape said on 02/15/07 @ 06:45 AM:
Must say, I was freaked out. Dumped a green one last night and was so worried about it, I had to look it up on Google. I have been drinking Grape Soda for the past 3 days and can't imagine the result is a green bomb. I figured it was some kind of Medical Emergency such as bile build-up. Thanks for the forum

Trix aren't just for kids! said on 02/23/07 @ 08:02 AM:
I pooped green today. Got freaked. Googled that shizz. Found you all.

I have eaten an obscene amount of Trix cereal over the past 2-3 days and all of a sudden my poop is green.

That was awesome.

Green pooper said on 02/27/07 @ 02:53 AM:
Damn, people. This is unbeleivable! This is nation wide problem...our seweres are gonna turn green if we keep on eating those fruit loops wanna be. lol . I wonder if the same thing happens when you eat considerable amounts of the original fruit loops as well.... i'l experiment & get back to you in a few days ... lol This is crazy!

fellow green shyter said on 02/28/07 @ 02:20 PM:
haha! yea it is awesome! im not sure what i ate. but when i saw it i was fricken smiling my face off! it was funny! been crapping the stuff out for a couple days now. im not in a hurry for it to change colors on me again. :) *go with the flow fellow green poopers!*

MeMe said on 03/01/07 @ 04:02 PM:
i've been having green poop for a few days now and i haven't eaten anything with color to it. why is this happening?

MR Yo said on 03/04/07 @ 07:53 PM:
Watch out for Grape Powerade.. I never drank that crap until a day ago...And now Green Poo

yar said on 03/12/07 @ 07:33 PM:
Would Crunch berries do the same thing?
Haha, I was just trying to think of what I would have eaten to do that. And I remembered...I had a bowl of crunch berries last night and this morning.

Grizzly said on 03/12/07 @ 07:36 PM:
I had green poo too.. purple cool aid too.

Grizzly said on 03/12/07 @ 07:45 PM:
If I had green poo because of purple cool aid ..for the first time of my life ,and I'm 27. What about all the other time I had purple cool aid ? Should'nt my poo be green then too ? Where did the green go then ?

Gumby's Friend said on 03/14/07 @ 04:45 PM:
oh! I am so relieved. I am sick and I thought - now what? green poop! but it must be from that grape gatorade. thanks for the site - I was really getting worried. I really do work with Gumby - and I thought.....hmmm, is my work getting to me in a bizarre way? Did I accidently eat a Gumby doll?




Yeah Wtf said on 03/20/07 @ 01:42 PM:
Uh, you're all f--king retarded.. this is the most disgustin site i have ever, ever witnessed.
Not to mention that I am cracking up at your idiotic comments.

Mr Haggis said on 03/23/07 @ 05:39 AM:
I thought it might have been the oysters I ate, but then I realized that I had been eating a lot of Froot Loops lately....

rhys said on 03/24/07 @ 06:14 AM:
me poo is green and is it because i eat alot of grapes

poop tee tee said on 03/28/07 @ 10:27 AM:
yes, i am another how has found this bright green poop in my toilet.... thought it was kind of cool but it didnt smell that cool

SybilandMichael said on 03/30/07 @ 09:54 AM:
My boyfriend and I have GREEN POOP!-We drank a whole gallon of some generic blue drink in the past two days...thought it might have been the spaghetti that I made last night-thanks to this website my boyfriend is no longer scared to eat my cooking!!!!YAY--->f--k U "Yeah Wtf" GREEN POOP IS SCARY(we thought we had ecoli)...plus what are you doing on this site if you don't have green poop?

Court said on 04/01/07 @ 01:33 PM:
Now I found the answer to my green poo! Gatorade Fierce. Phew, I feel better! It's good stuff but watch out for the green in the toilet. Thank you all for your input!

confusedscared kid said on 04/01/07 @ 06:44 PM:
nop no kool aid just pop and marshmallows i am so confused

jason said on 04/04/07 @ 05:57 PM:
What?s a better appetizer before jumping into the shower than relaxing poo? Some would say a tug on the old boy but it?s pretty stiff competition with an emphasis on the word stiff. I had already given my boy the attention he deserves earlier in the day so I decided to go with the poo. Now heres where the story gets interesting, im sitting there doing my thing and its going pretty good until I look down and catch a glimpse of my excretions and see that they are an odd shade of green. The first thought that comes to my mind is wow that?s neat, neat like lunch meat. While I was in the shower reflecting on my findings I decided that I would do some research and get to the bottom of this. So I came and sat down on my computer and found this website and to my surprise the cause of my abnormal turd was a grape flavored poweraid that I had yesterday.

Leah said on 04/05/07 @ 11:28 AM:
THANK YOU!! My mom has been pooping green for 2 weeks & driving me crazy asking why...she's been drinking blue Powerade so that must be it! (sob) I'm so grateful to you all.

weirdedout said on 04/07/07 @ 08:46 PM:
my sister just took a green poo. we foiund this site but still dont have an explanation.

weirdedout said on 04/07/07 @ 08:47 PM:
oh, and what about the black spots??

Pretty In The Bowl said on 04/07/07 @ 09:59 PM:
I just had some bright neon green colored crap. I haven't drank grape soda or anything like that. I did eat cereal--Fruity Pebbles-- the past couple of days. Could it be that? Fruity Pebbles does have bright shades of blue, green and purple in it. I'm thinking that's what it is. Anyone else eat that cereal and have neon crap?

nargaret said on 04/10/07 @ 06:30 AM:
Well u see BRIGHT green poop is narmal.....i even eat it for breakfast....it makes a wonderfull dish for dinner...when friends come over we allhave a BRIGHT green poop slurpy and have a GRAND old BALL....


greenexplosion said on 04/10/07 @ 06:12 PM:
Thank God I found this site. Just took a huge GREEN dump and was freaked out. I didn't drink anything purple or blue but since it's Easter I've been gobbling down the black jellybeans. Guess that's what did it!

fosho said on 04/10/07 @ 09:52 PM:
i have goose poop!

stacey said on 04/17/07 @ 04:06 PM:
ok so i was freaking out because my one year old just had the the brightest lime green bowel movement and then i came to this website and realized that it must have been the grape gatorade i had let her drink earlier today this is weird though because ive givin it to her b4 and never had it be this bad.

aaron said on 04/17/07 @ 04:12 PM:
just to let people know if your poo is a dark green like a forest green
you are getting a little too much iron

Nameless One said on 04/23/07 @ 07:12 AM:
i have been living off gatorade and my poop is bright green. i was scared until now.

wilhelm said on 04/23/07 @ 03:15 PM:
must have been the blueberries or the blue candy rock that made poo a dark but definite shade of green

I said on 04/27/07 @ 09:22 AM:
Pooped Spring-Grass-Green today, freaked a little. Typed "why am i pooping green" into gooooogle.
I ate a bowl of "Birthday Cake" flavored Ice Cream last night. It has dark BLUE frosting in the Ice Cream.
It turned my tongue Blue and my Poop Green!!

Vic said on 04/28/07 @ 01:48 AM:
I now feel I can go ahead and re-new my magazine subscriptions cuz I know I aint gonna die relatively soon. Yup green poop...had me reeeeal scared till i read this site. I have been drinking Grape flavored (crystal lite like stuff) Walmart brand for like 2 days now pretty hard core. Woooh...

steph said on 04/28/07 @ 09:34 AM:
hahahha i was so scared, mine was bright green and now i know why - dyed blue cupcakes with purple icing haha!

meowmix said on 04/30/07 @ 09:12 PM:
green poop rocks

Steve said on 05/01/07 @ 10:10 PM:
Grape Powerade got me too! Bright green poop all day today, and I pretty much reasoned it down to the Powerade because it's the only thing different that I've been eating/drinking, and I've had about 4 bottles of it the past day or so. So I googled "grape powerade green crap" and sure enough, this site confirmed what I thought. Thanks!

Justine said on 05/04/07 @ 02:40 PM:
phew i had green poop today and was all worried till i read this thing. i didnt know about the grape thing. i drank grape koolaid everyday for like the last five days ^_^ lol that explains it

special ed said on 05/06/07 @ 08:05 PM:
i pooped green! yay! yay!

special ed said on 05/06/07 @ 08:07 PM:
i had green poop! yay! yay! yay! yay! yat!

yoda said on 05/06/07 @ 08:10 PM:
poop green did i have

yoda said on 05/06/07 @ 08:10 PM:

studydoll said on 05/10/07 @ 10:24 AM:
mice droppings cause bright green poop. I promise.

studydoll said on 05/10/07 @ 10:28 AM:
Mice droppings carry bacteria. If you will notice, old mice droppings are the very same green that you are describing here. The bacteria is in your house and somehow you have it in your body now. I did some research on this and came to this conclusion. How many of you have a mice problem right now????? I'm interested to find out the percentage of the people with mice problems and flouresent green poop.

red red wine said on 05/22/07 @ 10:25 PM:
I recently discovered that drinking copious amounts of red wine will give you
green poo. So sweet!!

saumil said on 05/26/07 @ 08:33 AM:
i pooped green and i tought i had stomuch cancer or something i was like freaked out and looked it up thx god i drank some kool air kind of purple coloure

Popeye said on 05/29/07 @ 01:27 PM:
I know that spinach makes the poop dark green and creamy ...

Sounds nice, but it is not nice, the smell is not from this world.. ( can kill little animals in seconds. )

But hey ... I survived !

Popeye said on 05/29/07 @ 01:28 PM:
I know that spinach makes the poop dark green and creamy ...

Sounds nice, but it is not nice, the smell is not from this world.. ( can kill little animals in seconds. )

But hey ... I survived !

poopeye said on 05/29/07 @ 01:35 PM:
I took some acid this weekend and after going poop I took a look. oh my god, it was red and green changing colors as I watched it, then I passed out. My friends said it was a bad hit of acid and my eye's are messed up, not my poop. can anybody help?

Nameless One said on 06/07/07 @ 07:05 PM:
i took some acid and man bricks were flying out of like every wall....i dont know what that has to do with green crap

unknown said on 06/09/07 @ 02:21 PM:
holy shit! I thought I had something wrong with me or something, but I've been having 2 big snowcones everyday! They have been grape, and purple!! I'm glad I found this site!!

dillon said on 06/10/07 @ 03:27 PM:
I had green gatorate, nothing purple thoght, adn my poop was BRIGHT GREEN MAN!!

Jason said on 06/15/07 @ 10:39 PM:
Last night I had purple peruvian potatos and out came the green poo!!!

Matt said on 06/17/07 @ 08:35 PM:
I was so freaked out , my poop was so green it looked like it was radioactive .... GRAPE POWERADE is what ive been drinking all day.

glad I found this page haha

Heidi said on 06/18/07 @ 04:30 PM:
wheew! i was so relieved wen i found this site! i just resently switched to purple gatorade and now....

Nameless One said on 06/19/07 @ 11:52 AM:
hey nothing grape nothing purple. but i did have a cupcake with green frosting could that be why my poo is bright green? i am a little freaked out about it plz respond asap

poop king said on 06/19/07 @ 12:22 PM:
poop rules my poop is yellow and orange GO POOP GO

hot poop girl said on 06/19/07 @ 12:25 PM:
hi i've been shitting out tomato peelings and i'm kinda worried about it

potty boy said on 06/21/07 @ 11:32 AM:
I have had bright green poop last 3 days. Seeing all this conversation about diet made me stop and think hard about what I've eaten that is different in the last three days. Well, I started taking a multivitimen! I bet that's it!

jase said on 06/21/07 @ 03:53 PM:
i've been a victim of las vegas neon green pooo... i was shocked and a little scared... i imediatley called my buddy who also discovered he had shit neon green......we got together and just held each other.. we never traced the source of the neon green pooo...it's been years now and it never came back... and i know that i'm not alone u guys are here for me. u also have seen neon green pooo!!!!!!it was so bright i thought it was radioactive... thanks were bonded forever thru neon green pooo..peace and love jase

chaz said on 06/23/07 @ 03:40 PM:
what about gatorade?
i drink a good 3-4 of them a day.

please insert name here said on 06/25/07 @ 11:11 AM:
its like not true i have a lot of green poop and never drink koolaid

pooper911 said on 06/26/07 @ 08:22 PM:
i have had nothing grape or purple but my terds are green liquids stuff. it looks like lemonlime but i dont care

Shorsh said on 06/28/07 @ 10:32 AM:
i drank a total of 10 gatorade about a week ago and i am still pooping green, how long does it last?

CB said on 06/29/07 @ 06:25 AM:
I can't believe I came across this site! What a relief. My son has been poopin neon green for about 4 days and I was about to take him to the doctors -well guess what he has been drinking grape kool-aid all week! That is so weird! I would have never guessed. Anyone have any idea how long it lasts after you stop drinking it?

myname said on 06/30/07 @ 10:34 PM:
Omg Thank God I found this site. I took a Crap and it was green.. I thought my body was rotting or something. I asked my husband :P and he just thought it was funny and was no help but I then came on here found the first site that said sometihing about pregnancy and and no way I dont want to be prego so lets do this search again. Went to the next one and sure enough this site, I kept reading and couldnt believe that I was reading about drinking purple Kool aind turns your poop green. *** I HAVE BEEN DRINKING PURPLE KOOL AID SINCE YESTERDAY**** Oh man that is so crazy I was so scared I didnt want to go to the hospital to find out I have something wrong with me and this site jsut eased my mind

Thank you fellow freen poopers....

Thank U other greenpoopers said on 06/30/07 @ 10:36 PM:
Omg Thank God I found this site. I took a Crap and it was green.. I thought my body was rotting or something. I asked my husband :P and he just thought it was funny and was no help but I then came on here found the first site that said sometihing about pregnancy and and no way I dont want to be prego so lets do this search again. Went to the next one and sure enough this site, I kept reading and couldnt believe that I was reading about drinking purple Kool aind turns your poop green. *** I HAVE BEEN DRINKING PURPLE KOOL AID SINCE YESTERDAY**** Oh man that is so crazy I was so scared I didnt want to go to the hospital to find out I have something wrong with me and this site jsut eased my mind

Thank you fellow freen poopers....

Adnerb said on 07/02/07 @ 09:35 AM:
Okay, my guess is it's from the large blue-raspberry slushy I downed 2 days ago...Thank goodness for this site! hehehe Beautiful poo, tho! May have to try it more often...

Thank God For Google said on 07/05/07 @ 12:34 PM:
Damn you Welch's Grape Soda! After two weeks of thinking i was just dying or something even worse, i decided to Google search my "green poop". I'm happy to report that i no longer believe i'm dying and that the almost daily 20oz Welch's Grape Soda i've recently takin a liking to is likely the culprit.

green tailed poopa monsta said on 07/05/07 @ 01:45 PM:
don touch sour blue brain lickers...5 bottles an it was glowin!sunglasses to inspect...worrying...

poooooper said on 07/06/07 @ 05:32 AM:
Oh my Gosh...this site is awesome! Better than the doctor sites. I POOOed Green NEON poo and it obviously after reading this site, was caused by BLUE icing on my 4th of July cake! Oh my GOSH....who knew you could poop green poo??? (Hey, that rhymed!)

Hah said on 07/09/07 @ 05:57 PM:
Ha I was a bit concerned so I came on here it helped too lol. This delicious slushy place that is only open in the summer just opened this week and for the past 3 days I have been eating Bright Blue slushies, I am assuming that is the cause lol. =)

twizzlereater said on 07/11/07 @ 07:41 AM:
i was scared shitless (no pun intended) when i saw bright green poo when i wiped myself. of course, you start running through what you could have possibly eaten in the past 24 hours... nothing came to mind until i remembered eating TONS of black twizzler bites. i ran to my computer to see if that could cause green poo and here i am! god... can you imagine life without google?

green poop scary then funny said on 07/20/07 @ 12:27 AM:
lol so happy i found this site. I have been pooing green poop for the a couple of days i thought it would go away but it wouldn't i go all scared and asked my mom wat was wrong she said to look it up. i did and i found this THKS TO ALL OF U. I had been drinking the Fierce Grape Gatorade for the last couple days, but 1 thing scared me was when one of the coments i read who was writen be Truth said that she had a pierced gall blader I hope i dont have that and it is just the frekin gatorade!
ps i also had some of that togo rasaberry crap!

gatoradeguzzler said on 07/22/07 @ 08:32 AM:
I freaked out today when i looked in the toilet. I thought I had pooped out the Geico gecko. So I checked the internet and found this site! I was guzzling Fierce Grape Gatorade yesterday (first time I tried that flavor). No wonder my poo is green! So glad I found out why.

dude said on 07/25/07 @ 11:16 AM:
yea it happened to me after i had two bags of blue cotton candy lol.

Sarah said on 07/28/07 @ 03:10 PM:
I freaked when I saw green poo in the toilet it was dark green and when I whiped it was light green. But does eating blueberry popsicles cause it?

Sarah said on 07/28/07 @ 03:33 PM:
Change the blueberry popsicles. It was blue raspberry

Samm said on 07/29/07 @ 11:20 AM:
okay, ummm... i think i had my first green poo....but....is the water supposed to turn green too. i'm really scared =(

snow-cone said on 08/05/07 @ 08:18 PM:
I was working on saturday in a food trailer and had a few snow cone slushys and the only flavoring their is is red and blus ( witch makes purple) and i usde alot of the falvoring..and now my poop is green and its freaking me out... also running to the bowl in the morning and/or night cuz my gut would gurgil and ya it wouldnt be pritty ( bring out the pepto) ...and its kinda freaky cuz I gust tryed using tampons so that i could go swimming so its freaking me out.... and all i know 2 do is go c a doctor about it...>_

Scat Williams said on 08/12/07 @ 07:48 AM:
GREEN POOP ACTUALLY TASTES DELICIOUS!!! I just left a poop and I couldn't help but be lured into the toilet by the smell of my pine scented tropical rainforest small children of joy. So I took my bathroom spork and stabbed one of those little tender gushers, put it in my mouth, chewed it up, and wouldn't you believe it tasted like a Honey Bun glazed with sweetened butt paste. Just WONDERFUL!

Super said on 09/03/07 @ 07:08 PM:
Yup, after a weekend of straight grape gatorade and a dozen blueberry pancakes... green!

asdf said on 09/03/07 @ 09:28 PM:
Holy crap! I thought I was sick or something. I actually drink only kool aid now, and I've been passing green ones for about two months.

GreenShit69 said on 09/07/07 @ 02:42 AM:
hehe I have been shittin green for a week, Maybe its from the grape juice i have been drinking at 3am hmmmm!?!?!?! Gosh a lot of people shit green these days!! ha

Green Poo in Ohio said on 09/10/07 @ 04:55 PM:
Twizzler's Black Licorice Twists = Bright Lime Green Poo!

LocalKCGreenPOO said on 09/13/07 @ 07:25 PM:
Love ya Love your site. Have been freaking out the last week with the green, well you know. Add powerade blue water slush from sonic to the list. Had a newfound craving and had about 5 in the past week. Ya, love the green well you know.......

Googling Green Pooper said on 09/14/07 @ 02:18 AM:
I used to get green poop every now and then but i just worked it out. After two bottles on the weekend and then another bottle last night - Eureka (plus i stumbled on this site) Thanks guys. I'm healthy.

b said on 09/14/07 @ 10:10 AM:
seems that blue food dye will do the trick. Add cotton candy to this list. Man was I freaking out...!

green poop in Minnesota said on 09/17/07 @ 06:06 AM:
black gummy candy=green poop

Nameless One said on 09/19/07 @ 08:25 AM:
wow! i have been drinking grape gatorade too! to funny i will stop and see if it changes! thanks for this information!

king of green said on 09/20/07 @ 04:04 PM:
OHHHHH I've been worried but now I'm thinking it could be the Welchs fruit snacks ive been buying from the vending machine at work every day.. they contain Blue #1!

scared of my own poop said on 09/21/07 @ 09:03 PM:
my poop has been weird colors since i moved in at college a few weeks ago. first it was regular brown, then orangey, then light green, then dark green, now its green-blue!! haven't been eating any weird foods or alot of iron. can't find any info on green-blue poop!!

Nameless One said on 09/22/07 @ 03:31 PM:
i've got a case of the green poop too. it must be from the case of Welch's fruit snacks from costco. i have to go eat more now, bye

Thought it was St Patricks DAY :) said on 09/24/07 @ 11:10 AM:
Walmart has a fake Crystal Light that is grape flavored and I have been drinking like 64 oz a day ... today I finally looked it up and saw this.

THANK goodness I thought it was my liver doing weird things with bile.

pastry chef said on 09/24/07 @ 11:54 PM:
Too funny.... I baked a cake for a client and had lots of scraps of cake and some left over blue/ black icing that wasn't used.... I ate it.... Needless to say Grass green is the color of the day....All I could do was laugh and wonder was it the spinach or the food coloring...It was the food coloring, lol. I wonder if my clients had the same color change, lol.

poo monster said on 09/26/07 @ 12:41 PM:
turns out that grape gatorade does the trick too. I started taking a new vitamin supplement and though that was it, but it was the grape gatorade. This poo is almost neon. looks really weird with corn.

LAWLERMAN said on 09/30/07 @ 03:04 PM:
uh yeah, so i didn't drink gatorade or anything, but i had about 4 bowls of captian crunch which was mostly purple berry puffs.

loll and behold. captn crunch with a high population of purple berries causes bright green poo.

this is an outrage!

Elderberry Poo said on 10/02/07 @ 09:49 PM:
I started taking Elderberry pills to boost my immune system and help with allergies. A day after taking them I had bright green poo which confused me. Even after reading this site I was still confused because I didn't drink anything blue or grape - until I looked on the front of the bottle and realized the REAL elderberries are purple. Weird, because the capsules contain a brown powder!

no one knows/cares said on 10/14/07 @ 08:37 PM:
holy crap man !i didnt get green poop
i got bluepoo i had a ton of reeses & black licorice. i thought it was tight. i put it in a jar and showed everyone i know , now i am gonna burry it in my back yard

pocky said on 10/28/07 @ 04:46 PM:
Atleast I know I'm not dying.
I drank an entire 12 pack of grape fanta in the last two days!

green poop on halloween said on 10/31/07 @ 07:20 PM:
Thought my body was playing a nasty halloween trick on me - green poop! Recognized the color as being the same as the fresh spinach pasta I ate last night. The package claimed there was no food coloring in there but nobody else said spinach was making their poop green...unless its the iron? Oh well, at least I'm not turning into a monster or something!

Hutch said on 11/02/07 @ 12:34 PM:
Yup. My sister threw a party last weekend and had a birthday cake with dark blue icing covered all over it. So we're talking about 30 people, including myself, being blessed with green dookie the rest of the weekend. She laughed when I called her to thank her for that one.

chaos said on 11/03/07 @ 11:29 AM:
I found black cherry soda & bought a case of it & have been pretty much been drinking only that. Green Poo ensued. Weird.

Green Poop Family! said on 11/06/07 @ 10:29 PM:
First off...hahahahahahahahahaha OKAY so that explains it! We all had blue soda :D and like slowly but surely reports of lime green poop started spreading through the household! lol thanks for the info now we have something to blame and stay awaaayyy from lol

Shhh said on 11/09/07 @ 01:18 PM:
I just had an over night in the hospital and was diagnosed with the stomach flu. After I was there for a while, my poop was green, a bright green at times. Guess what I had been drinking??? Grape Gateraide. LOL

Cupid said on 11/11/07 @ 02:30 PM:
Berry flavored Gatorade RAIN did it to me....

Scat Williams said on 11/11/07 @ 10:29 PM:
I ate a bunch of green poop yesterday at this poop party we had, and I pooped a California Raisin Elvis impersonator the next day. What a tasty treat!

I didnt think my end was near said on 11/19/07 @ 04:45 PM:
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But the sight of a bright Christmas green slimy smear
There on my toidy paper oh so clear
AS I wiped in amazement at my rosy red rear!
It did not inspire much Holiday cheer!

What! Green on my paper, could it be true?
I arose from my throne, to the magic window I flew!
And in mere seconds I knew -
Twas the licorice I'd been eating that'd greened up me poo
And there on the counter top looking harmless and blue
Was a bottle of Welches as yet un-imbued
That could've delivered MORE green gifts down the loo.
Here's wishing your holidays deliver to you
The right color that's perfect, for your own special poo
Just don't eat the sugar plums that have been dancing in your head
That have #2 blue and#40 red!

shawn said on 11/26/07 @ 10:10 AM:
every time i drink grape gatorade i get green poop radioactive green lol its great !!! cheers to gatorade!!!! its gotta be the dye purple blue food colorings

Jason said on 12/04/07 @ 07:41 PM:
Thank God!! I've had green poop for a week and was about to make a doctors appointment! I googled "green poop" and ended up here. I just started drinking purple koolaid this week! Crisis averted.

law student said on 12/07/07 @ 01:16 AM:
I have a final tomorrow. This is one of the most important tests I've ever taken. I just had green poo, and I assume that it is because of a green frosting on a Ralph's Cupcake. I had a couple of them, the first one made my poop a tiny bit green. But after this second one, the poop was neon green. Caveat emptor, I guess.

LeTdOwN said on 12/07/07 @ 08:09 AM:
Purple Gatorade. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed.

TheTurdBurgler said on 12/16/07 @ 06:15 PM:
Well add generic Fruit Loops to the list. Those sweet little rings of colorful, sugary joy gave me one bad case of teenage mutant ninja turtle soup. Packed a kick that coulda cracked the bowl. Thankfully I'm at work and not my mess to clean up....

joshe said on 12/18/07 @ 08:20 AM:
i had bright green poo and i didnt drink no purple s--t i had this blue crystals thing

U gys are sick said on 01/08/08 @ 10:00 AM:
U Guys suck

Holy Hell! said on 01/09/08 @ 05:36 AM:
I took a poop this morning and it was green..like a really healthy green...you know the color of grass when you cut the lawn and the lawn is wet. Yeah that color. But I remembered that yesterday I drank some really dark ass peppermint tea, so I am hoping that was it! Green turds are so freaky! Ok...I guess that's it.

True Dat!!! said on 01/10/08 @ 05:29 PM:
I just took a dump, and of course, it was green. And without a doubt i have been drinking grape cool-aid for the past 24 hrs. Who first discovered this? It's amazing!

poop girl said on 01/11/08 @ 10:53 AM:
oh so thats why my poop must be green i drank alot of purple koolaid..haha..never knew i was like freaking out

AMAZING said on 01/28/08 @ 10:05 AM:
Wow! This is so weird! I just found out I am pregnant, and I started pooping green, I thought they were somehow related! So I look online, and over the past week I have drank a gallon of blue koolaid.. This site is rediculous! hah.

kelly said on 02/04/08 @ 03:47 PM:
I have never had bright green poop before! I haven't had anything green, but I am getting a cold anf have been taking orange cold pills for the past day or so. But, I did have bright blue frosting last night on cupcakes. Does that make sense? Please help me so I can ease my mind...

Brian Anderson said on 02/08/08 @ 07:19 AM:
Try Grape Flavored Gatoraide Mix, I have been drinking nothing but the mix it yourself grape flavored gatoraide and for the last week my s--t has been greenish yellow liquid along with bright green nuggets. my toilet looked like i just got done cleaning out the deck of a freshly used lawn mower. very entertaining.

Andy B. said on 02/20/08 @ 02:42 PM:

EEEWWW! YUCKY! GROSS! I had this pill that looked like a grape. HHHMMMMMMMMM... Oh Yeah! It was a grape! lol

Mia said on 03/01/08 @ 11:37 AM:
I just had a green poop believe it or not. It was light green followed by brown color and then light green again they are all connected.(lol) I had blueberries couple nights ago and had white wine last nig ht.

poop said on 03/05/08 @ 07:59 AM:
I just pooped flourecent green! it was the most incredible thing i have ever seen. worried me at first til i found this site. i drank a giant blue slurpy yesterday at like 2. then woke up this morning and pooped green. f--kin wierd.

Prudence said on 03/06/08 @ 06:11 AM:
Wowzers! I've been sick for nearly two weeks with flu/cold/sinus infections and bright green stuff coming out my nose and mouth then today my tummy felt funny and I though crap, not the poops AGAIN. Then it was bright green! I've been mixing blue powerade with my water all week but last night I drank a giant one "straight up" GAH!

ginger said on 03/07/08 @ 04:17 PM:
I had my first case of green poo this morning!! My cause...grape gatorade :) I thought it was the most interesting amazing phenomenon EVER!! Been telling everyone about it. All I did was google " grape Gatorade, and Green sh**t" This site came up and I was just really happy that I am not the only one to ever experience this!! lol Why would something PURPLE come out GREEN? I'm perplexed.....????

feakydeaky said on 03/08/08 @ 04:30 AM:
yea i got freaked out too only to find out here sim. exp. and felt better. i have been drinking alot ot diet grape soda. so maybe this is it. but i have had cramps as if i was going to let off a big bomb soon but never anything happens. its def. a forever wipey though. lol
yes fats in your diet i hear will turn things white or drinking too much malox and pepto turning things black but black can mean blood there so be very cautious. eric on here is very up to date on alot of knowledge so adhere to what he has to say.
i still think its a virus what do you think?

green pooper said on 03/09/08 @ 02:05 PM:
was scared, good now. purple powerade also equals green poop. i hope at least

granny said on 03/14/08 @ 08:44 AM:
I am so happy to find this out about the grape kool-aid my 19mo. grandson poops green sometimes we thought he was eating my atificial plants. But this makes sence we drink grape kool-aid all the time.

scared sh*tless said on 03/14/08 @ 08:59 PM:
Thank God for this and other websites -- I had cake earlier with very blue icing on it -- and truly thought I was dying when I used the bathroom just now. I mean, dayglo, bright, kelly -- actually a very nice color -- green. As in, I'd love to have a sweater that color, but don't want to see it in my stool. Scared the hell out of me. Thanks for this post -- and note, blue icing on cake can do it too.

Green_Panic said on 03/18/08 @ 07:32 AM:
Thank you so much for this site. When my poop came out green, panic kinda took over. So i'm here.

Turns out two litres of powerade and blueberry frozen fanta can be added to the list.

worried said on 03/24/08 @ 11:06 PM:
omg thank u i was soooo worried i've been drinking grape fanta all weekend and been going once a day since then with light green poo was about to go to the doctor tomorrow too like i havent been sick or nothing just been like green wow so weird imma stay away fromt that stuff and drink lots of water starting today :)

mihai said on 04/05/08 @ 03:18 PM:
thank god for google and my fellow green poopers. i've been crapping green all week and thanks to this site i realize it's because i've been drinking 4 glasses of grape juice a day. it's so cool! and it comes out easier than the brown/black poop.

MrMerde said on 04/05/08 @ 05:09 PM:
A day after eating licorice, I will produce poo with a most lovely shade of green. Don't ask me why, it just does. Even the skid marks in the bowl are green.

poopoo oh no said on 04/08/08 @ 07:00 PM:
My wife came home and said she had neon green poop. I said, i'll google it. Couldn't figure it out at first, she didn't eat anything grape. I think it was the cereal from Target (Archer Farms) that has dried blueberries in it. Good thing, or else I would be worried. She also poops everything she eats and it doesn't really change since the way she put it in. Kinda crazy!

OMGgreenpoo! said on 04/15/08 @ 09:35 PM:
IDK what I ate, bu I just had some fantastic BLUE-GREEN poo! It was awesome! BTW the comments here keeping making me want to piss my pants, they're so funny!

Circus Animal Cookies said on 04/30/08 @ 09:32 AM:
Mine looked like cleaning fluid! It was a deep dark blue green. I'm pretty convinced it's due to the "blue" cookies of the patriotic red white and blue frosted circus animal cookies. I suggest picking up a bag while they're still in season and eating them right away if you want to get cool colorful poo to show all your friends.

What other food colorings can make exotic poo colors? Neon pink poo would be neat to see. How about glow in the dark poo or fluorescent poo? Radioactive poo?

Food said on 05/04/08 @ 02:16 PM:
Is it normal for them to be blue.
Like... not green but blue?

Purple Soda said on 05/05/08 @ 07:22 PM:
Wow, I about freaked until I saw "purple" everything. I've been drinking grape soda all week!!! No Wonder! Why does purple = green? I don't get it..?

purple icing said on 05/08/08 @ 08:29 PM:
cool! i googled the green poo and found this site. I ate some PURPLE icing on a large cookie. It was a huge pile of the icing too and how weird is all of this? haha thanks to all my green poo friends for your interesting comments

Cereal Shitter said on 05/08/08 @ 11:05 PM:
earlier I had some grape kool aid at a friends house. after I came home I felt constipated so I went into the bathroom. Then I spread my cheeks and attempted to pass my grape hotdogs. It took forever and it finally squeezed out of its dark hole. I then turned around and peeked at the monster, it was the green color like the Powerade Green Squall. It was HUGE. I dont know how it came out of me but my goodness it had to weigh 3 pounds. If any of you experienced this, please let me know on my myspace please.


Gonzoreahha said on 05/08/08 @ 11:08 PM:
I have been s--tting green all week. I don't understand it... can someone please message me on myspace and give me an idea of whats going on?


Shitstains o'Holik said on 05/08/08 @ 11:20 PM:
Remember the cute little Raisins that used to be at Hardee's? I ate some earlier tonight at a party and my ass has been exploding and leaking every since. I might add on the fact that I am a fat lazy f--k. Its all green and is spraying everywhere. I cant get it to stop. Earlier my dog went behind me and now he looks like the grinch. this is starting to hurt my asshole and its a burning sensation. It smells really bad too. i just dont get why it looks like grass.

go romo

John Shitna said on 05/09/08 @ 10:52 AM:
I eat pieces of s--t for breakfast.

Titanium Teeth Team said on 05/09/08 @ 10:55 AM:
my s--t has never been green, am a healthy one.

Uncle Jerry said on 05/09/08 @ 10:56 AM:
Yeah I done had my poops turn green on me. How I do it though right there. How I DO IT. Ya know how ya dooooo it.. well I doooooo It. Your doing it but I doing ittttttttt.


Christopher Boykin said on 05/09/08 @ 11:00 AM:
yeah son, yeah son. I eat 30 biscuits every mornning then another to make sure im full. mmmmmmmmmmm. yeahhhhhhhhhhh. after that its a about time to DO WORK in the bathroom. My s--t is green, but I eat or drink nothing purple. maybe its the sausage that makes me explode. Dirty girl dirty girl.

Bobby Light said on 05/09/08 @ 11:01 AM:
Bayyyyyyyyy bayyyyyyyyyy what you doing in the toilet just aint right girlll. YOUR s--tTIN GREEN YOUR s--tTIN GREEN.

Late at night.. your blowin up my bowll. I know you ate them grapes girl. How could I say no?


What your doing in the toilet just aint right girllll.

Drama said on 05/09/08 @ 11:03 AM:
Dra Dra Drama s--ts. I cant afford a water payment so I s--t green into my cousins toilet. I also s--t in his pillow case when he isnt at home.

Yeah Son said on 05/09/08 @ 11:08 AM:
my s--t is so hard to pass. not only is it green but its 22 inches long, every single s--t is like that. what you know bout dem 22's?

Shitlynn said on 05/09/08 @ 11:11 AM:
I wonder if the kool aid guys s--t is green...

Oh wow said on 05/09/08 @ 02:05 PM:
omg.. okay for the past 2 or 3 days my s--t has been green && it was creeping me the hell out!! i decided to check it out online and im glad im not the only one haha.. like i saw something about black licorice, then about weed, and now kool-aid??! ha. well i am relieved but if it continues i dont kno what ima do!

KingJeezy said on 05/09/08 @ 09:11 PM:
guys, i have a blue ring around my penis, should i be concerned?

and just an offtopic question...

What do breasts feel like?

LeBron "Boobie" Bennett said on 05/09/08 @ 09:11 PM:
wat it is my nigga, my s--t be grain. help a brotha out.

Coffe Kingstun said on 05/09/08 @ 09:26 PM:
Ya know, hes gotta go poo

S.O.S. I hear him strainin
S.O.S. I hear him cryin

And its a shame [what a shame] to strain all his life
But just one [one] more [more] time
And the bathroom will [will] be [be] mine [hear him shartin]

S.O.S. I hear him shartin
S.O.S. I hear him strainin
S.O.S. I hear him cryin
S.O.S. I hear him dyin

T-Paper said on 05/09/08 @ 10:00 PM:
God damn lil mama, you know that s--t is big as hell know what im sayin? matter a fact, after ur done you know what im talkin bout, me and my niggas gonna go get some purple kool aid, all im really worried about really tho is u s--ttin in my car. I mean s--t you know, that s--t is green GOD DAYUM.

got the body of a goddess, and the s--ts all big and green like the got damn grinch. her turds are droppin low, then it squirts from the celing..to tha floo. yeah she ruined my bathroom yeah yeah yeah then my bedroom yeah yeah yeah. she needs to take control but just cant, oh well. Im in love with a s--tter. She squirtin, she pourin, and drainin, then she s--t in my tub god damn. but im in love with a s--tter. she squirtin, and drainin, aint playin, she aint goin no where cause she stainin. cause im in love with a s--tter.

Cereal Shit Tellem said on 05/09/08 @ 10:37 PM:
[Pooooo] Cereal s--t Tellem.
Hey I got a new way to s--t called the Cereal s--t [Pooooo]
You just gotta strain then squeeze onto somethin as you move from the left to the right

Cereal s--tter goin for dis bowl, watch me s--t and wipe with roll.
Watch me crank that Cereal s--t then Superwipe that hole.
Now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t

Cereal s--tter goin for dis bowl, watch me s--t and wipe with roll.
Watch me crank that Cereal s--t then Superwipe that hole.
Now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t

Cereal s--tter goin for dis bowl, I just hope it dont hit my cock
Superwipe that hole, as im lookin up at the clock
Flush it once then watch it drop, drop into that sewer man
When I do that Cereal s--tter I lean to my left and let out that flock
now [Pooooo] is comin out of my ass
and if ive drank purple kool aid, then its racin out of my ass
you catch me in the port a pottie, yes I s--t like everyday
toilet papers mad cause, I used 25 rolls today

Cereal s--tter goin for dis bowl, watch me s--t and wipe with roll
Watch me crank that Cereal s--t then Superwipe that hole
Now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t

Cereal s--tter goin for dis bowl, watch me s--t and wipe with roll
Watch me crank that Cereal s--t then Superwipe that hole
Now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t

someone passes me a roll, then I supers--t in bowl
ima s--t out a slab, and itll sink really low [low]
haters see me s--ttin, Cereal s--tter im tha man
they be lookin at my s--t sayin "is that holiday ham"
man [man] watch me s--t it [watch me s--t it]
lance [lance] get next to it [get next to it]
no you cant s--t green like me
ho so dont s--t like me
fo I seen you try to s--t like me
man that s--t was brown

Cereal s--tter goin for dis bowl, watch me s--t and wipe with roll
Watch me crank that Cereal s--t then Superwipe that hole
Now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t

Cereal s--tter goin for dis bowl, watch me s--t and wipe with roll
Watch me crank that Cereal s--t then Superwipe that hole
Now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t

Time to clean up my dirty hole, someone please pass me a roll
watch me crank that Cereal s--tter then Superwipe that hole
[Pooooo] Superwipe that hole
[Pooooo] Superwipe that hole
[Pooooo] Superwipe that hole
[Pooooo] Superwipe that hole
[Pooooo] Superwipe that hole
[Pooooo] Superwipe that hole
[Pooooo] Superwipe that hole
[Pooooo] Superwipe that hole
Get some freshner in this bitch
Cause I took a massive s--t
Watch me crank that Cereal s--tter and Superflush that bitch
[Pooooo] Superflush that bitch
[Pooooo] Superflush that bitch
[Pooooo] Superflush that bitch
[Pooooo] Superflush that bitch

Cereal s--tter goin for dis bowl, watch me s--t and wipe with roll
Watch me crank that Cereal s--t then Superwipe that hole
Now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t

Cereal s--tter goin for dis bowl, watch me s--t and wipe with roll
Watch me crank that Cereal s--t then Superwipe that hole
Now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t
now watch me [Pooooo] crank that Cereal s--t

Cool crap said on 05/19/08 @ 05:05 AM:
I just did the green crap thing. I think I'm gonna leave it.

lo said on 06/16/08 @ 12:13 PM:
i was wondering if black cake icing can cause your poo to come out like a incredible hulk green or crayola crayon regular green? i was somewhat scared when i saw it.

lo said on 06/16/08 @ 12:16 PM:
im thinking black cake icing is really a dark blue or dark purple, somebody give me a answer before i poo incredible hulk out again!!!

pOOPIN GREEN said on 06/19/08 @ 07:26 PM:
I drank a blue full throttle beast and I had green poop! that is weird but now that I seen this site I doint feel bad, thanks


Sir Poops a Lot said on 07/02/08 @ 07:19 AM:
Gatorade Fierce Grape (the mix) = Toxic Waste Green Poo

Greeny the Po0PerR said on 07/08/08 @ 11:22 AM:
Yea. My poop was green too.. I dont know why yet though..
I cant think of what i've eaten that would have done it..

mil said on 07/12/08 @ 10:21 AM:
GREEN POOPS = DEATH. you all will die soon if you throw down green turds all day long everyday. Green will kill u fast. like the old turd saying goes. black is crap, brown no frown, red seek med, green ur dead. :)

rconthetr said on 07/13/08 @ 09:50 PM:
i was a little worried about the whole me pooin green for the last two days, read a lot of whats on here, and none of it clicked until like a third of the way down the page...FYI-monster black ice slushee from 7-11 also gives ya the green crap.

WaKkY said on 08/11/08 @ 02:36 PM:
Hahaha! I'm glad I found this site (and that my work filter allowed it through)!

I've been having bright, practically neon green poo off and on lately and it was starting to worry me a little cuz it keeps coming back. Thought maybe it could be bile-related since I had my gallbladder out but that was almost 6 years ago. Didn't think it should still be the virus I had a couple weeks ago that I'm over now...

Thought I had read something about dyes being able to cause that...had an insight and typed gatorade + "green poop" into yahoo and voila, here I am!

Nice to know I'm not the only one! Gatorade Frost - Riptide Rush, Grape Powerade, and probably the Mountain Blast (blue) Powerade too...

Ooh and even better, just had some neon green corn poo! Last night's corn has decided to join the party!

PoopyMonster said on 08/28/08 @ 05:29 PM:
Your black monster slurpee at 7 Eleven is very good. =D Although every time drink it, I've been noticing something. Everytime i drink it my poop tends to turn green. At first I thought there was something wrong with me. Until one day my sister told me that her poop was bright green today and it made me smile because i wasn't the only one. ASo I told her that i think it's the Monster Slurpee... so me my sister and my best friend tried it again... and all of our poop was like playdough bright green. =P hehe Just thought I'll share my monster experience with you guys

Christopher "Da Gap" Wade said on 08/29/08 @ 02:15 AM:
Hey I was juss sittin on GTA lookin for some of dem glitches yeah u know ya boy good.. And I felt my whole stomach start makin dis sound like I hadnt eaten my kfc in a week. I aint think anything of it until it waz too late. Green pudding. EVERYWHERE. I aint know what it was at firss it just came so fass. It got all over my hands some squirted between my gap and made it look normal for a while. What the hell caused dis?

Mr Burg said on 08/29/08 @ 02:28 AM:
Green s--t, up in this bitch!

wow said on 09/10/08 @ 07:40 AM:
I have had green poop and nothing that I have ever eaten in the past month was purple or any other color that would result in green!!
Oh hay Da Gap learn how to spell and talk right! We are not all in South Central

andrea said on 09/17/08 @ 11:13 AM:
i have had green poop for abut 2 weeks now sometimes it is runny and sometimes it is regular poop but still green alot of people tell me its an infection in my body.. some people tell me i need 2 go 2 the doctor..my stomach hurts 2 sometimes right before i poop.. plse help me i want 2 know what is wrong with me..

Tiny Turtle said on 09/23/08 @ 10:14 PM:
like everyone here i was a bit worried, first i thought it was all the salad i was eating but that never happened before to bring on complete green poop then i remembered i ate a whole lot of blue animal cookies, the frosted ones with the dot sprinkles and vvvwwaaalllaaa we have green poop!

Shaun Alexander said on 09/24/08 @ 02:50 PM:
Lemme tell you just one thing... A gap and some bright green fecel matter do not go very well together. Someone help me NOW.

Amber said on 10/09/08 @ 10:14 AM:
I've been pooping green for a few days now. I thought it was because of the flu, which I had gotten. But I was still worried, nonetheless, that it could be something serious. Prior to the flu, my mom had gotten me some blue kool-aid juices. I had been drinking red ones before that, but wanted a change. After that, I got the flu, and then I started pooping green the same day. Anyway, being as paranoid as I was, it was making me a little sick to my stomach, so I got on here, looked up green poop via yahoo, and found this site. Now I'm not so worried. It must've been the blue juice I had been drinking. I think I'll lay off of it for awhile, now. ^_~;

Robin said on 10/14/08 @ 05:35 PM:
I have had the great green poo steady for about five years now. Fierce Grape Gatoraid is all I drink. If I had a brown poo I would freak out. I work construction often wonder what the next guy thinks happend when he sees the GREEN magical poo in the portalet

pewpiepants said on 10/17/08 @ 08:34 PM:
wow, i was seriously scared that something was wrong with me and then i got an imaginary stomach-ache because i thought there was something wrong, but now that i read this i realized its from drinking new gatorade "tiger" in grape flavor and my stomach-ache has vanished :)

Pippin said on 10/21/08 @ 08:11 PM:
Everyone has green poop from time to time nothing to worry about, I had boo berry purple ceareal and that gave me light green poop, could def. tell it was from the dye.. It's nothing to worry about could possibly be something you ate or meaning you're getting the year round stomach flu.. Nothing serious =]

BJ said on 10/27/08 @ 03:43 PM:
My 2 year old drank an entire 8 oz of blue slushie and the next day BRIGHT green poop....It looked liked he pooped a crayon out!

SoLo said on 10/28/08 @ 02:40 AM:
Been drinking grape koolaid most of the day and I just dropped the brightest, geen poop EVER!! o0 Is it vial? or are we dying?

hmmmm said on 12/02/08 @ 01:55 PM:
does grapejuice count? could i blame it on that?

another thought said on 12/18/08 @ 10:02 PM:
I had the flu last week where i was throwing up and had diarea. The body will kick out bacteria and you may have a small case of irriteble bowel movement. Now worries it will pass 1 - 3 days and your body won't do it again for awhile. If you Have gree poop more then one week then check with you doctor you will need a prescribed medicine. I found this out from my doctor this week. good luck and don't be scared.

nicoleo teh human said on 12/24/08 @ 07:21 PM:
OMG!!! D: once i has green poop wif peices of corn in it...took a pic on my phone..its awseome :3

Bre said on 12/26/08 @ 07:59 PM:
dude, green poop is crazy!!

i heard you could get it from eating "blue moon" ice cream. thats what happend to me. i just thought i was sick or something.

LMH said on 12/29/08 @ 09:44 AM:
OMG...i picked up some of those grape kool aid packets you mix in with water..and ive been pooping lime green color poop for the past four days, i mean GREEN green. So weird that drinking grape will do that....woooooh

I thought i was getting sick too, wooh

tas said on 01/08/09 @ 10:46 PM:
drank purple coolade today and pooped bright green. its a fact

Yikes said on 02/19/09 @ 11:51 AM:
I just pooped bright green. Scary! I had a crazy sweet tooth attack last night and all I had in the house was black cake decorating icing. I probably ate one quarter of a 4.25 oz tube. It contains Red 40, Blue 1 and Yellow 5. I feel okay, so I hope those dyes were the culprit.

green poo!! said on 04/11/09 @ 02:00 PM:
dude i just had some green poop and it scared the crap out of me (funny joke huh?)
but then i figured out that it was cuz i had like a gallon of purple gatorade.
man its a good thing i found this site cuz i was starting to thing that there was something wrong with me...
blah blah blah...

peachy757 said on 04/30/09 @ 01:24 PM:
i jus took a shyt nd it came out lime green. i thought sumthin waz wrong wit me but it cums 2 find out that i had alot of iron n me...so wen u see lime green shit dnt over react

frostin said on 05/12/09 @ 07:12 PM:
i ate a whole tub of blue frosing,,,,green poo

el impulso verde said on 05/29/09 @ 10:19 AM:
I always get green monsters after I after drinking the scotch whiskey the night before. That fire water gives you the green shits for sure. SCOTCHY SCOTCH SCOTCH HERE IT GOES DOWN, DOWN INTO MY BELL GULP GULP GULP!!!

Linda said on 07/09/09 @ 06:15 AM:
Strange lime green poop...two days in a row..ummm and the color dye I believe came from a mixture of spinach one day ant the next day had a blue coconut snowcone...have had gall bladder out so it was a cause of concern, this site gave so many reasons...awating as time will change the diet and see.......Grandma of 9

ruuudeboydontcry said on 08/13/09 @ 07:40 PM:
LOL. This has been happening to me since yesterday, and I was so freaked out. I made grape kool-aide yesterday, and drank about five glasses of it last night.

smithfan7926 said on 09/01/09 @ 07:55 AM:
mine turned the color of the border on this page. kinda blueish green. lots of grape kool aid singles. LOL should make my physical later today quite interesting if they do a prostate exam. LOL viva la verde!

Sakura said on 09/05/09 @ 03:45 PM:
I was worried until I found this page. I guess I've just been eating too many Rainbow Twizzlers.

duxpaperclip said on 10/29/09 @ 02:29 PM:
Been looking up the green poo issue for a while now. And I've put mine down to blueberries. And all I was trying to do was be healthy and eat foods rich in antioxidants and as a result, its appearance on the other end made me believe I had gastro.

Nuclea poo said on 10/30/09 @ 11:47 PM:
Hmm i have only had a couple of grapes in the last few days but i can't see that causing any problems, I've eaten grapes all my life and this is my first fluro green poo i can recall in my 39 years of life.
Also my 8 year old daughter called mom when she had the same colour poo several days before. Now i wish i had drunk a grape drink to explain this.

Knoffman said on 12/14/09 @ 02:30 PM:
I ate some insanely died cake yesterday that died my whole mouth blue/black. Took a dump today and it was the color of a Christmas tree. Only took me a second to connect the two. Farewell my fellow green poo brothers.

yamum said on 01/01/10 @ 11:58 PM:
WOW! big drink up on cruisers and a purple gatorade to cure the hangover, my poop was fluro'ey green! scared at first, thanks for the heads up for what will cause it next time!

guurrl said on 01/26/10 @ 06:32 PM:
yeh blueberry cruisers and now i have fluro green poop

cabingal said on 05/01/10 @ 09:06 AM:
wow interesting!! I typed in my search engine.."why is my poop bright green?" And I'm actually thankful I found this :) Black icing does wonders for your stools.

Beckola said on 06/08/10 @ 01:35 PM:
First time in 59 years, (minus the first two for diaper/potty training) that it was St. Patrick's Day in the bowl! 1 slice of green and black birthday cake, 1 black tongue and 2 GT's later. Thanks for sharing all...

Josh said on 08/26/10 @ 08:10 PM:
lol this site is TRUE! After drinking a 6 pack of purple raisin gatorade I've been shitting neon green for the past 2 days no joke!

Mikkel said on 10/08/10 @ 05:34 PM:
I was relieved to find that liquorice Twizzlers were responsible for my green faeces. I thought that I had somehow mistakenly eaten a pack of green crayons.

Thanks, Internet!

Molls said on 10/24/10 @ 03:06 PM:
GREEN POO! scared me! just grape gatorade :)

Alex said on 06/05/11 @ 04:52 PM:
Help, I had bright green stool and I've been drinking alot of minute maid fruit punch

Alex said on 06/05/11 @ 04:59 PM:
Never mind, I remembered I had a Sour Apple and Blue Razzberry snowcone and they put waaaaay to much flavoring in it

chronell said on 07/20/11 @ 09:01 AM:
NEON POOP this morning. Had blue raspberry kool-aid and a cake with tons of fondant! Top it off it came in stages with my first poop a mild salsa green, and then my second a guacamole green, and now this last one this morning, straight NUCLEAR ROD GLOWING GREEN! AWESOME!

Ange81 said on 05/03/12 @ 04:58 AM:
So... apparently 'The Cheesecake Shop's Chocmint cake does it too. It's so Turquoise, how odd.

OhBaby!!! said on 05/09/12 @ 03:51 PM:
I've been having greenish to a greenish brown poops (not diarrhea, it's hard stool) for a few days now. Almost close to a week. It scare the heck out of me at first then I started realizing that I have been drinking Smirnoff Black Cherry drink lately. And that particular beverages contains a high contents of red dye because the next morning I woke up from drinking my lips turned very red and it almost looked like dried blood.

k said on 06/20/12 @ 10:26 AM:
havent been feelingood poopgreen freekinout 3l of fayo gape soda gone in 2 days calmed down

none said on 09/25/12 @ 09:13 PM:
Oh thank God. I was freaking out but I'm addicted to those single serving grape koolade pouches. Whew

The Rabbit said on 06/20/13 @ 08:05 PM:
I have bright green rabbit pellets coming out of my ass. I'm just going to go to sleep forever. Not like anyone talks to me anywayssssssss.

Poopoolala said on 04/07/15 @ 01:51 AM:
Vibrant green poo caused by grape Crystal Light. Thought I had a liver problem, phew!

limegreenmonster said on 04/15/15 @ 07:32 AM:
Nothing but coffee and mad dog monster for about a week....lime green! Its like a pink Floyd party in my bathroom!

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