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Michael Jackson brings out the best in people

With all the latest news about Michael Jackson and his court charges, people are searching Google for sites related to the King of Pop. People are searching for info on his face and about his surgical habits and they're getting sent to my site, to a couple different entries (old, dated ones, of course). The last few days have brought more comments to those old entries. Many of the comments, old and new, are in support of Jackson, but there's a few that I, truly, think are entertaining:

hi, um, i think michael jacksons face is gross, and he should be proud of his heritage also he looks like a stuck-up GIRL! so HA( the last comment was made by my friend, although i think he looks like someone stepped on him)
Oh, and they get better:
No it doesnt matter what he looks like, or what his music sounds like or how he dances. You people need to realize that child molesters are people too, they laugh and joke and live just like everyone else, they are everywhere among us and you probably will never know. Ive read the first 13 year olds police reports and it does sound like what he would say and do. Love him all you like, how sick does that make you? Because you dont really know, do you.
And a couple more:
Ok, if you think Michael Jackson has never had plastic surgery I have a great bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. Seriously people, does that nose look hereditary? And since when do people just "develop" dimples in their chin?
And the best of the bunch:
Again, read this entry and this one for the entertaining read.

(Note that just by having Jacko's name in the title of this entry, I'm sure I'll have more crap posted here. Just like the mentions of Eminem.)

Regardless, I can picture Jacko trying to get away from police:


Posted by Jake on 11/22/03 @ 10:10 AM
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