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Anybody got $1000 to get rid of?

Because that's how much money I need to pay for the MRI I need for my back/leg pain. I went to the doctor earlier today, and all indications point to a disk problem (herniated or slipped) in my back. My back pain isn't bad, but my leg pain is. And from everything I understand, an MRI runs between $800-1000. But they can't decide whether to go the physical therapy route or surgery route until they get the MRI.

Luckily my doctor was pretty good about trying to save costs. He's not going to bring me back to the office unless surgery is required. he'll just call with the results. He only took the bare minimum amount of x-rays, and he gave me samples of the one of the drugs he prescribed so I wouldn't have to pay for any. He also is using a radiology place that has better payment plans than the more popular place in town, so at least he's being helpful in that way.

But, certainly, if anybody (or any company) our there has an extra grand to get rid of, I'd like to talk to them. jake at utterlyboring dot com. Hell, e-mail me and I'll even give you my home phone number, if you're serious. I'll even post a permanent button to your site here, if you'd like.

OK, gotta go take my pain meds. I'll try to blog later.

Posted by Jake on 11/20/03 @ 08:12 PM
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