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This is about as tired as I've been in a long time

Tylenol 3 makes the pain go away (at least until I try to walk where I survive about one minute before buckling over), but man, it makes me tired as hell.

The last time I was this tired I had run and hiked 35 miles (yes, in one day) up in the Steens Mountains. But all I've been doing is laying down, and I'm tired as hell. How sad is that?

I've got an appointment to see a back specialist in a couple days to figure out what the hell's wrong. We'll see how that goes.

Expect slower blogging over the next few days. I've got about 300 entries/links to post, but have been too tired and uncomfortable to do anything. I've been working from home, but it's been slow going, to say the least, as it's hard to get comfortable when your back is out of whack. It's not even my back that hurts, but my left leg, but I know it's my back that's causing it (damn sciatic nerve).

Posted by Jake on 11/18/03 @ 10:02 PM
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