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Who says men can't multi-task?

This video proves it (apologies for the Windows Media file) -- men are very resourceful multi-taskers. Thanks to Shasta Bob for the link.

Update on 2/28/05: Welcome BluesNews.com readers. Apparently this video I posted LONG ago was linked as the "Media of the Day" over there. Needless to say, the traffic is beating the hell out of my already underpowered server. I'm looking for a mirror to host this video on (it's 800KB) if anybody's willing (e-mail me at jake [at] [this site's domain]. Meanwhile, at least click on a Google ad or two so I can get this server upgraded at some point (or click on the donate link on the left side). Feel free to enjoy the rest of the site while you're here as well.

(Updated with a YouTube video instead of the piss-poor quality WMV version.)

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Posted by Jake on 11/16/03 @ 09:55 PM
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Shannon said on 11/18/03 @ 08:43 PM:
This is was just tooooo funny!!! I had to pass it on.

Nameless One said on 11/21/03 @ 10:31 PM:
Very funny>>> i wish i was in that same cr with those 3 guys...>>>

Nameless One said on 12/15/03 @ 12:20 AM:
Extreeeeemely-extreeeemely funny, fantastic, and adorable!!!!!!! Great Great Humor!!!!!!

aWG said on 02/28/05 @ 10:23 AM:
Is this Comedy Inc? I've seen two episodes but I wish I got the station.

Pallas said on 02/28/05 @ 10:52 AM:
Even funnier in swedish since penis sometimes is referred to as "task" *LOL*

Critter said on 02/28/05 @ 10:43 PM:
This was recorded off the German station Pro-7. Sounds austrailian??

Marc said on 03/01/05 @ 01:33 AM:
It's from an English sketch show - about 3 years old.

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