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"Regarding your application for health insurance..."

I recently applied to receive health insurance through Pacific Source Health Plans based on glowing reviews from not only doctors but patients and insurance agents as well. Everything I've heard about them has been good. It was refreshing to hear such good things, considering how many people (including me) hated a company I used before, Lifewise. So I was excited when I applied.

However, I knew, based on previous back, leg, and other problems, I had this gut feeling I wouldn't get covered. I made it quite clear on the application what was going on and treatment. I was just hoping, I guess. Even if my back problems weren't covered, it would be nice to have the insurance for other stuff.

Word came today: Application denied. For me, at least. My wife and two babies are covered (for the same premium price, which is annoying, but they charge a flat rate for 3+ people), but I'm out in the dark now, and still paying out of pocket.

Since I was denied, I'm eligible to apply for the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP). It's basically a state-subsidized program for people like me who are screwed. But I'll still have to pay for it, and affording two seperate premiums is something I know I can't afford right now. I might have to apply for FHIAP as well.

Why am I needing this so bad? Because my back and leg is still killing me. I did good stretching and exercise for three weeks, and it hurt it even more. I'm in too much pain to work out any more, and everything hurts to bad to even stretch anymore. I can barely move, and certainly can't do the extra work I've got on my plate to make the extra money I need (I have five web sites lined up, but I'm so damn tired and sore all the time that I can't do them).

I took the day off today (Sunday -- I usually work today) as my leg was hurting pretty bad. Damn nerve pinch. I'm skipping out on work tomorrow, too, to see if I can rest my back some more and (possibly) get into a specialist, as yesterday was an awful day. I spent about 4 hours in my parents hot tub (not in succession) and could barely walk because of the pain. I'm pretty doped up right now, and I'm feeling good if I don't have to walk.

We'll just see what happens. Anybody know a bone/joint doctor who needs some Web/computer work done? ;-)

Posted by Jake on 11/16/03 @ 09:42 PM
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