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I reserve the right to bill content spammers

I posted yesterday about the guy who tried to bill his comment spammer. Jack commented that he was going to throw some text on his site saying that he reserves the right to bill spammers. He's gone ahead and implemented a change on his site, and I've done the same. Below the comments form on my listings, I've added the following text:

Note that comment spamming and commercial solicitation will not be tolerated, and by posting here I reserve the right to bill you for my wasted time of removing the comment and for the wasted bandwidth (and my standard one-hour minimum labor rate applies). If you'd like to advertise here, e-mail me, and you can pay for it.

Posted by Jake on 11/12/03 @ 10:30 AM
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I reserve the right to bill content spammers from AboutItAll.com | Oregon on 11/12/03 @ 11:32 AM:
I'm getting on the bandwagon with both Jack and Jake. It's much more of a problem in my guestbook over at e-familytree.net. By the way - do checkout the new chrismas design over there! (Read More)

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