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Monkey Boy Ballmer does the iPod

Many moons ago, a video was circulating the Web, showing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer dancing around like a monkey, chanting "Developers" over, and over, and over. Then somebody put it to music, making a pretty damn funny techno video (see here for mirrors to both files). You have no doubt seen the new iPod commercials with their flashy dancing and animations. MacBoy newest, greatest animation has been posted: Monkey Boy's iPod. Jake Note: Unfortunately, the site is down as of right now (I saw it a couple days ago) so if anybody has the *.SWF in their cache that I can mirror here, let me know. But find it somewhere, as it's a really funny animation, especially if you've seen the original. Update Again: Site appears to be back up and running.

Posted by Jake on 11/10/03 @ 12:47 PM
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Steve Ballmer and the Ipod from Elliott C. Back, Cornell Student on 10/07/04 @ 03:32 AM:
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