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Winter conditions taking their toll (especially on the unsafe drivers)

Because of the ice and snow today, accidents are happening all over the place. I've witnessed some of the aftermath myself. A housekeeper here at work just got back from an experience she won't soon forget.

Her and another co-worker were driving to LaPine (about 15 minutes south of here) to the local Les Schwab to get some tires. On their way back, she witnessed the same problems I've seen today. She was passed by and out-of-state-er who was going faster than she probably should (considering how icy the roads are today). A mile or two later, she saw that same SUV roll over and total itself.

The lady driving was able to get out of her car unassisted (despite it being on its roof), but was still taken to the hospital complaining of lower abdominal pain. The housekeeper called 911 to get somebody out there, and helped the lady out. While the lady (not to sound hateful) had the wreck coming for driving like she was, her passengers didn't.

But let's talk about her passengers: Four cats (or four animals of some sort -- at least two cats). They got smacked around pretty good, but all appeared to be in good shape. Needless to say, the lady in the wreck couldn't take her pets with her to the hospital, so our housekeeper took them to the Sunriver Veterinary Clinic (after driving around trying to find their new office). Hopefully everybody came out of it OK, but lesson learned: Don't drive like an idiot, and having an SUV isn't justification for anything -- let alone driving like a moron.

Posted by Jake on 10/30/03 @ 03:49 PM
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