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WANTED: More Eastern-Oregon bloggers, so here's something to encourage you

OK, here's the deal folks. I'm looking to increase the amount of bloggers in Central and Eastern Oregon. I only know of five (including me) East of the Cascades, and I'd like to increase that number. Central Oregonians don't really have a blogging voice, despite the fact that the land we take up is nearly 2/3 of the state. Looking at ORBlogs, Bend is the only city listed over here, and there's only three listed there.

Hell, I'd be willing to host your sites and everything, if it weren't a violation of the MT license. So I've got the next-best thing: an easy way to get your blog started. I have in my possession three codes to get your blog started over at TypePad -- a blog-hosting service powered by the same technology powering this site. What do these codes give you? They give you a 20% lifetime discount on any of their hosting packages. You have to pay for TypePad's services still, but you'll get them at a good discount.

Here's the catch: These will only go to folks who live on this side of the mountains. I want proof. Send me your home address or a picture of your city's welcome sign, I don't care -- just prove it to me. Or, if you have a pre-existing blog and want to move to TypePad, I'll send you the code, but the catch still applies.

Regardless, if you want this offer E-mail me privately, and I'll send you the code. Hell, even if you don't want the code, e-mail me anyway if you're over here in the High Desert and have a blog so I can add you to my blogroll.

Posted by Jake on 10/27/03 @ 05:33 PM
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