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Ducks: 35, Stanford: Donut

I got back late yesterday from watching the Ducks beat up Stanford 35-0. What a fun game to watch. The best series? When the Ducks stopped seven (there was a personal-foul penalty that gave them the first down) Stanford attempts at a touchdown, all within the two yard line. The place was going wild.

The other most entertaining thing at the game? This was a tie: One goes to the woman I saw outside the stadium wearing a very tight shirt. What did the shirt say? "Objects under shirt are larger than they appear." My Dad and I got a good kick out of that.

Secondly, anybody who's been to a Duck game knows about Autzen Stadium's "DuckVision" (basically, a big ol' frickin' big-screen TV at one end of the stadium). Quite often, they will show individual fans on the screen, thanks to some camera folks who wander around the stadium shooting video. Well, this one camera man was showing this one lady up on the screen, and she started to pull up her shirt. Needless to say, the camera turned away in a hurry.

Speaking of college football, I'm sure Ken was happy. Not only did they broadcast College Game Day from his campus, but his school went on to clobber undefeated N. Illinois. Nice job, Bowling Green!

Posted by Jake on 10/26/03 @ 11:31 AM
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