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Why I started blocking external image linking

Update a couple years later...If you're seeing this page, it's because your domain is really hammering my server with external image links. Knock that crap off before I replace my redirected image graphic with something really graphic. Currently, xanga.com and myspace.com are on my s**tlist.

For those of you who are regular readers here, this is old news, but for the folks who are coming here wondering why when they externally link to images under this domain, they get blocked, here's the reasoning (and this blog entry is always available at www.utterlyboring.com/block because of what it now says on my redirect image).

Basically, here was my reasoning for doing this. Many months ago I posted the now infamous "One Weekend a Month My Ass" picture. That image was directly hotlinked on a pile of servers, after its mention in the New York Times. So people were putting the image on their sites, but I was paying the bandwidth bill.

You need to understand something about this site. This is just a small site with a little bit of bandwidth (whatever's left over from the other actual money-making sites I run on this server). When that photo above got hit as hard as it did, I pushed through my allocated bandwidth limit for this site. I wasn't too big of a deal, as I had some extra to spare, but now that this site's getting more popular, I don't have a lot of headroom, which is why I had to add the image blocking.

Some forums and sites that have linked to images on my site only to find it out it was blocked have wondered why I'm bothering to still deliver an image. The image I'm delivering is only 6KB while the images I generally post on this blog will be between 40-50KB. Do the math :-)

If you've been redirected to this page because you saw an image. I recommend you browse my archives to find what you're looking for. There, you are welcome to download the image, save it on your server and link to it. I don't even care (though it would be nice) if you give my site credit as I (obviously) didn't create most of these.

If you have any questions about this, please e-mail me at jake at orty dot com.

Posted by Jake on 10/09/03 @ 11:40 AM
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Calculator Blaine said on 10/09/03 @ 04:50 PM:
What you did is great. It is good to explain it though and sending them an image to the explanation page is icing on the cake. I believe you handled the whole probably in a very professional way.

Jake Ortman said on 10/12/03 @ 04:11 PM:
Thanks for your support, Blaine! I'm hoping it brings down the folks who are slaming me for doing this, claiming it "goes against how the 'net should work." Morons. Pay for my bandwidth, and I'll host your images. Until that point, screw off :-)

measlymonkey said on 04/20/05 @ 08:40 AM:
Could you post some info on how you went about blocking image linking from your site? I am having the same issues and am looking for a good way to enable that feature.

great blog btw!

Jake said on 04/20/05 @ 08:50 AM:
measlymonkey: I used cPanel's image blocking feature to pull it off. If your host uses cPanel, you can login and use its Image Hotlink Blocking feature and it'll do everything you need. I'm sure other control panels (Plesk, Ensim, etc...) have similar features.

Otherwise, you need to be able to access the .htaccess file for your site. There are lots of image blocking tutorials out there, but they require you to have access to that file. If you don't have access, you're screwed (and it's VERY easy to screw up something when you much with that file, so do be careful).

JOOJOO said on 12/08/05 @ 06:52 PM:
regarding my space


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