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The FBI Debit Card Scam

OK, since Barney got screwed by the latest PayPal scam, I figured I'd post this one not only to make sure that he's aware of it, but you are, too.

I just got this sent to me via e-mail in what looked like an official FBI e-mail (I wouldn't know what an official e-mail looks like, as I've never gotten one). But it was from "government@fbi.gov":

Dear inhabitant USA.

FBI together with government carry out investigation concerning financial thefts of money from accounts of holders of debit cards. The earnest entreaty to all owners of debit cards to follow under the link that is lower for more detailed acquaintance with a situation and to take necessary measures.

or follow this link https://www.fbi.gov/debit_theft.html

Help the government to rescue the country and yourself from financial crash.

It's an HTML-formatted message, so the link to www.fbi.gov/debit_theft.html actually goes to which, needless to say, is not the FBI's site.

So just for kicks, I went to the link, and it asks for your debit card number, expiration date, and PIN.

Needless to say, I didn't give it that information up. You should NEVER give out your PIN, not even to your bank (as any good bank won't ask for it, but they can reset it). Regardless, don't be stupid and fall for this scam.

Just an FYI: The IP address ( traces back to Everyone's Internet and I'll be forwarding this note on to their folks there, and I'll be letting the originating server of this e-mail (a Comcast machine) know as well.

Posted by Jake on 10/06/03 @ 09:59 AM
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