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Have a small penis?

Then you need to make sure you buy this truck to make up for it. Link via BBspot.

Posted by Jake on 09/30/03 @ 09:46 PM
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yoleen said on 10/04/03 @ 09:21 AM:
For those with a small penis and different sense of style, there is always a Porsche or now, a Hummer (maybe just a small hummer).

lauren said on 03/07/04 @ 01:51 AM:
that was well lame n unfunny, ent dis tin spsoed to be entertaining? its too early n it gon take more den dat 4 em to crack a smile

aaron liu said on 12/16/04 @ 05:49 PM:
my penis is 3 incghes long and im 11 too shot for me

daniel said on 02/20/05 @ 09:52 PM:
im 16 my penis is 2 inches to short for me

Kevin said on 03/14/05 @ 10:28 PM:
Small penis kevin le me

joe o donnel said on 07/15/05 @ 10:48 AM:
im 16 and my penis is 1 inch long wen erected and wen its soft it goes inside my body. its rele embarrasing becus all the boy laf and the girls wont even talk to me wat shud i do

carl said on 07/29/05 @ 07:51 AM:
im 14 and my penis is 2 and a half flat and 4 and a half erect, is that small

Bill said on 08/17/05 @ 11:31 AM:
mine is only 2 inchs hard ... its very sad

Billy O

4951 Saddle Oak Trl
Sarasota FL 34241

Josh said on 10/11/05 @ 12:35 AM:
Dude your lucky, my penis is roughly 1/2 not erect and 1 inch erect, no joke... Sometimes I cry at night because of all small it is... it's so shivelled and pathetic.. I'm 20 years old and I want to kill myself :(

someone said on 10/20/05 @ 09:34 PM:
im 13 and i have a 3 in a half in penis erected...its really sad... i need help because i got a gf and she thinks i have a normal sized penis... its gonna be hard to explain to her

Nameless One said on 10/21/05 @ 08:47 AM:
My penis is 9 1/2 inches floppy man, your are so small, im 16 and i make girls crazy. they faint. go buy chinese herbs. :D

SOMEONEELSE said on 11/03/05 @ 05:54 AM:

jack said on 11/10/05 @ 01:44 AM:
hey i have a 2 inch penis and im 13 years old im really depressed because i have no pubic hair either and a girl wants to see my penis and im gonna be a lame loser when every1 finds out=(

Adam said on 11/18/05 @ 07:37 PM:
I am 24, and my penis is only about 1 inch when soft, and 4.5 inches when erect. I am embarassed to have sex with girls because in the past it was difficult to keep it in - it kept pulling back out. Sucks to be us guys...

Denise said on 12/05/05 @ 11:53 AM:
hey all da ladz that r feelin sorry for them selfs pity on the people hu dont hav a penis and if a girl doesnt lyk it then stuff them i dont care wat my bfs size is and it is love not size so stop pityin and start livin

too small said on 12/06/05 @ 01:33 AM:
hey i'm a 34 year old male-- in my life i've had 3 serious relationships that leading up to marriage-- all 3 ended with screwing around on the girl's part -- i am a good guy -- treat women like the precious people they are, and also am very considerate in bed because of my shortcomings (2 inches erect) -- each time, months later, all 3 came back after the break-up to apologize to me and even tell me i'm the best guy they'd ever been with and that they'd made a huge mistake, but none of them ever want to get back together. this last girl even admitted to me that my size just wasn't substantial enough for her (this was after i prodded her for an answer) and then she excused herself for being shallow. humiliating. insanely humiliating. since that admission i've been single for 3 years. i have no intention of living my life alone, i don't want to kill myself, and i don't want to lose someone again. this will shock most of you-- i don't really care --more recently i've come to the decision to have sexual reassignment so i can live as a lesbian. call me a freak but i want to be happy.

anonomous said on 12/10/05 @ 12:51 PM:
im 14 and hard im about 4.5 inches, im kinda fat a bit so yeah when i lose weight hopefully itll get bigger, im going to the doctor cause i found a small lump in my testical, at least you guys dont have to go through the embarrasment of that. i get erections really easily what if a get one in the examination!!!!!

n/a said on 12/18/05 @ 02:20 PM:
I'm 13 and my penis is 1 inch floppy and around 3 inches erect

jayson said on 12/22/05 @ 10:10 AM:
can u pls help me, im 15 and my penis is only 3 inches to 3 1/2 inches erect. i am circumsized and masterbate 2 times a day is this the cause for being so small?
wot can i do?

Ben Holmes said on 12/27/05 @ 04:10 PM:
My penis is really small, my for-skin is about 12 inches long, and my actual penis is 4 inches on the errect. Help me it looks really weird

Billy said on 12/29/05 @ 08:14 AM:
I am 40 years old. When my dick is soft its not even an inch long. It is embarresing if i shower in front of other men. I hate for my girlfriend to see me naked. The strang thing is... when its hard, its about 8 inches long and is good enough for great sex. Now...as if that is not bad enough, my dick is starting to bend to the right. The curve steels about a half of an inch. It looks funny and now I am worried that it will get worse.

Nameless One said on 01/05/06 @ 12:51 PM:
lmfao u small penis dicks hahaha

Aaron said on 01/07/06 @ 04:40 PM:
my dick is 2 inches wen erected lol nd im 13. wen will it get bigger

brandon said on 01/08/06 @ 01:13 AM:
My penis is 4 inches not erected and 7 1/2 erected is that good and i feel sorry for these small people and im 14

singh sidhu said on 02/08/06 @ 10:46 AM:
My dick is 20 inches

Tyler said on 02/10/06 @ 02:00 AM:
Im Just Glad Im Not Alone. im 12, soon to be 13. and my penis is only 3 and a half inches. i have TONS of pubes tho :)... i just hope it grows a bit more, because my girlfriend wants to see it she said.. and she has already seen my friends penis and said it was around 4 and a half inches, he is 13 going on 14. im scared she wont like mine! :S.. and ive also heard, average for my age is 4 and a half, so hes with us too >:) mwahaha... im with you guys. im not average eitther. :( but im also a smoker.. so that effects size. your not aloen out there. i just feel sorry for anyone whos penis goes INSIDE them. now THAT sucks.

someone said on 02/23/06 @ 03:50 PM:
my penis is 3 3/4 lol and im 17 and i have girlfrend and she doesnt no it and i dont no wat to tell her about it i think she will laugh of not and shes about to turn 18 which sucks

u.k lad said on 02/28/06 @ 03:54 PM:
im 17 and my dick erected it bout8 inches :D no problems here

Michael said on 03/01/06 @ 09:43 AM:
im 17 and my penis is 4.7 inches erect. without bragging too much i am quite good looking which means its easy to find girls. i have been in 2 long term relationships with really beautiful girls where i treated them with upmost respect and devotion. i've got blowjobs and stuff from loads of other girls but the underlining truth is that if you find the right girl who are not shollow and who are caring and if you treat them good and respectful you will find that that is far more important than the size of your penis. good luck!

trev said on 03/19/06 @ 08:32 PM:
i am 17 years old my penis is really thin, its around 4inches long hard,, i dont have armpit hair but i dont have pair on my balls ..what is rong with me?

Ryan said on 03/23/06 @ 03:17 PM:
my penis is huggeee

bob said on 03/31/06 @ 03:25 AM:
dude i wish i was like u small guys my peins is 14.5" erect women just treat me like a freak show. no wmen can handle my size and i cant even get a blowjob let alone a good handjob!!!

N?/ said on 03/31/06 @ 06:16 PM:
i am 15 going on 16 recently i was swiming in my pool when i wuz home alon while watching my younger cuzin and when i dived in my bathing suit came off( my penis is about 3 or 4 inches long when not erect )and my younger cuzin pointed at it and laffed but befor that she threw the suit out of the pool just playing around so i had to get out of the pool and my penis had shrunk a little bit from the cold water when i got out of the pool she saw the size of it and laffed again and said aww and she is 3 years younger than me then i talked to her about it and told her it shrunk from the water and when we were changing inside i walked in on her nude as was i and mine wuz a bit bigger after warming up and she was like wow u were rite and ever since then we have seen each outher nude every once in a while hangin with friends in the pool and skinny dipping things like that. is this a little wierd we have never touched each other nude and never saw each other on purpose . and another question she is 11 and she has huge brest c 34 i think and hair on her vagina i did not get hair til i was like 12 why is this?

jeremiah said on 04/05/06 @ 02:11 PM:
im 14 and my penis like 3 inches not erect and when im erect it is like 5 and a half to 6 is that good or average?

*** said on 04/10/06 @ 06:24 PM:
im 12 goin to be 13 in couple days and my penis is only 4.25 inches is that small i got pubs but only on my balls not under arms i hope my gf doesnt think its small (shes 14)

joebob said on 04/13/06 @ 12:16 PM:
my penis is almost5 inches when erect and soft is like 2

Antony said on 04/14/06 @ 07:41 AM:
Guys. you really shouldn't worry about it. I am 17, I have a penis that is a little under average (5 inches exactly when hard and it is like...4 1/2 in circumfrence.) I used to worry about it all the time, as I have a VERY loving girlfriend who I have been with for a long time. One night, I decided to tell her about my insecurity about my penis. She said "You know, you really need to stop worrying about that...It does fine...I enjoyed it when you had it in me before" (i've had it in her, but we had no protection, so we didn't go all the way, and she's given me handjobs and blowjobs)....I told her that I was still worried and she said "I fell in love with you, not your dick..you don't need to worry about it!"........The point of the story I guess, is even if you don't have a big penis, you can still have a great relationship......(One tip to make up for lack of big penis, is become really good at eating a girl out...then if she's not satisfied by your member, you can do the job with your tongue ;) Hope this helps some.

haha said on 04/27/06 @ 04:23 PM:
wow you all suck, haha iv hade a 9 inch cock when i was forteen!!! im up to 11 now, haha as much as women say that size doesnt matter to them, they love a huge dick, haha.

me said on 05/01/06 @ 06:53 PM:
im 16 i feel awfold about my penis it about 5.5 inches erected and 3 not erected my gf gave me blowjobs but i dont thinnk she is completely honest with me. she said she like it but ....

h said on 05/05/06 @ 01:35 PM:
im 7 inchs long and 5.5 around i think this is horibly small.

? said on 05/10/06 @ 12:26 PM:
ive got hardly any pubes and im nearly 14

patrick said on 05/23/06 @ 11:28 AM:
i am 16. my penis is 3 soft and 4.5 hard. i have a lot of hair. my younger cuzin is 8 years old and he has the same size peins as me. my gf want have sex with me bacuse it is to small

?? said on 05/25/06 @ 02:35 PM:
im 13 years old and my penis is about 2 1/2 inches floppy and 5 inches hard.....i hate it ad want a bigger dick....its embarassing....will it ever get bigger?:s

michael said on 05/26/06 @ 03:27 AM:
fuck all ov u sad fucks!!! u all suck, small dicked fuckers!!! ha ha ha

scott comerford said on 05/26/06 @ 10:24 AM:
hi my name is scott and when i get an erection it takes 5 minutes to get one is there any other way to get one faster please help because my mate joseph is bisexual and he likes me and he like touching my you know what is this normal.....

james said on 06/10/06 @ 11:51 PM:
i have a very small penis, uncircumsized, dangly, wrinkley. girls laugh, ecspecially when i go to a nude pool, getting out of the pool when everyone sees you, my little dangling peepee. sometimes i bend over nude, and my penis a scrotum hang down so u can see them...girls all see it. also when i pee, it somtimes gets on my scrotum sack...

james said on 06/11/06 @ 12:13 AM:
to: annonamous, i have always had the same fear, getting an examination on my little penis a seeing the nurse bend over and...getting an erection, or even just thinking about a nice thong on a girls ass, or even somtimes for no reason, it would be so emberressing to have the doctor see your scrotum get...that way. i have never had an examination on my penis, but i always think about it, anyway here's your solution: just masturebate like 5 or 6 times before the exam, your penis will be soft, small, and tired. but what if the doctor is a woman? then your in trouble!

mark said on 06/15/06 @ 01:37 AM:
hello , i am 16 and i have been masturbating for around 5 years now ! my firends are always talking about how big thair penis is ! but i dont ! i think that my penis it too big ! yesterday i measures 14'' ? is this abnormal ??? please respond

joe said on 06/22/06 @ 01:21 PM:
im 13 and my penis is 6 soft
when erected it measures about 11 in
will a girl think its 2 big?

liz said on 06/23/06 @ 11:50 AM:
hey...my bf is 13 and has about a 2inch penis he is rele embarrassed about it i'm not botherd by it but i want to know will it grow any ?

Alex said on 06/30/06 @ 07:49 AM:
I am 16 years old and with a 7 inch dick and it is too small

Alex said on 06/30/06 @ 07:51 AM:
I have a 7 inch dik and want a plowjob from a man that us 14 years old.

dont want to say said on 07/01/06 @ 12:21 PM:
for all the f--kers that are making fun of small penis's shut up u guys are the reason why people worry about their penis size..

im 15 and my penis is only 1 inch soft and 2 inches erect

peewee said on 07/04/06 @ 09:46 AM:
my penis is only 1/2 inch soft and 1 inch hard, i am italian and my asian friends all laugh at my puney little one as they are much BIGGER!

drg said on 07/06/06 @ 08:51 AM:
im a bi 27m and i love tiny penises 1-3 inches their great to suck if ur in md id love to suck those little guys

The Almighty said on 07/06/06 @ 04:40 PM:
An answer to all of you insecure people:

If you're a teen, and you have a small penis, you may:

1. Have inherited it form a parent.
2. Been exposed to some DNA altering radiation earlier in your life.
3.Have buried penis.
4.Been born prematurely.

DOn't worry, you still have plent of Time to grow.

I'm 15, I have no care in the world about my penis size, because I was born early, and I still have years to grow on.

Don't worry about it so much.

It's just a penis.

whocaress said on 07/07/06 @ 03:11 PM:
who cares what size you are. having a small penis is fine. to all you guys with small penises out there. dont listen to those guys saying how much their girlfriend loves their 9 inch dicks. what matters the most is, if u know how to pleaaseee herr. by fingering her or licking her, or just as long as you know tecniques. its about love. having sex or blowjobs or whatever is just an extra thing to do with them. if they love you, thats what matters. they'll love your dick to.

orion said on 07/17/06 @ 06:57 PM:
I am 15 with a 7.5'' dick. is this normal?

john said on 07/28/06 @ 01:48 PM:
my penis is about 3 flopy n like 4.5 when erect, n i have a some pubic hair,

Matt said on 07/28/06 @ 10:09 PM:
I am almost 15 and my penis is 3 1/2 inch when soft and 7 1/2 when erect. It is pretty fat too. It is probably the only thing I like about myself physically :( I am kinda chubby and Im growing man-boobs. I hate it!!

Conor said on 07/29/06 @ 01:17 PM:
lmao, is it me, or can you all not type?
im 4" non-erect and 6" erect, im 14, girls love it, but thats cos i know how to use it. ;)

someone said on 07/29/06 @ 11:47 PM:
7" here... 16 years

hung said on 07/30/06 @ 03:13 PM:
im 17 y/o and my penis is pushing 11 inches (its like 10 3/4 now) real thick and cut. limp im about 6-7 inches, ive asked doctors and they all said its genetic. like i got more chromosones than other people, or something to that effect. they told me it will level off on its own when im in my late teens or very early 20s. hope this helps neone thats goin through a similar situation

roger said on 07/30/06 @ 10:39 PM:
This iz da comment thats gunna end this forum....look if you have a small dick and you have a girlfriend and she wants to f--k tell her str8 up your real size.....BUUUUUT convince her that you will still please here tha same if not more if you had a big penis

Randy Orton said on 07/30/06 @ 11:48 PM:
hi guys Im from Peru , 18 years old, a little fat guy , my penis is 11 cms. and I dont know if it hasnt grown up enough cause of my fatness, so if someone could answer but not laughing please.

aa said on 07/31/06 @ 12:52 PM:

Jay said on 07/31/06 @ 06:16 PM:
for everybody that worries..dont worry..

i was insecure bout my dick..its like 6-7 inches hard..i was brickin it with my mrs..but she made me see (before i showed her my member) even if it was small..the love wat counts..

jus find the right girl guys..the right girl will be happy with you..

lk;asjfas;l said on 07/31/06 @ 07:15 PM:
my dick is 6.2 inches long when erected im 14 almost 15 is that small and will it get bigger

ghandi said on 08/01/06 @ 08:35 PM:
my penis is about 16 inches long lofty and 20 erect and i cant hadle it im ony 15 so when i grow up i am going around india to find a doctor who can shorten it to 3 inches sorft and 6 erect that is normal and it will keep growing after surgery

dude said on 08/15/06 @ 03:01 PM:
i am 12 almost 13 and i have a 3 inch dick soft,and when it is erect it is 6 inches is that normal for a kid my age.

Craig rolins said on 08/24/06 @ 03:02 AM:
Im 33 yrs old n my penis is 5.5 inches when errect is this a good size 4 my age

Mario said on 09/03/06 @ 05:01 PM:
hi im 15 my penis is about 6 inches when fully erect would this be enough for a girl i always worry about stuff like this but i am not very good when it comes to girls i have never even kissed a girl but my friends have had blow jobs and have had sex and it really gets me down when they talk about it is there anyone who is my age who can give me some tips.

zach said on 09/09/06 @ 10:23 PM:
im 12 i have 2 inchs soft 4 hard

CHRISTIAN said on 09/10/06 @ 05:35 PM:

jay-z said on 10/07/06 @ 07:56 AM:
13 and 7.5 inches, u guys r bitches who r smaller, might as well get strap on f--ked by ur gf

lance said on 10/30/06 @ 03:30 PM:
hey I am 16 yrs old im about 2.5" flacid and 4" erect. i just want to know if ill ever get up to about 5 or 5.5

Mark said on 11/03/06 @ 05:30 PM:
I'm 25 and I’m 6". I had enlarged my penis on 1.5" by Extagen. I had been thinking about my size all my life and decided to change it. So guys men have an opportunity to do it.

Dan said on 11/07/06 @ 05:26 PM:
I'm 30 yrs old. 2 inches soft and 4.5 inches hard. I think it's small.

Bob said on 11/12/06 @ 05:06 AM:
im 20 and have a 2inch soft, 2.5inch hard penis. im still a virgin coz girls laugh at me

denis said on 12/02/06 @ 06:35 AM:
i am 13 and i hav a 2 inch penis and wen its erect i have a 3.5 inch penis, but i think its that small because i am overweight, i was once offered a blowjob and wen i got it out i was lafed at

DMan said on 12/03/06 @ 03:08 AM:
dude just wait ok trust me...
about when i was 12-13 i was concerned about my size and still am a bit but its gotten bigger...
puberty plays a large role in the size of the penis...
look it up... i did...it helped
so if ur like 10-17 dont fret so much...
just wait...
plus it ur unhappy and older there is enlargement surgery.

Manny said on 12/04/06 @ 06:06 PM:
How fast wil my boyfriend have to remove his 8 inch peeper from my bumwhole in order for me to have a full bowl movement on a matted bearskin rug? Im asking in meters per second here.. metric system please!

Miguel said on 12/07/06 @ 07:26 PM:
Im 14 and have a 5 inch penis when erect and about 1.5 inches floppy. Is this normal sized?

matt said on 12/10/06 @ 11:59 PM:
dont worry guys, i am 20 and i got 5 inches hard and f--ked a lot of girls (10) in the last 2 years..just get a hot body and be able to please her, the rest doesnt count that much.
good luck

mike said on 12/11/06 @ 02:14 PM:
my name is mike and my dick is 2 inches soft and 5 inches hard is that small

Dude said on 12/13/06 @ 11:17 AM:
Guys, help me out - I'm about 2-2.5 inches floppy and 5.5 inches hard. Is this a normal size????? I am kinda worried it won't get bigger :(

Dude said on 12/13/06 @ 11:18 AM:
^^^^^^^I'm 16 btw ^^^^^^^

someone said on 12/13/06 @ 12:33 PM:
im 4 inches when floppy and 7 inches ereact and i am overwwight, im ok with my penis size

joe said on 12/13/06 @ 05:32 PM:
my penis is about 4 inches when soft and 6.5-7 when hard but im afraid to have sex with the girl i really like because im afraid this wont please her....will it?

Wasim said on 12/14/06 @ 09:04 AM:
MY penis is about 5 1/2 inches erect, im 17 years old, im dating a 20 year old with a 2 year old child, im afraid to have sex with her because i am afraid that she has had a big penis f--king her, but i dont know, i really like her, she really likes me, but im afraid of her seeing my small penis, at least, i think its small, i think its average, i wanna think that, but i wanna get a bigger one, at least 6 1/2 would be fine, will it get bigger?

Someone said on 12/14/06 @ 11:47 AM:
hi im 15 3 1/2 inches floppy and 7 inches erect and im happy of my size

14 yo said on 12/14/06 @ 02:18 PM:
im 14 and have a 7 1/2" cock soft. its 9" hard... i've had sex with my gf but she thought it was too small... who got it wrong? because of her i have insecurities about size. Matt is right, the size doesnt matter... its all the body and how they feel about you.

Angelo said on 12/16/06 @ 05:21 PM:
Im 12 with 3 inch ercted

mads said on 12/17/06 @ 07:50 AM:
i have 1 inch dick. I m ashamed

itsyaboy said on 12/18/06 @ 12:09 AM:
im 17 with about a 4 in cock floppy and about 7 inch hard cock is that normal

17 years old. said on 12/18/06 @ 03:49 AM:
I think it is really mean that "bigger" guys make fun of "smaller" guys. The only good thing big guys have to offer women is their penis', but "smaller" guys offer alot more in a relationship because they always make up for stuff, and treat women as the should be treated - like a princess. I am 17, single and a virgin, I have been asked out many times but I always say no, because to be honest, the only thing holding me back in life is my very thin, 2 1/2 inch soft penis. I am 5 inches erect, which seems average but my penis would have to be the thinnest in the world, as when I was younger, i had an accident and cut my penis open, which lost alot of blood and "thinned" my penis, now I believe if I tell girls this, they will just say "yeah right, nice excuse" and not believe me, I hate todays society, so hung up on size. Anyway, I hope to meet someone soon who I can show them my only hold back, and hope that they will reply with "I love you for who you are, not the size you are"

14 yo said on 12/18/06 @ 12:35 PM:
Angelo, you probobly havnt entered puberty yet. im a year in with 9 inches (erect) to my name. i was about 4" at your age, so you have nothing to be worried about.

and its a boy. youare average sized. most of these guys would kill to have a 7" dick, even if it was erect.

some noob said on 12/18/06 @ 01:20 PM:
wut do girls think about circumcision

dofjs said on 12/18/06 @ 03:31 PM:
you guys shouldn't b having . you're 2young, me im 53, ive ed 158pple, gotten289blows.

17 years old. said on 12/19/06 @ 06:58 AM:
2 1/2 inch normal, 6 inch hard. But very thin.

cantcum said on 12/19/06 @ 09:01 AM:
I can't ejac yet but my dick is 5.4" long i think it's gonna be big

Biggy said on 12/19/06 @ 01:47 PM:
Im 14, my dick is almost 7.1" erect, and is about 4.5" floppy. Im dating a girl who lost her virginity at 12 to someone older than me... should i have sex with her... she wants to but im afraid i may be smaller than her ex-?

max said on 12/19/06 @ 06:15 PM:
im 14, n my dick is 2 inches soft and 6.0 erect is that the average

17 years old. said on 12/20/06 @ 04:31 AM:
Did you know that the average size penis erected is 5.2 inches (uncercumsized) and 4.2 inches circumsized. So if you are around this, then average speaking, you should have nothing to fear about, although its the larger guys that have to make the smaller ones feel bad about themselves, which I think is wrong. I also think, in todays society, that girls should be more understanding about guys, being that its not our fault about the size of our penis's, we should still be able to live a good life, including the fact that we smaller guys have more things to offer, love is one of them :)

Sam Rogers said on 12/20/06 @ 09:55 AM:
my penis is 2 inches erect! i get bullied at school about it! wot shud i do?

duh. said on 12/20/06 @ 11:42 PM:
dofis, r u stupid. 73 percent of 11 year olds have had sex or know someone their age who is having sex. its our choice anyway. and how lame is that, you even keep count!

bob said on 12/21/06 @ 05:33 PM:
28years i have 2 inches soft around 5 hard. i'm married but my sex life is boring. i'm to blame. i feel my wife can do better.i'm agood husband and father.i feel unsure on the sex part.

mr big said on 12/21/06 @ 05:49 PM:
i ave a a 6 nd half inch penis on flop and 8 ard

Anonymous said on 12/23/06 @ 11:34 AM:
It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it :)

You may be able to hold a gun and shoot accurately with it, or a rocket launcher that you'd kill yourself with it. Again, it's how you use it.

I'm satisfied about what I got, I have an average size. I'm cheering up the guys who complain and feeling sad about it :)

ihihui said on 12/24/06 @ 02:10 AM:
im 14 and 3.5 inches soft and 6.7 inches hard is this too small???

nibbles said on 12/24/06 @ 09:46 AM:
im 16 and my penine is 3 inch floppy n 5.5 inch hard. will it get bigger? i hope it does

ihihui said on 12/26/06 @ 01:07 AM:
But my girlfriend loves it!!!!!!

Dude said on 12/26/06 @ 11:24 AM:
I am 16 years old with 3 inches soft and 5.5 inches erect (aprox) When does the penis stop growing? Also girls and guys >> is my size normal????

english lad said on 01/02/07 @ 05:27 AM:
here lads its not the size ov the ship its the motion ov the oacen u only live once so get out there and du as meny birds as you can. if they complain tell every 1 you no she had a massive smelly fanny.

Daniel Chan said on 01/11/07 @ 06:45 AM:
My penis is small, 2cm normal and 7cm hard

drew said on 01/16/07 @ 05:22 PM:
my penis is 5 inches soft and 6.2 inches erect. i feel big looking at all these and im only 14

Tim said on 01/17/07 @ 11:21 PM:
Yo MAn You Guy's suck! I'am asian
and I am 7.5 Incs. Pretty cool

Australian guy said on 01/20/07 @ 06:00 AM:
I am 12 inches, but I wish I was smaller so I could put it all the way in. See, there are ups and downs.

Loser! said on 01/24/07 @ 08:00 AM:
First of all 'Drew' you have the smallest erection increase I have ever heard of. Btw I think you mistook your erection for a flop on!

Birhan said on 02/05/07 @ 09:36 AM:
After the enlargement (Extagen, exercises) my penis is 6.5". I'm 29 and I think my size now is ideal.

NZ dude said on 02/07/07 @ 01:58 PM:
IM 14, my dick is 7 1/2 inches, im uncut and when i get an ercetion, is really painful- even though she loves my dick foreskin and all, and i love f--king her. i can ejaculate and i have sex like twice in a couple of weeks, and get awesome hand and blow jobs from my girlfriend. the thing is the pain is getting worse- what should i do?

US dude said on 02/07/07 @ 01:58 PM:
IM 14, my dick is 7 1/2 inches, im uncut and when i get an ercetion, is really painful- even though she loves my dick foreskin and all, and i love f--king her. i can ejaculate and i have sex like twice in a couple of weeks, and get awesome hand and blow jobs from my girlfriend. the thing is the pain is getting worse- what should i do?

Loser! said on 02/08/07 @ 10:32 AM:
you know Bull shiting can have those side effects...

abbi said on 02/15/07 @ 01:28 PM:
hi guy i am trying to enlarge my penis i am taking vimax which i order from online from the website they guaranteed that their product work but looks like i don't feel any thing rite now i guess that thing take allots of time to work because they say it take 4 to 6 month to grow around 3-4 inches well i can't wait to see the result i hope that thing work. man i am embarrass to have sex with my girl because i can't satisfied her.

abbi said on 02/15/07 @ 01:32 PM:
hi guy i am trying to enlarge my penis i am taking vi max which i order from online from the website they guaranteed that their product work but looks like i don't feel any thing rite now i guess that thing take allots of time to work because they say it take 4 to 6 month to grow around 3-4 inches well i can't wait to see the result i hope that thing work. man i am embarrass to have sex with my girl because i can't satisfied her.

hottie said on 02/22/07 @ 02:32 AM:
I don't know why all you small guys are un happy, I am bisexual and I like guys with small penis's, its sexy, so don't worry yourself, I'm sure your fine and you will meet someone who will like what you have. :)

none said on 03/18/07 @ 04:23 PM:

Erik said on 03/22/07 @ 06:58 PM:
im 16 and have a 7.5 inch dick...
Is this small???

jdjdjd said on 03/22/07 @ 07:00 PM:
i love big dicks

saucyslut said on 03/24/07 @ 06:56 AM:
I love big clits

Wei Lee said on 04/03/07 @ 12:14 PM:
im asian, 15 years old and my dick is 7.4". i read these comments about 4 inch and 5 inch being small, so does that mean im big, or decent with my size? racial profiling keeps saying that we're small, so 7.4" isnt small?

asian said on 04/15/07 @ 07:02 AM:
more often than not asian people have small dicks - check porn movies.

jed collinsworth said on 04/24/07 @ 02:12 PM:
i am 42 yrs old and my dick is only 2 inches soft and when hard it is 6 inches

jed collinsworth said on 04/24/07 @ 02:13 PM:
i am from west virginia and got a 2 inch dick

WTF said on 04/25/07 @ 11:21 AM:
Who the f--k started this comment thing no one is actually saying what is big and what is small. All I see is sad people posting thier own f--king penis sizes online! what is the point because no1 is actually answering the common question of "is this big / small?" I think that any girl who is arsed about penis size is a slut and any guy who gets worked up about it should get a life.


cody said on 05/03/07 @ 11:24 AM:
in 12 wit 5.5 inpenis is that average

jerome said on 05/05/07 @ 12:18 PM:
i'm 16 and my penis is 7 and a half inchs thats good right?. if not email me at master_ken2003@yahoo.com

peakaboo said on 05/08/07 @ 04:23 AM:
its doesn't matter in the end what others think, in the end its all about how you pleasure your women. whether you are 1 inches or 9 inches long or if you are 1/2 inche round or 7 inches round. sometimes the biggest dick is fine to look at but is usless in bed, a smaller dick on the other hand fits anywhere and is awsome in bed. All penis's are the same in the end.

mm7802 said on 05/18/07 @ 05:24 PM:
I'm 19 and I have a 6.75 inch long penis that is about 5.5 inches around. If I was white I would be fine with my size, but I'm black so it sucks to be only 6.75 inches long.

jay1132 said on 05/24/07 @ 03:00 AM:
hey add me. i have a small one. 2/3 inches floppy and bout 6 on the bone. i have sum stories. add me on anyfink_on_cam@hotmail.co.uk.

I would like to hear from other people with same problems and talk about the embaressment.

Adeel said on 05/25/07 @ 04:14 AM:
i want to my peins is increase to 12"inches .but i do not know how to increase to my peins.
plz u r help to me i am 20 years old

hispanico said on 05/25/07 @ 08:04 PM:
i am 14 and i have a 3 inch penis when flaccid and 5 inch when hard, is that too small?

Nameless One said on 05/25/07 @ 08:10 PM:
my penis is 11 inches when flaccid and 15 inches erect and im only 12, if it gets bigger girls won't want me any more. they say i have the perfect size right now.

hey said on 05/25/07 @ 08:13 PM:
i am 11 years old and my penis is 8 1/2 inches long when unerect and 12 inches long when erect. girls like it how it is and i know it will keep on growing. is there a way to prevent it from growing?

smally said on 05/25/07 @ 09:54 PM:
if i am 3 inches long when flaccid and 5 inches long erected, is that a normal size

smally said on 05/25/07 @ 09:56 PM:
i like it when girls give me bjs and they say mine looks average

smally said on 05/25/07 @ 09:57 PM:
someone here?

smally said on 05/25/07 @ 10:02 PM:

jjjjj said on 05/26/07 @ 10:07 AM:
f--k u all

little said on 05/26/07 @ 04:36 PM:
i have a penis of about 3 inches long when flaccid and 5.75 inches when erect.
is that good, or is it too small?

Nameless One said on 05/26/07 @ 09:14 PM:
i have a small penis.
it is only 7 inches when flaccid but is 14 inches when hard.
where can i make it bigger?
(my gf wants a 16 inch when erect)

me14too said on 05/26/07 @ 09:23 PM:
im 14 passin to 15 but my penis is 3 inches when small and 5.75 when erect.
is that small or is it average?
i was born prematurely so that could explain why its not bigger

none said on 05/27/07 @ 03:44 PM:
ime 15 and mine's 3 inch on slack

and 6 and a half on hard

but i havent stop growning so is there a chance it will get bigger as i get older

Kyle said on 05/28/07 @ 02:19 PM:
im 14 and mine is 6.5 inches erect is this a good thing and is it supposed to curve to the left a little?

Zack said on 05/31/07 @ 01:34 PM:
Hi, i just recently turned 16, when soft me penis is around 6.5 inches. When erect its abour 9.5 inches. Is that a good thing?
All the guys in my locker room make fun of me that its "to big" yet i see theres in it smaller than mine
I lost my virginity to this one girl about 6 months ago. She broke up with me cuase it was "to small"
About what is the average "bigness" or whatever for people my age?

john said on 06/02/07 @ 02:11 PM:
i am 16 and hav a 6.5 inch erection is tis small?

me said on 06/03/07 @ 11:38 AM:
i'm 15, overweight and sensitive and i have a 1 incher when soft and about a 2.5 incher when hard. i'm really startin to get worried ............ please help

all u knnnobs hu r being cu nts jus fu ck off u wankas

me said on 06/03/07 @ 11:40 AM:
i'm 15, overweight and sensitive and i have a 1 incher when soft and about a 2.5 incher when hard. i'm really startin to get worried ............ please help

all u knnnobs hu r being cu nts jus fu ck off u wankas

me said on 06/03/07 @ 11:40 AM:
i'm 15, overweight and sensitive and i have a 1 incher when soft and about a 2.5 incher when hard. i'm really startin to get worried ............ please help

all u knnnobs hu r being cu nts jus fu ck off u wankas

me said on 06/03/07 @ 11:41 AM:
i'm 15, overweight and sensitive and i have a 1 incher when soft and about a 2.5 incher when hard. i'm really startin to get worried ............ please help

all u knnnobs hu r being cu nts jus fu ck off u wankas

me said on 06/03/07 @ 11:42 AM:
i'm 15, overweight and sensitive and i have a 1 incher when soft and about a 2.5 incher when hard. i'm really startin to get worried ............ please help

all u knnnobs hu r being cu nts jus fu ck off u wankas

dude said on 06/04/07 @ 11:21 AM:
i am 12 going on 13 and my dick is 2 in. soft and about 3 and a half hard i am not over weight but a little big and i am not circumsised plus i was premature how to get my dick at least 7 in please tell me someone

pssh said on 06/04/07 @ 09:02 PM:
im 14 going on 15 and i have a 1-4 inch soft and 5.5-6 hard. i hit puberty late i barley shave but can it still gro

jamiesman said on 06/08/07 @ 01:23 PM:
ok well i though i had a small one till i saw these comments, i feel bad for you guys, im 16, my penis is 5 soft 7.5 hard well i feel a lil better now but i really thought it was small, maybe becuase im like 6"4' tho... seemed smaller

big boy said on 06/09/07 @ 04:18 PM:
yo r all sad loosers i am 14 and my dick iz 7 1/2 inch long erect and 5 1/2 inch on floppy no joke ha ha tell u wat da ladies love it lol see yas squeeky bollocks ha ha ha ha

17matt said on 06/10/07 @ 07:06 PM:
hey everyone im 17 and my dicks only like 4.5-5 inches hard. im embarassed to show it off because i think its small. should i just be proud with what i got and go get some poon.

?????????? said on 06/12/07 @ 08:46 AM:
i have a 5 inch dick hard and a 3 and half soft i fink mines small but dnt worry it will grow. i am willing to swap pictures if any1 wants?

11tony said on 06/15/07 @ 10:04 PM:
I'm 11 with a little fuzz over my 1/2 inch dick. 2 inches when I get a boner.

kevin said on 06/15/07 @ 10:22 PM:
Hey dudes, I'm 17 with a tiny ass dick.
1 inch soft and 3 inches with a boner.
My little brother who is 10 years old has a f--kin big ass cock dangling between his little skinny legs. 4 inches soft and 7 inch boner. He even pubes growing on his balls and around his butthole. What's up with that shit. I jerk off with 2 fingers and my thumb. My little brother uses his whole f--kin hand. I'm f--kin jealous of the little mother f--ker.

noname said on 06/16/07 @ 10:47 AM:
Im 12 with a 5 inch dick erect and 3 inch not erect is this good sise or bad?

lupe said on 06/16/07 @ 05:19 PM:
I'm 15 and my penis is 3 in soft and 5in hard . I hate my penis .I'm gay so it really does matter. I like to get f--ked by 7in-8.5 in cocks.

kevin said on 06/17/07 @ 01:23 PM:
hey noname
For being only 12 with a 5 inch boner is OK. What you gonna f--k anyway? Do have pubes yet? Can you cum? Just jackoff alot and maybe it will stretch out.

tommyb2b said on 06/18/07 @ 12:13 AM:
hay my dick is 5.5 with a boner and I get some all the time. But it seems like im smaller then everyone.

sean said on 06/18/07 @ 08:16 PM:
my penis is an inch not erected and about 5 inches erected if i take a shower with other men after football i dont want my 1 inch non erect to make me look less of a man or get made fun of i also get aroused easily i hope i dont get a erection in the showers

kevin said on 06/19/07 @ 12:21 AM:
hey sean dude,
join the f--kin club. I have a inch dick when soft too. My dick is uncut so all you see is the little flab of skin over my dickhead popping out of all my pubes. You have me beat when your boner beats mine by 2 more inches. Don't worry about getting made fun of after football practice in the showers. I'm on the wrestling team and they dudes on my team make fun of my small dick too. It looks like I have a tiny knob sticking out of my black pubies. They like to come by and flick it with their fingers, the mother f--kers.
All the white boys have bigger cut cocks than the Mexicans who have 1 - 2 inch soft uncut dicks. The blacks have the biggest dicks that swing between their legs when they walk around the showers.
Any dude out their with 1 inch dicks. Let's hear from you. Teeny weenies unite.

HAHAHAH said on 06/22/07 @ 06:03 PM:
Some sad, lifeless f--ks to post your size here. Man, go to a f--kin support club, f--ktards.

Luke said on 06/22/07 @ 09:09 PM:
yo dogg's you gotta get a long schlong...yes it does matter what your size is. depending on how hot this "chick" is.... Dont tell any1 you dont know about ur size. trust me it will be all hell. just f--k that girl when they are naked and no problems here!

um..... said on 06/24/07 @ 11:21 AM:
im 14 2inch when flat 4.5 inches when irect is this small for my age can someone give me a real answer

:( said on 06/24/07 @ 03:17 PM:
im 13 5 months old and 3.5 inch erect when will it grow to be around 5-6 inches.

Master said on 06/24/07 @ 03:39 PM:
um....., the average penis size for adults is 5.5-6 inch so you are on track. you have a average penis

;p said on 06/25/07 @ 02:34 PM:
:( said on 06/24/07 @ 03:17 PM:
im 13 5 months old and 3.5 inch erect when will it grow to be around 5-6 inches.

you're too small to worry about that

;p said on 06/25/07 @ 02:37 PM:
Billy, I had the same problem..

chad said on 06/26/07 @ 01:37 AM:
hi i just turned 12 on april and my cock is like 1 inch soft and hard 3 inch mabye i feel like its small im going to 7th grade.. can somone tell me what size it should be im not over weight

josh said on 06/26/07 @ 04:45 AM:
Hey Chad, I'm 12 too. My dick is the same as yours. Maybe a bit smaller. I don't have pubes yet. My dick looks like a little knob with a piss slit when it's soft. It sticks straight out when hard about 2 inches. When I sit to take a dump I have to hold it down, which I barely can or elso I piss forward and all over the f--king place. You do have a small dick, but shit, mine is smaller. Are you cut or uncut? Do you have pubes yet?

md said on 06/26/07 @ 06:31 AM:

for all you obsessed and worried about your cock sizes... calm down. if your only in the 7th or 8th grade, there is ample time for it to grow.

i am 24, with a 5.5 inch erect penis and never have had a problem satsifying the women in my life.

Do some research on what really makes a woman get off, like rubbing her clit while penetrating, different positions for maximum pentration, extended foreplay etc.

Stop obsessing and get out there and when your mature enough and ready, get your dick wet. Who cares what other guys say, Guys are more size Queens than girls...
your dick is for pleasure... use it and enjoy it. whatever the size, have fun. Some girls can't even handle your fingers. :)


todd said on 06/27/07 @ 03:28 PM:
hi guys im 11 years old and my penis is almost 9 inches long when hard... is this strange? i honestly cannot even wear shorts that are my size in the waist because my penis is too large... will girls think im a freak? ive only showed one girl and she giggled :(

chad said on 06/28/07 @ 02:19 AM:
heh i have been growin pubes latley good luck to u. I see hairs growing yes and im not sure what uncut is lol im pretty dumb but i am american if that can tell u? or u can explain to me But yeah i been growing pube hairs

chad said on 06/28/07 @ 02:21 AM:
Hey but i hear when were 13 like end of year our dicks Grow alot more says like a cock can grow 4 inchs in a year so we have pleny of time Dude. Its not like im gettin laid anytime soon. anyones keep messegeing

chad said on 06/28/07 @ 02:21 AM:
ERR sorry for my bad grammar lol

luke said on 06/28/07 @ 06:20 PM:
chad, cut mean's; circumsized.

SMally said on 06/28/07 @ 09:13 PM:
my penis is like 2 inches flopy and almost 5 inches erect im not circumsized so do u think my penis will get bigger cuz my gf wants to have sex but if she sees it she will laugh...im 17

um..... said on 07/02/07 @ 05:58 PM:
SMally u have a myspace and belive me ur not small

Robbie said on 07/05/07 @ 10:24 PM:
i CANT help feeling depressed. Im 18 and I have a 6 inch penis... Its not even fat, its kinda skinny too. Ive had sex before, and I was comfortable with that person, but Im soo scared to do it with anyone else becuase of ridicule. Im going to college next year and I havent a clue what Im going to do- I wanna have sex, but I have zero confidence.

jessie said on 07/05/07 @ 10:53 PM:
i f--k black girls.i have a 4.5 inch dick nonereckted and 6.75 inchs on a bad night and 7.5 on a good night.thats good because i am 13.i won't to know dose beating it stop groth and i have a porn adchon and i smoke pot.lol can't spell.

j sparta said on 07/06/07 @ 10:56 AM:
i have a 4 in dick soft and 5.1 in when hard and im turning 16 soon. is my dick small for my age?

james said on 07/06/07 @ 10:49 PM:
hey im 16 and i am about 2inch normal and about 5inch erect and have a foreskin im gay and ive noticed that when i had a boyfriend who was cut he had a big cock and my other boyfriends who have forekskins where tiny amd this keeps occuring do 12-16 year olds with foreskins usually have small cocks

bchad said on 07/08/07 @ 06:16 PM:
i have a 2 inch penis when floppy and a 5 inch dick when erected! is that normal???

Tractor said on 07/09/07 @ 10:38 AM:
I am turning 16 october this year and I have a 6.7 inch cock when erect, I didn't bothered measuring when it's flaccid... ok, is it small?

james, accordingly to the european standards, is normal

FC said on 07/09/07 @ 12:49 PM:

um..... said on 07/09/07 @ 01:36 PM:
it normal for grown up but not 16 year old it'll grow

ramesh said on 07/10/07 @ 07:08 AM:
I am having 6.5" inches pein , my age 36 i feel while doing sex my partner requires bigger one than how to increse pein size and thick ness

fuck ma dick noobs said on 07/11/07 @ 04:12 PM:
im 14 i have pubes but ma dick is like a a 5 year old please i need some tips ho to get it bigger and i give me little brother a blowjob at night its so good when he cums all in ma mouth the tase the feel

fuck ma dick noobs said on 07/11/07 @ 04:18 PM:
im back wid your maw jessie i had your maw last night f--ked her that hard and she kept ma boxers i want them back or i get 999999 back from your maw jdfgheihguhudihuruuurgguvhndjhv

gd said on 07/11/07 @ 10:01 PM:
Hey f--k ma dick noobs. If you're f--kin 14 and you blow your little brother how old is He? What does his cum taste like?
If you're dick is like a 5 year old and you already got pubes your cock must be really really little how can you see it under all your pubes mother f--ker?
If you want your dick to get bigger wank off 5 times a day, and stretch out your uncut hood so it can at least look big.
Does your little brother have a bigger cock? Does he have pubes?

11 years old said on 07/14/07 @ 04:31 AM:
............. hey im 11 years old and i thnk my penis is tinny its like 1 1/4 and wen i am erect it about 2 1/4 big and i hav a gf and wen i get older i dont want here to think i have a tinny dick

11 years old said on 07/14/07 @ 04:38 AM:
hi i think my dick is small its like 1 /14 wen soft but like 2 1/4 wen im hard do u know how to make my dik bigger and i got curcumsized to

um..... said on 07/15/07 @ 08:44 AM:
ur 11
wat do u care

tommy said on 07/16/07 @ 11:45 AM:
you got SMALL DICKS HAHAHAHAHA, o god... jesus WHAHAHAHAHAHA ..... i have a 4 inch soft 7 erect and it does fine, no worries. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA small dicks. LOL WAHAHAHA

um..... said on 07/17/07 @ 08:33 AM:
tommy u really have no life do u most of us including me are under 13 so we really have are whole life ahead of us not u closing u life to days of death

jason said on 07/18/07 @ 04:48 PM:
Im 13 almost 14, i have like a 3.5 inch dick when errect and my height is 5.6-
5.7 is this normal?

hopefully... said on 07/19/07 @ 06:39 PM:
I'm 13, 14 in October. Erect i am 3". I was born premature and am small for my age. It's embarrassing at school 'cause when we have swimming we have to where speedo things. There's is this guy jimbo and i swear it's not funny he must have like a 5" flacid penis as well as a massive ball sack. Everyone kinda stays quite but he knows and just shows it off everywhere.
Am i thinking about this too much at my age?

13 year old said on 07/20/07 @ 12:04 PM:
umm well...il lyk 13 years old my voice hasnt deepend and lyk 1/5 inch penis when soft ,and lyk 2/14 when hard do you know what i could do to help it grow???plz

sebastian said on 07/22/07 @ 04:27 AM:
im 14, my cock is 7.5 inches errect, is that normal?

sebastian said on 07/22/07 @ 04:32 AM:
is that a good size? i have been told im really lucky.lol, how much bigger will it get?

um..... said on 07/22/07 @ 04:16 PM:
u are lucky it will grow much larger

small trucker said on 07/22/07 @ 09:25 PM:
im 13 all most 14 and i'm 2 inch erect and soft it goes in me and it sucks and i am in puberty i think.? so my q is will it get any bigger even a little>

small trucker said on 07/22/07 @ 09:29 PM:
also if it wont get bigger i need some tips o geting it bigger.
p.s do vackume hoses cout as a pump and will it help make mydick bigger?

sebastian said on 07/23/07 @ 03:04 AM:
i dont think a vaccume hose would help, but i dunno, ive neva tried it, i dont need to, ha.

small trucker said on 07/23/07 @ 11:05 AM:
to sebastian;
i hate pple like u. u are the kind of pple that make fun of the reast of us with small dicks like me and the rest of the pple on this site so just get your big dick and go to a diffrent board

small trucker said on 07/23/07 @ 11:06 AM:
to sebastian;
i hate pple like u. u are the kind of pple that make fun of the reast of us with small dicks like me and the rest of the pple on this site so just get your big dick and go to a diffrent board

ashtn apples said on 07/23/07 @ 12:49 PM:
hey gyes im 11 years old u gyes should not be ashamed of ur size because it isnot always going to be big hey u gyes god all made us different because he thote it would be all rite and it is ... hry all u gyes if u have a gf like i do then if she says ur tinny say ... i dont kare if u think im tinny because its the way i am thats the way i solvedmy probablem with my gf o ya im a lil bit yunger than u gyes so ya im gyes and im 11years old with a 1.5 inch penis soft and 2.5 hard so email me if u have any guesions.........

small said on 07/23/07 @ 02:34 PM:
im about 1inch flaccid, 3-3.5 when erect. I know that people have alot smaller dicks than me, and I shouldn't worry because I'm only 12. I have a couple pubic hairs, im non- curcimsized, and when I masterbate I barely even have my entire hand around it! Please give me some tips on how to make it bigger, other than pumps, surgery, pills or cream. Maybe excersises, please help...

smallywally said on 07/23/07 @ 04:29 PM:
hey small:
I'm 13 and I have a smaller dick than you. I'm just beginning to get pubes. You can barely see them. I'm Mexican with a tiny uncut dick. I jerk off with only 2 fingers and I barely just started to cum. Before i would cum dry. My dick would just start contracting like close to my asshole. It's hard to clean my knob because i have a lot of foreskin so my dick kind of stinks when it gets hard and its kind of tight still. Do you have that problem too. I have a 1/2 inch dick when soft and 2 1/2 inches when I got a boner. Try jerking off by rubbing your dick on pillow like your f--king it.
Where boxers not tight underwear so your dick can hang. Jerk off a lot it will stretch it. Let me know what you think dude.

boypussy said on 07/23/07 @ 04:40 PM:
Small trucker, Dude I thought I was the only guy with cock that disappears when its soft. I'm 15 and my dick is just not there under all my f--king pubes. My friends tell me they want to touch my pussy when we shower after P.E. I have a 1 1/2 dick when its hard. Just then head barely stick out. I'm more f--ked than you dude. I worry that I won't ever be able to f--k a girl. I don't even have to hold my dick when I piss. And its a f--kin mess when I sit to take a shit and have to piss. I live in Arkansas so I'm like f--kin white trash with a small cock. Dude I wish I could see your dick to compare it to mine. Later.

small said on 07/23/07 @ 05:43 PM:
damn, i was just reading up on some others peoples comments, looking at different websites ,etc. I realized that since I'm not curcumsized I have lots of foreskin, and I cant even pull it back over my knob!!! I barely even have a knob, its like a cm wider than my shaft!!! I dont even cum yet and my pubes are barely visible. Suggestions???????????

small trucker said on 07/23/07 @ 06:55 PM:
to small;
ya i do pray to the dick god for a bigger knob.
p.s think a vaccume hose will help me out by acting as a pump?

sebastian said on 07/23/07 @ 06:59 PM:
to small trucker. i found another chat room like this one, and someone said that they have tried a vaccume hose, it made it bigger, but hardly, and it was temprary. just thought id let you know. sorry i didnt get the website.

small said on 07/23/07 @ 07:25 PM:
thanks small trucker. I'm going to try some pe excersises, i'm sick of what i've got

Umm said on 07/24/07 @ 02:52 PM:
Hay im 14 an wen its soft its 3.9 inchs an wen hard it goes 2 5.9 is dis alryt for my age???

um..... said on 07/24/07 @ 06:52 PM:
don't use my name Umm

small trucker said on 07/24/07 @ 11:28 PM:
to sebastion; thanks for the tip and if you get the name of the website let me know ok

small trucker said on 07/24/07 @ 11:31 PM:
to umm;
ya thats an ok size at your age and it will most likely get bigger. bt 2.9 hard is a lot better then mine. mine is only 2 when hard. but if you get any tips on making your dick longer plez let me know i can se all the help i can get

13y/o said on 07/25/07 @ 04:08 AM:
Well Im 3 when soft and 4 when hard, is that okay, cuz Im gettin worried!

small trucker said on 07/25/07 @ 10:28 PM:
your better off then i am

matt said on 07/25/07 @ 10:44 PM:
I don't have this problem, and I can only imagine how brutal this shit is to your self confidence...but I have some words of advice for all of you.
Think about it: girls don't want to see your dick before they want to get sexual with you. work on your game first...don't let the physical stuff stop you from getting the girl you want. When a girl feels attracted to you, not much else matters to them. And I haven't heard of many girls that want to get rid of a selfless lover who has game.

I don't usually give props to people I don't know, but follow this link if you want to improve your game and confidence. This guy knows his shit ! before reading this, I had ZERO confidence with girls (and my dick is still larger than average)....and now -- well, i have no problems. reading this guys stuff is DEFINATELY worth your time !


craig rolls said on 07/26/07 @ 03:26 AM:
im 34 yrs old and my dick when hard is just under 5 n half inch long is that good or bad

sean said on 07/26/07 @ 10:47 PM:
Just look it up, dude. the North American average is 5 1/2 inches erect.

joe said on 07/28/07 @ 03:31 PM:
i am 15 and my knob is 4 and a half on flop is this normal?

mike said on 07/28/07 @ 04:39 PM:
Joe, I'm 15 too. My dick is only 1 inch when floppy and 3 inches when I got a hardon. Someone once told me if you got a lot of pubic hair your dick will look smaller and that uncut dicks look longer than cut (circumcised) dicks do. I'm uncut with a lot of pubes so it looks like I have a f--king little knob sticking out of my pubes. Are you cut dude? Do you have a lot of pubes? What up.

joe said on 07/29/07 @ 01:21 AM:
nah im nt cut up nd i av lodza pubz it mite jus b dat i aint finished growin yet init

just a girl with advice said on 07/29/07 @ 08:01 AM:
Hey Guys. Yall will probably think this is stupid.But if there is girls out there like me, then it wont matter what size you are. My boyfriend says ''I feel like im too small''. And like i tell him it doesnt matter what size your penis is, all i want is you. Cause if you are datin a girl, and she really loves you then you shouldnt have to worry about her sayin mean stuff. I would just explain to her first, your size and everything. And maybe she will understand. But if your just friends with benefits with some chick, and she likes guys for the size of their dicks, then she will probably be a bitch and say some mean stuff.


Vlady said on 07/29/07 @ 09:09 PM:
I am 45 and my penis when hard is less than 4". Plenty of advantages during oral sex by the way. Also I never had problems with any girl. Some of them admit that my penis is small but they still enjoy it. One adult woman noticed that her 14 yo son has bigger dick than mine. And this particular one had the most remarkable orgazm I ever remember. So guys - do not worry about size.

sweet dick willy said on 08/01/07 @ 03:37 AM:
i am 16 wit a 6 inches when soft and 8 when hard ladies love it to all the guys who arent happy get a serious stroke game and the gurls will love it

imcrazy said on 08/01/07 @ 10:15 PM:
why are you guys so worry about all that sizes of your penises man. if a girl is real then she wont care about your size forget them hypocrite type of girls. im 23 and i only got a 5 inch penis and i still get it on none of the girl i've been with care and i still able to make them cum

small trucker said on 08/02/07 @ 08:26 PM:
i know i havent been o in a few days but i have founnd i promising thig to help the chubby guys like me. for every 1 pud over wheight you are you lose 5 centemeaters off your knob so if your chubb and ggot a small dick lose some wheight ad it shuold help a little.
your small sized freind small trucker

cole said on 08/06/07 @ 08:07 AM:
try masturebating

Mark said on 08/08/07 @ 03:53 PM:
I am 48 with a 5 1/2 " X 4 1/2" circumference/ All my wifes previous lovers were bigger and she let me know it! She actually called me the little one for 3 or 4 months when I met her until I had the guts to ask her to stop it! We have now been married 22 years (unhappily). I wish that women would realize that guys need intimacy regardless of there size and there is ways around it(oral sex) Otherwise find the size you like and give us a break!

jayjay said on 08/10/07 @ 03:10 AM:
i am 12 years old almost 13 and i have a 5 inch when erect but about 2 inches soft. it is embarassing when you have to get changed in school but i read something on the internet that said if your penis is small soft then it will probably grow bigger than if a person has a big penis soft.

footballguy said on 08/10/07 @ 03:58 AM:
hey im 14 goin on 15 im 6 inches when hard and 2 or so when soft i've never even kissed a girl not that good around girls any tips??

chris said on 08/10/07 @ 08:02 PM:
hay all u people with small dicks its ok i had a 1in penis when i was ung but i thought nothing of it and ether should u, i had a 1in penis and now mine is 5 and i am only 15 and have time to grow so its ok no shame

small penis in pa said on 08/13/07 @ 10:28 PM:
hi i am 15 years old and my dick is about 1 inch soft and about 4.5 or so when erect and i am worried that if i have sex with my gf it will be really embarassing and then i wont know what to do after that and i dont want this to happen

mygfdont like it said on 08/17/07 @ 03:50 PM:
hey im 14 and my gf likes really big cocks when we had sex a few days ago she seemed upset. but i dont understand im 6 inch when erect which is the average size for my age lads. u all think u got problems but ive got a big dick and yet its not good enough. can sumone help

peewee4 said on 08/19/07 @ 06:39 AM:
hi im 28 and only have a 4inc cock when hard 1inc soft have only had 3 girlfriends and no one else knows how small i am

.. said on 08/19/07 @ 03:59 PM:
i have a 1 inch penis and its about 2half or 3 inches erect, when will i grow! (14)

The Guy said on 08/21/07 @ 12:04 AM:
Bahaha i laugh at the people who say "LOLZ MAH PENIZ IS LIEK 10" WEN SOFT AN 14" WHEN HARD HAHA SUXXORS FOR YOU GUYS" Because in reality, the largest recorded penis in history was about 13" when hard, and only about 1% of guys have penises 10" or larger, so dont listen to the dumb cunts who say that stupid shit.

phil said on 08/21/07 @ 08:32 PM:
i'm 13,
i am 2 in. floppy and 5 1/2 in. erect,
i think i am about normal.

and for those crazy nut jobs who want to commit suicide cuz they think they're too small, you are NUTS!!! god ending your own life cuz of your body part is smaller than evry1 elses isn't right! there are other things in life that you can enjoy that have nuthin to do with your penis

Artem said on 08/22/07 @ 11:02 AM:
im 13 and i have a 2 inch dick and 5 inch when erect. Will it ever grow?

cody said on 08/23/07 @ 12:03 AM:
Hey ARtem dude,
Im 13 too and I have a 1/2 inch dick soft and 2 inches erect. My dick still has not started to grow and I am beginning to get some fuzz on the top of my dick. I think my balls are getting bigger. At least you can see your 2 incher. You can barely see mine.

older man said on 08/24/07 @ 03:24 AM:
I am 63 years old and am still a virgin, I have lost hope. I have a micropenis and am confined to a wheelchair however my penis works. I have never even kissed a girl, I think you youngsters shouldn't be bragging about being big, it's really hurtful.

bhfnl bj[aefiojb said on 08/26/07 @ 01:12 PM:
i have a 3 1/2 floppy and 5 when hard i am 14 is that normal or on the smaller side?

Unsure said on 08/28/07 @ 04:52 AM:
hey, im 13, i get hard really easy even though i masturbate about once a day, my penis is about 5" flaccid and 9.5" erect, i know thats not small but im really hesitant to show it my friends, they talk about theres regularly and i know mines bigger, i know ive got about 3-4 years growing left so im quite astonished, but should i be embarrassed to talk about it with other people, all my friends say they have had bjs and stuff but i aint even got close, i know im young and i dont even want one but what should i say when they ask me how big is mine, ive avoided the question so far but i know its goin to happen, theres are about 5" ive heard them say, should i feel embarrassed, and too all you people that want answers, go on www.jackinworld.com or something like that and it tell you saverages, tips on masturbation, how often to do it and alot more, its quite helpful for people that arent in the know, hope i could be some assistance

thats www,jackinworld.com for all your "male" needs and questions

jord said on 08/29/07 @ 07:19 AM:
i have just turend 15 am my nob is 7inches is that good and does any girls want so of my meat

blinkman182 said on 08/30/07 @ 08:33 AM:
my penis is about 3.7 inches and is slighty bent down about 3.5 can i still give my gf pleasure

Chris said on 08/31/07 @ 04:03 PM:
GUYS!! Don't worry! When i was 12,13,14,15...i had a very small penis and hardly any pubes. I felt just like you do. But guess what....now its average length and width...don't worry about it, everyone is different and develops at different times.

race said on 09/07/07 @ 05:00 AM:
hey im 13 and mine is 1 inch floppy and 3 inch hard, im overweight, what can i do to make it bigger, lose weight?

anon said on 09/07/07 @ 04:16 PM:
my penis is 5 inches erect and i am 18 BUT when i had sex with my girlfriend she passed out lol so i think it is how u use it more than size so cheer up guys.

harris said on 09/08/07 @ 06:00 AM:
race mine is the same and im 14 xcept fr mine is 2inches floppy

jord said on 09/08/07 @ 06:02 AM:
im half i have a dick and i have big boobs but im 3stone underweight

Jord said on 09/09/07 @ 10:52 PM:
im 13 and have a 2 inch penis flappy and strong i have a 5 inch penis and overweight what should i do?

Jord said on 09/09/07 @ 11:10 PM:
i feel bad when i have sex with my gf cause shes loves dick in her vigina but i dont feel my dick is big enough its 21/2 flat 5 strong what can i do to make it bigger for her

Jay said on 09/09/07 @ 11:12 PM:
im fat overweight and have a 2 1/2 small and 4 strong what can i do to make it bigger??????????

amber said on 09/11/07 @ 01:58 PM:
im a shemale in i have a 9inch dick that sad u men an boys have small dick thats funny hahaha

amber said on 09/11/07 @ 02:01 PM:
im a shemale in i have a 9inch dick that sad u men an boys have small dick thats funny hahaha

shara said on 09/11/07 @ 06:49 PM:
u all need to get a life and not sweat the small stuff

eric said on 09/12/07 @ 09:33 PM:

-ok for all you people that are in the 14 age rang and below there is absolutely nothing to wrry bout. At that age i didnt have shit. now im 16 and reppin 7.5-8 and feelin in charge. it will grow. If u cant see a natural line down yur chest then u have many months of puberty to go whihc = many inches of growth ahead. Dont wrry for the older guys yo uhave alreayd passed the bad stage of highschool where girls pointed and laughed jsut afind a girl to fall in love with and they wont care what you have between your legs

mark said on 09/14/07 @ 08:28 PM:
That was some funny shit. To bad it's not true :D.

Seriously, I'm 16 and my penis is 3 to 4 to 5 inches soft, and 7 inches or more erect (hard). According to the experts, that's big enough. The normal is 5 1/2 inches erect for a 16 year old.



Yves Larock said on 09/15/07 @ 12:58 PM:
Hello there ... Well i don't wanna brag or something but my penis is 20 centimeters long when it's erect ... tough luck guys ... maybe next life A HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA HA

CURIOUS said on 09/15/07 @ 03:09 PM:
im 13 next month and have a 6 3/4 inch penis is it normal?

david said on 09/15/07 @ 10:14 PM:
im 12 turning 13 and my dick is 3 inches hard, and i dont hav hair on it yet, but lots of my friends already do. is this natural?and does masturbating make ur dick smaller or does it help it grow? please help me

ryan said on 09/16/07 @ 04:17 AM:
Hey david,
i just turned 13 and my dick gets 2 inches hard and only 1/2 inch floppy. I dont have pube hair on y my dick too my little brother who 11 already has hair on his dick and his balls and his dick is about 5 inches hard and 3 inches floppy.
when i jack off i can cum. my little brother jacks off a lot and i think thats why his dick is bigger. last month i couldnt even cum. it was just dry. can you cum yet? im afraid that when i grow hair on my dick you wont be able to see it. I hope both our dicks grow. I want mine to be f--kin 7 inches by the time im 15.

Someone said on 09/16/07 @ 07:37 AM:
i just turned twelve last month and my penis is 4 1/2 when erected. is that normal?

bob said on 09/16/07 @ 02:17 PM:
Well hold on lads , u have another 6-8 years for your buddy to grow, got to give it time like watering a flower ....

BIG COCK said on 09/16/07 @ 06:07 PM:
unlucky ladz buy ur self dem pumps,i was 7"erect am 10 n half close to 11" its worth a try

idk said on 09/16/07 @ 08:35 PM:
im 13 and im 5 3/4 inch is this big

Daniel said on 09/19/07 @ 07:02 PM:
Hey- All you who complain for havin 5inchers when ur 14, you should know that the average size for FULLY GROWN males is 5 and a half inches when hard. Also, most girls now actually WANT small dicks. I am 6 and a half inches, 14 years old, and I had one girl deny me blow job access because I was to big, which is really gay.
Also most girls (but mine) will blow you if you are already pantsless.

Daniel said on 09/19/07 @ 07:16 PM:
I recently got completely nude with a large group of people(mostly chicks) and everything was cool. I found that if yu are in touch with your body, and show it around, u r less shy. I always hav 2 get naked first, and some girls laugh, and some guys joke, but when everybodys nude, the tables turn. I love being nude around chicks.

Chris said on 09/20/07 @ 01:18 PM:
Hey guys ok I am 16 going on 17 my penis is 6 when Flacid , and 9 1/2 when Erect , and i can tell u all right now ITS NOT ALWAYS GOOD theres some girls i cannot have sex with and its dissapointing , i actuly ended a relationship latley cause i couldnt fit inside her, SO all u guys who are between 4 - 6 inches BE HAPPY ur AVERAGE and any of u who are like 13 yrs old and have a 3 inh penis by the time ur 18 u should gain a few more inches SO DONT WORRY

scott said on 09/20/07 @ 01:40 PM:
yooo boiz
i was ded worried bout da size of ma dick until i found out dat the avarage size was like 5 to 6 inches

now i feel great and its boosted ma confidence haha yee woop woop lol

unlucky if yam under average tho boiz!!

BlackDaddy said on 09/20/07 @ 09:15 PM:
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP A BROTHER OUT! My dick is like hellah small and shit. The myth about blacks having big dicks, is FALSE!! I have a flaccid ass cock 24/7. it takes me 30 minutes of playin with my cock in front of some crazy ass porn to even get a boner. when i do get a hard on its like 1.5 inches long. I have a big ass dangly foreskin. after about an hour of wackin off i finally jizz then i can store it inside my foreskin for later. why am i such a nigga ass pussy and y is my cock so small! help a brother out!

jub jub said on 09/21/07 @ 10:15 PM:
in 13 years old and have a penis and it is spliting a new one off the base should i be worried? i latley have had to use both hands to masturbate and im afraid to tell my mommy and my gf ps please help pm i am of swedish orogin does this effect my genitalia?

jub jub said on 09/21/07 @ 10:17 PM:
in 13 years old and have a penis and it is spliting a new one off the base should i be worried? i latley have had to use both hands to masturbate and im afraid to tell my mommy and my gf ps please help pm i am of swedish orogin does this effect my genitalia?

unkown said on 09/22/07 @ 01:48 PM:
I'm 15 and I have a 6 1/2in on hard. it doesn't mader how big you are jus if you know what your doing. and ever one that says there 12-16 with a 8in-11in is lying it not naturely posible.

unkown said on 09/22/07 @ 01:50 PM:
I'm 15 and I have a 6 1/2in on hard. it doesn't mader how big you are. just if you know what your doing. and ever one that says there 12-16 with a 8in-11in is lying it not naturely posible.

ron said on 09/22/07 @ 11:32 PM:
im 13 my penis is 1 inch big with erect. 3 inch

akk said on 09/24/07 @ 11:44 AM:
sm fukng people r talkin abt inches as if its cm! 7'' too smal? my foot! ur too imature guys.am 19 n i im 6''(16cm) lng n i dnt hav a singl prob wiv at.my gal is very hapi.u fools.

jowjoe said on 09/25/07 @ 08:06 PM:
i have no penis bitches, and i still get pussy hahaha

Nameless One said on 09/26/07 @ 05:37 AM:
Is 5 1/2 " small ?

noname foos said on 09/26/07 @ 01:29 PM:
I'm 13 and im 6 inches erect. lol

seriously, i think a lot of people on here are lying.

the ou said on 09/27/07 @ 02:06 AM:
i'm 17 i have a little remis 0.33 inch soft and 3.23 hard, i have a little bit of hair and my voice hasn't broke yet. my younger brother,11 nearly 12, his dick is 4 inch soft and 6.7 long, and he is so hairy and his voice is deeper then mine, he always teases me and my gf wants a 3sim, why does my life suck?

the ou said on 09/27/07 @ 02:08 AM:
i'm 17 i have a little remis 0.33 inch soft and 3.23 hard, i have a little bit of hair and my voice hasn't broke yet. my younger brother,11 nearly 12, his dick is 4 inch soft and 6.7 long, and he is so hairy and his voice is deeper then mine, he always teases me and my gf wants a 3sim, why does my life suck?

Nameless One said on 09/27/07 @ 07:27 AM:
remis means penis, sorry

teen king said on 09/27/07 @ 10:27 AM:
my dick is 4inch hard and 1/2 inch soft

jason said on 09/27/07 @ 02:30 PM:
i'm 16 i haven't even hit puberty properly, i have a little bit of hair on my little balls, my dick is just skin when soft and maybe 1 inch long when i'm hard and at school they tease me wen when we change and shower,a girl asked to see it once and i was shy so when i showed her, it went far back in and it was like a hole , the really bad thing is my 11 years old cousin has got pubes around his dick already and his dick is 4 inches long when its soft and 6 inches wen its hard, he wanks with his whole hand and i just use 2 fingers, i wank a lot but so does he, why is mine so small?? and will a girl ever like me?

jose15 said on 09/27/07 @ 05:12 PM:
im 15 and my dick is 1 inch when soft and 3 inch when hard and it only last like 20 seconds when wanking off. i hit pubery already and it has some hairs on it and im too shy to even ask a girl out. im 30 pounds over wieght and i searched the internet and it said your dick gets bigger when you excersise and loose weight. i tried it, lost 15 pounds off my belly and nothing no progress :( is there any excerises i can do to my dick to make it at least 2 to 3 unches bigger? please help me!! im too scared to even talk to a girl!!

scared said on 09/28/07 @ 06:05 AM:
im scared to even to to a girl, if its two and im wiv sum mates then ye im ok but if its just me i kinda shlump down and go quite.............i dont have a girl friend for reasons i just stated and i got a 6'' erect and about 4.5'' on the flop im pretty sure its about an average size.........right?

scared said on 09/28/07 @ 06:10 AM:
im scared to even talk to a girl, if its two and im wiv sum mates then ye im ok but if its just me i kinda shlump down and go quite.............i dont have a girl friend for reasons i just stated and i got a 6'' erect and about 4.5'' on the flop im pretty sure its about an average size.........right?

oh and im 15........IM LAME

scared said on 09/28/07 @ 06:11 AM:
im scared to even talk to a girl, if its two and im wiv sum mates then ye im ok but if its just me i kinda shlump down and go quite.............i dont have a girl friend for reasons i just stated and i got a 6'' erect and about 4.5'' on the flop im pretty sure its about an average size.........right?

oh and im 15........IM LAME

unlucky gal said on 09/28/07 @ 06:18 AM:
hey guys don't worry about your size, if you good with your hands. don't worry about your puberty as a girl i hit puberty late aswel i got my first period at 14 and i have a younger who got hers at 10, she is 13 now and i'm 16, as you can see she got hers befor me, yikes!!, my mom was worried, but she D cup bra's and i'm an A cup, so puberty can hit ppl at different times, anyway do guy like bigger breasts?

Buddy said on 09/28/07 @ 04:17 PM:
Unlucky gal do not worry about your breast size, my girlfriend is a B cup and I think she is beautiful. I have never been that into big breasts and i think most guys are the same, granted I don't mind them... but it really does not matter. As for my penis size I am about 3 inches soft and 7.5 hard, I have never liked how small it is when soft but you get over these things.

scared said on 09/28/07 @ 04:31 PM:
well it deppens on what yer gunna do wiv em.....ye i prefer big breast but if i fall in love wiv sum1 hoo has small breasts then i dont care care.....

big pinis! ha said on 09/28/07 @ 04:55 PM:
i an 13 and i wank 2wice a day & my pinis is betting even bigger than it ever was!

Matt said on 09/28/07 @ 07:43 PM:
i found out today that an 11 year old has a bigger penis than me. i'm 14.

trobo said on 09/28/07 @ 10:52 PM:
I,m a 55 old man with a cock only 2 inch.

random said on 09/29/07 @ 10:34 AM:
my penis is 5 inchs soft and 6 like inbetwine hard and soft and when hard i am 7inchs i want to no if that is normal for a 14 year old because my gf now thinks its normal but my last gf said it was monstor i dont know what oe to belive can someone plz help me

sad dad said on 09/29/07 @ 01:08 PM:
you people think you have it bad, i'm 37 and i have a foreskin when soft and 1/2 an inch hard. my wife and i have tried to have sex a few times but it just ended being oral, i knew my wife since she was 10 she is 33 now, we had to adopt a child and that is where the big problem has come in, he is 14 and is so much bigger then i am he is 5 inches soft and 9 inches hard, and i think my wife is now attracted to him because she always brings him dry towels when he showers and she is the one who told me about his size, how would she know the hard size??, i understand why she would go for him, am i that useless?

waynos said on 09/29/07 @ 01:54 PM:
im 6 inch full n 4 not is dat ok?

Matt said on 09/29/07 @ 04:31 PM:
i found out yesturday that a 11 year old was bigger than me. i'm 14.

Jose said on 09/30/07 @ 10:34 PM:
Hey Matt, im 13 too. My dick is 1 inch soft and 3 inches hard. My cousin is 10 years old and his dick is 4 inches soft and 6 1/2 inches hard. He already has a pubes growing around his dick. I barely started growing a little bit of hair on top of my dick. Plus his balls look bigger than mine. He teases me because he can barely see my my litttle knob and his dick is longer. How big is yours? Do have a lot of dick hair or butt hair?

zac said on 10/01/07 @ 07:32 AM:
Im 13 and i hav a 6 inch dick. is that good? plss answer

Matt said on 10/01/07 @ 04:42 PM:
i'm 14 lol. well mine is 3 soft and 6 hard. i got a lot of hair around penis and butt.

Matt said on 10/01/07 @ 05:25 PM:
and my little brother has a bigger penis than me too. hes 11 and got a penis that i would say is about a little over 7 aand a half inchs long erect. big for a 11 year old, huh. he walked in on me going to the bathroom and ever since hes been teases me about it.

Brayden said on 10/02/07 @ 03:12 PM:
i have a 2.8 inch wehn erect and its under an inch when soft. 14

Trevor said on 10/02/07 @ 04:24 PM:
my penis is 3 1/4 inches erect and 2 inches soft is this bad?

Matt said on 10/02/07 @ 05:12 PM:
hey joes i'm 14 lol. well my dick is 3 soft and 6 hard. i have a lot of hair in both places.

Matt said on 10/03/07 @ 05:28 PM:
and i havent met someone (in person) with a smaller dick than me yet. everyone i know is bigger.

scared said on 10/08/07 @ 11:32 AM:
wtf ma penis just grew from 6 inches erect to 7 inches in bout 4 days AHHHH!!!!!

david said on 10/08/07 @ 03:20 PM:
i am 29 years old my penis is 4 inch erect and normal width anyone over 5 inches is lucky

unknown said on 10/09/07 @ 08:12 AM:
well my dicc iz 11 inches nd i g3t pussy

unknown said on 10/09/07 @ 08:19 AM:
girlz luv3 my dicc cuz i can lazt 5 hourz wit it hahahahahhahahahhahahaha small diccz hahahahhahahahah

mr.watkins said on 10/09/07 @ 08:26 AM:
im a computer teacher at carson high and my dicc is 1 inche i need help p.s. i have blue balls

tyler said on 10/09/07 @ 01:02 PM:
hey i have a small cock when not horney but when i am mii cock gets bigger and i want ppl to add me thanks at ( pootlass@hotmail.com ) ok i want to talk to ppl with the same problem i have ok

tyler said on 10/09/07 @ 01:05 PM:
and mii dick is really hairy all over and it is hard to show ppl and i want to have sex sometime but i wish it would be l8er or soon i am 14 and i want girls to be pleased of my dick well e-mail me ok bye

rodman said on 10/09/07 @ 08:53 PM:
my dick is

scott said on 10/11/07 @ 07:59 AM:
it's been scientifically proven that 100% of males with 8" and larger penis's are gay. some just live a staright life and overcompensate by bragging about themselves.

some even convince themselves that they're straight but will eventually turn to other men.

so women, please keep this in mind and remember - if he's bragging about how big it is, he will leave you for a man after he shows you off to convince his friends/family that he's not gay.

brasillian said on 10/16/07 @ 04:56 AM:
my penis 3 inches flacid e erect 5.1/4

colin said on 10/18/07 @ 08:07 PM:
im 11 and haf a 3.7 inch dick wen hard...is that okay?

tyler said on 10/19/07 @ 08:35 PM:
Hey anyone out there. Tyler here. I'm 15 and my dick is like so tiny dudes. I think its about 1/2 inch with a tiny little head hiding under my smelly foreskin I hate my f--kin pecker. Its 3 inches hard and I can't even jack off good with my hand. Us white boys in Arkansas are cursed dude. Anyone from Arkansas out there with a bigger dick? Talk to me. I need to know theres hope. I'm jealous of all you all black bros out there. my black friend saw my dick when i came out of the shower and he said Hey tyler where the f--k is your dick all you have is bush.

ash2005005 said on 10/23/07 @ 03:50 PM:
hey guys I am 11 female and an1 here that says they have a small dick is just feeling sorry for themselves. My bf has a 1'' when erect. I love small dicks! PS: it is how you use it that counts.

Ted said on 10/24/07 @ 06:32 AM:
Your penis isnt too small, her vagina and mouth is too big. = D

releived ty said on 10/24/07 @ 09:38 PM:
5 and a half / this site raised my self esteem im 15 btw

sum1 said on 10/25/07 @ 01:00 AM:
im 14 and have a 5.1 inch penis wen erect

hoppy said on 10/25/07 @ 05:07 PM:
i am a 14 year old male and i have a 6 and half inche cock and you all have smaller dicks than me aint all u ashammed now

hahahaha said on 10/25/07 @ 05:10 PM:
u all have little penis's and most of you are much older than me haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mine is 7 inches and i'm 13

hahahaha said on 10/25/07 @ 05:14 PM:
that sayin its how you use it is true but you still need something thier too use other wise thiers no point 1 inche ent gnu make you scream is it love where as a 7 inche 13 yr old would

=( said on 10/26/07 @ 10:46 AM:
im 15 and my penis is 1 1/2 inch soft and when fully erect its 5 inches is that small??

sean said on 10/27/07 @ 10:40 AM:
i'm 16, my dick is 1.4 inches when soft and 3.4 when hard. my gf left me last year about 2 weeks after we tried to have sex, we didn't do it cause i get a condom on properly, she said she left because things ''weren't working out''. she is with my mate now and he tell me all these stories about her and how he f--ked her against the wall and she swallows. she phoned me the one night telling me the truth why she broke up with me and it was my little penis that wasn't gonna satisfy her and she was saying how happy she was that my mate has a huge dick and that she found out that my dick was actually smaller then her little brother... i just called her a bitch and hung up the phone, she told my mate who now teases me everyday about my lil penis... my life is so f--ked!

Kyle said on 10/28/07 @ 07:38 PM:
I have a 3 inch soft and i 4.5 inch hard. im 14. i want to know if its going to get bigger? its hard to shower at school in front of the other guys. theres this other kid who has like a 9 inch soft and like a 11 ich hard, its hard cuz hes always showing it off to us and it really sucks. i just want to no if mine is going to get any bigger?

daniel said on 10/30/07 @ 01:53 PM:
if you want a few inches added on then just trim your bush lol and lose some weight and exercise more it worked for me keep track of your size and you will see

daniel said on 10/30/07 @ 01:59 PM:
if you carnt use your dick then use your hands girls love it

Gage said on 10/31/07 @ 10:07 AM:
Im 12 and my Dick is 1.5 flopy and 4.5-7 Hard =[[[[[

Luke said on 11/02/07 @ 03:06 AM:
I,m 15 and i have a smaller dick than the average size. my dick is 4inch floppy and 5.5inch hard. Iahve lods of pubic hairs around my dick and balls.

how do you get you dick bigger because i now people wih huge cocks.

Luke said on 11/02/07 @ 05:20 AM:
I,m 15 and i am wondering if girls only like big knobs because mine is not that big. It is 4inch floppy and 5.5inch hard.

How do you turn on a girl with only a small penis. My mates penis is smalller than mine and he has a gf.

Luke said on 11/02/07 @ 08:18 AM:
I'm 15, if my dick is 4inch floppy and 5.5inch hard, what size would it be when i am 18 years old.

Do girls mainly like big cocks or do some like smaller than average sized cocks.

How do you get girls to appreciate your cock when they think it is huge but it aint.

Nameless One said on 11/02/07 @ 09:31 AM:
my dick is 8 in. hard.... 4.5 in soft... i think thats at least average

Luke said on 11/02/07 @ 12:50 PM:
Nameless one:

Thank you for the e-mail, My dick is not as quite as big as yours, I am 15.

How do you make it bigger?

? said on 11/03/07 @ 08:19 PM:
I Am 13 and have a 3 inch penis flopy,
and a 6 inch erect.
is this normal?

someone said on 11/04/07 @ 11:49 PM:
im 16.. 3 inches not hard 5,5 erected.. im worried

josh said on 11/05/07 @ 03:11 PM:
Am 19 n my piens is 7.5'' am gona be a pornstar

zarf said on 11/06/07 @ 11:39 AM:
hey guys I;m 21 and quite small too.
Anyone interested in picture trading, just so that we can compare??

email me zubairarfeen@yahoo.com

SAD said on 11/06/07 @ 06:08 PM:
Im a pussy, born with no dick its sad, i cant get a girl and i am fat too.

SAD said on 11/06/07 @ 06:09 PM:

Small Dick said on 11/06/07 @ 06:13 PM:
I have no dick and I'm a guy and my name is Tyler. HELP!

SOULJA said on 11/06/07 @ 06:22 PM:

LOL FOR GUYS WITH SMALL DICKS said on 11/06/07 @ 06:23 PM:

Fuck YOUUU said on 11/06/07 @ 06:25 PM:

man i got this new dance for yall called the soulja boy said on 11/06/07 @ 06:42 PM:

man i got this new dance for yall called the soulja boy said on 11/06/07 @ 07:05 PM:

random said on 11/07/07 @ 02:04 AM:
im 16 and 6.2 inches, but im still growing

Speeche said on 11/07/07 @ 07:09 AM:
Dunno how many of your are being sarcastic but your john thomas will grow, mine grew to 9 inches erect at 19 before it was 7and a half at 16 it was abut 6 inches.

fuck it right? said on 11/07/07 @ 10:51 PM:
checc it. I think I'm roughly around 5 inches hard and 2 1/2 inches floppy.I'm circumsiZed.I became embarrased at first but the honest truth i that its all on how you use it man.Idk if there's any help for me so it can grow with out awful side effects(if using pills).but to everybody that want a bigger healthy penis.tlk to your doc.
I consider myself a small dude but to this day I've never gotten a complaint from a girl about my penis.=]
I'm telling you its how you use it..
work it baybay.

fred said on 11/10/07 @ 12:35 AM:
my penis is 6in soft and 10.75in hard is it a good size

Samm said on 11/12/07 @ 11:35 PM:
im 20 and when errect im 10inchs so such to all u lil ones yeha

david said on 11/13/07 @ 03:18 PM:
wen i was 11 i had a 4 inch hard im 16 now i have a 12

Likestobesmall said on 11/15/07 @ 02:15 PM:
I'm 11 and I have a dick that is about a 1/2 inch small and an inch big. I'm also gay and if anyone upto 15yrs old wants to have sex I am very willing. Just text me at 1-440-622-4307 and tell me where to meet you and what we will do. I will do anything. Please I am desprate for sex!!!!

Brotha D. said on 11/16/07 @ 06:49 PM:

Uh this is f--ked up, seriously, this thread needs some help, so brotha D's comin in.
To those who have a small Schwing-schwonG
Brotha D. Says: Why do you worry about small penis? O, i know why you worry about penis, you worry about penis because other men, with bigga penis, make you jealous. Jealousy leads to low self-esteem and no confidence whatsoever. You kno wa? To da people dat be braggin bout dey sizes, like "oh! i gots a 24,000,000 inch dick!" you cant even fit that ting in dear! WE'RE TRYIN' TO PLEASE THE WOMAN, NOT RIP HER OPEN AND HURT HER! Jesus Christ?!?!? When is everyone GOIN TO f--kING GET IT? STOP WORRYIN' ABOUT YO SIZE! TO THE HATERS THAT BE BRAGGIN BOUT' THEIR BIG-ASS DICK, TRY FITTING IT IN WITHOUT HURTIN' DEY ASSES! Whetha yo .5 inches erect, or 500,000,000 inches erect, it's all about the same thing: pleasin' the woman. And hey, if you don't end up pleasin the woman wich yo ding-a-ling, use your other ding-a-ling, the one in yo mouth! Good meow-licking takes practice, but can sure make up for not pleasin' the woman!
For all da mens out there:
Life isn't about sex, and about pleasing the woman. It's about having a strong relationship, a good life, and not neccesarily having sex. let me repeat that: YOU CAN HAVE A GREAT RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT HAVING SEX, and if you don't think that is true, you ain't nothin but a cheuvanistic bastard who only thinks of women is a piece of meat! What about their personality, their inside, not their genitalia!

I really hope this helps all of you out there because this thread is startin' to depress Brotha D.
PPS. To all the children out their, whether your 10, to even 15, you need to really stop worrying about your sizes; your hormones are raging and so are Brotha D's, he's 14. Whether you're huge or small, yo schwing-scwong's gonna grow some day.




tyler said on 11/16/07 @ 11:28 PM:
im 12 and my dick is real little still. you can only see the head. i think its 1/2 floppy and when i get a boner it gets about 3inches. i dont have any hair on my dick or balls yet, but my cousin who is 10 already has hair down there and his dick flops around but mine doesn't. Is there someone who is 12 who doesn't have pube hair yet and has a little knob too. its embarasing. My best friend who is 14 has a small dick too. you cant even see his dick because its hidden under his dick hairs.

lil sluga said on 11/19/07 @ 07:04 AM:
ok my penis is 3 inches unerect and 5 inches errect i also masterbate heavily and i am 13 years old i wana no is 5 inches small and wen am i going to get bigger.

lil sluga said on 11/19/07 @ 07:42 AM:
wat unknown sed about some 11-1 year olds not being able to have huge dicks is a lie my frend kept talkin bout his dik size one day and he just whipped it out he was atleast 10 inches and he was on floppy at only da age of 14!!!!!!!!!!

tru goon said on 11/19/07 @ 04:38 PM:
Yo I thought my dick was small but dis one girl wass sucking my dick n den I started tittie fuking her nasty lyk omg I was jus goin up n down I cummedd alll overrr her mouht n shyt but den she wasss lyk it soo big n shit I was lyk wow n den I stuck my dick in her pussy n it started hurting her so she started sucking my dick again so u kno wat dat means guyss I GOT A BIG DICK!!!!

Steve said on 11/19/07 @ 07:20 PM:
I love boys with small dicks!! There are actually girlz and guyz out there who prefer a smaller penis size. So, don't be beatin' yourselves up about it. You are who you are......don't be embarassed !!!

Take care and peace out !!!!

Stephen K said on 11/20/07 @ 07:35 PM:
I'm 2.7 inches when erect and I get called Tater Tot at school by girls. :\

Stephen K said on 11/20/07 @ 07:37 PM:
Oh and i'm 15

marky said on 11/20/07 @ 11:27 PM:
Hey Stephen K Dude i just turned 16 and my big toe is bigger than my dick. its about 2 inches when im hard and 1/2 inch soft. So quit f--kin crying. Even my dick head is tiny. It just stick out of my blond pubes. I think white dudes are f--king cursed or something. I even have trouble holding my dick when I have to piss. It feels like im holding a pimple. Sad redneck in Arkansas.

Kyle said on 11/23/07 @ 08:54 PM:
i have i 3 in. soft and a 5 in. hard. theres this kid im my class i lost i bet to so i had to suck his dick. and when he pulled it out it had to be at least 8 in. soft and 11 in. hard. it made me feel really small. but after that i had sex with him and his boyfriend (at the same time =] )

so will mine get any bigger???

ps. the sex was really good!!!!

Damallsboy said on 11/23/07 @ 11:21 PM:
When i was 11years old mine was 3 inches hard and when my parents went out i would stick it in the vacume cleaner untill i cum...then within a year it grew to 6.5 inches and wouldnt fit in the vacume anymore...thats when i really discovered jacking off...

david said on 11/24/07 @ 05:33 PM:
my dick is 4 inches soft and 6 inches hard is that small for a 12 year old turning 13 december 27

hehehehe said on 11/24/07 @ 06:59 PM:
wtf u gay ppl fukin hell growing up is a part of life if ur all upset tel ur doctor lol hahahahaha small boy's hehehehe myn iz 5 on flop and 6an a half on hard so fuk u

Nameless One said on 11/27/07 @ 05:50 PM:
im a girl n my dick is 6.5''

bahaha said on 11/29/07 @ 12:34 AM:
WOW losers im 24 inches and i skeet everyone bahahaha

Melanie said on 11/30/07 @ 07:16 PM:
Skip the truck if you have a small one, guys.

Instead, invest in some frilly little panties and have your name legally changed to Susan or something.

If you have a small penis, you aren't really a man.

I know that isn't a popular sentiment in this BS era of "size doesn't matter", but those with small tools are the butts of a million small wang jokes between girlfriends.

Get big or get gone!


fg said on 12/02/07 @ 02:20 PM:
f--k u all

guy said on 12/02/07 @ 09:51 PM:
hey im 12 and my dickis about 1cm im embarraseed is it normal my cousin has a huge cock about 14 in and hes 13 he talks all about it what should i do about my dick im so ashamed of my cock help me when will it get bigger

stoner said on 12/03/07 @ 09:49 AM:
ya i have a small one 2 dont worry its 2 inches hard but this faggot i know frankie has a 2.7 cm one

bud said on 12/03/07 @ 09:51 AM:
well im 12 yrs old and i have a 6.33 in erection nd im asian so every1 stop hatin on asians u small dick fagots

frankie said on 12/03/07 @ 10:04 AM:
ya i have a 5.5 im 15

Zach said on 12/04/07 @ 09:12 PM:

jami said on 12/07/07 @ 05:04 AM:
My penis is very soft and nat strong plz help

zarf said on 12/09/07 @ 01:41 PM:
hi, i'm posting again. I'm 21 and am like almost 1 in soft and 2.75 inch hard. I was thinking maybe if anyone would like to compare sizes, send me your pic at zubairarfeen@yahoo.com and I would send mine as well.

chris said on 12/14/07 @ 10:07 PM:
my penis is 4 and a half long wen erect is that small can u please help me

chris said on 12/14/07 @ 10:08 PM:
and im 15

chris said on 12/14/07 @ 10:09 PM:
and my penis is 4 and a half erect is that big

cory said on 12/15/07 @ 12:06 AM:
im 17 my dick is f--king 2 inches hard and 1/2 inch soft. Im on the wrestling team and the other dudes in the locker room have big f--king weiners and they are f--king freshmen only about 3 dudes, white boys like me have tiny cocks. my little uncut dick just barely pokes out of my black pubes in the showers. dude, where's my dick?
Anybody out there with the same problem? Talk to me How can I get it bigger?

matt said on 12/15/07 @ 08:32 AM:
Im 12 years old and my penis is 4 inches normal and 5 inchs when i have boner

mick jagger said on 12/16/07 @ 11:56 AM:
my penis is 3 inches floppy and 6.5 inches erect. Iam 15 years old, is this a good size?

martin james frm NN,VA said on 12/16/07 @ 04:08 PM:
i am 15 in the 8th grde and i have 3cm dick when hard.in the showers after gym on the first day of school(my new school) i waz beat up because my penis head barely showed.my pubes covers my dick.it looks like i have a vagina.true story. but plz dnt laff.......................................................................

a person said on 12/16/07 @ 08:32 PM:
Im 13 with a 1/2 inch penis 3 when Hard is that healthy i don't have any pubes

mike said on 12/17/07 @ 10:30 AM:
im 15 1/2 years old. i have about 6.5 in penis hard. guys who are 13 years old or less calm down about having a small dick. Mine was kind of small 3-4 inches. then in 8th grade-9th grade it started to grow alot more. also i live in miami where a 6inchdick or less would probably be small. my cuban friend who is a year younger has an 8inch cock. alot of kids in 8th garde to highschool have 5-10inch cocks. so im on the low side where i live. best size is like 7-8.5 inches.

small dik said on 12/18/07 @ 09:45 AM:

Mick said on 12/19/07 @ 03:41 PM:
My cock is 8 n 1/2 inches when im erect ans im 14 years old is this small or big for my age because im not sure

david bitches said on 12/20/07 @ 12:49 AM:
iM 13 Nd My DiCk CoUlD hIt 10in!!!!

anonymous said on 12/20/07 @ 05:36 PM:
I am 17 and I have a 3 inch penis flaccid, and about 7 inch erect. It is very odd.

mister6er said on 12/21/07 @ 06:37 PM:
hey guys im 14 and i have a 6 inch penis when erect, is that normal? and will it grow more?

Adam said on 12/22/07 @ 05:38 AM:
mike i also live in miami,,, my penis is 1 inch soft and 3 inches hard and im 13... WTF

me said on 12/22/07 @ 08:37 PM:
im 15, no pubes
and my dick is only like 2 inches soft and 5 inches hard, since i have no pubes will it grow?

???? said on 12/23/07 @ 04:02 PM:
I am virgin 20 years old and have a 6'' erected penis... s--t!

oh boys said on 12/27/07 @ 01:26 AM:
i have a small 5 inch dick and have f--ked 4 girls and they all loved it just maters how you use your cock not size

guy again said on 12/28/07 @ 03:49 PM:
so sad

guy again said on 12/28/07 @ 03:50 PM:
my penis is still freaking small

av dick said on 12/28/07 @ 07:01 PM:
im14 and my dick is about 7 inches

av dick said on 12/28/07 @ 07:04 PM:
if anyone wants to no how do enlarge their dick go to www.pimpmysize.com it realy works

JakeBlad said on 12/30/07 @ 04:30 PM:
guys im 15 n my dicks 9.5 inches flaccid 15.5 erect... thats one hell of a dick ;) and im only a 6'01 white male

JakeBlad said on 12/30/07 @ 04:31 PM:
guys im 15 n my dicks 9.5 inches flaccid 15.5 erect... thats one hell of a dick ;) and im only a 6'01 white male

JakeBlad said on 12/30/07 @ 04:33 PM:
guys im 15 n my dicks 9.5 inches flaccid 15.5 erect... thats one hell of a dick ;) and im only a 6'01 white male

JakeBlad said on 12/30/07 @ 04:37 PM:
even tho my dick is big, its not how big it is wen u fuk girls, just as long as u do it right.. i f--ked loads of girls n they loved it maytee ;)

JakeBlad said on 12/30/07 @ 04:49 PM:
luks lyk i got it rong its 16.5 inches erect

JakeBlad said on 12/30/07 @ 04:56 PM:
as long as u can get ur penis to 2 - 3 inches flaccid or erect because thats where the most pleasureable place is in the pussy for a woman

EnglishBoyz said on 12/30/07 @ 05:09 PM:
dude im 12 n i live in england, my dick is 3 inches flaccid n 4 inches erect, this is pretty good for my age

EnglishBoyz said on 12/30/07 @ 05:15 PM:
wait now its 4 and a half inches errect

J.Shaw said on 12/30/07 @ 05:30 PM:
dude right the normal size or a adult is 5 - 6 inches, im 3 inches flaccid and 4 n a half inches errect, wen ur just goin on 13, for me its june, itll be growing bigger coz thats the timw when it always rows, im just happ coz im 6 years off being a proper adult n im nearly 4 and a half inches flacid and 6 inches errect, dude im nearly 13 and i have the size a adult shud have, PRAISE THE LORD!!

soz fo them boiz under normal

J.Shaw said on 12/30/07 @ 05:44 PM:
no wait its 5inches flaccid (soft) and just over 7inches erect.. for a 12 year old goin onto 13 in junes, thats pretty good

blah said on 12/30/07 @ 09:43 PM:
ok hmm 2 all u 12-13 year olds complaining about having a 4-5 inch and it being 2 small u suck guys stop growing when theyre 21 ull be fine unless u have some messed up genetic crap and even then theres always drugs :/ even tho im insanely embarrased about mine reading some of these comments cheered me up a little but where i live theres no girls who like you for you there all sluts atleast the ones ive met im really bad with girls my friends think im gay because ive never even had a gf tho they dont know that and if i did i would never be able 2 do nething with her im 2 insecure and my friends are assholes about it they keep trying 2 set me up with girls but i dont want them 2 cuz of my dick i was gonna go 2 a party today but i probly wouldve just been standing in the corner not talking 2 ne1 and my friends would get pissed at me and i could go on for a while but i had a question soo ill ask it even tho im pretty sure it wont get answered

i ejaculate reeeeaaaallllly easy soo im afraid that ill be doing nething ill ejaculate and lose my erection in the middle of wtv im doing displeasing her and humiliating me is there ne way 2 make my erection last long without the use of drugs and 2 not ejaculate so quickly?

Funfact: if your ever on ecstasy do not jerk off i have a friend who did and now he is impotent.. better yet just dont do ecstasy ever :/ weed is fine tho why not :/

also im 15 dunno how long mine is but it looks pretty damn small i might measure when im 21 but till then ill probly never come back 2 this site except 2 read ne possible responses :/

22 year old virgin said on 12/31/07 @ 12:16 PM:
ok i'm 22 yrs old and im a virgin because i have always been afraid to show a girl my penis because i think its small.i am 4 inches when my penis is flaccid (soft) and 7 inches when its erect (hard). AM I SMALL? i guess what i am really asking is does it goes by what size you are when its flaccid or when its erect?

J.Shaw said on 12/31/07 @ 02:22 PM:
ite guys im average now but i still got like 9 years b4 it stops growin n im like 5 flaccid 7 erect, its mostly. and its true, if u jack off more u increase the size of your penis like 0.8% after about 5 minutes so like after 20 mins u cud have made ur dick like 2.5% more bigger, so my help is:

JACK OFF ALOT MORE URLL GET A BIGGER PENIS! also, lose weight eat healthy and keep your size it helps your penis grow, i do all of them thats y for a 12 year old myn is 5 and a half flacid, n bout 7.5 half erect

Higly said on 12/31/07 @ 05:52 PM:
omfg im 12 i have like 1 and a half inch normal n about 4 inch erect but my penis is like half a inch fat what am i supposed to do!?

Ight said on 12/31/07 @ 06:13 PM:
im 12 and i have like a 2 and a half inch floppy, and about 4 and 3/4 inches erect, is this okay for my age?

sean cooper said on 01/05/08 @ 05:24 PM:
you lot have tiny dicks im nearly 14 n i have a 6 inch penis flat and 9 inch erect.

advice123 said on 01/05/08 @ 06:28 PM:
ok to the teenagers like 13 and 14 I am a girl and I. Recently lost my virginity and the guy who I lost it to j have known him all my life we used to change in frount of each other and when he was eleven he used to be like 1 inch and know we are togehter he hit puperty and he grew like 7 inches and now he is like 7.5 limp and like 9.5 when hard hang in there he is almost too hard to handle you will grow:)

no name said on 01/06/08 @ 05:52 PM:
thank you to the girls that said it dosnt matter but...

jdjdjd said on 03/22/07 @ 07:00 PM:
i love big dicks

f--k you bitch crack whore i hope your pregnant at age 14

Nameless One said on 01/06/08 @ 10:22 PM:
OK...this is rediculous I am a female nursing major in graduate school and for all of you young boys coming on here saying you have 9-16 inch penises while making fun of the other young boys on here...shame on you. Why would you come on a site saying you have a big penis when the subject of this board is to see if your penis is too small? Is that what you do? Search the web for message boards that give advise to those who think their penis is too small. To all of you 12-16 year old boys; you still have time to grow. The average flacid is 3 inches and the average erect is 5 1/2". This is the average fully grown. This standard has been set through research. Do NOT listen to these boys saying they have 9-16 inch penises because they are visiting this site because they think there's is too small and they are insecure which leads them to try and make others feel how they feel. They are probably around the same as you or maybe a little longer. It is physically impossible for a 13, 14, or 15 year old boy to have a penis longer than 9 inches. If so, they are freaks. And females are attracted to the intellectual side of a male not the size of their penis. It is true, you must learn how to use your penis and not worry about how small it is. If a penis is too BIG it scares women. Finally, to you young boys and girls, I advise you not to have sex until you are 16 or 17. You may laugh at what I am saying now, but you will learn later that many people your age fib and lie about having sex when they really didn't because you find them changing their sex stories. And more embarrasing, if he says he has sex with a girl it may get to her and many times the smart young girl will deny it because it really didn't happen. You will be much happier if you wait until you're 18 to have sex because you grow up mentally and intellectually. Plus us females mature more and the sex will be physically much better.

alitehrani at excite com said on 01/07/08 @ 12:32 AM:

Help!!!?!?!?!?!!?!? said on 01/12/08 @ 05:04 PM:
Hi everyone..I just turned 15 in December, and I'm in the 10th grade, I have a 2 inch penis floppy, and 4 inch penis hard; although I don't think I got it at the fullest. I know that my Dad and his brothers have big penis' because they're all like 6,3 and 6,2 and very big guys, and I saw my dad's penis at the pool when I was 10 and it was around 7 inches floppy. My dad has good genetics, I'm just wondering why my Penis hasn't grown yet....?

mAR said on 01/14/08 @ 12:03 PM:
iZ 5 inchz big 4 a 12 year old or small

STEVE said on 01/16/08 @ 07:18 AM:

tony said on 01/16/08 @ 10:53 PM:
Well said nameless one...someone had to say it and you said it well...my vote for the best post of all...

steve said on 01/17/08 @ 11:41 AM:
i am only 15 and i have a 13 inch pinis is that normal and that is not when it is erect when it serect it is 15 inches long

mike said on 01/18/08 @ 06:49 AM:
I have a 3 incher soft and 5'nahalf hard. is that normal for a 15yo?

little dick said on 01/19/08 @ 12:44 AM:
my dick is about 6.5 inchs long is that small for someone who is 16 years old i'm a little fat so i think if i lose some wheiht i will get it up to about 7 to 8 inchs are i could buy some pills to make it bigger

all u that have small dicks u should buy some pills at bokin.com take a look at it.

Buried said on 01/19/08 @ 08:10 AM:
All you assess, the longest penis ever measured is 12 inches you dicks so I'm 12 and I have a 2 and a half inch penis when soft/floppy and 4 inch when erect.
BIG DEAL, girls all like a good f--k.

youknow said on 01/19/08 @ 08:15 PM:
my penis is 4 inches soft and 6.8 hard.and im 15.is dat average

anounomous said on 01/20/08 @ 06:51 AM:
my dick is 3 inches soft and 5 inches erect is that normal for a 14yr old

Jacob said on 01/21/08 @ 08:28 AM:
Help!!!?!?!?!?!!?!? said on 01/12/08 @ 05:04 PM:
Hi everyone..I just turned 15 in December, and I'm in the 10th grade, I have a 2 inch penis floppy, and 4 inch penis hard; although I don't think I got it at the fullest. I know that my Dad and his brothers have big penis' because they're all like 6,3 and 6,2 and very big guys, and I saw my dad's penis at the pool when I was 10 and it was around 7 inches floppy. My dad has good genetics, I'm just wondering why my Penis hasn't grown yet....?

if they have good genetics then it only means it will pass to you, just certain people grow at a certain time, when i was 15 i had 2 inches floppy, 4 and a half hard, then when i turned 16 it had grown to 6 floppy 8 erect because my brothers n my dad have good genetics too

mitchell said on 01/21/08 @ 03:05 PM:
i am 15 i have a 8 inch dick is the normal well even if it is not the galz like it ;) :P

Noname said on 01/22/08 @ 12:53 PM:
not gonna lie, mine isnt the biggest either but my gf said she liked it and well crap, If you cant do that good inside her, try oral.
I hear oral feels better to a girl

small said on 01/23/08 @ 12:38 PM:
im 13 and my penis is 13mm errect and 5mm flaccid, i cry at night because it is barely 1cm when erected

brandon said on 01/23/08 @ 08:03 PM:
im 15 and i have a 4 inch penis (non erect) and a 7 and 3/4 inch penis (erect)

john said on 01/23/08 @ 09:09 PM:
im 15 turning 16 next month and im 5.5 hard and to shy to get some because of my size. should i be shy or just go with it?

dont car said on 01/25/08 @ 10:22 PM:
cant even get a girl my dick is real small
so be it,im glad you all laugh at other people
with problems could i laugh at someone in your family if there retared or missing some other body parts YOUR REAL FUNNNNY.
or maybe better yet i'll come and chop off
all the guys with big dick so i can laugh on how small you are

Nameless One said on 01/26/08 @ 09:04 PM:
my penis is 8 inches long im 15 and i hjave often woried about how big it should be because it is really small when not erect but i fell i whole lot better now the comments have really helped and for those with a small penis dont worry cause u are prolly a late bloomer

bigguy said on 01/27/08 @ 06:37 PM:
U guys r real small I am 6 "when soft and 9.5" when hard.I get bjs a lot from my gf

small said on 01/27/08 @ 07:22 PM:
my penis is 4mm when erected and you can't see it when it is flaccid(soft) thats right mine isnt even 1cm. i am 13 and changed infront of my best friend and he laughed and so did the guys in the change room :'(

jake said on 01/27/08 @ 11:59 PM:
im 14 and my dick is only 1 inch floppy and 2 1/2 inches hard. My pubes are barely beginning to show I also have real small balls. My little brother is
11 and he has a bigger dick, about 3 inch floppy and 5inches hard and a lot more pubes. He even gots hair on his nut sack and around his butthole. He also is cut and im not. He like to jack off in front of me to show off because he has a lot of jizz and and squirt farther

booooom said on 01/28/08 @ 12:06 AM:
hey i am 14 years old and i'm about 5 feet 4 inches tall. my penis is about 1.3 inches soft and 2.6 inches hard and im a bit fat. is this size normal for me?

booooom said on 01/28/08 @ 12:07 AM:
oh and i have a moderate amount of pubes and hair on my ass

booooom said on 01/28/08 @ 10:16 PM:
^^^^ i am 14, 5 feet and 4 inches tall, my dick is 1 inch when soft and 2.5 when hard and an inch or so long and i have a moderate amount of pubes

booooom said on 01/28/08 @ 10:16 PM:
*an inch or so wide

jack said on 01/29/08 @ 09:16 PM:
K, Im 16 got a 5.5" penis w/ 5.2" girth, just wondering if my penis will grow even more, cuz i got the hair and everything, but im still really skinny and wondering if that has anything to do with puberty, mind u i eat normally. Ultimatley, will my penis grow and is it a good size, you know... to get the job done?

NO-Name said on 02/01/08 @ 11:46 AM:
i just recentley fukedd a girl n i gott lyk 2 inchess floppy bout 4 n a half hardd, she sez it was the best fuk of herr lyk.. n im 15 n hes 18 ;].

as i herd oncee befo' " its not the size of the ship, its the motion of the oceaan. " if none o y'all get tht it means it duzntt matta wat sizee y'ur itss how u usee itt. ;]

NO-Name said on 02/01/08 @ 11:48 AM:
n oh yeaah, the girls hu always saay lyk " omg your a woman coz ur so small ", theirr just whoress hus gunna be all dried up by 19 tht even their step-dad wontt wantt, when youu knoow wen a rigghtt girl comess along, she wontt give a s--t bout yo' sizee.

NO-Name said on 02/01/08 @ 11:49 AM:
n in myy first postt i meant to putt 'Shes 18*' but maa keyboardss fukeed

NO-Name said on 02/01/08 @ 11:52 AM:
n all thee peoplee on herr sayinn s--tt bout 'ooh im lyk 10inchess n ur all small' fukk theemm mann, theyy wudntt b searrchin forr thiss type off blog. fuk theem big dickedd people!!

hehehe said on 02/02/08 @ 12:48 AM:
im 12 years old and i almost have a 4 inch.... is that good or bad.....

dylan said on 02/02/08 @ 04:18 PM:
Hey dude, im 13 and my dick is 1 inch soft and 3 inches hard and I still don't have pubes yet. My dick sticks straight out even when its soft. It looks f--king funny because it wiggles when i walk around. my little cousin who is 11 already has pubes and his dick is 4 inches soft and 6 inches hard and he makes fun of me

NO-Name said on 02/03/08 @ 01:18 AM:
n you know that all the black people have bigger dickss, thts coz there bigger boned then white peoplee so blacks with bigger dicks are a myth because at my universatyy we did thiss test n blacks r bigger boned thn whites so thtss why they havee a bigger'un

NO-Name said on 02/03/08 @ 01:19 AM:
n you know that all the black people have bigger dickss, thts coz there bigger boned then white peoplee so blacks with bigger dicks are a myth because at my universatyy we did thiss test n blacks r bigger boned thn whites so thtss why they havee a bigger'un

guy said on 02/04/08 @ 02:22 AM:
hi, i made a comment on here about a year ago when i was around 5 inches, don' worry about anything, i am 16 now and i am about 6 - 6 1/2 and still going so everyone don't worry bout enthing

chris said on 02/05/08 @ 09:00 AM:
hey my dick is 4 inches on hard and im 14 bout to be 15 im bout to f--k my girl and im like scared she wont like it :\

sam said on 02/05/08 @ 05:41 PM:
ok my dick is like 3 soft and my gf said she seen my friends when he is soft and its liek 4 but minne is 7 amd a half when hard is there soemthin wrong bout that?

mothbadassa fuckaa said on 02/06/08 @ 02:49 PM:
the smaller your cock is soft the bigger it is while erect so it doesnt really matter when its soft. and im 15 and a complete badass my dick is like 8 inches and im a badass. im also totally secretly gayfor my friend i give highlights to and im oin his laptop right now his penis is smaller than mine tho ive seen it a couple times on accident ;]

Nameless One said on 02/07/08 @ 07:03 PM:
iam 12 yrs old and i got pubes and armpit hair

joe said on 02/07/08 @ 07:48 PM:
im 12 and my dick is 1inch soft and 4.7 inches erect im kinda embarresed with my gf she broke up with me for that

jamshaid said on 02/08/08 @ 04:38 AM:
My pinis is very week then my age is 12 year old plz help.

tony091 said on 02/09/08 @ 09:37 AM:
i'm 13 and my penis is 7inch hard and 4inch soft

tony said on 02/09/08 @ 08:05 PM:
mine is exactly 6 inches when hard but im dissapointed about the thickness because its really thin...do any over 18year old boys wanna exchange pictures? damallsboy at yahoo dot com

jon said on 02/13/08 @ 11:01 AM:
mines only 1 inch soft and 3 hard and im 17

Bob said on 02/15/08 @ 11:49 PM:
It is ok to have a small dick im 14 and my dick is 2 hard !! but i told my girlfriend and she helped me threw this and promised nver to tell anyone .... and we have been going out for 4 months

Somone said on 02/17/08 @ 02:17 AM:
im 13, i have a 3 inch dick, and ive gotten head 3 times, 5 handjobs, and ive had sex twice, all the girls that ive done this stuff with have all done it with different guys in the past that are my age and they said that my cock wabe depressed, girls vaginas are only 3 inches deep so they can feel it.

ryan said on 02/17/08 @ 02:59 AM:
Hey Somone im 14 and my dick is so small that im too afraid to have my dick sucked. My dick is only 1/2 inch soft and 2 inches hard. I would not even be able to stick it into a pussy. Its hard even to beat off because I can't even hold it good enough. Im uncut so you just see the skin covering my little head and even that is hidden by my pubes. How can I make my dick bigger so I can get some pussy too?

John Berger said on 02/19/08 @ 05:52 PM:
im 19 and i have a 4.7 inch penis when erect and 3 when soft

Jurrell said on 02/21/08 @ 02:10 PM:
Im 15 5 on hard but im a big boy so maybe weight loss but my balls are little but them s--ts still hang

dontasl said on 02/24/08 @ 05:36 PM:
yes that is normall i think i have the same size penis as you

as said on 02/24/08 @ 05:40 PM:
hi im 17 do i have a 6.3 fully erect penis is this girls please help

Jurrell said on 02/27/08 @ 10:51 PM:
A studie says that 6 is average and 8 is large so i need to get to a 6 by 16 so i can be at least average

james said on 03/02/08 @ 03:31 PM:
im 16 and my cock is 7 inches erect. i feel sorry for all u guys but if ur 12 to 14 dont worry itll grow wen i was 13 i had a 2 inch one lol

Nameless One said on 03/08/08 @ 11:08 PM:

Cheesy said on 03/08/08 @ 11:10 PM:
Let me know kraftcheesy@mac.com

Ty said on 03/10/08 @ 01:07 AM:
s--t, i got a big dick,

joepen said on 03/13/08 @ 12:19 PM:
Im nearly 16 and my penis is 2 inches when it is not erected and it is 4 inches when it is fully erected.
I only have a small patch of black pubic hairs above my penis and less than 10 blonde hairs on my scrotum.
I rarely masturbate because i cant cum. and i cant control my erections. i also have wet dreams often or i when getting changed from school i find large sticky white semen stains on my boxers.

i don't know what to do

some one email me wand give me some advice or tell me whats rong with me at:


please as soon as possible

Anonymous said on 03/13/08 @ 12:34 PM:
I am 13 and have a 3 inch penis when flaccid, and 6inch when erect, is that big for a 13 year old?

alex said on 03/13/08 @ 05:32 PM:
I got a small dick guys its 2 inches and 4.5 when erection and im 14

Nikki Nine said on 03/18/08 @ 09:04 PM:
Im 4.5 inches erect and im 22
roughly 3 inches soft.

joemoma said on 03/19/08 @ 07:54 AM:
i am 14 and my penus is only 3 inches when erect and 2 inches soft i want it to be around 7

jay said on 03/26/08 @ 07:38 AM:
i have like 2 inch normal 4 inch erect and im 12, i have no problem but the thing is i cant cum even wen i been wankin for like 20 mins. even with great porn i can cum n i need help plz! the only time i cum is when i have a wet dream n it find a load of cum on my boxers HELP PLEASE!

itchygitchyyayadada said on 03/31/08 @ 12:07 PM:
hi im 16 and my penis is about 3 inches soft and 5 inches erect and when it's erect it is 4cm in width. is that small. plus i want 2 confess. i'm not gay but i have given another boy a handjob.

Vetgodu said on 03/31/08 @ 12:26 PM:
I had too small penis to speak about its size and increased it by extagen. Now I'm 6 inches in length. I'm 20 yo. I started to make PE at 18.5.

clive said on 04/02/08 @ 12:47 PM:
my penis is smaller than my 12year old son this causes great amusment for my wife who has a lover living with us at home.

Small Dickl said on 04/08/08 @ 07:47 PM:
How can i make my PP BIGGER ITS SOOO SMALLL!!!

beast said on 04/13/08 @ 04:24 PM:
hello everyone, dis blog is sad I know, im 18 i gt a 8 inch penis bt im nt satisfied about it. my gal says shes seen bigger and im nt used to that. da 1st time a gal has ever said tht to me and it gob smacked me. do you think im over reacting and being insecure about it?

... said on 04/13/08 @ 05:26 PM:
Im 13 yrs old 3in soft and 5.2in hard...is dis good enuf

wasipinin said on 04/14/08 @ 02:07 PM:
lol this is funny people you keep worrying about this stuff it doesnt matter the size its how u **** lol

monster said on 04/18/08 @ 03:50 PM:
yo mine about 6.5 erect and im 13

anonym said on 04/25/08 @ 07:38 AM:
my penis is about 7 inches and im 13 im so sad because it is so little ive f--ked many girls yet and they sad that it is ok ut i dont think
what shall i do

anonym said on 04/25/08 @ 07:42 AM:
hi my penis is about 7 inches long and im so sad iv f--ked a lot of girls yet and they say that it is ok . im 13 now
what shall i do

Nameless One said on 04/25/08 @ 09:22 PM:
hahha, you gyus are so funny and insecure

"all the girls laugh at me"

Matt said on 04/28/08 @ 12:08 PM:
your 13 and think that a 7 inch penis is bad? wow. i'm 14 and 6 inchs, be happy

Nameless One said on 04/29/08 @ 10:38 PM:
IF YOU are interested in being bonked by huge cocks on ugly or half decent looking men, than use a dildo! You dont know the real meaning of love.. College girls dont know s--t..they just look for big cocks until they get aids and die. When they get outta college they realize that its the pretty boys and money that they need..

JIGSAW said on 05/01/08 @ 01:47 PM:
i am tewive and have a 1/2 soft and 1 in hard and this girl i like wants it i just want to chop it off wat should i do

JIGSAW said on 05/01/08 @ 01:54 PM:

buzzy said on 05/06/08 @ 09:28 PM:
i have a small dick it is4 hard and about2 soft i am 43

buzzy said on 05/06/08 @ 09:33 PM:
i love that there are small dicks like mine

Anonymous said on 05/07/08 @ 11:47 PM:
im 12 and mine is 1500 soft and 2000 inches hard

TEHEE said on 05/07/08 @ 11:51 PM:

dgsh said on 05/08/08 @ 11:59 AM:
alright people im not goin to say i dont worry about my dick size beacaue i do but i im not circumsized but my head isent that big and im about 3.5-4 soft and 5.5-6 but i think thats pretty normal. but it looks small. and for all thos who say its 1 inch there lying cuz a babys cock is bigger then that and thos who say when will it get bigger when you really hit pube.. o yea im 13 years old to...and the bigger you foot size the bigger you cock is goin to be

2DAMNBIG said on 05/10/08 @ 12:40 AM:
im 6 years old and my penis is 2 feet floppy and like a football feild long i even had a football game played on it when erect i pass out for a couple minutes due to the blood rush and i have testicles the size of basketballs i need a firetruck ladder to get girls on top of it and when i ejaculate i need to be close to the ocean so i dont destroy my town i usually lose 300 pounds after each load and i weigh 50 pounds without my monster but 1000050 pounds with it what do i do

Dan said on 05/16/08 @ 12:52 AM:
ya good f--king luck finding a behemoth of a woman to f--k with that thing
and ya u wish u had that

JimJam said on 05/16/08 @ 11:03 AM:
i'm 19 and soft my penis is about 1.5 inches and hard it's JUST over 3 inches or so, kind of thin too. I love having a small penis. I love seeing girl's reactions. Giggles, jokes, anything. It actually really turns me on.
i first noticed i liked it when my exgf told me her 11 year bro had a bigger one right in front of her mom and aunt and they laughed really hard and made little jokes. Her mom ended up seeing it once when we were in the pool, but her aunt never saw.
Her mom was pretty sympathetic about it, but to this day she still calls me teenyweeny. lol. Imagine, your ex-gf mom calling you teenyweeny for your whole life. i love it.

PS:. Any girls wanna laugh at me shoot me an email: jimmysmallpenis@live.ca

jimjames said on 05/17/08 @ 04:12 AM:
I'm 20 and my penis is 1 inch soft and 2.9 inches hard and i love having a small penis. I love seeing girls expressions when they see it, jokes, giggling, making fun etc.
I first found out about this when I was 17 or 18 can't remember. I was at my exgfs house and she told me that my penis was smaller than her 10 yrold brother's penis (we were drinkin) right in front of her mom, aunt, two cousins, and her future boyfriend (old friend of mine).

If any girls wanna see pictures or laugh shoot me an email, I love a good humiliation.

jimmy small penis at live . ca
(remove the spaces)

smally said on 05/17/08 @ 04:24 AM:
its crazy how 13 and 14 yr old kids are like 4 times bigger then me. I'm 18 and im less then an inch soft and about 2 inch hard. i think its funny actually, when im in the changeroom at the pool (shrinkage) a couple weeks back a group of kids no older than 12 or 13 all started making jokes about how small mine was, they thought i couldn't hear them.

nick said on 05/17/08 @ 08:38 AM:
guys for most girls theg spot is 2-3 inches in the vagina its true its not the size its the wayyou use it. heres the thing i 14 im 4 inches soft 6 1/2 inces hard my shoe size is 14 also. ive only had sex with my current girlfriend. she says im hue compared to her last boyfriend who was like 4 inches erect if that but i suck ASS at sex compared to him...altho its easier to be good if u have a big one it dosent mean you can be better with a small one u just gotta learn. alsotheres classes now where u pay the women instructor andbasically she teaches you how to perfect it...so yeah theres still hope also if u have like a less than 2 incher but ur the nicest guy in the world...try oral?

Nameless One said on 05/18/08 @ 04:38 PM:
mine is 2 " soft and 4.5 hard and i am 38 shoud i worry ? i kinda like being laughed at for it !!!!

nubby said on 05/18/08 @ 11:27 PM:
hey smally dude,
I know what you mean about these 12 and 13 year olds having bigger dicks. im17 year old white boy from Oklahoma and my dick is like yours except you can hardly see my dick because im uncut and have a lot of pubes. my little brother who is 14 has a 4 incher soft and a 7 incher hard. He always teases me by walking around our room naked sometimes with a boner then he will tell me he wants to see my pussy. My stinky uncut boner is only 2 inches and it just sticks out of my blond bush. It gives my brother a good laugh. The f--ker.

smally said on 05/19/08 @ 03:23 AM:
hey nubby,
i usually trim around it a bit. i know what you mean about siblings, my older sister gave me a hard time about it in highschool with her friends. kind of a turn on in a way though. exgf used/still does tell her friends little jokes about me when im arond, gets me hard and no one can see! lol.

smally said on 05/19/08 @ 03:25 AM:
Namless One,
you and me both are in the same boat for liking to be laughed at about it. we should start a club. :D

LittleWilly said on 05/21/08 @ 04:23 AM:
Hey nubby,
I am curious, how tall are you and your brother?

Nameless One said on 05/22/08 @ 10:03 PM:
hey little willy,
im about 5' 10" and my brother is about 5' 12" you think that is why he's got a bigger dick. his hands and feet are smaller than mine though and he is cut and im not.

nubby said on 05/22/08 @ 10:09 PM:
hey smally,
lets go for it dude. The teeny weenie club. Any dude under 3 inches soft only and no boners over 5 inches allowed.

Nameless One said on 05/23/08 @ 01:59 PM:
i am 14 and my friends all have 6/7 inchers, i have little pubic hair and 3.5 erect will it grow?

LittleWilly said on 05/24/08 @ 05:02 AM:
Hey nubby,
I thought that your little brother is taller than you. Hes much bigger than me as well, and Im 18. Given that hes still 14 I reckon his dick will get to 7.7 and be 65 by the time hes fully grown. At 17 youve reached your max. Hell be laughing even more when he tells you to show him your pussy and you have to look up to a God of a Stud whose dick is 5.7 longer than yours and is 7 taller! He would laugh at me as well; Im in your teeny weenie club (with a weenie 3.9) and only 56. My best friends little brothers dick is much bigger than mine and he also teases me. Embarrassingly, I find it a turn on. Does your brother embarrass you in front of your friends?

buzzy201 said on 05/24/08 @ 10:03 PM:
i am 43 and have a 4 inch erect and just about 2 soft ask me anything i don't mind wish mine was bigger.

pimp101 said on 05/27/08 @ 01:50 PM:
i have a 6 inch cock floppy and 9 1/2 inch hard all the girls love me =D

buzzy200 said on 06/02/08 @ 06:00 AM:
i would join that club,nice to know there are others with small cocks

lazer said on 06/04/08 @ 08:05 PM:
DONT WORRY IM 13 WEN ITS FLOPPY IS 2 in n hard IS 4 1/2 in just f--k in the ass n if its to small dont let the girl see it n do it fast

dragoon said on 06/05/08 @ 02:53 PM:
I'm 17 and my penis is 9 1/2 inches when erect and only 5 when soft (not bragging I don't even have the stamina to handle it). There are ways to increase the size, but they're not recommended, and most don't even work properly.

bjuk said on 06/08/08 @ 06:01 AM:
I am 20 with a 4 inch dick erect!

a person hopeing to help said on 06/08/08 @ 11:49 PM:
ok, one i would like to tell the people that think it is funny to say they have very large penis like 20 inches i feel sorry for you cause sex would suck. two, guy you are not finished growing untill you are 19 years of age. three, penis naturely curve and don't need to be fix. four, 3 to 4 inches soft is normal for a 13 a teenager that has went through puberty 11-about 15 and when hard or erected is usally about 5 - 5.7 inches. anything over that is big. personaly i don't make a big fuse about mine cause i don't need to worry about it.........but it is 4.25 inches when soft and 6 inches or more erected depending it has been 7 inches. but you should not take that as a bad thing after all i never said my age and mine is just a little bit over normal so don't think mine as avarage and don't be embarrased by your size. if a girl like you for who you are and not just because you hold the record for the biggest dick then 4 inches is not a problem. and one way that is supossily a wat to increse size when erected with out damage is to stay on a vegetairion diet and omga 3 oils go along with. no trans. this might work it might not but it is something i didn't know till a while a go, but i eat mostly fruits and vegetiables and not much meat it might explain my size. but don't try any streching tecnichies because this causes damage. ohhhh and mastebation doesn't not cause damage to your penis unless you are doing it to hard or weird things.

anonymous said on 06/15/08 @ 01:00 AM:
yo look DICK SIZE DOES NOT MATTER TO GIRLS, they only care IF IT WORKS, again, THEY DONT CARE. So be happy and live your lives happy.

Magnanimous Soothsayer said on 06/21/08 @ 08:05 PM:
And... a "f--k you" to all who brag. Ooooh, I'm white. Did I sign up for that? f--k no.
I am average... somewhere around 6 inches when erect. 17, and haven't had sex. I enjoy mindf--king people though.
There are always other psychological buttons to push, of course love is the main thing in a relationship. Do your kegels so you can ejaculate further, so as to surprise your partner. Then there are always f--king exercises such as jelqing, which have worked for a number of people... www.pegym.com, for example, there is nothing false about that.
I believe psychological damage from reading about so much "size matters" stuff has actually impaired my sex drive.
And to the younger fellows, as well as everyone, don't compare yourself to those in pornography. They use their huge penises to their advantage, to please the audience - just as an actor in a film. It's that simple.

random said on 06/25/08 @ 03:18 AM:
i think this post should be closed, its phycologicaly screwing with peoples heads. and isn't fair. you'll have a bunch on middle aged men who wont have sex because they aren't happy with there normal 5.5-6 inch penis. people really need to get over it.

girls don't care if you have a 2 inch pecker, cranberries for balls or a hairy ass. just as long as what you are doing you'll be fine.

Paranoia and Confidence is what you lack.
Be happy with what you have. and all you 14 year olds shouldn't be having sex anyway.

and theres a few creepy old men on this site as well, some of the stuff they are saying is f--ked up.

purpla said on 06/28/08 @ 10:44 AM:
Hey you guys stop worrying, my nickname in the shower room at school was half inch and that was when I was fifteen with not a pubic hair in sight, I am not going to say what size I am now, this is about understanding that our bodies grow and develop at different rates and learning to love your own body and ignore the pathetic BIG IS BEST CREW, the penis is a muscle that can be exercised, so get it out give it a good pull every day, you will not go blind or get hairy palms and god will not strike you down for having a satisfying wank.
As for satisfying the girls well very few woman achieve orgasm through penetration so do your home work learn more about a women's (and your own) erogenous zones, swot up on the techniques of oral sex and concentrate on the clitoris, not on how big your dick is.

Nameless One said on 07/01/08 @ 12:43 AM:
I am 4.5 normal 5 when erect.I'm 1 years old.Is this small

Nameless One said on 07/01/08 @ 12:44 AM:
Sorry I'm nameless one.Im 11 years old

Nameless One said on 07/01/08 @ 12:53 AM:
For anyone who laughs at other people having a small penis,Dont forget,you could have a small one as well

jack said on 07/01/08 @ 10:30 AM:
i cant wear boxers because it sticks out and im afraid people will start looking at me.Im 11 and im worried

random said on 07/02/08 @ 12:15 AM:
I'm 10 going on 11 in a few weeks.I'm only 2.5 inch normal and 3 inch erect.I have seen my cousins and it is at least 4.5-5 inch.I was very embarrassed because when he seen mine it was only about 2 inch long.He didn't say anything but I could tell he was shocked.I have no hair on my nuts and he has lots.

jack said on 07/02/08 @ 12:19 AM:
I'm 10 going on 11 in a few weeks.I'm only 2.5 inch normal and 3 inch erect.I have seen my cousins and it is at least 4.5-5 inch.I was very embarrassed because when he seen mine it was only about 2 inch long.He didn't say anything but I could tell he was shocked.I have no hair on my nuts and he has lots.It has been this size for at least 5 years.I didn't think anything of it first but now I'm getting worried.Can you tell me if their is anything I can do to get it bigger.

james said on 07/02/08 @ 11:30 PM:
I'm 11 and I have a small wrinkled up Penis.Its 1 inch soft and 3 inch erect.My brother who is 16, showed me his because I was worried about my size.He has at least 9 inches soft and 13 inches erect.he has loads of hair on his balls and told me not to worried is untill I showed him I showed it to him.he said when he was that age he was 5 inches soft and 9 erect.He told me to give it time and it will grow.is there anything I can do to get it bigger quicker

dave said on 07/03/08 @ 11:02 PM:
my penis is 6.75 inches

Random said on 07/08/08 @ 06:44 PM:
i'm 15 years old and am only about 4.5 inchs when hard, my two younger brothers, 12 and 13 are bigger than me!

Jervontae said on 07/09/08 @ 12:34 PM:
M! n4M3 iz J3rV0nT43.

Mi diC iz 7 sof N 5 hard.

Tak3 d4t betcHez

??!!??!! said on 07/10/08 @ 09:06 AM:
Most of you younger guys don't need to worry, penises are wayyy odd sizes during your age, 11 > 17, and they WILL grow! Nothing to worry about! All these guys saying they have huge 14 inch dicks are LYING
The average boner size for an ADULT man is 5.5 inches!

stop worrying said on 07/11/08 @ 03:11 AM:
Guys guys guys! All these people on here are mostly youngs adults, around the age of 13-14 worrying abou there dick being so small.
You are all VERY YOUNG. Just think, it stops when you're 21! you're all probrably late bloomers. Me myself i am average, but at one point i began to worry. Yet the more i worried, the less confidence i had around women. So i put it behind me. You're not going to be shagging people at the age of 13 anyways, so just put it behind you and accept your body for who you are, not how big your dick is.
I hope this helps, goodluck in the future all.

ace said on 07/11/08 @ 01:32 PM:
17 years, 5 inches does the job. never had a single complaint.

duck said on 07/11/08 @ 09:33 PM:
i am a horney girl

w/e said on 07/12/08 @ 09:51 PM:
im 14 and a half and i got 2inches soft and 3.6inches hard.

w/e said on 07/12/08 @ 09:52 PM:
f--k stop sooking if your like 10- 13 =.=

willitfil said on 07/15/08 @ 06:47 AM:
i am 15 and have a 6.7inch when hard.

Nameless One said on 07/17/08 @ 01:29 AM:

jake said on 07/18/08 @ 12:43 AM:
im 12 and my dick is 1 inch soft and 3 inches hard. im uncut and i still dont have dick hairs. my brother who is 10 is already getting hair on his nob and his dick is bigger like 4 inches soft and 6 inches when he has a boner. I know this because he wakes up in the morning witha boner and like to bounce his boner around in my face to show off.

jake said on 07/18/08 @ 01:51 AM:
thats unlucky

jenny said on 07/18/08 @ 06:19 AM:
hi im blond petite but perky tits im18 yrs old and i crave the small penis it turns me on i might have to meet some of you maybe im a size 16

james said on 07/18/08 @ 09:42 AM:
I bet you hate when your brother shoves his penis in your face

jbizzy said on 07/19/08 @ 08:37 PM:
yo im 15 and have a 5 inch cock or 6 inch not pretty sure and dont be shy when i was 3 i had sex and my cock was about 4 inch back then and my 2 girlfriends back then didn't say it was small so just go and f--k some girls don't worry about the size

Nameless One said on 07/20/08 @ 02:08 AM:
cuckoo! Thats what you are mate!!

Nameless One said on 07/20/08 @ 01:29 PM:
im 15 ive got a 4 inch regular and like 7.5 hard, is that average???

John Alex Hernandez said on 07/20/08 @ 01:36 PM:
Hey guys the size of my cock is 1/16 of an inch when floppy and 15 inches when erected.....can anyone explain that?????

ZeuZY said on 07/20/08 @ 01:43 PM:
hey i have a penis as large as my 24 inch rims i have killed many girls in intercourse any of u small penis niggas want sum of my large cock??

rock said on 07/21/08 @ 07:24 AM:
you have me puzzled there!

azziz said on 07/24/08 @ 05:16 PM:
yeh.... hi my dick is about 3 1/2 flaccid and about 7 inch erect. is this quite big for a 14 year old?

a said on 07/24/08 @ 06:39 PM:
my dick is 2 inch soft 5 inche hard is dat small i think so

jhon said on 07/26/08 @ 04:22 AM:
my dick is 2 inch soft 5 inche hard... first i had 5 inch dick when it was soft but now it redused to 2inch coz i remove my sponge by rubbing my dick by my hands...

loves london said on 07/26/08 @ 08:01 PM:
YO sup.. anyway im 15 n im quite good looking (no bragging) as girls come up to me themselves n say so.. my penis is 7.3 inches hard.. is dat big enough? although i aint concerned bout my size as i think it doest matter.. would love to hear from a female view.. anyway.. peace n love

confused said on 07/28/08 @ 05:07 PM:
my dick is 5 inch flop and 7 inch hard is that small im 13

Red said on 07/28/08 @ 06:08 PM:
hey im 24 and my penis about 1.5 inches soft and almost 3 inches hard. im still on speaking terms with my ex-gf and her new boyfriend is over 7 inches. its fun to hear about. ps. if you hav a small penis never going skinnydipping. :P it goes smaller in the water. :P

deez said on 07/28/08 @ 09:06 PM:
its not funny i have a 5 1/4 to 5 1/2 inch penis and im going to kill myself right now

brody said on 07/30/08 @ 05:41 PM:
im 12 and i have 3 inch floppy 5 hard.

Will said on 08/01/08 @ 03:12 PM:
Most of the comments here are fake, I laugh on all of you people who have dicks under 4 inches.

Mine isnt big, but it aint that f--king measly!

brian said on 08/02/08 @ 12:17 PM:
im 20 but my penis is so small..it's only a few cms flaccid n 3.5 inches erected.i feel so ashamed

What should I do said on 08/04/08 @ 01:22 AM:
I am 12 have about a 2 inch floppy and 4.5 inch hard and my gf wants to give me a hand job but im really self contous about my size any help

andrew said on 08/04/08 @ 10:11 PM:
im 27 and my penis is almost 3 inches when hard but i do pay prostitutes for sex....no they dont moan but oh well

kim said on 08/05/08 @ 03:01 AM:
ill suck all u guys dick

Randall said on 08/05/08 @ 04:46 AM:
im 23 and my dick hard is 3.5 inches hard. is that small?

Jpe said on 08/05/08 @ 02:14 PM:
I just turned 15 and goodlooking. the only problem is erected, my cock is only 4 inches. would u suck a goodlooking guys cock if it was 4 inches?

LittleWilly said on 08/07/08 @ 12:22 PM:
Hi Jpe,
I would definitely suck your cock. My cock is only 3.9 at a stretch. If youre goodlooking then sucking your cock would be my pleasure!

kim said on 08/08/08 @ 04:24 AM:
me 2 ill suck it

Smalljim said on 08/08/08 @ 11:47 AM:
hey. wanna see? 2 inch hard basically.
check it out jimmy small penis at ho mail . com

i'll show to all. msn.

smalley said on 08/08/08 @ 11:53 AM:
2 inches hard basically 24 years old.

LittleWilly said on 08/08/08 @ 12:15 PM:
Hi Jake,
Wow, fantastic to have your younger brother bounce his cock around your face! Im 18 and his cock soft is bigger than mine when hard! If he was to bounce his cock around my face I would put my mouth around it and give him a lovely blowjob!

kim said on 08/09/08 @ 02:56 AM:
me 2 i want cock so bad

greg said on 08/10/08 @ 12:47 AM:
hey will, im 19 and a white okee dude from Arkansas and my dick is only 1 inch soft and sticks out only 3 inches hard. im on the wrestling team at my junior college in California. I hate taking showers after the practice because of my small weener. im cut so only the head sticks out of my pubes. there only a few white dudes on my team and the rest are mexican with average to big uncut dicks bouncing around. all us white dudes i noticed have small weeners. you can't even see the dick on one dude on the team and he's about 6' 5'' tall all you see are his balls. Get on howard stern's small dick contest website my dick looks like one of those mother f--kers. i hate my f--king dick and those mexicans with their ugly uncut stinky cocks.

unknown said on 08/11/08 @ 07:46 AM:
u guys are fine i mean its not going to hurt and you g/f should like you for who u are not what you have and good things come in small packages i mean you hit puberty and ull be bigger than half of the kids that r biog know u have nothing to worry about

kim said on 08/12/08 @ 05:07 PM:
who wants there dick sucked? im craving sum

unknown said on 08/14/08 @ 05:28 PM:
I am 24 my penies is 2 inches soft n 4 inches erect, i am scared to have sex incase my penies keeps coming out or the condom coming off while having sex. please help me

bwims said on 08/14/08 @ 10:39 PM:
Well I am 15 and my penis is 3 and a half soft and 5 and a half erect. But im somewhat chubbly. So all of it doesn;t show so i know its bigger.

Smally said on 08/15/08 @ 10:51 AM:
hey Kim, check out my link on my name. Tell me if your interested. ;) hehehe

small 1 said on 08/19/08 @ 08:33 AM:
i am only 2in erect but i dont mind
like i say anythink ova 1in is a wast lol
i have no pubs eva n im 15
but i like been told iv got a small dick
it turns me on

big boy said on 08/19/08 @ 11:08 PM:
I'm 16 2'' inches soft and 6'' hard.... dunno why but still scared to f--k

big boy said on 08/19/08 @ 11:08 PM:
I'm 16 2'' inches soft and 6'' hard.... dunno why but still scared to f--k

noh body said on 08/19/08 @ 11:09 PM:
I'm 16 2'' inches soft and 6'' hard.... dunno why but still scared to f--k

pablo said on 08/20/08 @ 02:33 AM:
my penis is 2 when soft
and 3.5 when erect

im ded worried caus i think it will
never grow

please help

duuude said on 08/23/08 @ 08:29 PM:
im 14n its only about 14cmis it normal??

Get Real PPL! said on 08/24/08 @ 02:33 AM:
Haha! this is so hilarious. i hav an average penis. all the spicks and stupid japs and asians who posted "haha i am huge" is NOT true they are all only bout 4 inches NO MORE THEN 6.5. and the 12 and 13 and 14 yr olds who say "haha i am 7 inches or 6.8 or w/e" THTS UNTRUE they are the ones tht are only 2 inches long. and guys....cmon get real. pouting aint gonna help it. i am not big, i am on the small side and enjoy mastrabating. i used to be worried but screw that. and the ppl who put "i am 14 haha or i am 12 haha or i am 20 haha get f--ken real. u guys mite have ones tht big in ur mouth or butt.....but i even doubt tht. just boys......live life to its fullest and shoot the f--kers who say ya have a small dick or cut they'res off wen they are sleepin hahaha i feel for ya men

scared said on 08/24/08 @ 07:10 PM:
my penis is only 2 inches soft 4 inches hard. im 13. my 2 yr old cousin runs around naked, and i saw his penis and it is bigger than mine, will i grow?

so fresh said on 08/24/08 @ 10:35 PM:
im 20 and have a 3 inch soft and just under 6 hard..yea its small...i get teased but most of all....i have saggy balls that hang lower than my dick and sometimes i still piss on them they are so saggy...girls always laugh about it, its so embarassing....i have pics if u wana c plez email me sofresh3one3rd@aol.com

juan said on 08/26/08 @ 02:23 AM:
im a mexican homeboy 17 year old and i still have a small dick and small nuts too Its uncut and you can only see the skin over my dickhead. my cousin who is 10 already had hair on his balls and and his dick is f--king big like 7 inches hard and 4 inches floppy. whats up with dat.

Girl said on 09/02/08 @ 04:09 PM:
umm think about this a girl is only 3-5in deep. thats why dicks over 9in are scary.

Picky? said on 09/05/08 @ 01:28 AM:
f--k that. You can't f--k a girl with 3 inches or less. I'm a girl and I would never accept a 3 inch dick. IT MATTERS. Even four isn't enough. You can't even get it in far enough to cause enough friction for an orgasm, so TOTALLY USELESS. Go get surgery.

KURK said on 09/05/08 @ 08:30 PM:
I have a 2 inch penis, and I was just wondering if that is normal, but its like the width of my forfinger, please comment

curt said on 09/06/08 @ 08:03 PM:
yo man i have a 1 inch when ereck nd .5 when soft i alwas get laughed at wat shoul i do

Nameless One said on 09/06/08 @ 10:29 PM:
my dick smaller then my pinky when its hard. a girl pulled my shorts down after i was swimming (im 3/4 in soft) and all the girls saw it and cracked up. whenever they see me that call me dickless and make fun of it. I got a girl to give me a handyj but she couldnt finish because she was to amused by my full boner (3 and 1/2 in)

tinycock said on 09/06/08 @ 10:32 PM:
any one want to see it (guys or girls) leave a message

tom said on 09/07/08 @ 04:51 AM:
hey im 15 and I'm 3.5 inches flop and 7 inches hard and girls tinkk it's big but there no point worrying there is boys I no that hve 3 4 inches nd they have regular sex

tom said on 09/07/08 @ 04:52 AM:
hey im 15 and I'm 3.5 inches flop and 7 inches hard and girls tinkk it's big but there no point worrying there is boys I no that hve 3 4 inches nd they have regular sex

nameless said on 09/09/08 @ 03:07 PM:
i want 2 see it tinycock

bored said on 09/10/08 @ 02:15 PM:
kim u do sex chat?

SmallDickBoy said on 09/12/08 @ 07:25 AM:
Hi my penis is like 3 inches soft and around 5.5-6 inches hard, i am really ashamed about it i know you guys with a 1inch dick feel bad but seriously im bigger and still not happy i dont think i ever will be. I have thought about killing myself many times as girls think my dick is too small. Somehow (toilet or something) some1 saw my penis and started telling everyone i had a tiny dick. Word got around fast and i was the laughing stock of the school, this is when i thought about death. Pretty much everyone in my school knows now and even my friends hack me out, my friend says he has a 8inch and i feel so insignificant to him. Even my friend who im really close to is a chick and she is very open about sex and masterbation, she even laughed i dont know waht i am ment to do, I realise that its what inside that counts but tha does not work for me i am never going to change the way i think. I am starting to think ill never have a relationship i dont just want sex i want someone to love me for me but i can never see that happening. I have even turned off porn as i can not stand guys with dicks banging girls it makes me feel so small. I have even thought of killing everyone at school for making me feel this way. I am also very ugly and I hate how man-kind makes out that you can change the way yu look or how your body is WELL YOU CANT!!! I really just want a massive dick or for a girl to love me for who i am a small dicked, scrawny, ugly, cunt :(.

tinycock said on 09/13/08 @ 05:44 PM:
for nameless : give me ur phone number and ill send u a few pics

tinycock said on 09/13/08 @ 05:49 PM:
im into cfnm because i can relate to the guys being made fun of for having tiny cocks. i showed it to a girl yesterday and she was getting me hard by making fun of it.

sexist said on 09/14/08 @ 01:41 PM:
i heart sex

nameless said on 09/14/08 @ 02:48 PM:
tiny cock e mail me at
and well talk

hard cock said on 09/14/08 @ 11:53 PM:
I'm 18 and have a 7" cock. girls love me, guys are jealous of me.

tinycock said on 09/15/08 @ 01:09 PM:
last month i went to an empty beach at night and i was in a jerkin off mood. so i took off my shorts and briefs and got my dick up to max and had a nice masterbate. that was the 4th time i jerked outside. havin a small dick is depressing but u dont have to work as hard when u jerk

Monster Cock said on 09/15/08 @ 05:31 PM:
I feel back for you choads..... Im rockin' a nine!

ted said on 09/15/08 @ 07:49 PM:
i just turned 16 and im 2 1/2 in hard. my friends (girls) like to make me wear thier g strings and make fun of my dick.
any other girls want to make fun of me leave email address

Gook said on 09/18/08 @ 10:25 AM:
Well I'm 18 and my penis is about from 12-13 cm (4.7-5.1) inches erected and girth is somewhere 12 cm (4.5 or bigger) I think that it's pretty thick for it's length but still my penis is too small compare to average size. I'm so shy that I even am scared to talk with a girls. Does penis size really is important thing for women?!

... said on 09/18/08 @ 03:54 PM:
im 14 and its 2-2.5 soft n 4in hard

5.5 inch said on 09/19/08 @ 07:18 PM:
people who love making making unhappy. go get a life. people got problems. i got 5.5 my ex loves my dick, she still sucks it and wants to f--k it. i got another girl and shes black, and black girls love bigger dick, but she lloves mines, so i aint worry about it. oh 5.5 when erected.

boiscent said on 09/22/08 @ 03:33 PM:
Sir, its dick is about 5" and thin. However it has other ASSests that men like.

Matt said on 09/25/08 @ 08:15 AM:
Some of you people are ridiculous. I have a 3 inch dick when erect but my girlfriend doesn't mind. See, all you gotta do is meet the decent girls. There are loads of them. I've currently got one of them lol.

God made you who you are. Bollocks to anyone else who thinks otherwise.

Matt said on 09/25/08 @ 08:18 AM:
And I didn't mean ridiculous because you've all got small dicks.

I meant ridiculous as some of you are saying its very sad to have a small dick.

In other words. Stop bloody worrying about what other people think and just enjoy ya life. There ARE women out there who don't give a damn about size.

horny said on 09/27/08 @ 09:29 AM:
any girl wanna talk e mail me at bored4in@yahoo.com

ivoribigun said on 09/29/08 @ 07:43 AM:
i rember one time round a friends house a while back a friend of mine was going out with some slutty girl and they both come round and as the girl got more drunk she kept telling all there dirt secrets etc right in front of this guy and when he told her to keep quiet she just went mad at him and started saying s--t like her ex has a much bigger cock then him and hes crap in bed etc and then she got the voka biottle and smashed it iover his head and he just stood there crying. it was quite sad actually he been on drugs since.

mark said on 09/29/08 @ 09:07 PM:
im 18 i got like a 3inch penis and for sum reason the girls love it they suck it for hours

sad to be big said on 10/04/08 @ 07:12 AM:
ok my dick is about 3-4 inches when floppy but about 4-5 when erected let me tell u something girls' vaginas are about 4-6 inches deep depending on the position .so all of yo big dicks out their , u cant even get it al the way in so suck on that XD

sad to be big said on 10/04/08 @ 07:14 AM:
ooh and penis stop growth about age 21
and females get pubs and develop b4 guys

sad to be big said on 10/04/08 @ 07:24 AM:
sigh to answer the whole post thingy on average. if ur 14 then 5.5-6 is average

sad act... said on 10/05/08 @ 01:32 PM:
im 13.. 14 next june, n my dick is 1.6inches floppy, abround 3 inches hard, i hardly have any pubes, my balls r small... HELP PLEASE

rednick said on 10/07/08 @ 01:12 AM:
Haha, man I'm 24 and my dick is usually about 3 inches hard 1 inch soft, I'm sick right now, it actually has disapeared into my body.

jake said on 10/10/08 @ 09:04 AM:
hey renick, dude i'm 19 and i got you beat. my dick is about 1 inch soft uncut and gets 2 inches hard. got to jack off with two fingers. I just f--king stroke my dick head.

cursed boy said on 10/10/08 @ 09:10 AM:
Hey sad act i just turned 15 and my dick is only 1 inch floppy and 2 inches hard. i just started getting some blond pubes. except i got some low hangers. my other skater friends have huge old dicks. we all skated naked once in an emptly parking lot, and they all f--king gave me a hard time because my dick would not flop around like theres

... said on 10/10/08 @ 05:37 PM:
a lil over 4in wen hard click on link n tell me wat u think

joey said on 10/12/08 @ 07:52 AM:
im 14 and i have a 2.5 in soft and 5 in erected

dave said on 10/12/08 @ 08:20 AM:
if your under 15 it will grow its okay but if if ur like 16 with 2or three go to japan your huge or average there now me i am huge here so need they would be scared 7 an a half and 15

joey said on 10/12/08 @ 09:15 AM:
i want to have sex

... said on 10/12/08 @ 07:06 PM:
photo bucket deleted da pic so here it is again

... said on 10/12/08 @ 07:07 PM:
im 14 btw

tinycock said on 10/12/08 @ 09:22 PM:
bored4in text me again i lost ur number

... said on 10/13/08 @ 02:52 PM:
heres the pic again incase photo bucket deletes again
this time on diff. website
click on link n tell me wat u thin im 14 btw

shortcomings said on 10/14/08 @ 10:19 AM:
I'm 38 yo with a 5" penis at its hardest. It sucks to see that a 14 yo can have one bigger than mine, but oh well. The worst part about it is when a girl says she loves you and accepts you, small dick and all, and then cheats on you with a larger dicked guy. Every GF I've had has cheated, and that includes my wife. Girls and women say that size doesn't matter, and they only say this to guys. When it's just around their girlfriends, they do indeed say that a bigger one is better (I've spied before). A good woman who accepts a small dick is hard to find, if not impossible.

aboveaverage said on 10/15/08 @ 08:00 AM:
hello.im 14 and my cock is about 5.6 erect and i get blowjobs often,anything above 4.5 isnt small.my gf cant even fit mine in her mouth.as far as sex goes...its fun and she has multiple orgasms.she even said herself size doesnt matter when it comes to sex.jus learn how to f--k and the size will not matter.but if your under 4.5 inches..your in trouble lol.

james said on 10/15/08 @ 06:16 PM:
i'm 17 and my dick is 1 inch soft and 2.5 hard maybe 3.5 if streched out hard.

anthony said on 10/15/08 @ 10:56 PM:
hey james dude, im 17 too and my dick is even f--king smaller than yours. im 1/2 in soft and when its cold you cant even find it in my black pube hairs. im 2 inches hard. my little brother who's 12 has a 4 inch dick soft and 6 inches hard and always tells me he thinks i have a pussy. i can still kick his ass though

Justin said on 10/16/08 @ 07:57 PM:
I'm 14, have quite a bit of pubic hair flacid my penis is 3-5 inches erect it is about 6 1/2 inches long. It is around 6 inches in circumference. Don't worry Everybody, I'm small too ^^

Andrew said on 10/17/08 @ 07:10 PM:
I need to know what average is for a 13 year old boy i'm 3' whan soft.
5'1/2 when erected.
Is that to big or small.
I'm deadly serious ?

Jake said on 10/17/08 @ 07:32 PM:
Dear Andrew,
What the f--k are u on about that is massive i'm 13 to and i'm 1 inch soft 3 inches hard
and my girlfriend when were making out keeps trying to put her hand down my trousers which is embaressing when she slept with a few guys so Andrew plz do not rub it in. I need helpppp

jason said on 10/18/08 @ 09:23 AM:
hey, im 13 and my penis is 8 inchs long when not erected, is there something rong with me, all the boys laugh at me cus its so big, and the girls think im monster, its 11 inchs wen hard

Adam said on 10/18/08 @ 09:26 AM:
dear jake,
i think my dick is oversized because its 4 1/2 inches soft and 7 1/2 inches hard.
is there somethin wrong. i no it might soound good but once i wore short shorts and the end of my dick was sticking out and all the girls laughed at me......?

Adam said on 10/18/08 @ 09:27 AM:
o yeh and im only 11

Jake said on 10/18/08 @ 03:59 PM:
well ur just going to have a big dick when ur older ask a doctor to see if he can shrink it or stop the growth

moon said on 10/18/08 @ 10:57 PM:
im 14 and ma dick is 7.8 inches

SOmeOne said on 10/19/08 @ 02:58 PM:
im 13 and my dick is 3.5 soft and about 5 hard and long. is that good average or bad? well, my gf wants to see it soon and i just wanna know. i have lots of pubs on my dick and not so much anywehr else, wehn should i grow more on my other areas>?

SOmeOne said on 10/19/08 @ 03:00 PM:
is it ok to have sex at the age of 13?? well i think my gf wants to soon. plz tell me!

SOmeone said on 10/19/08 @ 03:01 PM:
is it ok to have sex at the age of 13?? well i think my gf wants to soon. plz tell me!

Andrew said on 10/19/08 @ 03:46 PM:
Dear SOmeOne,
I had sex when i was 11 so i think it'll be ok

just keep it on the down low

bama dream said on 10/19/08 @ 05:42 PM:
damnn!!! yall r so f--kin scary 1 inch man i would go gay if iwas yu all my whole famliy has big dicks my dads iz 10.5 an im 13 mine is 7.5 my gf cant even take it

okeeboy said on 10/19/08 @ 11:31 PM:
Hey SomeOne, im i just turned 13 and i still don't have pubes but my dick is 2 inches soft and 3 1/2 inches hard. i still can't cum yet when i jack off. This white boy is f--kin jealous.

Alex said on 10/19/08 @ 11:45 PM:
Im insecure about my dick.. its only 7 inches, im 15.
but it will grow :)

anyway, for all you people which say you have like 1 - 2 inch ones, GO LOSE SOME WEIGHT OMG.. i was skinny before, but after i started working out, i added 2 inches.. its probably cause im getting older but meh.. :']

Buzzy200 said on 10/25/08 @ 07:50 AM:
i am 44 with a 4 inch eract and under 2 soft wish mine was bigger

vuantez said on 10/26/08 @ 10:03 AM:
i'm 12 turnin 13 next month and my dick iz 5 1/2 inches and idk if dats good or bad.

lol said on 10/27/08 @ 03:31 PM:
im 16 with a 4-5 incher but when erect about 7...almost 8, magnum xl baby ;D

Nameless One said on 10/27/08 @ 04:13 PM:
hey guys im 18 i have a 8 inch penis but when i was 14 i remember measuring too 6 inches so u litttle guys still have hope

Luigi said on 10/28/08 @ 02:47 PM:
people beat me up because i'm 16 and my penis is pornstar size so i make them feel inadequete

sex... said on 10/28/08 @ 07:14 PM:
im a virgin...its hard been 19 and a virgin...i have never measure my penis side...but to me it look like a three in when it erupt...f--ken bitch i wish i was like a 6in to 7in f--ken stupid...

jOHnny said on 11/06/08 @ 04:43 PM:
im 17 and have a 7 inch penis when hard but all the girls i try to f--k just laugh at me when i pull it out
so u guys with 4 inch penises are screwed
life sucks

tinycock said on 11/07/08 @ 06:52 PM:
anybody wanna see pics leave a message
guys or girls

tiny tiny dick said on 11/08/08 @ 06:07 PM:
im 13 and have a 5 inch dick is that small??

small penis said on 11/09/08 @ 04:13 PM:
tinycock i would like pics

jose said on 11/09/08 @ 05:03 PM:
hey guys im ecuadorian and i have a 2.5in when soft and 4.9 in when hard is that small?

Adam said on 11/10/08 @ 03:48 PM:
i am 14 and i am 3 1/2 not erect and 7in erect is this normal ?

tinycock said on 11/11/08 @ 03:17 PM:
small penis leave ur email address

Flacid09 said on 11/11/08 @ 07:21 PM:
hey I'm 23 with a 3 inch flopper and a 6.2 erect penis girls don't say anyting 2 me but recently I have became impadent and my japs eye hurts and its shrunk a bit I get vaiagra but its still not back 2 normal n guys normal size is 5 inches I'm 6 but at least urs works LOL I guess I'll jus go kill myself byebye ):;(

a chick said on 11/15/08 @ 03:14 AM:
well all u guys out there. girls these days really dont give a s--t how big ure penises r. well they do a little but if ure personalitys gud enuf, i guess they'll overlook ure size lolz. dont kill ureselves. i'm seriously. that is just lameeeee. i'v got a bf myself and he's a really nice guy. thats y i like him. his penis is above avg for his age and i guess thats just a bonus. i'm currently 15 and my bf's 15 as well. hes 8 inches floppy lolz. and 2 u small ppl out there, if ure really unhappy with ure size, u can get it enlarged surgically, or you can try medicine and there is also the old fashioned 'hanging weights from your penis' apparently that works quite well. lolz. well good luck.

GiantWANGER said on 11/17/08 @ 12:30 PM:
i'm really depressed, my penis is 4 inches when erect, i'm 14 years old, is that too small? i really want to satisfy my girlfriend, but im scared she wont love me if im not so big below :( help xx

the expieranced girl said on 11/26/08 @ 01:40 PM:
Really size has become a big deal in my most recent relatonship. Next time we have sex the solution to his inadequate size is that we are going to buy ribbed condoms or condoms with raised dots for the girls pleasure. Boys under 15 you have no reason to worry you shouldn't be worrying at your age anywyas. Although size is an issue cuz girls like to be filled up there are things you can do to get areound it. Even if you have to give it to your girl with a dildo and pleasure yourself in her after anywyas that will turn you on to watch that

boyof012 said on 11/26/08 @ 07:48 PM:
mine is 3 Inches soft 6 Inches hard

idk said on 11/27/08 @ 09:52 PM:
what real f--ked up, my friend has a inny dick I saw when we were changing he`s 12 that why he dosent shower in gym, im not gay

banon said on 12/03/08 @ 10:00 AM:
im 14 and my cock is 7 inches my girlfreind loves to suck mr it feels amazing

skinnydick said on 12/03/08 @ 03:30 PM:
girls say that my dick is so small when im soft ( 1in) but when i get get hard they like it (6 3/4 in)
any body want pics

Nameless One said on 12/05/08 @ 06:09 PM:
skinny dick i want some pics wats ur e mail...

skinnydick said on 12/06/08 @ 12:59 PM:
i dont have email i use internet explorer
do u text

not-asshamed said on 12/06/08 @ 02:43 PM:

Daniel said on 12/07/08 @ 10:43 AM:
SMALL PENIS - get a girlfriend that loves you

BIG PENIS - f--k any, and every girl you can dont get a girlfriend ;)

sophie said on 12/07/08 @ 12:03 PM:
see guys, ive had a small dick in me, and a large one, and my vagina only goes back about 5 inches so all you 9 inch people its only good for foreplay, i meen i had fun sucking it, it was a nice feeling but when it went in, it just hurt and made me bleed , so if anyone is worried about a small penis dont worry they feel nicer in my opionion. im 16 by the way and had sex twice.

Justin said on 12/07/08 @ 02:38 PM:
send me pics

skinnydick said on 12/09/08 @ 02:10 PM:
1 917 574 5165
text me for pics

n s said on 12/10/08 @ 10:14 AM:
i am 14 teen and my penis is 8 inch when it is a hard i think that it will git bigger

Dan said on 12/12/08 @ 08:57 PM:
dont be sad or desapinted i only have 4inch soft and 9 hard
thats sad and im 13 thats even sadder

21 said on 12/13/08 @ 04:36 AM:
So what? You guys have a 4 - 6 inch penis when you're 13 - 15 big deal. Most of you kids are bigger than me and I'm 21 this year. Soft mine is about an inch hard it's just under 3 inches. Try growing up with that. When I was your age, I practically didn't even have a penis. Although, it is interesting to see girls expressions before having sex. :)

Bob said on 12/17/08 @ 07:02 PM:
Hi i have a small penis but i wont tell you how small instead email me at carrottt@live.co.uk and i will send you pics so you can guess how small you think it is :)

bill said on 12/19/08 @ 12:11 PM:
im 12 yrs old and my penis is about 2 in wen floppy but 4in wen erect

Zakery said on 12/19/08 @ 04:28 PM:
Im 13 and my penis is 5 inches when floppy and 9 and one half when erect.
is that weird or am i just lucky?

dboy said on 12/20/08 @ 12:37 AM:
my penis 7inches long and i am 15 is this small :(?

Bob said on 12/20/08 @ 01:31 PM:
Microsoft(Hotmail) are a bunch of scummy cunts! Get a f--king life you satanic bunch of low lifes

Mr. secret said on 12/22/08 @ 07:52 AM:
i am 17, my penis is 7 to 8 inches when erect, i slept with thousands of girls and all fell in love with my dick. the gave me hand and blojobs. i penetrated their vaginas as a buldozer. but once i was in the gym and we( me and my freind) were cumming in the bath and we were in extreme extasy when we decided to f--k each others. i f--ked him first and sucked his deck and drank his gwap. and finally he f--ked me and i liked that day, since then i was a gay

Nameless One said on 12/22/08 @ 02:37 PM:

Craigyy said on 12/22/08 @ 05:01 PM:
Well I DOn't Get The Joke But, I Have A 6" Penis, And I'm 13 Please Tell me if I'm "Natural", Thanks :)

whats it like to have forskin said on 12/22/08 @ 05:13 PM:
hi im 14 i have no forskin and my penis is abbout 1mm flopy before you ask its no joke and erected 1000000000000000000000000miles cause i likea penis and if u dont belive me look st the window u might c it

Conor said on 12/22/08 @ 07:51 PM:
my penis is 4 Inches soft, 4.5-5.5 erect and im 14 years old. i want a f--king 8 inch dick for f--k sake

Josh said on 12/22/08 @ 09:04 PM:
Look Im Sorry Guy's That Ur Limp.... Im 13 And My Dick Is 6 Inches. Some Are Born Big And Small, But If That Bitch Really Likes u Shell Give U A Little Blue Pill,And upahoy goes Ur dick.... if She Laughs then Shes Just A Scank Whore... Now Am I small?

Jacob said on 12/23/08 @ 02:36 PM:
I dont really care 'bout my size because its 5 1/2" when I got a hard on and plus I'm only 13, got lots'a pubes too (well I've got alot of hair all round on my body ;]) My problem is that whenever I have a wank and I cum, My foreskin becomes right irratable and I end up rubbing it. Can you help with it at all?

Dont pity urself and get some pussy said on 12/23/08 @ 05:35 PM:
i have a 7" flop and around 10" errection and i cant fully penetrate girls becuase they just cant take it all the way so a big dick isnt always the best answer just know its not the end of the world if u got a small dick mine was tiny till i was like 14 and two years later im all good

eric said on 12/25/08 @ 08:18 PM:
Jacob dude, im about to turn 13 and i still dont have pubes but just a little bit coming out on top of my little dick. my dick is only 2 inches floppy and 4 inches hard im also uncut with a long foreskin that is really tight. it even hurt to get a boner or too jack off so you are not alone dude. my little brother is 11 and he is also uncut and his dick is big like 5 inches floppy and 7 hard and he already has lots of pubes even around his butt. i dont get it.

Rusty said on 12/25/08 @ 11:23 PM:
My sister says my penis is the biggest she has had.

matty hat said on 12/26/08 @ 06:10 AM:
Aww... i'm 16 and i'm only 6" long and 5" girth...:( hope i grow more

sam denton said on 12/26/08 @ 02:53 PM:
i currently stand with a 1 3/8" penis floppy, and 3 4/5"
i know its not that big, but i have been told many a time that i'm never going to get a girlfriend. this is reasuring since i have nothing downstairs anyway!
yippee. :D

tinycock said on 12/27/08 @ 12:03 PM:
im 16 n my flaccid penis is 1 and 1/2 inches and my boner is 3 and 3/4
the girls and guys i show it to sorta laugh at me
will i grow

Kyle said on 12/30/08 @ 08:06 PM:
im 17 4.5 soft 7 erect. I dont get embarresed at all and I do have a gf and I love her to death who has seen it. What sucks is that im too big for her because she is a virgin but we will work on that. Its not the size just find some one you love.

bob2009 said on 12/31/08 @ 09:49 AM:
i have a smmall dick and love watching porn i jack off loads im only 11

mikeyboy said on 12/31/08 @ 12:30 PM:
4 n half limp, 7 hard more than enough! of course everyone wants a bigger dick, all these 13yr olds saying 2inch it will grow uv just hit puberty just chill n try to relax, and for the 13yr olds saying there packing 10+ lol ur lying

Adan Reyes said on 12/31/08 @ 01:22 PM:
Im Mexican I have a 7 inch penis

elizabeth said on 12/31/08 @ 01:58 PM:
u guys r all really stupid cuz im a girl and i dont care if a guys dick isi small and no girl will care unless there a slut

bitchnigga said on 12/31/08 @ 09:53 PM:
just because a girl has a preference in size doesn't make her a slut, everybody has the right to be satisfied and if they feel that someone doesnt have what they need than thats fair..

splif said on 01/01/09 @ 03:06 AM:
Yo my dick is 4.8 inch is that ok im 16?

jhging said on 01/01/09 @ 03:19 AM:
my penis comes out of my ass when i am erect.i have a sex life but i have to be in strange and awkward positions that one cannot even begin to fathom. is this normal?

jkbhjk said on 01/03/09 @ 11:30 AM:
my cousins laughed wen i was 12 cause my penis was bout 2 inches and made jokes now its bout 4 inches soft 6 hard and im 15

unnamed said on 01/03/09 @ 05:13 PM:
wel.. i have about 3 inch big when not erected and about 5 when erected.. im 14 is that normal or small??

very small said on 01/03/09 @ 08:47 PM:
im 17 and mine is only about 2in. soft and 3 hard and i hate it

Jake said on 01/04/09 @ 03:05 PM:
I have an 80,000 inch penis, and it's so big that when I f--k a girl in the ass it goes all through her intestines and out her mouth and through the asses and mouths of the next 50 people in front of her like a gigantic dick kebab. Is this normal?

4ft8 said on 01/05/09 @ 09:49 PM:
Im small for my age. Im 4ft. 7in and Im 14. My penis is 3in hard I dnt have no armpit hair and i bearly have any penis hair. My penis is small for my age but normal for size but because of my size girls dnt like me cuz i look 8 and some guys are mean to me and im kinda popular cuz of my size but idk... ive never had a gf cuz of my size im misrable cuz of it i feel suicidal sometimes idk wat to do i need to talk to some1 about it... but no1 does

IDK said on 01/06/09 @ 02:29 PM:
im 14 3.5 soft and 6 inch erect and 5 circumfrence is this average or big for my age

0wn3d N00b said on 01/06/09 @ 10:05 PM:
im 14 but small fo my age 4ft 7in my penis erect 3in n0 pubes and never cum while jacking off am I f--ked?????????

CockLover said on 01/08/09 @ 11:26 AM:
im 16 my cock is 2 in soft n 6 n 1/2 hard
text me if u want pics 1917 574 5165

ty said on 01/08/09 @ 10:49 PM:
im 14 and my uncut dick is 1/2 inch soft and 3 inches hard and im just beginning to grow pubes on top of my little dick. my cousin is barly 11 and already has lots of blond pubes around his 4 inch floppy uncut dick and his boner is about 7 inches. we are both white trash skater dudes from oklahoma

chris said on 01/10/09 @ 11:08 AM:
Guys I wouldn't worry about it. I'm pretty small (lik 2 1/2 flaccid and a bit under 5 erect) and I've had plenty of beautiful girlfriends who didn't care at all about my size...If you're a smart, funny, caring dude, most chicks aren't gonna care about your size. The only ones who really will are sluts-- and they're not that much fun anyway

tini-pecquer said on 01/10/09 @ 09:32 PM:
37 who has a 4.5 hardon. Very shrunken when not hard. To me, smaller are better to handle orally for females. Think about, would you want something huge like cucumber inside your mouth for long periods of time? But, overall, there are times when I wish I was somewhat longer, but I won't get that way. I wish the best of luck to all our "small-ones" out there in the world.

Keep your chin up said on 01/11/09 @ 05:29 AM:
Yo guys let me tell you I had a similar mentality around your age and growing older. That is what the porn industry will do to you. Keep your eyes off it and your unconscious will torture you less, trust me on that.

I was 6.5 erect and did jelqs for some time to about 7 and it stuck. Bad news is I lost some sensitivity. Not worth the sacrifice- now in my life at 23 I've experienced many girls that have literally and sincerely cocked their head back, adjusted their eyes, and said 'wow, that was the best sex I've ever had.' One foolish one even slipped something like, wow that was better than 10 inch dick- which pissed me off a lot and I reacted accordingly and justly... yet to do this day, one cannot avoid the vivid imagery of being able to make a girl really scream and squirm in pain and pleasure all at once- but this is a twisted and subjective view of actuality.

One girl told me her best long and slow orgasm that she had ever had (this girl had been with around 16 guys) much like other girls I've been with around those numbers... and this orgasm was achieved through massage and fingers. I'm telling you everything is simply about understanding the g spot of a girl which is from 11 o clock to 1 o clock for the most part. 3 inches can hit it... anyone underneath you may actually want to consider +10,000 dollar reliable New York surgeon (don't get it done in your local city). There are several porn stars today that are getting that jumbo size with this advanced technology.

Keep your hopes up for the following reasons-

There is high demand in penis enlargement, thus in your lifetime you will probably see an effective technology develop to increase your member.

Though girls are much of life, read and get involved with some philosophical understanding, moving beyond behaviorally conditioned standards set by society.

Guys who talk about having large dicks usually don't have them though occasionally they do... trust me on this. I've had about 7 friends in total lie to me about size, while the rest have joked about it being way smaller than it was even though it wasn't. One guy was 3 inches hard and bragging about 9 inch penis. Please don't resort to these strategies of exaggeration, for when you are caught your dignity is shot even more so! Others who were around 6-7 said they were 8 because they started to measure from between their balls or right above... remember you measure from the top unless you have upward curving penis with more reach from the bottom that can actually go further into a vagina.

Conclusively, if I can get pretty much get extremely attractive girls to say it was the best over and over and want to marry me with a 6.5 on average erect (7 on a good loaded day), then you can to. I rely on the mental faculty to get into a woman's thoughts. They are only attracted to huge penis for the most part because of its overwhelming dominant impression toward their central processing unit. Slyly put your balls in their face and overtake their peripheral vision with your sack... can have the same effect if you have a nasty girl who is into the dominant/spitting/scratching s--t. Personally I don't like this and I recommend for you guys with size problem to find sensual, slow, and soft girls- less animal like and more intellectual.

My little brother is going to seriously have an 8-9 inch penis when he reaches my age, he's 13... yet at his age I was getting much more action. It really is attitude, having something you're really good... something you are mastering and generate a balanced confidence from it. I have some friends who have very small penises and they are into female domination/foot fetish/humiliation stuff and they enjoy it. They are in law school, wealthy, and go to craigslist and order girls to come sit on their faces and laugh about their penis while pleasuring them. They learn to get attracted to this even more because they are not at all in a dominating position.

Adaptation is key, as well as laying off the porn. You will forget about your size more and more... that self consciousness is a phase at best. There are stories here of guys having their women cheat on them in marriages or long terms due to small penis, but seriously though what kind of marriages and relationships are these? Look at your typical married couple... it is like a business where the man is ready to take care of a woman for pleasure/comfort/nurture/feminine company/etc by usually supporting her with money. She in turn spends so much of it without saving, accumulates a s--tload of junk in the house, and is for the most part interested in folly and scarcely of any intellectual pursuits.

Guys go listen to Schopenhauer on Women Part 1 and 2 on youtube, it will brighten your day and you will feel marginally liberated from this torment!

Best wishes, I hope everything works out for all of you. Many good hearts that are pained, a proper place to feel divine pity, nostalgia, and then take the proper objective duty in assisting with some brief knowledge. Ciao

adam said on 01/11/09 @ 10:56 AM:
i am 14 and have a 6 inch penis on bone but the people saying they got like 3-4 inch penis on bone thats good aswell because it not how big it is its how u use it

skatefreak702 said on 01/11/09 @ 06:58 PM:
im 12 nd my dick is 9 inches long

jack said on 01/12/09 @ 04:27 PM:
I am so tiny and humilliated, my little brother is bigger than me (he's 12 and i'm 15)
about 2 weeks ago when i came out of the shower, my little brother bursted in to bathroom accidentaly, and when he saw my tiny penis he started laughing, and told me " your equipment looks like it belongs to a 4 years ol kid" referring to my micro dick and non-hanging balls.
He wanted to compare "just for fun" and went to get the ruler, when he undressed, and we stood side by side, i noticed that his penis was at least 3 times bigger than mine, and his balls were almost 3 times as hanging as mine, and when we measured them it turned out that i was almost right, his was 7.3 inches, and mine was 2.4 inches, i feel so imberrased.
Now he calls me things like "little brother" or "tiny-boy" and he makes me call him "big brother" because his penis is so much bigger than mine. and he always humilliates me in public, beacause he told his own friends, his girlfriend, my friends, our cousins, and our older sister (who is 18) and all of them makes fun of me, and laughs of me, and when my own friends comes over, he embrass me by grabbing my crotch and say "how is the tiny wee wee today, has it grown any lately, mabe you'll even reach 3 inches before you die" and then my friends burst out in laughter.
help me!! what can i do to fight my little brother (or big brother as i have to call him now) back?

rsw90 said on 01/13/09 @ 12:56 AM:
Hi noobs i'm a 11 year old with a 9.3 inch soft 17.5
Hard is there something wrongthere?!?!?!?!?!?
Btw if anyone plays runescape pm rsw90
Or email:

rsw90 said on 01/13/09 @ 12:59 AM:
Hi noobs i'm a 11 year old with a 9.3 inch soft 17.5
Hard is there something wrongthere?!?!?!?!?!?
Btw if anyone plays runescape pm rsw90
Or email:

AnDrEwCBiTCHES said on 01/13/09 @ 02:35 AM:
i have a 7 inch dick no lie and im 16 but im still embarrased to talk to girls and never have had a girlfriend. i hit puberty at about 13-14 which is sad most people hit it at 1-12. will my dick be bigger then 7? and will i one day be unafraid to have sex?

Lil Boy said on 01/13/09 @ 09:03 PM:
hi im 14 3in penis and I still havnt reached puberty im scared cuz i still have the features of a 7 yr old, any advice i need some

?!?!? said on 01/13/09 @ 09:08 PM:
im 13 My Penis is about 3-4 inches soft
and about 5-6 inches erect is that small?

Joe Guzzo said on 01/17/09 @ 09:26 AM:
I'm 47 and my cock is about 1/2 inch soft and 4 inches fully erect. The worst thing is I still cum too fast, I sometimes blow my load before its fully in my old lady.

azziz said on 01/17/09 @ 12:02 PM:
hey ?!?!? dont worry. mine was about tht size when i was yur age. im allmost 15 now with 4-5 in flaccid/flop and closing in on 8'' hard. (about 7.6'' at the moment)

somebody from the tropics said on 01/17/09 @ 12:41 PM:
Nobody here have to worry about penis size. It really doesn't matter if u know how to use it well.AnDrEwCBiTCHES , sorry, but you have been really silly. I passed by something like this: reachead puberty around 13, and had a 7 inches dick when i was 16 (i'm 18 now). My penis grew up a little more, until 8 inches(20.5cm), and the same might happen to you, but i can't guarantee.About the sex fear, it will also pass. Just don't panic when you're hanging out with girls, and don't feel embaressed about being a virgen: believe me, most of your friends are virgens too.

eric said on 01/18/09 @ 02:30 AM:
hey jack dude, im 15 too and my lil bro has a bigger dong than me too and he is only 11. He even already has lots of pubes even in is ass crack. s--t i dont even have hair on my tiny balls yet. my asshole little brother has a 7 incher hard uncut prick and 4 inches soft. mine is only 1 inch soft and 3 inches hard im uncut too. He walks in on me when im taking a piss and pulls out his big nob to take a piss with me and then tells me that he can't even see my dick and that boys with pussys need to sit down to take a piss. Then he kisses me on the cheek and says he loves me.

655 said on 01/18/09 @ 04:32 PM:
i'mm 15 and I have a 1.5 inch flaccid penis, and a 3.6 inch erect penis. I think this is too small because when i had sex my girlfriend was kind of amazed and she started looking for it. Lol. And when she found it she touched it and it wiggled and then it got erect and i tried to wear my condom but my penis was too small so I just had sex without a condom but there was like an inch around my penis of free space in her vagina. I couldn't have sex but then we kept playing naked and it was so fun. She kept touching my penis i loved it. And it greww so big. Lik4 inches. Thats enormous.

oz said on 01/20/09 @ 04:36 AM:
17 and have 4inch, be out going you get the girls, f--k em all aye fellers ;)

redneck said on 01/21/09 @ 12:31 PM:
im 18 and i have a 9 1/2 inch penis and my girls lov it

blake said on 01/21/09 @ 04:17 PM:
my dick is 2 inches and i am 4 inches hard wil some girls please give me advise caz i go 2 middle school and all the girls ask to grab my dick and im scared if they c it caz they laugh so is it to small or ok?

jessica said on 01/22/09 @ 02:44 PM:
hey blake u should let the girls grab it all they want ask them if they want 2 c it let me know how u do

big man big taste said on 01/22/09 @ 11:03 PM:
Hey I'm 19 I'm 2 inch soft n 41/2 when erect...... man people dnt worry about shit cus u kno why u can live life good I'm not gonna lie I have fuck 3 to 4 diffrent gurls n I still have a gurl.... datz do wut I want I fuck get a bj or still let her jack me off...... dnt worry about shit people I'm telling yall this cus I been throught thi b.s I'm turning 20 in 5 days n I'm just trying 2 live life n do wut da fuck I do n I proud........ just have faith in u n dnt give a fuck just fuk n do yall dreams cus dats wut I'm dng n feel good...

Haile said on 01/28/09 @ 01:20 PM:
Im 14 with a 9 inch penis i guess things just work out better for diffrent people

Harold said on 01/28/09 @ 04:49 PM:
Hey Jack and Eric, I'm just the same way. My little brother is more man than I'll ever become.
He's 12 years old, and I'm 15.
For a couple of months ago I went in to his bedroom, and I was only in my boxers , he was standing in his boxers too, and I noticed that his penis bulge was huge, alot bigger than mine. I couldn't stop staring at his gigantic, manly bulge, he noticed that and looked down to my crotch, and started laughing, he saw my tiny wee wee boner bulge.
Then he grew a boner too, and his compared to mine was a fucking skyscraper compared to a cabin, he wanted to compare sizes just to humiliate me even more, so I had to undress completely, and so did he.
When we both undressed he started laughing even more, and when we measured with a ruler, it turned out that his penis is 7.6 inches long and mine is only 2.5 inches long.
And his balls are really big, hairy and hanging, while mine are not hanging at all, they have no hair, and they're really small.

So now he always makes fun of me, he calls me things like: Pussy boy, Woman, and little brother.
And he uses to take my hand and puts it into his pants and makes me grab his massive cock and says "You see, this is what a man's cock is like." and then he puts it into my own pants makes me grab my fuckin dwarf wee wee and says "This is the penis of a 5 year old kid."
He makes me wear girl-panties, and they fits me pretty well in the crotch, because when my penis is soft it's only 1.3 inches, but it's so fucking humiliating.
And I think he has been telling people at my school cuz lately some hot girls have just grabbed my penis, bursted into laughter, and told me a sad comment about it's size.
And some of them have even rubbed their ass into my crotch just to see if it's big enough to become hard.
Man I hate my fucking "big" brother, he totally ruined my life by revealing how big his penis is compared to mine

Enrique said on 01/28/09 @ 10:08 PM:
im very muy no ingles

pero my is 2 y my am 25
am very sadt

Jeremy Ron said on 01/29/09 @ 12:24 AM:
I am 5' tall and have a 6' long schlong...my friends call me Pogo....can anyone stop me from bouncing around town?

kingston said on 01/29/09 @ 02:24 PM:
fuck this shit by d way 12yr 3.5 hard

kingston said on 01/29/09 @ 02:27 PM:
did i say 3-inches sorry 10000000 inches and fuck gay people

crissy said on 01/31/09 @ 11:44 AM:

vvvvdgghfynncmmkkvnngj said on 01/31/09 @ 04:26 PM:
im 13, bout 1 inch floppy n bout 3inchs hard. im kinda fat, so does this mak it small? will it get bigger?

Kev said on 02/02/09 @ 07:10 AM:
My penis is 2" long when normal, 5" when hard and its quite thin, but my girlfriend dosent mined as she has a tite hole and i can make her cum nearly everytime we have sex.

:) said on 02/06/09 @ 05:10 PM:
Mine is 2 inches then like 4 in a halph erect.lolz

Brian said on 02/12/09 @ 05:43 PM:
hi im 16 going on 17 my penis is 4 1/2 inches long soft and 7-8 inches long hard and i feel embarassed when have sex with girls they say its to small is that true????

Brian said on 02/12/09 @ 05:53 PM:
hi im 16 going on 17 and my dick is 4 1/2 inches long when soft and 7 1/2 when erect. i have sex with girls and they laugh at me and say im small. It brings me to the conclusion if this is true or not?? is it?? or are these girls pulling a fast one on me...

Brett said on 02/13/09 @ 05:09 PM:
haaha you guys suck, SMALLpenises, most of you guys sound like freaks. Im proud of my-self, 7in soft 10.3 in ERECT. mmmm girls love me but not you ahahah

Big balls said on 02/14/09 @ 06:53 PM:
my balls are the size of golf balls and my penis is 4in erect is that normal 4 a 13yr old???

Dirk said on 02/16/09 @ 07:32 PM:
Well, i cant complain about my size, im 7 inches 6 girth (im 16 yrs old) and i think thats enougth, although, if it does grow between now and the time i hit 20, thats great too. I'll encourage you guys that arent so blessed to not worry about ur size, i mean, its the motion in the ocean, right?

LittleBoy said on 02/17/09 @ 04:24 PM:
I've noticed that there are so many "littlebrother became big brother" issues around here. Well I have one of those too.
My big little brother is 13, I am 16.
He said he wanted to compare penises to see who's a man and who's a little boy, and sadly I became the little boy.
When I undressed he started laughing, but I can't blame him, because his is over three times my size, his penis is 7.4 inches, and my lousy loser dick is 2.2 inches, and I feel so embarrassed because he is constantly reminding me of it and making fun of me. He keeps telling me that he is my big brother now, and I am his little sissy slave. he makes me dress like a chick.
And his hot girlfriend with her big breats and superhot body is always grabbing my crotch, or bending down dressed in tight leather pants in front of me so that her round tight ass is pointing straight against me, just to make me get a boner, and then force me to undress, and say things like "Aw, it's so cute." "my 5 years old brother is almost twice as big as you." "Your big brother must be so proud of you, maybe you will reach an inch." or "So do you look forward to getting into puberty? your younger brother got it a couple of years ago, that's why he has got balls and a penis, and you don't."
It's so painful being the "Little brother." when you really are the oldest one, and when I tell this to my friends they only laugh of me and tells me "well, now you are the little brother."

no name said on 02/17/09 @ 06:27 PM:
im 14 and my dick is about 6 1/2 i hit puberty at about 11 or 12 (first pub hairs) but im embaressed cuse my girl friend likes to reach her hand down my pants and some times im flat will it ever get bigger.....i hounestly do simpathis with you guys just keep waiting it will grow if not try so kind of erectile pills

i have sex said on 02/17/09 @ 06:34 PM:
i have sex with my 12 in boner and my sexy ass girl friend she loves it and no name fuck ur pills y dont u take em and shouve them up your hoe of a girls ass your fag with your 6 1/2 in dick biotch

no name said on 02/17/09 @ 06:37 PM:
what i have sex just said to me was crule i think he is lieing can any of you grils on this page help me i mean would u be saticiefied with a guy with a 6 1/2 in dick??

David said on 02/17/09 @ 06:45 PM:
I am 29 and my dick is to small it is like 3 inch ectrect and like it goes in my body when it is soft what can i do about it i am so emcassered about it

F4 said on 02/22/09 @ 02:53 AM:
What is a dick?

Mycky said on 02/22/09 @ 02:49 PM:
i'm a girl and i know this: big=perfect/very good sex, where big>8'

rotus said on 02/22/09 @ 09:06 PM:
sup guys

rotus said on 02/22/09 @ 09:11 PM:
i was reading through some of these posts and found a bunch of bullsh I am 24 and have been married for two years. I love my wife more that everything. SOmetimes i feel like i have a small penis, but it is something that i have developed in my own head. I am 6 1/4" long. I have learned that is really is about technique, everytime i try to mindlessly pound my wifes pussy, all that it leads to is her drying out, having a shi*Y orgasm(if she has on at all) and no sex for like a week and a half

Nameless One said on 02/23/09 @ 10:19 PM:
Damn why are you all so penis obsessed? The only people who give a damn about penis size are guys who don't know better or girls who are such big sluts you could fit a baseball bat in them.

Seriously you all need to get some confidence.

bannanaman said on 02/24/09 @ 05:14 AM:
u guys r lucky 2 have big dicks
i only have a exposed head when
its soft and 5in hard n bent
my gf likes it

Shroomzzz said on 03/01/09 @ 11:54 AM:
im 16 and mine is only 7 and a half inches. My gf likes it but the bf does not.

Dirk said on 03/01/09 @ 04:12 PM:
All you guys with small dicks, I sypmathize.

Cox said on 03/04/09 @ 01:45 PM:
oh yeah yeah i have a 392345982734982 mile dick very funny you assholes

Ana said on 03/06/09 @ 02:06 AM:
love big cocks! girls you know why :D

Ana sux said on 03/07/09 @ 11:43 AM:
ana is a cock luvin whore

Secret said on 03/13/09 @ 07:29 PM:
i am not even quarter inch erect help!

Drew said on 03/15/09 @ 03:17 PM:
My bf has a 4 incher. I am 7.5 inches. I love him. His penis does not determine who he is. He rocks my world. We bottom for each other. Don't get caught up in your size. Somebody out there likes you for who you are You assholes who are diminishing these guys heartfelt concersn and hurt. You really are the smallest people around. You guys who are 1 inch 2 inches 3 or whatever learn to love yourself inspite of your penis size. You are beautiful because you are live and have the opportunity to love. If I had to choose a two inch man over a 8 inch asshole I would take the 2 inch boy all the time.

tom said on 03/19/09 @ 04:56 PM:
Im 16 years old and my penis is 2-3inches when not erected, and about 5-6 inches when erect.. Is this normal? to me it looks too small.

kelso said on 03/20/09 @ 06:00 PM:
im 18 and my penis is small when floppy but an average 6 inches when erect, however it dosent look very appealing

Mini said on 03/21/09 @ 07:01 PM:
I'm 15 and I have a 2.7 inches long penis when hard, 1.3 soft.
A girl at school pulled down my pants and my boxers from behind when I stood in front of a large group of girls. Everybody looked at me and started laughing and pointing.
Everyone at school makes fun of me, some girls licks my penis bulge and asks "Do you like getting your pussy licked?" and some says things like "When are you getting into puberty? my 10 year old brother did months ago and his penis is at least three times your size." "Do you have to sit when you pee, just like a girl?" or "you should contact Guinnes World Records, for the smallest penis in the world."
Some makes me undress in front of their friends just to show them how small it is.
Some tells me and a friend of mine to undress to compare our penises, and then burst out in laughter and bringing comments about how huge he is compared to me.
Some brings their panties to school and makes me wear them.
And some 13 year old boys laughs of my size and tells me that they had the same penis size when they were 6.
I hate being small

kay said on 03/22/09 @ 02:06 AM:
m penis is a 50 incher =]

Todd said on 03/23/09 @ 03:57 PM:
I'm 14 and my penis is 2.2 inches.
When I asked a hot girl to go to the school prom with me, she put her hand in my pants and grabbed my penis.
Then she started laughing, said "Sorry, I have big boobies, I'm a woman." and grabbed her boobs.
And then she grabbed my penis again and said "You have a tiny neddle cock, you're just a little boy, I don't think we would fit together."

... said on 03/23/09 @ 07:25 PM:
Im 13, and have a 1.5 inch soft and 3 1/2 inch hard, but my sac is really low and i gots ton of pubes. HELL! Ive gotten more action than most guys at my school!!!

dan said on 03/23/09 @ 09:21 PM:
i am 14 going on 15 in about 100 days
my dick is 3inch wen soft and 5 and a half inch wen hard idk it his been geting biger

Lara said on 03/24/09 @ 05:12 PM:
I'm a 17 year old chick and I love making fun of guys with small penises.
I like to fuck them and tell them that I didn't even feel that they were inside me.
I love rubbing my ass in to boys' crotches or push their face into my boobs just to make them have a tiny boner that I can laugh of, and sometimes I put my hand into random guys' pants and grab their penis, if they're big I kiss them on the cheek and give them compliments about their size.
If they're small I laugh of them and make fun of them.
Many girls says I'm a hot slut who abuses my beauty, but that just kind of turns me on.

jessica said on 03/24/09 @ 07:35 PM:
just smack you forehead repeatedly and then pul your ears outward away from your face repeatedly. It will get bigger and fatter as you do these things.

ryan said on 03/25/09 @ 07:30 PM:
my penis is like 6 1/2 in" when erect and im 16 idk if thats too small but i feel it is and i dont think smaking my forhead and pulling my ears will work

Long John said on 03/26/09 @ 12:42 AM:
Im 15 and my dick is 16 feet long soft and 12 floppy is it too big?

Phuck Meh said on 03/26/09 @ 12:45 AM:
My dick is 1/2 centimeter hard and 1/4 a millimeter soft is it way too big?

Dam said on 03/27/09 @ 03:23 PM:
i have a 7 inch dick wen i have a stiffy hahah U FUKIN RETARDS GO KILL UR SELVZ !!!! HAHAHAHAHA IM 14 !!!!!!!!

port said on 03/27/09 @ 05:10 PM:
I'm 35 and my dick is about 3 inches hard, my 14 year old son is taller and stronger than me, and his penis is almost 8 inches, and he always makes fun of me and reminds me of it.
He uses to grab my girlfriend's (his step mother's) ass all time, give her compliments about her boobs, and sometimes he asks if he want's to fuck a real man instead of that little boy (who is me.)
And she just smiles and laughs and looks happy, when he's only wearing boxers she stares at his great penis bulge, but I can't blame her for wanting a bigger man.

Bill S said on 03/28/09 @ 09:03 PM:
I really have a tiny penis. When soft, it is one inch long and wrinkled. When hard, it is less than three inches long and very thin.

iluvLara said on 03/29/09 @ 09:22 AM:
lara plz make fun of my pathetic cock

TinyKid said on 03/29/09 @ 03:13 PM:
Me too Lara, my penis is like 2 inches

Jennifer said on 03/29/09 @ 03:47 PM:
i'm an 18 year old girl, my boyfriend who is 20 has a pathetic 3 inch loser-wiener.
i like to make him watch while i fuck his 15 year old little brother who have a 8 inches long god-penis.
i use to make him give his little brother blowjobs, and tell him how much of a man he is compared to himself.
and i make them both go hard, stand close to eachother, and then i measure their penises and their balls, and i and my boyfriend's little brother laugh and make fun of my tiny boyfriend.
the man i love is the little brother, but i'm keeping my boyfriend just to humilliate him.

Tim said on 03/29/09 @ 04:58 PM:
I'm 15 years old and my penis is 1.8 inches hard.
When I was in the locker room at the pool with my 12 year old little brother after we had finished swimming, we were the only ones there, and was going to shower, I undressed first and he was still wearing his speedo.
I was covering my penis with my hands while walking into the shower, and he said "why are you hiding your cock, only guys with tiny penises are covering their cock when showering." then I looked at his speedo-bulge and noticed it was huge.
And he said "come on, remove your hands, if you show me your penis, i'll show you mine, and we could compare, like men."
Then I removed my hands, and he removed his speedo, he started laughing when he saw my penis and said " ok, i said compare like men, but i meant like man and baby."
I got a boner and we measured my hard penis to his soft penis, and it turned out that my hard fully erected penis isn't even half the size of his soft penis, my hard penis is 1.8 inches and his soft penis is 4.2 inches, when he got a boner it reached 8.3 inches, ALMOUST 6 TIMES MY SIZE, MAN I HATE THAT BIG HUGE IDIOT.
some other guys came in while we were comparing and they asked my little brother "what are your sister doing here in the boys locker room?" and he laughed and told them i was his older little brother then they said "cool, but why does your brother have a pussy?"
Now he's always calling me little brother, and he makes me do things for him like for example he says "hey little brother, get me a soda now!" and when i givve him the soda he grabs my crotch and says "good little boy."

Bill S said on 03/31/09 @ 03:06 PM:
My penis is one inch long and wrinkled most of the time. When it's hard, it is less than three inches long and very thin.

Sarah said on 04/01/09 @ 03:15 PM:
call me slutty if u want to but guys with small dicks are losers, guys with large dicks are gods, sex with a small guy is awful, but its kinda amusing to make fun of him

BILL S said on 04/01/09 @ 03:33 PM:
Ladies, I have a really tiny penis. It's one inch long and wrinkled almost all of the time. When it gets hard, which is not often due to erectile dysfunction, it is less than three inches long and very thin. Please post your comments here and be sure to use my name - BILL S. I will receive only your comments (NOT your e-mail addresses) in my personal e-mail. Let me know what you ladies think, and please make your comments as long as you want and please send them as often as you want - the more, the better. Thanks.

james said on 04/02/09 @ 12:34 AM:
is there any websites/chatrooms wer sluts like sarah can look at our cocks?

to sarah said on 04/03/09 @ 08:52 AM:
hey whats your number i got a huge cock 4 you

cockgod said on 04/03/09 @ 08:54 AM:
lara imma fuck you in the ass and cum in your mouth you hot slut whats your number

Sarah said on 04/03/09 @ 03:36 PM:
hey to sarah, define what u call huge, size?

Lara said on 04/03/09 @ 04:09 PM:
Hey cockgod, sounds delightful.
my number is non of your bussines, but just out of curiosity, what's your penis size?

Jameson said on 04/03/09 @ 04:16 PM:
port you're a fuckin' baby loser, i am 11 and i am more man than you, my penis is like over twice the size of yours

Roy said on 04/03/09 @ 04:53 PM:
I'm 16 years old and I have a 2 inch penis.
My little sister who is 13 have a very mature body for her age, she has great boobs, a nice round ass, wide smooth hips, flat stomache and a really cute face, she's the hottest girl I know.
She's very slutty too, she is always getting new boyfriends, she's always talking about sex when she's with me, and she always wears really tight pants and tight small tops revealing her cleavage and stomache.
Once she bendt down in front of me and asked me to rate her ass from 1 to 10, and she let me touch it and firmly massage it, that really turned me on, and I rated it 10 of course.
Then she did the same thing with her boobs and allowed me to grab them, I gave them a 10 too.
And she said that now she had to return the favor by rating my penis, and made me take off my pants, she started laughing loud when she saw my bulge trough my boxers, and she told me to continue undressing, when she saw my penis she srarted laughing and did the "small penis sign" with her fingers and told me my balls looked like peanuts and my penis looked like a baby carrot.
She said my penis was rated 1 because of its size, and now she calls me little brother and makes me call her Lady.
She's always making fun of me and shows her friends and her boyfriends my penis.

jnoh said on 04/04/09 @ 03:37 AM:
im 9 and my willy is 11 inches at a stiffy
is that 2 big?

LarasCock said on 04/06/09 @ 07:56 PM:
hey lara my cock is 7 inches n pretty thick... go 2 showyourdick.com and find the member tinycock... thats me

averageJoe said on 04/06/09 @ 10:20 PM:
You guys that are saying you have 4-6 inches.. stop right here and go pull on it, the norm for a full grown man is just that 4 -6 inches and thats fact.. for those of you that have much less than that there is a few possibilities, if you are over weight, consider this.. the pubic region gains weight as your body does, Dr's say, for every 30 lbs. you are over weight, you lose one inch of your penis, not that you actually lose it, rather it becomes unaccessable due to the extra fat on the pubic bone. Less commonly, for the guys with 1-2 inches or inverted.. there is also a medical condition called "micropenis" which is not cureable. The best thing to do is just this... lose weight if need be, and if thats not the problem.. LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR OTHER ASSETS! & Remember, the majority of nerve endings in the vagina are in the first 2 inches of it, most women do not need 12 inches to make them cum.. just a knowledable finger, tongue and pecker.. use what u have! Only vain, insecure and superficial women will ever care about your penis size. THIS IS THE TRUTH. 32 y/o M 4" and never had a complaint.

LarasCock said on 04/07/09 @ 03:04 PM:
showyourdick.com best amerture self pics website

Perv said on 04/10/09 @ 12:04 AM:
I have a normal sized penis, maybe a bit less, but I'm pretty secure about it. What I'm worried abou is that I get turned on by small penises. I'm completely straight and am not attracted to men, but I often jerk off to reall tiny penises, that's how I found this site. I don't think it's to make me feel bigger, like I said, I'm secure in my size. Can anyone help, I am so ashamed of this problem.

My Dick has a late night fee said on 04/10/09 @ 11:49 AM:
My dick is 2 inch small and i'm 15 teen and extends 5in don;t worry guys if u know how to place wid da g spot youll be ok,,, FACT: while laying on a girl stick your middle finger as far as it can go , and you know the thing ppl do that make a sighn language cum here do that to here vagina up top yooull find,,, b4 doing this rub her vagia outside up and down. THANKS, DA []> [] []V[] []> >

Problemed said on 04/11/09 @ 01:40 AM:
Help. I'm not small, maybe a little undersized, but I am secure about my size. My problem is that I am turned on by other guys' small parts. I am not attracted to men and am straight, but their humiliation turns me on, and I am so ashamed of it. Can anyone help me stop it?

OH YEAH said on 04/11/09 @ 03:11 AM:
there is actually a good size to small penises
1- they can get deep throated...
2- they can do the backdoor painlessly for the gal!
I mean..there is a silver lining in every cloud!

Its ok!

Little one :( said on 04/11/09 @ 07:29 AM:
Im 14 yrs old havent entered pruberty,i have 2 inches when erected :( i hope it will grow or my life's gona suck donkey balls.

christian said on 04/12/09 @ 11:05 PM:
my penis is 4 inches and im 14 ......!!!!!!!

Mr. Teeny Weeny said on 04/13/09 @ 10:02 PM:
I have an extremely tiny penis. It is pathetic and I've been told it looks smaller than a baby's penis. It is maybe 1" erect at best, and on a good day flaccid it is just over one centimeter. When I go into a pool it shrivels up into into a tiny nub of skin. I usually have to sit down to pee so I don't piss on my tiny balls. One time a girl reached down and couldn't find it, when she did she laughed histarically and told all of her friends, but it turned me on. Girls please reply or e-mail me with your comments on my pathetic baby's penis. The more detailed the better. E-mail to smith0000922@yahoo.com

briann said on 04/14/09 @ 01:46 PM:
ppls...im 14 and im a short kid... but my shyte is 7.5inches erect. nd sum girls dnt think short ppls have big dicks.srry 4 da ppl wit small ones.haha

unknownnn said on 04/14/09 @ 01:48 PM:
im 14 with a 4.5 in non erect...then 7.5 in erect... is that big???

brent tiny said on 04/15/09 @ 03:05 PM:
unknownnn, i would love to be your size, I think that's really big, i'm 15 and my penis is 2.2 non erect and 3.7 erect

Army Stud said on 04/15/09 @ 06:35 PM:
okay i am 15 and my dick is like a young kids not erected but when it is im like pinokio telling a lie except for the size its much thicker it is 1/2 in. nonerect and 10" erect big difference and i am about 4" thick
but one problem i dont blow massive loads like other people
I am going into the army and i am kinda embarassed when my dick isnt erected and the army has open showers
when ever i fuck my girlfriend she squels with pleasure.....
dont be fulled all the girls i have dated love men with small dicks very small they only love me because i treat them right and that we love each other

Dont feel bad if your not up to size
youll be there one day soon.
Size dont matter
:) dont let it ruin your life

Elliott said on 04/17/09 @ 02:40 PM:
I'm 14 and my meat is 6.5 in long and 5in in girth. I don't know about u guys but I get a lot of pussy. and I treat them right. It really isnt how bigg ur meat is, it's how u use it. Pce

i have a big little brother said on 04/17/09 @ 04:16 PM:
my 12 year little brother's dick is 6.7 inches, i am 14 and my dick is 2.3 inches.
he makes me look at his penis and tell him how big his dick compared to mine, that his is three times bigger than mine. and that he is a god compared to me.
he always gropes girls' boobs and asses, and he tells me that the reason i'm not doin' it is because i'm not as sexually mature and developed as he is, and because of that i'm not that much attracted to woman bodies.

Louise_M said on 04/19/09 @ 02:41 AM:
Anything under 6 inches just tickles a woman inside. No wonder you lot are single hahaha

keymen said on 04/20/09 @ 12:40 PM:
that good that im not by my self by having a small but i get pussy

King sized kid said on 04/20/09 @ 04:30 PM:
I read through this comment and got some ideas, I asked my older brother to compare penises.
he's 15, i'm 13, and it turned out his penis was 3 inches erect, and mine was 4.3 inches non-erect, and 7.9 inches erect.
it's so funny, his fully erected needle-penis don't even reach my soft king size tower-penis, and my erected penis is over twice his size. I call him little brother all time, and it really annoys him but he doesn't say anything because he know I am the big "little" brother.

We were feiends before, and i respected him as my big brother. But now i know it's true and I treat him like a slave, and i am the big brother now.

YOUNGER DOESN'T ALWAYS MEAN SMALLER. BIG BROTHER CAN OFTEN BE TINY-PENIS BOYS. talking from own experience + lots of comments from sad little "big" brothers at this page with little brothers like me who has outgrown them.
I love being the younger bigger brother.

Girl said on 04/21/09 @ 05:14 PM:
This is a girl. We honestly do nottt care at all about the size of your penis. and for all you 14 yr olds out there, youre too young to even be worried about it anyway. Im honestly scared to death of penises. so stoppp measuring and worrying.
I promise you, life is too short to be worrying about the size of your dick..really.

Ted said on 04/22/09 @ 03:44 PM:
can anyone tell me what the average dick size for a 14 year old is? my size is about 2 inches, i know i am small, but i just wanna know how small.
in the locker rooms at school all the guys makes fun of me coz thei're like 3-4 times my size, and the girls call me "nonpuberty boy"
so i just wanna know how small i am compared to the average size.

"Little" Brother said on 04/22/09 @ 03:58 PM:
i am 13 years old and my hard penis is 7 inches. my older step brother is 16 and his hard penis is 2 inches(wich isn't even close to my soft penis) i love making him praise my penis and tell me how big it is compared to his.
And i always call him little brother, even in public, but he doesn't do anything about it because he know it's true.
When i show his penis to my girlfriends they laugh as it's the funniest thing they've seen.
And says his tiny wee wee is so "cute"

Jimmy said on 04/22/09 @ 04:01 PM:
I'm 3 inches, my girlfriend said a tiny boy like me doesn't deserve a vouloptous lady like her

LarasCock said on 04/23/09 @ 02:54 PM:
anybody who wants c my cock go 2 www.showyourdick.com and find the member tinycock

Bill said on 04/25/09 @ 09:24 AM:
I am 18 years old and my penis is 6inchs long and the width is normal I realy dont meen to brag but Ive done alot of girls in my life and they all told me the sex was good but for some reason i feel so small, I guess its because of my body being so big I lift weights . And for all those guys out there who have a small penis learn how to eat pussy trust me you will be fine .

Gedder said on 04/28/09 @ 05:26 PM:
is 7 inches big or small for a 13 year old?

DecentDick said on 04/29/09 @ 01:04 PM:
To LarasCock: saw ur pics n i luved ur cock!!! u have plenty of happy friends on that site

debop said on 04/29/09 @ 04:36 PM:
I have a 12 inch at 15 O.O

instant classic said on 05/01/09 @ 10:58 AM:
im like 2 1/2 inches dead and 6 erect
i give bitches pleasure tho lol
girls tell me its not tha big but they love when i fuck them

Big and young said on 05/01/09 @ 04:29 PM:
i am 13 years old, and i have a brother who is 15, its so funny, my dick is 4 inches soft, 7 inches hard, my brothers dick is like 2 inches soft, and 4 inches hard. my soft dick is bigger than his erected, hes such a tiny loser

Embarrased "boy" said on 05/01/09 @ 04:47 PM:
i am 30, and i have a 15 year old brother.
he kept claiming he had the biggest penis, and i always caught him staring at my bulge,
i got so tired of it that i asked him to compare penises, when we finally did it we found out that he is 8 inches and i am 4.5, he laughed and said "looks like i am the big brother now"
he even wrote down the sizes and made me sign it, now he always makes me compare and then he writes down the results, and he always calls me boy, and calls himself man

dont worry said on 05/04/09 @ 07:53 AM:
im 14 my penis is 1 inch long unerected and its 2 inches erected im seriously worried what shall i do

Little one said on 05/05/09 @ 04:12 PM:
I am 16 and have a 3 inch cock. My 13 year old brother has a 7 incher. He caught me reading the comments on this site, and then he laughed and said something like "A community for baby penis boys, are you one of those?" I didn't answer, and then he demanded that I showed him my penis, when I did he laughed, and pulled out his giant rod, my penis got hard by hearing him laughing, and seeing how well endowed he was compared to me, my hard penis doesn't even reach his soft one, then he said "Looks like I'm gonna have to be calling you little brother now, tiny boy." it's so embarrasing, I'm supposed to be the big brother, the boss, but now he is, and he will never let me forget this, he was the one who made me write this comment, but I guess you'll just have to do what your "big" brother tells you. Anyone else have this type of problem?

David said on 05/05/09 @ 08:29 PM:
im 15 and mine is 1.5 soft and about 3.5 in hard. it doesnt look big at all. I dont know what to do.

john said on 05/05/09 @ 08:32 PM:
What the fuck is with all these little kid saying how big or small their dick is. i mean you have a little bit to go so just wait, most probably havent gone trought puberty yet. and to the kid 2 above this, who the fuck CARES if ur older bro has a small willy, to bad you dont know what its like you little piece of shit mother fucking nigger.

derek said on 05/05/09 @ 11:13 PM:
hey Big and young, im 11 and my brother is 13. my dick is 6 inches hard and 3 inches soft and i have pubes around my cut dick and some on my balls, even in my butt crack, but my older brother who is 13 still doesn't have pubes and his smelly uncut dick is only 3 inches hard and 1 inch soft, and he still only cums dry. i fuckin spooge all over the place. i agree he is a fuckin loser.

Big and young said on 05/06/09 @ 03:45 PM:
Yeah derek, i understand what you mean. and its so funny humiliating my older little brother.
but i guess younger brother doesn't have to mean little brother, because i am the younger brother and still the big brother if you know what im talking about

denuts said on 05/06/09 @ 07:57 PM:
my dick 4 inch soft and 6inch long and al the girls i fuc they say they love my size and iam 15

J.V said on 05/07/09 @ 04:37 PM:
I'm 14, my penis is 2 inches, and I love it because with a dick that size I will never have to wear tight boxers, there will always be lots of room for my dick

TinyTim said on 05/07/09 @ 04:40 PM:
Penis size comparing ruined my friendship, I'm 15 and I compared size with my best friend, he is 8 inches and i am 3, now he always makes fun of me and treats me like shit

duczkman said on 05/09/09 @ 12:01 AM:
my penis is about 3 inches soft and about 6 inches hard is that bad? i feel kinda ashamed cause i think its small

marcus said on 05/09/09 @ 02:41 AM:
I feel sory for all of you. I came on here feelin insecure. But seeing all of your problems.... jesus. My penis is 8-9 inches an 8 in circumference.
Which is apparently large compared 2 most ppl here. Girls always say its massive but I thought that's just what girls say. Hopefully if I lose some weight it'l increase in length.
But I'm not so bothered now. You guys have some real problems. You can take some consolation in the fact you make guys like me feel great about themselves. :D

tiny boner guy said on 05/09/09 @ 05:46 PM:
i hate when i see hot girls, coz then my tiny penis gets hard, and everybody laughs and points

Chad said on 05/09/09 @ 05:48 PM:
why does there have to be different penis sizes? i'm tired of being humilliated because of my tiny penis!

BILL S. said on 05/09/09 @ 07:57 PM:
Ladies, I have a really tiny penis. It's one inch long and wrinkled almost all of the time. When it gets hard, which is not often due to erectile dysfunction, it is less than three inches long and very thin. Please post your comments here and be sure to use my name - BILL S. I will receive only your comments (NOT your e-mail addresses) in my personal e-mail. Let me know what you ladies think, and please make your comments as long as you want and please send them as often as you want - the more, the better. Thanks.

big boi said on 05/09/09 @ 11:37 PM:
im 15 nd i godda 7 inch dick its awsome i bone all the time thr girlys hove mutiple orgasms nd i last 45 to 50 minutes each time . they luv it . i luv it it must suck 2 be small like sum of u guys . better same sum money 2 go by doldos kuz u aint gonna git the ladys of with them tiney peepee dick lol ; ]

loser said on 05/10/09 @ 05:00 PM:
i'm 14, my dick is 3 inches, and i feel so pathetic compared to the other guys my age.

Jeanette said on 05/10/09 @ 05:03 PM:
we have no use for tiny boys, i hate it when i can barely feel a penis inside me, you must have at least a 6 incher to be a real man

hi said on 05/10/09 @ 05:30 PM:
hi im 13 and worried about my size its about 3 and a bit erected and i cant pill my fore skon bak fullly wen erected this fit girl ask me bout my size i just whent red cause every 1 sed theres

random said on 05/10/09 @ 06:31 PM:
hi im 13 im 3 in non errect and 4 in errect i feel depressed my gf rly want to have sex is this normal will she laugh at me

Jeanette Is a Whore said on 05/16/09 @ 03:37 PM:
Jeanette is a whore

Jeanette said on 05/16/09 @ 05:21 PM:
Jeanette Is a Whore, okay, I may be a bit slutty, but so what? at least I'm not a boy with a tiny baby dick

Jeanette said on 05/16/09 @ 05:22 PM:
By the way, whores are hot

Jaqueline said on 05/16/09 @ 05:37 PM:
hey Jeanette, I know exactly what you mean, last week, I dumped my boyfriend because oof his tiny 3 inch dick, and now I'm dating his 7 inch brother

Henry "Henrietta" said on 05/16/09 @ 05:47 PM:
My dick is like 3 inches, and I like it when hot chicks makes fun of my tiny dick, compares it to other bigger guys, and calls me girls' names, it turns me on, sometimes they make me wear panties

Rachel said on 05/17/09 @ 02:57 PM:
I am 17, and I love to flash my boobs to my 15 year old tiny-dick brother. Then I can see his tiny bulge raise slightly into an erected mini-cock. I like to make fun of him because of his underdeveloped equipment, and put my pointing finger and my thumb around his dick (it's to tiny to use my whole hand.) and sometimes i make him grab my round booty with his tiny hands. I simply love to make him wear my clothes, they fit him so well (especially the panties and the skirts) haha!

Mr. Bigdick said on 05/18/09 @ 06:06 AM:

Big 8 said on 05/18/09 @ 10:03 PM:
I'm turning 14 in July and my dick is 8 inches when erect and i've already had sex with my girlfriend she's 16 she said she has been with older guys but mine was the biggest

toledo said on 05/24/09 @ 01:44 PM:
my dick is 5in on soft and 8.7 on hard if your worried bout size just fuck a gurl hard as u can and learn to do other things well(ORAL,ect.)

Juan said on 05/26/09 @ 01:14 AM:
im 16 and i hate my fuckin small dick. My dick is only 1 1/2 inches and im uncut so only a small flap of skin sticks out of my bush. i even got small fuckin nuts my 11 year old cousin saw it once when i spent the night and he walked in while i was getting out of the shower to take a piss he whiped his dick out to start to piss and i saw he still had no pubes but his fuckin uncut dick was about 5 inches soft. he saw me and started to laugfh at me. he keeps telling me he wants to see my clit again we are both Mexicans from the LA hood. any homies out there with a small verga like mine can you beat my size.

Ashley said on 05/28/09 @ 11:15 PM:
Ladies opinion.... Seriously it's not about the size, I was with a guy who had a 4inch penis and it was GREAT.... I've had a guy with a 7.5 inch penis and it sucked... It's how you use it. Trust me, learn to use it good and it will make up for size. Don't worry about it, you will all be fine!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Guru said on 05/29/09 @ 06:14 PM:
FUCK GUYS, WHO GIVES A CUNTING SHIT ABOUT YOUR PENIS SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111

JUST FUCKIN RAPE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

Jessie said on 05/29/09 @ 06:27 PM:
i'm 17 and my little 14 year old brother has a 6 incher when erect, he like it when i put it in my mouth and i like it too, i give him lots of blowjobs for practise, his cum tastes nice :).

dustin said on 06/01/09 @ 12:11 AM:
my dicks 6 1/2 inches long but i swear i dont think thats big enough for some women by the way im 15

Nameless One said on 06/01/09 @ 06:08 AM:
hey im james im 16 i have a average size penis 6 " soft 7 1/2 " hard i love guys wif small ones

Jessie is an inbred said on 06/01/09 @ 01:05 PM:
You fucking inbred cunt.

Who next? yer dad?

minie me said on 06/01/09 @ 03:51 PM:
im 13 and have a 3 inch dick when hard i feel like shit cause i feel everyone around me has a bigger one

i masterbate once a night and im scared its stunting my growth i try to stop but its like a drug you know.(i dont do drugs never will and dont drink untill of age and wont smoke) can any one tell me why my penis is small and tell me if my masterbation problem is making it small

just in time said on 06/02/09 @ 06:26 PM:
i have a 2 in. dick when soft and when hard it is about 4 1/2 in. long. just turned 14

aj said on 06/04/09 @ 12:46 AM:
wow man no matter waht dont loose ur confidence.. my dick is 7.5 inches and im 19 but yo the circumfrence is just as important.. and man i never had sex nor kissed a girl and got asked out alott ... its about ur confidence.. if u do have sex the first time and ur dick is small make sure ur slick with light off and use ur tounge lol and do whatever to make her feel good lol im sure it will help

RO said on 06/06/09 @ 03:08 PM:
mines 3 inches soft but i havnt measured it hard but i think my confidence started going down when i started watching porn alot(bigger than average) so as bad as this sounds it makes me feel a little better that im not as small as some ppl but seriously try NOT to watch porn or your confidence will slowly go down....im 20 when i used to have sex in high school i thought i was average and my girl never said nothing about it but havnt had sex since because of my confidence ;-(

Bill S. said on 06/06/09 @ 05:57 PM:
My penis is one inch long, and soft and shriveled up most of the time. When it is hard, it is about two inches long and very thin. I think it is small, but I would be interested in what the ladies think. Thank you.

Jim said on 06/07/09 @ 05:17 PM:
I'm 15 years old and have a 3 inch cock, my 14 year old girlfriend left me because i had a tiny cock, the first time she saw it she laughed and took a picture of it, then she broke up with me the day after.
Now she's dating my 13 year old brother, who has a 7 inch cock, she is always telling me how huge and well endowed he is compared to me, and it drives me mad that I always have to see them make out, him groping her ass, her grabbing his penis etc. right in front of me, it's so unfair that I am the little brother when I am the older brother, i should have the biggest cock

Hugo said on 06/08/09 @ 04:42 AM:
You Guys Are Lucky... When Soft Mine is 3 inches, when erect 5 1/2 inches, some people say this is Above Average since i'm only 13, but also i have A MOLE on my penis, i am embarased to ever have sex.

advice said on 06/08/09 @ 11:32 AM:
i have a 2 1/2 inch soft and 4 1/2 inch erect, i aint gone through puberty yet.

and message to all boys, if a girl dumps you or laughs at you because of your penis size, they weren't really loving. if you have a nice, caring girlfriend, then she wont dump you over your penis size

Lucinda said on 06/08/09 @ 05:42 PM:
Bill S, I think you sound like a loser, you're just a tiny little boy, to be a real man you need to have a real cock. You have the cock of a five year old little boy, how old are you by the way? if I fucked you i probably wouldn't even notice it.

Night said on 06/09/09 @ 03:30 AM:
Jim come on! Be a man for god's sake. who cares if you have a tiny cock why are you acting like a little bitch about it. Listen you are just probably a late bloomer and he is probably a very early bloomer and also please grow some balls and just beat your little brother's ass if he makes fun of you or anything like that. Also forget what what your girlfriend says she just a loose slut.

Big penises are hot and manlike, small ones are cute and pathetic said on 06/10/09 @ 03:37 PM:
AAAW, you're all so cute.
I love men with tiny penises, they're so cute and pathetic at the same time, I love making fun of cute little guys like you adn mmake you feel like the little girls you are.
When I read this comments I go like: aw, that's so cute and then I laugh.
And all the bigger little brothers described on this page sounds interesting, I just love it when a much younger guy have a much bigger penis than an older brother, cousin, father, friend or anything like that, I simply love it.

- Christina

jackthelad said on 06/11/09 @ 07:32 AM:
my cock is really small when soft but when im hard its about 7 inch is that ok im 18 nearly 19

daniel said on 06/12/09 @ 08:46 AM:
my penis is small but my girlfriend still gives me a blow job and its nice

Lander F said on 06/12/09 @ 07:07 PM:
I'm 16, my 13 year old female cousin saw my penis when I was showering, she laughed, took a picture with her cellphone, and said it was the cutest little thing she've ever seen, she's always naming me tiny boy, and make me do her homeworks and stuff, if I refuse she says she will send the picture to all of my friends + all the girls in my class.
She uses to make sexy poses like bending over in front of me, giving me hugs just to push her boobs into me and things like that just to make me have a tiny boner.

amber said on 06/15/09 @ 01:27 AM:
my husband has a 3inch dick and our sex is great he loves to go down on me too. I am very attractive and had my share of boyfriends and the 12 inch guys hurt to bad. if a girl says that the sex was bad ask her what she did i cant stand girls talking about guys being bad in bed when there probally laying there doing nothing and yes size matters but really not that much if a guy works his hips and please a girl in other ways it doesnt matter so many big dicked guys think they have a big dick and thats all the girl needs is his huge cock wrong AND IT HURTS also a womens vagina is only 9 cm about 3-4 inch the rest is wasted dick the tv and internet have put this shit in your heads i do feel bad for the guys that cant even get it in a girl save up. girls are programed to think they want big dicks but theyll learn as they get older smaller is better best size is 3-5 inch

Brank12 said on 06/15/09 @ 10:02 AM:
Hey amber, if you don't mind me asking what does your husband do exactly to satisfy you? Does he make you cum?

dayNnight said on 06/15/09 @ 09:33 PM:
im 16 and have a 7 inch dick hard is that small?

LadyGodess said on 06/16/09 @ 04:58 PM:
dayNnight, hell yeah it's small, you're so tiny, I just have to laugh.
But you're not so small as many of this other guys on this page, like Bill S, Henry or Tiny Tim anyway.

Jim said on 06/16/09 @ 05:57 PM:
I'm 15 years old.
My dick is 2.6 inches, and in the locker room at school everybody laughs at me.
Once even a couple of 12 year olds pointed at my groin and laughed, they were so much bigger than me, and when they laughed and pointed I got a boner, and tried to hide it, then they laughed even more.
At school my nickname is tiny, and most of the girls (based on what the other boys have told them) know how tiny I am, and uses to grab my crotch and beg to see my dick

small fry said on 06/17/09 @ 06:42 AM:
my penis is 5in soft. is that big?

Aaron said on 06/22/09 @ 06:16 AM:
Hi i am aaron am 17, if your penis is 15 cm when you are hard then you are average and there is nothing to worry about. i am 12 cm flopy and 16 cm hard. If you have a girlfriend that loves you then thats all you need its not about the penis its what you have in personality to your girlfriend.

hope this helps

Tiny Tim said on 06/28/09 @ 12:19 AM:
Hey some of these guys on here r lucky and some not so much. I have less than a 2 inch dick. My family all pick on me about it. Like on one christmas they got me xlarge condoms on purpose when they know i need xsmall and by the way i am still a virgin!! i dont need it at all! but they made me take them back and get the xsmall and get in a line with a dude! he laughed at me so bad somebody else had to check the item. so it does suck to have a small dick. i really think it has 2 do with masturbating cause i do it 6 times a night. man i am soo lonely. i bet even a small chahuahua has a bigger dick than me and thats sad!! :(

jigjigjig said on 07/01/09 @ 12:05 PM:
im 14-15 and i have a 10 cm erected penis, maybe when im fully fully erect it hits about 11 cm-.-. never got laid,my gf aint ready yet, see how it goes, just have to go with the flo and do ur best in bed,but i dont wanna have sex at 15, thats too eaarly for me

g.... said on 07/02/09 @ 10:24 PM:
my penis is 3 soft and 5 1/2 hard... if u have a small penis u cant do anything about it. its what (god) gave u. i would rather have a small penis than take those hormones that make ur dick bigger or get an implant...much rather keep my dignity

Jake said on 07/03/09 @ 01:38 PM:
im 18 i just graduated highschool a week ago and i'm a poor ugly virgin, i've only got one blowjob and that was in the 9th grade .the girl wanted to video tape it for her own diarey and i said yea before we did but by the time i got my pants off i completey forgot. so i pull out my 2.5 inch hard cock and she laughs and says is that your third thumb? i shrug it off she put my little cock in her mouth anyways within 10 seconds ill blew cum all over and moan uncontrobaly it sounded like a taradactle. she laughed at me and left instantly after. she showd all her girlfriends and everyone at my highschool picked on me for my small penis. even if a teach heard someone saying it to me they would just laugh the video is still out there and not one girl in highschool ever wanted me because the would just go for a jock with a big cock because the can fuck good and my little cock is volkswagone beetla and there cocks are f3500 super duties... true storey. my penis has still never bin touched since and it happened when i was 15 im now 18

Matt said on 07/09/09 @ 07:47 AM:
I wish all you ignorant evil bastards would stop showing off how big your dick is. Its true its the ones who brag who have little nibs. I'm not small, about 5 inches soft, 7 and half hard but i have a bestest best friend who showed me his once out of pure trust. He is really small and i felt sorry for him slightly, so i hooked him up with a girl and now they're great, regardless of his size. Stop being dickheads and try to prevent suicide and surgery by not taking the piss!

Emily said on 07/09/09 @ 07:54 AM:
I really don't know what the fuss is about, i personally love small dicks, i love sucking them. I don't care about sex anyway. I really hate big dicks, it turns off most women, except the freaks on porn videos who get PAID to enjoy them. I just hate men who brag about thier size and i think everyone with a penis smaller than 3 inches deserves a mandatory blowjob.

Jess said on 07/09/09 @ 08:14 AM:
I absolutely love small penis's, please send me pics, i don't check my e-mail enough to reply but i think a nice surprise would be to see them in my inbox. I am a huge fan and currently have a 3 inch boyfriend but he doesn't mind me masturbating to bigger/smaller men. Please send me pics! My e-mail is jess_the_best@ymail.com.

Jess said on 07/09/09 @ 08:28 AM:
send me pics of your tiny dicks i love them!


Bright_Raven said on 07/13/09 @ 04:18 AM:
My Penis is 7 inches erect, if you want to date me based on that fact alone, piss off.

But seriously, does it matter that much? does my bigger wang make me a better person?

average penis length, 5" to 6". keeps growing untill the age of 21. the end.

Speedos rule, Briefs are awsome, guys who tease other guys about penis size need to think about something other than other guys penises... gay... people used to say that i had a small penis and teasing me about it. funny considering i am 7" now

that said, i am pretty sure i'm gay... and i prefer smaller penises. but penis size shouldnt be a big deal. people who think it is a big deal (size queens) are not worth it. if people do give you grief about it, they are the ones that need to grow up, not you.

The OG said on 07/13/09 @ 05:54 PM:
Yenoo what they say but us afican Americans we have big dicks. But I can tell you we don't. Yeah some peppl or massive but man I'm only like 5 inca (flop). And I'm 17 but don't worry the girls love it as long as you treat den right.

Unknown said on 07/14/09 @ 04:49 PM:

unknown said on 07/14/09 @ 10:53 PM:
JENNIFER That is soooo hoottt of you send me any pics or videos THANKS

Jess said on 07/15/09 @ 07:58 AM:
I absolutely love men with small tiny penises, they have so many benefits and turn me on loads. Anyone who has a small penis send me a picture please. love jess x


Jess said on 07/15/09 @ 08:02 AM:
I love small penises, they turn me on loads, don't worry all you men out there with little ones, there are loads of women who love them, honestly. Send me pics of your tiny ones! love jess x


yung_beezy113 said on 07/16/09 @ 12:32 PM:
Im a 15 year old boy with a 6 inch dick one day me nd my cuzin was home alone nd I wuz takin a shower she came in and opened up a curtain nd saw my dick it was small because it was wet I told why it wuz small but she laughed but when she was in the shower I was all dry so when she opened the curtain she fell immediatly in love with my dick she threw me 2 the ground nd started sucking it then I told her lets go 2 my room she said ok then I started putting my 6 incher in her pussy makin her scream at the top of her lungs takin it in and out and from that day on she started 2 sleep over my house more
comment me

yung_beezy113 said on 07/16/09 @ 01:25 PM:
I luv fucking my cuzin

Seriously comment back

Jess is Sexy said on 07/17/09 @ 06:33 PM:
hey jess check ur email

yung_beezy113 said on 07/18/09 @ 11:53 PM:
Ay jess is sexy send it again I didn't get it but this time but resend it 2 bottomnigga113@yahoo.com

2 inch Pete said on 07/19/09 @ 06:25 PM:
I'm 16 years old, and I accidentally walked in on my 13 year old little brother while he was undressing. He didn't cover his penis or anything, he just smiled and told me to enter the room, I did as he said, and looked surprised at his gigantic penis. He asked me if his penis was big, and I told him it was huge, he asked if it was bigger than my own penis. I didn't answer because I couldn't lie and I certainly didn't want to tell him the truth. He said "come on, let me see it, you've seen mine." I unwillingly removed my pants, and he started laughing when he saw my tiny erected bulge, he told me I had to remove my boxers as well. I did what he told me to, and he laughed even more when he saw my little penis. He said it was just like a little worm, and told me to call him big brother from then. He made his hot girlfriend measure our penises, she laughed just as much as he had done, and took a picture of me and my brother standing naked next to each other. When she measured our penises it turned out he is 7.8 inches and I am 2.7 inches. My younger big brother wrote a note and made me read it while his girlfriend was filming us, so I read the note, and what I read was this: "I, Pete am 16 years old and I have a teeny, barely 2 inches long wee wee. My big manly younger but a lot bigger 13 year old brother, Jake on the other hand have a huge nearly 8 inches long manc*ck, wich is nearly 4 times bigger than mine. I'm so glad I now have a big brother to play with me and protect me." then he came and ripped off my pants and took of his own pants, for the camera to record our difference in size. And I continued reading "You see? I'm hung like a hamster and he's hung like a horse." He showed the clip to his friends, our cousins and my friends, everybody laughed and gave me comments about my pathetic size. I feel so humiliated, but for some reason I kind of like the humiliation, it turns me on a bit

humiliated "little sister" said on 07/19/09 @ 06:44 PM:
i'm 17 years old, and i have a superhot 14 year old adoptive sister, she looks like she's 18-19 years. she's skinny, taller than me, have a golden skin, a lovely tight ass, nice hips, and great, firm D cup boobs. she told me to grab her ass and rate it from 1 to 10, i had never touched a girl's ass before, and her ass felt like heaven, i gave it a clear 10. then she asked me to rate her boobs, i grabbed her big boobs and told her they were a perfect 10. she said thanks and kissed me on the lips, and said since i rated her body so good, she had to return the favour and rate my manhood. she ripped off my pants and laughed. then she said "aww, it's so cute, and told me that it was a clear 1, and asked if i had entered puberty yet. nowadays she calls me little sister and in the house she makes me wear her panties, skirts, fully stuffed bras and blouses. and she loves to show me to her friends and show them my "pussy" as she calls it.

Horny boy said on 07/19/09 @ 09:51 PM:
send me an email at metallica9286@yahoo.com

yung_beezy113 said on 07/20/09 @ 08:50 AM:
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J said on 07/20/09 @ 01:09 PM:
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Brittney said on 07/21/09 @ 06:51 PM:
23 y/o looking to get pics from 18+ small penis boys, so I can laff at them. lol. Will trade boob pics in return. :)

yung_bezzy113 said on 07/22/09 @ 12:58 AM:
Gurls please send me picks of u topless or naked at bottomnigga113@yahoo.com don't worry im not as small as the other guys here I gott a 6 1\2 or 7 inch dick so please send me sum pics u beautiful sexy ladies

i love boobs said on 07/23/09 @ 12:19 AM:
any hot girls out therE? send me pics!!! i love ur boobiesss :)

Teezy said on 07/23/09 @ 02:49 PM:
any girls who get a thrill off sendin naked pics send em 2 bobbyzee55@yahoo.com

teenyweeny said on 07/23/09 @ 08:00 PM:
hi all my penis is 1in soft 4 hard and iam 12 years old now somthing really screwed up my 5yo bro has a 2in soft and 5 in hard my little cousin he is 10 yo and he is 2.5 soft and 4in hard and a delight to suck see my family id incest so we do that stuff

Destiny said on 07/24/09 @ 10:02 AM:
hey i

Destiny said on 07/24/09 @ 10:03 AM:
love small dicks and big ones email me at

Destiny said on 07/24/09 @ 10:04 AM:

=]=] ( .Y. )

Destiny said on 07/24/09 @ 10:05 AM:

bob said on 07/26/09 @ 03:12 PM:
my dick is like 3 soft and 5-6 erect im only 12

sarah said on 07/27/09 @ 09:31 PM:
2 inch pete send me the video and i will send you picks of my boobs in return ganjabus95@live.com

jake said on 07/30/09 @ 10:21 AM:
haha all you small dick bastards hahahaha. im 13 and my older brother is 16 and my dad took me and him swimming and when we got in the changing rooms we all got changed naked right there because no one else was there and i could see my dads dick was about 6 inches soft, and then me and my brother started to compare sizes, im 5 soft and 8 hard while hes 3 soft and 5 hard, its so funny takin the piss out of him and making him do stuff for me and i always embarass him infront of friends and girls. heres the best part, why me and my brother were comparin my dad walked back in wondering what we were doin and he admitted he was 9 hard and ever since me and my dad tease my brother, hell ive sseen my grabdads before and his was like 6 soft. Hes such a teeny weeny

Shamed said on 07/31/09 @ 02:57 AM:
I need help. Not because of penis size, but because I get turned on by sexual humiliation. I've been to this site a bunch and maturbated to the stories. I'm so ashamed and want to stop, somebody please help me.

chris gomez said on 07/31/09 @ 09:22 PM:
i hate how short mine is it's about 2 inches soft and 3 1/2 inches hard it's to fcking short and i'm going to middle school and i'm afraid someone might see it and i'm gonna be devastated

BILL S. said on 08/02/09 @ 08:11 AM:
My penis is one inch long and soft and wrinkled all the time...all shriveled up. When it is hard, it is about two inches long and very thin. Please tell me if this is too small. Thank you.

shelvam said on 08/03/09 @ 03:59 AM:
my penis is erect with 4 inches increse my penies

Old Man said on 08/03/09 @ 08:03 AM:
Im 70 years old and mine when hard is 12" soft: 6"

No prblem here!!!

??? said on 08/03/09 @ 06:57 PM:
mines bout 3 soft 6 hard its alright when its up its when it goes down i get embarrased i wana bigger dick when its soft

hey, pete. said on 08/03/09 @ 07:48 PM:
pete. i'd date you (: . fuck your brother, lmao. myspace me, /eddyaddiction

marker said on 08/04/09 @ 09:31 AM:
im 20
my penis is 4 inch's erect, 1 inch wide.
i was born 2 mos premy,

and i make my g.f scream for more, every time.

im the best shes ever had, and i have a small penis.

its not the size mates ;)

Horny boy said on 08/08/09 @ 04:02 PM:
my cock is always hard... anybody interested hit me up metallica9286@yahoo.com

Nameless One said on 08/14/09 @ 06:22 PM:
i am 8 my dick is 3in hard it gets this way win i see my 7yr old sister take a pee she has no hair on her pussy yetshould my dick get hard i get a old piair of her panties and jack off on them it fells good

Nameless One said on 08/14/09 @ 06:42 PM:
i am 14 teen mdy dick is 4 in my niece see it a lot she 10 some times she sleeps with me she wares no panties and i just look at her pussy all i do is jack offand i cum all over her little pussy i have not fuck her but i like t oo i do have fun jackin off onher virgin pussy

Callum said on 08/15/09 @ 09:22 AM:
omg gutted ur all tiny mine is 9 inches floppy and 13 inches erect and i am only 13

Callum said on 08/15/09 @ 09:23 AM:
omg gutted ur all tiny mine is 9 inches floppy and 13 inches erect and i am only 13

English Teacher said on 08/16/09 @ 06:32 PM:
Wow, You guys should be more worried about your grammar and spelling than your penis size. Nerds, geeks, and dorks rule the world and all we worry about is if our computers and/or game systems are still working. Most women won't want a man with a penis bigger than seven inches anyway. The only ones that do will more than likely end up on a pole in a strip club. Maybe you guys that say you have gigantic penises don't realize this but, that blood that creates your erection more than likely is coming from you brain and after a while it starts to affect you. So start worrying about how to pay your rent when your parents kill themselves when they realize you're an idiot.

tiniestdickever said on 08/21/09 @ 01:55 AM:
hey girls add me on yahoo tiniestthingever@yahoo.com im 21 and goodlooking and with the smallest 3 inches hard dick ever :$:$:$ add me

BigMan said on 08/25/09 @ 08:25 AM:
Im 14 and 6 inch soft, 11 inch hard. Ive fucked heaps of girls and they luv it. Just get this thing called a penis pump. That supposedly helps. Lol. You small dicked cunts.

anonymouseesyou said on 08/27/09 @ 04:45 AM:
well, im 13, and im about 2.5 when soft and 5 when erect, and im perfectly happy with that! but is
4 inches around good or thin?

i shouldnt of read this said on 08/27/09 @ 06:43 AM:
i shoulnt of read this b4 i read this i thought that my dick was large after reading some im not reealy so sure bout that my dick is bout 17cm or just over 6.5 when hard its pretty thick im 14 no one has realy seen my dick apart from 1 of my now x girlfriends she didnt say anythink when she sore it there was just that weired akwared silents i dont speake chick so no idea what that means. i jerk off once or twice a day and i only started early this year but there is 8 n 11 year olds saying there already jerk off its crazy.

HUGE COCK said on 08/27/09 @ 11:14 AM:

Jay said on 08/28/09 @ 10:50 AM:
I'm 14 and when my dick is soft, its 3" in length , and 3" in girth. When its hard its 4.6" in length and 4" in girth. Is that okay? I have quite abit of leg hair and a quite alot of pubes. I know Ive not fully developed through puberty yet so theres the chance it will get bigger as I go through it so...?

Is this okay for my age?

just over average (i shouldnt of read this) said on 08/29/09 @ 06:03 AM:
first of all "huge cock"(not) there is no way u have one that big if u do then everybody should feel sorry for u it'll scar chicks off!

I anwsered my own question which was "am I average size for my age?"(summrised)
anyway here is whats average at diffrent ages
11 7.6cm or 3"
12 9.65cm or 3.8"
13 12.2cm or 4.8"
14 13.7cm or 5.4"
15 14.2cm or 5.6"
16 14.5cm or 5.7"
19 or over

just over average (i shouldnt of read this) said on 08/29/09 @ 06:20 AM:
sorry accidently posted b4 id finshed typing
17-18 14.7cm or 5.8"
19 'n' over about 15cm or 5.9"
the last one may be a bit off (wrong)
is a good site to check out for most of the other Q's on the page

ola said on 08/30/09 @ 02:59 AM:
i need help i,m 37yrs 3" long my wife was complain too much its becouse embarrasing for me pls help me out of this problem.

john said on 09/01/09 @ 01:26 PM:
mine is 3" soft and 8.125" hard. no lie! I use to be 3" soft and 5.375" hard. Then I started this girl who worked for a sex toy store. She gave penis enlargement pills and I started taking them daily as a joke. But they actually worked. Either because i was having sex every day with her or because of the pills, whatever it was.... it worked. You can buy them directly from here Click Here! Dudes, you dont have to be stuck being small.

Ray said on 09/02/09 @ 03:42 PM:
Oh shit, according to just over average's information I am half the size of a 12 year old, and I'm 17

Chris said on 09/05/09 @ 02:24 AM:
I'm 13 and I have a 6 inch penis, is that small?

Chris said on 09/05/09 @ 02:27 AM:
I'm 13 and I have a 6 inch penis, is that small?

Nameless One said on 09/05/09 @ 06:24 PM:
Omg my cock is so huggeee! it's 2 1/2 inches but it can't fit into a cup becuase it soo big like a chod :P

lickhergood said on 09/05/09 @ 06:25 PM:
it dont matter what size it is, it just matters what you do with it... average size for 15-16 is 4 and a half to 6 errected, im 14 mine is 7 inched im v happy and i still have 4 important years left of growing!!! :)

Namless two said on 09/05/09 @ 06:33 PM:
my gf who previously broke up with her ex whos 14 years old has no pubes, gave me a Hand job and told me my dick was HUGE compared to his, and v v v v hairy, my sicks 4 inched floppy and 7 inches errected and she loves it!!!

Dylan said on 09/07/09 @ 07:25 AM:
Ive got a 16cm dick im 14 is that big or small ??? 3 people in my class at school have 20+cm any way it still growing and ur will grow to it takes time it dont grown over night

OhYeh said on 09/11/09 @ 07:33 AM:
My Dicks 8.5 inches...I'm 13!

trever sloan said on 09/11/09 @ 09:56 PM:
if any one if insecue about their size and over 18 then order extenze off tv

Chris said on 09/13/09 @ 07:15 PM:
my penis is 7.1 inch erect. Size not that much of a big deal. I big enough...

zinger said on 09/14/09 @ 01:42 PM:
I'm 18, and have a long hard sexy cock about 10 and over in inches and i wanted someone to have oral sex with

billy said on 09/16/09 @ 01:47 PM:
hi i am 24 and i hav small thin dik about 3 inch hard. but it is very thin like a 9 year old child. suggest what to do.....

Chuck said on 09/18/09 @ 01:10 PM:
I am 11 years old and my penis is about 3 cm
floppy and 1 inch erect. Is that ok?

MARK said on 09/23/09 @ 10:30 AM:

Reid said on 09/24/09 @ 10:13 AM:
I'm 49 and my penis is only 4.3 inches hard. It's humiliating to be seen in a public locker room or shower undressed.

oh christ ll 're fucking mighty said on 09/25/09 @ 11:49 PM:
How many god damned little fucks are there on here... these little 10-13 year old kids posting shit on websites cause they think its funny. The funny thing here is you are all lying through your fucking teeth, I'm 18 and have 7-7.5 in hard... now, the odds any of you little shitbags is more than 4, maybe 5 hard, is little to none, so stop being insecure because your 12 and your dick is so small, and going online talking about how big it is(n't) and go play sports, keep active, and stop being a little bitch, coming to sites clearly intended for adults, being childish, if you want to be here, at least act like adults, not morons...

oh christ ll 're fucking mighty said on 09/25/09 @ 11:50 PM:
How many god damned little fucks are there on here... these little 10-13 year old kids posting shit on websites cause they think its funny. The funny thing here is you are all lying through your fucking teeth, I'm 18 and have 7-7.5 in hard... now, the odds any of you little shitbags is more than 4, maybe 5 hard, is little to none, so stop being insecure because your 12 and your dick is so small, and going online talking about how big it is(n't) and go play sports, keep active, and stop being a little bitch, coming to sites clearly intended for adults, being childish, if you want to be here, at least act like adults, not morons...

BILL S., Florida said on 10/02/09 @ 09:52 PM:
I am six feet tall and weigh 220 pounds, and my penis is one inch long and soft and wrinkled almost all of the time. When hard, my penis is only about two inches long and very thin. Is there anything I can do?

rom said on 10/04/09 @ 12:01 AM:
im 14 and i wanna show my penis to other boys my email is chrisrom@ymail.com and my msn is chrisromma@hotmail.com i will show my pics and videos webcam

Lil.tankkk said on 10/05/09 @ 08:50 PM:
Myyy Peniss Is 3.5 nott horrnnyyy anddd hornyy 6.5 anddd imm turninggg 13 iss it biggg or smalll

Lil.tankkk said on 10/05/09 @ 08:53 PM:
thankkk anyyoneee forrrr anwserrringggg I alsooo Agreee Peopleee donttt lieeee Abouttt sizeee

davey baby said on 10/06/09 @ 05:09 AM:
hey my penis is 6.75 inches in length and 5.5 inches in girth...how does this compare..is it big or just average??and to all the smaller penis guys..just learn how to be really good at goin down on girls and fingerin an stuff..they love it when its done right

joe (sexy beast) said on 10/10/09 @ 11:51 PM:
I'm 18 and i have a real big dick. 5 inches soft and like 8 inches when hard on a good day. MY GF IS SEXY!

Cody said on 10/11/09 @ 09:22 PM:
Im 18 my penis is 8 inches is that small?

joel bober said on 10/12/09 @ 08:21 AM:
im 10 and i think i might be gay i want to have sex with this kid should i??????????????! but my penis is 2 inches hard and 1 inch soft how do i make it cum!?!?!?1

jacob said on 10/13/09 @ 01:59 PM:
im 14 7 inch when hard loads of pubes big balls fuck u all small dick motherfuckers haha

Jack said on 10/14/09 @ 03:20 PM:
My penis is 3 inches soft and 4.5 when hard is that normal, big, or small???

O yea nd jacob u aint kool bro ... its kinda sad how u gotta make fun of other people 2 make urself feel better bout ur life. Ur dick is prob fuckin half an inch hard so stfu.

Nameless One said on 10/18/09 @ 07:57 PM:
im 13 and my dick is 6 inches. is it small?

suck cock said on 10/20/09 @ 01:33 PM:
im only 12 and my dick is 8 inches with a boner

Blink182 :P xD said on 10/22/09 @ 03:59 AM:
My Penis is 4 inches flaccid and 6 inches hard and i'm 15,people who are less than this(just above average) don't worry you'll grow till your about 19 so theres ages yet,and those older than that,if your born with a small penis,who gives a shit honestly.....

Blink182 :P xD said on 10/22/09 @ 03:59 AM:
My Penis is 4 inches flaccid and 6 inches hard and i'm 15,people who are less than this(just above average) don't worry you'll grow till your about 19 so theres ages yet,and those older than that,if your born with a small penis,who gives a shit honestly.....

anonymous said on 10/22/09 @ 08:25 AM:
i went to the doctors and i get erections easily and this hot nurse was examining my leg because there was something up with it and she asked me to remove my trousers just into my boxers ( im 14 btw big balls, big cock, hair EVERYWHERE ;) ) and she bent over to get something out of the cupboard so she bent over, revealing her panties and her nice big bubble but, so i got an erection and as she turned around she saw it and was like.. shit thats big, so i said u wanna see it n she was like yeah so she started jerking me off, sucked me off and we fucked for about 10 mintues then i went and we meet up like every 2 weeks for sex its amazing

ryan said on 10/23/09 @ 01:32 PM:
i think this is the most fucked up thing i have ever read in my life? is this really what you fuckers think about all day? sweet fucking god what is the world coming to?

draph said on 10/24/09 @ 03:41 AM:
Boys let me give you advice from an old guy
Mine is at best 6" and not very fat. The first years we were married I kidded myself in to thinking I was the man. I did not want to know about my wifes other men and did not ask.
One day a few years into our marriage she told me about a man she had before with a "big one" I was deveastated . I could no longer pretend I was the man with my own wife who I loved dearly.
Finding out that another man has been up fartrher
and streched her out, like you will never be able to do will haunt you till the day you die.
No matter how you try and look at it, the fact still remains that she will never forget him and the feeling he gave her, even if your are susposed her husban. In that department, are and will aways be really just the last and littlest on her list of lovers. thats all.
If you find yourself falling for a girl you like . You should try and get as many details about the size of her ex partners before marriage. One problem is they will lie many times.
Believe me the thought of a bigger man up in her will not go away, if you truly care for and love her. This will cause a very hard life for you both that neither deserve. It has been about twentyfive years ago for me, and I can remember it like it was yesterday when I was destroyed as far as ever felling like a man again with her. I care fror and love her so much that I cant live with out her and I cant live with knowing my place in her life her as far as sexualy.

Zac said on 10/25/09 @ 05:50 PM:
Im 16, my dick is exactly six and a half inchs long and 6 inchs circumfrence. my girlfriend says i have a big dick and i mean its not huge but trust me it does the job very well. so u dont need to be 8 inchs and shit haha. the average vagina can only stretch to about 8 inchs and thats if shes been plowed many times by huge dicks. so dont worry about it

draph said on 10/25/09 @ 09:46 PM:
Problem is, I found out she was "plowed " as you say it for several years. from differet guy bigger than me, Thats not good for a little guy like me.

draph said on 10/25/09 @ 10:20 PM:
Zac your is big compared to mine. Mine its no way 6" in circumfrence. All of her exs were bigger than me, and the last one was hugh. I really dont have sex with her much any more. Kinda feel like I'm making a joke of myself and not doing much for her. I have very little pride left, and am trying to hold on to the very small amount I have.
I have tried to be a good husban and provider. I tried to take care of her as good as I could, as she ia a wounderful woman. Somehow inside, after I found out, I really never felt like her man just the last and littlest joke on the list .
I tried to hide it for years . I was also a good father to our childeren that are grown and gone now. Dont really feel like I have a purpose to go on anymore as I have finished my job with my kids.
I also am setting things up that
If something happened to me, she would be taken care of. Who knows she might even find a real man. To spend her last years with. She is still very young and beautiful looking for her age.
My responsabilities are done.

Joe said on 10/26/09 @ 07:13 AM:
stop complaining draph, you are a big man.
I mean 6 inches might not be huge, but I would do anything to have a 6 inch penis.
I'm 24 years old and my penis is barely 3,5", I have always been teased in the locker room as a kid.
I have a beautiful girlfriend but she wont have sex with me, the first time I showed her my penis she laughed, took a picture of it, and said I was useless because a 10 year old could please her more than I could.
And she likes to strip, and make hot poses in front of me, but I don't even get to touch her, and I have a suspicion that she have sex with other men

Nameless One said on 10/31/09 @ 05:48 PM:
im a 17 with a 6 inch dick, is that small?

chloe girl 5667 said on 11/01/09 @ 06:49 AM:
i am a female and i just wanted to say im 13 almost 14 that for all u young boys ;) dont worri about how big ur penis is what matters is that they love u for you not ur dick !! lol umm.. i have some pubic hair and i dont worri about my pussy it dont bother if the boys dont like me if they dont then i will just screw them up cuz its not fair but anywayzz as i was saying dont worri boiis ur still very young and still have laodzz of growing up i no im young to and ur thinking i dont no but i guess i no alot about it soo please dont put ur selfs down cuz ur penis isnt big enough !! ;) i am looking for bf i am blonde short hair not bald ha ha ermm greeny eyes i love to have fun soo... please lisiten to what i sed plzz plzz thnxx xx :) ;) :p !!. xxx

me said on 11/04/09 @ 11:39 AM:
uhhh... life is really shit for me. I am 22, never had a gf. the evil wouldn't be evil if my penis wouldn't be 4,7 inches.
if you weren't happy in your lifewith 6, what can I say?
probably I'll never have a woman in my life. wish I was never born.
I look at male pornstars, what a life for them: receive money for fucking the best women possibly. and what a curse is life for people like us.
fuck life

James said on 11/07/09 @ 06:59 PM:
I am 15 and have a small penis 4" hard and 2" soft. Also, my balls hang nice, but also are small. i do have some pubic hair. Last week I went swimming with my cousins who are 11 and 13. Afterwards we went into the house to change in one of the bedrooms. As we all removed our suits, I was surprised by what I saw. The 11 year old boy's penis was twice as long as mine, and his ball looked huge. he had no pubic hair. His brother was even bigger, with his two big ball hanging down with the one lower than the other. They looked at my smaller penis and commented on how small I was. I toled them it got bigger, but they said so do ours. I becom stiff and held my penis up, but soon the began rubbing their penises and soon were fully hard. I have never seen an uncircumcized penis before, as there penises are, and that amazed me. I noticed though they had a head like mine on their penises, whe they rubbed and pulled their foreskins back. I had seen enough, and them as well, and i pulled on my shorts and left the room. i heard them laughing as I left. I never talked to them about ours penises again.

Conner said on 11/09/09 @ 02:33 PM:
Hey, im 15 And my penis is 4 1/2 - 5 inch flacd (soft) and about 6 inches when erect, i have a girlfriend and shes told me shes taken a 8 inch penis... this worries me because mines obv smaller but is she telling the truth ?

and all you knobs are sad, why take the mick out of people with small penises, my best mate is 15 also and he has a 2 inch when soft and 3 inch erect... wats so funny about it, its not his fault or anyones fault there penis is small.

Horny boy said on 11/11/09 @ 07:36 PM:
1917 574 5165 guys or girls hit me up... i luv 2 show my cock

kdon said on 11/13/09 @ 06:12 AM:
Nameless one is the dickless one - adios mother f**ker (probably the only one who'd want to f**k your non-existent penis you schmuck).

As for the rest of you, life is unfair you're gonna have to deal with it. Do something with your life - it ain't gonna last long.

Peace out people.

HonestBlackMan said on 11/14/09 @ 08:23 AM:
Well, if you're white and you have a small penis depending upon how you look at it it could be worse...

You could be black with a huge penis and bad credit? I would say I'd switch places with you but in 7 years all my problems should be gone..lol

Just buy an expensive car, it'll even it out.

alexis said on 11/18/09 @ 04:29 PM:
im a girl and i dont wory how big your dick is

Ron said on 11/18/09 @ 05:02 PM:
Hi James, I'm 16, the same thing happened to me, but it was with my brother and his friend, both of them are 13. We went swimming in a lake, and I got hard from looking at a very hot tall 14 year old girl from our neighbourhood, who has a big bust, and a perfect butt. She was wearing a bikini. My brother noticed my hard little penis poking out inside my shorts and making a bulge. I could see the excited look on his face. The three of us went to a secret little place, and my brother said we should compare penises. His friend agreed, but said i was probably the biggest since i was the oldest. My brother said he wasn't so sure about that, and said the smallest one should be the slave of the two other, and do everything they tell him to. I had no choice but to agree, if I backed out they would have known I was afraid two 13 year olds was bigger than me. All of us removed our shorts at the same time, and I was amazed by how huge they were. My penis is about 3.5 inches erected, and my brother's friend looked about twice my size, and my brother was even bigger. Both of them bursted out in laughter and said it was the smallest thing they had ever seen. Both of them had lots of pubic hair, big fat penises, and large hanging balls. I on the other hand have a small, thin penis, just a little pubic hair, very small balls that are not hanging at all.
My brother's friend said "I thought you was like 16, but you haven't gone trough puberty yet, looks like you have to call your brother "big brother" from now on" Then they took a picture of us 3 naked, wich they could use as a levarage if i didn't follow their bidding, and they made me go up to the hot girl i was looking at and her friends, grab her boobs, say I love her, have her grab my crotch, then giggle, and run away like a girl. I did exactly what they told me to, and now they always call me little boy.

Malcolm said on 11/18/09 @ 07:33 PM:
I am 14 just coming off of 13 years of age i have 7.7 dick when erected but a 4in dick when soft

john said on 11/19/09 @ 05:22 PM:
im 15 turning 16 in a month. my friends want me to loose my vs before im sixteen i dont know what to do with a 3.5 inch flop and 5.5 hard.

man said on 11/28/09 @ 01:12 AM:
ummm im 14 and i have 3 inches flop and 9 cm hard.and i havent entered puberty yet at all.is that good

hmmm said on 11/28/09 @ 01:22 AM:
im 14 and have about 6 cm flop and 9 cm hard and its not that thick.i havent entered puberty yet tho.i have no pubes or underarm hair.explain everthing please

timothy said on 11/28/09 @ 04:12 PM:

rob said on 11/29/09 @ 05:16 AM:
lot of you guys got realy small cock i measured 7inches 6inch girth try penis pill i used them for 6months i now got 7 inch cock soft now and hard 9.8 inch cock and 7 inch girth im only 5"7

rob said on 11/29/09 @ 05:21 AM:
lot of u guys got a realy small penis try penis pill.i was 7 inches+6 inch girth not a bad size i wanted bigger im now 7 inches soft+9.8 and 7 inch girth had now that a good size coc for someone only 5"7

Charms 68 said on 11/30/09 @ 02:11 AM:
One good thing about having a small penis is that you are far less likely to get STDs.

Think about the number of girls that a well-endowed male screws - hundreds, with each one being potentially infected will all kinds of nastiness.

Be small, be clean!

Huan said on 12/01/09 @ 12:38 AM:
i have a 7 inch penis. It's greeatttt, lol, sucks to have a small dick.

lewie said on 12/07/09 @ 11:39 PM:
hey i'm 17 i have a 3.5 inch floppy and a 6.5 erect is it normal and when does a penis stop growing?

no nam2 said on 12/09/09 @ 06:45 PM:
hi im 18 and im about 2.5 soft and 4.5 hard im very worried it wont grow much more, i havent seen much improvement even when i hit puberty i just dont want a small prick my whole life its so fuckn embaresing and stupid i just want a normal size not even big does anyone know when the penis stops growing?

Chris said on 12/09/09 @ 07:15 PM:
Wow it fucking funny how many people have small penises, then some of the guys who have good sized ones that are like 20-30 something had to take pills , thats even funnier. Uhh wow i'm 14 , 4-5 inches flaccid, 8-8.5 inches erected, and 6 inches in girth.I'm jsut 14 , and i'm bigger than msot 20 years olds. I know people always say size doesn't matter, women, men , etc. If a women says it , its becasue she haasn't met a guy with a big enough dick ,whos good, if a man sasy it , its simply because his dick is small and he needs something to comfort him.i know people try to defend others by sayin its not their faults the way they're born.Well you better grab you some dick increase pills or something cuz your six life aint goin to be good well for the girl.

PABLO said on 12/13/09 @ 04:08 PM:



anonymous said on 12/14/09 @ 10:54 AM:
i was 12 and a half when i started puberty im 14 and a half now i have no armpit hair, quite abit of leg hair, a little bush around my cock, my voice is broken and quite deep, not much arm hair my cock is 2 and a half inch soft and 4 and a half inch hard why is puberty so slow?!?!!?!?

Gromis said on 12/16/09 @ 11:12 AM:
Im 21 and my penis size is around almost 5 inches and the girth is somwhere around 4.0 to 4.2 inches . Its too damn small compared to what ive seen constantly on the internet. Even shemales have bigger penises than me. Im also 5'5'' and shy so im really screwed. Maybe jelqing will help boost my confidence if my penis size really does increase.

Horny boy said on 12/16/09 @ 12:48 PM:
1917 574 5165 guys or girls hit me up... i luv 2 show my cock

frank said on 12/17/09 @ 12:16 PM:
i have a really small penis(2 inch erect) an have a problem with me requirin me 2 go to da hospital 4 surgerey. i went 2 my meetin 2 talk about it when he pulled down my pants and i was so imbaresed i dont wont my surgery don cause they are going to put a cam through my dck what should i do i NEED a bigger dick fast

jason said on 12/17/09 @ 01:23 PM:
I am 32, I have a 7" cut cock when hard, I shave all my pubes cause I like the pre-puberty look. Don't see any need in having hair their.

Tinyd said on 12/20/09 @ 10:37 AM:
I'm 13, going to 14 and my size is 0.1" flaccid and 3" erect. I can't ejaculate yet and when I masturbate I just release a clear substance. There is some pubic hair anyways. Is that normal??

Nameless One said on 12/23/09 @ 10:03 PM:
Im 13 and I have a 4 1/2 inch dick un-erect and 5 1/2 dick hard. Is that big for my age or small. Im only 5"3' but I don't know if thats big enough to start getting handjobs and stuff. Do you think thats big enough?

Nameless One said on 12/24/09 @ 09:27 AM:
my penis is only 2 inchs wen hard please help me !!!!!!! and im a 54 yr old virgin

Wally said on 12/27/09 @ 11:49 AM:
My dick is 4 inches soft and 6 inches hard. I have to say that I'
m not hung like a mule. But it's does get the job done. Everyone wants to be bigger. There are women out there with very small pussies. I have had a few that mine was too big. One thing for sure, if you get a girl with a big pussy it won't work. Maybe it will for love. I know a guy Jeff Fitzhugh who has a 3.5 hard penis and he found some ugly school teacher. Maybe she's got a small pussy or maybe she is so ugly she just gave in.

erik said on 12/28/09 @ 03:33 PM:
hey Tinyd, i just turned 13 and my dick is 1/2 inch. im mexican so im uncut like my brothers and cousins. my dick looks like a small piece of skin. i have just a litle bit of black hair on top of my dick When i get a boner its 2 inches and sticks straight out. i think its still growing. i have to jack off with 2 fingers and i just started to cum white jizz two weeks ago. my cousin who is 11 has hair on his dick and a little bit on his balls and butthole and his dick is 3 inches floppy and 5 inches hard and it even curves to the left and his dick head stick out when he get a boner. i think youre just starting late. let me know if you have started to cum a lot yet

andres said on 12/30/09 @ 10:40 PM:
HA my penis is 7 in soft and 9 inches erect!

Christian said on 01/02/10 @ 05:56 AM:
My name is Christian. I am 16 years old and have a penus that is .5 inch floppy and 1 inch stiff. I have small, barely noticable pubic hair. I've tried to Jack off a million times but I seem to not have any " juice". I really think I will end up alone and i have to dance intights for my school festival on Tuesday in front of the whole school for an hour. If I can't get some enhancements I will kill myself.

farhan said on 01/02/10 @ 10:44 AM:
Hii..im 15 and my pinis is 2inch i want to make my pinis more longer plzz help me out but not from tablets aor capsules:)

Long Cock said on 01/02/10 @ 07:34 PM:
im 14 going on 15 and im 5 inch hard and 2 not hard is that normal?

CockMunch said on 01/02/10 @ 07:38 PM:
im 1/2 inch when im hard and when im not hard my penis disperse in my body and i can only pre cum and it takes 2 times of pleasure with 2 fingers b4 i precum is that normal?

Little Weewee said on 01/02/10 @ 09:00 PM:
I have a micropenis. I'm an adult and won't be growing anymore. My little weewee is 1 1/2" soft and about 3" hard. By balls are very small and hardly show. There is nothing I can do about my size. If anyone else who is small needs someone to talk to feel free to send me an email little_weewee AT yahoo.com. Just replace the "AT" with "@". I'm not looking for people making up small penis humiliation stories either, just someone who genuinely needs someone to talk to about being small.

john boy said on 01/03/10 @ 12:09 PM:
om 26 have a 5.5 thin penis. i have always worried about this. i like CFNM cos of th ehumilitation factor. i get turned on my people looking at my 1" flaccid dick. my first girlfriend never came when we had sex so i always presumed i would never make a girl come but i was wrong. my current girlfriend has a small vagina and we fit each other perfectly so she comes from sex with me and she has been with bugger guys byt just found them painful. there are plenty of girls with smaller vaginas but unfortunatly they dont bang on abiut dick size only the girls with bucket vaginas do but hey thats life. dont forget there's always someone out there worse off than you and sex is not everything.

MAX said on 01/07/10 @ 02:00 AM:

MAX said on 01/07/10 @ 02:01 AM:

farad said on 01/07/10 @ 02:26 AM:
my penis is to big my misses chokes on it every time and it wont all fit into her pussy what can i do

unknown said on 01/07/10 @ 05:50 AM:
im 14 my dicks about 1/2 on flop and 4 on hard

Little Weewee said on 01/07/10 @ 03:26 PM:
I have a micropenis and I'm an adult. My dick is 1 1/2" long soft and hard barely 3". I've accepted that my size is all I'll ever get and just have to deal with it. If anyone would like to speak to me, especially anyone else with a small dick or micropenis feel free to email me at little_weewee AT yahoo.com. Just replace the At with an @. No small penis humiliation unless that's a way for you to deal with your size. I just want someone to be able to talk to and relate to.

David said on 01/07/10 @ 04:25 PM:
im 14 and im 5 and a half inches, and im 9 inches when hard

mat said on 01/08/10 @ 09:18 AM:
i am 13 my penis is 3 inch floppy and 5.3 inch erect is that good?

nameless said on 01/08/10 @ 09:23 AM:
hi im 13 my penis is 3 inches when un-erect and 5.4 erect when i jack off i release a clearish white liquid and im wondering is it big enough for handjobs n blowies??

dale said on 01/08/10 @ 04:04 PM:
hey wassup, im dale !
my penis errect shoots right up to those stars and gives me the biggest high ive ever felt :D its like walking on sunshine, over and over ! sometimes when im in the bath tub i like to shave my ass and masturbate at the same time ! when my penis is floppy, i like to call it mr grumpy, it is 6 inches floppy and then when erect mr happy shoots u to 8 :D ya'll my penis is so dang cool he makes ice melt ! I NOW TESTIFY THAT MY PENIS IS BETTER THAN YOURSSS !

call me for sex, 07988657463 - ask for dale daddy :)

jacob said on 01/10/10 @ 06:43 PM:
im 13 and im 3 inches soft and 7-8 hard. guys its not a great thing to be big. it doesnt depend on the size just on how you use it remembet that

jacob said on 01/10/10 @ 06:50 PM:
everyone has the ability to exxagerate size . ive done it everyone has to make it seem bigger so girls are impressed just be truthful

A 16 year old CH said on 01/11/10 @ 09:19 PM:
Hi I'm 16 and have a 3" normal and 5-6"hard
is that normal and I'm a little over weight
does that affect my size

Hunter said on 01/14/10 @ 07:51 PM:
i have a small dick im 14 yrs old is 2 " soft and 4" hard so some one please tell me how to get it 7" with out take pills or cream please

teen boy said on 01/16/10 @ 10:04 AM:
hi im 15 ad i want mine bigger to who want to cam to cam

What The Fuck said on 01/17/10 @ 09:31 PM:
Your all fucked.

joe said on 01/18/10 @ 08:45 AM:
im 30 and i have a 3" flaccid penis and a 5.5" hard penis!!
its quite fat and ive never had any complaints
dont worry about it guys,
if the girl is the right one then she will love you for who you are....
take care and stop fretting

anonymous said on 01/18/10 @ 09:26 PM:
I have about a 4 1/2 - 5 inch penis when erect and I'm 16. I've had "sex" twice with my girlfriend, but recently she said she doesn't want to have sex anymore because it doesn't feel good. I've looked up ways to pleasure her with my smaller penis. I've found some very good suggestions. Just look around on google. It really helped me. I'm going to try my luck soon ;) Wish me luck.

------ said on 01/24/10 @ 01:35 PM:
i'm 16 1/2 years old, i have decent amount of pubic hair(not any till about 15 yrs.) .....my dick is about 1.5-2 inches when soft, adn 3.5-4inches erect?????????????help????????

kooo said on 01/24/10 @ 04:06 PM:
i have small dick 30 yrs 3inch erect 5.5 inches

Ch 24 years said on 01/24/10 @ 07:01 PM:
At least your not me I use to have a 15 inch
dick then I was having rough sex with my
girl and she kind of chopped it off
because she said she wanted me to feel
the pain of rough sex too so never have
rough sex I know from experience

kieran said on 01/25/10 @ 10:59 AM:
im 14 and have a 1 inch dick and when i erect its 2 1/2 this is worring i want a family when i grow up and children i feel like crying at night and sometimes i do =[

-.- said on 01/26/10 @ 08:25 AM:
My penis is 2 inch's........ from the floor

Jim Hightower said on 01/27/10 @ 04:40 AM:
I am 58 years old and have a penis that is 2 inches soft and 4 1/2 inches hard. Over the years, I have satisfied some of the hottest women on the planet. During high school and college I dated only cheerleaders or their eequal. Yes, I always wanted to be bigger, and was fearful of rejection. Acting confident and being outgoing gets the girls. Putting their pleasure first during love making keeps them . I never stick my dick in until I have made them so hot with foreplay that they are begging to be fucked and would be satisfied if I used my little finger. Some have laughed at first, but afterward I was the man. Her tongue, lips, neck, ears, shoulders, breasts, navel, knees, toes are all zones of pleasure - not just the clitorus. Good Luck, and enjoy the whole women. You will be glad you did.

Zach said on 01/31/10 @ 07:59 AM:
Kieran, please don't feel badly about that, I am now 49 yrs of age and a paraplegic since I was 26. The signal from my spinal chord no longer reaches my cock, and so I can no longer achieve an erection. My mouth still waters when I see a sexy hot piece of ass strolling through the mall, OR grocery store, but I can do nothing about it. Look, your 2 1/2 inch'er is for your pleasure AND no one else's. Should you receive ridicule from a woman with whom you intend to have sex with, just know that she is immature AND unable to deal with one of life's complexities, then move on you are not to blame.

If, I were you I would Jack off 10 ten times every day, and not worry too much about your situation, AND do not worry there is a woman out there for you who will be eager to marry you.. But, allow me to impart a piece of advice. Your life may just be RICHER as a single man Women are a true pain in the ass, I have been married twice, once prior to becoming a para, and one time for 15 years after my injury, and we found ways around MY problem, so either way, with OR without women you can and will have a good, and happy life. I have no children, but, you want to know something I never wanted any, they are TOO expensive to raise.

Think about the high minded things in life that you would like to do, and to achieve that being tied to a woman can prevent, do not allow you path, your one opportunity to be interrupted and allow your goal to go unfinished because some woman got in the way... Everything about us, everything about who we are that we may find objectionable possesses a strength too. Since you perceive a potential inadequacy (which I do not buy) sith your "prowess," then re-focus that sexual energy into your Life's work no matter what kind OR type of work that it is.

Perhaps ,you are to be a Poet, musician, Or a Scientist and are supposed to cure Cancer, OR spinal chord injuries for that matter do not allow YOUR potential greatness to slip through your hands for temporal pleasure, as I said earlier you can do THAT all by your self in the privacy of your home.. One last thing, absence allows the heart to grow and remain tender something that extremely active sexual partners often lose, ruining their sensitivity.

I envy your potential, although not in a negative way, but instead because all that is awaiting you. If, you are not in school now, then get in school whether academic, technical or vocational, and if your ARE in school, then buckle down, increase that grade point average AND really commit your life to achieve greatness! Good luck my friend I am in your corner!

Matt said on 02/01/10 @ 08:51 PM:
Hay I'm good in length just over 8" but it's only like 4.5" around my cusion said it's a virgin smasher, he is 14 with a 6x6" hope mine gets fatter like cos i'm long it looks thinner

Hmmh said on 02/04/10 @ 06:09 PM:
Interesting things in this thread. It's been around for 7 years now and people are still posting up till today. I'm guessing it's by searching up small penis on google.

It makes you wonder why a cure of some sorts has not been figured out yet. Maybe because this penis size issue hasn't been a problem till our generation came along. But I hear in 10-20 years things are supposed to improve a lot with surgery, supposedly penis enlargement surgery is at the same level breast implants were in the late 80's.

I myself only have around 5" and it's bothered me for the last 5 or so years, I'm 23 now. I do have other body issues like being overweight my whole life which I'm working on, hopefully after that I can see if girls really do care about how big I am down there.

bob said on 02/05/10 @ 05:23 PM:
i am 13 and i have a gf and my penis is 3" erect and she wants to have sex with me what do i do please tell me

Shane said on 02/08/10 @ 11:24 PM:
I'm a 18 yr old on a baseball team. Another teammate 'pantsed' me in front of some girls showing my 1 inch knob. They laughed. The one day I wore boxers instead of briefs!

Midnight Man said on 02/09/10 @ 01:06 AM:
Im 13 and i have alot of pubes xD And when soft im 1 1/2 too 2 inches and when im hard bout 4 to 5 inches Am I Average? 0.0

Midnight Man said on 02/09/10 @ 01:08 AM:

not important said on 02/09/10 @ 11:48 AM:
yo im 19 and i have 4.5 inches when hard. ive probably banged around 10-15 different girls and never been in a relationship. ive had one night stands where the girl doesnt call me back and ive had situations where girls keep comin back for more. so guys have some confidence and find some other techniques that make you that much more appealing than the dude with a 9 inch dick. its not a big deal if she doesnt want it from you anymore. plenty of girls out there with skinny/short vaginal canals

not important said on 02/09/10 @ 02:13 PM:
oh and midnight man your average for your age. you still got time to grow

Above Avg. Man said on 02/10/10 @ 09:34 AM:
Don't worry guys with small dicks...its how you swing the bat that counts. Im 17 turning 18 soon & im averaging 6.5 inches which apprently is above the norm but still i wouldnt brag about it...that extra 0.5 really doesnt equate to much in the true scheme of things!

Above Avg. Man said on 02/10/10 @ 09:40 AM:
Also one addition note...being big is just as much a curse, for one erections are huge & its more notable than being small plus theres more surface area for u to bang ur knob of something...watever they say small or large, we still feel the same thing watever anyone tells u. Big dicks are overrated trust me

Wes said on 02/13/10 @ 10:30 AM:
Hey everyone, im 13, have pubs around my penis and my penis is only 2 inches long erect. I have some armpit hair and im 5ft 6in tall. Could someone respond with an answer to my prob? Thanks!

no regret said on 02/13/10 @ 03:29 PM:
some of the stuff said here is pretty strong.... we men should be confident and like ourselves just as we are. it's true that girls like bigger dicks but that's just momentarily, in the long run they would like to settle down with someone who can understand, love, take care of, (etc.) them!!!!! let's just thank GOD ALMIGHTY for how He has made us!!! don't feel sorry for yourself just know there's a girl out there (though I don't know where and at time it may feel very depressing) for each and every one of us......


rick said on 02/14/10 @ 05:11 PM:
hi im 40 and my dick is 1 cm soft and 1 inch hard. is this normal?

Jimmy said on 02/15/10 @ 04:32 AM:
I dont understand why some guys with small penises get embarrassed in the lockerroom. You don't have to show anyone, you can easilycover up with a towel. Don't worry, youre entitled to keep yourself to youself. My cock is two inches soft, including quite a long (tight) foreskin, and no one has ever seen it. Just too bad if they don't like it.

David Perez said on 02/16/10 @ 08:39 AM:
My dick is .5 in. when soft. and 2 in. when hard. i dont know what to do. i cant penetrate a woman. what should i do?!

chris said on 02/17/10 @ 06:07 PM:
i am 13 and my dick is 1 1/2 inches soft and 3 1/2 inches errect to all of u out der the wemon just want to please u dont worry bout it ight well gtg wstch sum porn lol...bii

chris said on 02/17/10 @ 06:11 PM:
this is 2 the guy that is 40 and has a 1cm dick...dude u need to go get some fkin pills thts wack damn..how do u even jack off..lol 40 are u a virgin or what...im not tryin to be mean but no that aint normal aand you need to go get help..soo gl..

tyler said on 02/18/10 @ 12:09 AM:
this is to chris who responded to the dude who is 40. Dude im 13 too and you need to fuckin look at yourself with your own 1 1/2 soft dick and 3 1/2 boner. Shit my dick is 3 1/2 inches soft and 6 1/2 inches hard with a big brown bush of pubes. my little cousin who is 11 has a bigger dick than you and me. He has a 3 in dick soft and a 7 inch boner and he doesnt even have pubes yet. i bet you jack off with 2 fingers. i think you need some pills too

bret said on 02/18/10 @ 12:31 AM:
to Wes from 2/13/10
Hey dude i know your problem. im a white dude who is 14 and my cut dick is only 1/2 inch floppy and 2 inches hard. im tall for my age about 5' 11 with a lot of pubes and hair all up in my ass. im in a school with mostly blacks and latinos. the black dudes at school in the lockers and the showers laugh at my dkick head poking out of my pubes because their big dicks and balls are all fucken floppin around. i shower with the mexican gang banger dudes cause they have small uncut dicks with thick black pubes. The dick on one of these homies is so tiny you cant even see it in all his pubes you only see his balls. us dudes with small weiners just got to stick together

smalllfor20 said on 02/18/10 @ 10:42 PM:
im 19 going on 20 and i have a 2 inch dick soft and 4 inchs hard its sad and embarasing its wroung when your nutsack is longer then your dick. even sader is im a sexy guy and girls like me but i always keep my defence up around them because of my small dick. im doomed to always be single. i wonder why god gave me good looks and a small pecker. i started smokeing when i was 18 and im hopeing for the cancer to kick in so i dont have to go threw life hateing myself anymore. and to the guys that brag about there big ones good for you you dont have to feel like me.

sam said on 02/21/10 @ 02:55 PM:
im 20 and my dick is 5 in erect and abt 2.5 to 3 when not erect....
email me what u think... i wanna compare with pics too...

not important said on 02/23/10 @ 11:49 AM:
smallfor20 read my post a little above yours. have some confidence im bangin a new girl right now. sucks bein small i know, but learn some techniques with your tongue/fingers then boom, youre in and theyll be wantin more

lane said on 02/28/10 @ 06:10 PM:
im 13 and have a 2 inch soft and and 4 1/2 hard. I love it and cant wait to have sex for the first time.

SUCKIT said on 03/02/10 @ 07:11 AM:

ieie said on 03/05/10 @ 07:15 PM:
lane cameron

alex said on 03/07/10 @ 01:56 PM:
people keep asking "is that small?" its all relative, relative to what? the girls pussy, thats right, a girls cooch is on average 7 inches till u are putting pressure on the back and the most sensitive area is only 2-3 inches into the puss so if ur a guy with a 5 incher ur okay, 4 or less you need something like a hot bod or good nature cuz u have no hope of being a big dick guy, u just dont, other than that fuck what a bitch thinks, unless its ur girl and if it is she should not care. ME 19 years old 6-1/2 inches girls always say its huge so yea!

fuck my face said on 03/07/10 @ 01:59 PM:
i doubt any guys accurately measure their dicks

fuck my face said on 03/07/10 @ 02:05 PM:
lol there are alot of small dick 13 yr olds whose gf wants to have sex. says alot about the state of our youth right now little girls are sluts and the guys arent even ready to show them their dicks, pretty thought provoking really

fuck my face said on 03/07/10 @ 02:15 PM:
im a girl and when i was that age i was not initiating sex not til i was past 20 did i actually try to have sex with a guy who wasnt already trying to fuck me. as a woman who is not a slut but also not unexperienced my opinion on dicks is theyre not the most important, face and voice are, also eyes but i will not lie, i def enjoy a thick and long dick pumping my pussy but i wouldnt build a relationship on it, kno wut i mean?

alex said on 03/07/10 @ 02:17 PM:
to ms. fuck my face - i think that most likely u are a slut, you didnt try to fuck dudes but i bet you still let them fuck you huh? correct me if im wrong

fuck your face said on 03/07/10 @ 02:25 PM:
alex yea you sure know my life story lol ur wrong but i will not bother correcting you you dont even know how deep a girls pussy is you fuck

i have read some fucked up shit said on 03/09/10 @ 11:34 PM:
most of u are to young to be thinking of ur dick size and sex i am 19 i have a 5 inch erect penis yes some ppl do have bigger dicks but so fuck if u have a big dick ur more likely to be used for it which some of u would enjoy but ur only gonna end up fucking sluts for the rest of ur life ex.. pornstars 10-20 inch erect.. ////// and the ppl who sed tht they have really big dick,s why would u search up problems with small dicks lol // most ppl will tell u they have a big dick (friends) but hey we all lie right lol ffs i am sick ov talking about dick i am starting to feel like a puff lol welcome to the forum about dicks lol most ppl talking in it are guys sounds gay right lol // i might not have a big dick and i dnt think i have a small one either but i know this i am good with my tong lmfao

nick said on 03/11/10 @ 03:17 PM:
ok i hav a hot gf when im soft im 5 inches but when im hard im 7 1/2 inches is tht normal n im only 13 years old so is tht normal or what someone please right back to me

steve said on 03/15/10 @ 11:00 AM:
u no what we are all diff who gives a fuck how big ya cock is unless u got a 2 ince hard lol i ent massive but i ent small if u got a big cock u gotta no wt 2 do with it cuz u probley pop ya load in 5min just flop ya cock out and do wt a man is surpose 2 bang that fucking pussy hard and if the pussy 2 big stick it in her month or arse as long as itz wet and warm when u cum who cares

Liam said on 03/21/10 @ 06:44 PM:
I'm 16, I have a 4" soft and 9" hard, I'm not bragging about how big it is or anything but everyone should stop taking the mick out of people with Smaller penis's, it's out of order.

My girlfriend loves my penis

But she'd prefer it if it was more thinner and smaller because when she's giving me oral it chokes her and it ripper her pussy.

So I'd prefer my penis to be a little bit thinner and smaller, so it's not really the bigger the better,

no namer said on 03/22/10 @ 08:50 PM:
wow i dont feel bad about have a 5.5 inch penis anymore

Shakira said on 03/24/10 @ 08:57 PM:
Nick email me your dick :)

Horny boy said on 04/02/10 @ 09:18 AM:
i have a gud lookin small penis... any1 watns 2 c message metallica9286@yahoo.com or txt 1917 574 5165......17 m

aaron said on 04/02/10 @ 02:50 PM:
i am 13 and i have a 5 inch flacid 8 and 1/2 almost 9 hard

anomus said on 04/16/10 @ 08:32 PM:
im 13 and my penis is 2.9 unerected and 3.7 erected havant hit puberty much but my bro makes fun of me i weigh 109my friend said if ur skinny your dik is small but i have lots of time to grow :)

C Rock said on 04/19/10 @ 04:27 PM:
here's my question... im 24 yr old wit a 5-6 inch dick depending on just how excited i am... my girl says she loves it, and i believe her, we've been together a long time, she wants it from me everyday, and i spend enuff time with her to know shes not cheating or anything... but a while back she told me she hooked up with a guy who she broke up wit cuz he was an ass but that he had an 8 inch dick.... she says she loves my dick but i gotta say, it doesnt sit well with me that shes seen and had a bigger dick in her, makes me thinks shes just sayin im perfect cuz she loves me... im not gonna take any of these pills or nothin but any advice for a guy to get his confindence back up after hearing that news?? ive never had a girl tell me shes had bigger in the past, and its kinda bothering me..... N E ADVICE???

Tanner said on 04/20/10 @ 03:03 PM:
Okay guys.... Im going to be really honest. For all you guys that are under 14 or even 15 dont even WORRIE!!! When i was that age i had about 1 and a half soft, and 3 or 4 hard. But now i have 4 soft and 7 hard!! Do not worrie about this you WILL get bigger. And another thing is.... It mostly doesnt even matter about size, yeah it helps. But its all about technique MAN!! If you can get your tech down then you got it nailed! Just work on masterbating for more then 10 mins to start and then work up that helps. If you do that you bild up somthing i call (Jiz Control) And believe me being able to last really helps! So dont get down guys just wait:D And work on your technique! Have a good one guys!

jennifer said on 04/21/10 @ 04:19 PM:
OMG like wow. al you guys are sooooooooo unlucky for being short. too bad tough, at school i wear a microskirt sometimes and once i entered the boys romm. OMG allthese boys with stubby dicks wnet hadr and some even cummed. soo fuuny. u guyts are gonna die alone

Anonymous said on 04/22/10 @ 05:18 AM:
i am from nepal. i am 23 years guy and going to marry but i am confused that i have just 4.5 inch penis when it's erected so please tell me should i tell her about my penis? i am really worried about my size and marital life. please answer being honest.

draf said on 04/23/10 @ 04:12 AM:
C Rock
Well I know this might not sit well with you but, I'm tryin to read between the lines. The pleasure a woman, or a man gets from eachothers sexual parts are connected to their spirit, and mind. That also causes a connection to their memiories. The fact the she gave you the reason she left her big dick man was because he was a ass means she didnt leave him for his big dick, that I'm sure of. If she admits it or not, she enjoyed that big dick. If not she wouldnt been going back for more.That would also mean shes not staying with you because of your small dick. If it was no big deal to her, how did she know, and remember excatly how long it was? She knows and remembers the difference of how that big thing looked, and felt insider her, compared to you. Remember the connection I talked about as far as body, spirit, mind and memiories all being connected?
If you just plan on keeping her around as a freind to have sax with. It still may bother, you but it's not that big of a deal.
It's not like your struttin around like a goof saying she is your wife. If you decide to marry her, you must be able to keep in mind that another man has been up in her body farther and strecthed her out in a way you never will. Yet you will be the sap that takes care of, protects and cherish her, while others have got her special parts in a way you never will. Then dumped whats left off for you.
Your not even big enough to claim what they have.
She and you will both know it. You will now be forced to compare your self to him, trust me she will, until you seperate or die a joke. Knowing there is part of her body that you can not have, or be in like her big dick man. Due to your small size you just physically can never be able to claim her like he has. The big dick man has took his part of her body, spirit, mind, and memories. That will allways be his, and hers alone. You have no part in. That part of her body that to most men, is consider to be a very sacared part of her. Very important in a two becoming physically one. That true complete physically and spritual marriage will never be yours. You will not be" the man" as someone has takin more that a little dick can.
I ask you. Knowing what you know, will you ever believe when she closes her eyes with you, or is masterbasting alone. Do you think you will ever believe her pure physicial sexual thoughts will be about you. One sad thing about this is a man can have sex with ten women before his wife. Then still give his wife 100% of his body. Whatever any woman has given him, his wife can equal or do better.
Not so for women. They can have their physical virginity taken by one man, then it's gone for their husband or any other man. They can have sex with a big man, and he can take more of her body than a little man can. Can you look yourself in the eye and strut ariound thinking you are "the man" or her "husband" knowing the physicial facts. I'm sure she says she loves you, and she might. But just remember they can love their pet, there freinds, or what ever. Someone eles has takin what you, being small, can never have . If your willing to have just part of your wifes body, spirit, mind, and memiories. You gonna be allright. If not, and you marry, you are gonna suffer. It's not fair, but sometimes we as men have to face the reality of it. Sorry if the truth hurts, but trust me brother. Theirs a lot of guys that will never physically be the man of the one they loves body. It been long gone befor they even met. Sucks being a little guy who thought he might be
" the man" to some womans body, spirit, mind, and memories some day. Not just a cute funny nice boy.
Notice to the girls. We dont want for you to marry us just because were cute, or funny. If we aint big enough to be your man all the way. Please have mercy, pass us by, and find a real one to marry.

Tyler said on 04/23/10 @ 07:27 PM:
IM 12 years old and i have a 5 inch soft and when im hard im 7 is that a good thing??? lol i think it is because of all the comments on this

Cameron said on 04/23/10 @ 07:30 PM:
My dick is 4 soft and 6 hard and im 11 im bigger then any of u guys and im younger

Cameron said on 04/23/10 @ 07:32 PM:

is that good or bad

Tony said on 04/23/10 @ 09:48 PM:
Look in www.penissizematters.net how other small guys do

johny said on 04/26/10 @ 11:03 AM:
im 19 years old im white my penis hard is 4inchs limp 2inchs girls laughed at it in school i've overheard girls say to there friends that i was great in bed but those same girls still laugh if i got pantsed and my lil thing was exposed to all to see why do girls do that

Nameless One said on 04/28/10 @ 09:38 PM:
Hi, Im 60 years old and my penis is only 1 inch long and somethimes my balls fall in the toliet WTF? lol my gf told your not a man until your dick can touch your asshole so i stuck it up hers

jake said on 05/02/10 @ 01:41 PM:
im 13 almost 14 and my dick is still tiny. I skate a lot so im kind of skinny. Im barely getting some brown pubes right above my 1/2 inch dick. When i get a boner its only 3 inches. I have a little brother who is 11 and he has lots of pubes even around his butthole. he showed me once to make me jealus. His dick is 4 inches soft and flops around and 6 1/2 inches hard and it curves to the left. my dick looks like a little mushroom head stick straight out. Anybody out there with my problem.

Deek To Live said on 05/04/10 @ 09:42 AM:

Dr.Badillo said on 05/05/10 @ 11:56 AM:
Ok if you're 10-maybe even 14 2-4 inches erect is pretty normal all these guys saying mines is like 50 inches(exaggeration) are lying most people don't start puberty until 12-13 and until puberty starts a penis should be about 1 inch and a half soft and 2 1/2 maybe 3 1/2 hard I know because I am a doctor.I specialize in examining penises and the urinary system I get some inside my wet pussy every day sometimes 2 times a day because get hard when they see a blond with a 36D touching their penis.(I jack em off a lil bit before I start the "examination")

Nameless One said on 05/05/10 @ 04:08 PM:
16 and 2.5inch soft, 5 hard

Mike said on 05/06/10 @ 12:28 PM:
My dick used to be tiny when i was 15 about 3 inches hard
Now i'm 16 and its 7 inches with 6 circumference so things change

RainyDay said on 05/06/10 @ 06:10 PM:
I'm older than most you guyes-- and let me tellyou it gets smaller down the line. I'm about an inch or 2 flacid. and toilet paper roll size when erect.
Just love what you got-anf find someone who will love it too!

Whitney said on 05/17/10 @ 07:11 AM:
So, I'm not really understanding why everyone worries about how big they are, and if their small. I was with someone who was 19 and only had a dick that was 6 inches hard. But did it bother me? No, because I loved him and I want more than just sex in a relationship. I know guys who have a 7 in. dick and there only 15. I also know guys who are 17/18 and they only have a 3 in dick. Does it bother me yet? No. You have what you have and you can't really change that. So, you shouldn't worry about it. Just work what you have, everything should fall into place. And for the guys who say "my dick is 11 inches hard and i'm 17" okay, good for you. Not everyone can handle a dick that big, unless, you're a loose bitch. To me, the only way that wouldn't hurt is if your like a card board box. Being that big is just not for me.

Plus I heard doing it doggy style works well if you have a small dick.

Ryan said on 05/29/10 @ 11:20 AM:
My penis is 87inches erect and im only 13

Nameless One said on 06/03/10 @ 08:56 AM:
my dick is 2.2 flacid when erect its 3.5 im 12 and really worried i want a girl friend but i dont think they like my tiny cock :(

eli said on 06/06/10 @ 04:12 PM:
i have a 10 inch penis.

14yrold said on 06/16/10 @ 11:18 AM:
im 3,5 non- erect and 5 ercect and im looking for a blowjob

Horny boy said on 06/22/10 @ 06:24 PM:
i think i have a gud lookin penis... any1 watns 2 c message metallica9286@yahoo.com or txt 1917 574 5165

jenna said on 06/24/10 @ 07:33 AM:
my boyfriend had a 3.5 inch ding dong is that big? um btw he is 12

martin said on 06/26/10 @ 11:27 AM:
my penis stares at me like its judgin me because it is soo small :( , i come after one stroke i onli wank wit my baby finger because it is barly an inch long when hard..my ball sack is huge tho if the ladies like that........

dude said on 06/26/10 @ 01:44 PM:
im getting horny talks from this thread and i am currently wanking to the comments :D

kyle mcghan said on 06/29/10 @ 03:14 PM:
im kyle john mcghan im 15 and 2+6=8t-6=2 means i have a 2inch dick (; and im happy about it. i do jack of to kittens licking their self in there nono square.
i usually get blowjobs from guys cause thats how i roll :O
when i get BONERS i half to get in the shower and clam that wild beast down !
when i pee i smack it off like 5 times basically jackin off takin a pee (:
and my brother tyler william mcghan will tell u hes story after thisss :D pleace bitches (:

ps. IM GAY hollar at me.
269-579-0681 anytime boys :D

kyle mcghan said on 06/29/10 @ 03:26 PM:
i changed my number cause my ex boy friend is stalkin so its now.


wow said on 06/30/10 @ 08:54 PM:
You pussies need to shut the fuck up. Its the being a baby that turns a woman off, stupid! average is 5.25 for an adult man. So calm the fuck down! ppl are different, that is what makes up human. lil penis, big tits, missing limb... non of it matters. Nobody will ever know your name or that you were ever alive in 75 years, so just have a good time while you can. I too worried about my cock size as a youth, but then I grew up to know what to do with it, and now its perfect. So to close, please just be yourself, and if someone doesn't like it, they can fuck off!!

Terry said on 07/23/10 @ 08:44 AM:
im 14 and i have a small penis what should i do

sjfhx said on 07/29/10 @ 09:47 PM:
Hana. Im 8.5 by 6.5 when effect and im only 14. 4 when soft

jason said on 08/02/10 @ 04:51 AM:
hi my name is jason i come from hong kong i am 3 inch when soft and 6 inch when hard btw i am 11 the longest can be 7 inch can someone help me it too small!!

tbh said on 08/07/10 @ 10:44 AM:
right... i wouldnt say that i have a small dick. i wouldnt call it massive either, its 7 inches long and fairly thick, but thats besides the point.

if girls can get off using their fingers, then chances are, they can get off with a small dick providing its used right. that seems logical doesnt it?

on top of that, lesbians do just fine wihout dicks, so why cant a straight couple?

stop worrying guys! all ur doing is making yourselves seem insecure and vulnerable... and chicks dont dig that! they like confidence! so be confident, and happy with the way you are and they'll be happy too.

if all else fails, eat her out! many women would argue that some of the best orgasms they have are the ones they get from oral stimulation! so just dont worry about it!

and plus, if someone loves you, they arent going to care about ur dick, if your girlfriend has small tits, i dont suppose you'd poke fun at them for it!

or you could just become a millionaire, my sources tell me that helps! just kidding ;p

juston said on 08/09/10 @ 03:35 AM:
Im 5 years old and my penis is 13 inches long and its 5 inches in diameter. beat that. oh wait she already has xD

MichaelMonstrouscock said on 08/09/10 @ 03:11 PM:
My dick is 3.5 inches flaccid or soft and 6.5 inches when erect and im 17. XDD YOURE ALL A BUNCH OF SAD FUCKS IF YOUR AROUND MY AGE AND YOUR DICK IS STILL ONLY 3 inches long you might want to think about extenze or something.

jose said on 08/09/10 @ 11:49 PM:
im 12 and live LA. im mexican and have a real small dick still. its real skinny and and my balls are real small. i still dont have dick hairs. its like smaller than my thumb. my cousin is 14 and he has a bigger dick and his balls hang lower and he has a lot of black hairs around his weener and underneath his balls and ass crack his dick is longer like 3 inches soft and 6 inches hard and curves to the left. i watched him piss once and i saw him pull his skin back from his dick head to pee. it kind a smelled bad like rotten cheese. my dick stinks too a little bit. but only like pee. mine sticks strate up like a pencil and is only 4 inches hard i just started to cum so my cousin and me jack off together sometimes to porn on the cable. he lafs at me because i jack off with 2 fingers and he can use his hand. i have a friend who is a white boy who is starting to jack off with us when he comes over to watch porn. he is 13 and has a smaller dick than me. his looks like a littel buttun and his balls are real small too. he doesnt have any dick hairs. and he is really skinny

Nameless One said on 08/12/10 @ 05:13 AM:
im 13 and mine is 3.93707 inches (about 10 cm) and it is really small compared to my friends' penises whose are probably 6 inches...I HATE MY DICK!!!

ty said on 08/12/10 @ 09:12 AM:
wat bicth wood like to fuck

Tristan said on 08/12/10 @ 03:59 PM:
i am 17 and have an 8 inch cock. i do feel sorry for the guys with smaller dicks than 2 inches who want to kill themselves but really anyone above 3 or 4 inches is absolutely fine. girls are impressed by big penises like mine but you can still have good sex with smaller ones!

Regular dude said on 08/13/10 @ 08:27 PM:
Why Does Any Guy Need a HUGE DICK?? Are you gonna be fucking Cows or something?? Be Happy With your Average Size Knob! It'll more than do the job, but knowing how to turn her on counts more than anything else! Girls Love To hear Dirty Talk for a start!

Dean said on 08/16/10 @ 01:18 PM:
you guys need to take action and make changes if your unhappy with your size! stuff like jelqing, stretching, hanging, extenders etc.. really do work you just have to take it easy at first.

remember for gods sake take it easy at first, don't rip your dick off!

Dean Sampson

no dick said on 08/22/10 @ 04:20 AM:
im 1 soft and 1 half hard

Nameless One said on 08/23/10 @ 05:50 PM:
1 soft 2 hard

Penis Breath said on 08/23/10 @ 10:51 PM:
I love my small penis and massage it daily. I am a sick f u c k.
2.5 soft
5.5 hard
(.5 extra) 6.0 for special occasions

Luke said on 08/24/10 @ 06:12 AM:
My penis is 4 inch on flop and 5.5-6 inch on hard :)

PREMATURE EJACULATOR said on 08/25/10 @ 10:38 AM:
THIS IS WAT IS WRONG WID SOCIETY 2DAY - U HAVE BLOKES ON THIS FORUM ASKIN WHETHER THEIR 7INCH PENIS IS 2 SMALL!!! FUCKIN HELL 7 INCHES IS MASSIVE AND AT LEAST AN INCH N A HALF ABOVE AVERAGE YET THESE GUYS R STIL INSECURE ABOUT THEIR SIZE NO THANKS 2 PORN, SKANK HOS DAT LAFF AT SMALL GUYS SHATTERIN THEIR CONFIDENCE AND BIG DICK CUNTS DAT MAKE FUN ASWEL DATS ALL U BASTARDS R - BIG DICKS!!! THERES NOTHIN MORE 2 U WANKERS PERSONALITY WISE AND MOST OF U WILL GET NOWHERE IN LIFE AND WILL PROBABLY CONTRACT AIDS B4 UR 30 DUE 2 ALL DA GIRLS U BEEN STICKIN UR BIG STD MAGNETS IN2. anyway 2 u young virgins worryin about whether or not ur big enuf, u need 2 stop worryin about ur size cos da old cliche dat size aint everyfin is actually very true its da way u pleasure da girl dats important some big dick guys have no idea how 2 fuck and just end up hurtin da girls pussy soooooo even if u got a small dick u can stil pls a woman, not just wid ur tongue or finger but even wid ur cock so stop worryin. wat u SHUD be worryin about is PREMATURE EJACULATION!!! im 22 and first of all i am shocked dat there r 12 year olds on this forum wid bigger flaccids than my hard, and yet theyre still worried theyre 2 small!!! i have a 1 inch soft cock and 3 inches hard which i am fine wid as its pretty thick and my girl loves it wen i put it in. da problem is dat once i have put it in, im takin it out and wipin da cum off within about 10 seconds!!!!! its so pathetic i literally give it about 4 pushes and then cum. now DAT is wat u call a sexual problem!

John said on 08/25/10 @ 03:19 PM:
Well, lets sum this up guys. Im 16, 2.5 inches floppy, and some where around 5-5.5 inches hard. For all the people who think they are small, GIVE IT A TRY. If you want to have sex with a girl, DO IT! There is many different types of sex. Oral, Physical and many more. If you think your penis is small, then finger her, stimulate her, or MAKE SOMETHING NEW UP! If a girls laughs at your because of your size, and you between the ages of 10-17, then that obviously means shes a whore, POINT BLANK, lets put this in easy words. BE HAPPY YOU HAVE A PENIS, SOME PEOPLE DONT! If you want to talk about this more, email me at - JohnMahcun@live.com

//\\ Thank You, John

P.S - Have a NICE DAY!

The Wog said on 08/30/10 @ 01:26 AM:
sorry for all u little dick fag mine is 4" soft and 7 1/2 and im 15 so i can plz the ladies

Kyle Muthafin R said on 08/30/10 @ 08:39 PM:
man my stuff is 4 soft and 7 1/2 hard and every girl ive been with loved it ALL OF IT!!!!!!! LOL

Tristan said on 09/02/10 @ 09:48 AM:
the problem with having an 8 inch penis is that when you tell people on here they think you're lying and tell you that you don't have a good personality, you're just a big dick. which is a bit harsh. and if i was lying i would say something like 9 or 10 inches to be more impressive.
you guys should be jealous of me tho cos any girl i'm with are so impressed they just gasp take in a deep breath and ask if they can try and get their mouth around it.
trust me you get so many more girls with a big dick, like i have. i am so much better than you small penis losers. i get to cum over beautiful girls every night whereas you just sit in front of porn looking at your pathetic penis. how do you feel becos i feel fucking fantastic

Matt said on 09/02/10 @ 03:13 PM:
my penis is 3 inches, i feel so pathetic compared to that guy with the 8 incher that sounds perfect size to me. i wish i was like him, i'm so lonely if only i had a big cock like tristan

Scott said on 09/06/10 @ 07:46 AM:
ahah wow I'm 20 and mine is 8 inches (around 20cm), I feel like a pornstar after reading your comments guys, sorry for you guys

Jonny said on 09/16/10 @ 12:51 PM:
Wish i had a big cock but not too big, i think about 8 inches maybe 9 would be perfect! mines 1 to 2 inches erect and i'm 17!!!! i feel so sad, seriously i get scared in situations with girls. i just don't want them to see it. it's not that i'm ashamed i just think it's unfair that i get bullied cos i've got such a pathetic penis!

tinyone said on 09/17/10 @ 02:09 AM:
mine is only 1inch soft and 2 hard

Tim said on 09/26/10 @ 09:37 PM:
Know any good small penis sites?

Jonny said on 10/04/10 @ 09:16 AM:
i wish i had a big penis like Tristan

jackson said on 10/11/10 @ 07:24 PM:
my dick is 3cm long and im 13 what should i do. call me if you wanna lick it aswell im happy for some sexual action.

ismydickbig? said on 10/17/10 @ 06:56 PM:
im 15 and my dick is around 7.1 inches. is this big or small

unknown said on 10/17/10 @ 11:25 PM:
im 13 and my dick is 2 1/2 in floppy and 6 in when erect, is this normal?

Kelly said on 10/19/10 @ 02:49 PM:
Don't worry, if a girl is really in to you she wont care. If she does then she sucks. O am a girl speaking from experience, I have never ever broken up with a guy because of his size. I would much rather take a guy with a small penis who treats his girl great than a guy who is like 14" who treats his girl like crap, or cheats.

PABLO said on 10/19/10 @ 06:39 PM:

Paul said on 10/23/10 @ 08:09 AM:
Boys should never be in situations where they have to undress in front of other and then they would not develop insecurities about their bodies. Communal showers in schools should be made illegal.

No. said on 10/25/10 @ 09:22 PM:
For anyone with 5.5 Erection. You are considered an Average. Not to mention. Your penis usually grows after 14. You are called Late Bloomers. And usually your penis depends on your DNA. So if your dad had a big dick, and your grandpa and that. Don't worry. Takes some years. Some people can even stop growing at 27. Honestly... Its not about your size. It matters if you can use the clitoris right. Girls who usually care about you having a BIG dick. Are probably sluts. Cause they want to brag about something.

No. said on 10/25/10 @ 09:31 PM:
Honestly. Anyone who thinks they have the biggest dick in the world. Usually if your pass even 7Inches like in those porno movies. Your considered a Freak of Nature. Not to mention. Your penis might shrink as you get much older after puberty. Its the way your body works. First of all... Never sign up for School Sports. Go for that community go around parks and shit Sports. As said BEFORE. 5.5 is the AVERAGE penis size. Usually your ERECTION is your real size and I know it sounds stupid, but its considered to be the true size of the penis. Problem is. You don't want to have sex all the time or else you won't get sexually aroused as often before, so then its the Viagra. Also YOUR still growing, if you are a early bloomer. You end earlier than the age 20. If your a late bloomer. You can end at the age 27! Usually when you 18 - 22 your penis has reached its limit of growing and stops.

Sizemeup said on 10/25/10 @ 11:17 PM:
I can smile now, it seems to be working just fine.

6.5by6 said on 10/26/10 @ 07:55 PM:
6.5 inches long and 6 inches in girth! Yea baby! Girth is where its at, I make them bitches scream!

shahbaz said on 10/28/10 @ 03:31 AM:
my age 33 and i am maerried . how can i increas my penis size from 5.5 to 7.5 or 8inch

paul said on 10/28/10 @ 11:07 AM:
This site should be required reading for all teachers and educationalists. It is a damning indictment of communal showers in schools. All boys are not the same. It isn't just that their penises vary in size. Here in the UK only a tiny minority of boys toher than Jewish and Moslem ones are circumcised. Whan I was at school it was compulsory for boys to go into the showers after PE and games. Boys who were circumcised were teased and called names. Boys who had a small penis as well as being circumcised got a really terrible time. Communal showers in schools are child cruelty and should be banned. All boys should be allowed to keep their underpants or boxers on during PE. A boy's private parts should be just that, private. Any teacher who asks children of either sex to strip naked in front of others should be sent to jail. Think about what happens to boys who become famous as adults. They have to live with the shame that there are those who know what they look like naked. There are men who know whether President Obama, Tony Blair and David Cameron are circumcised or uncircumcised and what size their penises are because they saw them in the showers when they were at school. That should not be. It is even worse if you live in a small town in which you were brought up and have to go around knowing that there are other men in the town who know what size your private parts are because they saw them in the showers at school. The Muslims have the right idea. Their religion forbids boys seeing other naked and they won't take showers in UK schools.
All boys should be circumcised when they are babies regardless of their religious backgrouond. I will remember to my dying day the sight of uncircumcised boys with their dirty disgusting prepuces in the changing rooms at school. HORRIBLE.
Boys aged 15 or over who have 1 inch penises should realise that nature made them that way for a reason. They should understand that whatever their reason for being on earth it is not copulation. Copulation is the job of boys who have penises like the bull in the field and should be left to them. Boys with 1 inch penises should not be attempting to compete with bull type boys in the sex stakes. They should find something more interesting and rewarding to do with their lives. Become a famous surgeon, doctor lawyer or scientist. Concentrate on becoming rich. Bring joy to mankind as a musician. Bring hot water and sanitation to people as a skilled plumber. Be an excellent carpenter. .Develop interesting hobbies and spar-time activities. You didn't feel deprived when you were a child because you weren't having sex. Why should you be unhappy as an adult because you aren't having it, You can do perfectly well without it. Just steer clear of occupations where communal showers are compulsory such as the armed forces and sport. And if you are in something like the police don't be afraid to say that you are shy an don't take communal showers. Its your ritht to keep the private parts of your body covered and then no one will know what size they are.

cunnilingus ninja said on 11/04/10 @ 04:54 AM:
Ok we all kno that u guys who haveso called "monster dicks" probably have smaller ones than the guys complainin about it. You guys worried about ur small sizes shouldn't have to if u think u r too small to pleasure ur gf r whoever u want just email me @ cunnilingus_ninja@html.com no spammers plz. I can teach u to perform oral sex on ur girl so gud she'll never want to c urs or another guy's penis in her lif

Honesty said on 11/16/10 @ 11:17 AM:
If you're 6 and up your good. Im 6 1/2 but i don't know about 5 and under. Good luck.

rrrrr said on 11/26/10 @ 06:55 PM:
i am 13 2 inch penis

little sis said on 01/01/11 @ 05:03 PM:
im 18 and my sister whos 14 walked in my room when i was wanking one day and saw my small dick. its only 3.7 inches and she just laughed and took a picture when she realised it was fully hard.

she said it was tiny for being 19 n tht her bf was bigger when he was soft.

she made me compare mine with her bfs or she would send the pic round the school. her bf was so much bigger. mines like small and thin, thn theres his, long and fat. she flicked my small dick thn went to her room with her bf.

shes also made me show her friends on a sleepover. they all laughed and one of her friends is so so hot, i kinda like her, but when she saw it she just made this horrible face n said 'i used to think u were hot, but ur dick barely stick out' and rubbed me for a few seconds till i came infront of all of them.

its really embraessing and my lil sis has threatened to show a girl i like in my year, but it kinda turns me on

me said on 01/02/11 @ 05:06 PM:
im 13 and I have a 2.8 / 3inch dick on erect and im gettin so worried it wont grow :(

tehmothaf---a said on 01/07/11 @ 05:42 PM:

The Fuck? said on 01/09/11 @ 06:47 PM:
Why is everyone posting their penis size?

The fuck?

Just eat healthy (organic), don't smoke, don't do drugs, and be blessed with a 7 like me.


WTF? said on 01/12/11 @ 10:16 PM:
There is no way that 12 year old have bigger flaccid penises than i have erect, im 24 with a 4 inch flaccid and 7 inch erect, the world record is like 11 inches all natural stop lying

What the f? said on 01/20/11 @ 08:59 AM:
Now I know half the people here say they have the biggest privates when their 13 but they probably have 2 in hard-ons. They sit in their room trying to figure out how toget bigger and trying to be cool but their all faggots that love huge dicks in their ass. They are only talking about their boyfriends. I was searching about the shower subject that people were talking about and this popped up.

anonymous said on 01/24/11 @ 11:31 PM:
I'm 2 1/2 flacid,and 3 1/2 erect.I turned 11 ys old a while ago.Is mine normal?

Robert Downey Jr. said on 01/24/11 @ 11:39 PM:
Any of you that know me,might know that I was a serial masturbator.I abused it and now its just wearing out sice then,Susan doesn't even wanna have sex anymore.All of you have perfect sizes,but what you did what I did straight all day,you won't have as great.Mine is already shorter than Indio! My own son! He tells me this story which leads to...

-Robert Downey Jr.

never seen so many bullshitters in one page said on 02/01/11 @ 10:04 AM:
lol all these 14yos with 7 and 9 inch cocks, you honestly think anyone believes you lol if use were all tellin the truth then there is going to be a sudden 5million % increase in the number of pornstars, aint gawnna happen is it? 6 inches is the normal cock size and there isnt a girl in the world who would say 7 inches is too small considering they can get off with a little finger...... so even if u have less than 6, i mean like 5 or so its hardly small. Its percieved as small but its not really. Very few pornstars have more than 8 inches, camera angles and pic edits may make them look bigger but in reality most are under 8 inches. Obviously madingo and one or two others are just freaks of nature and half of there dicks go to waste on even pornstars so no normal girl is going to think 7 inches is too small and if they do, your arm is about 50 inches give them it all if they want it haha So all you 14yo whos balls havent dropped yet stop talking shite for christs sake as some ppl really do worry about this and your only making it worse for them. I agree less than 5 inches is small and unfortunate but id guess that it would still do a job seen as the most sensative part of the vag is the first 4 inches.

Bullshitters PWNED!!

dan said on 02/16/11 @ 08:17 AM:
i am 18 nearly 19 and my penis it tiny it is just under 2 inch hard i am so embarassed about it i had to go to the docs the other day and he had a look at my penis and he sed it was tiny i was so embaraased

mike said on 02/26/11 @ 08:22 PM:
Use http:www.maleinch.com

girlie said on 03/01/11 @ 05:13 AM:
ok so baisiclly last weekend i got intimate with the guy i liked for a month, i saw his dick and it was about 2 inches im 23 year old and hes 30 yr old. I must say i didnt do anything with him because i just felt that is a bit small, and the smallest i have ever seen. i just had to find some excuse and leave the room

Some guy said on 03/13/11 @ 11:34 PM:
Guys, you have fingers and a tongue. Figure it out, silly bitches.

Also, "never seen so many bullshitters in one page" is fucking awesome. I am a fan of his down to earth pwnage on you fgts.

Erica W said on 03/19/11 @ 10:36 AM:
I want to put Lenard Henley aka half inch on blast for his shallow performance in bed lack of energy, and his inability to keep his gas under control in the bedroom. what a piece of shit. Lenard you walk around like your some big shot...yet..why is it that I need a hubble telescope to see where your dick is?
your such a looser. grow a big dick to match
that big ass head of yours , maybe ...just maybe you could satisfy a woman.

Bob marley 223 said on 03/26/11 @ 08:39 AM:
i got an 8 inch cock and im 14 and for the guy who guys inside himself you should go to the doctor.

Bob marley 223 said on 03/26/11 @ 08:41 AM:
most of my freinds have extremely small penises and i feel sorry for them.

james said on 03/26/11 @ 04:45 PM:
when i was 13 i had a 6inch cock n im 21 now its about 7 1/2 also have hypospadia

james said on 03/26/11 @ 04:46 PM:
when i was 13 i had a 6inch cock n im 21 now its about 7 1/2 also have hypospadia

javon said on 03/28/11 @ 07:22 PM:
wtf yo y is ma dik is only 2 inches and im a str8 up frum the hood get at me cuz?

helper said on 04/02/11 @ 04:23 PM:
hi guys i thought i was small when i was 14 being 5 inch 15 i was 7 and i learnt a little trick im now 18 in july and im 9.2 inches !!! my gf loves it its a personal technique ive been doing 4 4yrs and it works trust me its just time. using ur thumb and finger grab base of ur dick then pull the blood just below the head do this 25 times a week. DO NOT DO IT WHEN HARD U MAY INJURE URSELF SEVERALY!!! my names mark drop me an email if i helped bigfoot64@btinternet.com

helper said on 04/02/11 @ 05:09 PM:
me again guys that technique ive told you about is awsome if u find it works ive claimed copy rights on it lol. all info given here is subject to the owner mark brash and may not be sold or copied, for more info email bigfoot64@btinternet.com. btw women arnt all interested in waping it in. touch them kiss their necks, tummy, boob etc. then slowly work down south they will get an orgasm of tht trust me do it slowly lol. they will get horney and love you for a long time. foot masarges are great to. give them masarges it generally puts them in the mood. hoped tht helped u guys out there. if ud like to donate some money for helping you out id b greatful thnks and best regards mark

Greg said on 04/03/11 @ 04:09 PM:
I am 21. I have a 8 1/2 inch erect penis, with a girth of 6 1/2. It upsets me when I take home a girl and they are too afraid to have sex with me, or when they constantly scream and tell me to slow down or stop. Sometimes I wish I had a little penis like all of you. Then again, maybe I have potential for work in the porn industry.

austin said on 04/25/11 @ 09:43 PM:
im like a fourth of an inch flacid and below an inch erect im 14 but girls think its cute

Austin said on 04/26/11 @ 03:39 PM:
People dont kill yourselves there is much more to life than sex with a dick, there is sex with a finger too and what matters to a woman is mainly your personality because if a girl likes you then they like you for who you are not what you have as well. If girls or boys make fun of (sexual harassment) then you can ask them how ling theres is and if they say more than 5 inches tgan there is most likely the possibility that theirs is smaller than yours is. So just keep taking action and saying "FUCK YOU and your dick because your harassment has no need to be in my life or yours and even though my dick is not that big i will keep raping you in the ass with my finger!!! I will be taking this to court and your sorry ass is going to end up blown up in the sight off national prison!!!" i cannot stand those people who harrass because life was ment to be peaceful not have bastards like them. I have an average size penis and i stick up for all those people that want to kill themselfs and i say "you guys are good people, no one can tell you are different and cannot fit in because we look at ourself as one race. One race has ti get along with eachother and be positive to people downing theirself because people that harrass make you look at yourself in different ways and that is fucked up" i am truly sorry for all you guys that want to die... Just do not do it, you all have just as much power as everyone else in this race... I am asking you... Please dont.

person said on 04/28/11 @ 03:43 PM:
i have 12 and i have a 7 1/2icnch penis i

Guy said on 05/15/11 @ 11:41 AM:
Hi I'm 16 and my penis is about 2 inch soft and 3.5 hard.

Casey Darnell said on 05/20/11 @ 01:22 PM:
Yes I'm 11 and I have a 5inch

Nameless One said on 05/24/11 @ 10:13 PM:
my name is kenneth feint and my friends always tease me for the way my hair looks they call me a lesbian and i dont like it but secretly i actually have a 1 inch penis and when it is soft it does go inside me id be soo ashamed if they found out about it can anyone help me?

anonymous said on 05/29/11 @ 07:11 PM:
im 14 and i have a 7 inch penis erect and 4 1/2 not erect

ayxx nastii said on 06/04/11 @ 03:07 PM:
whats good im 14 bout to be 15 in 2 months my dick is 6.3 inches on hard my girl thinks that is big she moans loud is that big for my age

A Gay Dude said on 06/09/11 @ 02:43 PM:
its not the size, its the way you use it

mr small said on 06/11/11 @ 01:22 PM:
im 12 my dick is 3 inch soft and 5 erect all my friends av had sex an i havent because im scared to any tips

Dhffhgd said on 06/14/11 @ 02:41 AM:
I am 12and my pennies is 2in floppy and 6 in hard

Doug said on 06/17/11 @ 09:05 AM:
Well my dick was 3 inches when I was 13. 5 inches when I turned 15. And 5.9 inches now and I'm about to turn 19

John said on 06/21/11 @ 01:54 AM:
Mine is 7 1/2 erect and 5 small I'm 16 years old and I think mine is average ???? Ppl say I have a big one but I just don't see it :/

keyla said on 06/21/11 @ 06:29 AM:
mr small
yr dick sounds fine, no wonder yr girl moans, she's lovin every bit of it. So would I.

AwesomeDude said on 06/24/11 @ 12:41 AM:
I am thirteen and 5 inches when erect

ello said on 07/08/11 @ 03:50 AM:
im 13 turning 14 and my penis is about 4 inches not erected and 9 when it is and my gf says shes had bigger and it drives mme crazy

Rigo said on 07/11/11 @ 01:42 PM:
I have a small penis. It's 2" soft and like 5" hard. I just wish i was packing heat so I never have to worry about it. It sucks, what if a girl laughs? What if it isn't enough? I just wish I had a cock that filled out my pants

17 year old said on 07/14/11 @ 10:12 AM:
Im 17 my penis is about 3 inches and almost 6 inches erect. im scared to fuck someone

Nameless One said on 07/15/11 @ 07:20 AM:
I'm gay and the best sex I had was with a4" cock,and for the record. Dudes with hugehuge cocks 10plus has jus as much trouble getting laid. Reality is bigones r jus pretty to look at. Most women don't wanna feel like there giving birth,if they aren't. And guys don't wanna have to wear diapers soooner than they have to. For those of you that think ur small,your as smaall as u leet urself fee. Master eating the choach, ur go gay. My motto is the smaller the better for me, that way I can walk straight the next dayand the corners of my moth won't be split

Nameless One said on 07/15/11 @ 07:21 AM:
I'm gay and the best sex I had was with a4" cock,and for the record. Dudes with hugehuge cocks 10plus has jus as much trouble getting laid. Reality is bigones r jus pretty to look at. Most women don't wanna feel like there giving birth,if they aren't. And guys don't wanna have to wear diapers soooner than they have to. For those of you that think ur small,your as smaall as u leet urself fee. Master eating the choach, ur go gay. My motto is the smaller the better for me, that way I can walk straight the next dayand the corners of my moth won't be split

Popcorn said on 07/22/11 @ 12:34 PM:
I have a small cock and absolutely l

Popcorn said on 07/22/11 @ 12:39 PM:
Sorry damn slip of the finger!!
Anyway I have a small cock and absolutely love and love the surprise on girls faces when they see it they say things like oh my it not very big is it! But I just smile and say not it's not but I love it!! Certainly make me desktop! When women say jokes about my small cock I feed off it I think it's great!! Accept who you are guys and accept your cock it's gonna be great fun trust me!!

Popcorn said on 07/22/11 @ 01:34 PM:
Sorry I just had to come back and tell all you small cock guys that you seriously don't need to be worried about the size of your cock.

Don't expect a woman to accept it if you can't. A cock is a cock big or smal and I promise you if you are comfortable with yourself she will be too!

Think of it like this if a woman bursts out laughing saying your cock is so small maybe for her it really is. So what you gonna do? Cry cause she is telling the truth? Just smile to and enjoy it you will see once you accept who you are so will they!!

And just for the record I don't try to compensate with too much foreplay or anything like that I'm just myself and women love my personality they love to dine with me watch movies with me and talk to me and most of all they love my little cock!!!

The man said on 07/22/11 @ 05:43 PM:
It sucks to be you guys :'/ i feel bad for you. Im 13 and latino and my dick is 6 inches soft 8.5 when its erect. :D im just a lucky bastard thats all.

Popcorn said on 07/22/11 @ 10:00 PM:
You need more than a 8.5 inch dick to keep a woman happy my friend! I feel you still have a lot to learn!

But ok if it makes you feel happy that's ok MR Cock!!

ForThaLUlz said on 07/31/11 @ 03:24 PM:
How do you make you cock 20 inches? Fold it in half.

nick said on 08/01/11 @ 01:19 AM:
I have a 4 inch penis hard and I have no trouble making my gf happy. It's the the size, its how u use it. And besides, it is better to have a small penis with a girl to have sex with then to have a huge one with no girl at all.

Theylovethem said on 08/02/11 @ 04:28 AM:
Im 20 with a 7 inch erect and my gf love it since it fits perfectly, over 8 inch can hurt a girl if you go too hard. So dont worry aout the size but how you use it

charlie said on 08/10/11 @ 03:56 AM:
i am 13andturned my penis is really big im actually scared that isa going to be over 17inches my the time i am 20turned its 13inches soft and 16 when its hard i dont even like it i think a person with a penis of 3the to 6inchesthe is normal i would rather have one that is 3.5

LYING CUNTS said on 08/13/11 @ 07:45 PM:

KurtCobain said on 08/25/11 @ 06:39 PM:
I'm 2.5 soft, 4.5 hard and I'm 13.

williamam said on 08/29/11 @ 06:04 PM:
My penis is seven inches erect and 5.5 inches around and it is fine just the size it is so dont believe these little kids on this website they talk shit

Nameless One said on 09/03/11 @ 04:53 PM:

cheese said on 09/15/11 @ 10:27 PM:
im 11 and mines not even an inch when soft maybe 2 when hard and its really uncomfortable. oh ya for all th people who say theyre like 14 well theres a certain spot in a vajj that makes a girl feel uncomfortable so shut it. also the good part is at the very front

quickquoteit said on 09/16/11 @ 12:48 PM:
I am the older brother. I have a small penis compared to my little brother. I am 26, he is 19. Sometime around when he was 11, he got onto my computer and found all of the info I had downloaded about penis enlargement, things like stretching,jelqing, pumping etc.

He started doing these exercises in secret ever since. I am certain they are what lead to his huge size difference compared to me.

I am only 5 inches long erect and 5 inches around.

He is almost 9 inches and just a hair over 7 inches around when he is fully pumped.

He said he was 7 inches at 14 and was 5 inches soft then and 5.5 inches around.

He is only 5'6". He looks like a freak with this hose between his legs.

Dont worry be happy said on 09/16/11 @ 04:05 PM:
Hey people relax calm down :)
i hear people here saying my dick is 7 inch erected its small im emberresed when i readed that i was like O.o i mean first of all the most sensative parts of a vagina is in the begin of it at the end of there vagina they feel nothing (aprovved by sientists)
i have erected 6 inch and that is more then ennof.....
what i think is that you people watch to much porn and you see movies of persons with a cock of 12 inches what is totally not natural at all so all relax dont worry be happy size does not mather... its the same like men are worried about there penis and woman ar worried about the size of there boobs brests titties so yeahhhhh here you got the awnser on your question....
as i always say have nice day.

Theguy said on 09/21/11 @ 07:14 AM:
There's nothing wrong with any of you the guys that are bragging about 14" is just bullshiting I think they meant millimeters not inches. 1 and a half-3 and a half is the average for a twelve year old don't worry it's gonna get another 3-5inches bigger just chill guys and fuck of you dickheads bragging about your 10 millimeter dicks that's nothing

chrissie said on 09/26/11 @ 04:18 PM:
hi im a 16 yr old girl and my bro is 11 and has a 8 inch dick no joke. he is always walking around naked when we a re alone at home. evne when he is soft he is hung like a horse

mr small said on 09/26/11 @ 09:16 PM:
heyy iv got a small dick and iv got a fetish of wearing my sisters panties i just love being humiliated.

big jonny said on 09/26/11 @ 09:22 PM:
my dick is small :*:* i like wearing knickers to i love to wear girls clothes and go out but i cant . i want everyone to call me a sissy i want younger boys and girls to make funn of me telling me how pathetic i am i want to be forced into being dresses as a young girl and wear pink frilley nickers and bras an stuff i just wud love it :):) i want to be humiliated.

mike said on 10/02/11 @ 08:50 AM:
i have a small dick only about a half inch hard and when its soft its inverted plus I have to wear diapers all the time i get made fun of all the time but i like my small dick

Brett said on 10/14/11 @ 03:36 PM:
I'm 14 and when my penis is hard it is 4inches but soft2inches I have alot of hair above my balls and alot under my arms is that normal

jits guy said on 10/20/11 @ 10:21 AM:
hello im 22 yrs old when i wuz 19 my ex gf left me 4 noter dude then i strted dating other chix den 1 night a hot chik said dont put it all in and im 6.75 almost 7 long then i wuz like ok then dat boosted my confidence and another chik said that wuz big compared t da previous penis she saw... and after 4 months i did it w/ my ex well both of my ex i made one squirt which wuz da one who left me 4 noter dude and asked me why of all the other guys i wuz able 2 make her cum/squirt..i wuz like i dunno maybe they didn't know where to hit her or maybe she had smaller penis but who cares i made her wut the other guys couldn't...and the other ex said hijo de tu pinche madre and moaning well over all these xperiences i have 2 say that we guys have 2 learn on how to use our johnny and make em happy dnt wrry bout size wrry bout girth now get it in your head why want a horse penis now and later b a letdown when u start havng erection prob

... said on 10/24/11 @ 01:12 PM:
my bf was born premature n has 9" so guys it jus depends

... said on 10/24/11 @ 01:14 PM:
hes 16 ^

Unknown said on 11/04/11 @ 10:28 PM:
Woah most of you have below average sizes but dont worry they will grow

Wannanow said on 11/10/11 @ 08:57 PM:
I wanna now if masturbating helps growing or reducing dick? 2 month after I turn 14 and im 4 1/3 erect and 1 inch flacid, can some one tell me my average, im i in it? :/

jonny said on 11/14/11 @ 08:21 PM:
Hey what's up you guy .I'm jon I'm Latino . I have a 1 1/2 inch and about 5 inch hard . I'm 19 and I know I have a small Dick . And I know a lot of u guys around 12 to 15 have small Dick now I can tell u a lot will grow maybe I had this size for a while .. but I feel u guys should not get embarrass over having a small Dick and do what I did .get into something called small penis humiliation .its when men like us enjoy when girls laugh at are small Dick .. we u should know is don't be mad cus u wasn't blessed with a bigger Dick but enjoy what u have . I enjoy when I'm jerking off when girls laugh at my Dick and I even told a couple of friends my size . U hav to not be embarrass about your Dick just enjoy it and get into king things like femdom and cfnm and sissy and slave and being a bitch to a women and doing as She says .if u want to be part with me and enjoy another life hmu at jonny2talented@AOL.com and ill give u my Facebook and number and we can enjoy our small Dick together

jonn said on 11/14/11 @ 08:30 PM:
Listen I enjoy wearing panties to and I'm into small penis humiliation and I hav a 1 1/2 inch Dick and I enjoy when women laugh and say how tiny my Dick is just enjoy it and she your girls your Dick and let them laugh and say how small is it and let them wear a strapon and let them enjoy your anus to . There are fun things u can do with a small Dick if anyone wants to talk to me and make a club of us guys with small Dick that like Diffrent shit hit me up at Mario_l_1414@hotmail.com

hey said on 11/14/11 @ 08:55 PM:
If anyone wanna show me there Dick send me a pic and well talk and see Wat can help u .send a pic of it to jonny2talented@ gmail.com .and we can talk it doesn't matter your age ok u are special and we can see it together and get thru it .send me your Dick pic .age 11 to 17 can send ne it and if your older then those age u can to

reece said on 11/19/11 @ 03:09 AM:
hey am 13 and gay i love small cock some one email me reece.n.08@live.co.uk

reece said on 11/19/11 @ 03:09 AM:
hey am 13 and gay i love small cock some one email me reece.n.08@live.co.uk

john said on 12/02/11 @ 11:27 PM:
my penis size is 5.4 inches,is this average?

MrKiplink said on 12/28/11 @ 01:53 PM:
My dick is only 2 inches when flaccid and almost 4 inches when erect, but i'm only 13.
I haven't hit puberty yet, and my brother didn't hit puberty till he was 17.
Don't be worried guys.
If worse comes to worse just get penis surgery.
Don't be worried. Your penises will grow.
If your overweight it can be a factor because the blood pressure can't flow freely.
Try and loose some weight.
If your penis is 1" hard, then you have a problem. You will probably need to get a penis remake, which can be made.

Bill S., Florida said on 01/02/12 @ 09:16 PM:
My penis is less than three inches long when hard, and it's only about one inch long when soft. Is my penis small?

Daaave said on 01/04/12 @ 12:12 AM:
My dick is small. And I like guys with small dicks like mine. I'm 1 1/2" soft and 4 3/4" hard.

dd said on 01/06/12 @ 04:46 PM:
im really small when soft but it grows to about 5.5 when hard

bw said on 01/19/12 @ 06:49 PM:
im 16 a virgin and my penis is the size of my pinky like im so lonley and need sex before i kill myself if ur willing to help me text me 9802253900

hey said on 01/22/12 @ 04:28 AM:
if u got under 4inches and under 18 plz show me on my email poo.number2@@hotmail.co.uk il tell u wat i think

Darrell Johnson said on 01/28/12 @ 11:30 AM:
My penis is average, about 6.5 soft, 7.5 to 8 inches when erect. I've gone skinny dipping and everyone I know is about the same, anyone with a smaller penis is like a freak of nature or something, we get all tha girls!

Awesome man said on 02/03/12 @ 10:15 PM:
People need to stop lying saying their 16 and their dick is 9 inches. That's such a lie the average adult is 6.5. So yeah. I am 12 and mine is 4 inches that seems so small though

Who Cares said on 02/09/12 @ 12:45 PM:
Some of the comments have made me chuckle, some are completely disgusting, a lot are made up B.S. In all seriousness, don't worry about your penis size and about what someone may think. It's completely a waste of time and idiotic. The internet is full of "tough guys", guys with 12 inch penises, etc. Don't believe the crap. Life is too short to be hung up on stupid crap. If you're worried about the size of something, how about increasing the size of your knowledge by learning things that actually matter.

munt said on 02/19/12 @ 09:04 AM:
hey i have a small penis maybe 4in and i've been wanting to kill myself since puberty expecting it to grow and it didn't. i am 20. i go to numerous therapists/psychiatrist but their pills don't my penis bigger so i am still sad and mental.

Tomy said on 04/25/12 @ 11:58 AM:
Im 13 and im 5 inches hard, and about 3 soft, ive been told im big bu i dunno

erik said on 07/28/12 @ 04:45 PM:
im 19 and mine is 3in hard and 1inch soft what the fuck

buzzy200 said on 07/28/12 @ 09:27 PM:
i am 47 with a bout 2 inch soft and 4 erect

William S., Boca Raton, Florida said on 08/17/12 @ 02:45 AM:
My penis is less than three inches long when hard. Ladies, is that too small? Just wondering.

knasballs said on 08/24/12 @ 09:26 AM:
I think yall small dicks r sexy to women I wish mine was 1 inch soft 2 or 3 inches hard or 2cm soft 3 or 5cm hard

23yearold said on 09/16/12 @ 12:44 PM:
I'm 23. I'm 1.5 inch when soft. Till last year my dick was 5inch hard. Now it won't get up past 4.1 inch no matter how much I try.

Little_Weewee said on 10/07/12 @ 12:34 PM:
Anyone want to chat with a person who has a real micropenis? Email me little_weewee@yahoo.com

Loser said on 10/13/12 @ 01:11 PM:
I'm a guy in my 30s with a very small dick. I'm straight but I love being humiliated by younger guys who are well hung or even average sized dicks. Anyone 18-25 with a large dick want to humiliate a guy with a 2" dick?

phil said on 10/24/12 @ 01:30 PM:
i have a 5.5 inch flop and 8.5 inch erect and im 17 this is alright according to you others i suppose, sorry not to clued up with the old comparing?

Nameless One said on 11/18/12 @ 07:21 AM:
hey niggers

stephen said on 01/29/16 @ 07:49 PM:
I'm 20 and I was wondering if my penis was small. its bout a inch long and skinny as a pencil when soft and its 4 inches hard. I'm just wondering cause I was n the locker room and every boys penis was bigger then mine even a 12 year olds penis was bigger. Sum times I hear pple laugh and I know they laughing at me cause they keep looking at my small penis. Anyone wanna compare

Johnny said on 09/17/16 @ 04:00 AM:
I'm 14, my buddy and I jerking off allot, his dick is starting to bend. Will my dick do that?

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