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Wanted: Some computer parts

I need some stuff for work, maybe you can help me out:

Memory: I need some PC100 ECC Registered 256meg RAM. Would prefer a good brand, as it's going in a couple servers. I need at least 3 (prefer 5) sticks of this. If I can buy them all from one place to save shipping costs, let me know, but I'll take whatever bits and pieces I can get.

CPU: I need a couple 500mhz Slot 1 PIIIs (or two matching of a higher speed, up to 600, as that's as fast as these servers can handle). Having a heat sink isn't entirely necessary, as I'm probably going to have to get a new one for them anyway (the Proliant 800/1600 that these are going into require some odd-ball heatsinks to fit in there, but send the heatsink along so I can see if I can jury-rig it).

Compaq Proliant Parts: I need some VRMs and the aforementioned heatsinks for the Proliant 800/1600. I'll dig up the part number, if need be. I know I'll probably have to hit fleaBay for these, but I figured I'd ask here, first.

You can contact me using the info here. If you need references, Heatware is under "orty". Ebay feedback under "orty.com".

Posted by Jake on 09/26/03 @ 11:34 AM
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