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Man gets away with paying with $200 bill

To quote the story sent by Gregg:

Police are searching for a man who paid for $150 in groceries at a Food Lion grocery store with a $200 bill.
The man walked out of the store with his groceries and $50 in change before the fake bill was discovered Sept. 6.
(If you don't live on this side of the pond, the US Mint doesn't make a $200 bill). What's funny is that the bill didn't even look real:
Instead of being labeled a Federal Reserve note, the fake bill was marked as a "Moral Reserve Note." The bill bore the signatures of Ronald Reagan, political mentor; and George H.W. Bush, campaign adviser and mentor.
I certainly hope that lady loses her job. Crimeny.

Update on 9/15: Leave it to the Smoking Gun to come up with the bill.

Posted by Jake on 09/15/03 @ 05:33 PM
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