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The comments keep getting weirder and weirder

I posted a while back about the random comments on this site. Recently, I've gotten a few weirder ones, and they seem to be on the same posts that they came from before.

And apparently people think by posting on my site, they will get their message to the celebrities. Observe:

From this post where I just happened to mention Eminem's name:

Eminem if u read this i would like to tall u i LOVE you and ur music. ur music puts a picture in my mind of excatly what u must of gone through or at least what ur singing about. well if you dont see this marshall i love you but to any 1 who does see this hello
My post on Michael Jackson's face and the fact that he says he never had plastic surgery still bring fun comments:
i love michael jackson it doesn't matter wats on the outside there is a person in there and he has feelings too. He has had a troubled life and everything and ppl still discriminateee against him and stuff so dont be mean to him (not that i said u did but other ppl really are:( )
And another:
i think everyone should leave michale jackson alone. I mean it's a free world what did he do to everyone else, i mean he has alot of talent, geez i bet that the people trying to destoy "THE KING OF POP"couldn't dance half as good as he could and they don't like him i think he is the best thing that has hit the face of the earth, to all you michale jackson haters out there go and get a live and wake up and smell the coffee.
Hi! I think Michael Jackson rules!! He IS the King of pop and that's what he'll stay! People should STOP saying how ugly he is! Who cares what colour he is or what he really looks like? Does it really matter? Does it matter that he has changed himself for himself? He is a great singer and he doesn't need to be critisized!
And yet another:
just leave michael jackson alone let him get on with he's life.he is the king of pop and that wat i like about him.he would not hurt a fly.he has a heart of gold.michael jackson is the best and you or anyone ase can beat him.he is a good singer.good dancer and now one well every beat him.he can beat you any day.so read this and you well understand that u well near beat him ok I LOVE YOU MICHEAL JACKSON AND I WELL ALLWAYS LOVE YOU I WILL LOVE TO MEET YOUUUUUUUUUU
I think the most entertaining part is that before I deleted the comments and rebuilt the site, each of the above comments were posted at least two times (some as many as four) by people who are impatient and won't wait for the page to reload -- they just hit the "Post" button until they felt better.

So how are all these folks getting to the Michael Jackson entry? Well, let's look through the logs. Apparently, if you spell Jackson's name wrong (even in another language), you'll get here (thanks to one of the comments above). Or if you're looking for his home address. Or if you're just looking for information on his face.

But what about Eminem and his fans on this site? Apparently people are looking for his house, too. Or they're hoping to find his e-mail address.

Posted by Jake on 09/08/03 @ 03:52 PM
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