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Damn Fast Rubik's Cubing

I'd heard of folks who could solve a Rubik's Cube really damn fast, but I'd never seen it. This lady has videos online, as well as a pretty in-depth speed-cubing page for those folks who want to try using her methods. But man, seeing somebody solve a really messed up one in 16.74 seconds is really damn cool.

Posted by Jake on 09/04/03 @ 08:43 AM
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rubik from Assclown Cockfight on 09/05/03 @ 10:32 AM:
Last christmas i received a rubix cube. It came with some instructions and I sorta learned how to solve most of the cube semi-quickly but could never get the whole thing on my own without a lot of use from the manual. No way could i ever do what she is... (Read More)

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