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DHTML Lemmings

This is one amazing feet of programming: A recreation of the classic Lemmings game, done entirely in DHTML. Don't mind me while I play this until my eyes bleed. Link via MeFi.

Quick Update: I see Neil is linking to it, too, but I did see it before I went to Neil's site, so I'm not just spending my entire day copying his links....really....I promise...;-) .

Posted by Jake on 08/17/03 @ 05:54 PM
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max said on 08/09/04 @ 02:59 PM:
Anyone pass all the dhtml lemmings levels? Care to give the cheat codes? Stuck on Mayhem & Taxing level 3. Thanks

gaz said on 09/08/04 @ 11:09 AM:
wen i try and load lemmings, the program loads fully but before it goes onto the actual level it stops and wont load the game its self! what do i do?

Colin said on 10/11/04 @ 05:22 PM:
For taxing level 3 try ICENNONPFJ

jen said on 11/12/04 @ 11:52 AM:
anyone know the how to pass taxing level 3? or the code to get to level 4?

Gus said on 01/05/05 @ 08:06 PM:
I can not get by the Mayhem level 4, "the Crossroads". There seems to be a time lag on the net version that I can not overcome. Any suggestions? of the cheat code to the next level?

Jane said on 01/07/05 @ 12:56 PM:
I'm stuck on taxing level 7...help!!!

Gus said on 01/09/05 @ 06:44 PM:
Jane, find your solution somewhere on this this site: http://home.wanadoo.nl/lemmings-solution/

anybody figure out mayhem "the crossroads"

Garion said on 01/16/05 @ 08:57 AM:
I'm stuck on "the crossroads" also :(

Garion said on 01/17/05 @ 01:38 AM:
I've got 99% soooo fucking many times now.. :P

gus said on 01/17/05 @ 02:55 PM:
ditto that one Garion...i'm not sure its possible over the web

Garion said on 01/18/05 @ 02:41 PM:
it has to be... I'm sure I can make it somehow.. ;P

Danny said on 01/30/05 @ 10:22 PM:
Yeah, I get to the last lemming and time runs out on Mayhem 4. "Crossroads". This is mindblowing.

Rick said on 02/15/05 @ 12:10 PM:
Okej, anybody, what about mayhem - the crossroads?

Nick said on 02/17/05 @ 11:37 PM:
I can't even get that far on crossroads. There's always one lemming that turns back to the left after i bash the web to allow them to fall down and go to the exit :(. help?

Rick said on 02/18/05 @ 08:05 AM:
Code to the level after Crossroads: HGAOLMNPHX

Bob said on 03/11/05 @ 02:16 PM:
Okay, if you know the code to the level after crossroads... how the hell do you beat crossroads?

I can get them all to the end without any turning back, but time always expires with 2 left.


Pete said on 03/17/05 @ 04:30 PM:
Crossroads is the worst!

I did every other level and then returned to crossroads.

The trick I found is that the + and - buttons do make a difference even though you can't change the number from 99.

I hit the - button as fast as I can at first to space the first few lemmings out. Once I have got a route bashed through the web I then hit the + button as fast as I can to make sure all the lemmings are out in time.

FinnishBoy said on 05/04/05 @ 12:16 AM:
Fun Codes:
Tricky Codes:
Taxing Codes:
Mayhem Codes:

Ciaran said on 06/24/05 @ 07:50 AM:
Stuck on mayhem 3... Its hero time.. there seems to be a time lag.. i can only rescue 16 out of 30... its really buggin me..

angel said on 08/09/05 @ 11:49 PM:
I cant get past taxing level 3, ive got the code to level 4, but i really wanna get 3 done, just dont have any idea how!!!! SOMEONE HELP PLEASE

Theo said on 08/15/05 @ 04:24 AM:
+ First off, with a release rate of 1 and only two minutes on the clock,
there's no way 80 Lemmings are going to get to the exit in time. Pause
before the hatch opens (which will give you about two more valuable
seconds) and put it up to around 30.
+ Unpause and let one Lemming go by to be the builder for this level.
+ The one behind him needs to dig a holding cell. Dig a little bit and then
build to cut him off.
+ When the front man starts to go up to the exit, max out the release rate.
+ When the builder Lemming starts on his last bridge, focus on the group in
the hole. Build them out of their jam. Again, make sure they come out and
go the right way or you just did a whole lot for nothing. You should finish
by a close shave - just a few seconds.

mike said on 10/07/05 @ 03:31 PM:
Pete - thanks for the tip on Level 4! It was driving me crazy. As soon as I pushed the + and - buttons (you have to do this very fast) I was able to bash the route and then finish in time. I don't think it's possible without doing that.

eric said on 10/27/05 @ 02:03 PM:
The web version found here: http://www.oldgames.dk/freeflashgames/arcadegames/playlemmings.php does have impossible time restrictions. Mayham Level 3 is impossible. I had to use the code to pass it. Same with Level 4. it just can't be done.

tj said on 11/16/05 @ 04:27 PM:
eric- People say mayhem level 4 is possible by messing with the + - buttons. personally I don't care about that stupid level so I havn't wasted my time, but mayhem level 3 "It's hero time" is my favorite level because of all the strategy involved. It is absolutely possible without pausing or touching the + - buttons. I can do it with 5 seconds to spare everytime. You give lemming #17 the pick so that he falls in front of the ramp, then you make him bash through the ramp. With one chunk out of the ramp #18 passes but #19 and all behind change direction with two chunks out. #18 who passed then lays two steps so that he hits the floor and turns back. #17 finishes bashing you have him climb the wall use the umbrella and dig a hole to home for everyone else.
I LOve it!

conor said on 01/05/06 @ 04:53 PM:
i beat lemmings easy!

with the codes...

Sonia said on 02/15/06 @ 12:41 PM:
Is it normal for lemmings to stop building after so long... how do you keep them building for ever???

Gabe said on 02/17/06 @ 02:33 AM:
Mayhem 3 had me stumped till I read tj's post. I even checked the official lemmings site for the solution and it was the one I had already tried. 80% then the clock ran out. The key is to get the first guy digging a bit less then halfway down the line so they can get out in time. I kept digging on the front and back of the line, and now I'm not sure why. It seems so simple now that I wish I hadn't given up trying without the net. Not sure why so many people have trouble with Mayhem 4. I got it on my third try. never touched the +- buttons at all.

cathy said on 03/17/06 @ 04:24 PM:
I get stuck on Mayhem level 6. So I tried cheating a bit by using the solution. Getting the group tight together works, but it didn't help me at al. Somehow it looks they don't get compressed but fall down when walking through the exit and not a few but all of them. Does someone know what's going wrong, because I followed the solutiontip exactly and still can't get past this level.

cathy said on 03/17/06 @ 04:26 PM:
oops, made a mistake, wrote mayhem, meant taxing

Amy said on 04/11/06 @ 11:22 PM:
I am stuck on Mayhem level 7:Poles apart....I have no problem with getting through all the poles, but when it comes to building from the last pole to the platform, the stair isn't long enough and they all fall into the green goo. Any suggestions?

Jaha said on 04/25/06 @ 01:05 PM:
I agree with you level 3 it's hero time is absolutely possible but level 4 can't be possible. Have checked several solution sites and the solution WILL NOT WORK in the time given, there is only 18 seconds left when the last lemmings is out not enough time to walk in a straight line to the exit!! Using the + - buttons just wastes more time that there isn't enough of!

Thanks for the code Rick

Becca said on 05/04/06 @ 09:36 PM:
How do you beat level 7 lemming on the Taxing level?, it driving me crazy

ashes said on 08/10/06 @ 03:55 AM:
PLEASE HELP! tj's solution about level 3 on mayhem would easily work if it wasn't for the additional hole in the bridge, which cannot be filled because I've already used my builder! Is this level bugged on the version I have, I have looked at the web solution, and the screen shot does not have this additional hole in the bridge. Please answer, as I'm going mad!

Betelgeuse said on 10/22/06 @ 01:20 PM:
I try the level 4 Mayhem code and the game has insulted me!! ("dirty little cheater", it said) The level 3 is driving me crazy!! I can´t complete it!! The time run out after 20 lemmings at home. Any solutions? Please!!

Btelgeus said on 10/24/06 @ 10:56 AM:
I DID IT!!!I DID IT!!!!! mayhem number 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Alex said on 11/28/06 @ 12:08 AM:
Gabe you are a ledgend...your solution to mayhem 3 is the only one on the entire internet that actually works...and i've been trying for 3 days.
Thanks you

´┐Żyvind said on 11/30/06 @ 03:24 AM:
Mayhem lvl 3 solution:
Let the 2'nd lemming use the miner skill so he falls down on the other line.

Now you have 1 lemming going on top, the rest is taking the way against the one-way-block.

When the first lemming is exactly in the middle at the top of the one way block, you use him to block, so all the down-group turn around.

Then select climber and umbrella to the guy at the top.

So, here's the trick: When the last lemmings comes towards the one-way-block, you use the basher-skill so that he digs a path right under the block guy. Then use miner on the umbrella-guy.

When the blocker has fallen down and turned around, use builder skill on the basher, and he will also turn around.

Then just let them all get into safety:)

Johnny said on 01/30/07 @ 08:42 AM:
Taxing level 4 anyone?! Why cant i do it?!?!

Mayhem lvl 3 is easy.. said on 02/24/07 @ 06:16 AM:
I had problems with "the Crossroads" but with the + - cheat its not very hard..

And to all of u who cant complete lvl 3 mayhem listen up:

The first lemming mines trough the first floor.. then he BLOCK on the top og the box on the 2nd floor.. and 1 lemming will go pass him..
make that lemming dig trough the box right next to the blocker so the time he digs is as short as possible..
then "Bash" with the last lemming ond the box so it removes the top of the box so the Blocker can move again..
and with the lemming who digged the hole trough the box u just build a "ladder" over the place that kills lemmings..:) EASY!

rebecca said on 04/10/07 @ 02:03 PM:
does anyone know how to do level 3 on taxing, i have the code but want to complete it.. its impossible.. please help.!!!!!!

lemming said on 04/12/07 @ 04:30 AM:
rebecca - to do level 3 taxing, get the first lemming to start building up to the exit, then with the 2nd dig a hole, just until the lemmings cannot escape. Once the builder has got so far up to the exit, make the lemmings in the hole build up out of it (being careful not to go left)

rebecca said on 04/16/07 @ 06:41 AM:
lemming i tries that but he can only build so far and the it wont let him build anymoe, is there a certain place to build from???

thanks for yout help,, this level is driving me to distraction.!

Nameless One said on 04/20/07 @ 03:13 AM:
lol, i cant remember which level it is now and i cant get on. is the website down or is it just my comp? >_>

lemming said on 04/20/07 @ 03:39 AM:
^^ its something to do with copyright, ffs. sorry becca, if it comes back on i will help further, lol

rebecca said on 04/21/07 @ 06:24 AM:
thanks hun..!!

jongo67 said on 04/24/07 @ 04:50 PM:
can anyone help me? mayhem lvl 3, i've tried all the methods that people have displayed, but it still comes down to like 2 lemmings left and i run out of time. i've been on this level for days and its driving me nuts!!!!! please help me!!!

The Lord Humungous said on 05/29/07 @ 03:00 PM:
THANK YOU!!!! Finally passed level 3 mayhem, can do it easy now with 5 secs to spare. I was always using the digger for lemming #17 you have to use the pick. Then he bashes through wall, on goes over, guy that goes over has to build ONLY TWO steps so he turns around, then get the basher to climb, parachute and then dig at the bottom. EZ AS PIE. :D

Mandy said on 07/19/07 @ 04:04 PM:

As soon as screen comes on, make sure you click miner. Then hit + button as many times as you can until the second lemming is just to the left of the one-way block, use him to mine. The first lemming will keep going along the top. As soon as the lemmings drop, use the previous miner to bash through the block. Make sure you make the first lemming who went along the top a climber and give him a parachute. Make the basher build a bridge before he bashes entirely through the bridge. This will cause all lemmings to turn around. When the climber has fallen off the right side, make him dig. I tried this level for days and always ran out of time until i practised this solution and got it after about 3 attempts. It's just tricky to make sure that the lemming you get to build a bridge is the same one that is bashing.

Mandy said on 07/19/07 @ 04:07 PM:
Where i said to click the + button as many times as you can...I MEANT THE - BUTTON!!!! :P oopsy

Becky said on 04/15/08 @ 12:05 PM:
i cant do anything:( lol

Ian said on 04/24/08 @ 07:38 AM:
Just a note for those who feel frustrated:

I just completed Mayhem Level 3: It's Hero Time! successfully using tj's solution to the letter.

Without Fast Forward I finish 100% with about 2 seconds remaining.

Using Fast Forward after my climber digs the final hole left over 15 lemmings stranded when time ran out.

If you feel super-frustrated on a level with a strick time-constraint, DON'T USE FAST FORWARD!!!

mikebw said on 06/12/08 @ 10:04 PM:
TJ- You are a freakin' genius!! I was able to finish with 6 seconds left. Thank you.

"mayhem level 3 "It's hero time" is my favorite level because of all the strategy involved. It is absolutely possible without pausing or touching the + - buttons. I can do it with 5 seconds to spare everytime. You give lemming #17 the pick so that he falls in front of the ramp, then you make him bash through the ramp. With one chunk out of the ramp #18 passes but #19 and all behind change direction with two chunks out. #18 who passed then lays two steps so that he hits the floor and turns back. #17 finishes bashing you have him climb the wall use the umbrella and dig a hole to home for everyone else.
I LOve it!"

David Mann said on 07/30/08 @ 07:27 AM:
On my game, you can use F2 key to freeze release of lemmings, then when gap appears, press and hold F1 allows the lemmings to come out super fast i.e. equivalent of 200 rate !!

Dan said on 12/12/08 @ 01:45 PM:
I beat every level without help, but the ver. I have http://www.elizium.nu/scripts/lemmings/ it is absolutly imposible to make it in time.

Dan said on 12/12/08 @ 01:46 PM:
I meant to say on MAYHEM LEVEL 3

Flat said on 01/08/09 @ 12:38 AM:
level 3 on mayhem is possible online - level 4 (the crossroads) is impossible. the last lemming has no chance of making it all the way across.

AL said on 01/26/09 @ 07:33 AM:
Hero Time - Level 3
Use lemming no 16 to mine and to dig into block of rock. No 17 will go up but all the others behind will turn back and follow the route.

Use no 17 to build again ledge so that he turns back.

First 15 lemmings will find open rock when they arrive.

No 16 once finished shall use no 17s build to go up, use him to climb and parachute down in order to dig open hole for the whole group.

No 16 is the HERO!

3 seconds on the clock at the end.

Colin said on 04/18/09 @ 01:49 PM:
If you're doing mayhem level 3 online, you might need to do +/- for the first few lemmings to get some of the above methods to work.

They didn't work for me because of time unless I did +/- as well

ted simple said on 05/30/09 @ 11:13 AM:
Crossroads is possible by using two fingers to mouse tap the + and - buttons. First, tap the - to delay lemmings after the first one is released until the first gets to the top of the web, then you have to tap the + to get the remaining ones released in time. You have to do this while the first one is busting through the web, so its a little tricky. I ckept getting really close until I tries the two finger tap and that made it quite easy with 5 seconds to spare.

bsterz said on 09/02/09 @ 12:47 PM:
I've been on the crossroads for days. Trying the + - works to get the last guy in b4 time runs out, but I have not passed the level....yet. ARGH!

tj said on 03/31/11 @ 07:03 PM:
I'm the tj that came up with the solution for mahem level 3 six years ago, and I recently started it again and had forgotten how to do it, but remembered that I had done it years before. It took me a couple of hours, but I figured it out again! Same solution as 6 years ago:

"You give lemming #17 the pick so that he falls in front of the ramp, then you make him bash through the ramp. With one chunk out of the ramp #18 passes but #19 and all behind change direction with two chunks out. #18 who passed then lays two steps so that he hits the floor and turns back. #17 finishes bashing you have him climb the wall use the umbrella and dig a hole to home for everyone else."

I Love this game, I want to kiss who ever invented this genius level!

And Dan I did it on http://www.elizium.nu/scripts/lemmings/

george said on 03/31/11 @ 07:04 PM:

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