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The history of Internet awards, and specifics for newspapers

Mark Glaser writes great online media commentary, and this column is no different. If you've ever worked for a newspaper or other major media outlet, you'll understand what he's talking about: Newspapers, like many other industries, have tons of industry awards. If you enter all the contests, you're bound to win something. The same holds true for Web sites. Like Glaser, I too remember when everybody was a Lycos Top 5% site.

Basically, what's happening is that the value of awards is going down. The other problem, writes Glaser, is that newspaper awards more about "bells & whistles" on online-news sites rather than excellent writing for the medium.

I agree and disagree. While writing for the online medium is generally shovel-ware from the print addition, I agree with Steve Outing on this one: online writing is important, but I think I'd give the awards to the folks who take advantage of the medium to its fullest -- from the writing, but also the multimedia aspects that are possible. Extra writing for the Web is not what's going to attract and keep readers on your site, but a good video or interactive presentation will.

Posted by Jake on 08/03/03 @ 06:45 PM
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