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How to block the RIAA and MPAA from accessing your site - UPDATE: And SpamBots, too!

Quoted from the site:

"Effective immediately, the RIAA and MPAA will need to find another way to get to Techfocus. In response to their legal targeting of individual file-swappers, access from their known networks to this site has now been blocked. While it may still be possible for them to access Techfocus via address ranges which we're not aware of, they'll otherwise have to use non-RIAA and non-MPAA networks to view the site."
They state their reasons for doing it, and they're all very valid reasons -- which is why I downloaded the .htaccess file from the site and uploaded it on my server as well. While I have nothing to hide from either of those organizations (in fact, I've been very critical of the tactics they use), I'm not very fond of them, either, hence the block.

UPDATE: Neil has posted his .htaccess file, and it's much more extensive, blocking spam bots and other lunatics as well. I've updated my .htaccess file as well.

UPDATE AGAIN: For some reason, I get an internal server error when I have all those items in there. Why, I don't know, but I'll look in to it. Meanwhile, I'll just have to let the spambots and evil Hollywood folks in.

Posted by Jake on 07/20/03 @ 06:36 PM
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