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OK, now I'm scared

Warning: This is one of my more personal blog entries, so be prepared.

My leg pain, despite my stretching, exercising, etc...isn't getting better, but worse, if anything. Yes, I know, "Give it some time," you'll say, but, really, I need to be at least functional before my baby's born in two weeks.

I got home today from work, and I could barely walk. I sit in an uncomfortable office chair all day, getting up when I can to stretch and walk (usually at least once an hour). I've tried rotating chairs, but still can't get comfortable. Right now, I'm doped up on Soma (which is really cheap if you buy it just across the border -- my grandparents buy it, and send it up from Yuma), and that's helping, but the stuff makes me sick if I take it too often.

But then I started doing research. As I mentioned before, I had prostate trouble about six weeks ago. It was prostatitis. The only reason I went in and spent nearly $300 on the urologist was because I had pretty bloody semen (and let me tell you, that scared the living bejesus out of me). I still can't believe I paid somebody that much to stick their finger up where the sun doesn't shine. To use the doctor's analogy, I felt like I'd gotten really drunk and had too much fun in San Francisco. I took some really strong antibiotics, blood was gone in about 3 weeks.

I never really had pain down there at all, and I still don't, but about the same time I noticed the blood was gone, I started getting this leg and lower back pain (primarily upper leg). I thought "OK, pinched nerve." And looking at my x-rays at the Chiro, that was pretty much confirmed. However, I'm not so sure if a screwed up disc or messed up back is causing the pinch. After doing a bit of research on Google, a swolen prostate could be pinching the nerve as well, causing the pain.

It get worse -- a swolen prostate that pinches the nerves could indicate (in some cases) that cancer is developing on the prostate.

I need to quit browsing the Web when I'm in pain and doped up on pain meds. I get more depressed when I find stuff like this. Anybody want to send me a few hundred bucks to go back to a doctor, as I sure as hell can't afford it...

OK, I'm done with the pity-party crap. Back to your regular blogging....

Update: I think I'm going to have to start wacking off more, as apparently that helps lower the risk of prostate cancer Link via Fark.

Posted by Jake on 07/17/03 @ 08:54 PM
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