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One fun thing about leaving the comments open on old posts is that you'll still get random comments on them long after you've posted them. For example:

Dateline to focus on Michael Jackson's face.
I posted that link over 6 months ago, but all the comments on it have come recently. Quite a few Michael Jackson supporters (and I deleted the duplicates -- the "bless" guy posted the same comment several times). Some quotes (with my thoughts):

"yaall know darn well yall need to leave michael alone he aint messin' with yall im only 11 years old and i shouldnt feel this way and all yall thats talking about him yall know darn well yall aint perfect yall self so yall needs to stop and whoever feel me and believe they need to leave him alone email me back at blesswarner@yahoo.com or loveya4-eva@excite.com"

Somebody needs to take some happy pills.

"why worry yourselves abuot the legend is it out of jealousy you do this. i don't know why you keep chasing one man and do all you can to destroy him"

Jealous? Of Michael Jackson? I wouldn't take his place if I could.

And then there are the folks that think by replying to posts on my blog, they think they're writing back to the celebrity that I'm lampooning.

Free Porn, Britney Spears, KaZaa, Atkins Diet, and the Iraq War

"i way 12 stones and i want to become 7 stones and i want to be just as thin as you so can you tell me what your diet is and how you become so beautiful and i am a magger fan of yours you have great talent comepared to the others. Can you help me on your diet and what exersice you do. Please i am begging you. Luv Rebecca***"

You want to go from 168 pounds to 98 pounds!?!?! You are nuts.

And course, my favorite...
Wow, a whole town for less than Eminem's House

"Hi eminem i am Steffany i am 11 years old im not sure if it will be you that gets this message but hi to any one that gets this message. I know eminem you probably won't give a shit what i have to say because you have so many fans but still i love your music eminem it touches me in a way that nothing has touched me before. any way got to go please e-mail me on sexy69@hotmail.com later."

I won't even touch that one.

Posted by Jake on 07/16/03 @ 12:10 PM
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